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TheOpenSourcerermorning all08:06
kvarleyIs there a way to encrypt a external hard drive and have it automatically unlock the drive based off which user logs in?08:10
TheOpenSourcererAnyone recommend a decent pub/bar in central London good for a impromptu meetup of about 8 peeps?08:36
jacobwGood morning08:44
jacobwTheOpenSourcerer: The Euston Taps08:44
TheOpenSourcererjacobw: Sounds like it might be a bit small.08:48
BigRedS_how central?08:55
BigRedS_some people consider the city to be central, for others its the west end08:55
TheOpenSourcererBigRedS_: Good point - Zone1 would be OK08:55
BigRedS_so "which central" would probably be a better question :)08:56
TheOpenSourcererlol - I guess the city might be better as it gets quieter as the evening goes... We are there to talk mainly08:56
BigRedS_of course, now that I've asked that I can't remember which pub it is that I'm picturing. There's definitely at least one reasonably good one for meetings...08:57
* BigRedS_ wanders off to ponder08:57
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diploMorning all09:00
* TheOpenSourcerer heads off for a skype call with a lady in Nigeria09:00
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, don't give her £10,000!09:01
directhexshe is not a princess!09:01
TheOpenSourcereraww shucks.09:02
TheOpenSourcererWhat a lovely lady Nigeria. Want's to give me some money :-)09:25
* redtape-renegade tries to listen to Spotify with his Dragon pinkjack-headphone's'. Chillax 09:25
* TheOpenSourcerer wonders if BigRedS has had a brain fart yet?09:28
redtape-renegadehttp://open.spotify.com/track/51cEre5bGWwbN5wiR1Bq3X redtape-renegade wonders if he can +bitmark this with a SuperLens ?09:31
dwatkinsCan we arbitrarily combine words now, like 'chill' and 'relax'?09:32
redtape-renegadeMartijnVd does.09:32
JamesTaitHappy St Gerald's Feast Day, all! :-D09:36
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:46
redtape-renegadedwatkins, bitly never gets any easier :: http://spoti.fi/XsanyD09:47
dwatkinsredtape-renegade: "sorry, we're not available where you are, enter your email to stay tuned for good news"09:49
redtape-renegadedwatkins, Well it was supposed to Link to this  [ http://open.spotify.com/user/martijnvds/playlist/2UHNlhHRMcziirEn188343 ] but the bit.ly builders must have gone bust.09:58
dwatkinsredtape-renegade: no, it's that Spotify doesn't work from Ireland.09:59
* mungbean may have another baby in the next couple of days \o/10:01
shaunodwatkins: I think that's changed10:02
dwatkinsI had the spotify trial for a couple days last week, I assume it's about £5 or £10 a month, though.10:02
redtape-renegadedwatkins, troo, it's more MP4 than D4 or that restaurant on Main Street, Kinsale.10:03
dwatkinsI'm not in Ireland, but my internet routes through there - I could probably do some fun things with ssh, though.10:03
* redtape-renegade thinks it's python based..10:04
shaunofree trial? I thought they only did that on mobile/tablet10:05
redtape-renegadeyep .. here's your pass code.. hang-on.10:05
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redtape-renegadeshauno, mmmpft. I reposted the Codes4Followers for GB/UK on www.tumblr.com/dashboard .. but must had got lost.10:34
* redtape-renegade ....... puts his mic teeth back in.10:35
mungbeanthis channel seems a lot quieter of late11:02
* Laney bangs some pots11:02
davmor2Morning all11:03
davmor2mungbean: yeah popey has had the day11:03
mungbeanof late, i mean few weeks11:04
mungbeanis popey the lubricant for this channel then..?11:04
mungbeanmaybe catalyst is a better choice of word11:05
redtape-renegaderedtape-renegade, waps shauno with his hanbag11:09
redtape-renegadeclosely followed by an octupus under 'See more from this seller'11:09
redtape-renegadewoops.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dolce-Gabbana-Mde-In-Italy-Handbag-Original-New-/320795875601?emailtemplateid=56128391&sellerid=OF5sKOndb35F6nlJ7x25uw==&ssPageName=ADME:B:SEMK:US:SHOWI&buyerid=AwpUkiU0zVfFJmLOwK/3wA==&category=63852&refid=store11:10
davmor2mungbean: I know this will come as a shock but a lot of us have been stupidly busy. For some it is the ramp up to the end of the financial year, for others it is the last month to get their holidays in place before they lose them etc etc etc11:18
mungbeanah, thats unusual, i think eveyr place i've worked does the dec-dec holiday thing11:19
dwatkinsfinancial year11:20
dwatkinsdepends on the company as to which 'year end' is used11:20
mungbeani'm about to have 3 weeks "off" = paternity+AL11:20
directhexi'm saving holiday days as "baby is sick" days11:21
davmor2mungbean: things like that too11:21
mungbeanin my company, baby sick day is allowed as care for a dependent11:21
mungbeanor maybe = WAH11:21
directhexwork at home, with a sick baby? ._.11:27
mungbeansemes to be some scam among contractors at my workplace that is allowed to WAH and be paid when blatantly they are doing a sicky11:30
dwatkinsheh, we have the opposite - people who are ill, but work as much as they can, which may not speed their recovery11:31
mungbeanculture in my work place needs a reboot11:32
mungbeanproductivity is <50% of previous roles, made worse by oopen plan offices and bureaucracy11:33
dwatkinswe have an open plan office, it's mostly ok so long as people aren't too loud11:33
dwatkinssome people are very loud, even when standing next to me talking, which is bizarre11:33
shaunothat's an irk here .. we're an open cubefarm, and I'm the loud one11:34
DJonesDon't know if this of any interest to anybody here 2 IT jobs with a charity http://www.compassionuk.org/employment11:39
directhexDJones, do they pay big bucks?11:40
DJonesdirecthex: No idea, just it mentioned11:40
mungbeandirecthex: charity, then no11:40
directhexnever mind then11:40
directhexi still need to afford the previously mentioned ponycar11:41
lubotu3Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:42
dwatkinsis there some reason not to work for a charity?11:45
mungbeandepends on size of charity i guess11:45
dwatkinsmy brother worked for Mercy Ships, the logistics of supplying a modded cruise ship so it could go spend 10 months mooring off African countries to provide free operations are immense11:46
dwatkinsan entire container full of wheelchairs11:46
dwatkinsseveral jeeps11:46
dwatkinstonnes of weetabix, washing powder (provided for free because the boxes were wrongly printed etc.)11:46
* redtape-renegade checks the safe for charity- petty cash vouchers.11:47
mungbeana lot of smaller charities are not well funded and tend to underpay for the skills they are asking11:51
dwatkinsyeah, I can imagine11:51
mungbeanmuch like public sector11:51
dwatkinsmuch like outsourcing support11:52
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mungbeanalthough working for a good cause can outweigh the financial downsides11:53
mungbeanyou can earn spiritual dollars instead11:53
dwatkinsyeah, I'd rather work for a company that does good than a gigantic coproration that makes bad products or something11:54
dwatkinstrouble is, if you don't offer a high salary, you can end up not getting the most capable people11:54
mungbeanvery true11:54
mungbeani suffer with this in my workplace11:54
dwatkinsas do I, hence my comment on outsourcing11:55
mungbeannow the JDs have descended into "must know prince2 and itil" and no actual skills, hence they will suffer recruiting anyone11:55
dwatkinsit's still within the company, but we have departments in countries which are cheaper. I don't think it's specifically the location that's to blame, just the fact it's 'somewhere else' and we're not offering much money11:55
NET||abuseI love disk space maths:   Size: 227G  Used: 208G  Avail:8.2G  Use%:97%11:56
NET||abuse227G = 216.2G11:57
mungbeanOS overheads11:57
mungbeanfilesystem overheads sorry11:57
directhexext filesystems reserve some percentage as root-only, for disaster recovery11:58
NET||abuseindeed... it's really alot thoug itsn't it11:58
shaunoit is now that drives are getting huge.  it's a tunable amount though12:00
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shaunothe default is 5%, but you can change it with tune2fs (to either a percentage or a fixed number of blocks)12:04
shaunoI really wish dell would let you buy a machine with no harddrive.  but I guess that'd give away their fictional prices12:18
MyrttiCelestron 31150 LCM 114 Short Computerised Reflector Telescope will be on Amazon's today's deals today at 170012:30
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Azelphurjust spent the past 3 hours tidying up because I was expecting health and safety inspector today, I read the letter wrong, the appointments next month.14:19
* Azelphur facepalms14:19
directhexnow you have a tidy house!14:22
Azelphurit's true14:22
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czajkowskiand if you have to spend 3 hours tiding15:00
czajkowskiwell , you shouldn't :)15:00
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bigcalmUg peeps15:34
redtape-renegadeMartijnVdS, I've PM'd Whoop also.15:40
Whoopredtape-renegade: you did?  Your PM got lost15:50
redtape-renegadeWhoop, Well try Pming me, and I will try then.15:52
WhoopI think you got the wrong nick16:05
Whoopyou didn't mean to PM me, at least I hope you didnt16:05
redtape-renegadeWhoop, I just got a wut's up .. nothing important/ to do with you, soz.16:07
TwinkletoesThe default postfix install has 'virtual_alias_domains = $virtual_alias_maps', but if I specify a single domain name in this file, postfix says it's not in the right format.  Does anyone know how I specify both in the same file?16:11
diploAnyone tried this https://github.com/tooxie/shiva-server ?16:33
BigRedSI think I know someone who uses that17:12
BigRedSwell, I know someone who I think uses it17:12
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jacobwHi sebsebseb19:38
sebsebsebhi jacobw19:39
mgdmpopey: have a good day?19:40
jacobwmgdm: he's been refreshed today19:47
jacobwmgdm: he's now agentinian19:47
popeymgdm: yes ☺19:48
mgdmpopey: was wondering how the cook school was, since my gf has expressed an interest in that sort of thing19:49
popeywill talk later, podcasting...19:52
mgdmAh! Didn't realise19:52
cocoa117anyone using duplicity for their backup. why is it important for one using two different passphrases for online backup? one for symmemtric encryption and other for digital signature20:41
cocoa117if one switched my contents, i would notice when i decrypt it right? because they changed the password20:42
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TwinkletoesCan anyone confirm if (I haevb the wireless-tools package installed), I should be using the wireless- commands in the interfaces file?21:30
MartijnVdSTwinkletoes: you don't want wireless-tools anymore (iwconfig, iwlist etc.)21:36
MartijnVdSyou want to use "iw" which is in the "iw" package21:36
MartijnVdSoh.. it doesn't integrate well with /etc/network/interfaces21:36
MartijnVdSbut wpa_supplicante does21:36
MartijnVdSbut wpa_supplicant does21:36
MartijnVdSwhy would you want to set stuff manually anyway? :)21:37
* xnox is actually considering to implement StackSort http://m.xkcd.com/1185/ click alt-text21:37
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dsampleaquarius, does the twitterfall script from LRL still exist?22:31
shaunogosh, 80x24 doesn't feel nostalgic at all.  it's pants22:32
^aDaM-ipad2Evening people :)23:23
^aDaM-ipad2popey, brobostigon had no luck with my install :( will be burning the .ISO I downloaded to disc when I buy some lol.23:24
^aDaM-ipad2You guys will know about Roxy Music, I have a rare tour jacket for sale and was wondering where would be the best place to sell it I know its worth a good few grand. Here is the item number for it I have stuck it on eBay.. Item Number: 14093263733623:26
AlanBellhttp://webdesign.maratz.com/lab/responsivetypography/realtime/ interesting stuff23:48
AlanBellwould be possibly interesting for the Ubuntu touch platform if that is going to support zoom at all23:48
ali1234doesn't work on firefox?23:49
AlanBellworks in chromium23:49
AlanBellyeah, doesn't work in firefox for me either23:49
ali1234haha when you go to download chrome from google the picture has buttons-on-left23:50
ali1234they better not have hard coded that23:51
shaunohopefully firefox will be irrelevant soon enough23:54
ali1234lol... i don't understand what the point of this is23:55
ali1234"i can't read this... i'll just move closer too the screen.... damn it got smaller"23:55
shaunoI'm all in favour of webkit "winning". it seems the sensible way to go.23:58
shaunofor a signifant chunk of time, windows used an adaptation of BSD's TCP/IP stack.  which I consider the whole point of bsd licenses.  An implementation that's not just compatible in theory, but reality23:59
shaunoI really want to see webkit do the same for www23:59

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