twaynepriceHey wrst Here's something else for Christmas in March.  :)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oM2dhmU7hW800:12
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Omnifrogmy cd/dvd drive still isn't recognized01:05
Omnifrogeject: unable to find or open device for: `cdrom'01:07
Omnifrogit works manually01:07
chris4585did you try switching data cables?01:07
chris4585I kept having problems with my cd drive and then I realized I kept getting ata errors and figured it out01:08
Omnifrogit's SATA01:09
Omnifrogmaybe I'll peek inside the case01:10
chris4585try a different port and cable01:10
Omnifrogeh, maybe I'll deal with it tomorrow01:13
OmnifrogI'm pretty fried01:13
OmnifrogI need to find morning shift music01:15
Omnifrogthere is a <0 chance I'll need it tomorrow01:15
OmnifrogI'm thinking Madonna, Sheryl Crow, something from Australia01:16
cyberangerOmnifrog: sick puppies01:16
cyberangerand you and I have very different morning music01:17
Omnifroglol, I have exactly one Sick Puppies track01:17
OmnifrogI really don't have a set morning list01:18
OmnifrogI'm rarely on in the mornings01:18
Omnifrogtoday was the first time this year01:18
OmnifrogI'm a night owl01:19
Omnifrogthe Sick Puppies track I hVE IS NICE01:20
OmnifrogI'm calling it a night. peace out!01:29
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* wrst looks around13:46
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wrstwb Omnifrog20:31
wrstchris4585: having a good day?20:31
Omnifroghi wrst20:31
wrstOmnifrog: how be things ?20:32
Omnifrogtrying to figure out optical drive again20:32
wrstwhat's the matter?20:32
Omnifrogthe desktop doesn't see it20:33
wrstahh I remember you talking about that20:33
wrstsomething in linux i have never had a problem with20:33
wrstone of the few things20:33
Omnifrogyeah, I've never seen this before either20:35
chris4585wrst, I guess, gotta go to work in a few minutes20:35
Omnifrogit was working before I added another HDD a while back20:35
wrstOmnifrog: sata?20:35
Omnifroghi chris20:35
wrstchris4585: jsut about to head away from work20:36
chris4585I still say to change the cable and try a different port20:36
Omnifrogwell that didn't work :\20:48
OmnifrogI guess I should take it out and test it in anouther box20:51
Omnifrogwell, the drive works in another box21:48
Omnifrogyay! it lives!23:10

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