mathomastechTrying to find my weechat config finals but can't remember where it is. Any suggestions?00:17
mathomastechnm found it. They hid it in the home directory :S00:23
snap-lGood morning11:22
snap-lGot JoDee a new battery pack for her laptop11:25
snap-lThe instructions say "Never Hammer a Nail into the battery pack"11:26
snap-lThis makes me happy on so many levels13:06
snap-lNot happy for Aaron's untimely passing, which should have never come to pass13:06
snap-lr we having fun yet?13:14
rick_h_oh party13:14
rick_h_almost had an accident on the way to day care...still shaking a bit13:14
rick_h_closests I've come in a long time...darn ice13:14
snap-lOh god. You OK?13:14
rick_h_cleared my first ditch in the new car :)13:15
snap-lIs Michael OK?13:15
rick_h_yea, just end of sub division road was ice13:15
snap-lOh, so kept on going?13:15
rick_h_so hit the brakes (at 25mph) and kept sliding with crossing traffic coming13:15
rick_h_anyway, managed to turn away from teh traffic and do a u-turn around the corner, into the ditch and back out where I started13:20
snap-lrick_h_: glad you're safe, regardless13:49
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snap-lWell that was weird15:25
rick_h_that good?15:30
snap-lfreenode reset on me15:30
snap-lBut otherwise looks fine15:30
greg-grick_h_: holy cow man, eek16:21
snap-lWe having fun yet?18:45
rick_h_greg-g: is the bart running 24hrs?19:16
rick_h_or I guess it looks from around 4:30am ish through around 1am depending on stop19:18
greg-gyeah, not 24hr, stupidly19:21
rick_h_hmmm, I hate sucky flight choices19:21
greg-gI'm experiencing my first OMG TOO MANY USERS EDITING WIKIPEDIA ALL AT ONCE ops firealarm firsthand, #popedotted19:25
rick_h_"conflict encountered"19:25
greg-gmysql db connection errors19:25
greg-gcache hit shittyness with mobile users19:26
greg-gyou know, the usual19:26
rick_h_greg-g: is LAX as crappy as experience at an airport as I'd assume it is?19:26
* rick_h_ really doesn't want to connect through there19:27
greg-git sucks, you have to walk outside to get to the other terminals (if you have to switch them, I did when I did International-> Domestic there)19:27
greg-gplus, full of LA people19:27
greg-glike, muscle shirt guys19:28
rick_h_yea, if I fly into OAK I have to go through LAX. but if I go to SFO I have to leave SFO at 7am...which will be a pita to get to19:28
brouschWhere ya headin?19:29
brouschbut why?19:30
rick_h_think I'll just SFO and pay for the cab back at 4am ugh19:30
rick_h_oh, for work later on.19:30
rick_h_was much easier when I could just drive19:30
snap-lPope JOrge19:31
rick_h_so he takes a new name? one day I should look into how this works19:32
snap-lYeah, he's Pope Francis 119:34
rick_h_greg-g: have to get together and try to do dinner at least one night while I'm closer than 1000 miles :)19:41
greg-grick_h_: indeed :)20:32
snap-lUm, I call bullshit20:58
snap-lFacilitate contribution, yes, but this is the equivalent of marrying the first person who asks you on a date20:58
snap-lIt's flurrying outside21:11
snap-lwhat the heck?21:11
rick_h_so um.... greg-g how's newsblur?23:56

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