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gdeebleCuriosity, I know that having software raid causes GRUB issues, that you have to repoint GRUB to the proper location, but does having the bios on an older desktop cause the same issue? Like I have 2 250gb drives that I want to run as a RAID1 for my server OS partition so I have that redundant, but want to check before starting into that project seeing everything is working and this would03:04
gdeeblebe an upgrade.03:04
patdk-lapsince when does raid cause grub issues?03:05
gdeebleI was reading that. Maybe I misunderstood.03:05
TheLordOfTimewhere did ya read that?03:05
patdk-lapif you setup raid, grub should install itself on all raid disks to boot03:06
patdk-lapso that if one is missing, it can boot from the other03:06
patdk-lapin order for that to work though, will depend on how your bios failsover from disk to disk to boot03:06
gdeebleI was looking at the zentyal setup guide, when I was googling. Apparently, I need to go back and re-read it. LOL.03:07
gdeebleI was going to run as RAID1 for boot/os, which should be a mirror image, meaning it should boot even if degraded due to 1 drive failure. Is this not right?03:07
SpamapSgdeeble: that is right03:08
SpamapSgdeeble: the point is, grub will just install itself onto both drives03:08
SpamapSso there's no issue with repointing03:08
SpamapSgdeeble: you're installing onto this software raid and building it during the installer, right?03:08
gdeebleWhat I want to do, is allow the bios to raid the 2 drives then install the OS.03:09
patdk-lapyou want to use bios raid?03:10
gdeebleThis is the first time I'm working with any raids with linux, as I know on my desktop running windows, I just set it up in the bios and mounted the drive and it showed as 1.03:10
patdk-lapthen your stuck using dmraid03:10
patdk-lapI would recommend not using a raid option in the bios, and use mdadm03:10
gdeebleWouldn't software raid use more processing power from the proc, than using bios?03:11
gdeebleor are they the same03:11
patdk-lapboth are software raid03:13
patdk-lapthe bios is not hardware raid03:13
gdeebleInteresting, didn't know that.03:13
gdeebleI always assumed(yes bad) that if handled by the bios, it would show as 1 drive to any other software.03:13
patdk-laponly if by bios you mean, add in raid card, and not the motherboard bios03:14
patdk-lapyou have 3 different raids currently03:14
patdk-laphardware raid, fakeraid, and softraid03:14
patdk-lapfakeraid is what bios raid is03:14
gdeeblefakeraid = bios03:14
patdk-lapit's software raid + bios boot helper stuff03:14
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gdeebleIt's not any better than just a standard software raid then, correct?03:15
patdk-lapwell, it can be03:15
patdk-lapbut only in the case of, a disk failure03:15
patdk-lapand then, it's still iffy if it's any better03:15
patdk-lapthe worst thing that can happen for pure softraid is if a disk fails, but doesn't completely fail03:16
patdk-lapso the bios still attempts to boot it03:16
patdk-lapbut I believe that is also going cause fakeraid the same issues03:16
p7ank5te7Sorry, dropped connection.03:18
p7ank5te7So either way it could turn out bad without a true raid card03:19
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paulorodriguesanyone can help me?04:50
jotterbot1234hey mate04:51
jotterbot1234what's up?04:51
paulorodriguesI am having problems with my ubuntu server04:51
paulorodriguesafter an reboot it doesnt boot anymore04:51
paulorodriguesI can only boot using a boot cd04:51
paulorodriguesI triend to install grub, but it dont fix it04:52
jotterbot1234I would boot using a liveCD like you describe and repair your grub partition04:52
paulorodrigueshow can i repair without losing data?04:52
jotterbot1234Maybe someone else on here can contribute? Have you tried googling "grub restore"? DId you receive any error codes? any feedback at boot?04:53
paulorodriguesno, it simple ask for a boot device04:53
paulorodriguesits like i dont have operation system04:53
paulorodriguesbut I can boot with a live CD and the server works well04:54
jotterbot1234Your hard drive might be dead? Do you have a spare you can try and copy it over to low level. Using dd? and then try and boot from that?04:55
paulorodriguesbut i can access my hard drive04:55
paulorodrigueswith the boot cd04:55
paulorodriguesi have 2 disk in raid with the operation system04:57
LaogeodrittHas anyone used darkstat before? Know if it's possible to get stats on a per-port basis for all hosts? (If not, any suggestions for packages that can do that?) I'd like to track the traffic and data transfer for different services running on my server05:02
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JHofmannapt-get error mkinitramfs... anyone experience?09:50
zetheroowhen configuring 2 identical drives as RAID1 do I have to set one of them to be bootable - or is it enough to make the ext partition on the RAID1 bootable ?09:52
JHofmannserver is installed on vmware vsphere 5 server.... "df -H"  -> /boot is 11% used09:54
JHofmannhere is screenshot : http://img109.imageshack.us/img109/6595/errored.jpg09:57
JHofmannwhat can be the reason of this error? anyone have an idea?09:58
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giacoI need help: struggling with tomcat6 on Quantal. I'm having difficulties in running tomcat6 over java6 instead of java710:48
giacoshould I forward the question to a tomcat channel?10:49
jamespagegiaco, are you using the tomcat6 packages from ubuntu? or an upstream tarball?10:55
giacojamespage: tomcat6 package from ubuntu10:55
jamespagegiaco, right10:55
jamespagegiaco, what issue are you seeing?10:55
giacobut nevermind, I've just solved ( from JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk to JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk-amd64 )10:55
jamespagegiaco, great!10:56
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jamespagethe packaging init script should check in know locations for java10:56
koolhead17jamespage: i found 1 missing line in /etc/swift/container-server.conf11:19
koolhead17which comes from our cloud repo for folsom11:20
koolhead17i had to simply run cat >> /etc/swift/container-server.conf << EOF [container-sync] EOF11:20
koolhead17for the fix11:20
koolhead17also i don`t understand why swift package by defualt does not allow logging :(11:22
alex88hi guys, what are the advantages to use lvm?11:44
jamespageyolanda, any chance you could ack https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/horizon/memcache-fixup/+merge/153109 please11:44
yolandajamespage, you are fixing cache and email settings also?11:49
jamespageyolanda, no - I just use slightly different quilt settings to adam who did the last refersh11:50
yolandathe diff was confusing me11:50
jamespageyolanda, my ~/.quiltrc - http://paste.ubuntu.com/5610447/11:58
jamespageyolanda, fyi oslo-config went 1.1.0 today - most projects are bumping pip-requires to >= 1.1.012:09
jamespageI've updated raring and backported to the PPA as well - should land ~1hr or so12:09
jamespageadam_g, ^^ fyi12:09
yolandajamespage, do they pushed that changes upstream in some of the projects?12:21
jamespageyolanda, yes - glance and ceilometer have already bumped12:21
yolandai can fix them12:22
yolandai'm just going crazy with the ceilometer meterings so a change of topic is good12:22
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jamespageyolanda, you really don't need todo anything12:47
yolandai saw it, i was confused because i think we had patched it12:47
jcastroDaviey: do you know when we're supposed to hear about our talk submissions for ODS?12:53
ivoksjamespage: you can reproduce this one? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/maas/+bug/106957012:55
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1069570 in isc-dhcp "1 MAC Address, two IPs - DNS is "out of sync" with DHCP leases databases, I think..." [Undecided,Confirmed]12:55
jamespageivoks, yes12:55
ivokswithin kvm?12:55
jamespageivoks, yes -  ipxe and the os present differently to the isc dhcp server so they get different IP's12:55
ivoksi wonder...12:55
ivoksdhcp server opens both ipv4 and ipv6 udp ports12:56
ivoksipv6 dhcp doesn't use mac address for identification12:56
ivokscould it be that maas dhcpd offers ipv4 address over ipv6 udp (which is possible)12:57
ivoksand then, once os boots up, it requests ipv4, since it's defined like that within /e/n/interfaces12:57
ivoksif you can easily reproduce this, could you do me a favor and disable ipv6 on maas server and see if that happens again?12:57
Davieyjcastro: i do not12:58
jamespageivoks, I don't think that is the case12:58
jamespageivoks, but I can try12:58
ivoksjamespage: if it's something you could easily try, that would be awesome, since i'm low on resources right now to try it myself12:59
jcastroDaviey: any idea who I could ping?12:59
Davieyjcastro: ttx might know.13:00
Davieyivoks / jamespage: ipxe is ipv4 only, no?13:00
jamespageivoks, fwiw we have a patched version is isc-dhcp-server we use with vmaas13:00
jamespagewhich ignores the uid that ipxe sends13:00
Davieywell, makes the identifier purely MAC - rather than MAC + client-id13:01
ivoksjamespage: right, but ipxe should send uuid only when ipv6 pxe booting13:01
ttxjcastro: depends on the exact track, they started to tell people yesterday, I think13:02
Davieyivoks: Are you sure our ipxe supports ipv6?13:02
jamespageivoks, ah - right13:02
ivoksDaviey: yes13:02
ivokswell, pxe13:02
ivoksnot sure about ipxe :)13:02
DavieyWe did have this doubling up issue due to ipv4/ipv6 with UEC Avahi based registration.  Ended up having to pach out ipv6 support in the registration code.13:03
jcastrottx: that's a reasonably good enough answer! So I guess I should find out by EOW.13:04
ivoksif we can easily test it, it would at least tell us that ipv6 isn't the problem13:05
ttxjcastro: let me see what I can find -- what was your talk name ?13:05
jcastrottx: the juju charm workshop13:05
jcastrottx: we had another one too, something like "lessons learned from dogfooding openstack", but I can't remember the exact title.13:06
koolhead17jcastro: salute13:07
ttxjcastro: see pm13:08
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Davieysmoser: did you SRU that isc-dhcp checksum patch that seemed to impact xen?  If not, i think we should bite the bullet and carry this client-uid one aswell.13:19
smoseri did not sru the isc-dhcp, no. i did say i'd follow up on that.13:21
smoserand its not xen only.13:21
smoserit was kvm that was reported.13:21
smoser(virtuio driver)13:21
Davieysmoser: er, i thought qemu carried support already?13:22
Davieysmoser: http://git.qemu.org/?p=qemu.git;a=commit;h=1d41b0c .. so surely it's only on xen we are seeing this?13:23
smoserit was reported on kvm.13:23
smbDaviey, if that is about udp problem, libvirt installs a mangle rule for iptables13:24
smoseri think it happens only if you have the virtio kernel module loaded13:24
smoserwhich maybe (possibly) does in kernel what that qemu patch would do in user-space13:24
Davieysmb: it does NOW, but didn't in earlier versions?13:24
smbsmoser, Daviey  The problem is with all pv network drivers13:24
Davieysmb: Some of this is cross-distro issues, with RHEL.. With ubuntu as a guest.. So i'm not sure what their libvirt was doing.13:25
smbDaviey, Not sure when it started, but its there in P at least13:25
smoserDaviey, i seem to recall that it only occurs if you have the virtio_net driver loaded in the host13:28
smoseror somethign liek that.13:28
smbAll depends whether "sudo iptables -t mangle -S" shows13:28
smb-A POSTROUTING -o virbr0 -p udp -m udp --dport 68 -j CHECKSUM --checksum-fill13:28
smbSo people that installed libvirt do not see it13:29
DavieyIf you use the openstack xen support outside of libivrt, you would see this.13:30
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Daviey(openstack supports direct xen and libivrt xen)13:30
Davieysmoser: virtio-net can be used by xen, no?13:31
smbOr people using kvm directly13:31
smbDaviey, no13:31
smbDaviey, They have their own pv driver13:31
smbnetback or was it netfront...? one of the two :-P13:32
koolhead17soren: hello13:32
Davieysmb: Oh, i thought you could now use qemu's virtio.. ok.13:32
jamespageadam_g, yolanda: switched the trunk builds for quantum to the the milestone-proposed branch as master is now open for havana13:34
jamespageDaviey, ttx: ^^ fyi13:34
jamespagettx: I'll keep one eye on openstack-dev ML but can you ping me as projects switch over from master for grizzly rc113:35
Davieyjamespage: thanks13:38
ttxjamespage: I'll try to remember to ping you. You can also watch the appearance of a milestone-proposed branch13:51
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jamespagettx, ta - will do14:13
sorenkoolhead17: Ohai.14:15
jamespageDaviey, can I object to a later version dependency upgrade in cinder? https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/115072014:28
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1150720 in cinder "There is now a dependency on paramiko v1.9.0" [Undecided,In progress]14:28
Davieyjamespage: why aren't we seeing this error?14:30
Davieyjamespage: Oh, it's only visible with storwize_svc ?14:31
jamespageDaviey, yep14:31
jamespageDaviey, its a pita because cinder uses stevedore for extension loading; and if pip-requires is not 100% correct then #ERROR14:32
jamespageDaviey, I can patch it out if need be and pick a fix for paramiko...14:32
Davieyjamespage: well, it looks like a 1 line fix14:32
Davieyjamespage: https://github.com/paramiko/paramiko/commit/f8239015ec427a2b5e62afa8370885894483a35614:32
Davieyjamespage: Seems annoying to bump this late stage, doesn't it14:34
Davieydosaboy: Hey, Your nova upload to precise...  i think that the outcome of our discussion a few days ago was to reject.  I have now rejected it, but can be salvaged easily if needed.14:39
jamespageDaviey, yes - I've raised a task on that bug for Ubuntu explaining the situation.14:40
jamespageDaviey, phew - paramiko has a test suite14:40
jamespageDaviey, guh - we would need to SRU that fix14:43
jamespageit does not qualify for the cloud-archive14:44
Davieyjamespage: yep, find out what exactly it does.. and see if you feel it meets the SRU criteria14:44
dosaboyDaviey: sorry got the right channel now ;)14:44
Davieydosaboy: hola!14:44
Davieydosaboy: Hey, Your nova upload to precise...  i think that the outcome of our discussion a few days ago was to reject.  I have now rejected it, but can be salvaged easily if needed.14:44
dosaboyok so that patch has been applied through a different patch set?14:45
dosaboyor are we rejecting it outright?14:45
dosaboyseem to remember another patch set incluing it (possible from adam_g?)14:45
streulmahey, is there a ppa for updated php 5.3 and updated mysql-server ?14:48
Davieystreulma: not a supported one AFAIK.  So if you find one, check the policy on security updates14:50
streulmaDaviey: in Debian we have Dotdeb, I just run Debian on the server right now, for updates...14:51
streulmaDaviey: but, love Ubuntu :)14:51
PiciPPAs are provided by the community. We can't ensure that you will be getting security updates in a timely manner.14:51
Davieystreulma: I'm not entirely sure of dotdeb's security policy.14:53
streulmaPici: what to have to do to get security updates for mysql and php on Ubuntu Server then ?14:54
Picistreulma: Nothing. If you are running a supported release then you will be getting security updates.14:55
streulmaPici: ok, then choose a VPS with Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS then :)14:56
jamespageyolanda, w00t - I have a running ceilometer15:11
jamespageyolanda, spotting a couple of bugs but nothing major15:11
jamespage(in your charms that is)15:11
yolandais that working without stevedore problems?15:11
jamespageyolanda, it is now that I've got the up-to-date oslo-config package15:11
Davieydosaboy: I *think* the situation was.. you upload needed re-basing as it was trumped by a security upload.. And adam_g confirmed that as it was now in stable/essex, a refreshed snapshot would include it.15:12
Davieydosaboy: The issue now, is that nobody has created a new set of snapshots.15:12
Daviey(they need doing quickly really)15:12
yolandajamespage, did you notice the "connection lost" problem, after doing the relation between nova and ceilometer? i always have to reboot nova machine to make that work15:12
jamespageyolanda, I'm not running in canonistack so don;t get that issue15:13
yolandaand the duplicate nodes?15:13
jamespageyolanda, I have seen that tho - but I think we already discussed this15:13
yolandajamespage, but you told that with latest juju versions it should work, i use juju from lp source, and i have that problem15:14
dosaboyDaviey: gotcha, let me know if I can help with anything15:14
jamespageyolanda, I don't see duplicate nodes15:14
yolandajamespage, how about if you reboot nova, or stop/start it?15:20
fakhirHello. I have a server with a network interface and a virtual network interface. how can I chose to always use the vitrual network interface for outgoing connections?15:24
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SpamapSfakhir: that is a routing issue15:51
SpamapSfakhir: your default route determines where most outgoing connections go15:52
fakhirSpamapS, ok how do I set the default route?15:52
SpamapSfakhir: in /etc/network/interfaces15:54
SpamapSfakhir: man 5 interfaces15:54
hallynstgraber: did you pull alex's patch for lxc-archlinux?  if not lemme push it real quick before you cut16:27
hallynoh i see you did, nm :)16:27
hallynare you pulling the lxc_map_ids patch right now?16:28
hallyn(that one should be in rc, it's a regression)16:28
stgraberhallyn: yeah, I think I pulled it too16:29
stgraberhallyn: hmm, I don't see it applied actually, let me fix that. I certainly meant to have it16:29
stgraberhallyn: pushed16:30
rbasakjamespage: around? I've got mongo past the alignment fault, but mongod hangs in atomic_intrinsics_gcc.h. I presume the ARM part of that needs fixing. Did you say that you'd done something with this already?16:33
jamespagerbasak, right!16:33
jamespageso that was the second part of the problem16:34
jamespagelemme push my patch for that bit16:34
jamespagerbasak, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5611149/16:34
jamespageto start with I refactored stuff to use the gcc builtins for __sync_*16:35
rbasakjamespage: ah - I didn't realise that wasn't being applied already.16:35
jamespagebut I'm not comfortable that I have it right16:35
rbasakOr is it? I'm confused. Are you saying that this is the fix, or that it doesn't work?16:35
jamespagerbasak, well the original patch from fedora-arm is - but it does not work16:36
jamespagethat is my revised patch16:36
rbasakAh, OK16:36
djkorngood day guys.16:39
djkornneed info for virtualbox-server16:40
Fieldydjkorn: can you be more specific?16:52
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koolhead17hi all17:41
koolhead17seems like patch  for this https://bugs.launchpad.net/swift/+bug/102447717:42
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1024477 in swift "SAIO: logs filling up with "exception dumping recon cache"" [Undecided,Fix released]17:42
koolhead17has still not landed in Ubuntu17:42
koolhead17i am using 1.7.4-0ubuntu2~cloud0   & can still see the bug17:43
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Pesti need help18:42
Pesti need that webcam saves screenshots something like /home/pictures/screen.jpg  but not rewrite each time. like screen 1, screen 2 etc18:44
Pestadvices, gentlemen?18:44
sarnoldPest: maybe you could convince logrotated to rotate your photos as if they were logs18:45
stgraberhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5611525/ does that look reasonable to you?18:46
stgraberhallyn: also, what exactly is going on with the cupset cgroup? why can't we put pid 1 in there?18:46
Pesti mean, should i put in sfwebcam.conf line like /home/pictures/screen %N .jpg ?18:46
stgraberhallyn: with that change, I now get the following result for /proc/1/cgroup in a "b" container running in a "a" container. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5611528/18:47
hallynstgraber: hold on...18:47
hallynwhat are you trying to do?18:48
hallynthe hook as is was working for me,18:48
stgraberhallyn: I'm trying to fix the hook failing to setup the cpuset cgroup here, making the rest of it fail (as it's set -e)18:48
hallynstgraber: i think you need a reboot18:48
hallynthen the first time lxc creates /sys/fs/cgroup/xxx/cpuset it will set clone_children to 118:49
hallynand all should just work18:49
hallynit did for me last night18:49
stgraberhmm, ok. Let me try that then18:49
hallynstgraber: well, or just set clone_children to 1 by hand,18:49
hallynand make sure to fill the mems and cpus fields in the lxc directory.  after that all should go well18:50
* hallyn has caused trouble yet again18:50
stgraberhallyn: what do you mean by "fill the mems and cpus fields in the lxc directory"?18:51
Pestoh, "tnx" guys... so helpful18:52
hallynstgraber: make sure that /sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset/lxc/cpuset.{cpus,mems} both are not empty18:52
RoyKPest: cheese should do18:53
PestRoyK: ?18:53
RoyKPest: cheese is an application to use webcams or similar18:54
stgraberhallyn: ok, a reboot sorted it. The only cgroup that's wrong is the systemd one but I'm not sure I care ;) http://paste.ubuntu.com/5611746/20:01
kieppiehi folks20:13
kieppieI have a headless 12.04 server doing my KVM/libvirt stuff, but I'd like to drasticly scale down the power-consuption on it - just shy of hibernation/standby when not doing any heavy lifting. how can I aggressively tune the power-consumption for on-demand use?20:14
lisandrop05hello, I'm join files splitted using zip -s20:21
lisandrop05but there is no way20:21
lisandrop05which command I need to use to join the files again?20:21
lostmeHey, I work on Openvpn on Ubu Server, I tried to get a certificate signed by my own with "sudo openssl ca -config ca.cnf -in xx.req -out newcerts/xx.crt -notext", but I get only "usr/ssl/serial: no such file or directory" and "error while loading serial number". What's wrong?20:44
sarnoldlostme: usr/ssl/serial  ?20:47
sarnoldlostme: can you copy-and-paste to a pastebin somewhere the entire command and output?20:48
lostmeserial is a file, and I cannot copy and paste, sry20:50
ScottKlostme: Use the pastebinit package to put it in a pastebin.20:51
stgraberlxc-stop: failed to stop 'test-lucid': Operation not permitted20:54
stgraberrunTest (__main__.SimpleLxcTests) ... lxc-stop: failed to stop 'test-lucid': Operation not permitted20:54
stgraberhallyn: ^20:54
hallynsigh.  where is this?20:54
* hallyn goes to replace all lxc testsuites with "if true: pass"20:55
stgraberhallyn: running integration-test on current staging20:55
hallynwhat is integration-test?20:56
* hallyn still waiting for edubuntu to install :)20:57
hallynmaybe i'll take the opportunity (if it boots :) to introduce the kids to it20:57
stgraberhallyn: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~serge-hallyn/+junk/lxc-test/20:58
stgraberroot@castiana:~# lxc-stop -n test-lucid20:58
stgraberlxc-stop: failed to stop 'test-lucid': Operation not permitted20:58
stgraberI can't remember ever seeing that kind of thing :)20:58
hallynstgraber: so what happens if you lxc-stop it yourself?20:59
stgraberwell, I can't ;) that's what I just tried20:59
hallynstgraber: the lxc.stopsignal seems a likely culprit20:59
stgraberhallyn: yeah... I have that problem with any container on my machine, so it's a global problem, very likely introduced by the stopsignal stuff21:00
hallyncan you strace it and see what is getting the eperm?21:00
* hallyn waiting on his test instance to finish installing ubuntu-dev-tools21:01
stgraberhallyn: kill(32498, -1)                         = -1 EINVAL (Invalid argument)21:01
stgraberhallyn: so for some reason it uses -1 as the default value for the signal, instead of 9 (I guess our default is SIGKILL right?)21:02
hallynstgraber: but the patch to lxc_stop_callback() defaults to using SIGKILL which was used before as explicitly21:04
stgraberhallyn: yeah, that doesn't make sense ... the -1 value should only be possible if "handler->conf->stopsignal" was set, which it isn't in my case...21:08
stgraberhallyn: if stopsignal isn't set, it should just be using the standard SIGKILL value as was the case in the past...21:08
stgraberhallyn: shouldn't stopsignal be initialized to 0?21:11
stgraber(in conf.h)21:11
stgraberhmm, no, was missing context looking at the diff21:12
hallynright, memset21:14
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hallynwhy does rootfs get an extra / prepended?21:20
hallynstgraber: you've verified that without that patch it works?21:21
hallyngreat, apparently i mistyped my interfaces file21:22
stgraberhallyn: I haven't tried reverting yet, but I can't think of anything else which would change the second parameter of kill() to -121:23
stgraberI'm building a version with some extra debug statements now21:23
hallynoh wait, heh, i guess my instances are hanging from the cgroup-lite bug :)21:34
stgraberhallyn: so handler->conf->stopsignal is definitely -1 in my case, now to figure out why21:39
stgraberhallyn: and I also confirmed that config_stopsignal isn't called, so that part works too21:40
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hallynbuffer overrun?21:43
hallynstgraber: on my end, i can't get a raring instance with eth0 as bridge_port to br0 to boot today.21:44
stgraberhallyn: so I confirmed that at the end of lxc_conf_init stopsignal is indeed 0, so if nothing touches it afterwards and it's -1 at the time of lxc_stop it looks like something is overwriting it by accident21:52
hallynright, i'm looking over git wc -p for clues21:52
stgraberadded a ton more debuging here, hopefully that should show me roughly where the value changes to -121:57
mkanderI have a strange problem here. After I installed plex media server on the server it is requesting and receiving multicast stream from the IPTV from the provider. Even though Plex is turned off. Any idea how I can debug? I dont want the server to get flooded.21:59
mkandercant find out what is generating the request22:00
sarnoldmkander: as I understand IGMP, the router will periodically poll the network to see if multicast groups are still needed, and unsubscribe from ones that aren't needed any longer22:02
sarnoldmkander: see e.g., http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Group_Management_Protocol#IGMPv3_membership_query22:02
sarnoldmkander: you might be able to just wait a little while..22:02
mkandersarnold: Thanks for the tips, read the article22:06
mkandersarnold: I have waited for one week but something is still requesting with IGMP22:06
sarnoldmkander: hahaha22:06
sarnoldmkander: oh jeeeze :) that's ... wow.22:07
sarnoldmkander: I thought perhaps it'd been ten minutes or something.22:07
mkanderit was 5 :P22:07
mkanderbut still it is requesting the stream somehow22:08
mkanderverified this by telneting into the router and running igmpproxy22:08
mkanderafter some minutes it gets a request from the server ip22:09
stgraberhallyn: so it doesn't appear to be anything during initialization... I'm now digging into the mainloop/command handler22:13
hallynstgraber: i gotta run, sorry.  i *woudl* say just push without that patch, but that's like a ticking timeobomb if we're overrunning memory22:16
hallyni'd guess my monitor changes for cgroup are to blame22:16
hallynwill look later tonight wehn ig et back22:16
* hallyn out22:16
stgraberI'll dig some more. I'd rather not push rc1 with a potential memory corruption of the conf struct ;)22:16
stgraberhallyn: yay, finally found the first place where the value appears to be -1. It's in lxc_command_mainloop_add. Looking at what happens before that one is called22:18
hubuntusilly question: when using virtual manager I would like to share clipboard between my ubuntu desktop and my ubuntu server in the VM22:40
hubuntuis that possible? there were some tool for such things for vmware last time I used that stuff in 200722:40
sarnoldhubuntu: I think the virt-manager just fires up a VNC client. I'm not sure if any vnc clients make it easy to share clipboard or the selection buffer, but perhaps one exists? (I don't know that the standard one _doesn't_ do that..)22:42
hubuntuusing spice22:45
hubuntui think it is the spice-vdagent package22:45
hubuntubut thanks a lot sarnold22:45
sarnoldhubuntu: woo :) good luck :)22:46
hubuntuaptitude in precise is always a bit weird and wants to delete a lot of stuff all the time... I end up using apt-get and I get what i want22:47
hubuntuis that normal?22:47
ScottKUsing apt-get is the sane way to go.22:49
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