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mlankhorstRAOF: not much, once you import it it's kept alive through the gem handle07:18
mlankhorstif it's a self import the dma-buf will die, but you don't need it in that case anyway07:20
RAOFmlankhorst: I suspected as much. Boo, ish.07:21
mlankhorstboo for sane design?07:22
RAOFWell, if the gem handle didn't keep it alive be a quick and simple way to revoke access to buffers ;)07:31
RAOFmlankhorst: Your x-x-v-nouveau upload in quantal-proposed doesn't close a bug?07:37
mlankhorstRAOF: it was from the previous rejected one07:49
RAOFmlankhorst: You should include the bug numbers of the things that it's fixing (ie: include the previous changelog). Does the regression not have a bug #?07:50
mlankhorsterm the previous changelog is included07:50
mlankhorst1:1.0.3-0ubuntu0.1 was rejected07:51
RAOFBut you didn't include that changelog in the changes file, which is where we extract the bugs from.07:51
RAOFSo you would have wanted to do ‘debuild -v$PREVIOUS_UBUNTU_VERSION’07:52
RAOFWhich I think would be ‘debuild -v1:1.0.2-0ubuntu4’?07:52
mlankhorstok I'll re-upload07:56
mlankhorstwow, someone was building nouveau on sparc, crazy08:01
mlankhorstoh well it's there now08:19
alkisgHi, Precise 12.04, Intel 82G33/G31, google-earth complains "unsupported graphics card... need 16MB of VRAM" and it doesn't start at all.08:43
alkisgI've tried different combinations of the BIOS DVMT settings to no avail. Even tried setting videoram 32768 in xorg.conf, didn't do anything either.08:43
alkisgIs this a bug in google-earth? Is it a problem with linux not being able to handle DVMT? Will a BIOS firmware update help? Can I do anything to make google-earth work in that system?08:44
mlankhorsterror messages lie :p08:45
alkisgSo, a bug in google-earth?08:45
mlankhorstI would just check if your configuration is correct first, and look up that error message in google08:48
alkisgI tried both before coming here, of course08:48
alkisgI wonder though if this is my problem: (1) google-earth misdetects vram due to dvmt, (2) it prompts to continue and it *would work* anyway, but (3) it crashes because of this bug, and not because of the vram problem:08:49
alkisgI.e. I just found out that people report that google-earth 7 crashes in linux in general...08:50
mlankhorstthere you go then :)08:50
alkisgIt seems weird though that only 10 people would be affected from oct 31, 2012 up to now08:51
alkisgAnd that there wouldn't be a fixed released after so many months...08:51
* alkisg tries in another PC...08:52
alkisgNope it does work on an nvidia-based PC08:55
* alkisg installed the ancient http://packages.medibuntu.org/pool/non-free/g/googleearth/googleearth_5.1.3533.1731-0medibuntu1_i386.deb which works fine, and calls it a day :) Thanks!09:08
mlankhorstfwiw, never trust error messages with suggestions09:53
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