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TheMusoTrevinho: Re the new shutdown/restart dialog in raring thats rendered by unity... Can that be disabled with a gsettings key?05:20
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mmrazikdidrocks: regarding https://code.launchpad.net/~private-ps-quality-team/cupstream2distro-config/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+merge/15275707:22
mmrazikdidrocks: it is not about the phablet stuff we talked about yesterday07:22
mmrazikdidrocks: those are community driven projects running on separate jenkins:
didrocksmmrazik: they are still not in ubuntu and rely on the phablet infra?07:22
didrocksmmrazik: for me, they are part of the same "set" of things to land07:23
mmrazikdidrocks: ok. I wanted to have them a bit separated so somebody doesn't deploy them on wrong jenkins by accident07:23
mmrazikbut we can workaround that, I guess07:23
didrocksmmrazik: yeah, I think it will be good to keep them in a separate stack07:24
didrocksbut still part of the "phablet" project07:24
didrocksuntil we move to head07:24
didrockswhich is still unsure for raring07:24
mmrazikdidrocks: ok07:24
mmrazikdidrocks: btw. phablet dir already exists07:25
mmrazikcreated it this morning07:25
didrocksmmrazik: oh excellent! :-)07:25
mmrazikthe project names are still different, though (unity-phablet)07:25
didrocksmmrazik: no worry for you if we move the stack name in the near future?07:25
didrocksmmrazik: yeah, that's someting I can help you (but only next week) to fix07:26
mmrazikdidrocks: re. renaming the stacks -- I don't mind. Just let me know. I will need to fix the job which is triggering the ci/autolanding jobs (right I'm not triggering all stacks as not all are migrated to cupstream2distro-config)07:27
didrocksdavidcalle: salut!08:48
didrocksça va?08:48
davidcalledidrocks, hey, bien et toi ?08:49
didrocksça va :)08:49
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cyphermoxgood morning!13:04
didrockshey cyphermox13:04
cyphermoxdidrocks: so if I understand well, publish indicators+misc, rerun/with ppa oif, then publisch that too?13:04
cyphermoxactually, assuming all is well re: feature freeze13:05
didrockscyphermox: why rerunning oif?13:05
didrockscyphermox: assuming -> you know from the MP ;)13:05
cyphermoxyeah that's what I mean13:05
cyphermoxstill it's not obvious from the dashboard13:06
cyphermoxoif> 2013-03-13 02:02:54,219 WARNING qa (head) failed to publish. Possible cause are:13:06
cyphermoxjust being thorough13:06
cyphermoxlooks like it was timing13:06
didrockscyphermox: oif is telling that the qa tooling failed. But the test results are good13:06
didrockscyphermox: no, the qa failed because of the "prepare" yesterday13:06
didrocksthen I reran with the fix the qa stack this morning13:06
didrocksjust didn't rerun oif13:06
cyphermoxthat's what I mean13:06
didrockscyphermox: you can rerun oif if you want, but it's not mandatory13:06
didrockswe know we can publish for sure13:07
didrocksin that case13:07
didrocks(because it's qa which failed, not a really important rdepends)13:07
didrocksmakes sense?13:07
cyphermoxoh yeah, I was just saying, before noticing it's actually a "timing" issue, that it possibly could just be re-tested13:07
didrockscyphermox: as you prefer :)13:08
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mmrazikdidrocks: I have a problem with project names :-/ Consider this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5610669/13:32
mmrazikthere are a lot of phablet-extras/$something branches13:32
mmrazikso all the projects should be called phablet-extras13:32
mmrazikwhich is not going to work13:32
mmrazik(I agree that the project setup is just wrong but thats what we have)13:32
didrocksmmrazik: on those, I don't care about the mapping, they are transiant components that will be removed13:33
didrocksmmrazik: and project name for me doesn't necessarily map with the launchpad project (but they should)13:33
mmrazikdidrocks: ok.. I'll just go with the names I have there now13:34
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* davidcalle wonders if the ctrl, c and v keys on didrocks keyboard will still work tonight. :P13:43
didrocksdavidcalle: it's crazy! I'm blaming you :)14:37
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didrocksdavidcalle: we should really prepare in advance those kinds of features from start14:37
didrocksdavidcalle: btw, a lot of tests are failing when building the scopes14:37
didrocksI'll make the list and fw it to thomas14:37
davidcalledidrocks, hmm, if you are building without libunity7, they should fail, but if you are, that's worrying...14:39
didrocksdavidcalle: no, I'm with libunity714:39
didrocksdavidcalle: some keyerror14:39
didrocksor wrong diff (in case of launchpad)14:39
didrocksdavidcalle: seeing how much the packaging was working, you never used bzr bd, isn't it?14:40
didrocksdavidcalle: like the missing svg files ;)14:40
davidcalledidrocks, I don't have a system wide libunity7, a first package was made by someone experimented I won't name and it was all copied from here ;)14:41
didrocksdavidcalle: I don't mention libunity7, but the scopes ;)14:42
davidcalledidrocks, missing svgs are totally my fault, by dismissing the fact, in templates, that scopes using local sources wouldn't have these icons.14:42
didrocksdavidcalle: yeah, so nobody used the package (like bzr bd) to build it?14:42
didrocksdavidcalle: you will have a look at the tests?14:42
didrockson my list of failing, I have:14:42
mterrycyphermox, it looks like you've manually published indicators and misc.   what about the oif stack?  is that yours?14:42
didrockscalculator, zotero, github, yelp, launchpad, tomboy, weather14:43
didrocksdavidcalle: ^14:43
cyphermoxdidn't seem to me to have anything to publish though14:43
cyphermox(ie. no changes files in the directory on magners)14:43
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davidcalledidrocks, thanks. I see what the issue is with a few of these, but not all. Looking  at it.14:44
mterrycyphermox, oh, OK.  So I'll publish unity then14:44
mterryw000, reduced unity stack's allowed-failure threshold to 16 from 20.  We'll get to zero eventually14:57
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seb128davidcalle, hey15:15
seb128davidcalle, is unity-scope-musique supposed to replace the music lens or is that a different service?15:16
davidcallehey seb12815:16
davidcalleseb128, it's the "Musique" music player.15:16
seb128oh, ok15:17
seb128I didn't know there was a player named musique :p15:17
davidcalleseb128, me neither, this is a niche scope :p15:18
seb128davidcalle, quite some of those new lenses fail to build on broken tests, I guess that's a known issue? (some miss the .svg in their vcs as well which breaks install)15:18
davidcalleseb128, calculator, zotero, github, yelp, launchpad, tomboy, openweathermap? Do you have the same broken tests list?15:19
didrocksdavidcalle: my broken one is merged from mine and seb128's one :)15:20
davidcalleseb128, missing svgs are my fault: scopes relying on local services don't have one, and I forgot that while doing the setup/packaging script.15:20
seb128davidcalle, yes ;-)15:20
seb128davidcalle, oh, manpages as well15:22
seb128for the failing tests15:22
davidcalleseb128, didrocks: I'm on it, from what I can see, errors go from a simple missing depend to no mock data at all for the test, or even crazy things. eg, for Openweathermap, I'm realizing that the passing of the test depends on the time of the day :)15:23
seb128yeah, the weather one is fun :p15:24
didrocksdavidcalle: for missing depends, normally we check them15:26
didrocksdavidcalle: but if we missed some, ensure the dep is in main please :)15:27
seb128davidcalle, those (at least) have the missing icon issue: zotero tomboy texdoc music15:29
davidcalledidrocks, I know that at least one dep is still in universe ( python3-feedparser), but that's not an issue, right mterry? :)15:31
didrocksno, it's not, python-feedparser is in main15:32
mterrydavidcalle, probably not...  it looks like python-feedparser is in main already15:32
davidcalleseb128, thanks. Commenting it out like you did is probably the way to go for these. I'll ping Design for more icons (eg zotero). Sorry again about that.15:33
davidcallemterry, thanks15:33
seb128davidcalle, no worry, thanks15:34
seb128davidcalle, mterry: right, python3-feedparser is a binary promotion, no MIR needed15:34
seb128davidcalle, googlenews tests fail in a pbuilder15:55
seb128    LOC = locale.getlocale(locale.LC_MESSAGES)[0].split(".")[0].lower()15:55
seb128AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'split'15:55
seb128LC_MESSAGES is not defined there15:55
davidcalleseb128, ok. I'll make it optional in a moment.15:56
seb128davidcalle, no hurry, just pointed issues I cross ... I can open bugs if there is a bug tracker and that's the preferred way15:57
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didrocksmterry: reverting my WI? :/16:23
mterrydidrocks, oh crap, what did I do?16:26
mterrydid I forget to refresh the page?  darn it16:27
mterryit should intercept such things16:27
didrocksmterry: seems so :)16:27
mterrydidrocks, I'll fix, sorry16:27
didrocksmterry: I'm sure you are just mean and it's on purpose!16:27
didrocksthanks mterry :-)16:27
Esokratesis there a special reason the maximal number of arrows displayed in the launchers is set to 3?16:41
Esokratesthere would be place for more, without producing clutter ...16:43
Esokratesis it for the "readability"? I have thought the average human is capable of seeing the number of at least 7 objects in a row without counting at one glance?16:44
Esokratesit is obvious that there has to be a maximum, but I doubt that 3 is the optimum16:46
didrockstedg: do you mind just making your changes17:32
didrockstedg: and save once?17:32
didrocksgetting 20 emails just because you save the blueprint after each character :/17:32
tedgdidrocks, No, we're working together in a room so that we can all see it.17:32
didrockstedg: I don't see why it's preventing you using gedit :)17:33
didrocksor etherpad17:33
tedgdidrocks, No one has rewritten it in QML yet.17:33
didrockspfffff :p17:33
didrockscome on, you have the guys for that17:33
tedgdidrocks, Yes, the problem is that they're French, so on strike today :-)17:35
didrockstedg: well, London is a nice city to be on strike, thinking about it :)17:35
tedgdidrocks, Heh, it actually just started snowing pretty good.17:36
didrocksmmrazik: hey! so the 100scopes experimental should be good for deploying upstream merger17:36
didrocksdavidcalle: mhr3: pstolowski: ^17:36
didrockstedg: oh, lovely, enjoy :) (well, you will enjoy that less on Saturday)17:36
mmrazikdidrocks: is it fine if I deploy tomorrow?17:38
mmrazikdidrocks: also... right now we don't allow non-canonical people to run stuff on jenkins (unless its approved by somebody from canonical)17:38
mmrazikand there are couple non-canonical people17:38
didrocksmmrazik: I guess tomorrow is fine17:38
mmrazikso it might happen that a MP will be ignored17:38
davidcalledidrocks, awesome! Does it mean, we are now on mandatory mp for each scope branch? (not that it's not already the case *cough*)17:38
mmrazik(e.g. if created and approved by non-canonical people)17:38
mmrazikdavidcalle: the system doesn't enforce it, but yes17:39
didrocksmmrazik: well, I think davidcalle will know who to bribe :)17:39
didrocksdavidcalle: yeah ;)17:39
didrocksnow that the packaging is set17:39
didrocksdaily release to a ppa starts17:39
didrocksand upstream merging on the way :)17:39
Esokrates is there a special reason the maximal number of arrows displayed in the launchers is set to 3?17:40
davidcalleThanks didrocks, mmrazik. I have tiny fixes (install paths and broken tests) for a large number of branches. I'll try to have everything mp asap, but on which team should I put this review load? :)17:43
didrocksdavidcalle: just ping directly mhr3, pstolowski  I guess17:43
mmraziklet me deploy the upstream merger then...17:44
didrocksor bregma, maybe you can help ^17:44
mmrazikI just don't like to do this sort of stuff at the end of my day when I have no chance to fix things :)17:44
mmrazikdidrocks: oh...17:44
mmrazikdidrocks: project names is a problem in that config17:44
mmrazikdidrocks: we have a conclusion with fginther on how to do it but not implemented yet17:44
mmrazikpostponing the deployment to tomorrow...17:45
davidcallemmrazik, does it mean I can push some of these directly tonight and it won't affect the merging process?17:46
didrocksmmrazik: sure, I think that can wait tomorrow :)17:46
mmrazikdavidcalle: ack17:46
mmrazikdavidcalle: in matter of fact you can push directly even after this stuff is deployed. its just strongly discouraged :)17:46
davidcallemmrazik, sure, but we are two on the project, both non canonical. I'm happy to have these changes reviewed, but I don't want anything to be blocked on changing an install path.17:48
mmrazikdavidcalle: ack17:49
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sil2100mterry: hi! I'm still doing some experiments regarding #114107919:38
sil2100mterry: but if tomorrow evening I won't have it working, I'll try reverting the fix then19:38
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