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matgehey, what's a good QML alternative to an popup box? Like alert('some error occured')?00:32
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Caboose191Hello is there any one who knows how to port ubuntu touch who could try and port it to the acer iconia a100?05:09
Caboose191We do have a CM 10.1 rom http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=211460205:15
Caboose191So no one on here can help me out?05:22
Namidairothe porting guide assumes a general level of competence05:23
Caboose191I have no clue on how to port it I was hoping someone on here might know05:25
ali1234i can try to port it. just send me whatever device and i will try.05:34
Namidairoif only that argument worked05:35
ali1234believe it or not it does work05:36
Namidaironot if you live in another country from them though05:36
Namidairoshipping li-po/li-ion batteries are a pain05:36
ali1234yeah that is true05:37
Namidairoor when porters that are terribad go around and break it though their incimpetance05:43
Namidairotemporary dyslexia05:43
juliosomeone wake??05:48
th-oluubuntu for Nexus S i902306:01
th-oluubuntu for Nexus S i902306:02
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th-oluubuntu for Nexus S i902306:02
th-oluubuntu for Nexus S i902306:02
Namidairo!k th-olu06:02
th-olubuntu for Nexus S i902306:03
th-oluubuntu for Nexus S i9023??06:03
th-oluis there any port or official ubuntu for Nexus S i902306:03
Namidairoyou don need to ask 5 times06:04
Namidairoand no06:06
th-oluthere is no port for nexus S?06:07
th-oluare they going to make?06:07
Namidairowiki says WIP06:07
Namidairoand that for crespo06:07
th-oluhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2163085                is this it?06:09
th-oluthe same guy in ubunu wiki who is WIK06:09
julioi have some problem qtm06:13
jakedaynesHey all06:24
jakedaynesI just loaded up touch preview onto my Nexus 406:24
jakedaynesanybody else online?06:25
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dholbachgood morning07:23
traxmacThe daily images when are they normally published07:43
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bl4deHello!! :)07:51
dun1982Good morning.07:54
bl4degood morning :) I've seen that the core apps development is going great! :)07:56
doomlordis there a terminal app yet :)08:02
bl4deguys, but what about storing shared data in u touch?08:08
bl4defor example, I am working on the clock app, and i am implementing the alarm page. I must add an alarm...where I must store it?08:09
bl4deI must center all the page to the center of parent, and the button horizontally on the center...how should I do? http://imgur.com/ypJm4Zx08:35
bl4de..or must I use a dialog instead of a page?08:36
dun1982bl4de: Well from software architecture point and from platform development point, I would go with idea of shared database with table designed for parameterized information.08:47
dun1982And on top of that, I would use software framework that does not do direct queries to database, but instead works through api.08:48
dun1982Similarry what Android has.08:48
traxmacis there a changelog posted somewhere for the daily builds08:49
bl4dedun1982, understood. And about the other question? :) I must center all the page to the center of parent, and the button horizontally on the center...how should I do? http://imgur.com/ypJm4Zx08:50
bl4deP.S. I corrected the TextArea into TextField :)08:51
dun1982Hm... maybe you need to read some more documentation. I cannot answer you that, because I have not written a single line of code in ubuntu-touch.08:52
bl4dedun1982, Found! :)08:54
dun1982The reason for that is that I'm still porting my device on the os :)08:54
bl4deI simply had to set properties of Column, and not of each control in it :)08:55
bl4dedun1982, I have a Nexus 7, but I'll wait a little more before intall ubuntu to it :)09:01
bl4dewhen ubuntu become usable at least, I'll install on it :)09:02
bl4deI like the feeling of the system, but I can make a suggestion...09:04
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bl4deis there anyone here who is researching the GUI?09:06
bl4de*working on the GUI09:06
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bl4deI go, bye bye! :)09:25
dlan^hi, is that possible to port ubuntu-touch to another hardware (armv7)? is that all source open?09:46
ogra_dlan^, if it has cyanogenmod 10.1 support ... see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices09:48
dlan^ogra_: i've checked that, but it says need prebuilt binary, so I'm not sure..09:48
HazzaDoes anyone run ubuntu touch permanently here09:49
ogra_all you need is support for it in cyanogenmod 10.109:49
dlan^has anyone ported successful?09:49
ogra_if thats there all is fine09:49
dlan^Hazza: I've tried in nexus 409:49
dlan^and seems useful, but few apps does not work09:50
HazzaIve tried too and its obviously not there yet but just seeing if hardcore person running anyway09:50
Hazzalike as daily driver09:50
dlan^still for preview09:51
HazzaI know09:51
dlan^android is not linux, and ubuntu has a nice try, let's see what will happens..09:51
HazzaI hope it will not be like meego, palm os - personally I dont like swiping interface but I appreciate comsumer choice and at the moment there aren't a huge amount09:53
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traxmacWhats "jenkins data format has changed : incompatible"10:23
Hawkeye^hi - is anyone having trouble getting the latest nightly using phablet-flash -l?10:23
Hawkeye^yes, that error traxmac...10:24
traxmacok not the only one10:24
Hawkeye^yesterdays works I think: phablet-flash -u http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/20130312/10:28
traxmacThat installs yes.10:30
traxmacmaybe the tooling has to be updated10:31
Hawkeye^not sure10:31
ogra_Hawkeye^, traxmac, which one is broken exactly and where do you see that error ?10:39
Hawkeye^just running phablet-flash -l10:39
ogra_*which* daily :)10:39
traxmacnexus 710:40
ogra_right now ?10:40
ogra_(it was updated about 1h ago,)10:40
traxmacI know10:40
Hawkeye^im on galaxy nexus10:40
ogra_if youo ran phablet flash while the /current link was upgraded you might have one file from 20130312 and the other from 0313 ...10:41
ogra_could one of you try again to exclude that ?10:41
traxmacI removed my files10:41
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Hawkeye^same error10:43
traxmacsame here10:43
ogra_hmm, k10:44
ogra_theer is nothing sticking out in the build logs ...10:46
ogra_someone added a changelog, i guess yuo need to update your phablet-flash to be able to read that10:48
ogra_http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/20130312/quantal-ubuntu_stamp vs. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/20130313/quantal-ubuntu_stamp10:48
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zAo^_When will the first Mir enabled image apporx be released?10:56
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ogra_once Mir is packaged and in the archive and has seen some more code added i would guess :)10:58
zAo^Any estimates?11:17
Walther...How easy would it be to port something written in Python and PyQT to Ubuntu Touch devices?11:19
WaltherI understand PyQT isn't exactly the same, but just out of curiosity11:19
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dpmWalther, I think it should not be too difficult to write that, as Python should be available in the touch images. The more involved part would be to get a PyQt app to integrate with the shell.11:27
dpmso that'd be the hard bit11:27
IRebootzAo^: According to last weeks UDS (Ubuntu Development Sessions) session MIR merging is targeted for May 2013 in what is called alpha or Ubuntu v13.05. Watch "Unity ui converged for all form factors" starting at the 04:04 mark http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1303/meeting/21679/client-1303-unity-ui-converged/11:28
NazMirogra_: Hey Ogra, this is in continuation to the email I sent to the Ubuntu-Touch mailing list11:51
ogra_heh which one :)11:52
NazMirogra_: I have a samsung galaxy note 2 GT-N7100 International version. I always end up with a black screen after flashing Ubuntu, I can connect to my device using adb. I'm using old drivers11:52
ogra_there are so many11:52
NazMirogra_: Old Mali drivers, any pointers to how I could debug11:52
ogra_wait a second11:53
NazMirogra_: sure11:53
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ogra_NazMir, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=38891475&postcount=14411:55
ogra_seems he had to revert two commits ... might make sense to take a look in your tree ands compare11:55
NazMirogra_: sure, thanks. I will look into it, keep you posted.11:58
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dholbachmmrazik, heya - did anyone succeed in resolving the dns issue?12:32
mmrazikdholbach: I don't know. Is something broken ATM?12:33
mmrazikretoaded is the right person12:33
dholbachmmrazik, I was asking because of the change which needed to happen in jenkins to allow changelogs for images - I don't know the details but rsalveti and you talked about it yesterday12:33
dholbachI guess I can ask Ricardo once he's back up again12:34
mmrazikdholbach: that jenkins change is there12:34
dholbachah perfect12:34
mmrazikdholbach: I did it yesterday when we talked about it12:34
rsalvetidholbach: for changelog I still finishing it12:34
dholbachrsalveti, do you ever sleep? :)12:34
rsalvetiwe got the manifest, now just need to hook up the logic to get the package changelog from launchpad12:35
rsalvetidholbach: :-)12:35
rsalvetiogra_: are you copying a fixed list of files to cdimage?12:36
rsalvetiI added quantal-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.manifest last night, but seems it wasn't copied over automatically12:36
rsalvetidholbach: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/current/quantal-ubuntu_stamp12:37
rsalvetistamp is a bit more useful now as well12:37
rsalvetiadded all the git head hash for all the git repos used to build the image12:37
rsalvetiand the manifest for the ubuntu rootfs, but that needs sync with ogra_ I guess12:37
ogra_rsalveti, oops, yeah, i do12:37
ogra_will add handling for manifest12:38
dholbachrsalveti, wow... that's just the changes for one update image?12:38
rsalvetiogra_: cool, thanks12:38
rsalvetidholbach: no, that is basically describing the commit used for all the repos when building the image12:38
rsalvetiso you can reproduce the same exact image if you want12:39
rsalvetithat also helps when looking for what changed between the images12:39
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dholbachah ok12:40
dholbachrsalveti, jono has pinged me about changelog-like blog posts (maybe a bit more 'edited' than an automatic changelog), so I'm not quite sure what to reply back :)12:41
rsalvetidholbach: sure, this is just to start, a better changelog will appear by comparing the manifests :-)12:42
dholbachrsalveti, can you let me know once this is up and running so I can get back to Mr Metal? :)12:42
rsalvetiI'm first adding all the data that can be useful when comparing images, such as the repos used and the packages available inside it12:42
rsalvetidholbach: sure12:42
dholbachperfect, thanks!12:43
ogra_rsalveti, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/20130313/quantal-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.manifest for you ...12:45
rsalvetiogra_: awesome, thanks :-)12:46
ogra_the sync script will handle it automatically from tomorrow on (you should see it in the log mail too then)12:46
ogra_rsalveti, btw, i'm wondering if we could drop the mwc-demo at some point12:47
rsalvetiogra_: probably, lets ping pat next week to see12:47
ogra_i see some xda threads linking to it instead of the daily12:47
ogra_btw, was the browser issue fixed ?12:48
* ogra_ ponders an update12:48
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rsalvetiogra_: it was12:48
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mhall119_aquarius: did you get your JSONListModel from https://github.com/kromain/qml-utils ?13:18
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aquariusmhall119_, no. I did look at that, though.13:23
mhall119_aquarius: we should get bzoltan1 to package one up as part of the SDK13:24
bzoltan1I am here13:24
bzoltan1At your service gents :)13:24
aquariusmhall119_, I think so too. It needs proper design, though. My one does the absolute bare minimum to do what I needed. A real JSONUrlListModel would need loads of other stuff :)13:25
aquariusI didn't really set out to make a reusable component, because that's tons of work :)13:25
aquariusbzoltan1, subject under discussion: there should be a JSONListModel like XMLListModel. I am not the first person to think of this ;) It would be a Good Thing to have in upstream QtQuick13:26
mhall119_bzoltan1: there are several JSONListModel implementations floating about the internet, but we really should provide one "blessed" implementation by default13:26
aquariusbuilding a fully reusable component is quite a lot of work, though.13:26
aquarius(that is not a reason to not do it, of course!)13:26
aquariusand I'm not sure that it should be an Ubuntu SDk thing. This seems precisely like the sort of thing that should be upstream.13:27
mhall119_should be, yes13:27
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mhall119but isn't13:27
bzoltan1aquarius, mhall119: Sounds good, I will take it in our backlogs and talk to my people about it13:27
bzoltan1I think it fits to the SDK13:28
aquariusbzoltan1, I do too, but it's not an Ubuntu-specific component. If we build it, I think it should go upstream -- although we couldship it before it's accepted by upstream, of course13:32
bzoltan1aquarius: We upstream as much as possible13:33
aquariusyep, of course13:33
ogra_rsalveti, so i'm trying to distill a seed out of the manifest by excluding all packages that have a task already, do you use the ubuntu-standard task as a base or is that -minimal ?13:34
rsalvetiogra_: I think it's minimal + our packages and needed dependencies13:35
rsalvetiogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5610679/13:35
* ogra_ hugs rsalveti 13:36
ogra_thats what i was looking for :)13:36
rsalvetiogra_: :-)13:37
rsalvetibut it'd be nice to have a task or similar for it13:37
rsalvetior at least a smarter way to find the seeds :-)13:37
ogra_well, we should have an ubuntu-phablet seed for the cdimage builds13:38
ogra_germinate should then care for creating a task from that13:39
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rsalvetijezz, raining like hell today here13:42
ogra_better than snow at least :)13:43
* ogra_ is happy its sunny here today... no shoveling for me 13:44
rsalvetiogra_: yeah :-)13:45
* dun1982 sunny and raining snow :)13:45
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dpmhey all, I'm trying to update to the latest image with 'phablet -l', any ideas why I'm getting this? -> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5610896/14:56
tassadar_dpm: see if there is any update for the phablet tool14:58
ogra_dpm, make sure to have the latest phablet-sync14:58
ogra_git changelogs and a manifest file were added14:58
dpmogra_, what's phablet-sync? Is it a binary, or a package...?15:00
ogra_no idea, i never use the tool ...15:00
ogra_dpkg -S $(which phablet)15:00
ogra_(or phablet-sync)15:00
steve_fihey everyone, I have an Asus Transformer Pad TF101 and I've installed Ubuntu touch as per the instructions on (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/tf101), however when it boots I get a black screen, but the backlight works, I'm wondering how I am able to get the logs to see whats happening with it15:01
ogra_use adb15:01
steve_fiI've installed CM10.0 fine on the tablet, and it works, so I know that it's not an issue with the tablet itself15:01
dpmogra_, I can't find such thing as phablet-sync, only -dev-boostrap, -flash or -network-setup15:02
dpmI'll recheck if there are any updates15:02
ogra_flash then15:02
ogra_dpkg -S $(which phablet-flash)15:02
ogra_that shjould give you the package name15:02
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DaBaangI have successfully built the CM 10.1 phablet part for Nexus 4 (mako). Looking for source of quantal-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip to build myself15:07
ogra_DaBaang, thats not easily possible15:08
ogra_it uses live-build to create the rootfs but builds from a PPA in a special setup15:09
DaBaanghmm... so is it the same for all devices running ubuntu-touch?15:10
ogra_its a genetric rootfs, yes15:10
ogra_all HW related bits are in the CM10.1 build you just rolled15:11
DaBaangI see, so how can I look at/download the sources of it15:11
ogra_so the rootfs is universally usable on all devices (even the unsupported ports)15:11
ogra_its rolled from indvidual packages, you would have to pull all of them from the PPA15:12
DaBaangso something like: pbuilder-dist quantal armhf create would get me the packages?15:13
ogra_pbuilder builds one package for you15:13
ogra_you really dont want to build that part from source, that needs quite some infrastructure you would need to create15:14
ogra_live-build can build you the rootfs from the debs15:14
DaBaangI am looking to get all the sources for ubuntu touch locally to browse the code as a start15:15
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ogra_DaBaang, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5610679/15:16
steve_fisorry for the really stupid and newbie question, but does this mean that when you flash a custom ROM on a phablet, that it uses the drivers and kernel etc of that ROM and boots from that?15:16
ogra_pull all the sources for these packages pluis all reverse depends for ubuntu-minimal15:16
steve_fiif you install ubuntu on top of it15:16
ogra_trhat should give you all the source code15:16
genii-aroundIs anyone having problems with module-init-tools not running properly and then no /lib/modules/<kernelversion>/modules.dep  ?15:19
DaBaangogra_: I would need some help doing that pull please15:22
ogra_apt-get source $packagename15:23
ogra_for each of the packages15:23
ogra_plus the output of "apt-get depnds ubuntu-minimal"15:23
DaBaangand the initial list of packages?15:24
agcalamitaITADaBaang: you still working on the HP touchpad?15:25
ogra_DaBaang, that is the initial list ... all deps of ubuntu-minimal plus the list from the pastebin above15:26
DaBaangagcalamitaITA: HPTP does not have a CM 10.1 build yet that I could find15:28
DaBaangogra_: the list in pastebin, is it available on a wiki somewhere as well?15:29
ogra_DaBaang, nope i'm working on getting it into the normal ubuntu seed branch next week15:30
ogra_so you can just bzr branch it like any other ubuntu seed15:30
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eudoxoshey everybody, I just flashed Ubuntu touch preview to the Nexus 10 device. How do I login?15:41
agcalamitaITAeudoxos: What do you mean by 'login'?15:41
ogra_log in ?15:41
eudoxosIf I use guest account, how to make a new account? I am familiar with terminal, but where to find it?15:41
ogra_you use adb ... read the release notes15:41
ogra_it has the steps how to use ubuntu_chroot from adb and the like15:42
agcalamitaITADefault user is 'phablet' -- as above, read the release notes here -- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch15:42
eudoxosogra_: thanks for release notes, I did not spot it had that information.15:42
ogra_yeah people rarely read the channel topic :)15:42
MoDguys do all the features work15:44
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Guest46199guys is ubuntu nicw15:45
smartboyhwGuest46199, YES OF COURSE15:45
Guest46199do all the features work bro15:45
Guest46199like music apps whatsapp15:45
smartboyhwGuest46199, whatsapp? You mean ubuntu touch!?15:45
Guest46199on ubuntu bro15:46
smartboyhwGuest21051, not whatsapp. We do have a lot of chat clients15:46
ogra_Guest46199, currently ubuntu touch is a developer preview ... while there are some apps in their early stages you need to know how to start them from commandline etc15:47
ogra_its not yet for endusers ... but for the brave :)15:47
Guest46199is it worth flashing15:48
eudoxosIs there a way to not have nautilus break the shell connection to the tablet by trying to mount it every now and then?15:48
al_Guest46199: It's not for everyday use15:48
Guest46199so shud i try it or not15:49
Guest46199or will i have to restore15:49
dun1982up to you.15:49
Guest46199does the music app work properly15:49
dun1982well it is not an application, if that is what you are asking.15:49
ogra_rsalveti, bug 1154595 (if you havent seen it on the ML)15:50
ubot5bug 1154595 in Phablet Tools ""phablet-flash -l" fails with "Jenkins data format has changed, incompatible"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115459515:50
ogra_has a patch :)15:50
rsalvetiogra_: thanks15:50
Guest46199then what how will i listen to music15:50
dun1982ie. if you install ubuntu touch to your device. you will erase every last bit of the old device information before you install the ubuntu touch preview.15:50
rsalvetiogra_: great15:50
ogra_our users are fast :)15:50
agcalamitaITAGuest46199, Read the release notes... :)15:51
steve_fiI'm 99% sure I saw a preview of Whatsapp messenger working today15:53
steve_fiwas in a blog post, let me hunt it down15:53
agcalamitaITAsteve_fi, I was speaking to a guy yesterday about it. Should be a stable release Friday IIRC15:54
ogra_you still have to start it via adb or ssh though15:54
steve_fiAh ok, my bad15:54
ogra_which is why i said above its only for the brave yet :)15:55
steve_fiaha! missed that one :)15:55
genii-aroundeudoxos: Basically, adb shell ... then chroot /data/ubuntu    then run adduser15:55
dun1982fingers crossed, flashing new image: 10.1-20130312-UNOFFICIAL-p680015:56
ogra_genii-around, no you want to follow the release notes and use ubuntu_chroot15:56
ogra_else you will miss container stuff15:57
agcalamitaITAWhy does add-apt-repository not work over SSH on UT? Am I missing something...16:00
genii-aroundogra_: Ah, apologies16:01
dun1982probably the atp-get basic utilities.16:01
ogra_agcalamitaITA, it isnt installed16:01
dun1982ie. you do not have add-apt-repository utility.16:01
SarvattagcalamitaITA: install software-properties-common16:01
ogra_what Sarvatt said16:02
dun1982ok, quick question. What do I need to have in /data/ubuntu/ folder to get my system booted?16:02
ogra_rsalveti, ^^^ is it to heavyweight to include it as long as we do dev preview builds ?16:02
agcalamitaITADidn't think so... though it would have been included... apparently it was a python one. I'll try the software-properties-common. Thanks! PS. How do you 'whisper'/'shout' to a use?16:02
dun1982Ie. even black screen is enough at this point :D16:02
ogra_rsalveti, i think it would massively help16:02
rsalvetiogra_: don't think so, let me just check what that will bring to the image16:03
dun1982agcalamitaITA: Use _caps_ or /me Shouts to Ogra :)16:03
* dun1982 Shouts to ogra_ :)16:04
ogra_DON'T YOU SHOUT AT ME !16:04
dun1982But seriously, use /msg nick channel MSG :)16:04
* ogra_ actually prefers to keep conversations in the channel instead of /msg16:05
* dun1982 screams loudly, in Kimi Räikkönen style. Still no go for boot :(16:05
agcalamitaITAWhen people direct a message at me, when prefixed with my name and then ':' that's what I wanted to know :)16:05
gnuskoolalright, how do we go about creating apps for touch? iS IT ALL IN qml OR IS IT A MIXTURE OF TECHNOLOGIES?16:05
gnuskoolooops, didnt mean to 'shout'16:05
rsalvetiogra_: brings python-apt-common python3-apt python3-software-properties software-properties-common unattended-upgrades16:06
rsalvetiogra_: seems fine16:06
ogra_sp lets add it16:06
rsalveti233 kB of archives16:06
dun1982agcalamitaITA: If you want to just direct comment in public chat, then use the way what your IRC-client uses.16:06
ogra_better than having people to add gpg keys and stuff16:06
dun1982ie. in irssi you write nick[tab] MSG16:06
rsalvetiogra_: yup16:06
rsalvetilet me add that16:06
ogra_dun1982, you want to boot into recovery and install the phablet.zip file i suppose :)16:07
agcalamitaITAI'm not sure, I can use TAB to select names, it then add's a comma16:07
agcalamitaITAdun1982, like this :)16:07
dun1982agcalamitaITA: yup16:07
dun1982ogra_: I did actually.16:07
ogra_and did the content end up in there properly ?16:07
agcalamitaITAdun1982, thanks!16:07
dun1982ogra_: my initfrms is wrong I think. I cannot get kernel to boot.16:07
ogra_oh i thought you were in with adb16:08
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dun1982Now I'm back to recovery.16:08
krabadorhow cai i close apps ???16:09
agcalamitaITAkrabador, Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the task manager then click the cross in the bottom left hand corner. Or swipe all the way from left to right16:14
ogra_krabador, swipe from the boottom to the middle of the app until you see the looking glass appear, then on the page that pops up there is an X on the bottom left16:15
kriskropdis there an emulator for ubuntu touch I can run in virtualbox?16:15
ogra_kriskropd, being worked on16:15
ogra_but it still can take a bit ... sadly CM doesnt have any x86 support yet16:16
krabadorogra_ agcalamitaITA hahhahha, great!!!16:17
krabadorreally useful16:17
kriskropdwhere can I download the current development release of ubuntu for phone or tablets?16:19
kriskropdI'm ust now discovering this16:19
dun1982kriskropd: try topic link: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch16:19
dun1982There you have all the information that is available at the moment.16:20
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kriskropddun1982: thanks16:20
agcalamitaITAI've installed a core app using apt-get install 'x' from SSH. How do I start the app?16:22
eudoxos_I have blank screen, what can I do? I see the backlight being turned off/on as I press the power button, but otherwise nothing...16:25
agcalamitaITAeudoxos_, what device?16:25
eudoxos_agcalamitaITA, nexus1016:25
agcalamitaITAYou may need to delete the /data partition on the device and flash again16:25
eudoxos_I added a user via adduser16:25
eudoxos_and I am able to ssh to the device16:26
eudoxos_but after reboot, the greeter is missing.16:26
ogra_well the session needs to run as the phablet user ...16:26
ogra_i doubnt the multiuser stuff works yet16:26
ogra_not sure though16:26
eudoxos_there is no session running at all --16:26
eudoxos_eh, there is, in dmesg there is ubuntu-session state chnaged from post-start to running16:27
ogra_that demo has a lot of hardcoded stuff in it (its a preview after all)16:27
ogra_so you might screw up stuff when adding a user16:27
agcalamitaITAogra_, I've installed a core app using apt-get install after adding the PPA -- what's the best way to run this?16:29
ogra_i think thats described in the release notes16:30
=== Riussi_ is now known as Riussi
agcalamitaITAogra_, it describes running them from QT Creator but not after install IIRC -- I'll take another look!16:31
eudoxos_I try to delete that user again then16:32
rsalvetiricmm: https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/phablet-tools/fixing_build_id_stamp_release_0.7/+merge/15318616:33
ogra_agcalamitaITA, ubuntu-calculator-app --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/ubuntu-calculator-app.desktop16:34
ogra_agcalamitaITA, thats how i can start the calculator on my phone16:34
agcalamitaITAogra_, Thanks! I'll give it a go. Trying to create a shortcut to SSH...16:35
eudoxos_Is the proper way to reboot "sudo reboot" or something similar?16:35
agcalamitaITAeudoxos_, I just used sudo shutdown -r16:36
agcalamitaITAeudoxos_, sorry -- sudo shutdown -r now16:36
ogra_reboot should work too16:37
eudoxos_agcalamitaITA, ogra_ thx16:38
Laneydoes the nx7 refuse to present on adb when the battery is low or something?16:39
ogra_Laney, could well, be16:39
ogra_Laney, the nx7 is really really evil once the battery is low enough16:40
Laneyadb devices is inexplicably empty16:40
Laneybut the OS is all booted and working, so ...16:40
ogra_like it can get into a contant reboot loop for example16:40
ogra_well, then adb should also work16:40
matgethe whatsapp client is at https://github.com/mgehre/whosthere/16:41
matgeI'm the developer16:41
Laneysure it /should/ ;)16:41
ogra_thats why i used that word :)16:42
* Laney will let it charge up a bit16:42
ogra_the prob is that your PC USB port only delivers 500mA ... thats about as much as you use16:43
ogra_so while running the device will not really charge fast16:43
Laneymatge: hey, cool stuff!16:43
ogra_charge it on the wallcharger for a while16:43
Laneyam doing16:43
eudoxos__ogra, I changed hostname, that might be the culprit as well16:44
ogra_eudoxos_, oh, yeah, might be16:45
ogra_worst case just reßflash the phablet.zip file16:45
eudoxos_ogra_, that would be "phablet-flash -b"?16:47
ogra_yeah, or manually through the recovery mode of the tablet16:48
agcalamitaITAogra_, I've started the calculator app through the command you mentioned. It still opened the old app, however when I closed the old one, the new one was behind. I deleted the old mock one from the usr/share/applications folder and now it doesn't open at all LOL!16:49
eudoxos_HEH, how to get rid of this "Unable to open MTP device '[usb:002,005]'"?? That kills adb connection every time.16:50
ogra_bugs bugs bugs :)16:50
eudoxos_how to get rid of this "Unable to open MTP device '[usb:002,005]'"?? That kills adb connection every time.16:50
eudoxos_sorry, I don't yell here16:50
eudoxos_ogra_, well that seems more like nautilus bug16:50
ogra_no, rather udev16:51
eudoxos_is it ok to re-run the flashing when it was interrupted by that?16:51
ogra_xnox, didnt you fix mtp handling at some point in raring ?16:51
* ogra_ thought there were some updated udev rules 16:52
xnoxogra_: for some value of "fixed", adb can crash if something else (like desktop) tries to automount the device for MTP file transfers.16:52
xnoxogra_: so now we have these problems with adb, because mtp is fixed =)16:53
ogra_hehe, yeah16:53
* ogra_ goes for a break16:53
AGMAnyone working on opporunistic encryption ?  eg OTR or ZRTP placed into the lower parts of the stack rather than in an application. When it detects another ubuntu devices it bring up hash data/fingerprint to the UI eg a key symbol at the top beside the battery symbol, and when you swipe down you get the fingerprints  and encryption options ?This would allow peet to peer secure comms regardless of what service you were using....16:54
agcalamitaITAWhat's happened to using 'phablet-flash -l' I'm getting 'Jenkins data format has changed'17:01
=== Lloir is now known as Lloir|AFK
AGMagcalamitaITA >> see https://bugs.launchpad.net/phablet-tools/+bug/115459517:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 1154595 in Phablet Tools ""phablet-flash -l" fails with "Jenkins data format has changed, incompatible"" [Critical,In progress]17:02
agcalamitaITAAGM, ubot5 Thanks!17:03
AGMjust edit the script, it works17:03
agcalamitaITAAGM, Thanks! That's worked17:09
agcalamitaITAagcalamitaITA, test17:09
traxmactodays image is great17:13
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tesrti cherche autodeploy.zip but ...17:42
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=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
genii-aroundHashcode: Wish list for SS3.06 .. sdcard /sdcard-ext activity indicator ....18:26
om26erwhat USB connectivity method is going to be used on the phone ? (in future)18:29
om26erwill we stay will old Mass Storage or will we go with MTP ? (or something else?)18:29
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=== cul- is now known as cul
froek__whats the maximum drive size ubuntu touch can mount?18:51
=== mmrazik is now known as mmrazik|eod
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dun1982WHOOO!!!! BOOT BLACK SCREEN!19:31
ricmmmatge: ping19:32
matgericmm: pong19:32
dun1982adb responding!19:32
ricmmmatge: good work on the whatsapp client19:32
ricmmis there a wiki or doc somewhere where status and devel is captured?19:32
matgehttps://github.com/mgehre/whosthere/blob/master/README is the doc, and there is an empty wiki on github waiting to be filled by volunteers19:33
matgeit's best to use the ppa to get started19:35
ricmmawesome, can I get my android-made account up with whosthere?19:35
dun1982ok, was there some place where the chroot was explained?19:36
dun1982Heading to wiki now for looking, but finally a image that boots in my gt-p680019:36
matgeno, one account per device19:36
matgeI mean you can share your phone account with the desktop, but whatsapp probably won't let you use them at the same time19:36
ricmmmatge: alright19:37
matgeyou are welcome19:38
dun1982Can someone help, what's wrong? /system/bin/sh: apt-get: No such file or directory19:42
matgedun1982: your are not in ubuntu chroot19:44
dun1982yup, found the wiki help :)19:44
dun1982Had to read further. Hm... apt-get update does not work :)19:45
dun1982Err http://ports.ubuntu.com quantal Release.gpg19:45
dun1982Hm... wonder where the problem is?19:45
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dun1982So, anyone can help with setting up ppa's?20:02
dun1982Current ones do not work that are in wiki or in the image.20:02
dun1982ie. I cannot install any software through apt-get20:02
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dun1982We'll, I think I'll fix this a bad way. Reboot to recovery, full wipe and new ubuntu image in.20:07
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ricmmogra_: you tried latest image yet?20:11
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Logan_LecterWhat is the root's password by default in ubuntu touch ??20:19
dun1982Is there a root password?20:19
dun1982Logan_Lecter: Or do you try to login as root?20:19
dun1982maybe you should change the password while chrooted?20:19
Logan_Lecterdun1982: because I can not run apps with a qtcreator20:21
dun1982In order work with applications in the user session, it's necessary to run su - phablet after entering the chroot.20:22
dun1982says wiki...20:22
Logan_Lecterdun1982: links please ?20:27
dun1982Logan_Lecter: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting20:32
dun1982check "phablet User Session"20:32
dun1982But seriously, what the heck is wrong with my /etc/apt/sources.list20:32
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obiwlanhi there! is someone here using xjc extensions? i'm trying to use the inheritance plugin from jaxb2-commons, but it says "[ERROR] Unsupported binding namespace "http://jaxb2-commons.dev.java.net/basic/inheritance". It looks like documented, but doesn't work. I created a simple test case: http://pastie.org/6477466 ... Am i doing it wrong?20:48
obiwlansorry, wrong channel20:49
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dun1982why... root@localhost:/# iwconfig20:53
dun1982lo        no wireless extensions.20:53
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Pilou_Hi everyone !21:12
Pilou_Is there someone online here ?21:13
ajalkaneI am, for a short moment at least21:13
Pilou_Can i ask you a few questions ?21:17
Pilou_I'm french, so excuse me if i'm not talking a great english21:17
Pilou_So here's my question : where can i found information about wath's working or not in Touch on my device ( asus  tf300t) ?21:19
ajalkaneWow... out of my sphere of knowledge, sorry.21:19
Pilou_Ok, np21:20
Pilou_Secondly, where can i found information about the command "phablet" ? i've seen many Howto using that comand, and no documentation on it. Is there one ?21:20
Pilou_The manual dont give me anything, the "info" command as weel21:21
dun1982Pilou_: have you already checked this page? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting21:28
Pilou_Seems interessant21:29
Pilou_Thanks !21:30
dun1982btw what device are you thinking on using ubuntu-touch?21:31
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dank101dis is one half21:39
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ricmmmatge: hey, how do I add contacts? :)22:02
matgericmm: hey, I didn't I tell you?22:16
matgericmm: you cannot...22:16
matgericmm: I mean contacts will automatically appear when you receive a message from them22:17
matgericmm: and if they go online and you are already subscribed to them (like from previously using the official whatsap)22:17
matgericmm: there is no way to add contacts in the whosthere gui currently. But it works if you use empathy (or maybe kde telepathy)22:17
ricmmmatge: alright, but I dont get anything for new incoming messages22:18
ricmmonly one contact is staying there for some reason22:18
matgethat's very odd22:18
matgedo you see the incoming message on the telepathy-whosthere and whosthere output?22:18
ricmmI see the bubble for it so its being picked up by telepathy22:19
ricmmis there a way to discard my current contacts/messages list?22:19
ricmmI had a torrential amount of messages when I registered the account just now22:19
matgeyou can delete the localstorage22:20
matgejust remove .local/share/whosthere22:20
matgeThere are already some bug fixes in github which are not released to the ppa yet22:20
matgeBut please report any bugs you encounter on the github page, so I can keep track of them22:21
dank101i has been trying to use it22:25
dank101it no work22:25
dank101not it should works22:26
dank101now it should works22:29
matgedank101: are you talking to me?22:30
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
matgeSo what's not working?22:30
matgeIt kinda works for me22:31
dank101it's gives me onDbus_fail Dbus error:Could not get owner of name 'com.yowsup.methods': no such name22:31
matgethat's a very old version you are using22:31
dank101when i try to load it22:31
matgetry the current one22:31
dank101i know22:31
dank101i making it now22:31
dank101main.cpp:24:29: fatal error: TelepathyQt/Debug: No such file or directory22:31
dank101compilation terminated.22:31
matgeWhy don't you use the prebuild packages from the ppa?22:32
matgeOtherwise you'll have to install the build depedencies22:32
matgelike libtelepathy-qt5-dev22:32
ricmmmatge: yep no, it updated *once* but as soon as I got a msg from a third contact it stopped updating22:33
matgeso what does the console say? There are a lot of debugging messages22:34
matgeare there warnings? something looking suspicious?22:34
matgeYou can also put it on pastebin so I can take a look (remove your phonenumbers first)22:34
ricmmI get the messages, I see them on console, both on telepathy and whosthere itself22:35
ricmmbut I never see more than one contact, sometimes the one there changes to the next and sometimes it stays the same22:35
ricmmbut always only one22:35
ricmmI'll do a better test case later and file a bug with debugging ingo22:36
matgeProblem is that I just have one other phone, so I usually can only test with one other contact22:37
ricmmah, might be why ;)22:37
matgecould certainly be that there is some bug with more than one contact that I didn't catch, but it's meant to work22:37
dank101you should submit it to the Ubuntu software Centre/Center22:41
ricmmwould be good to displace input field up with keyboard, have you looked at how the other apps are doing this? with a keyboard rectangle wired up to Qt.inputMethod.keyboardRectangle22:41
ogra_ricmm, i dist upgraded when ending my workday but havent rebooted :)22:42
* ogra_ fetches the phone22:42
dank101looked at the app22:42
dank101needs more \n's22:42
matgericmm: for the textfield thing, I already reported a bug against the keyboard22:43
matgericmm: but I didn't know about this Qt.inputMethod.keyboardRectangle22:43
matgericmm: maybe you want to do a pull request for that?22:43
ricmmgot it handy? we dont have a way for the keyboard to dynamically displace the surface at the moment22:43
ricmmthe bug that is22:43
ricmmand yea maybe I'll take a look at it tomorrow22:44
ogra_ricmm, anything i should look for ?22:45
ricmmogra_: what do you mean? about what?22:45
ogra_you pinged above and asked if i had tried the latest image22:45
ricmmogra_: oh, yea sorry I solved it with rsalveti22:46
ogra_ah, k22:46
ricmmmy adb misfired in an image push22:46
ricmmthought latest had some breakage22:46
ogra_well, i dont re-flash regulary ... but do aily dist-upgrade22:46
ricmmyep, I thought app api had broken somehow as I was seeing a crasher there22:47
ricmmI guess it was just a copy/untar/whatever error22:47
ogra_i want browser tabs ...22:48
matgericmm: I found the contact bug22:51
matgeseems that the listview was not big enough22:52
matgeI thought it would extend, but it needed anchors.bottom: parent.bottom22:52
dank101it's not working22:54
dank101matge, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5612173/ is my terminal22:55
dank101it won't load my messages22:55
dank101got one on phone22:55
dank101(still android)22:55
matgetells me that it could not login because your phonenumber/password was wrong22:56
dank101i clicked save22:57
matgedo you have the output from telepathy-whosthere?22:57
dank101how do i undo that22:57
dank101and no22:57
matgeundo what?22:57
dank101the PW save22:57
matgedo you have the correct pw?22:57
dank101i think it was number22:57
dank101do i need to do +1(AreaCode)number22:58
matgeyou need [countrycode][number]22:59
matgeyou can prefix by + or 00 but that does not matter22:59
matgebut you have to have the country code there22:59
matgelike 1 for US or 44 for UK or so22:59
dank101i did 123:00
matgethen it's okey23:00
dank101i saved the PW23:00
matgethat's odd23:00
matgeyou got the password from registering within whosthere, right?23:00
dank101maybe i typed the PW wrong23:00
matgewhere did you get the pw from?23:01
dank101my brain23:01
dank101my really small brain23:01
matgeI got to go, I'll be back in half an hour23:01
dank101one thing23:01
dank101how do i remove the old broken login23:02
matgewhosthere will just overwrite it23:02
matgeotherwise you can use mc-tool23:02
matgeit's preinstalled23:02
dank101mc-tool remove: Account path '/org/freedesktop/Telepathy/Account/WhosThere' is malformed: should have 3 trailing components, not 123:03
dlwDownloaded Ubuntu Touch and Phablet several days ago.23:08
dlwUsed Safestrap and installed as instructed.23:08
dlwWorked fine. Played with Ubuntu Touch for some time.23:08
dlwDownloaded latest Ubuntu Touch and Phablet today23:08
dlwCan not get it to work now.23:08
dlwUsed Safestrap as before as instructed.23:08
dlwWhen rebooting screen goes blank and remains that way.23:08
dlwHave waited up to an half hour with no results.23:08
dlwDeleted Slot 4: recreated Slot 4 and installed Ubuntu Touch first then Phablet as instructed.23:08
dlwDid this three times.23:08
dlwDownloaded both zip files again.23:08
dlwStill; nothing.23:08
dlwAny ideas on how to solve this?23:08
Adam_Hi guys, I'm interested in installing ubuntu touch to my samsung 7 slate which is a windows 8 tablet, are there any resources on how to do so or can i enable it in a desktop version of ubuntu23:14
ogra_not yet ... currently the packages arent in the ubuntu archive, they are slowly migrating over23:16
ogra_and ubuntu touch images are android based so there is not much chance for you to use it on an x86 tablet at the moment23:17
Adam_ah okay ,thanks a lot23:17
Adam_was hoping for a lightweight simple OS to dual boot with win823:17
ogra_well, you can use ubuntu desktop ...23:17
ogra_not as lightweight as ubuntu touch23:18
ogra_but surely *a lot* lighter than win 823:18
Adam_yeah was considering that as a backup should touch not be feasible23:18
Adam_are there plans to enable ubuntu touch on x86 at any point or is it strictly android only?23:19
ogra_well, we are working on getting an x86 image ready for use in qemu so epople without devices can test their apps ...23:20
ogra_not sure how well that will do on real HW though23:20
ogra_but eventually the whole touch UI bits and apps will end up in the normal archive23:20
ogra_not before april though23:20
Adam_ah okay, shame, loving the look of touch23:21
mutantkeyboardogra_ are there any updates available already for phones? I restored Android a while ago and I didn't quite have any time to play around23:21
ogra_there are regulat updates yes ...23:22
ogra_and daily images that carry them :)23:22
ali1234is anyone porting ogre3d?23:22
mutantkeyboard:) I'll give it a look tomorrow.23:23
ali1234it should work on EGL, theoretically23:23
mutantkeyboardI was shocked that python and perl are working as charm ...23:23
ogra_ali1234, i see libogre here on my chromebook23:24
ogra_1.7 and 1.8 it seems23:24
Omnipresent_Walrhowdy fellas23:25
ogra_and the tools and doc packages23:25
ali1234i wonder how i would interface it with touch controls though...23:25
ogra_well, i wonder if it actually works :)23:25
ogra_might not be built for GLES23:25
Omnipresent_Walrwondering if someone can help me out here, ive got a problem with a lack of onscreen keyboard in the GNOME 3 login screen23:26
ogra_some packagers dont think about arm and just hardcode GL23:26
ali1234it uses plugins, so it should be quite easy to rebuild23:26
ogra_yeah, i just dont think anyone tested it23:27
ali1234but yeah, probably doesn't do GLES by default23:27
ogra_might even work fine23:27
ali1234well, i'll be testing it soon i guess :)23:27
rich5851hello - first time install on nexus 7 and its stuck on pushing  /Downloads/phablet-flash/95/quantal-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip to /sdcard/autodeploy.zip - any ideas?23:27
ali1234typically games bundle their own copy of ogre anyway23:27
ogra_we have a ton of things in the archive that could work really well on arm if someone would pick up the work to set the right build flags23:27
ogra_quake :)23:27
ricmmrich5851: what do you mean stuck, for how long?23:28
ogra_i think we have it but not built for GLES23:28
rich585120 minutes23:28
ricmmhmm shouldnt be more than 10 minutes on nexus 723:28
ogra_20 is a lot ...23:28
ogra_i have seen 1023:28
rich5851Thanks  - i will leave it a while longer then start again23:29
ali1234how do i update those bzr repos in phablet?23:29
ogra_cd into the two subdirs in the ubuntu dir and run "bzr pull"23:30
ali1234repo sync says "hardware/ti/omap4xxx/: discarding 1 commits" - what does that mean?23:30
ali1234i don't think i touched anything in there23:31
ogra_thats a rsalveti question :)23:31
ali1234um... there's 4 subdirs in ubuntu/23:31
ogra_libhybris ... and the api one23:32
* rsalveti reading23:32
ali1234got it23:32
ogra_the others only have metadata23:32
ali1234let's see if it still builds then...23:32
rsalvetiali1234: well, that might mean you had a commit there locally23:33
ali1234i only modified the device specific repos23:33
rsalvetiand repo decided to take it away23:33
ali1234and then i adjusted manifest to point to my own forks of those23:33
rsalvetithen you're fine23:33
ali1234is it advisable to "make clean" or similar? i have not built since initial release23:34
rsalvetigoogle reader is gone, wtf23:34
ali1234gone from ubuntu or gone completely?23:34
rsalvetiali1234: well, it should should be the parts which got updated23:34
rsalvetiali1234: gone completely, from july 1 on23:35
ali1234that's gonna suck for lightread23:35
ogra_probably because nobody uses their original reader ?23:36
* ogra_ uses various apps that make use of the service but i dont like the actual google app23:36
ali1234yeah same here23:37
rsalvetiI still use greader, at my phone and browser23:37
ali1234well, except i don't use it as a service either23:37
ali1234cos it's pretty broken and random, what it decides to show you or not23:37
ali1234and this filters through to apps that use it as well23:37
ogra_i use gReader ... here not the original google greader23:37
=== juicyjones|away is now known as juicyjones
ali1234hmm well it rebuilt... that was fast23:38
ali1234too fast23:38
bcurtiswxwhen using a pagestack how do I set it so the window that shows in QT Quick preview 2 has dimensions23:47
bcurtiswxeverytime i run a pagestack it is a tiny blip on my screen23:48
ali1234ok, so, problem...23:52
ali1234when i first flashed this from CWM, /sdcard/ was mounted23:53
ali1234ubuntu doesn't seem to mount it, so now i've nowhere to put the zip so recovery can access it23:53
ogra_hmm, i always used adb in recovery mode23:55
ogra_and there sdcard is usually mounted for me23:55
bcurtiswxyeah I don't know how to many my first window have size when using a pagestack23:59
bcurtiswxmake my*23:59

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