hadsJust got a quote for some IP Phones from an Australiasian distributor. In USD and $35/unit shipping because it's direct from the US. So basically, they are doing nothing right?01:30
ibeardsleethey are facilitating the process01:32
Ghads: the money has got to go into somebodies pocket :)02:13
elkySpeaking from experience, the "doing nothing" often involves many hours of time including hand-holding the distributor to make sure they send the correct stock. it's a toss between getting stock on demand in a reasonable timeframe, or having stock in-house and then needing to get it all out the door above the acquisition +  administrative cost.06:26
elkywell, acquisition + administrative + anticipated overstock buffer06:27
hadsI deal with quite a number of distributors. Some of them are great, a lot of them are not. This one falls into the latter. For a local distributor to pass on the cost of shipping direct from the US is ridiculous.08:33
elkyyeah, they could at least pretend08:45
elkyat very very least08:45
ollyibeardslee: what's the current "state of the art" in buying window-less machines?18:56
ibeardsleefor a complete PC .. I'd look to ZaReason or Silicon18:58
ibeardsleefor a laptop, ZaReason or HP (although you have to wind people up about getting a machine from them without the legacy OS)19:00
ollylooking for a PC this time19:00
ollyoh yes, zareason are now in NZ19:00
ibeardsleewhat sort of machine .. cpu? ram? disk?19:01
ollyall good questions...19:02
ibeardsleePCs are generally easier to get from 'no-name' suppliers without the legacy OS19:02
ibeardsleethe Intel NUC machines are quite interesting19:02
ibeardsleealthough the best they can do is an i319:02
ollyit's mostly that i've not had a desktop since moving here, as mine died in transit, and while this laptop is quite fast, it runs irritatingly hot19:02
ollylaptop's an i7, so i'm not sure I'd want slower19:03
ollythough i have little idea how the different CPUs compare19:04
ibeardsleeyeah gone are the days when you know the DX100 is better than the DX6619:05
ollyhow are the NUC's for cooling?19:06
ollyand wasn't someone on here complaining about lack of linux support for something on them?19:07
ibeardsleedunno .. seems to be all good to me19:07
ibeardsleeIntel HD 4000 graphics19:08
ibeardsleeDual HDMI out19:08
ibeardsleenetwork seems fine19:08
ibeardsleecurrently running it as a low footprint CUPS print server .. so haven't actually tried it as a desktop device19:09
ollycan't fund it in my logs for this channel19:11
ollyISTR they found something didn't work, and intel support asked they to try it on windows19:12
ibeardsleehads will be probably be able to give some further feedback19:12
ollyi guess my main need is that it compiles code quickly19:13
ollyplus decent amounts of disk and memory for testing search stuff19:13
hadsIt was G who had NUC issues. Something about one of the HDMI ports doing weird things to the NIC.19:16
hadsIf I needed a new desktop I would consider one myself.19:20
hadsI guess you may hear the fan if it's compiling all the time.19:21
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