Squirm[16:48:40] <Kilos> nearly Squirm too when prop took off05:34
magespawngood morning06:00
inetprogood morming06:06
magespawninetpro did you see the talk last night about the new ubuntu forum? ubuntulife.co.za06:09
inetpromagespawn: is it really worth it?06:09
Kilosmorning inetpro magespawn and others06:09
magespawnhey Kilos06:10
inetprohi Kilos06:10
magespawnnot too sure, it looks nicely done, and that is about all there is at the moment 06:10
magespawnit is very new06:10
inetpromagespawn: it's just MyBB06:11
inetproand anyone is free to do this kind of thing06:11
inetprothe more the merrier 06:12
inetprohe just can't claim official ubuntu-za status06:12
inetprounless he goes through the channels06:12
magespawnokay i understand06:13
inetpromagespawn: but that's just my humble opinion06:13
inetprodoesn't look like much on there yet06:14
Kilosoh do we know who started the new forum?06:15
inetproKilos: does it matter?06:15
Kilosno man was just interested thats all06:15
Kilosbeen busy with drives so missed lots06:16
Kilosmorning nlsthzn 06:17
* nlsthzn likes the idea of separating the OS from the apps...06:23
inetpromagespawn: and we don't have to use a forum like that, official others do exist like http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=19406:25
inetproBTW it looks like we have a new look and feel at http://loco.ubuntu.com/06:26
inetprolooking good06:26
Kiloshi jrgns 06:34
jrgnshi Kilos, all06:34
magespawni like it inetpro, does look polished06:36
Kiloshi Vince-0 06:38
Vince-0gosh darned only Wednesday06:44
Kiloshi Squirm 06:50
Kiloshiya maiatoday 06:51
maiatodayhi Kilos06:53
magespawnhey Vince-0 maiatoday06:56
Kilosinetpro, anything spesific you want tweeted for mondays meet?06:57
inetproKilos: no06:57
Kilosno ty06:58
Kilosmanners maketh the man06:58
* Kilos ducks06:58
Kiloshmm... he is inna bad mood today me sees07:04
tumbleweednlsthzn: that's not an easy problem07:18
tumbleweednlsthzn: and loses you the benefit of the huge debian archive07:18
nlsthznnobody said it would be easy... but it would be great to have a good stable OS on the one hand, and choose the version of software on the other...07:20
tumbleweedyeah, "it'd be great", but that's not really what linux currently is07:20
tumbleweedpeople tend to develop against current development libraries07:20
tumbleweednot what was released 2 years ago07:20
tumbleweedwe don't really stabilise library APIs much07:21
nlsthznwell time will tell if it is feasible ... until then I will roam and use what works when it works for what I need :p07:22
tumbleweedyeah, I think it's where we need to go for 3rd party apps07:24
tumbleweedwell, it's what we already do with them07:24
* Squirm yawns07:30
SquirmMaaz: coffee on07:30
* Maaz starts grinding coffee07:30
SquirmMaaz: coffee please07:30
MaazSquirm: Now now, we don't want anyone getting caffeine overdoses07:30
Squirmbut that's the point!07:30
ThatGraemeGuymorning all :)07:33
MaazCoffee's ready for Squirm!07:34
inetproKilos: sorry, not in bad mood, just busy07:35
* inetpro shall try to be more friendly07:35
Kiloshehe np07:35
Squirmty Maaz 07:36
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy henkj 07:37
henkjhey Kilos 07:42
SquirmMaaz: tell Squirm to sleep08:34
MaazSquirm: Got it, I'll tell Squirm on freenode08:34
SquirmI wonder if my boss will miss me if I pop home for a nap08:35
MaazSquirm: By the way, Squirm on freenode told me "tell Squirm to sleep" 40 seconds ago08:35
* Squirm ponders08:35
Squirmthanks Maaz 08:35
deegee_1hi all o/08:47
Kiloshi deegee_1 09:01
deegee_1hi oom09:03
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
magespawnoops and there goes maaz09:42
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
Kiloshi james_n7 10:42
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za10:42
Kilosyou are new here hey?10:42
inetproKilos: why you chase him away again?11:08
Kilosmaybe he wanted to lurk but didnt know about the join/part thing11:10
ThatGraemeGuyI am so spoiled, I don't think I could ever work somewhere that isn't extensively virtualised11:25
ThatGraemeGuyFile server only has 50GB free space, add another chunk of virtual disk, presto! 550GB free space11:25
tonberry352_i have more free space than that...11:26
tonberry352_but yes that is cool11:31
Kiloshi theblazehen 11:34
theblazehenhi Kilos 11:34
inetprowhat is a virtual disk? *nix soft links and hard links FTW!12:04
theblazeheninetpro, what do you mean?12:04
inetprotheblazehen: you don't need virtualisation just for expanding disk spaces12:04
Kilosinetpro, are you talking to the right person? or did i miss something12:14
inetproKilos: yes12:15
Kilosbut you can tell me how to expand disk space12:15
Kiloswithout buying more drives12:15
Kilosyes what?12:15
Kilosoh i see now12:16
inetproKilos: get yourself a new drive12:16
Kilosblaze asked you what you meant by your comment12:16
inetproKilos: exactly12:16
Kilosai! ai! ai!12:17
Kilosmy drives are working lekker again12:17
Kilosmaybe that funny fsck command did something or all the installs got rid of what was sick12:17
Kilosdid you see that command inetpro ?12:18
inetproKilos: no, can't recall12:19
Kilossudo fsck.ext4 -cDfty -C 0 /dev/sdxx12:20
Kilossudo e2fsck -cfpv /dev/sdxx12:20
Kilosthey told me no bad blocks12:20
Kilosand all kiff12:20
inetproKilos: I'll check what that means later12:21
ThatGraemeGuyinetpro, i know you don't *need* virtualisation to expand, but it sure makes it a lot easier12:29
ThatGraemeGuydon't fear the new stuff, embrace it :P12:30
Squirmand do it with RH12:51
inetproja ja13:05
Kilosi dont understand the virtual thing13:08
* not_found just got a message from maaz that was sent 8 days ago >.>13:08
Kiloswhen i make virtualbox here with another os on its till used physical space13:09
Kiloswow not_found 13:09
Kilosyou been neil thats why13:09
not_foundah... I see who I am now :p ... still strange as both identify to the same person... Maaz is a silly doo-doo bird13:14
Kilosyou were lost for 8 days not him13:17
Kilosmaybe you can link the nicks at irc or there where you ase13:18
not_foundthat is possible, but in that case I am still not found >.<13:18
Kilosare also13:18
Kilostoo much camel milk and dates13:18
Kilosrum and camel milk sour the brain13:19
not_foundbut that is the milks fault13:19
* not_found should go get ready... long night awaits13:22
not_foundhave fun all13:22
Kiloshave a good one not_found 13:22
not_foundoh and I see the new opensuse releases in 0.1 hour :p13:23
Kiloswb James_n72 13:23
ThatGraemeGuyKilos, virtualbox is ok for running a handful of small VMs for yourself. properly done virtualisation is a little more complex :)14:20
Kilosbut it still uses physical space doesnt it?14:20
ThatGraemeGuyyes of course14:21
Kilosvirual is imaginary14:21
ThatGraemeGuybut usually it'd be on a SAN, not on disks in the servers themselves14:21
ThatGraemeGuya SAN is a network for storage. do you have lots of boxes of disks, and lots of servers that run VMs. the VMs are stored on the disks, and accessed by the servers over the SAN14:23
ThatGraemeGuyand you can do stuff like "move" a VM from 1 host server to another while the VM O/S is still running14:23
ThatGraemeGuyand move the virtual disks to a different box of disks while its running too14:24
Kilosty 14:25
* nlsthzn sneaks in via questionable means ... o/16:09
Kiloswb nlsthzn 16:12
nlsthznthanks uncle Kilos ... 16:13
superflyhiya nlsthzn16:49
nlsthznsup superfly ? :)16:49
superflynlsthzn: pretty good here... and you?16:50
nlsthznah, OK in the bigger scheme of things.... night shift without swetner which means no tea/coffee... but I will live... suffer but live :p16:50
superflynlsthzn: and you don't do sugar?16:51
nlsthzndiabetic ...16:51
nlsthznand I don't like bitter coffee/tea *yuck*16:52
Symmetriaso, I cancelled my bmw order today after driving something else, since it was early enough to cancel without penalties17:32
Symmetriajust so I had time to think this through ;p because haha, I really want what I drove today17:32
Symmetriabut ouch17:33
* Symmetria drove a quattroporte gts17:33
* Squirm pops in18:03
magespawnevening all18:20
magespawnis there a recommended bittorrent client for ubuntu? perhaps also one that can run on a server?18:21
magespawnnot necessarily the same thing, two different programs are cool18:23
Kiloshi magespawn 18:23
magespawnhey Kilos18:24
magespawnsxsw releases free music torrents every year18:25
Kilosmagespawn, im sure i saw bittorrent thing in the repos or even under the internet goodie18:25
Kiloshave you got synaptic18:26
Kiloswhere you magespawn ?18:28
Kilosin your internet options you get transmission, thats a lightweight bittorrent client18:31
magespawni was just looking for some recommendations from people with experience18:33
magespawnnever done a torrent before18:33
magespawni have transmission installed here18:35
magespawnwas hoping there was cli version so that i could run it on the pc in the shop18:35
superflymagespawn: ctorrent for command line, KTorrent for KDE, Transmission (I think?) for GTK18:35
Kilosdoes it sort where it gets torrents from on its own18:35
superflyah, you already mentioned Transmission :-)18:36
magespawndo not Kilos never used one before18:37
magespawnctorrent looks the biz ty superfly18:37
Symmetriaso, we're about to see who the new leader of the worlds largest cult is18:39
superflyKilos: http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/virus_venn_diagram.png (28K)18:39
superflySymmetria: Catholicism is weird, but hardly a cult18:39
superflythey don't go and lock themselves into a room and poison themselves18:40
Symmetriasuperfly errr18:40
Symmetriathe definition of a cult: A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.18:40
Kiloslol whats that for superfly ?18:40
Symmetriathats the dictionary definition18:40
SymmetriaI'd say it fits ;p18:40
Squirmmagespawn: I use transmission18:41
Symmetriathey venerate the pope ;p18:41
superflySymmetria: I'm gathering you haven't actually met many Catholics18:41
Symmetriasuperfly I lived with a devout catholic for 6 years ;p18:42
* Squirm steps away from #ubuntu-za cause I don't do religion on irc18:42
superflyMost of the catholics I have met have hardly venerated the Pope18:42
Symmetriasquirm lol neither do I :) just cults ;p18:43
* Symmetria laughs18:43
Symmetria;p sorry, Im just not a fan :)18:43
* Symmetria will shut up now ;p18:43
magespawnSquirm: ty18:44
Squirmmagespawn: yeah, it has web interface, time based speed restrictions18:44
Kilossuperfly, are those coloured circles supposed to open something else18:44
superflyKilos: do you know what a Venn diagram is?18:45
magespawncool going to learn something new then Squirm18:45
* magespawn really likes free music18:45
superflyKilos: it is a diagram with a bunch of circles, showing how certain concepts or areas of knowledge intersect18:45
superflymagespawn: link?18:45
superflyKilos: so typically those circles overlap, and where they overlap is what you're really interested in18:46
magespawni just read on ars, i think, that at sxsw the give away free music18:46
Squirmsuperfly: that reminds me...18:46
SquirmI saw something the other day18:47
Squirmugh, have to find it18:47
Squirmaha. http://xkcd.com/1180/18:47
Kilosare they supposed to overlap. i see them apart18:47
magespawnhttp://torrentfreak.com/sxsw-2013-on-bittorrent-7-39-gb-of-free-music-130310/ sorry torrent freak18:47
superflyKilos: here's a Venn diagram showing how the Greek, Latin and Russian alphabets overlap: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e4/Venn_diagram_gr_la_ru.svg/200px-Venn_diagram_gr_la_ru.svg.png18:48
magespawnthis year the torrent is 7.39 gb and all the previous years are available too18:49
Symmetria*snort* habemus papem, should be habemus puer abusus ;p18:49
Kilosoh the virus ones dont overlap at all18:49
SquirmKilos: that means there is absolutely no relation18:51
Squirmthe overlapping parts of a venn diagram are the bits that are in common18:51
magespawngotta love xkcd18:51
Kiloswhat brought this up superfly ?18:52
superflyKilos: me18:52
Squirmmagespawn: I read it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday magespawn. along with questionable content daily18:52
Kiloslast i spokew of virus was in ians bios18:52
superflyKilos: you always speak of viruses18:52
Kilosoh sorry18:53
Squirmand it wasn't the talk of virus', it was the talk of venn diagrams18:53
magespawnSquirm: i tend to do gluts of it every now and then18:53
Kiloshmm.. pick on kilos night?18:53
* Squirm looks at Kilos18:54
magespawnhas anyone seen this sort of thing before http://www.butterflylabs.com/18:54
Kilosi dunno where the ven diagrams fit in18:54
SquirmKilos: superfly brought it up, I don't know why he did that18:55
Kilosunless superfly is telling me there is no relation with virus here18:55
Symmetriaheh, check this, I removed one of the fans from my new case to put in the water cooling system, but there are two more this size in the case http://www.alstonnetworks.net/presentations/fans.jpg18:55
Symmetria(I stuck a cd on it so the size was visible)18:55
SquirmSymmetria: you could have atleast dropped down the resolution18:57
Squirmesn is nice, but a 4mbit line isn't18:57
Kiloshi smile18:57
magespawnKilos he is saying that there is noe relation between when people say things are caused by virus to when things are really cause by a virus18:57
Kilosoh ty magespawn 18:57
magespawnSquirm: Symmetria: then i am not even going to try and look now18:58
SymmetriaSquirm its only 2meg big ;p18:58
SquirmSymmetria: it's taking forever18:58
Squirmwe share this 4mbit line with the campus18:58
SquirmSymmetria: that's a fairly large fan18:59
Kilosi was totally lost there for a while18:59
SquirmLonely lonely lonely Sunday morning. Such a pity you're asleep.19:01
inetprogood evening19:02
Squirmevening inetpro 19:02
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:13
Kiloshave a good evening19:13
inetprogood night Kilos19:14
Kilosnight inetpro and all others19:14
magespawnvuze looks quite good http://www.vuze.com19:31
smile4everbye :p19:32
smile4everit's java, slow, magespawn19:32
smile4evergood night :)19:33
magespawngood night smile4ever19:33
magespawnanybody actively using bitcoins?19:40
magespawni am off, good night all20:00
* nlsthzn is such a noob... busy with perhaps the 20th learn to program in python course... I am pretty skilled at assigning variables and writing comments :/20:09
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