bkerensavalorie: looks like my funding is approved22:45
bkerensaLFNW or bust22:45
seattlegauchoI'll be @ LFNW ... not sure if my talk has been approved or not22:47
Saltyay, will be good to see everyone23:28
Salthas the ubuntu-wa table been filed for?23:28
valoriegood question; i don't have a clue23:30
valorieI'll send an email to the list 23:30
Saltthere's still a list? >_>23:31
valoriethere is always a list23:32
valoriethat's how ubuntu operates23:32
* valorie gives Salt a silly hat to wear23:32
SaltI more mean that I haven't seen anything on the list in forever23:32
Saltso maybe I somehow got removed :p23:33
bkerensaso when is WA going to apply for approval? :D23:33
* bkerensa jokes23:33
Saltbkerensa, don't get me started23:33
valorieor maybe everyone has been busy with other things23:33
valorieas I have been23:33
valorienow re-starting my Kubuntu involvement23:33
bkerensaI blame thefinn93 23:33
bkerensaactually its my understanding approvals may go away23:33
Saltso word on the street is ubuntu is dropping support for X23:33
valoriebkerensa: they are saying that approval is no longer necessay23:33
bkerensaor at least a more fair and transparent process23:34
valoriesince there are no longer perks for being approved23:34
bkerensaone that doesnt say oh you guys get stuff because you do lots of team reports and jump through hoops23:34
Saltoh there we go, ubuntu email23:34
bkerensaand you guys dont23:34
bkerensathere is conference kits23:34
bkerensabut is that really a perk?23:34
bkerensaand DVD's23:34
valorieI tried to do team reports23:34
Saltwe used to23:34
bkerensaI don't23:34
valoriebut god damn23:34
bkerensanot anymore23:34
Saltand we also used to get conference kits23:34
valoriethe system sucks23:35
bkerensaits silly bureaucracy 23:35
Salt-pnw 4 life23:35
valorieI don't care what it's called23:35
valoriePNW seems more reasonable to ME23:35
valoriebut a conf kit would be nice23:35
bkerensawe still have people from down from WA23:35
valorieIF THERE IS KUBUNTU stuff in23:35
bkerensathere is not23:36
bkerensajust Ubuntu23:36
bkerensathey even stopped the Kubuntu discs which they used to do23:36
valorieit's only reasonable for Vanc WA folks to attend Portland events23:36
valorieit's 3 freaking hours to Seattle23:36
valoriewell, they suck23:36
Saltwe got told to stop being -pnw23:36
valorieI know23:37
bkerensawe had people from seattle comedown for global jam an last release party23:37
bkerensaDoes anyone know who specifically decided pnw-loco could not exist anymore?23:37
bkerensaI mean I know it was the CC23:37
bkerensabut who was on the CC when the decision was made?23:37
valoriethey went a bit nuts with their over-bureaucacy23:37
Saltbkerensa, I may have logs23:37
valorieanyway, Mark is a bit unstable atm, so I just want to keep working until things settle down a bit23:38
SaltMatthew East it looks like23:39
bkerensaoh jesus23:39
valoriewho the heck is that?23:39
bkerensauhh he is some guy who also leads the doc team23:39
bkerensabut really doesnt23:39
bkerensafor all purposes he controls the launchpad23:39
bkerensaand he only gets involved with doc when he wants to butt in23:39
bkerensabut he doesnt contribute to the team23:40
Saltsorry, this is a long email thread23:40
Saltwith a number of respondents23:40
SaltI could give you 5 CC names23:40
SaltJono Bacon was involved, but it seems he was okay with an exception23:41
Saltthe last person in the thread was Jerome Gotangco23:41
Saltwho it seems is the one who said "I don't see how having the team split will effect anything"23:42
SaltMark Shuttleworth seemed to be okay with it23:42
SaltBemjamin Mako Hill also seemed to be pulling for us23:43
Saltugh, this is just a long nasty thread I haven't read in a while23:43
Saltaugust 07 for interested parties23:43
valoriesorry, I've been digging in ubuntu-devel lately23:45
valoriethat's enough politics for now23:45
Saltit is 19 messages long :P23:45
SaltI wish Dan were still around...wonder what he's up to23:46
bkerensaSalt: which Dan?23:47
seattlegauchoWow! I've been lurking in the shadows for a while and haven't seen this much traffic in this channel for a while 23:47
SaltDan Shufelt23:47
seattlegauchoIt must be that I just rejoined regularly a couple of weeks ago23:48
Saltnope, it's that I usually spend time in another of the 100+ channels i'm in :P23:48
bkerensaI wonder23:48
* Salt is totally not egotistical23:48
bkerensahe e-mailed me last year23:48
bkerensaI guess he is in the army still23:48
Saltyeah, he was repairing helicopters last I heard23:49
Saltin .mil23:49
seattlegauchoSalt: I keep my channel count to ~5 ... if I need to join a new one, it'd be temporarily and then I'll part23:50
bkerensaSalt: apparently he changed his name23:50
* seattlegaucho trying to keep his incoming channels lean ... age deteriorates bandwidth23:51
Saltseattlegaucho, I'm an ircaddict23:51
Saltthat's what a bouncer is for23:51
SaltI don't actually attach most of the channels I'm in23:51
valorie36 right now23:51
valorienot all very active23:51
bkerensadan smith/shufelt ^23:52
Saltback to this list, looks like Christer Edwards was against -pnw23:53
Saltthat's totally him, cool23:53
SaltI'll have to add him23:53
Salthe was a really good group organizer23:55
valoriewe need one of those23:58
* valorie isn't one of those23:58

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