teddy-dbearMorning peoples,dogs, turkeys and everything else12:09
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jedijfssweeny: driver just got back from visiting brother in pittsburgh - he has question - why no *diners* in pittsburgh?14:49
jedijfany yinzer feel free to comment14:49
ssweenythere are some14:49
ssweenya few in the city14:49
ssweenyone in the town where i grew up14:50
ssweenythey're not everywhere14:50
jedijfnot eat and parks - a real diner14:50
jedijfwhat is name of your hometown and the diner there14:50
jedijfssweeny: ^^^14:50
ssweenyoakdale, the oakdale diner14:51
jedijfok - qualified14:51
ssweenyawesome soft serve at the twist n' shake behind it14:51
jedijfssweeny: do you know if it's Greek owned?14:52
jedijfextra level of validation14:52
ssweenyi don't know14:53
ChinnoDogjedijf: I like Eat 'n Park15:14
MutantTu1keyeat n park15:26
MutantTu1keybest cookies in the mf world15:26
MutantTu1keyalways on our way home from pittsburg we grab a few boxes15:26
ChinnoDogThere was one in Lancaster for a long time but they were replaced by a bank. :-/15:31
* jedijf never had 'eat n park'15:43
MutantTu1keyreally? i mean15:43
MutantTu1keyit's not much15:43
MutantTu1keybut the cookies...15:43
ChinnoDogAround the time I graduated high school Eat 'n Park was the place to be at 2am. Their parking lot would always be packed.15:53
MutantTu1keytimes sure have changed, eh gramps?15:54
ssweenyeat n' park is the place for smiles15:54
ChinnoDogI never figured out which definition of "park" is being used in Eat 'n Park. Park like park a car? Or park like amusement park?15:55
MutantTu1keyPark 'n Eat more like15:55
ssweenyi always assumed that15:55
ssweenythey styled themselves after those diners where you eat in your car for a while15:56
ChinnoDogoh... http://www.eatnpark.com/aboutus.asp15:57
ChinnoDogIt was a gimmick to distinguish themselves.15:57
ChinnoDogLike the Freeze and Frizz near where I lived. Someone else bought them out and weren't allowed to use the name so they changed it to Frizz and Freeze.15:59
MutantTu1keythere's a knockoff rita's near the city16:03
MutantTu1keyin wyndmoore or something16:03
ChinnoDogDoes it taste like Ritas?16:04
MutantTu1keyno idea. looks like it16:04
MutantTu1keyI think it used to be a ritas16:04
ChinnoDogMust be a sad day when your italian ice stand can't afford the Ritas franchise fee anymore.16:06
MutantTu1keyI'm fairly certain they make a killing16:07
MutantTu1keythe poor family run ice cream shop in manayunk on ridge is half a block from ritas16:08
MutantTu1keycan't imagine they are doing to well.16:08
waltmanpersonally I'd rather go to a family-run ice cream shop than rita's16:17
waltmanwater ice gives me a headache :(16:18
MutantTu1keyme too. but that isn't the same for the rest of the populace16:20
ChinnoDogSugar overload?16:40
jedijfMutantTu1key: i think you mean the one in mt airy - used to be a ritas now brand x up on stenton ave17:28
* jedijf misses Salerno's Italian Ice on limekiln pike in glenside17:29
MutantTu1keymight be that one17:29
jedijfthere's a bad knockoff on welsh rd in maple glen - joe's17:30
jedijfjust got off the phone with a client who also owns a Rita's17:31
MutantTu1keyI'd love to own one17:31
waltmanChinnoDog: it's more the cold than the sugar17:31
waltmanMutantTu1key: they're like a license to print money during the summer17:32
MutantTu1keyIdeally I'd like to own a McDonalds17:32
jedijfMutantTu1key: he and his wife own a Rita's and a Stewart's Root Beer (about 8 miles apart)17:32
MutantTu1keydoes anyone go there?17:33
jedijfStewart's KICKS ass17:33
jedijfthink old school Sonic17:33
waltmanit's a long drive from where I live17:33
waltmanI'm not a Sonic fan. The burgers are tasty, but I don't like eating in my car.17:34
jedijfMutantTu1key: claude2 was talking about the same concept(different name - Weber's) in the PLUG channel last week17:34
jedijfboth are my clients - and buddies17:34
MutantTu1keyI'd take McDonalds anyday17:35
jedijfi had a short en*fat*uation with the 24 hour sonics and 7am Coneys17:35
jedijfthe top 2 photos on the left are one of my clients - and tuckerton on the bottom too!17:38
MutantTu1keynew idea: local air delivery in philadelphia18:59
MutantTu1keyI'll buy a few UAV's, and provide a delivery service for all objects under five pounds or something18:59
MutantTu1keyforgot your phone? just tell your wife to leave it on the front step and have it delivered to your window19:00
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