JoseeAntonioRhey, err0r_02:53
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dholbachgood morning07:20
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Guest10218nick name=rose09:03
asdfasfdasdfasdfubuntu lovers10:07
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linuxdudeWhat time is the Q&A at?14:12
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commandolinelinuxdude: http://www.jonobacon.org/2013/03/13/ubuntu-qa-this-week/ <- 20:00 UTC.14:30
linuxdudecommandoline:  Thank you, What time is that for eastern time? 4:00pm?14:32
commandolinelinuxdude: click the link in the blog post.14:42
* commandoline has no idea, I live in Europe...14:42
linuxdudecommandoline: Funny, The Ubuntuonair website says 19:00 UTC and Jono blog page says 20:00 UTC. This is very confusing.14:49
linuxdudeEitherway, I'll check in at both time.14:52
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FlyingPigjono: Is there a Q&A today?18:09
jonoFlyingPig, yep18:16
jonoin 15mins18:16
FlyingPigjono: oh, good to know :D18:18
SolidSteel144hi, should start any sec now?19:00
pemiboNo Hangout today?19:03
FlyingPigSo, when does it start?19:04
elbuntuI keep refreshing for the live feed. I have no idea19:04
elbuntuHope it is on today tho19:04
FlyingPigelbuntu: it is, but the site is not yet updated :(19:04
FlyingPigNext Hangout: Jono Bacon: Q&A19:05
FlyingPigMarch 13th, 19:00 UTC19:05
elbuntuI guess we will just have to wait a little then :)19:05
jonoFlyingPig, 6pm UTC19:06
jono8pm UTC19:06
jonoit is an hour later today19:06
FlyingPigoh, the site says something else19:06
Guxx1 hour delay?19:06
guest_abcjono: On the site ubuntuonair.com it's stil saying 19:0019:06
elbuntuoh, then ill wait an hour19:07
sebsebsebno Q&A today I guess19:12
SolidSteel144it's at 20:00 UTC it seems19:13
SolidSteel144less than an hour from now19:13
jonono there is a Q+A19:14
jonohang on, let me fix the site19:14
FlyingPigwhy is it later today?19:15
Somkit_did Jono's thing get rescheduled?19:15
jonoFlyingPig, I have to do an interview on Ubuntu UK podcast in 15mins19:16
jonoso I needed to push it back by 30mins19:16
sebsebsebjono: oh19:16
jonooops, back by an hour19:16
FlyingPigoh ok :)19:16
sebsebsebjono: what kind of interview?19:16
jonowebsite updated19:16
jonosebsebseb, not sure19:16
jonowe will see :-)19:16
sebsebsebah yeah can listen to that live I think to :d19:16
sebsebsebUbuntu UK Podcast19:16
AndroUserIsn't 20:00 utc 3:00pm eastern time?19:17
dshimerso UUPC starts in 15? Their website says 1:1519:17
popeywe're live in 1:1519:17
popeyjono giving away the magic there19:17
jonopopey, isnt it in 15mins?19:18
dshimerSo we have to decide which one to listen to live.  Wow going head to head, thats brave for someone.19:19
jonooh I see19:19
sebsebsebdshimer: both19:19
popeyit is in 15 mins19:19
popeywel 10 mins now19:19
sebsebsebdshimer: Podcast first Q&A after19:19
popeyjust wont go out live until later19:19
sebsebsebpopey: oh the Jono interview won't be live ?19:20
popeysebsebseb: it will, later19:22
popeywe pre-record interviews19:22
popey"as live"19:22
popeyi.e. unedited19:22
dshimerMaybe while we're all waiting we could have a nice discussion about rolling releases or mir in all caps, haven't seen anything inflamatory in several hours.19:22
sebsebsebpopey: I mean can I hear the jono interview as it happens in 10 minuets or so, or not?19:22
popey19:22:02 < popey> sebsebseb: it will, later19:22
popeyit will go out later19:22
popeynot in 10 mins time19:22
sebsebseboh ok19:22
sebsebsebso the listning live stuff on site, won't do anything for that ok19:23
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elbuntuFinally made it on the IRC after my laptop decided to crash after a new update on 13.04. :) can't wait for the Q&A to start... but first a coffee !19:44
FlyingPignothing changed20:00
jonohang on20:00
FlyingPigbut it is a bit small20:01
FlyingPignice shirt :D20:02
welshbuntuExciting - my first Ubuntu on Air!20:02
FlyingPigQUESTION: How many viewers do you currently have?20:04
GroovyGripQUESTION is there ubuntu-touch related trivia you can share (something from inside of ubuntu or just something that blew your mind in community)?20:04
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sebsebsebQUESTION: What  was the Ubuntu UK Podcast interview you just did, about?20:05
welshbuntuQUESTION: With the new plans for Ubuntu to use the Mir display manager, will we still be able to add other desktop environments to the stock Unity environment?20:05
FlavorQUESTION was KDEs Plasma considered for Ubuntu Touch?20:05
SolidSteel144QUESTION: Will Ubuntu move away from Gnome based apps and consist of entirely Qt apps when Unity Next arrives?20:05
welshbuntu(e.g. sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop,20:05
welshbuntusudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop,20:05
welshbuntusudo apt-get install cinnamon [from PPA])20:05
welshbuntuWe use Unity mainly (with classic-menu-indicator added for a hierarchical menu of programs), but really need to be able to install other environments and libraries, to give customers, friends & family choice of environment and programs to run, so it's important that we can continue to use the other alternatives, in addition to the Unity default.20:05
dshimerQUESTION: Did you hear the System 76 interview on Linux Action Show?  Quite optimistic, actually the whole show was pretty open minded.20:05
caffeinatedevianQUESTION: When do you expect major carriers to offer Ubuntu Phone?20:07
Guest23182QUESTION: Will Matthieu James make more new icons for Ubuntu 13.04?20:07
caffeinatedevianThanks netcurli!20:08
elbuntuYeah I have, I have already mocked up a few apps :)20:08
* mhall119 suddenly feels he should be paying attention20:09
sebsebsebQUESTION: What are your comments about Mir and Wayland.  Only been following some of that news, but seems things got quite heated.20:09
Steam4LinuxQUESTION: Since Ubuntu is switching to Mir & QT, will all the progress Unity has made mean nothing?20:09
mike-devQUESTION: Will Mir improve gaming performance with Ubuntu?20:09
frippeQUESTION: What happend in the community this last week? Why so many strong feelings and anger?20:10
justin86QUESTION: Hello. There was a little "noise" around Mir display server in internet, especially among Wayland developers (who was kind of "insulted" by some Canonical statements). Do you have any commant on that?20:10
ward_how is the BBQing going?20:10
d0odgee-edit; I've always pronounced it as geh-dit #TIL20:13
FlavorQUESTION how many people are working on Mir (full time)20:13
d0odjono: you're probably right!20:14
caffeinatedevianProfessional answer :)20:15
derewopQUESTION: So, while 'quickly' can still be used for app development, is the SDK-route better for creating new desktop apps?20:15
welshbuntuHi Jono, many thanks for your answer, yes that was very informative... kind regards, Adam.20:17
mike-devQUESTION: Have you started hacking on Qt/QML using the Ubuntu SDK and if so, will the Ubuntu accomplishments program be ported to Qt/QML?20:18
schauer97QUESTION I like Unity but in Ubuntu 12.10 it is so slow. Why is that so?20:18
welshbuntuQUESTION: Will the Mir display manager be compatible with the likes of VirtualBox & VMWare Player (both as a Host OS & Guest OS)? These virtualisation programs are critical for many people (what about other virtualisation systems, e.g. KVM, Xen, etc ?). I'm thinking of things along the lines of accelerated 2D & 3D Guest OS graphics drivers, which are currently targeted at X11 - will Canonical be working with Oracle & the VirtualBox community to e20:20
welshbuntunsure that Mir will be supported by the VirtualBox Guest Additions? It's also a good way to test new software (e.g. Development versions of Ubuntu!). And how will the use of Mir impact other existing proprietary programs & apps (e.g. Steam, etc).20:20
cwickertQUESTION: When Ubuntu switches to MIR, what about other desktops but Unity? KDE already announced that kwin will not support MIR and Xfce and LXDE will not have he manpower to maintain their window managers with MIR20:20
anvil201QUESTION: Can we expect a new Ubuntu App Showdown geared towards Ubuntu Touch later this year?20:20
d0odQUESTION: Would you like a question that isn't Mir based?20:21
sebsebsebQUESTION: Why is Unity going to use QT/QML exactly, read some articles about that, but they weren't really clear as to the reasons why exactly. Also I remmber how Unity 2D was using QT, because GTK apparnatly coudn't do something QT could, but then Unity 2D also got dropped completly.20:21
lucasarranQUESTION: Would the Unity Next feel much more smoother and quicker than the current Unity?20:21
FlavorQUESTION Has valve been in contact with conanical about Mir? That seems like something that valve would be concered about20:24
sebsebsebQUESTION:  Do you think Mir by default in future Ubuntu versions, but possbily Wayland and maybe even Xorg as opitons from the repo's let's say for those that may want those instead?20:25
welshbuntuActually, I think Mir sounds like a good idea in the long run, as you say there's a lot of mindshare with Ubuntu, & it's great for the convergence of PC, Mobile, Tablet, etc - As long as we can still run programs & apps (most open source, some closed source / propietary) that we've come to rely on.20:25
t1t0How's Mir position on Ubuntu Touch????20:26
sebsebsebQUESTION: In your personal opinion do you think Mir may get adopted by lots of non Ubuntu based distros in the future as well.  Or will it be like Unity where other distros generally don't want to support it, because of certain technical reasons.20:28
GladenI absolutely agree with that actually..20:28
sebsebsebGladen: which ?20:28
GladenAbout the way discussion sometimes go in open source communities. :P20:28
elbuntuQUESTION: I am developing apps for Ubuntu Touch,  must the project be hosted on launchpad or can you use your own servers?20:29
Flavorya word20:30
justin86QUESTION: Do you prefer manual or automatic gearbox in ordinary everyday car and why? :)20:31
t1t0QUESTION: will be Mir open to the all Linux community???20:31
welshbuntuThanks Jono20:31
FlavorQUESTION how does one get a wicked sweet beard such as yours20:33
FlyingPigQUESTION: In an interview the team leader of Kubuntu said: "I only had contact with the Linux Mint developer recently when Canonical claimed that they needed a licence to use the compiled packages from Ubuntu". What license do they need? Isn't it all free software?20:33
SomkitQUESTION: when will we see the next version of Ubuntu Accomplishments?20:33
t1t0QUESTION: do you(canonical) gonna publish a guide to port apps from other platforms to ubuntu touch???20:35
welshbuntuQUESTION: Will the Ubuntu SDK allow you to use multiple programming languages (e.g. C/C++, Python, Java, Javascript - i.e. bindings for multiple programming languages), and what is the preferred / recommended language? I would love to get involved with developing programs & apps for Ubuntu, but not so keen on C/C++ myself! Will Quickly eventually be ported to use the SDK & Qt, or the best bits of it merged with the SDK's IDE? (Sorry if this alrea20:37
welshbuntudy been asked, I keep losing the video feed!)20:37
sebsebsebQUESTION: Does Mir have copyright assignments as well?  That seems to be one of the reasons as to why Unity hasn't been adopted by lots of other distros as well..20:38
obounaimI think the ubuntuonair.com page should be redesigned. The chat widget is in the wrong place20:38
tuxkalleQUESTION: what do you tink about MariaDB20:38
ectoQUESTION: Will apps written with the Ubuntu Touch SDK really work on desktop, tablet and phone without having to port them?20:39
Steam4Linux_QUESTION: I have an AT&T Galaxy S3, will i be able to run Ubuntu touch (When it's stable) & connect to the towers?20:41
obounaimQUESTION: I think the ubuntuonair.com page should be redesigned. The chat widget is in the wrong place20:42
GladenSteam4Linux_: Hardware wise it should be more than enough to run Ubuntu Touch20:42
FristQUESTION: i'm currently on fedora and last distro upgrade was ~ 700 Mb, on mobile updates and distro-updates tend to be a lot smaller, any clues on how the upda te system is going to work for Ubuntu touch? Will it be the same we have on the desktop?20:43
Steam4Linux_Yes, but will my number & Sim card work with it?20:43
FlavorQUESTION do you prefer wine/playonlinux or crossover? OR have you been able to move completely away from windows programs?20:43
FlyingPigQUESTION: Will Ubuntu Accomplishments be ported to QML? And will there be a Phone App? :P20:44
welshbuntu_Thanks Jono, I'll look into the SDK20:45
sebsebsebQUESTION: Are you going to play guitar or drums today?20:48
mike-devQUESTION: Can the Ubuntu Touch Core Apps, and the Qt/QML version of Gwibber, be included in the desktop notification area?20:49
number22QUESTION: where is JoseeAntonioR20:49
sebsebsebnumber22: good question20:49
netcurliFrist: you might want to check out http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1303/meeting/21605/foundations-1303-single-image-update/20:50
FlyingPigguitar +120:51
sebsebsebyes to guitar20:51
Fristcool, thanks20:51
cielakQUESTION: Hey Jono! Who should I contact / what action should I take if a local Ubuntu community is bringing a very bad name to Ubuntu? I have no influence in this community, how can I find aid?20:51
GeorgeStevenWill Ubuntu (canonical) advise developers to use QML for Ubuntu desktop apps?20:51
number22can you play 22 acacia avenue20:51
obounaimOh yes20:51
cielakright, thanks!20:52
jarlathQUESTION: Part of the bad feelings towards android come from people who have had bad implementations with respect to hardware and UI changes / update handling etc. Are you aware that giving too much flexibility to the carriers might be bad for Ubuntu?20:52
Steam4Linux_What version of Linux is touch running20:52
GeorgeStevenQUESTION: Will Ubuntu (canonical) advise developers to use QML for Ubuntu desktop apps?20:52
Steam4Linux_QUESTION what version of ubuntu is touch?20:52
FlavorQUESTION if you were the new pope what would you do first?20:53
welshbuntuQUESTION: Will it be possible at some point to run Android Apps on Ubuntu Phone (this was demoed with Ubuntu for Android, I believe). Also, is there a bit of confusion between Ubuntu for Android & Ubuntu Phone do you think?20:53
t1t0do you(canonical) gonna publish a guide to port apps from other platforms to ubuntu touch??? sorry i couldn't hear the answer because a connection problem20:53
rrnwexecQUESTION: What's the most exciting thing you've seen or heard in the Ubuntu world this week? (Bonus points for a non-software answer) ;)20:53
elbuntuQUESTION: Is there any reasons why a software centre isn't listed in the Launchpad core apps for the phone? Would it be okay for a member of the community to come up with a solution?20:53
FlavorRIGHT ON!20:54
FlyingPigQUESTION: Is there a Ubuntu LoCo in Vatican City? :D20:54
FlavorQUESTION what kind of computer do you use?20:56
welshbuntuThanks Jono, your answers have been really helpful and informative - enjoying my first Ubuntu On Air from rural West Wales (shame the internet connection isn't so reliable here! LOL) :-)20:56
sebsebsebwelshbuntu: best bit is when he plays guitar or one of them :d20:56
Steam4Linux_ QUESTION what hardware vendor would you like to see ship Ubuntu?20:57
Flavor^good question20:57
GladenAre you also in a band or something?20:58
GeorgeStevenBare-footing it! +120:58
sebsebsebGladen: yep he has his own band20:58
jarlathLOUND AND CLEAR20:58
sebsebsebGladen: and gives away music for free20:58
sebsebsebhot enough for shorts there apparnatly, but  well he is in  California20:58
sebsebsebjarlath: ojh?20:59
lostsonplay some Iron Maiden in honor of their original drummer passing away20:59
GladenOw, nice!20:59
welshbuntuWish I was in CA, been snowing here today!20:59
lostsonsounds muffled20:59
sebsebseboh it's a bit low, but can hear it20:59
Flavorya the whole baby thing...20:59
jarlathsebsebseb: ojh?20:59
sebsebsebwelshbuntu: yeah we had some snow here to like yesterday or day before where I am in England20:59
sebsebsebwelshbuntu: ,but not enough to settle on the ground properly20:59
jarlathThat was amazing. And to think people queue for Justin Bieber.21:00
Flavorgood job21:00
welshbuntuWe just had an inch or so, all melted now (I'm in Ceredigion, West Wales)21:00
FlyingPigQUESTION Whats the temperature whrerever you live?21:00
number22QUESTION: did you hear clive burrs death21:00
elbuntuI come from england so know the snopw situation there.. now live in germany and it snowed 15" in 2 days lol21:00
jarlathThank you.21:00
netcurlithank you21:00
elbuntuThanks for the chat21:00
GladenThanks for the Q&A. :)21:00
welshbuntuThank you Jono, really enjoyed it! Until next time... :-)21:00
sebsebsebgood Q&A jono21:00
obounaimThank you Jono21:01
t1t0QUESTION: What do you think about the new steve Jobs style on Mark Shuttleworth??? XD21:06
sebsebsebt1t0: it's over21:06
sebsebsebuntill next time21:06
t1t0sorry, lag connection... Thanks21:06
mattviatorwhat is 2000 utc21:24
mattviatorthat was like 3pm est?21:24
sebsebsebmattviator: its over21:24
sebsebsebuntill next time21:25
mattviatorits always at weird times for ppl on est or even the west coast21:25
daveycWhat's the subject today21:26
daveyccan't see the chatter21:34
Vince-0its finished21:35
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QwertzQUESTION: are you still working on jokosher?22:26
blazcabI want ask about Unity...23:05
toddc_good but need to pip it into stream23:06
blazcabIn the future Canonical still suporting this envioroment???23:06

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