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JoseAntonioRmhall119: hey, can we have a chat in ~5 hours? I didn't get to fix the page with what you mentioned15:42
rsajdokWhat does mean "MA" in "I searched for "boston" and the MA loco did not come up" https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-team-portal/+bug/88563115:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 885631 in LoCo Team Portal "Loco directory search does not show up loco when searching fro large/capital city. " [Wishlist,Triaged]15:46
JoseAntonioRrsajdok: Massachusets15:49
mhall119JoseeAntonioR: sure, I should be around15:59
rsajdokI am trying to login in http://loco.ubuntu.com and I get error: http://i.imgur.com/sLDsuZO.png16:02
cjohnstonrsajdok: didn't you have the same problem on summit16:02
dakerValueError: That field has already been requested16:04
rsajdokcjohnston: yes, I have16:06
rsajdokI have no idea what is wrong16:10
dakerrsajdok: login again and make sure to check all the checkboxes on login.u.c16:13
cjohnstondaker: he merged accounts16:15
rsajdokdaker: Yes, I have checked all options http://imgur.com/hWwpI8T16:18
rsajdokdaker: maybe, should you to remove my account by loco.ubuntu.com/admin ?16:19
dakerrsajdok: i am not allowed to do that16:19
rsajdokI did it in local version of loco16:19
cjohnstondaker: get mhall119 to fix it16:20
rsajdokmhall119: Can you help me to login in loco.ubuntu.com?16:22
mhall119rsajdok: I can try, what is your launchpad username?16:23
dakeri think ~ris16:24
rsajdokmhall119: ris16:24
mhall119alrighty, so it appears Launchpad and SSO are out-of-sync regarding your SSO id16:25
mhall119rsajdok: what email address are you using to login?16:25
rsajdokmhall119: robert.sajdok@gmail.com http://imgur.com/hWwpI8T16:27
mhall119rsajdok: thanks, I'll have to get someone to lookup the correct SSO id for me, then I'll update loco.u.c16:30
rsajdokmhall119: what does mean "SSO" ?16:32
mhall119Single Sign On, it's what powers login.ubuntu.com16:33
rsajdokmhall119: ok16:36
dakerrsajdok: so basicly the SSO id returned by login.ubuntu.com is not the same SSO id stored in loco.ubuntu.com16:40
dakerbecause you'have merged two accounts in launchpad, and there is __actually__ no way in launchpad to let loco.ubuntu.com know that your id have changed16:41
dakerso this have to be done manually16:41
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pleia2daker: <3 loco.ubuntu.com! should I just comb through the changelog to write my blog post about the release?19:54
cjohnstonpleia2: probably... if you have any specific questions then ask would be my suggestion.. its all fairly clear tho I think19:55
pleia2cjohnston: yeah, we had talked about this previously so I was just asking directly in case he had any additional feedback :)19:56
cjohnstongotcha :-)19:56
cjohnstonhe rocks would be my feedback.. hehe :-)  my feedback only matters tho cause of the subject of the feedback19:56
pleia2"I spoke to cjohnston about these changes, he said "daker rocks""19:57
cjohnstonworks for me19:57
cjohnstoni dont know that you need to write any more19:58
pleia2cjohnston: oh, is this the upgrade that was happening when the site was down sun night?20:07
pleia2(this always seems to happen sunday night, while we're doing our team meeting and everyone grumps)20:08
cjohnstoni dont remember the exact timeline, but there was a problem caused by IS restrictions, so it errored, then they had to back it out20:08
* pleia2 lives in the wrong timezone20:08
* pleia2 nods20:08
mhall119rsajdok: you should be able to log into LTP now20:43
mhall119daker: FYI, cjohnston and I had a chat with richardo about these SSO issues with summit and LTP, and we should hopefully have an API to let us fix them in a few weeks20:45
cjohnstondaker: please review Bug #1147863 prior to continuing.. if you want to dump the task thats fine21:00
ubottubug 1147863 in Summit "Stop requiring someone to be 'attending' in LP" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114786321:00
dakercjohnston: ok21:01
cjohnstondaker: is there time either Friday, Mondy or Tuesday that you could do a call to sync on the changes for Summit that are coming up?21:01
dakerFriday 21:00 UTC21:02
cjohnstonmhall119: does that work for you?21:03
mhall119cjohnston: sure21:03
mhall119I don't think I had plans21:04
cjohnstondaker: what email address do you want me to send it to? your @u.c wont work iirc21:04
dakercjohnston: PM21:05
rsajdokmhall119: it works :)22:03
dakerrsajdok: WOW22:05
dakerthanks mhall11922:05
dakerthis msnbot start causing unicode errors23:05

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