thafreakOk...when did they change how top works???03:22
dzhoI used to do "top b n 1" or some such in scripts03:27
dzhonow I've got to put the dashes03:27
dzhothafreak: no one can leave well enough alone03:28
* yano prefers htop03:28
thafreakwell, I got used to being able to easily sort by memory usage instead of cpu usage03:52
thafreakand it doesn't work the same way now :(03:52
thafreakhad to look at the help!!03:52
yanooh my03:53
thafreakso I'm on my kubuntu quantal laptop now...compiz isn't running...03:54
thafreakmust be why it doesn't suck03:54
yanoi'm trying to rescue a debian squeeze => wheezy upgrade that didn't work out03:55
thafreakI don't think I've ever seen a debian upgrade fail...03:56
thafreakunlike ubuntu upgrades :)03:56
yanoi think it's my video drivers03:56
yanoi had proprietary drivers installed03:56
yanoand when i boot, i get nothing, keyboard doesn't work, nothing on them onitor03:57
thafreakcan you boot to single mode?03:57
yanoi forget how to do that03:59
yanoi do know this isn't working: http://www.debianadmin.com/how-to-reset-debian-root-password.html03:59
yanobecause conventiently i've forgotten my root password as well04:00
thafreakIf you can get the grub menu to come up, and edit the boot options, you can go to single mode04:19
thafreakand change the root password there as well04:19
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thafreakSo, I don't get it...12:54
thafreakI'm working on my laptop at home today12:54
thafreakIt's been "running" for 43 days (sleeping really for most of the time)12:54
thafreakAnd compiz isn't using gobs of memory on it...12:55
thafreakexact same cpu as my work desktop...same amount of ram12:55
thafreakonly real difference I can tell, is my work box has an ati, and this I think is intel graphics12:55
yanoi got my debian install to work last night13:50
yanosudo mv /etc/x11/xorg.conf /etc/x11/xorg.conf.bak13:50
thafreakI haven't touch xorg.conf in ages...i still have nightmares from olden days ;)15:32
Unit193canthus13: Not sure you're still into it, but BackTrack is now (basically) Kali linux, and Debian based. http://www.backtrack-linux.org/backtrack/kali-linux-has-been-released/#more-3985 (http://www.kali.org/)15:54
yanoanyone ever hear of Mageia?15:58
yanoit's #2 on distrowatch15:58
yanoi've never heard of it15:58
thafreakit's what used to be mandriva at one point...18:53

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