Ben64khildin: just keep asking around here, someone will know00:00
khildinBen64: thnx for the effort anyway00:00
dr_willisjust getting a partial desktop us a way way too common problem lately00:00
knobHello everyone.   I have an Odroid-X2, and many people install Ubuntu 12.04 on it... yet I have no idea where to download it.    Any pointers as to where to get it?00:00
yourimym1holstein: is synpatic package manager is doing the job ?00:00
Ben64dr_willis: got any ideas for khildin? intel driver is loaded and in use, yet no 3d00:01
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dr_willisBen64:  see if a newly made user works. perhaps may give a clue00:02
KI4ROknob, http://www.cnx-software.com/2012/08/08/ubuntu-12-04-on-odroid-x-development-board/00:03
knobKI4RO, on my way! Thanks!00:03
KI4ROAll I did was google it...ARGH!00:03
knobYEs.. I did that00:04
knobYet I'm a n00b at this, and I just don't understand00:04
knobSome people are running Android on the Odroid-X2, and other are running Ubuntu00:04
knobAnd I'm just... have no idea00:04
khildindr_willis: I already tried that... new user has same issues with unity00:06
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khildinbrb reboot time00:08
dr_willisive seen this partial-unity-desktop issue on way to many differnt systems/chipsets/drivers these last 2 months...00:09
OerHekswith .Xauthority, dr_willis?00:10
dr_willishad it on a 13.04 system the other day..  nvidia-settings showed the 3d drivers were working.. kde effects where working...  I just cleaned out most of my home dir/settings to try... and it started working.00:11
dr_willis.Xauthorigy normaly causes one to get bounced back to the login screen.00:11
limacI edited resolv.conf and after rebooting there is no internet...00:11
limacWhat can I do to fix this problem?00:11
dr_willislimac:  start with basic tests.. can you ping the dns servers? can you  ping ?00:12
limacAnd also resolv.conf is empty...00:12
dr_willis'there is no internet' is a bit broad...00:12
dr_willisresolv.conf is handled by some service now.. you  really  shouldent be editing it by hand these days.00:12
limacI have a weird connection... and it is no longer getting detevted00:12
dr_willisweird or wired?00:13
limacOops wired00:13
limacI didn't know not to edit resolve.conf before00:13
dr_willisperhaps someone can pastebin their default resolv.conf for you to see..00:13
limacAny fixes?00:13
khildinBen64: got it solved.... turned out that ATI Catalyst driver was installed too... after purging those and reboot I got unity desktop back00:13
dr_willisI thought the first line of resolv.conf mention to not edit it. ;)00:14
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khildinI absolutely have no clue how those came on the laptop00:14
limacI remember what it was... But after rebooting it goes back to being empty00:14
limacI did not read it very carefully00:14
HyperiantHow do I get GRUB to see an OS on a different hard drive?00:14
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limacOK bye00:15
limacIs there anything I have to do after editing the resolve.conf to save the changes permanently?00:15
HyperiantI have windows on sda and Ubuntu on sdb, but I can't get GRUB to see the OS on sda00:17
jrib!resolv.conf | limac00:17
ubottulimac: resolvconf is a set of scripts that's used to manage /etc/resolv.conf in 12.04 and later, for more information please see: http://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/24/dns-in-ubuntu-12-04/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/serverguide/network-configuration.html#name-resolution00:17
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kevinkaceI'm trying to install Ubuntu on my laptop that currently has a dual boot (2x Win7)00:32
kevinkaceinstalling off USB, but only get a blinking cursor00:33
geomyidaeIs there a reason that my local machines are being prompted for a user/password for a samba share on my server that allows guests?00:33
geomyidaeI have two shares with the exact same config...00:33
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dr_willis!nomodeset | kevinkace00:34
ubottukevinkace: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:34
meLonHow the heck do I use pXpX like /dev/eth0?  I can't find a device for my ethernet :\00:36
dr_willismeLon:  give us some details on what you are doing exactly00:36
meLonJust trying to access it as a file.  There is no /dev/p5p1 as there there is /dev/eth000:37
meLoniptraf, slurm, etc00:37
meLonI don't know what this name change is called, so Google is really smacking me in the face atm00:38
dr_willisive never seen use of /dev/p5p1    befor.00:38
DoktorVHello, I'm struggling with installing Ubuntu on a new machine, is this where I should be looking for help?00:39
dr_willis what are you trying to do to your network device.00:39
dr_willisDoktorV:  yes00:39
meLonJust trying to access it as a file.00:39
dr_willismeLon:  and do what to it exactly?  ive never seen the syntax /dev/pxPx  used for network devices.. /dev/eth0 techincally would be a file00:39
meLonprogram -interface /dev/eth0 < Where is /dev/p5p1... it doesn't exist.  Where is this file/device?00:39
DoktorVAll right, thank you. I'm afraid I'm not good with IRC so please bear with me.00:40
oldpilsburyhaving trouble configuring a home file server (not internet-connected). i tried setting up a static ip, then gave and and reconfigured to dhcp. router ip is, inet, gateway, mask Reconfigured /etc/network/interfaces to auto dhcp and restarted. I can connect my laptop to server wirelessly but the server is refusing connection.00:40
meLonYeah, sorry.  They started labeling by where it is on your bus, dr_willis00:40
dr_willismeLon:  cant say ive noticed that.. then again - i dont code much these days.00:40
meLonYour next install will have it00:40
oldpilsburytried with gftp, filezilla, ssh. no dice.00:41
dr_willisgot 13.04 on my  machine at home. but  im not at home to look. ;)00:41
DoktorVI have a new Acer laptop, I've disabled UEFI so I can boot from disc, but when I try to use a distro CD/DVD I get only a black screen00:41
holsteinoldpilsbury: tried what? just use ping.. see if you can ping the gateway from the machine00:42
Atlantic777meLon: network devices aren't presented as files.00:42
meLonlol dr_willis p5p2 vs /dev/p5p2 :P00:42
meLonAtlantic777: I meant as a file on the OS00:43
Atlantic777meLon: network devices are far more complex than char device, block device or ioctl00:43
meLonas in /dev/eth000:43
Atlantic777meLon: i understand, but there's no such thing.00:43
oldpilsburyi can also go to the router setup in web browser00:43
Atlantic777meLon: network interfaces are burried in kernel and OS is handling whole TCP/IP stack. Network interfaces are working with packets, not with bytes.00:44
Atlantic777meLon: my I ask you again what are you trying to do with accessing netowrk iface as file?00:44
meLonLike I said... iptraf00:44
oldpilsbury<holstein> any idea why the server is refusing connection?00:44
meLonAm I like... Are you trying to tell me that there's never been /dev/eth0 ?00:45
Atlantic777meLon: oh, sorry, I must have missed that00:45
holsteinoldpilsbury: not yet.. can you ping the gateway?00:45
Atlantic777meLon: yep, not on Linux, as far as i know.00:45
holsteinoldpilsbury: can you ping the machines from each other?00:45
Cooperwhat is the switch that i use with mv to see the progress.... --progress or -v00:46
oldpilsburyholstein: inet ping failed from my laptop to the server and back. i do want the inet addr, correct?00:47
Atlantic777Cooper: -v shows which file is currently being transfered.00:47
Atlantic777Cooper: see "man mv" for more info about mv options.00:47
Cooperasked and then read the man files00:48
holsteinoldpilsbury: what are you trying to do?00:48
oldpilsburyholstein: file transfers. you told me to ping the machine. you meant the server's inet address, right?00:49
holsteinoldpilsbury: if you cant ping the machine, you wont be able to ssh or file share... you can look at firewalls00:49
holsteinoldpilsbury: i mean, the ip address...00:49
Atlantic777oldpilsbury: a stupid question, is the server out of your local area network?00:50
holsteinoldpilsbury: i usually do this.. i use the dynaptic auto DHCP address.. i get ssh or ftp or whatever setup with the firewalls down.. then i do one thing at a time.. static ip.. firewall.. and test as i go00:50
oldpilsburyno, just my old desktop with a router attached. :)00:50
holsteinright now, you got a lot of things to troubleshoot oldpilsbury , and i would simplify and take it one step at a time00:50
Atlantic777oldpilsbury: is your 'client' computer attached to the same router?00:51
holsteinoldpilsbury: you have a machine, hooked up to a router.. and you can ping that gateway.. then you connect with another machine and you can ping the gateway as well?00:51
Rusti have a new file server, i've run "apt-get update" and "apt-get upgrade" as root, i've rebooted, but i still have 6 packs that can be updated...what am i doing wrong?00:51
holsteinRust: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ..but what are the packages?00:52
oldpilsburyclient computer is wirelessly connected to the network00:52
holsteinoldpilsbury: the same network?00:53
Rustholstein: not sure what they are, just security updates...i though the dist-upgrade was to update the release?00:53
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.00:53
oldpilsburyi pinged from server and laptop, success00:54
holsteinoldpilsbury: try pinging the machines from each other.. look at the firewall settings00:54
oldpilsburyit's server - eth0 - router - wlan0 - laptop, got it?00:54
Atlantic777but they are in the same subnet, just two separated interfaces on the router00:55
oldpilsburythanks holstein00:55
Atlantic777so you need local ip address of the router00:55
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Atlantic777you probably can't access the server via public ip of the router even if you did have set port forwarding because some weird thing happen with lan <-> wan <-> lan port forwarding and routing on most cheap routers00:56
oldpilsburyrouter local ip is
Atlantic777ok, what's 192.168.x.x ip of the server?00:57
Atlantic777see it with ifconfig00:57
Atlantic777well, can you post ifconfig and route -n from your server and client machine?00:58
Atlantic777post it to paste.ubuntu.com00:58
Atlantic777and you'll probably get simple answer00:58
oldpilsburyeth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr e8:03:9a:9b:31:7a             inet6 addr: fe80::ea03:9aff:fe9b:317a/64 Scope:Link           UP BROADCAST MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:1           RX packets:695 errors:0 dropped:1 overruns:0 frame:0           TX packets:935 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0           collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000            RX bytes:232740 (232.7 KB)  TX bytes:172306 (172.3 KB)  lo        Link encap:Local 00:59
Atlantic777not here!00:59
holstein!paste | oldpilsbury00:59
ubottuoldpilsbury: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:59
DoktorVI have a new Acer laptop, I've disabled UEFI so I can boot from disc. It boots from a distro disc but both the try and install options produce only black screens.01:03
Atlantic777!nomodeset > DoktorV01:04
ubottuDoktorV, please see my private message01:04
DoktorVOh, sorry, I didn't notice the other message. Thank you.01:04
Atlantic777blah, I meant s/>/|/ -.-01:05
DoktorVIt appears to be working now, at least to start. Thank you.01:08
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calmNchillis there anyone that can answer a quick question about a installer error?01:10
calmNchillI have not been able to find this particular issue cover01:10
Atlantic777calmNchill: if you say which error it is...01:10
Atlantic777there are 1731 souls + bots listening just you, just say it :D01:11
calmNchillyes I follow the directiona dn the installer starts from from the usb stick then it errors saying it cant find the cdrom01:11
deadtriggeri have no soul01:11
calmNchillbut im installing from a USB stick01:11
Atlantic777deadtrigger: so, hope you don't mind being classified as bot.01:12
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deadtriggeroh, ubuntu can make a live usb for installation but it never works for me01:12
Atlantic777calmNchill: how did you prepare your USB stick? unetbootin or something similar?01:12
calmNchillI folled the instructions to make the stick on the ubuntu site twice making it once under OSX and once using the pen drive tool it links you to for windows01:12
deadtriggerthis is normal01:12
Atlantic777I suggest you to try making it with unetbootin.01:13
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent01:13
Atlantic777calmNchill: nah, just use unetbootin01:13
thulsa_d00mcan anyone tell me what the google chrome package is called? in the repo's i'm guessing01:14
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jribthulsa_d00m: apt-cache search -n google chromium01:14
thulsa_d00mahhh, chromium, i was just using chrome. Thanks01:14
jribthulsa_d00m: i am a liar.  Try: chromium-browser01:15
calmNchillI will try this one01:15
thulsa_d00myep, it was chromium-browser, thanks again01:15
ac_slaterwhy the HELL is it near impossible for 32libs to coexist in ubuntu 64 ?01:15
ac_slaterie - libXext01:16
jribac_slater: umm, multiarch works fine here. What are you doing?01:16
Atlantic777+1 ^01:16
ac_slaterjrib: I was under the impression that ia32-libs were all that was needed ... so you're telling me there is something else01:16
jribac_slater: what ubuntu version are you using?  In later versions ia32-libs just uses multiarch01:16
ac_slater12.04 typically. I have to ensure 12.04 build my stuff at least ... I'm using GL and some common X11 libs01:17
FatDarrelany openstack lovers here01:17
jribac_slater: so what issue are you having?01:18
calmNchill@ Atlantic777: this will prolly sound like a dumb question but Im not sure what to select I'm trying to install server 12.04 LTS. what should I select here?01:18
ac_slaterjrib: Specifically libxcursor and libxext. IF you look at the package contents, you can see the 32bit and 64bit versions to the same place - creating conflicts.01:18
Atlantic777calmNchill: select option to use iso image and then just browse and choose iso you have.01:18
jribac_slater: can you give details?01:19
ac_slaterjrib: Sure. In distros like Arch or Gentoo, 32bit libs go into `/lib32/` and 64bit libs into `/lib`. I'm sure ubuntu does something like this with the packages it pulls with ia32-libs... but the two I mentioned arent in ia32-libs. I can install them manually but they conflict with the 64bit libs :(01:20
jribac_slater: right, give these details.  I don't have a 12.04 install01:21
ac_slaterI observed this with 12.10 also.01:21
jribac_slater: in 12.04 is ia32-libs not just a dependency on ia32-libs-multiarch by the way?01:22
jribac_slater: that's fine, so give these details you are observing01:22
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ac_slaterjrib: So you physically cannot install libXext-dev:i386 if you have libXext-dev installed01:23
calmNchill@ Atlantic777: Thanks01:23
Atlantic777calmNchill: it worked?01:23
FatDarrelany kvm/qemu experts here01:24
calmNchill@ Atlantic777: it is building the installer we'll see01:24
jribac_slater: I just installed libxext-dev and libxext-dev:i386 here on 12.1001:24
ac_slaterjrib: woah. Ok then I might be doing something wrong ...01:25
ac_slaterthanks man01:25
patGood Evening All01:26
calmNchillAnyone in here running "Amahi"?01:26
patLooking to resize my XRDP remote desktop display. Only shows with default resolution from the servers monitor.01:28
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ac_slaterjrib: So do you have `ia32-libs` installed? Or/And anything else relevant?01:38
antiroachhi im running ubuntu 12.10 and it seems that commands arent appended to the history. im seeing this behavior on multiple installations. shopt -s histappend is in my .bashrc01:38
jribac_slater: ia32-libs isn't really relevant; it just installs ia32-libs-multiarch which then installs a bunch of libs using multiarch01:39
ac_slaterright ok. Thats what I thought01:39
jribantiroach: after exiting your shell?01:39
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beezyis it possible to update an existing install from 32 to 6401:40
beezyor am i better of reinstalling01:40
jribbeezy: no; reinstall01:40
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thulsa_d00mis this the right place for asking for help with installing a icon pack?01:42
SnowieHi all. Anyone else had an odd issue in 12.04 unity where the Update Manager icon appears in the doc, but no application window is open? Has a nasty habit of crashing Unity too.01:42
Snowiethulsa_d00m: does this help? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=84292701:44
thulsa_d00mSnowie, thanks, i'll give those ideas a shot01:46
antiroachjrib: yes, but actually i figured it out. .bash_history was somehow owned by root01:47
antiroachall fixed now :)01:48
jribprobably bad "sudo bash" usage...01:48
SnowieNo one else had odd behaviour from update manager auto update. Icon shows in dock, but no application window appears. Interacting with it often crashes unity.01:48
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Tizzhello, i have a HP laptop, that has been working fine using Zorin OS, but recently it has been having trouble connecting to my wireless network01:50
intraderI have an overheating laptop - when psensor temp2 exceeds 100C the laptop shutdows. This invariably happens with any full screen video (temp2 rapidly increases). I have tried jupiter. Any o these  alternate distros like Mint, Solaris, or Suse do not have the problem with same clip and browser (firefox). I am running linux 12.04. Problems started with 11.04 and appear to be graphics engine related01:51
Tizzit tries to connect but just acts as if the network isnt there or is missing01:51
Tizzi've googled and checked the zorin forums to no avail01:51
Tizzand since it's ubuntu based, i figured i'd check here as well01:51
beezyIs it possible to specify an existing logical volume when doing a new install of ubuntu, from the livecd gui01:51
beezyto use as root01:51
Snowieintrader: can you let the room know what adapter you have. post the output of $ lspci | grep VGA01:52
Tizzits using the standard broad com drivers for my network card if that helps at all01:52
TavorWhenever someone can assist, I'm having an issue where my laptop running Ubuntu 12.04, seems to create a 'dead' zone where other devices (like my iPhone for instance or other laptop) cannot connect to the internet. I feel is this is an Ubuntu issue as my Winodws 7 partition does not offer this odd situation. Thanks for any assistance!01:53
SnowieTavor: you mean like a wireless deadzone?01:54
TavorWhenever any other device gets in range of my laptop, with an active connection to my router, it automatically has issues loading anything01:55
kalenjohnsonTavor, that sounds like a voodoo problem :(01:55
TavorHm, uncertain of what means, I'll look into that then~01:56
SnowieTavor: that's a new one to me sorry mate. I was thinking it might be an IP issue. I guess it's feasable somehting is misbehaving and turning the wifi strength way up, but.... *shrugs*01:56
kalenjohnsonTavor, voodoo as in crazy and weird01:56
mOrO^ #help01:56
TavorOH, lol01:56
TavorI see.01:56
TavorWell, I'll head on over to #help, thanks m0r0^01:57
mOrO^Id like my cursor to snap to a default dialogue response automatically.........is that possible?01:57
intraderSnowie, gladly, here is the lspci - http://paste.ubuntu.com/5609536/. I assume that the adapter is therein. NVIDEA accelerated graphics driver (post release updated)...02:00
Aliengelanyone can help with network printer Canon MF4680 ? it don't seem to working on 12.10. everything i print vanished .02:01
intraderSnowie, gladly, here is sudo lspci | grep VGA >>VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G84M [Quadro FX 570M] (rev a1)02:02
nstat41can someone help me with postfix before I rip out my hair? http://pastie.org/646704802:04
Anom01yHi I did a pile of updates and now the sound doesn't work,02:04
Anom01yI tried reinstalling pulseaudio02:04
Anom01yI checked the mute buttons in the volume control02:04
Anom01ynothing seems to get the sound to work02:05
Anom01yok got it02:05
kinsieso what's going on in here?02:05
kinsiefirst time02:05
tekkbuzzanyone know if sudo has to be restarted or something after editing the sudoers file?02:06
jribtekkbuzz: shouldn't need to02:07
tekkbuzzjrib: darn cause I can't get the no password option to work.02:07
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jribtekkbuzz: pastebin your /etc/sudoers.  How are you executing the command?02:08
tekkbuzzjrib: techno   ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL02:08
superkuhI installed some libcairo2 packages from a PPA to try to compile some other software. But it didn't work out and now I want to switch back to the ones in the Ubuntu repos. But when I try to remove libcairo2 of the PPA all the depends (lots of Ubuntu) also must be removed. Is there a way to replace the packages now that I've removed the PPA from the sources list without breaking all the dependencies?02:08
xangua!ppa-purge | superkuh02:08
ubottusuperkuh: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html02:08
tekkbuzzjrib: techno would be my user name.02:09
superkuhThanks, xangua.02:09
Snowieintrader: my advice was going to be to try an alternate driver, but i suspect you may have done that allready02:09
tekkbuzzjrib: I also did:  rootALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL02:09
jribtekkbuzz: pastebin your /etc/sudoers.  How are you executing the command?02:10
kuato-ARhello, greetings from Argentina, i need some help with my kworld tv tunner and TVtime in ubuntu 12.10, i have sound and a lot of cable channels working but i can't tune some channels02:10
obobhello. i have my fqdn (server.example.com) does it need to actually return anything if you hit that url? right now it's just sending 40402:10
superkuhxangua, Ubuntu 10.04 doesn't have ppa-purge.02:12
intraderSnowie, which beside the select should I try? (output lines separated by slash) jockey-text -l/xorg:nvidia_173 - NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (Proprietary, Disabled, Not in use)/xorg:nvidia_173_updates - NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (post-release updates) (Proprietary, Disabled, Not in use)/xorg:nvidia_current - NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (Proprietary, Disabled, Not in use)/xorg:nvidia_current_updates - NVIDIA ac02:12
intradercelerated graphics driver (post-release updates) (Proprietary, Enabled, In use)/xorg:nvidia_experimental_304 - NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (**experimental** beta) (Proprietary, Disabled, Not in use)/xorg:nvidia_experimental_310 - NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (**experimental** beta) (Proprietary, Disabled, Not in use)02:12
FloodBot1intrader: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:12
calmNchill@ Atlantic777: it did some other stuff but game me the same error. Trying it from the network now02:13
tekkbuzzjrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5609568/02:13
xanguasuperkuh: did you read the link¿02:14
jribtekkbuzz: and my question?02:14
intraderSnowie, sorry about flodding - here it is pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5609572/02:14
tekkbuzza script, but it still asks for the password.02:14
tekkbuzzin ~/bin02:15
jribtekkbuzz: what are you typing in your shell to run the command you are having trouble with?02:15
superkuhxangua, Sorry. I didn't. I have now. I see it has a package there. I'm installing it from lucid backports now (I hope).02:15
kuato-ARsorry to repeat, just adding more info to my problem description. i need some help with my kworld tv tunner (plus tv lite pci) saa7134 and TVtime in ubuntu 12.10, i have sound and a lot of cable channels working but i can't tune some channels02:15
tekkbuzzsudo togglenet ,   all it does is toggle the network on or off.02:16
jribtekkbuzz: you probably need these NOPASSWD lines moved to the bottom of your sudoers file02:16
tekkbuzzk, I'll try that.02:17
tekkbuzzjrib: thanks02:17
tekkbuzzjrib: I'm so used to running Fedora as root, this Ubuntu trips me up sometimes.02:18
jribtekkbuzz: well sudo -i will give you a root shell if you want...02:18
tekkbuzzjrib: yeah, but I was trying to make it into a button on the desktop.02:19
zp hey i installed ubuntu 11.10 and during installation i updated to 12.0402:21
zp            and i have no battery icon on the system tray thing, ive googled this02:21
zp            and have word on this for a while now but i cant figure this out. in02:21
zp            dconf-editor under con > cononical > indicator > power there is no02:21
FloodBot1zp: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:21
zp            icon-policy options but the show-time was there and unchecked, i02:21
zp            checked it tried reinstalling indicator-power and tryed reinstalling02:21
jribzp: if you repost this question *please* fix your formatting (make it all one line)02:22
dr_willisduring install you  updated?  i dident think it worked that way...02:22
dr_willisif you  want to use 12.10 - i would install that directly02:22
dr_willisor 12.0402:22
zpjrib: sorry i typed this into the wrong channel eairlier and apposed to typing it again i pasted not knowing it would come out that way, it diddnt before. sorry about that02:23
zpshould i retype it? jrib02:23
kevinkacefor installing from USB, do you just copy the ISO to the USB drive?02:23
pair0docthe ubuntu installer is not seeing my partition table on a acer aspire one KAV60 same as this post: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-2098731.html02:23
jribzp: wouldn't hurt.  Just put it on one line02:23
dr_williskevinkace:  no..  you have to use a special tool to put the iso on theusb02:23
pair0docd2d is disabled and hard drive mode is achi02:23
zpkevinkace: either use xboot for windows or unetbootin in ubuntu02:24
kevinkaceknew I was doing something wrong02:24
xanguapair0doc: did you try to select the manual install option¿02:24
dr_williskevinkace:  the pendrivelinux site has tools. and the ubuntu homepage has a tool or two mentioned as well02:24
omenrealError making deb package to install amd 13.1 driver any ideas? http://pastebin.com/2Eh6mVuN02:25
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate02:25
pair0docxangua, I did not see that option on the non alternate install media.02:25
superkuhAlright. That fixed 2/3 of the problem. But ppa-purge apparently cannot remove the PPA, "ppa:vala-team" because it can't find the package list.02:25
zphey i installed ubuntu 11.10 and during installtion i updated to 12.04 and i have no battery icon on the system tray thing, ive googled this and have tried multiple fixes to no anvil. in dconf-editor under con > cononical > indicator > power there is no icon-polict optoin but the show-time was there and unchecked, i cheched it tried reinstalling indicator-power and gnome-power-manager and tried rebooting after that and still no battery indicator, 02:25
radiowhats up02:26
pair0docupdate: it is not even seeing my hard drive, just the flash drive I am using to install from.02:26
radioput water on it now02:27
radioit should work just fine02:27
OerHeksstop trolling, radio02:27
radionot trolling02:27
radioits true02:27
tekkbuzzjrib: You Were Right, I can't thank you enough, I was pulling my hair out.02:28
zpcan anyone help me?02:28
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omenrealError making deb package to install amd 13.1 driver any ideas? http://pastebin.com/2Eh6mVuN02:28
jacktrickwhat's wrong?02:28
zpjacktrick: were you talking to me?02:28
jacktrick./packages/Ubuntu/ati-packager.sh: 294: ./packages/Ubuntu/ati-packager.sh: debclean: not found02:29
zphey i installed ubuntu 11.10 and during installtion i updated to 12.04 and i have no battery icon on the system tray thing, ive googled this and have tried multiple fixes to no anvil. in dconf-editor under con > cononical > indicator > power there is no icon-polict optoin but the show-time was there and unchecked, i cheched it tried reinstalling indicator-power and gnome-power-manager and tried rebooting after that and still no battery indicator, 02:29
jacktrickinstall debclean?02:29
* zp is very frusturated02:30
dr_williszp:  why dont you install 12.04 directly - to eleminate that as  a source of the problem.02:30
jacktrickbut maybe check the panel settings isntead of power settings02:30
pair0docdoes the ubuntu install care if the controller is set in ide or achi mode in the bios?02:30
zpdr_willis: lol its the latest that will fit on a cd not dvd, no flash drives02:30
holsteinzp: try as a new user as well.. make sure its not just your user config.. try 12.04 live first02:30
tekkbuzzjrib: No where did I see anything that said move the NOPASSWD to the bottom of the file., thanks.02:30
zpholstein: no live cd02:31
holstein!minimal | zp02:31
ubottuzp: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:31
OerHekspair0doc, yes, a SATA disk should be set to AHCI02:31
dr_williszp:  12.04 fitrs on a cd...     12.10 does not - i belive02:31
holsteinzp: live USB02:31
zpholstein: no flash drive, dr_willis thanks i will take a loook02:31
holsteinzp: however you just installed 11.10, do that to 12.0402:32
dr_willisnot having a flash  drive is like.... so   1980s02:32
zpholstein: install 12.04?02:33
dr_williscouldent come up with a better analogy. ;P02:33
holsteinzp: sure.. or try it live if you can.. if you cant, reinstall, after testing your issues as a new user02:33
jacktrickdr_willis, agreed. I always lose mine though02:33
dr_willisi got mine all tied together like a necklace.. ;)02:34
dr_willisNerd Bling02:34
pair0docthe acer aspire one (KAV60) is on ubuntu s supported list. the 12.04 LTS installer is not seeing my hard drive any thoughts?02:35
holsteinpair0doc: bad hard drive02:35
omenreallike a necklace... thats a great idea..02:35
omenrealmy desk is almost made of flash drives02:35
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agresterGot a quick question, how do I install 13.04 daily build, I'm running 12.04 but want to upgrade...02:36
=== df1 is now known as akar1m
holsteinagrester: try #ubuntu+1 ..its not suggested that you use 13.04 yet02:37
pair0docholstein, I don't think so. winbl0ws is working fine and am trying a reinstall after an upgrade from 10.04 failed. just got this netbook.02:37
dr_willispair0doc:  check how its paartitioned also.. seen some cases where odd partioning schemes confuse the installer02:37
holsteinpair0doc: test it and make sure.. the part that the windows operating system is on could be not failing (yet)02:37
pair0docdr_willis, I did note that when it was running 10.04 it did have a compaq diagnostic partition. I will try a knoppix live usb and double check thou.02:39
coldpizza72i"Warning: Partition is misaligned by 512bytes"02:39
TavorIf anyone can assist: On my laptop, it is partitioned into Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7. I have an issue where if I run Ubuntu 12.04 and connect it to my wireless network, nearby devices like my iPhone or another laptop will not be able to load any data while my Ubuntu is running. However, if I go to my Windows partition, no 'wifi hogging' occurs. Already tried loading earlier kernels, no avail.02:39
omenrealjacktrick: debclean is installed and i still get that same error02:40
holsteinTavor: try seeing what driver you are using, and use a different one if there is one02:40
DegruTavor: Try going into system monitor and checking network usage. Is it showing anything?02:40
coldpizza72iwhat should i do02:42
jacktrickwhat steps did you take to build, omenreal?02:42
Degrucoldpizza72i: um... is there an option to fix it?02:42
jacktrick ./configure && make && make install02:42
Tavorholstein: I do not have another driver around, so I cannot test it. Degru: What kind of information are you curious about from the system monitor?02:42
holsteincoldpizza72i: http://askubuntu.com/questions/30071/the-partition-is-misaligned-error-in-disk-utility-should-i-repartition02:42
jacktricksomething like that?02:42
holsteinTavor: for my broadcom, i can use the open driver, or blacklist it and install the proprietary one.. is that the case for your hardware?02:43
coldpizza72iholstein: do i need a live cd if its not my main disk?02:43
omenreal sudo sh ./amd-driver-installer*.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/quantal02:44
Tavorholstein: If I remember correctly, when I started Ubuntu 12.04, I used the the "Additional Drivers" application to install the driver02:44
holsteincoldpizza72i: http://askubuntu.com/questions/150693/solve-a-partition-misalignment02:44
holstein!broadcom | Tavor this is what i refer to for my cards02:44
ubottuTavor this is what i refer to for my cards: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:45
jacktrickomenreal, I'm not sure then, sorry02:45
coldpizza72iholstein: parted or gparted?02:45
DegruTavor: Go into the resources section and look at the bottom to see network usage. Is it showing anything? If it is, then it could be an application.02:46
holsteincoldpizza72i: i havent had that issue.. if it were me, i would want to have my data backed up, and just reformat likely.. but you can try fixing with one of those suggestions02:46
coldpizza72iholstein: theres no data on it02:47
holsteincoldpizza72i: ? reformat then02:47
coldpizza72iholstein: how? by "Format Drive"?02:48
holsteincoldpizza72i: i use gparted02:48
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap02:48
coldpizza72iholstein: format volume or drive?02:48
Degrucoldpizza72i: that would delete every partition on the drive.02:48
coldpizza72iDegru: only 1 part02:49
holsteincoldpizza72i: if it were my drive, and there was *no* data on it, i would test.. and reformat02:49
Tavorholstein: Reading it and will take it into account after seeing what advice Degru also offers. Degru: Under Resources, it is showing (I presume?) the connection status of my laptop. Receiving 116~ bytes/Sending 0~bytes02:49
Degrucoldpizza72i: If there's only one partition on the drive then do format drive02:49
coldpizza72iDegru: it doesnt help\02:50
DegruTavor: What are the totals for sent/recieved data?02:50
omenrealjacktrick : do you think installing the driver without making the .deb package would cause any issues?02:50
Degrucoldpizza72i: what do you mean?02:50
pair0docdr_willis, except for sda1 being a compaq diagnostic partition it seems like a normal partition scheme.02:50
coldpizza72idoesnt fix problem02:50
holsteincoldpizza72i: what doesnt?.. reformatting?02:50
TavorDegru: Received Total: 2.3 MiB/Sent Total: 653.1KiB02:51
coldpizza72iholstein: yes02:51
DegruTavor: THen it's a driver issue.02:51
holsteincoldpizza72i: test the hard drive... i use the ultimate boot cd02:51
DegruTavor: if it was an app it would show activity02:51
holsteinTavor: the other driver option is always the windows driver with ndisgtk.. but its usually not great02:51
holsteinTavor: should be a few other driver options at that link i gave..02:52
TavorOkay, thanks then, I'll look into your link from earlier02:52
TavorQuick question, what would be 'normal' activity?02:53
TavorAssuming the driver wasn't having issues02:53
omenrealjacktrick: do you think installing the driver without making the .deb package would cause any issues? when running the installer with sudo sh ./amd-driver-installer*.run it gives the option to just install it should i take a whack at it?02:53
thulsa_d00mearlier, someone was helping me install icons and gave me a link to the forums, but the suggestions there were only for installing themes, not just icon sets. Can anyone help me with just the icon sets?02:53
jacktrickit's worth a try02:53
jacktrickcan't do any harm :D02:53
omenrealother then making my screens go black again lol02:54
holsteinTavor: you can turn off your wifi and wire up and see.. it'll be something like that i would imagine02:54
omenrealthen uninstall time and back to the old drivers i guess02:54
omenrealWhelp here goes nothing~02:54
Tavorholstein: Oh, I see what you mean then, thanks!02:54
SnapShotI’m new to Linux love it! I just hope I don't mess it up . I'm like a blind man in a crystal shop.02:55
mizzI'm like a blind man in a crystal shop.  i like that02:55
holsteinSnapShot: keep backups.. make a test user.. consider having a test install in virtualbox or on another machine. be ready to reinstall.. or leave it alone and dont break anything02:55
xanguathulsa_d00m: download them and extract them in home/youruser/.icons (if .icons doesn't exist create it, the sames as with gtk themes)02:57
thulsa_d00mhonestly, breaking things is helping learn what to and not to do though02:57
thulsa_d00mme that is02:57
omenreali think i have reinstalled 6 times after swapping from windows 3 days ago lol02:57
dak0I reinstalled my PC like 5 times until I make sucessful daul boot with windows and ubuntu02:58
omenrealstep by step i WILL have a working linux box lol02:58
omenrealmine was first try on the dual boot thing02:58
SnapShotdid you reinstal from a c02:58
thulsa_d00mxangua, .icons is present, and i've managed to move the icon pack to it, but i'm not sure what to do after that02:58
holsteinSnapShot: i use usb sticks mostly.. but CD's work fine02:58
SnapShotok great thnx02:59
xanguathulsa_d00m: select it with a tool like gnome-tweak-tool or ubuntu-tweak(the last is not in repositories)02:59
thulsa_d00mxangua, ok, i'll give that a shot, thanks03:00
nailson!ask what do you guys use to tweak compiz? i need mac like exposé, in past (ubuntu 11.10) i used ccsm, but it's terrible on 12.04.03:01
ubottunailson: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:01
holsteinnailson: i dont use it anymore03:01
DegruTavor: Normal activity would be what you have on idle. It's a driver issue.03:02
nailsonholstein, what you do not use? ubuntu or compiz?03:02
holsteinnailson: compiz.. http://cairo-compmgr.tuxfamily.org/ was something i read about back when i thought i still wanted it03:03
thulsa_d00mxangua, if I right click on the folder, no other programs are shown as options to open the folder with03:03
xanguanailson: super+w is the default keyword to show alll windows, you can see more keywords if you keep Super pressed03:03
holsteinnailson: "Add a mosaic (« exposé ») plugin that you can activate with <Super>Tab keys" from the cario stie03:03
holsteinnailson: last time i checked in unity, it was doing something like that by default, as thulsa_d00m suggests03:04
nailsonthank you guys, it will help me a lot. i'll search more about it and try it now. Thanks again.03:05
romanchesЗдравствуйте, товарищи)03:06
nailsonhello romanches03:08
musaki_I happen to be a linux noob and require a little assistance i am installing direct x9 and following a guide i found online. I need to put a couple of dll files i donwloaded into wine, what is the file structure in ubuntu eg if it was windows C:\windows\etc03:10
holsteinmusaki_: why?03:10
musaki_if you are asking why i am trying to install direct x, trying to get the walking dead to work03:11
holsteinmusaki_: it might not.. i would look in #wine-hq03:13
Degrumusaki_: Go in your home folder, and go into the .wine folder. (It's hidden, press ctrl-h) Then go in drive_c and that's where it is03:14
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rajif I modify gconf-editor, do I need to reboot or something?03:15
rajhow do I get the keys to work?03:15
musaki_Thanks thats what i needed03:16
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest98855
dzupafter i bios in uefi ...how can i boot ubuntu?03:21
FareI'm trying to build a .deb -- I used to have a working git-buildpackage command one or two year back on debian, but it won't work now on ubuntu.03:21
Faregbp:error: Unknown value 2.3203:23
Farewhere 2.32 is the git tag of my release03:23
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MDTech-us_MANI have a problem with my Ubuntu 12.10 install, my system says it needs to start in low graphics mode and when I keep pressing OK I get to a terminal-style screen and get a login prompt.03:23
DegruMDTech-us_MAN: I think that is low graphics mode?03:24
MDTech-us_MANwhat info do you need to diagnose?03:24
coventryAny guesses as to why running "virtualbox" from the CL (with or without capitalization) results in virtualbox reporting that all my VMs are inaccessible, while running it via the menu results in normal behavior?  (I do have "~/VirtualBox VMs" as a symlink to another drive, but I'm not sure how that would cause this issue.)03:24
MDTech-us_MANwhen I login, I get the prompt03:24
MDTech-us_MANno gui03:25
DegruMDTech-us_MAN: So you get a normal login window, but not a graphical session?03:25
dzupFare, can you : sudo apt-get install lshw; sudo lshw -html|curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us <--said?03:25
CowboyPrideIs this the place to get support for ubuntu server as well?03:26
DegruMDTech-us_MAN: SO. You boot up, and get a normal login screen, and then when you type in your password and press login you go into a fullscreen terminal?03:26
* evilroots is away: I'm busy03:27
MDTech-us_MANno, I get "login:" I type my login, then I get "Password: " and type my password, then I get "<USERNAME>@<HOSTNAME>:"03:27
DegruMDTech-us_MAN: Sounds like a graphics driver issue03:27
MDTech-us_MANdo you need any build-specific info?03:27
fuhrealis there any easy way to get a pannel shortcut on the unity favorites bar?03:27
DegruMDTech-us_MAN: Oh, so no GUI login at all, just terminal login. I think it's a driver/Xorg issue.03:27
MDTech-us_MANso hat do I do?03:28
DegruMDTech-us_MAN: Not sure. Type lspci and post the output on pastebin03:28
DegruMDTech-us_MAN: well; that's gonna be kinda hard03:28
MDTech-us_MANSir, yes, sir03:28
MDTech-us_MANgoing to try03:29
DegruMDTech-us_MAN: type "lspci | less" and then see if you can find your graphics card there03:29
Faredzup: what is that meant to do?03:32
MDTech-us_MANI sent the output to file and will now copy it via FTP03:33
Farewhere do I get help making a package?03:37
DegruMDTech-us_MAN: OK03:37
MDTech-us_MANso any luck?03:37
ahmed_join #twisted03:38
DegruMDTech-us_MAN: just got back. I'm looking through it now.03:38
DegruMDTech-us_MAN: This is a fresh install, correct?03:39
MDTech-us_MANI just finished configuring it03:40
MDTech-us_MANinstalled VMWare, Windows 8, Windows 703:40
DegruMDTech-us_MAN: looking...03:41
MDTech-us_MANWindows is a vM03:41
kalenjohnsonis IN a VM?03:42
kalenjohnsonor is that incorrect?03:42
MDTech-us_MANI have 2 VMs, one Windows 8, one Windows 703:43
coventryIf anyone responded to my question a few minutes ago, my apologies.  I got cut off, and it seems that my question has not yet made it to the logs at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/03/13/%23ubuntu.html03:43
kalenjohnsonlol, I have Win7, WinXP, another 7, Ubuntu server, Arch, Fuduntu, ubuntu 13.0403:44
DegruMDTech-us_MAN: What type of graphics card does it have?03:44
kalenjohnsonI don't use them everyday, just an easy way to test them03:44
MDTech-us_MANBuilt in03:44
fetzyDoes anyone know if i can install xubuntu if i already have ubuntu installed?03:45
MDTech-us_MANMobo is: ASRock Z77 Extreme 403:45
kalenjohnsonfetzy, if you install it to a different partition...03:45
holsteinfetzy: theres xubuntu-desktop and xfce4.. you can install either03:46
fetzyit wont delete it off of my hard drive? i dont have enough ram to run ubuntu very well, so i want to use xubuntu and get rid of ubuntu. but everytime i try to install xubuntu it doesnt work03:46
holsteinfetzy: what wont delete what?03:47
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels03:47
fetzyoh i see.... hmm ok03:47
copecDoes anyone here know if the ubuntu 8.04 server kernel had pae support?03:47
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info03:48
holsteincopec: i dont recall when that came out, but i though it was 9.x03:48
codrusin 12.10 how do you shutdown using commandline? sudo shutdown -h now doesn't work and there's no root to su into03:49
copecI have an old server, and I'm curious if I give it more memory if it is going to do any good.  thanks for the info03:49
holsteincodrus: i use "sudo shutdown -h now"03:49
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: on what?03:50
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: one of the volunteers to help?03:50
MDTech-us_MAN I have a problem with my Ubuntu 12.10 install, my system says it needs to start in low graphics mode and when I keep pressing OK I get to a terminal-style screen and get a login prompt.03:50
MDTech-us_MANMobo: ASRock Z77 Extreme403:50
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: i would look into the graphics driver03:51
holstein!ati | MDTech-us_MAN03:51
ubottuMDTech-us_MAN: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto03:51
MDTech-us_MANIt is a built-in card03:51
MDTech-us_MANit worked before!03:51
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: i would consider using a custom xorg.conf.. sometimes i use a knoppix live cd to create one for me03:51
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: before what?03:51
MDTech-us_MANa hour of two ago03:52
MDTech-us_MANI restarted because I installed some programs03:52
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: the computer wont care about the time.. what occured before the breakage?03:52
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: one easy thing to do is boot an older kernel.. reboot and select it from grub03:53
MDTech-us_MANI dont see any more03:53
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: did you take a kernel upgrade? do you have an xorg.conf? did you install a driver?03:54
MDTech-us_MANI didn't install anything03:54
celsohi people! someone know how to report a bug of firefox using the bug report of ubuntu? i mean, i am using firefox and instead of using the icon that is in the launcher, it opens another.03:54
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: what did you do that broke it?03:54
MDTech-us_MANI installed VMWare,teamviewer03:54
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.03:55
celsothanks! i didn't know that! thanks alot!03:55
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: you installed 2 pieces of software, and rebooted, and its broken?03:55
MDTech-us_MANI was configuring the VMs and the screen got bugged up03:55
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: in what way?03:55
MDTech-us_MANso I restarted03:55
=== Shehrazad is now known as ElixirVitae
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: maybe its broken hardware.. i might try the live CD that worked before03:56
MDTech-us_MANThe focus was kept in the VM03:56
MDTech-us_MANand the mouse stopped working03:56
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: so, the VMware player got all "bugged up" ?03:56
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: thats not from the repos, correct?03:57
MDTech-us_MANIt is closed-sourced03:57
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: i would confirm (however you like) that the hardware is not broken.. i would consider making a custom xorg.conf03:57
MDTech-us_MANbut free03:57
fuhrealDoes anyone know how I can get a custom launcher from the desktop to the favorites bar?03:57
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: how for which?03:58
MDTech-us_MAN"i would consider making a custom xorg.conf"03:58
holsteinfuhreal: in unity? you want a launcher with the favorites?03:58
fuhrealholstein: Well, in gnome I think it would be called a panel launcher?03:59
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: i use a knoppix live CD.. then i just grab it from there and use it in ubuntu. you can start from scratch, or use the graphics recovery kernel (that im sure you tried before coming here)03:59
fuhrealholstein: basically want to create an eterm shortcut03:59
holsteinfuhreal: in unity?03:59
fuhrealholstein: ya03:59
MDTech-us_MANI didn't03:59
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: try that. then try the xorg.04:00
MDTech-us_MANit there a toutorial?04:00
holsteinfuhreal: you can create custom launcher in unity. http://askubuntu.com/questions/71047/adding-a-custom-launcher-to-unity04:00
fuhrealholstein: yes... read that ... but couldn't wrap my head around it04:01
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: you just select it at boot... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode04:02
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: that specifically mentions your error ^^04:02
MDTech-us_MANI am logging in wsing a different kernel04:03
MDTech-us_MANeverything is fine04:03
MDTech-us_MANso how do I make that the dafault kernel?04:03
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: right.. so, just boot that kernel then.. you took a kernel upgrade and that is breaking your graphics04:03
MDTech-us_MANI know this is a temorary soloution04:04
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: you can change the order in grub.. youcan remove the other kernels.. you can select it each time you boot.04:04
omenrealhow can i fix Unmet build dependencies: libqtgui4?04:04
MDTech-us_MANso what is the soloution04:04
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: just boot the kernel that is working.. file a bug04:04
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: i wouldnt worry much about runing an older kernel04:05
MDTech-us_MANhow do I remove the other kernels?04:05
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: search for them in the package manager of your choice and remove them04:05
MDTech-us_MANBy the way, I got the full error mesage04:06
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: you can add it to the bug report04:06
MDTech-us_MANand it is asking me to send it to Ubuntu04:07
=== mpmc is now known as mpmc|Away
MDTech-us_MANso to switck to the older kernel permenently, I should remove the latest linux-headers?04:08
omenrealhow can i fix Unmet build dependencies: libqtgui4?04:09
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: i gave you a few options.. i would just remove the kernel that is "bad" and keep checking back on it occasionally04:10
MDTech-us_MANany ideas?04:10
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: yes.. you can remove it, or change the order in grub.. or just deal with it at boot04:10
MDTech-us_MANwhat is the name of the kernel pakage04:10
tigrangomenreal, install it?04:10
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: its the one that you boot that causes the issues04:10
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest64642
MDTech-us_MANI mean the exact package name04:11
tigrangomenreal, sudo apt-get build-dep [the package you're trying to build]04:11
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: if you are uncertain.. just deal with it as-is.. maybe just turn off the timer for grub and the grub hiding04:11
omenrealtigrang: ty ill try that04:11
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: the name is whatever kernel you are using that is causing the issues04:11
MDTech-us_MANif I search for kernel, I get a ton of tesults in synaptic04:11
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: i would put them in order, and see if its the newest one.. or leave it as-is and just deal with it in grub at boot time04:12
c4nucksay i wanted to run "hddtemp" which requires superuser as a regular user. I could use sudo but since its in a script i don't want to have to enter a password. How would i go about running it as a regular user ?04:12
holsteinMDTech-us_MAN: a fix could come along...04:12
ApetrickDCC SEND "trolzorz" 0 0 004:12
FloodBot1NOTICE - The above was an exploit attempt that may have disconnected some users. Please ignore it, DON'T click on suspicious links, and type « /msg ubottu exploit » if you want more information.04:12
holstein!grub | MDTech-us_MAN this will tell you how to unhide grub04:12
ubottuMDTech-us_MAN this will tell you how to unhide grub: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:12
tigrangc4nuck, there is gksu which opens a gui prompt for password04:13
omenrealtigrang: unable to find source package04:13
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:13
tigrangomenreal, what are you trying to build04:13
c4nucktigrang, is there any way to get around having to enter a password at all ?04:13
zz28fbhow do you change the user passwd  in ubuntu 12.10 in terminale04:14
dr_williszz28fb:  via the passwd command04:14
c4nuckzz28fb, passwd <username>04:14
omenrealtigrang: amd driver already fixed one issue and this one has happened04:14
TheEmpath2hi.  any reason scp works at the cli but when you put the exact same command in a shell, it says... i kid you not... ": Permission deniedr"?04:18
tigrangc4nuck, try this https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=576170#p57617004:18
TheEmpath2yeah, deniedR... not denied o____O04:18
dr_willisat the cli.. and in a shell... mean the same thing to me..04:18
TheEmpath2derp, when oyu put the exact same command in a SCRIPT04:18
dr_willisok. ;)04:18
TheEmpath2sory :(04:18
dr_williserr.. the error is with the  script?  not the scp command perhaps.04:18
dr_willisie: your script is not written correctly perhaps04:19
TheEmpath2its literally lifted off the cli copy and paste04:19
tigrangomenreal, which is? I dont know what you're doing04:19
dr_willissample script..04:19
dr_willisscp --help04:19
dr_willisjust the 2 lines..04:19
omenrealtigtang: trying to make the .deb files for the amd catalyst 13.1 graphics drivers04:19
dr_willissave it to sample.sh   then chmod +x sample.sh    run it with ./sample.sh04:20
dr_willishow are youmaking the script also? what editor?04:20
TheEmpath2bash: ./deploy.sh: /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory04:21
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest73979
TheEmpath2lol @ ^M?04:21
dr_willisas i asked.. HOW are you  making the script.. what editor04:21
* dr_willis guesses notepad.exe04:21
* smuxi looks around04:22
dr_willisits using the wrong end of line encoding.. adding a ctrl-m when it shouldent04:22
TheEmpath2even when i use vim, it's not showing the ^M04:22
TheEmpath2all kinds of other scripts i've written with eclipse work just fine04:22
dr_willisits a whitespace.. so not seen/shown04:22
dr_willissome editors can show the whitespace.04:23
dr_williswrite the same script with nano/vim  see if it works.04:23
TheEmpath2even if i write it in vim, i get the same error04:23
m000gleDoes anyone know of a way to have Thunderbird close to the messaging menu, and stay running in the background, similar to the way Empanty functions?      [ Ubuntu 12.10 // Thunderbird 17.x.x ]04:23
stevenqhey everyone!04:23
stevenqis this the help channel?04:23
dr_willisTheEmpath2:  hmm.. what filesystem are you saveing it to?04:24
judahitewarrior7I am trying to reinstall Windows 8 on my computer, but the problem is, GRUB is still trying to load and it keeps giving me an error 17, so I can't finish installing Windows. How do I get rid of GRUB?04:24
=== marciopaiva is now known as mpaiva
stevenqI'm trying to get l2tp over ipsec running on my 12.04 server and I followed this guide https://raymii.org/s/tutorials/IPSEC_L2TP_vpn_with_Ubuntu_12.10.html but my client can't connect04:24
TheEmpath2dr_willis: default ubuntu?04:24
dr_willisTheEmpath2:  you got somthjing mesing with your text encoding. or adding extra whitespace.04:25
TheEmpath2yeah, that was it04:25
TheEmpath2i burned the file, sanitzied, and it works04:25
dr_willisseen it happen if you save  to msdos/vfat/ntfs partitons04:25
TheEmpath2thank you, guru04:25
TheEmpath2deleted it04:25
judahitewarrior7Can anyone help?04:26
TheEmpath2i think i copied the command off the web somewhere :X04:26
dr_willisif you cut/pasted.. it may  have added the whitespace04:26
dr_willisvim might have seen the whitespace and enabled  the other encoding scheme04:27
zz28fbi had some problem installing Gnu linux trisquel mini_5.5_i686 on my acer yes04:27
dr_williswhats trisquel?04:28
zz28fbtrisquel mini 5.504:28
dr_willisfile not found04:29
zz28fbist good04:30
hylianI was trying to think of the command for alis, for showing the channels available. why in the world I typed ls... well.04:30
dr_williswhats trisquel? if  its some linux disrto.. i imagine it has its own support channels.. its not supported by this  channel04:30
judahitewarrior7Can anyone help me get GRUB off my HD?04:31
omenrealtigrang: This is the exact issue im getting now http://pastebin.com/WGuwrimM04:31
hyliandr_willis: never heard of it.04:31
zz28fbyes i think is based on ubuntu or something like Gnu gnu not unix ?04:31
dr_willisjudahitewarrior7:  one normally installs a differnt bootloader over grub.. or therea a dd command to blank the first few bytes of the hd  where it lives04:32
judahitewarrior7I'm trying to reinstall Windows 8 on my computer from a bootable flash drive. Formatted hard drive to NTFS, now I can't finish Windows 8 installation because GRUB gives me an error 17, can anyone help, please?04:32
dr_willisjudahitewarrior7:  you may want to ask in #windows if you  are totally removeing linux.04:32
hyliani have a quandry.. how come xubuntu isn't supported here, but ubuntu with xfce4 installed and running instead of unity is??04:32
dr_willishylian:  xubuntu is supported here04:33
dr_willisand it has its own channel04:33
bcbc2judahitewarrior7: boot to a windows repair prompt and run: bootrec /fixmbr04:33
tigrangomenreal, are you running it as root?04:33
hyliandr_willis: ohh, i could have sworn someone said i should go to the nearly defunct xubuntu room for xubuntu questions...04:33
omenrealtigrang: mhm running with sudo sh04:33
brocaolhello. does my FQDN ex: server.example.com need to return anything when you hit the url? right now it just returns 40404:33
dr_willishylian:  they may  know more about xubuntu.. if someone is there.04:34
hyliandr_willis: it looks like trisquel is a ubuntu precise remake with specialized software..04:34
Laogeodrittzz28fb: Pretty much every OS distro called "Linux" is GNU/Linux. Linux is the kernel, GNU is all the system utilities on top of it. (Someone feel free to correct me if that's not exact.) Ubuntu is a GNU/Linux distro, not the other way around.04:34
judahitewarrior7bcbc2: OK, thanks. How do I get to the Windows repair prompt?04:34
tigrangomenreal, whats the full command you're doing04:35
omenrealtigrang: sudo sh ./amd-driver-installer*.run --buildphg Ubuntu/quantal04:36
omenrealtigrang: --buildpkg sorry typo heh04:36
bcbc2judahitewarrior7: I would assume it's an option on the installer or run any windows repair cd04:38
hylianLaogeodritt: no, that's righ on the money man. I just refuse to call it gnu/linux every time I mention it.04:38
zz28fbi think gnu was first from 87 or something then 91 linux came04:38
hyliandannyLopez: hello04:38
dannyLopezwhat live usb reator recommends me?04:40
dr_willisdannyLopez:  dozen of them at the  pendrivelinux  site.04:40
hyliandannyLopez: I use unetbootin, myself.04:40
dr_willisdannyLopez:  ubuntu  has one. ubuntu.com has one for windows.   and most likely a dozenothers out there as well. ;)04:40
dannyLopezI dont know this place tkx04:41
dr_willistype in 'pendrivelinux' on your browser and look.04:41
=== Top is now known as Top_
tigrangomenreal, try sudo apt-get install dh-make dh-modaliases execstack libqtgui404:41
tigrangomenreal, then install the driver04:41
hyliandr_willis: was he asking for a preffered iso to usb key utility, or where to get a certain distro?04:41
zz28fbapt-get install unetbootin04:42
dannyLopezI use LiLi, but only in somes pc works04:42
tigrangomenreal, also do sudo apt-get build-dep fglrx04:42
dannyLopezI am in Windows :D04:42
dr_willisI find lili to  be rather  annoying... unetbootin has also had issues for me in the past.04:42
omenrealtigrang: all of the things in that first command are already there newest version04:42
tigrangomenreal, try the build-dep command, any  new packages?04:43
zz28fbwindows gives you windows Linux give you the hole house04:43
omenrealtigrang: yes... so just install them and give it a shot?04:43
tigrangomenreal, I guess :)04:44
omenrealtigrang: I had the old 12.9 drivers.. but some of my games would not run04:44
hyliani have found that if you are going to use unetbootin, it's best to delete all files off of the usb key before using it. (and going as far as formatting the key isn't a bad idea either...)04:45
dannyLopezI found "universal-USB-installer"04:45
omenrealtigrang: and thank you for your work toward my problem regardless of if this fixed it04:45
dannyLopezthanks :D04:45
tigrangomenreal, which version are you trying to install now04:47
zz28fbi cant install any thing on trisquel-mini_5.5 i think i have to download allt from Netherlands or France because it don't work on us server04:47
omenrealtigrang: 13.104:47
zz28fbor somthing04:47
hylianzz28fb: have you sudo apt-get update?04:47
mpaivaI'm instaling QTCreator from Ubuntu, and I got the message: If you install QTCreator, future updates will not include new items in the Ubuntu Desktop... (Between affected, Amarok, Codeblocks, Filezilla). Does it mean i won't get updates for these apps?04:48
xanguazz28fb: /join #trisquel04:48
zz28fbi can try04:48
omenreal_tigrang: still here btw jumped on my laptop while i restart04:49
tigrangomenreal_, that's generally not a good idea04:49
hylianmpaiva: never messed with that program, but I don't see how that could be unless it directly messes with kde? (you said amarok, and that's a kde app...)04:50
omenreal_tigrang: hmm?04:50
tigrangjumping on laptops04:50
zz28fbyes 1 thing i just love this place you don't have to give out phone number like google and name and more that i think is a security risk or som je04:50
tigrang(was a joke)04:50
omenreal_tigrang: lol i get it now... sorry a little focused heh04:50
hylianzz28fb: I am glad to hear it.04:50
=== sjd_ is now known as sjd
zz28fbhej då04:52
genesehey folks, do u have some information about sandybridge in the next version of ubuntu?04:52
omenrealtigrang: http://pastebin.com/by9sgqj104:52
omenrealtigrang: not sure if its the same as the last but thats what im getting now04:52
hyliangenese: whether sandybridge will be supported or?04:53
m000gleUsing Ubuntu 12.10, is there any way to minimize or close Thunderbird to the Unity Messaging Menu? This would be similar to the way Empathy functions by default.04:53
hylianm000gle: sorry, I use xfce...04:54
geneseI think now, sandybridge works but not in all the fullest speed04:54
geneseyeah hylian, I just searching info to the next version04:55
geneseI'm using it now, and works fine after install mesa-utils04:55
hyliangenese: I think the best answer is from this askubuntu article: http://askubuntu.com/questions/22237/when-will-we-get-sandy-bridge-support. It's "buggy but operational" seems to be the phrase everyone is reaching for.04:56
m000glehylian:  That's cool.  Hopefully someone here, using Unity, has a solution to this ... It kind of defeats the point of a Messaging Menu, if programs don't close/minimize to it04:56
leandrodoes anyone know why by changing the mouse pointer theme it dissapears on lubuntu?  (the mouse cursor dissapears while moving)  thanks04:56
aranhoideI have an application that launches an instance of google chrome in "app" mode and I'd like to change its icon to the icon of my app, instead of the generic chrome icon.  is there any way I can do that?04:56
mpaiva@hylian the others are not kde... QTCreator is the IDE that most KDE Devs use for development (since they use the QT framework)04:56
mpaiva@hylian I installed anyway, hope nothing gets messy here ==P04:57
omenrealtigrang: any ideas?04:57
aranhoide(this is in Unity, 12.04 LTS)04:57
genesethanks hilian =]04:57
tigrangomenreal, have the version you know that works ready. Uninstall the current version. Then try installing the new one. You should feel comfortable going into rescue mode if after restart it fails to boot. That's what I'd try, but I dont know what the issue is.04:59
aranhoide(and by "its icon" I mean the icon in the Unity dock)04:59
hylianleandro: hmm, not a clue. I haven't used lubuntu in quite a while, I like xfce much better. But I never had the mouse dissapear on me using lxde...04:59
tigrangomenreal, If it fails, reinstall the version you know that works04:59
krispinhi,my laptop is not detecting network eventhough the ethernet cable is plugged in ,also the lights on the port are not lighting up ,can someone help me?04:59
=== Elliott_ is now known as Guest9752
leandrohylian: thanks anyways, i've read of some people that had the same issue on ubuntu, kubuntu, etc, but i have no idea why it is05:00
=== Dawn_ is now known as PrincessDaybreak
genese@krispin, can you tell me what ethernet card r u using?05:01
hyliankrispin: if you run sudo lshw, and then post that using the pastebin link on top right, people can help you better.05:01
omenrealtigrang: the problem is without making the .deb files im not sure how it will work... it does have an option to just install right to the system but looking at the wiki for amd it says to make he .deb files should i just wing it?05:01
=== Guest9752 is now known as Elli0tt
tigrangomenreal, not sure05:02
hyliansorry all, need to crash. good night.05:02
omenrealtigrang: well at the very least i know the problem is stumping more then just my noob linux know how lol05:03
the_dark_knightHi, I have mysql5.5 installed by default on my ubuntu12.04 machine. Is there any command to directly upgrade it to 5.6?05:04
krispinhi , i pasted my output of lshw @http://pastebin.com/XuREMkQE ,sorry i am new to ubuntu05:06
omenrealtigrang: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Precise_Installation_Guide#Alternative_Manual_Installation05:06
dr_willis!latest | the_dark_knight05:06
genese@the_dark_knight, mysql installed in default is the version on the official repo... the fastes way to do it is compiling at zero point05:06
ubottuthe_dark_knight: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.05:06
ubuntu_1Anyone have any private repos to transform this machine into a network security station with a matrix theme?05:07
ubuntu_1query me the sources.list05:07
dr_willisubuntu_1:  why would they,...05:07
michal_how to enable ssl?05:07
ubuntu_1dr_willis: in anticipation of my arrival05:08
dr_willismichal_:  enable it in what?05:08
tigrangkrispin, whats the output of ifconfig05:09
tigrangmichal_, ssl in what?05:09
dannyLopezGentoo have a channel in spanish?05:12
dr_willis!alis | dannyLopez05:12
ubottudannyLopez: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*05:12
omenrealtigrang: Installing it using the default installer appears to have worked05:13
omenrealthank you so much for your help05:13
dannyLopezGracias :D dr_willis tigrang05:13
tigrangI dont know why google even bothers with their search engine05:14
dr_willisgoogle for why...05:14
* OerHeks duckducks05:14
dr_willisaskjeeves ;P05:15
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
HyperiantJust installed fglrx and now my desktop and sidebar are gone; any ideas?05:33
leandroi cannot seem to find ~/.config/autostart folder, i order to configure startup apps on lubuntu, thank you05:34
leandroi cannot seem to find ~/.config/autostart folder, i order to configure startup apps on lubuntu, any help??05:42
leandroi want to edit the startup programs on lubuntu, thank u05:42
HyperiantI tried some funky solutions on the web because nobody was responding here, now I can't even log in05:44
HyperiantI type my pass and it kicks me back to the login screen after flashing black05:45
HyperiantAny ideas?05:47
OerHeksHyperiant,, known issue with .Xauthority  after update, see answer #2 >> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/103683005:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1036830 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Can't log in unless remove .Xauthority or use gdm" [Undecided,Confirmed]05:48
HyperiantSo what, do I just make do with a broken system until 13 comes around?05:49
HyperiantThe users there said they suffered from the no-unity issue even after fixing login ><05:50
HyperiantThough don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the fix05:50
HyperiantOerHeks: Sorry, just a bit frustrated; thanks for helping me get back through the login screen05:56
OerHeksHyperbyte, have fun05:56
OerHekserr Hyperiant  :-D05:56
redact3dhi there, when i click the places menu then computer or anything else i get the disk usage analyzer come up instead of the file explorer. how can i change this?06:01
=== jono is now known as Guest42688
redact3dfixed. removed baobab06:04
dixoncx_Help.. Stuck at "error: Unknown filesystem grub rescue" how to boot to ubuntu ?06:07
dixoncx_Anyone ?06:08
diverdudeHello, when i log into my server it says 6 packages can be updated. 6 updates are security updates. So i do sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade, but nothing is being installed, and if i log out and in again of the server, it says the same number of packages are available for update06:09
diverdudewhy wont it update those?06:09
packetfrogdiverdude,  apt-get -s dist-upgrade | grep "^Inst" | grep -i securi | awk -F " " {'print $2'} | xargs apt-get install06:16
dr_willisdiverdude:  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade     try this...06:16
dr_willisHyperiant:  make a new user. see if it works for them. if so its a user setting issue06:18
Hyperiantdr_willis: I got it to work by installing fglrx, now I have to figure out how to properly install it06:19
HyperiantI can't find instructions for quantal06:19
dr_willisinstall what?   somthing you said dident make sense06:21
dixoncx_Help.. Stuck at "error: Unknown filesystem grub rescue" how to boot to ubuntu ?06:21
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub206:22
dwardany way to install dracut with apt? or do i have to compile it06:24
dwardfrom source06:24
xangua!find dracut | dward06:24
ubottudward: Found: dracut, dracut-network06:24
marcmarcHi, I updated Ubuntu 12.04 -> 12.10 and now most of the icons and theming is gone. My .xsession-errors looks like http://dpaste.com/1021375/06:25
serp__easiest: reinstall ubuntu06:26
dwardxangua what do you mean?06:26
xangua!info dracut | dward06:26
ubottudward: dracut (source: dracut): A new initramfs infrastructure. In component universe, is optional. Version 020-1 (quantal), package size 137 kB, installed size 668 kB06:26
marcmarcserp__ I read mime types could be the issue. Any clues on how to fix things?06:27
dr_willisreset all your user settings is one way marcmarc06:29
marcmarcdr_willis how do I do that?06:29
marcmarcdr_willis: I tried creating a new user and logging in. The new user has the same issues.06:30
dr_willismove/rename the proper    .files  in your Homer06:30
Hyperiantdr_willis: I'm trying to install fglrx, Ubuntu is unusable with the default drivers06:30
HyperiantEvery time I do, though, it stops displaying Unity06:30
dr_willisnot sure how you would mess up mime types ststem wide..06:30
dwardxangua ya thanks, i know the package exists. but it's in the sam slot as initramfs-tools. which i don't want to uninstall. i would like to use dracut to compile ram images for other systems and initramfs-tools when I update my kernel on this system06:31
dr_willisHyperiant:  i see people in here with the same problem several times a day/week.. sadly06:31
dr_williscompiz/unity dosent properly  see/use the  3d drivers so only loads part of the  desktop06:32
HyperiantThing is, it worked fine on 32-bit06:32
Vivekanandahello everyone and dr_willis06:32
HyperiantI reinstalled Ubuntu as 64-bit and only then did it start doing this06:32
VivekanandaI have a friend currently installing ubuntu and he is running windows 64 bit but when he is trying to install ubuntu it is asking him to download 32 bit06:33
Vivekanandawhy could this be?06:33
dr_willisVivekananda:  what is asking him?06:33
dr_willishe can go  to the ubuntu.com site/servers and download whatever one he wants..06:33
HyperiantJust download 64-bit anyway, the 32-bit is only recommended on the website by default06:33
HyperiantBecause most PCs still use it06:34
Vivekanandadr_willis: He is trying to install ubuntu using windows installer and tried to download the 64 bit installer but it asked him to get the 32 bit. I am not near him and on top of that he is not very tech savvy so please bear with me06:34
VivekanandaI will try to ask him and get the answers06:34
HyperiantOh, wubi06:34
dr_willisVivekananda:  the windows installer is using WUBI.. thats 32bit only  i belive06:34
dr_willisi  suggest NOT using wubi06:35
dr_willisif you must use wubi.. then do as it suggests06:35
HyperiantWubi is only if he wants to dual-boot, and in a very limited way at that06:35
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/oneiric/wubi.exe06:35
VivekanandaI knew it was wubi!! but I got confused when he said that06:35
aeon-ltddoes wubi get around secure booting? if not there's no point in wubi06:36
Vivekanandait is allowing him a dual boot so I thought wubi must now have a full fledged installer and I did not know about it06:36
dr_williswubi uses the windows stuff to doal boot.. not the same as normal install06:36
dr_williswubi does not have a full fledged installer.06:36
dr_willisit does a 'wubi boot' ;)06:37
Vivekanandadr_willis: Now the crux of the matter is that he is has to run a medical program and that is very resource intensive but limitations of using linux06:38
Vivekanandamedical software I mean06:38
Vivekanandaand he mistakenly installed 12.1 and it was crashing a lot for him and he said it is very slow too06:38
dr_willis12.10 is very stable and not slow for me...06:39
dr_willisinstalled 12.10 HOW exacctly?06:39
Vivekanandanow I figure he installed 12.1 using wubi. I advised him to try06:39
dr_willisa wubi install will be slower then a full install06:39
Vivekananda12.04 ( that is the lts too and I thought it would be good advise for him)06:39
Vivekanandahe is trying to do that06:39
ch1p53tur having an argument??06:40
dr_willisdepending on the software - he may  just want to try Lubuntu inside virtualbox.. if that software  is the only thing he needs to run06:40
dr_willisand dependoing on what the software is doing..06:40
Vivekanandait is a brain mapping medical software06:41
dr_willisso it has special hardware is uses?06:42
Vivekanandaand not possible for a virtual box coz the06:42
Vivekanandahere it is http://surfer.nmr.mgh.harvard.edu/fswiki/SystemRequirements06:42
dr_willisid say try a full install of 12.04 then.06:42
dr_willishe may want to use lubuntu - since it will be less resource  intensive06:43
Vivekanandait requires as you can see what it does and my friend has 3 gigs of ram and - it's running intel core 2 duo06:43
VivekanandaE8400 @ 3 GHz06:43
Vivekananda3 gb RAM06:43
=== freshfish is now known as frustro
frustroso, gonna try a uefi install06:44
BobbyShaftoeHi Guise06:44
BobbyShaftoesomeone that could help me? ... V4l2 issues :( already spent 4 hours on google and nothing06:44
Vivekanandaand the graphics is a decent one06:44
BobbyShaftoeI am able to set a fake video device... /dev/video1 but... Firefox or chrome are not recognizing it06:45
BobbyShaftoeit just takes my webcam06:45
dr_willisHmm. Fake video device? ive used 'webcamstudio' ages ago for that sort of task....06:45
frustroadjust flash global settings for what yo use as an input?06:45
dr_willisflash can be a pain with its webcam access06:46
BobbyShaftoeyeah I did frustro but no luck :(06:46
BobbyShaftoewebcamstudio sucks :(06:46
dr_willisi found it quiet handy when i used it.06:46
BobbyShaftoeit cannot play some .avi files or actually any file without sound06:46
frustroout of ideas then BobbyShaftoe06:46
frustrogood luck.06:46
BobbyShaftoethis is what I am doing but without luck ... gst-launch-0.10 filesrc location=spiderman.avi ! avidemux ! decodebin ! ffmpegcolorspace ! v4l2sink device=/dev/video106:47
BobbyShaftoeand I am able to see it if i do:   gst-launch v4l2src device=/dev/video0 ! 'video/x-raw-rgb,depth=24' ! ffmpegcolorspace ! xvimagesink06:47
dr_willisso  the whole point of this is to play a video over a webcam  stream to some friends?06:47
BobbyShaftoebut not on firefox or chrome :(06:47
BobbyShaftoejust thinking about scaring my GF lol06:48
BobbyShaftoebut webcamstudio is not playing files without sound06:49
dr_willisor it just dosent know the  sound codec used by  that file06:49
dr_willisbeen  ages since i last used  it.06:49
BobbyShaftoethere is no sound codec on the file since it has no sound at all06:49
BobbyShaftoeit is just a loop06:50
dr_willisadd some sound?06:50
BobbyShaftoeyeah it works like that lol but man... I feel too lazy to be adding sound everytime I try it06:51
prabhu123hi Team06:53
prabhu123I do have wifi in my ubuntu06:53
prabhu123but it doesn't connect06:53
prabhu123kindly help06:53
prabhu123in my home I could connect, but not able to do in my office06:53
freshfishanyone here install on uefi?06:55
=== freshfish is now known as frustro
frustrosorry, changed nick.06:55
prabhu123on uefi it ubuntu won't Install i guess freshfish06:57
frustrohttp://i.imgur.com/WJjSR.jpg this gear, this article https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI.  That linux-secure image has been dd to a usb.  but still not working.06:58
Vivekanandadr_willis: does a wubi install automatically resize the hard drive ? It is so difficult to help him install ubuntu long distance !! I dont want to mess his system up especially when he might have one of those recovery partitions and all07:03
gabkdllyprabhu123: Maybe your work location uses a virtual private network ?07:03
=== Justasic2 is now known as Justasic
VivekanandaI can suggest gparted to him but again I am kind of hoping I dont leave giving an instruction that would later mess it up07:03
gabkdllyVivekananda: no07:04
gabkdllyVivekananda: Wubi writes Ubuntu to one large file which lives on the Windows partition.07:05
Vivekanandaso now gparted and all that07:05
gabkdllyVivekananda: Wubi does not repartition, no.07:05
Vivekanandagabkdlly: So when I ask him to resize and all will that be okay with gparted and07:05
Vivekanandaif he has that recover partition along with windows ?07:06
gabkdllyVivekananda: Wait, now I am confused, you are doing a wubi install, but you are doing something with a recovery partition ?07:07
mandoguitVivekananda:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wubi_%28Ubuntu_installer%29        the wubi install should not touch the recovery/windows install partition as it installs all relevent software into the main windows partition.... as far as windows is concerned it's just another program along with associated files that has been installed inside of it07:10
kimk_Hi. I've a problem with ubuntu.07:12
pratzHello guys07:12
kimk_I know this is not the best place to ask as it's not vanilla ubuntu (but then again who uses unity?)07:12
kimk_anyway, onto the problem at hand.07:12
kimk_the problem is that my taskbar icons completely corrupt (into a weird mess of pixels) after banshee has been running for random number of hours.07:13
Vivekanandagabkdlly: No. I recommended my friend to go for a full fledged fresh install of ubuntu using a install cd. For this he will need to  (as you know) repartition the drive and shrink the windows partition to create space for ubuntu07:14
kimk_i've googled it a few times and came across a lone post that said something about a package version needing to be rolled back in ubuntu, but i've since then not been able to find the post again.07:14
VivekanandaNow I have an old computer and have no clue how the partitions are arranged in a windows 7 computer and also how the recovery space is arranged. I have a simple xp computer so I just shrink the xp partition and install ubuntu07:14
Vivekanandabut not sure how this will work in his case so I wanted to ask you guys to guide me07:15
kimk_i'm running ubuntu 12.10, cinnamon, and banshee and/or its interactions with the system is the probable root cause.07:15
pratzIs there any good bugzilla desktop client for ubuntu ?07:16
XATRIXHi guys, is it possible to upgrade my current Ubuntu to x86_64 ? My previous laptop was i68607:16
docvellXATRIX> are you currently using a 64bit prior edition?07:19
docvell64bit distro?07:19
kevinkaceDoes anyone have a recommendation for a different terminal than what's standard in Ubuntu 12.10?07:20
XATRIXdocvell: em no, Ubuntu 12.10, i68607:20
XATRIXI'd like to use 64bit version of07:20
pratzIs there any good bugzilla desktop client for ubuntu ?07:21
docvellI think you need to do a new install - upgrading won't work (I tried)07:21
bsprakashFriends... any one have some 5 mins.. Please help me resolve this issue..- On Cent OS 6.3 VirtualBox VM files(Ubuntu12.04) got deleted after running fsck.. How to restore it.?07:21
docvellI did a new fresh install and it worked much better with the 64 bit version (I am also on a laptop)07:21
Kartagiswhy do I have only a shortcut to the latest screenshot I've taken, a shortcut to my mp3 directory and a shortcut to my ics calendar in my Internet menu? I'm using cairo-dock07:23
bsprakashFriends... any one have some 5 mins.. Please help me resolve this issue..- On Cent OS 6.3 VirtualBox VM files(Ubuntu12.04) got deleted after running fsck.. How to restore it.?07:23
sku11knightanyone mind helping me with this uefi issue??07:24
sku11knightI can't seem to find the right setting in my bios07:24
gabkdllykevinkace: xterm is also installed by default, it is minimalist, but very much configurable07:29
dr_willisxterm has a lot of features.. that people dont need these days. ;)07:37
ubottuRaring Ringtail is the codename for Ubuntu 13.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+107:38
BlackWebIf I have a hardDrive thats complaining its been mounted to many times and needs to be checked, It shouldnt matter if I use ex2fsck or fsck Does it, --- Just checking I wouldnt think it would mainly just want to make sure the counter gets reset on the harddrive07:41
BlackWebe2fsck or fsck07:42
dr_willisBlackWeb:  the commands are alias's for each other most likely07:42
jribBlackWeb: it shouldn't matter07:42
dr_willisfsck.ext2    is  for example the  same as fsck with the ext2 option07:42
BlackWebAlright Sounds --  Thank you dr_willis & everyone for the continued support :)07:42
dr_willisfsck can  determine the fs i thought these days07:43
deadtriggeris there fsck.btrfs?07:44
rajI appear to have `extra/pygtk 2.24.0-3 [installed] Python bindings for the GTK widget set` but I don't have gtk installed or pygtk, afaik07:45
jribraj: why does it appear so?07:46
rajjrib, sorry, i pasted in here, but meant to paste in #linux ... cuz I'm using arch07:46
jribraj: ok, note there's also #archlinux07:46
rajyeah, i try to avoid that place07:47
rajnot newbie friendly :T07:47
jribraj: ok do keep the language family-friendly in here though (even if you do obfuscate it)07:48
dr_willisbecause they expect you to read their wiki pages.. that they hae worked so hard on.. ;)07:48
* deadtrigger blacklists arch07:48
gabkdlly!find fsck.btrfs | deadtrigger07:49
raji read their wiki pages religiously07:49
ubottudeadtrigger: File fsck.btrfs found in btrfs-tools07:49
rajbut the wiki, as of late, is terrible since the core has changed significantly and the wiki is still the same old one07:49
dryhayhi. sometimes my ibus stops working. why? how to call it back? ubuntu forums related thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=211667307:55
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ejvwhen all else fails, file a bug report at Launchpad.07:56
BeyROBOT Ubuntu is the best platform in the world! :P08:02
Leroy-Fiddleryou say it ;)08:03
Vivekanandahey everyone08:06
Vivekanandahow do I find out if my graphics drivers are working for a fresh ubuntu install on dell vostro08:07
Vivekanandawould glxinfo and glxgears do this ?08:07
dryhayejv: If your answer was for me, than I have more questions: what is "everything else"? On bug report manual they write about crashes. My ibus is not crashing while working - instead it's just not starting sometimes at all.08:07
Leroy-FiddlerVivekanada: have you tried Ubuntu as a Live-System?08:09
zetherooevery time I startup my machine (Ubuntu 12.04.1) I get this popup saying "Sorr, Ubuntu 12.04 has experienced an internal error." and in the details under ExecutablePath is "/usr/bin/lsb_release"  .... and a whole lot more info below that ... How can I fix this issue ... and indeed, what is the actual issue!?08:09
VivekanandaLeroy-Fiddler: It is a fresh install and no I have not.Atleast not currenlty08:09
Leroy-Fiddler@Vivekanada: I'm not quite sure. What happens when you type lsb_release into a terminal window?08:11
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gabkdllyzetheroo: Have you done any updates recently ?  LTS is now at 12.04.208:14
zetheroogabkdlly: I do updates as they come in ... nearly every day ... but this issue has been there since months08:15
zetherooI too am wondering why I am not at 12.04.2 yet08:16
gabkdllyzetheroo: In that case, it sounds like you want to file a bug on https://launchpad.net/08:16
kvarleyIs there a way to encrypt a external hard drive and have it automatically unlock the drive based off which user logs in?08:17
gabkdllyzetheroo: feel free to share the link to your bug here in the channel if you want to talk about it.08:17
avi143what i can do in chroot?08:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1094218 in lsb (Ubuntu) "lsb_release crashed with IOError in getstatusoutput(): [Errno 10] No child processes" [Medium,Confirmed]08:18
Seveasavi143: anything you'd normally do on the command line08:18
ejvanything your heart desires08:18
zetherooseems like someone else already did08:18
zetheroogabkdlly .. ^08:18
avi143can i access speakers.08:19
avi143can i speakers in chroot08:19
dr_willisyou mean play sound files?08:19
dr_willisshould be able to08:19
ejvcan i speakers? ha...08:20
zetheroogabkdlly: looks like it's to do with Teamviewer 8 ... which incidentally I have installed on my system too :P08:20
gabkdllyzetheroo: yeah, and it seems to be affecting a lot of people. Don't forget to mark it as affecting you.08:20
avi143i have debian in chroot on android mobile. but i am unable to play sound files. what to do.08:21
ejvthis is the Ubuntu support channel, you should perhaps try #debian08:22
dr_willisor #android08:22
dr_willissince those linux on android  chroot installs are very special in many ways08:23
dr_willisand of course the support site for whatevver tool you used to do the chroot install with08:23
ejv"what to do" is also completely poor questionining. good luck to you.08:24
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:24
dr_willisits possible it just dosent ssupport sound. ;)08:24
ejvmy linus doesn't work dr_willis what should i do08:25
* ejv facepalms08:25
dr_willisejv:  fix it!08:25
Seveasejv: install windows.08:26
ejvhelp vampires ;)08:26
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sandeeprsince morning apt-get update fails08:32
histodon't believe his chroot will have access to the sound system on android.08:32
histosandeepr: sudo apt-get update | pastebinit08:33
sandeeprhisto, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5610076/08:34
sandeepri have pasted the error part, let me know if you need the full thing08:35
Seveassandeepr: looks like the indian mirror is faulty. Switch to a different one08:35
Seveasthough, first try 'apt-get clean' and then 'apt-get update'. May be a corrupt local file08:36
sandeeprSeveas, is it to comment out the sources.list and add other repository08:36
histosandeepr: have you tried a different mirror?08:36
sandeepri did that08:36
sandeeprapt-get clean, auto remove08:36
histosandeepr: What other mirror did you try?08:36
Seveassandeepr: no, just remove 'in.' in front of archive.ubuntu.com to use the main archive08:37
sandeeprhisto, no i have tried any other mirro08:37
sandeeprSeveas, let me check08:37
histosandeepr: yes as seveas suggested remove the in.  from all the links in your sources.list or I can give you a sed command to do it.08:37
sandeeprhisto, the sed command would be great.08:38
Seveassudo sed -e 's/in\.//' -i /etc/apt/sources.list08:38
dr_willisyou may wan tto backup your sources.list first ;)08:38
Leroy-FiddlerI've got a question here, too. My Empathy window keeps switching to the first virtual desktop, but is supposed to stay on the upper right one. I've got 12.04 with the Unity desktop. Any suggestions?08:38
Leroy-Fiddlerseems to happen only when in halfscreen mode and switching desktops via hotkeys08:39
histosandeepr: sudo sed -i -e 's-in.--' /etc/apt/sources.list08:40
Vivekanandaso anyone how do I figure out if my graphics card is working or not in a fresh install08:41
histoahhs ee seveas already posted one.08:41
histo!details | Vivekananda08:41
ubottuVivekananda: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:41
Leroy-Fiddler@Vivekanada: Did you try my suggestion?08:42
dr_willisVivekananda:  whats your video card? do you see a desktop?08:42
doomlordAny info on how well ubuntu runs on win8 machines (transforming laptops often with pen)08:43
dr_willisdoomlord:  can totally depend on the specific laptop08:43
doomlordyes i suspect it would08:43
histodoomlord: yOu need to use 64bit for uefi support08:43
doomlordi would like such a device - but only if it runs ubuntu08:43
Leroy-Fiddler@doomlord: take extra care with that. See here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI08:43
histo!uefi | doomlord08:43
ubottudoomlord: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI08:44
histo!hcl | doomlord08:44
ubottudoomlord: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection08:44
Leroy-FiddlerMy Empathy window keeps switching to the first virtual desktop, but is supposed to stay on the upper right one. I've got 12.04 with the Unity desktop. Any suggestions?08:44
dr_willisLeroy-Fiddler:  use the compiz plugin for windows rules to force it to stay where you want.08:45
Leroy-Fiddlerdr_willis: could you give me some more info about that?08:45
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' (or 'simple-ccsm' for pre-Oneiric). If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz08:45
dr_willisits in the ccsm tool08:45
doomlordanyone know why the window-preview thumbnail plugin was removed08:46
Leroy-Fiddlerthx dr_willis! I'll try that out :)08:46
dr_willisdoomlord:  it diden twork well with the unity launcher08:47
doomlordi gather it only showed 1 preview.. but i'd have put up with that08:47
sandeeprhisto, Seveas - its going on, will keep you posted on completion. i added openstack ppa repository, however it is ign Ign http://ppa.launchpad.net precise/main08:48
Leroy-Fiddlerok guys, I have to go. See you later!08:48
sandeeprany idea why? and how to get pakcages from the ppa's08:48
histo!ppa > sandeepr08:49
ubottusandeepr, please see my private message08:49
histosandeepr: did changing mirrors fix the issue08:49
sandeeprit is going on08:49
sandeepri'll let you know as soon as it completes if it fixed or not,08:50
ShapeShifter499should I run the ssh-keygen as root?08:50
TakeItEZShapeShifter499: no08:50
dr_willisShapeShifter499:  i dont see why you would need to08:50
ShapeShifter499ok cool08:50
TakeItEZsandeepr: "ign" means "nothing new, nothing to download, so i ignore this"08:50
histoShapeShifter499: you run it as your user that you are generating keys for08:51
sandeeprok cool TakeItEZ thanks.08:51
mand_I'm having the problem that unity forgets launchers whenever I reboot08:52
mand_What could be the cause for that?08:52
mand_I start a program, lock it to the launcher but then it disappears after a reboot08:52
dr_willismake sure you dont have any files or directories  or . files that are owned by root.. does it do it for all apps ? or just a few?08:52
dr_willisuser config files and dirs getting owned by root.. seem to be a common issue ;(08:53
mand_It just happens for the Unity launcher, all apps are fine08:54
dr_willisso anything you pin  gets frogotten.. not just sspecific apps?08:55
mand_Yeah, anything08:55
mand_I've recently upgraded from 8.04 to 12.10.. so maybe thing did went wrong there? It's the programs I had in 8.04 in the gnome panel08:55
mand_It always resets to that state08:55
dr_willismake a new user. see if it works for them08:56
mand_dr_willis: It works for them, I've already tried08:56
dr_williscould be some  .config file in the problem users  home thats either owned by root.. or messed up08:56
mand_Do you know which config file that could be?08:57
dr_willisid clean out all the various .config/* files and so forth.. move tghem to some backup directory08:57
mand_Ok, I'll try08:57
dr_willisstuff in .config and .local08:57
mand_Ok, need to go off to try it :)08:58
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Vivekanandaso everyone09:10
VivekanandaI am trying to manually install a program and the instruction says to copy the tar file in the /usr/local and then unzip it and also create a env variable for it09:10
Vivekanandausr/local wont allow the shift so should I use sudo to do this ?09:11
VivekanandaIt says permission denied09:11
pAt__yes Vivekananda, you would have to use sudo for this09:13
Vivekanandaok thanks09:13
dr_willisubuntu 101 - you need sudo to mess with system wide configs and files...09:16
ubottuError: Ubuntu bug 101 could not be found09:16
dr_willisheh.. silly bot09:16
lkthomasguys, what kernel does default ubuntu 12.10 use ?09:17
dr_willisVivekananda:  what are you installing anyway?09:17
dr_willistheres been numerous kernel updates.. you mean  the main version # ?09:17
lkthomasyes, like 3.2 ?09:18
dr_willisthought it was 3.509:18
TakeItEZlkthomas: 3.5.0-x09:18
dr_willisbut im not on a ubuntu box to chexk09:18
lkthomasI see09:18
lkthomasthanks guys09:18
Vivekanandadr_willis: tHE LINK I posted above is the software I need to install --http://surfer.nmr.mgh.harvard.edu/fswiki/Download. I have a freshly installed uubntu 12.04 ( actually my friend has coz he needs the help and all) and so I want to make sure his hardware is ready to meet the challenge with the proper drivers installed and in place09:20
Vivekanandaso I want to make sure that his graphics card is working at optimum levels.09:20
dr_willisand his card is  a?09:21
=== Termana is now known as Guest61952
VivekanandaGt 610 nvidia09:25
dr_willishope hes not using an optimux based laptop. ;)09:25
VivekanandaI have no clue09:26
Vivekanandathe laptop itself is a dell vostro09:26
Vivekanandathe intel chip is t's running intel core 2 duo09:28
Vivekananda  E8400 @ 3 GHz09:28
Vivekananda  3 gb RAM09:28
Vivekanandawith nvidia geforce gt 61009:28
FloodBot1Vivekananda: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:28
Vivekanandasorry sorry09:28
Vivekanandadid not mean to09:28
dr_willistotally generic specs... tells us very little.09:28
Vivekanandaok so tell me what details I need to give you09:28
Vivekanandawill lspci help ?09:28
dr_willischeck lspci and seeif it mentions 2 video cards09:29
dr_willisnormally its an intel and an nvidia09:29
cronusi have a problem setting panning with 12.04 radeon driver. i use the command xrandr --output DVI-0 --mode 1024x768 --panning 1920x1080. resolution changes but panning with the mouse does not work09:29
Vivekanandadr_willis: lspci command not found ?? why would that be09:32
dr_willisno idea09:32
dr_willis!find lspci09:32
ubottuFile lspci found in debian-installer, grub-coreboot-bin, grub-coreboot-dbg, grub-efi-amd64-bin, grub-efi-amd64-dbg, grub-efi-ia32-bin, grub-efi-ia32-dbg, grub-ieee1275-bin, grub-ieee1275-dbg, grub-pc-bin (and 6 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=lspci&mode=&suite=quantal&arch=any09:33
TakeItEZVivekananda: sudo apt-get install pciutils09:33
Vivekanandaalso setevn command not found09:33
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit09:36
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ShapeShifter499should it matter what port ssh is on as long as I have good security measures?09:38
TakeItEZShapeShifter499: no09:38
cxcxhi there09:39
Vivekanandadr_willis: here is the lspci output https://gist.github.com/anonymous/5807e8c065076e8ffc8509:40
k1l_ShapeShifter499: the port is listed in a nmap scan. so changing the port is good to protect against web wide scans on port 22 not more.09:40
VivekanandaTakeItEZ: thanks for the pciutils thing09:40
TakeItEZShapeShifter499: it just keeps logs a bit more clean09:40
ShapeShifter499I rarely look at my logs09:40
TakeItEZwhy do you care about security then ShapeShifter49909:41
dr_willis!info logwatch09:41
ubottulogwatch (source: logwatch): log analyser with nice output written in Perl. In component main, is optional. Version 7.4.0+svn20111221rev79-1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 366 kB, installed size 1804 kB09:41
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cxcxi need 32 bit boost libraries on a 64 bit ubuntu 12.10 but i can't install libboost1.50-dev:i386 because it depends on libstdc++-dev:i386 and I can't install libstdc++6-4.7-dev:i386 because it depends on g++-4.7:i386 instead of g++-4.7-multilib09:42
TakeItEZShapeShifter499: and remember: if you change ssh-port, you cannot use "ssh" in iptables/ufw as bareword, you always have to specifiy the port09:42
TakeItEZShapeShifter499: or change /etc/services09:42
ikoniacxcx: why do you need the 32bit libraries ?09:42
ShapeShifter499TakeItEZ, better to learn it now then to learn hackers are why a heap load of pictures suddenly disappeared and my system wont boot lol09:42
cxcxbecause I need to compile something that uses a proprietary library that's only available as 32 bit09:43
dr_willisMost problelsm i find are the system user doing weird things...09:43
securityShapeShifter499: how many places will you ask this question ?09:43
ikoniacxcx: ok - so you either need to do that on a 32bit host, or cross-copmile it using multilib compatiable libraries, or a 32bit native tool chain09:43
ikoniacxcx: you can't just install 32bit packages on 64bit ubuntu,09:44
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cxcxi thought that was the point of the multiarch thing with :i386?09:44
ikoniacxcx: multiarch is yes,32bit native packages, no09:44
ShapeShifter499security just getting an idea of what people thought was better09:44
securityShapeShifter499: ok09:44
ShapeShifter499ok well I wont touch the ssh port but I will set up a 16384 bit RSA ssh key on all my ssh equipped systems09:47
cxcxikonia: so this bug report was invalid anyway? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/boost1.48/+bug/91843809:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 918438 in boost1.48 (Ubuntu) "Can't install 32 bit libboost on 64 bit system" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:50
ikoniacxcx: are you just trying to pull that package from the 32bit repo ?09:50
sandeeprhisto, Seveas - the update failed09:51
sandeeprit took over an hour, thats quite a long time :-(09:52
cxcxI try to do pretty much exactly what the guy in the bug report tried to do: "apt-get install libbost-dev-all:i386" or something like that09:52
theoshey is there a way to create a new keyboard layout? i just want to switch some keys. thats it. i tried editing the /symbols/us file but it didnt add a new layout in the preferences>keyboard>layouts09:52
k1l_sandeepr: run a "sudo apt-get update" and then do that upgrade again09:53
sandeepri was running the apt-get update for the last hour and it failed09:53
sandeepryou want me to run again?09:53
cxcxit was my impression that once ia32-libs-multiarch was installed that should just work09:54
k1l_sandeepr: yes09:54
zetheroowhen configuring 2 identical drives as RAID1 do I have to set one of them to be bootable - or is it enough to make the ext partition on the RAID1 bootable ?09:55
dr_willisapt-get update took an hr? what sort of connection is that on? sandeepr09:56
theosany help?09:57
dr_willisid suggest checking askubuntu.com09:59
cxcxah, found it: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultiarchCross#line-8010:02
zetheroodid my RAID question show up here?10:02
cxcxseems not to be completely implemented yet10:02
sandeeprdr_willis, :-) today the net connection seems to be hopeless10:04
cxcxikonia: do you have a recommendation of how to get a 32 bit boost that won't break on the next update?10:04
zetheroowhen configuring 2 identical drives as RAID1 do I have to set one of them to be bootable - or is it enough to make the ext partition on the RAID1 bootable ?10:04
zetheroois it true that the boot flag is not needed at all anymore ?10:05
k1l_zetheroo: not for ubuntu10:05
zetheroo k1l_: not true for Ubuntu or it's not needed for Ubuntu?10:06
=== mpmc|Away is now known as mpmc
TakeItEZzetheroo: the bootflag ist only needed, if the BIOS cannot find any bootmanager in the MBR10:08
zetherooTakeItEZ: ok ... do you know about my question regarding the RAID1 setup?10:09
TakeItEZzetheroo: no10:09
zetherooTakeItEZ: I am just wondering what is the correct method to use ... seems there is no clear definition on this ..10:09
theosre: hey is there a way to create a new keyboard layout? i just want to switch some keys. thats it. i tried editing the /symbols/us file but it didnt add a new layout in the preferences>keyboard>layouts10:10
vagrant_hi, uname -a shows 3.5.0-25-generic...but how is this possible, as only up to 3.4 is supported in ubuntu 12.04 (I have only upgraded with apt)10:11
zetherooTakeItEZ: is Grub installed to the MBR ?10:11
TakeItEZzetheroo: it's the default10:12
k1l_vagrant_: any PPAs?10:12
k1l_vagrant_: if not you may have activated that one: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseNotes/UbuntuServer#PrecisePangolin.2BAC8-ReleaseNotes.2BAC8-CommonInfrastructure.Ubuntu_Kernel_3.5.0-23.3510:15
vagrant_k1l_, found it via google, apparently the newest liveCDs ship with 3.5 (which is weird that you still can't upgrade through "normal" channels on an older install)10:15
lngHi! Can anybody help me to solve upstart job issue please? before it was working. I have changed some app configuration and now nothing is happening when I run it. If I execute app manually, it works: `/usr/local/bin/node index.js -c app/config/live`. How can I debug it?10:15
k1l_vagrant_: you can10:15
vagrant_via for example sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-quantal xserver-xorg-lts-quantal?10:16
k1l_vagrant_: yes10:16
vagrant_yeah, but you're adding in packages from another release...so I don't know how safe this is10:17
tarzeauhow can i report a bug in ubuntu? without a launchpad account?10:17
tarzeauin debian i can just use submit@bugs.debian.org but in ubuntu?10:17
SmokeyDhey everyone. I am running one ubuntu version (i386) and have free space available on my HDD. Is it possible to install a second (dual boot) ubuntu version (amd64), not from a live cd, but from inside the running i386 version?10:17
k1l_vagrant_: its the same kernel that ships with the .2 releaese10:17
k1l_vagrant_: that is a quantal kernel too10:18
tarzeauSmokeyD: yes, using (c)debootstrap10:18
SmokeyDtarzeau: ok. Thanks.10:18
* SmokeyD is googling debootstrap10:18
tarzeauSmokeyD: wow, still on 32-bit, why?10:18
SmokeyDtarzeau: history10:18
SmokeyDtarzeau: guess why I am switching to amd6410:19
tarzeauSmokeyD: you want to check if it's fine10:19
SmokeyDthe point is that I have a lot of stuff setup just right in the i386 version, so I am hestiant to start over with a new install10:19
tarzeauSmokeyD: like what?10:19
JHofmannhey, i have an error with apt... i get the error mkinitramfs failure... here is a screenshot: http://img109.imageshack.us/img109/6595/errored.jpg anyone have an idea?10:19
=== Myrtti_ is now known as Myrtti
cxcxactually the use case of migrating from 32 to 64 bit is mentioned here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultiarchSpec#User_stories10:21
=== baba is now known as Guest13870
tarzeaubut how can i report bugs in ubuntu?10:21
ikoniatarzeau: what's the issue ?10:21
ikoniatarzeau: a lot of things people think are bugs, are not10:21
tarzeauikonia: i have a screenshot of lightdm.10:22
tarzeauikonia: ok, i am sure it is a bug though.10:22
ikoniatarzeau: ok then10:22
ikonia!bug | tarzeau10:22
ubottutarzeau: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.10:22
tarzeauikonia: thank you10:22
tarzeauikonia: ok the ubuntu-bug opens a browser and wants a launchpad account. i just got rid of mine, and don't plan to use launchpad anymore... checking the other ways now...10:23
ikoniatarzeau: you need to use launcpad, that is the bug reporting place10:24
ikoniatarzeau: so if you don't want to use launchpad you can't report a bug10:24
tarzeauikonia: i can't use launchpad without a login? i have an email address, that's enough with bugs.debian.org10:24
ikoniatarzeau: you're not reporting a bug to debian, the ubuntu bug system requirs you to use launchpad10:25
tarzeauikonia: ok thank you. sucks10:25
zetheroocompleted install of Ubuntu 12.04.2 ... right before the grub menu there is this message for a couple seconds "error: fd0 read error" ... then it goes to grub menu and boots of the first entry ... it sits at a black screen for a couple min before continuing to boot Ubuntu .... why!?10:25
ikoniazetheroo: fd0 is an old floppy drive reference10:25
ikoniazetheroo: obviously it won't find one as most modern machines have don't have floppys10:26
zetherooikonia: can I get grub to ignore looking for it? ... or do I need to disable something in the BIOS?10:26
ikoniazetheroo: yeah, you can get grub to not look for it, it's probably in your device.map....10:27
JHofmanncan anybody help me?10:28
zetherooikonia: is device.map a file I can manually edit? ...10:30
ikoniazetheroo: should be clear text, sure10:30
zetherooikonia: should it be in /boot/grub/* ?10:33
ikoniazetheroo: should be10:33
ikoniazetheroo: quick google on grub2 disable floppy (or fd0) brings up some results10:33
ikoniazetheroo: not done it on grub2 so I'm not %100 certain of the process without testing it myself10:34
sandeeprhisto, Seveas, dr_willis - apt-get update worked finally10:35
SmokeyDtarzeau: on my i386 I have sooo many packages installed, development environments setup, etc that it is going to take me a while to get that all setup again on a new install10:35
sandeeprk1l_, thanks too10:35
=== Onixs_ is now known as Onixs
SmokeyDtarzeau: If I install a new ubuntu version using debootstrap, can i then also update-grub and grub-install from that new install to setup dual booting into the i386 and amd64 system?10:36
Fuzzlesow can i install ubuntu raring in a vm and have unity run smoothly?10:38
=== brian_ is now known as nullm0dem
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
EaglemanIs ubuntu having problems when virtualized with virtio network drivers, mu network speed drops to 2 mbit max after a while, while the rest of my virtualized systems are on full speed10:42
=== tiagoscd is now known as Guest97368
sandeeprdo the chat log get save anywhere i can take a look at?10:42
ikoniaEagleman: no issue10:43
ikoniasandeepr: depends on your client, there are public logs10:43
ikonia!logs | sandeepr10:43
ubottusandeepr: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/10:43
Eaglemanikonia: Any idea why the speed drops then?10:43
sam113101holyshit we're being logged10:43
nunneAnyone have gotten playback from ubuntu via airplay to work to xbmc? I can see the device under pulse audio, but when i try to press play in any media app. it will not even start playback10:44
ikoniasam113101: no need for the language10:44
ikoniaEagleman: your network ?10:44
Eaglemanikonia: my other systems are working fine10:44
ikoniaEagleman: look at your physical network cards load/perfomance10:44
Eaglemanikonia: the hypervisor has full speed10:45
ikoniaEagleman: what make/model is the physical network card10:45
Eaglemanikonia: in the hypervisor or ubuntu?10:46
A_JHow do i change the keyboard settings in ubuntu. getting funny characters for shift 1 etc10:46
A_Jlike shift 3 gives me pounds symbol10:46
ikoniaEagleman: the physical network card/module on the host10:47
Eaglemanr8168 with r8168 drivers10:47
Eaglemanhad to fix the r8169 issue with the vanilla kernel first10:47
ikoniaEagleman: what is the vendor of an r816810:47
ikoniavanilla kernel.. ?10:47
Eaglemanikonia: archlinux uses a non patched kernel as far as i know, TP-Link TG-326910:49
TakeItEZr8168/r8169 is realtek10:49
ikoniaEagleman: what does archlinux have to do with this ?10:50
Eaglemanbecuase it is the host?10:50
ikoniaEagleman: errr then why are you asking Ubuntu ?10:51
ikoniaEagleman: it's host/hypervisor issue with performance10:51
EaglemanI am using archlinux as a bare metal hypervisor in combination with kvm, however all systems work fine except the guest ubuntu-server machine which has realy low bandwidth speeds10:52
ikoniaEagleman: look at what module the guest is loading for network10:53
EaglemanKernel driver in use: virtio-pci10:53
ikoniathat should be fie10:54
ikoniaEagleman: what are you other "good" guests using ?10:54
Eaglemannon virtio drivers10:54
=== tiagohillebrandt is now known as tiagoscd
=== aard__ is now known as aard_
ikoniaEagleman: can you test your ubuntu box forcing those drivers ?10:56
=== zAo^_ is now known as zAo^
=== torpet is now known as torpet|away
BluesKajHowdy all10:59
zetheroowhen I do apt-get upgrade I see this :  The following packages have been kept back:11:01
zetheroo  linux-headers-generic-lts-quantal linux-image-generic-lts-quantal11:01
zetheroois this because those are unstable packages?11:01
ikoniazetheroo: you're on 12.04 ?11:02
ikoniazetheroo: why are you getting quantal packages ?11:02
zetherooikonia: no idea ... :P11:02
zetherooikonia: is it something that could be coming through backports?11:03
ikoniazetheroo: have you got backports enabled....?11:03
zetherooikonia: I think it's enabled by default ...11:04
ikoniareally shouldn't be11:04
zetherooikonia: I was not asked to select the repos I wanted to have enabled during install ...11:04
=== fisted_ is now known as fisted
ikoniaI'd be very surprised if backports is enabled by default on LTS releases.11:04
zetherooyes, just checked the sources.list file and "deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-backports main restricted universe multiverse" is there11:05
zetherooand enabled11:05
zetherooso it's being enabled by default now it seems ... odd11:06
ikoniathat's not good11:06
zetherooI will disable them right away11:06
ikoniazetheroo: keep in mind, that's just my opinion11:07
zetheroook, I commented them out and saved the file ... then I did apt-get update and apt-get upgrade ...and the line about those same packages being held back is still there11:07
zetheroowhy do packages get "held back" ?11:09
AndreasErAnyone got any idea why i end up with white borders around the icons in cairo?11:09
candyhow to install skype11:10
ikonia!skype | candy11:11
ubottucandy: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga11:11
ikoniazetheroo: normally an incompatability11:11
A_JHow do i change the keyboard settings in ubuntu. getting funny characters for shift 1 etc11:11
nameless`A_J: what do you mean exactly ? setxkbmap us will set your keyboard for US layout11:12
Elmocohallo  i have a problem join under net, any ideas about please11:14
A_Jnameless` didnt work shift 3 gives a a pound sigh11:14
A_Jinstead of #11:14
ikoniaElmoco: this is ubuntu support11:14
ikoniaElmoco: we don't support undernet11:14
Elmocook thanks11:15
cxcxwhat would be the recommended way to get 32 bit boost libraries that won't break on the next update of gcc-multiarch libs etc?11:16
Proteus500hey guys. Can anyone tell me if the Radeon 6620G will do alright with the latest Xorg?11:16
dhanasekaranHi Guys I need configure Too many open files in /etc/security/limits.conf11:17
dhanasekaran 57 *               -      nofile          100000011:17
dhanasekaran 58 *               -      nproc           100000011:17
dhanasekaranulimit -n means give 102411:17
dhanasekaranI want set max level please guide me11:17
dhanasekaranI am using 12.0411:18
candyno way skype packages damged11:20
ikoniacandy: skype package is not damanged11:20
=== CaptSamVimes is now known as LordoflaMancha
ubottuGuest96310: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:24
=== Aztec is now known as A2tec
SonOfGodproblem whit virtualbox : error code NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005) allredy try sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup but din't work can anyone help me ?11:30
StephenSis there a way to move top minimize max and close on right11:31
StephenSlike on win?11:31
=== PrincessDaybreak is now known as Dawn_
Eaglemanikonia: other drivers are not using the vlan correctly11:31
alumno4somebody speak spanish?11:32
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.11:32
SeveasStephenS: yes there is, with gconftool11:33
StephenShow to start it? with terminal?11:33
SeveasStephenS: gconftool -s /apps/metacity/general/button_layout -t string menu:minimize,maximize,close11:33
StephenSis there any gui11:34
StephenSwhere I can lookup?11:34
StephenSThe program 'gconf-editor' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:11:34
userUbu0804hi all11:34
userUbu0804My laptop HP COMPAQ 6715b doesn't work well with the latest Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and I'm re-installing Ubuntu 08.04.4 LTS which work like a charm. Can I use LibreOffice with 08.04 LTS version ?11:35
SeveasuserUbu0804: 08.04 is no longer supported. Why not try to make 12.04 work better?11:36
StephenSSeveas, I installed it but couldnt find it in gnome env for desktop.. I run your command and nothing happened11:36
StephenSI need re-login?11:36
=== torpet|away is now known as torpet
SeveasStephenS: ok, then that may be only for older versions of Ubuntu. Rats.11:37
userUbu0804Seveas, because my graphic card isn't supported on 12.04. From what I passed so far with Ubuntu, only 08.04 works at its best.11:37
k1l!away > torpet11:37
ubottutorpet, please see my private message11:37
StephenSso what to do?11:37
k1luserUbu0804: 8.04 is out of support long time for the desktop.11:37
StephenSDconf Editor saves the thing11:38
k1lthere are no security updates anymore so that is very unsafe to use11:38
userUbu0804yes but my system is very old..11:38
SeveasuserUbu0804: then either buy a new system or try something a bit lighter than ubuntu. Maybe xubuntu works better for you11:38
userUbu0804Seveas, ok thanks. I will re-install 08.04.4 as all my drivers work perfect with that edition of Ubuntu.11:39
StephenSdamn Seveas still not working11:41
StephenSI follow this tut http://handytutorial.com/move-window-buttons-to-right-in-ubuntu-12-10-12-04/ and still the same11:42
StephenSalthough :minimize.... was already set at how it was in tut11:42
SonOfGodproblem whit virtualbox : error code NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005) allredy try sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup but din't work can anyone help me ?11:42
StephenShmm its on right now Seveas but when I maximize its on the left, how can I change it completelly?11:44
=== Sidze- is now known as Sw33NY
k1lStephenS: i think that is not compatible with globalmenue11:45
StephenShow to make it compatibilly?11:45
StephenSis there any theme which reminds on windows?11:45
k1lwell, dont use global menue then11:46
k1lStephenS: why not use xfce in the first place?11:46
k1l!xubuntu | StephenS11:47
ubottuStephenS: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels11:47
StephenSso I still use ubuntu but with xfce env?11:47
StephenSnot gnome right?11:47
k1lStephenS: see: http://i.imgur.com/3N5f6.jpg that are the desktops in comparison11:48
ubottugenius: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:48
StephenSmaybe lxde is the most similar to win?11:49
lantiziaHey which channel is best to speak about the "Business Desktop Remix 12.04 LTS" ?11:49
StephenSas xfce have that top think which would make maximize the same as on gnome11:49
k1lStephenS: if you want to change nearly everything about unity it could be better to use a desktop that comes with that changes out of the box11:49
k1l!lubuntu | StephenS11:49
ubottuStephenS: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.11:49
StephenSWhich desktop?11:49
k1llantizia: i dont know if there is a special business channel. you can ask here11:50
lantiziaOK well my question is... does the "Business Desktop Remix 12.04 LTS" expire in any way - is it a trial of some sort... or will it work even if my organization doesn't decide to buy a support contract?11:51
SeveasStephenS: that's not changeable11:51
StephenSis there cmd line for lubuntu instyall?11:51
k1lStephenS: apt-get install lubuntu-desktop11:53
StephenSThanks, and if Im not happy I still have gnome so I can easily switch :) and lubuntu use less resources then gnome right?11:54
=== Sw33NY is now known as Sidze-
burghello. i am trying to install imagemagick on ubuntu 11.10 from an ec2 machine, and when it tries to install a dependency it tells me that it can not fetch some packages: Failed to fetch http://eu-west-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/c/cups/libcupsimage2_1.5.0-8ubuntu6_amd64.deb  403  Forbidden11:54
k1lStephenS: right11:54
=== mg_ is now known as mg
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burgnevermind, an apt-get update fixed the problem12:01
mjaykburg: /cheer12:01
=== Guest61952 is now known as Termana
K-4UDoes the commandline have a max?12:06
K-4Uwith length i mean..12:06
jpdsK-4U: yes.12:06
K-4Ujpds: Oh really? How long is it?12:07
jpdsK-4U: But I think you'll tire of typing by the time you get to that point.12:07
priteshhey guys, anyone please tell me, what will be the minimum size of ubuntu installation with XFCE4 ?? currently i am at 941MB after removing most of things12:13
cfhowlettpritesh, still wrestling with this I see.  suggest you look on the minimal install option ...12:13
priteshcfhowlett, i installed with minimal and previously size was 1.2GB, then i trimmed it.12:14
cfhowlettpritesh, one step ahead of me then ...12:15
elkyYou seem to have the answer for your own question.12:16
priteshcfhowlett, is there such files that i will delete and will not effect the system ?12:16
jribpritesh: can I ask why you care about size so much?12:17
cfhowlettpritesh, as minimal footprint is the goal, I'd say you could delete extraneous desktop environments and themes ... but I've never done it.12:17
priteshjrib, i have to install linux in 800MB bcoz i am installling it on thinclient which have flashmemory of 1GB only12:20
=== Pricey_ is now known as Pricey
priteshcfhowlett, i deleted themes, extra plugins of xfce4, man pages, openssh, servers and manymore12:21
cfhowlettpritesh, you MIGHT be a good client for damn small linux ... but I've never used it and it's not supported here.12:22
kvarleypritesh: You should use the Ubuntu Mini iso and try that or head over to #archlinux12:22
priteshcfhowlett,  also i deleted /var/cache/* and /var/log/*12:22
khaije1are the alternate install cd's any different than the server install cd's?12:25
khaije1I'm looking for as base an image as possible... does ubuntu still do jeos?12:25
jribpritesh: I agree with cfhowlett.  You should take a look at the distros dedicated to being small (like damnsmalllinux).  At the very least, you could take a look at DSL and compare what packages you have on your minimal ubuntu that DSL omit12:25
cfhowlettkhaije1, yes.  server is a different ISO than desktop.12:25
=== Varazir_ is now known as Varazir
khaije1cfhowlett: I'm wondering about server vs alternate12:26
cfhowlettkhaije1, alternate ISO is a desktop version with a non-gui installer.12:26
cfhowlettkhaije1, I don't know about jeos though.12:26
DJoneskhaije1: The alternate install doesn't exist from 12.10, you'd have to use 12.04 or earlier if you wanted that option12:26
khaije1cool thanks cfhowlett12:27
priteshohj.. checking things again. thanks cfhowlett,jrib,kvarley12:28
cfhowlettpritesh, best of luck12:28
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest48499
adrianrhHi! I am trying to install a dualboot windows/ubuntu, but the system does not allow me to create more than 4 partitions and say I need to create an extended partition. Can I put my ubuntu and my storage in this extended partition?12:37
cfhowlettadrianrh, yes12:38
adrianrhcfhowlett, thanks12:38
EaglemanWhy does my bandwidth drops from 60 mbits to 2 mbits after a while?12:41
=== jack is now known as Guest75318
_ravenvlc: how to reload/update a playlist after every file played?12:43
=== adellam_ is now known as adellam
JStalinhi, where can I find print log? Job is sent to printer, but nothing is printed, and no errors appears. I'm using network printer.12:47
nearsthi ppl12:48
cfhowlettnearst, strretings12:48
nearsthi cfhowlett :)12:48
JStalinfound it12:50
JStalinok, now other question, I'm connecting RD (RDP) (using remmina and xfreerdp). When I try to print, job is sent to printer, but nothing is printed out. Error log shows [CAPTFILTER] Input File Error.12:53
=== mike is now known as Guest81791
WintermeWhi , i've got an issue with ubuntu 12.10 and unity3D: it doesn't display except the pinboard and a transparent top-bar with nothing in it, and no sidebar at all. here is the output of unity_support_test: http://pastebin.com/4fc6H0uD13:06
pippijnhi all13:06
_ravenis mplayer able to update the playlist after each file played? i have a playlist with only one item which ggets updated by an external script13:07
HeKToNguys general question what do you think of chromium ?13:08
jrib_raven: you might try #mplayer though you could work around it by just calling mplayer in a loop...13:08
jribHeKToN: would be better to discuss that in #ubuntu-offtopic13:08
rcmaehlHow do I claim this device? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5610611/13:09
_ravenjrib would be ok but i need the mplayer window always on the same place13:09
jrib_raven: you  can pass -geometry to mplayer.  There may be a better way; I'm just offering an option13:10
StephenSWhat is channel for cinnamon? I know its mint related but I use it on ubuntu so maybe some relation? :D13:10
_ravenjrib geometry gives position on screen?13:11
jrib_raven: you can specify position and size, yes13:11
MilanskyIs anyone familiar with "Cannot find kernel image: /casper/vmlinuz -- Trying to install fresh ubuntu from a USB (dloaded .iso from ubuntu.com)13:13
jrib_raven: you might look into how mplayer behaves if you specify a fifo as the playlist and then use that...13:13
jrib_raven: and if that doesn't work. You *can* control mplayer with commands (for example using a fifo) in a programmatic way.  You could modify your script to control mplayer instead of just dropping the url in a playlist13:14
=== akke_ is now known as akke
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mojtabaHi, I have a 1TB external hard drive, but I can not mount it. Does anybody know how can I fix this problem?13:15
mojtabaI had access to it before13:15
mojtabaI had a power failure recently.13:16
jribmojtaba: you should say how you are trying to mount it and what happens when you try13:16
mojtabajrib: before I just pluged in and it was mounted automatically13:16
jribmojtaba: are you familiar with using the "mount" command?13:17
mojtabaI just plugged it in and it gave an error13:17
Laurencebhow can i install a header package manually?13:17
Laurencebi need octave3.6-headers on 10.04lts13:17
mojtabajrib: actually I am a newbe.13:17
jribmojtaba: what error are you getting?13:17
mojtabaunable to mount. Error mounting /dev/sdb1 at /media/mojtaba/freedom: Command-line `mount -t "ext3" -o "uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid" "/dev/sdb1" "/media/mojtaba/freedom"' exited with non-zero exit status 32: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1,13:18
mojtaba       missing codepage or helper program, or other error13:18
mojtaba       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try13:18
mojtaba       dmesg | tail  or so13:18
FloodBot1mojtaba: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:18
mojtabaFloodBot1: ok13:18
dhanasekaranHow do I increase the open files limit in ubuntu 12.0413:18
dhanasekaran-su: ulimit: open files: cannot modify limit: Operation not permitted13:19
jribdhanasekaran: you can edit /etc/security/limits.conf13:19
mojtabajrib: did you check that?13:20
jribmojtaba: do you have data on here that you need?13:20
mojtabajrib: Yes. :(13:20
jribmojtaba: no backups?13:20
mojtabajrib: No.13:20
jribmojtaba: pastebin "dmesg | tail"13:20
Laurencebhow can i install a header package manually?13:21
Laurencebi need octave3.6-headers on 10.04lts13:21
dhanasekaranjrib: *                soft    nofile          6553513:21
dhanasekaran*                hard    nofile          6553513:21
mojtabajrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5610635/13:22
dhanasekaranjrib: But it's not work -su: ulimit: open files: cannot modify limit: Operation not permitted13:22
jribdhanasekaran: well what did you do...?13:22
Ben64dhanasekaran: why do you want to modify it anyway13:22
dhanasekaranBen64: I need maximun openfile requied for my pplication for hadoop13:23
jribmojtaba: you might try to fsck the partition sdb113:23
Ben64pretty sure some of those aren't words13:24
jribprobably a really bad keyboard13:24
mojtabajrib: would you please let me have the full command? ( do you know how can I have it as an unattended command, as I am leaving for a moment.)13:24
dhanasekaranjrib: http://paste.lisp.org/display/136022 please look13:24
jrib!fsck | mojtaba13:24
ubottumojtaba: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot13:24
jribmojtaba: hrmm.  One sec.  Ignore that.13:25
SrPxHow do I use a path that has spaces on the command line? like hm, `mkdir my folder` ?13:25
Ben64dhanasekaran: remove those last two lines13:25
SonikkuAmericaSrPx: Use an escape character "\" before the space13:25
SrPxSonikkuAmerica: that's the only way?13:26
jribSrPx: or use quotes... 'foo bar'13:26
dhanasekaranBen64: When I remove max number of open files 1024 I want maximiun13:26
=== arcsky_ is now known as arcsky
mojtabajrib: I guess the system has crashed before in the middle of fsck. :(13:26
Ben64dhanasekaran: by default it's unlimited...13:27
=== mhall119_ is now known as mhall119
jribBen64: hard limit for nofile here is 4096, but could be due to an old install13:27
dhanasekaranBen64: I believe 102413:29
dhanasekaranjrib: Please guide me I am using 12.0413:29
jribmojtaba: I can't find a decent page on fsck.  But just make sure it's unmounted and then run "fsck /dev/sdb1".  You want to stick around to see what happens13:29
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest9386
jribdhanasekaran: what do you want to increase the nofile limit to?13:30
=== wedgwood_away is now known as wedgwood
mojtabajrib: actually I have done this before and it needs to press 1 million y on keyboard. :o13:30
dhanasekaranjrib: I already set to 65535 I trying to login user it's says error -su: ulimit: open files: cannot modify limit: Operation not permitted13:30
jribdhanasekaran: does it say that when you remove the lines from limits.conf too?13:31
dhanasekaranjrib: I want that line will be here otherwise maxfile should be 102413:32
jribdhanasekaran: that's fine, but can you answer my qusetion?13:32
dhanasekaranjrib: no13:33
jribdhanasekaran: that's weird13:33
jribdhanasekaran: how are you logging in?13:33
lubricantHi, am running Lubuntu on a celeron dell inspiron 2200 series. Needless to say problems are with the wifi , can anyone please advice. Bios has wifi on and i have the b43 drivers installed13:33
dhanasekaranjrib: root@dvcliftonhera225:~# su - hdfs             -su: ulimit: open files: cannot modify limit: Operation not permitted13:34
SonikkuAmericalubricant: And you're using a Broadcom Wi-Fi card?13:34
rcmaehllubricant: ##linux-wirelss will probably be able to help you quicker and better13:34
jribdhanasekaran: are you calling ulimit somewhere in your login files?13:34
rcmaehl##linux-wireless I mean13:34
lubricantSonikkuAmerica, yes, i suppose so, have tried deactivating it but that did not make a difference13:35
lubricantrcmaehl, will try there as well13:35
dhanasekaranjrib:  I did entry here /etc/bash.bashrc  ulimit -n 6553513:35
HeKToNguys my applications including terminal are open on one window and I need to untab then how to change it by default to open them untabbed ?13:35
lubricantjoin ##linux-wireless13:35
SonikkuAmericalubricant: Head there first; if that doesn't work, you might try #lubuntu13:35
jribdhanasekaran: you don't need that if you're already making the default that number, no?13:36
CHUTIYA_SERVERwas uppppppppppp13:36
SonikkuAmerica!hi | CHUTIYA_SERVER13:36
jribdhanasekaran: anyway, remove that line, then pastebin output of: grep -r pam_limits.so /etc/pam.d/13:36
dhanasekaranjrib: The file effect only you need to restart, I dont't want restart my server13:36
SeveasSonikkuAmerica: you scared him :(13:36
cfhowlettlubricant, what wifi card specifically?13:36
SonikkuAmericaSeveas: I forgot that only works in #xubuntu13:37
jribdhanasekaran: I don't believe that's true.  It should take effect on a new login as long as pam is setup right13:37
dhanasekaranjrib: I added entry also It's not works form  me13:37
jribdhanasekaran: I'd expect as much13:38
dhanasekaranjrib: removed entry from /etc/bash.bashrc after i tried maxopenfile value 102413:38
zetheroohow can i see if I am using Ubuntu 12.04 or 12.04.2 ?13:38
HeKToNguys my applications including terminal are open on one window and I need to untab then how to change it by default to open them untabbed ?13:38
jribdhanasekaran: pasttebin output of: grep -r pam_limits.so /etc/pam.d/13:38
dhanasekaranjrib: What i need to do13:38
lubricantzetheroo, in terminal type cat /etc/issue13:38
zetheroolubricant: thanks13:39
lubricantrcmaehl, where is ##linux-wireless cannot find it13:39
lubricantzetheroo, welcome13:39
rcmaehllubricant: #linux-wireless ?13:39
dhanasekaran/etc/pam.d/login:session    required   pam_limits.so    /etc/pam.d/common-session:session required pam_limits.so   /etc/pam.d/su:# session    required   pam_limits.so  /etc/pam.d/atd:session    required   pam_limits.so13:40
dhanasekaran/etc/pam.d/cron:session    required   pam_limits.so  /etc/pam.d/sshd:session    required     pam_limits.so13:40
jribdhanasekaran: use a pastebin13:40
dhanasekaranjrib: http://pastebin.com/JnrDVHbH13:41
jribdhanasekaran: you can uncomment the "pam_limits.so" line in /etc/pam.d/su13:42
dhanasekaranjrib: let me try13:43
lubricantrcmaehl, yes am there posted and waiting13:43
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=== man is now known as fengshi
DylanClHello, currently on a laptop keyboard. When trying to use numbers, it just comes up as &é"'(§è!ç and à. To use the actual numbers, I need to use shift+&é", ... Is there a way to change this so it automaticly comes up as a number?13:44
dhanasekaranjrib: same error no luck13:44
jribdhanasekaran: it's impossible for you to get the same error since you removed the line that caused it...13:44
dhanasekaranjrib: http://pastebin.com/Nb7xyAWd13:46
DylanClCan anybody solve the problem I'm having?13:46
jribdhanasekaran: grep ulimit /etc/bash.bashrc ~/.bash*13:46
jrib!helpme | DylanCl13:47
ubottuDylanCl: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude13:47
dhanasekaranjrib: http://pastebin.com/LwvhbJ4n13:48
jribdhanasekaran: you can also pastebin /etc/security/limits.conf in its current state13:48
IndustrialI have installed git-daemon-run to run a git daemon on this computer. I have a bare repository at /home/tom/Documents/repos/utils.git. if I clone git:// then I get an authentication error. Did I miss a step?13:48
dhanasekaranjrib: http://pastebin.com/Rxc0Y14h13:49
jribdhanasekaran: so what does "ulimit -n" output now for hdfs?13:50
mike-whow can i deal with foncconfig warning? ubuntu1213:50
mike-wit prints things like this: Fontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/90-fonts-nanum.conf", line 26: Having multiple <family> in <alias> isn't supported and may not works as expected13:51
lubricantHey, have a pci wifi card, how can i figure out what drivers it needs13:51
dhanasekaranjrib: http://pastebin.com/G2gbqMmT13:51
AStorm|workhello, I'm running 12.04 LTS (no way to upgrade) and need newer cmake for that13:51
AStorm|workis there some nice repository with it?13:51
jribdhanasekaran: so what does "ulimit -nH" output now for hdfs?13:52
cfhowlettlubricant, thought you id'd that card as a Broadcom model?13:52
dhanasekaranjrib: hdfs@dvcliftonhera141:~$ ulimit -nH13:53
dhanasekaran-su: ulimit: H: invalid number13:53
AStorm|work(don't even try to recommend dist upgrade, I have dumb binary legacy software that doesn't work on newer)13:53
cfhowlettlubricant, see the following.  for what it's worth, I had my wifi up and running after 2 minutes of terminal work in 12.04   http://turbolinux.org/2011/07/ubuntu-broadcom-bcm43xx-chipset-pci/13:53
jribdhanasekaran: what about ulimit -aH13:54
dhanasekaranjrib: http://pastebin.com/WCezELPp13:55
jribdhanasekaran: actually, maybe I am making a mistake.  Do this: ulimit -H -n13:55
jribdhanasekaran: ok so your limits are getting set to 32768 instead of 65538 now?  Did you change limits.conf?13:56
dhanasekaranjrib: no13:56
blip-hi all, my laptop was plugged into an external monitor at work (thus 2 different screens, same X server).   Now i'm back home and my main desktop is outside of the laptop LCD, so I can't use anything.   What can I do to change it other than rebooting as one does in Windows ?13:56
dhanasekaranjrib:  root user  getting 65535 but hdfs user different value why?13:57
danman1453just tried to use x -configure to build a new xorg.conf and got the following msg:13:57
jribdhanasekaran: did you change anything else regarding limits?  Other than /etc/security/limits.conf and /etc/bash.bashrc?13:57
IndustrialI have installed git-daemon-run to run a git daemon on this computer. I have a bare repository at /home/tom/Documents/repos/utils.git. if I clone git:// then I get an authentication error. Did I miss a step?13:57
danman1453"The number of created screens does not match the number of detected devices"13:57
dhanasekaranjrib: No I not changed any thing13:58
IndustrialI cannot ask this in #git because it involves an ubuntu package and possible configuration13:58
dhanasekaranjrib: problem with only hdfs user13:58
Industrialwhen i check service --status-all I don't see a git-server, but the git-server-run package is installed13:58
jribdhanasekaran: how about other users?13:58
cfhowlett#ubuntu-devel|Industrial, would probably know13:59
Picicfhowlett: no, thats not really appropriate for #ubuntu-devel13:59
dhanasekaranjrib: others  getting 65535 value13:59
cfhowlettPici, my mistake.  thought he was doing ubuntu package stuff ...13:59
jribdhanasekaran: I have no idea why that user has a different hard limit if the /etc/security/limits.conf is as you last posted14:01
no_gravityHello! When logging into my servers I often get a "System Restart Required" message. Is there a way to see why?14:01
=== mpmc is now known as mpmc|Away
jribno_gravity: sort of.  You can see what /etc/update-motd.d/98-reboot-required actually does14:02
dhanasekaranjrib: i don't know why different value14:02
PiciIndustrial: What release of Ubuntu are you using?14:02
dhanasekaranjrib: I update only limits.conf file only14:02
danman1453is there an nvidia channel?14:02
danman1453for ubuntu?14:02
jribdhanasekaran: want to pastebin limits.conf one more time?14:03
no_gravityjrib: you mean i should execute "98-reboot-required"?14:03
jhutchins_wkno_gravity: No, you should look at it and see what it does.14:03
no_gravityjhutchins_wk: ah14:03
jribno_gravity: no, you can read it and see where it gets its information.  In the end it just checks for the existence of some file.  So then you can go research what creates/writes to that file14:03
Chexdr_willis: 05:18 < dr_willis> but im not on a ubuntu box to chexk14:03
Chex:o :O14:04
no_gravitydamn, im just going to reboot that fucking machine.14:04
dhanasekaranjrib: http://pastebin.com/ebrtWQCR14:04
jribdhanasekaran: I don't know then why hdfs has "ulimit -H -n" output other than 65535. Maybe someone else can help you14:05
lubricantcfhowlett, all the google links say the dell inspiron has a b43 wifi device, but i have a pci card and not sure how to get that going14:05
randomrandomCould someone help me with getting Ubuntu Live to work on my laptop?14:06
benpbhi gays14:08
szxis it enough to know user password to access the contents of encrypted home directory?14:12
icerootdhanasekaran: jrib you can not set ulimit anymore, since a specific glibc version its a dynamic value which depends on your system14:13
icerootszx: normally, yes14:13
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inSeriousTroublehelp help! guys i typed this in cmd: sudo apt-get remove lamp-server^ and went afk when i returned i saw alot of packages (unrelated to this were removed as well) like jdk7,unity-greeter vlc etc etc, i want to get them back because if i log off once i'm dead. PLS HELP14:15
inSeriousTroublei typed that in terminal*14:16
sonOfRaterminal still open?14:16
sonOfRamark the removed packages14:16
sonOfRatype sudo apt-get install14:17
sonOfRaand paste them14:17
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=== ZombieShark is now known as LaserShark
inSeriousTroublehelp help! guys i typed this in terminal: sudo apt-get remove lamp-server^ and went afk when i returned i saw alot of packages (unrelated to this were removed as well) like jdk7,unity-greeter vlc etc etc, i want to get them back because if i log off once i'm dead. PLS HELP14:19
inicsMaybe someone can help me a little bit with VBA(Visual Basic in excel) of course who understand it :))))14:20
dhanasekaranjrib: finally find the hdfs related config. file in root@dvcliftonhera139:/etc/security/limits.d# ls14:27
dhanasekaranhbase.nofiles.conf  hdfs.conf  mapred.conf  mapreduce.conf  yarn.conf14:27
inSeriousTroublehelp help! guys i typed this in terminal: sudo apt-get remove lamp-server^ and went afk when i returned i saw alot of packages (unrelated to this were removed as well) like jdk7,unity-greeter vlc etc etc, i want to get them back because if i log off once i'm dead. PLS HELP14:29
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Guest36454Hello ! can you help me disabling teamviewerd service on Ubuntu 12 ?14:34
Weeeeezzlhi folks! could someone please help me out a little bit? i'm about to install an openvpn srv on 12.04, however, once i change dhcp ip to static the interface crashes.. somehow. no matter if i do the changes directly in the interfaces conf file or via i.e. webmin. the server is running on virtualbox - yes i do switch from nat to bridged ;)14:35
Curiousanyone ??!14:36
bviktorhi, is there a way to customize the banner text in the ubuntu login screen? it's "ubuntu 12.10" by default14:39
=== iwannaflingpoo is now known as sanman
theadminbviktor: That's not a text, it's a logo.14:40
bviktorok, it's also fine if i can add something below it, is it possible?14:41
theadminI don't find a way to customize it. You may need to replace some file, but it's not obvious which.14:41
bviktori'm looking at /lib/plymouth/themes atm14:42
theadminbviktor: What's Plymouth got to do with that? The login screen is lightdm. Plymouth provides the splash on boot, with orange dots14:42
Weeeeezzltake a look at the "grub customizer" maybe14:42
theadminWeeeeezzl: Has nothing to do with GRUB either.14:42
guigouzubuntu 12.04.2 (with the latest kernel) does not boot on a macbook pro with nvidia 320m if I load the nvidia driver, any tips ?14:43
theadminbviktor: Found it. Modify /usr/share/unity-greeter/logo.png to whatever you want displayed there.14:43
danman1453i am ssh'd into my server, how do i restart the xserver running there from the ssh? I would like to check the xorg log generated with a new config without a remote reboot command.14:43
jjman6_I'm running Kubuntu 12.10 and i have been having some strange issues. Namely the system keeps shutting itself down randomly. Not crashing per se. its actually calling a system shutdown from root somehow. Feels like a virus to me Any thoughts14:44
theadmindanman1453: Does it have a login manager?14:44
Weeeeezzlcan't you use it to replace the boot screen? idk.. just wanted to say something :)14:44
theadmindanman1453: Well, which one? On the default Ubuntu setup that'd be lightdm, so "sudo restart lightdm" will do the trick. If you're running some other one, modify the command appropriately14:44
danman1453thats what i did.14:45
danman1453i have 12.0414:45
bviktortheadmin, i want to display the image version number, so it needs  to be changed constantly, hence i'd prefer a way to display text instead, but if that's not possible, i'll stick with this, thanks14:45
danman1453just checking. thanks theadmin14:45
theadminbviktor: Hm... There may be a way to render text from command-line into an image, and stick that into cron...14:45
bviktornah, i think i'll just have a generic image with editable text and modify it each time...14:46
inSeriousTroublehelp help! guys i typed this in terminal: sudo apt-get remove lamp-server^ and went afk when i returned i saw alot of packages (unrelated to this were removed as well) like jdk7,unity-greeter vlc etc etc, i want to get them back because if i log off once i'm dead. PLS HELP14:46
Weeeeezzlback to my question: is there anyone that could help? (regarding the interface crashing madness i mentioned few minutes ago)14:47
theadmininSeriousTrouble: sudo apt-get --reinstall install ubuntu-desktop will give you the default set of packages that come with Ubuntu, work from there.14:47
streulmahey, is there a ppa for updated php 5.3 and updated mysql-server ?14:48
DylanClHello, currently on a laptop keyboard. When trying to use numbers, it just comes up as &é"'(§è!ç and à. To use the actual numbers, I need to use shift+&é", ... Is there a way to change this so it automaticly comes up as a number?14:49
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theadminDylanCl: You may have the wrong keyboard layout selected.14:49
DylanClI have a dutch keybord selected theadmin14:50
StephenSWhat is channel for cinnamon? I know its mint related but I use it on ubuntu so maybe some relation? :D14:51
theadminDylanCl: They may be multiple layouts even for one country. The "Dutch (standard)" one works fine for me14:52
streulmaDylanCl: it's Belgian :)14:52
DylanClWell, I don't want to press shift+&é", ... to actually enable the numbers14:53
inSeriousTroubletheadmin: i've got the list of packages in var/log/history.log how to write a sudo apt-get which executes them one by one where i dont need to do anything?14:54
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DylanClstreulma: What keyboard should I use to make the 1234, ... keys default? instead of using &é'§è14:57
ausxxh_is it just me? on 10.04 x86_64 the newest kernel 2.6.32-45 is 2x slower14:58
ausxxh_tried one version earlier, the same14:58
ausxxh_probably should try even early kernels14:58
WeeeeezzlAnother try :) could someone please help me out a little bit? i'm about to install an openvpn srv on 12.04, however, once i change dhcp to static the interface crashes.. somehow. no matter if i do the changes directly in the interfaces conf file or via i.e. webmin. the server is running on virtualbox - yes i do switch from nat to bridged ;)15:01
streulmaDylanCl: try a sort of English keyboard: United States as an option15:02
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mantovanisomeone can explain me how my file system with "noatime" flag record last time that the file was accessed ?15:09
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bviktori can disable going to sleep when closing the lid for specific users, but how do i prevent that for the login screen?15:14
bviktorfor a specific user i set it in gnome-control-center15:14
kc102Hello #Ubuntu. I'm running Ubuntu off of a flash drive. I was wondering if there was a way to make my programs bar on the left, move to the bottom.15:15
ruudkc102, not if you're using the default shell (unity)15:16
kc102I'm not entire sure what I'm using. I believe it is the default 12.10 though.15:16
kc102Can I mess with the icons beside add/remove? :s15:16
ruudyou can drag them to another position15:17
kc102Can I alter their size?15:17
tehCereluenni lost access to my graphical user interface, using startx doesn't function to get me back to my gui15:18
tgm4883kc102, you can alter the size of the left bar (width), which would affect icon size15:19
tgm4883tehCereluenn, is lightdm running? (sudo service lightdm status)15:20
kc102How do I do that, tgm? I've been looking through settings to no avail.15:22
tgm4883kc102, sec15:22
kc102aiight ty15:22
tgm4883kc102, do you know where system settings is?15:22
kc102its now oepn15:22
tgm4883go to "appearance"15:22
bviktorproblem solved: http://askubuntu.com/questions/85705/stop-laptop-from-suspending-when-closing-lid-in-lightdm first answer works15:22
tgm4883kc102, at the bottom of that, is "Launcher icon size"15:23
tgm4883kc102, :)15:23
tehCereluenntgm4883: reports 'stop/waiting'15:23
kc102I just wish I could make what I had open more obvious. I'm used to a this on the bottom so it's strange...15:23
tgm4883tehCereluenn, ok, try 'sudo service lightdm start'15:23
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ozettei'm looking for openimageIO package for 12.04 precise, packages.ubuntu only shows quantal and raring15:24
tgm4883ozette, what version are you on?15:25
ozettetgm4883, 12.0415:25
tgm4883ozette, you'll probably need to either find a PPA, or build it yourself15:25
tehCereluennsatisfary so far15:25
tehCereluennsatisfactory rather15:26
tehCereluennthank you bye15:26
tgm4883ozette, it's possible the 12.10 works on it, but I know nothing about that package15:26
KnifeJaviwhat are you talking about?15:26
ozettetgm4883, i see15:26
=== savio is now known as tmh_
ozettetgm4883, i found a ppa already15:27
ozettetgm4883, thanks15:27
kc102Is there an Ubuntu application I can use that will allow me to move my task bar?15:29
tgm4883kc102, you could try unity tweak15:29
henryk_hi, i'm on xubuntu 12.10, does anyone have problems with google chrome browser?? it's crashing often......15:29
ubottumargy: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:30
henryk_xfce has a tool for that :kc10215:30
kc102Where can I get Unity Tweak tgm?15:30
margyok thank you very much!15:31
tgm4883kc102, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/02/introducing-unity-tweak-tool15:31
tcstarTrying to google up how to jail an SSH user and i'm not getting many decent results.  I have SSH but don't have any FTP or anything else like that to worry about...  So, I need to figure out how to create a jailed user to his /home/username folder...  any tips?15:31
kc102ty tgm15:31
qqqqqqqq_what is the best linuxxxxxx version ., i did install linux penguy,15:33
genii-aroundtcstar: http://askubuntu.com/questions/93411/simplest-easy-way-to-jail-users15:33
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qqqqqqqq_what is the best linux versionnnnnnnn ???15:34
leandro_i need some help, i want to add programs to startup in lubuntu but i cannot find ~/.config/autostart, please help!15:35
kc102I just imported unity tweak. Is it now on my system?15:35
kc102Like, nothing else to do?15:35
henryk_in the last updates15:35
tgm4883kc102, you ran both the commands on that page?15:35
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.15:36
kc102Running the second now.15:36
kc102Didn't realize had to run both at first. :p15:36
kc102It asks me to continue [Y/n] so I enter in Y and it aborts >>15:36
tgm4883kc102, error message?15:37
kc102No error message15:37
tgm4883kc102, can you pastebin the output of 'dpkg -l unity-tweak-tool'15:38
kc102i will in a sec, brb15:38
tcstargenii-around thanks for that -- i've seen that one...  i tried to do the jailkit thing -- but it fails on make -- and as such can't be installed15:38
kc102oh wow15:40
inSeriousTroubleis there a way to isntall packages without verification? i mean i dont want to type y and hit enter everytime i install a package (right nw i made a script to install 400+ programs) so it'll be waste if i have to sit there and type yes15:40
kc102i figured it out15:40
kc102if you don't enter anything15:40
=== styol_ is now known as styol
kc102and press enter15:40
kc102it continues15:40
FloodBot1kc102: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:40
HyperiantWhat command do I run to install a package and all dependencies automatically?15:41
kc102If you actually enter in anything then it thinks you said no.15:41
tgm4883inSeriousTrouble, 'apt-get -y install <packagename>'15:41
inSeriousTroubletgm4883: u are a life saver :*15:41
tgm4883inSeriousTrouble, that will assume yes to questions. IDK what happens if dpkg asks you a non y/n question15:42
tgm4883it might get skipped15:42
* tgm4883 shrugs15:42
kc102tgm: http://pastebin.com/ePZn2LTW15:42
inSeriousTroubletgm4883: let me check it out and get back to you15:42
tgm4883kc102, ok, it's installed15:43
HyperiantEbay flag15:43
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kc102Alright, cool. It doesn't look like my options are altered though. Or do I load this as a custom application?15:43
HyperiantWhat flag do I use for dpkg to install dependencies?15:44
tgm4883kc102, you load it as an application. So launch unity-tweak-tool and see what it offers15:44
kc102ah-ha! awesome, gonna see what i can do now. :D ty15:44
rightshifthi, how do i check if my last shutdown was clean - i couldnt access via ssh so i had to issue a shutdown command via ups15:45
rightshiftand i need to make sure it did it cleanly15:45
tgm4883Hyperbyte, you don't use dpkg   http://askubuntu.com/questions/40011/how-to-let-dpkg-i-install-dependencies-for-me15:45
kc102Can I see how much space I have left on my usb drive? I'm running Ubuntu off of one and it won't mount the file system its installed onto.15:45
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
ozettetgm4883, shouldn't i be able to just apt-get install the package once added to my software resources?15:46
tgm4883kc102, running the live cd, I don't think it installs things to the usb drive. I think it gets installed to a tmpfs in ram15:46
tgm4883ozette, after you do an 'apt-get update', yes15:46
ikoniaozette: saying anyone is pointless15:46
tgm4883^^ means rightshift15:47
ozettetgm4883, i did that, got my ppa from here https://launchpad.net/~irie/+archive/openimageio?field.series_filter=precise15:47
kc102When I installed Ubuntu to this drive, I chose to put on a 4 gig persistent file system. I forget, offhand, which program I used for this. I can search it up for you if you'd like.15:47
tgm4883ozette, how did you try to install it? What is the command you ran?15:47
inSeriousTroubletgm4883: it's working for now, thanks a ton mate15:48
tgm4883inSeriousTrouble, yw15:48
anewwhere does ubuntu save temp $_FILE when uploaded via php ?15:48
tgm4883kc102, you could try 'df -h'15:48
ikoniaanew: look in the php.ini for the tmp dir15:48
kc102oh awesome! ty. 2.6 gigs avail :D15:48
ozettetried 2 tings actually, a add-apt-repository ppa:irie/openimageio, and second attempt was through the ubuntu software center15:49
tgm4883!hello | Intensity15:49
Intensityi am having a intrnal server error15:49
Intensitywith a red header15:49
Intensitywhich app is generating this15:49
anewikonia where is php.ini lol15:49
Intensityis it apache?15:49
ozetteit's there, just don't see any packages and openimageio is still an unknown package15:49
tgm4883!details | Intensity15:50
ubottuIntensity: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:50
rightshiftHow do i check if my last shutdown was clean - i couldnt access via ssh so i had to issue a shutdown command via ups! I'd like to make sure it was a clean shutdown and the UPS didnt just drop power to the box.15:50
streulmasomebody that want webserver support: ask it to me :)15:50
rightshifti've checked /var/log/kern.log and /var/log/syslog15:51
rightshiftand im not sure what i should be looking for event wise15:51
tgm4883rightshift, http://askubuntu.com/questions/103015/how-do-i-check-if-last-shutdown-was-clean15:51
kAworuà propos de http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/davfs2#montage_en_userspace15:54
Pici!fr | kAworu15:54
ubottukAworu: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:54
kAworuPici: sorry !15:54
danman1453how can i check for detected displays from the terminal? nvidia-config is only showing one display on a dual head card with two displays connected.15:55
ozettetgm4883, well? can't see the package that is offered. the way i added this ppa is std right. any idea what migt be wrong here?15:55
kAworuPici: thanks15:55
tgm4883ozette, what command are you trying to run to install it?15:55
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ozettetgma, ah.. "tried 2 tings actually, a add-apt-repository ppa:irie/openimageio, and second attempt was through the ubuntu software center"15:56
ozettetgm4883, ^15:56
tgm4883ozette, that is just installing the PPA though, not installing the package15:56
FloodBot1usuario_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:56
ozettei know, but i ran a apt-get update after tht15:57
ozetteand then i tried a apt-get install openimageio15:57
flan_suseAnyone here got Psychonauts to work under Ubuntu with Intel video? Apparently it should work. I have an Intel HD 4000, but it says I am missing GL extensions when I try to run the game, and then it segfaults.15:57
tgm4883ozette, any error messages during the 'apt-get update'?15:57
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
flan_suseI have S3TC enabled, and I can play other games from the Humble Bundle just fine.15:57
tgm4883flan_suse, 12.10?15:57
flan_suseI am even using the xorg-edgers PPA.15:57
flan_susetgm4883: No, 12.04.15:57
=== TheWarden_ is now known as TheWarden
ozettetgm4883, no error messsages no. and yet, after a apt-get install i get a "Unable to locate package openimageio"15:58
kc102Anyone got a working version of Skype on Ubuntu 12.10?15:58
jrib!skype | kc10215:59
ubottukc102: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga15:59
tgm4883ozette, ah, figured it out. It's not called openimageio15:59
ozettetgm4883, really? what15:59
ozettetgm4883, what's it called :o15:59
tgm4883ozette, that is the source package name, it builds 3 binary packages that have different names15:59
tgm4883ozette, actually, 4 packages  libopenimageio-dev, libopenimageio1.1, openimageio-tools, openimageio-doc16:00
browndawgDoes anyone here know of a good linux Keyboard Maestro equivalent? Recommendations? This thing - http://www.keyboardmaestro.com/main/16:00
ozettetgm4883, right ... :fp:16:00
flan_suseNo idea why I am able to run something like Bastion, but not Pyschonauts on the same hardware.16:01
ozettetgm4883, where do i find this information?16:01
tgm4883ozette, https://launchpad.net/~irie/+archive/openimageio/+packages16:02
flan_suseI can run other 3D games as well, like Steel Storm and Rochard.16:02
tgm4883ozette, expand the drop down for precise16:02
ozettetgm4883, ahh i see, thanks (lol)16:02
gnuskoolis there an ubuntu phone room?16:03
tgm4883!touch | gnuskool16:03
ubottugnuskool: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch16:03
gnuskoolSonikkuAmerica: cheers mate16:03
tgm4883SonikkuAmerica, it's #ubuntu-touch now16:03
SonikkuAmericaOr rather #ubuntu-phones (with the S)16:04
flan_suseBBL, I have an idea.16:04
gnuskooltgm4883:  :D16:04
SonikkuAmericatgm4883 is right16:04
ozettetgm4883, ok, works great. thank you!16:04
kc102I'm having skype install issues. http://pastebin.com/xCkWRa6w16:04
SonikkuAmerica#ubuntu-phone is a symlink to #ubuntu-touch16:04
nandhuwhen i connect to each network every thing is saved in the /etc/NetworkManager/system-connection .., is there a way to find which is the active wired and wireless connection i am using using terminal16:04
kc102Is this a cpu issue, or an 64bit->32bit conflict?16:05
tgm4883nandhu, does 'nm-tool' show you what you want?16:05
jribkc102: is there a reason you don't use the repository in the wiki?16:05
ponke_nandhu: what do you mean by "using"?16:05
kc102I'm really unsure of what I'm doing here. First time using linux and such. I apologize if I'm doing something wrong.16:06
jribkc102: did you see the link from ubottu about skype?16:07
nandhuyes thanks nm-tool is showing that active connection name16:07
kc102The how-to install?16:07
nandhuis there a way were i can get it using a C program any system function or the only was is i have to grep it from nm-tool16:08
gnuskoolkc102:  sudo apt-get install skype16:08
jribkc102: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype16:08
StephenSwhy I cannot access to media of win?16:08
kc102Looking through these pages, however I'm still getting the same error it seems.16:08
inSeriousTroubletgm4883: worked just fine buddy thanks :D16:09
jribkc102: what error?16:09
kc102what i pastebined16:09
jribkc102: this isn't what the wiki advises as far as I can tell.16:10
TwinkletoesThe default postfix install has 'virtual_alias_domains = $virtual_alias_maps', but if I specify a single domain name in this file, postfix says it's not in the right format.  Does anyone know how I specify both in the same file?16:10
gnuskoolkc102: did you try the command I suggested?16:10
StephenSWindows is hibernated, refused to mount.16:10
StephenSFailed to mount '/dev/sda2': Operation not permitted16:10
StephenSThe NTFS partition is hibernated.16:10
StephenSThis above is false as I have shutdown my win8 version, so why does it say this? and I cannot access the partition?16:10
r00rI love windows 8!!!!!16:10
gnuskoolkc102: if that fails look at the ubuntu guide, perfect for  beginners http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Quantal#Skype16:10
jribr00r: #ubuntu-offtopic16:11
nandhustephens are you a sudo user16:11
gnuskoolr00r: go play outside16:11
StephenSI think not16:11
nandhuor use sudo command before mount16:11
nandhusudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt16:11
StephenSIm accessing via files as normal user16:11
kc102gnus, your command gives me: The following packages have unmet dependencies:16:11
kc102 skype : Depends: skype-bin but it is not installable16:11
kc102E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.16:11
StephenSnah I did sudo for moun16:11
StephenSsudo mount /dev/sda2 /media/sda216:11
jribkc102: pastebin the result of "apt-cache policy skype skype-bin"16:11
gnuskoolkc102: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Quantal#Skype16:11
kc102lookin over that now16:12
nandhustephens what error you get can you put again16:12
jribkc102, gnuskool: ubuntuguide is not necessary16:12
jribkc102: pastebin the result of "apt-cache policy skype skype-bin".  You forgot an 'n'16:12
bvm1228can someone help me with error: no such device16:13
SonikkuAmerica!details | bvm122816:13
ubottubvm1228: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:13
PiciStephenS: Have you tried running the command that it suggested?16:13
StephenSwhich one?16:13
gnuskooljrib: for his particular problem it is, he has a 64bit dependency needed16:14
tgm4883StephenS, that would depend on what you want to do16:14
jribkc102: what is the output of "dpkg --print-foreign-architecture"16:14
StephenSI did run sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt the same error.16:14
gnuskoolkc102: it is discussed more here http://askubuntu.com/questions/213857/installing-skype-will-not-work-skype-bin-not-installable-and-held-broken-pac16:14
SonikkuAmericaStephenS: Can you see the file system in Nautilus?16:14
gnuskooljrib: its all there its to do with 64bit http://askubuntu.com/questions/213857/installing-skype-will-not-work-skype-bin-not-installable-and-held-broken-pac16:14
nandhuno here the problem is different stephen your fat or ntfs file system is not able to mount because windows is hibernated16:14
PiciStephenS: as your error message says: mount -t ntfs-3g -o remove_hiberfile /dev/sda2 /media/sda216:14
tgm4883StephenS, either mount it read only, or remove the hibernate file16:14
nandhuso the only way is you have to mount it as read only i think16:15
nandhudid you tried what is suggested there16:15
StephenSwil mount -t ntfs-3g -o remove_hiberfile /dev/sda2 /media/sda2 ruin something?16:15
StephenSIf im mounting for win hibernated?16:15
tgm4883StephenS, AFAIK, removing the hibernate file will remove the windows hibernation state16:15
jribgnuskool: the issue is likely that skype is 32bit but kc102 does not have multiarch enabled... I have no idea why that page is suggesting things like pinning16:15
tgm4883so the next time you boot into windows, it won't be hibernated, it will be a fresh boot16:15
ravenwhat is the right syntax for this command in one line? while true; do 'mplayer -playlist 1.pls -loop 0 -geometry 160x120+300+0 -screenw 160 -screenh 120'; done &16:15
SonikkuAmericabvm1228: We can definitely help you, but what about "error: no such device"?16:15
konrI've installed ubuntu using the windows installer in its ntfs partition. Can I "upgrade" this installation to a regular installation, with ubuntu having its own partition?16:16
bvm1228i was runnning the newest version of ubuntu then i went into my windows 8 partition and installed the updates and when i restarted i got: error: no such device 65d3b0f8-08a7-4806-aeb2-00b748562117 grub rescue16:16
tgm4883StephenS, do you have a /media/sda2 directory?16:16
SonikkuAmericakonr: You can try the wubi-move.sh script, provided you have enough disk space16:16
SonikkuAmericakonr: Here's the link: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MigrateWubi16:17
StephenSwhen I do df I dont see it16:18
jribkc102: what is the output of "dpkg --print-foreign-architecture"?16:18
nandhustephen try with -r option16:18
konrSonikkuAmerica: Thanks a lot!16:18
tgm4883StephenS, why... nm. Try 'ls -l /media'16:18
nandhusudo mount /dev/sda2 /media/sda2 -r16:18
StephenSIve accesssed win dir now somehow16:19
StephenSbut it says files on dvd ?16:19
StephenSwhy is that16:19
nandhuyou might have mounted using archive mount16:19
nandhuit will not be in any file structer directory16:19
kc102jrib it gives me an error about the command16:19
nandhuits like a virtual mount .. which you might have done with nautiles16:20
jribkc102: what is the output of "dpkg --print-foreign-architectures"?16:20
kc102It doesn't output anything.16:21
kc102Just linedowned and asking for a new command.16:21
jribkc102: run the following to enable multiarch: sudo dpkg --add-architecture i38616:21
SonikkuAmericabvm1228: OK. So there's probably a broken bootloader issue to resolve. Do you have Ubuntu Live Media anywhere?16:21
kc102Ran it, no output.16:21
StephenSWhere are places -\> connect to server for sftp protocol?16:21
StephenSin 12.1016:22
jribkc102: now run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install skype"16:22
kc102Now it's doing things.16:22
kc102It gave me some errors. Want me to pastebin em?16:22
jribkc102: sure16:22
jribkc102: this is because you have the cdrom in your sources.list as well as some apparently outdated skype repository16:24
kc102Yeah, I can imagine. I've tried a bunch of commands...16:24
jribkc102: you should remove them16:24
bvm1228i just deleted my ubuntu partition but i still get that16:26
jribbvm1228: get what?16:26
kc102How do I find a terminal I left open but tabbed out of?16:26
anewwhere do i find in my php.ini where $_FILES saves to ?16:26
bvm1228that error code that i told you earlier16:27
spector_dellMy 12.10 install is freezing during copy files process, help files show this is likely due to format issue of my HD which has win7; anyone know how to setup the driver properly to install 12.10 as dual boot with win 7. Appreciate the help16:27
jribbvm1228: unless you're addressing someone directly you should assume this channel has a 0-line memory16:27
jribbvm1228: do you want to reinstall ubuntu?16:27
bvm1228no i want to be able to boot into windows16:28
jribbvm1228: if you don't want ubuntu at all anymore, then you shouldn't use grub as your bootloader anymore.  You can ask ##windows for help on fixing your mbr16:29
kc102Okay so I ran sudo dpkg -r skype16:29
kc102Will that remove all the skype crap sitting around?16:29
jribkc102: why?16:29
bvm1228but i still get the grub error16:29
jribbvm1228: because you haven't restored the windows mbr16:30
kc102Because I thought that's how I'd remove the old skype repositories.16:30
bvm1228i have tried bootrec.exe /fixboot16:30
jribkc102: it's not.  Edit your /etc/apt/sources.list and look for the cdrom repositories and the specific skype repository that you got an error about (you should *not* remove the canonical partner repo)16:30
SonikkuAmericabvm1228: Before that you have to run [ bootrec /fixmbr ]16:31
jribbvm1228: ##windows can help you with this; it's a windows issue16:31
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kc102jrib, how do I do this? I've just been running commands in terminal. I don't know how to make the gui navigate well.16:31
kc102oh found it16:31
jribkc102: pastebin the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list16:31
jribkc102: ok16:32
jribkc102: sure it may be in there as well.16:32
kc102There are two files: freyja-dev-unity-tweak-tool-daily-quantial.list.save and a same-named file without the .save16:32
ubottugioconda: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:32
jribkc102: if you're not sure what to do, please pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list16:33
kc102bash: /etc/apt/sources.list: Permission denied16:33
kc102Or am I not supposed to run this in console? lol16:34
jribkc102: it's a file.  You open it with a text editor with: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list16:34
kc102oh sorry now i see16:34
kc102was lookin for a folder16:34
jribkc102: so you see the cdrom line and the line at the bottom about "download.skype.com"?  Comment or delete those16:35
jribkc102: then save16:36
kc102By those, do you mean the last three in the list? Or just the skype line?16:36
jribkc102: I mean only line 1 and line 816:36
my1gsusI just installed Ubuntu Server 12.10 for my small business server.  I just need some assistance in getting this server up and running for data storage and email.16:36
jribmy1gsus: just ask your question16:37
kc102The file is read only. :s16:37
jribkc102: it's a file.  You open it with a text editor with: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list16:37
kc102It is opened. Sec16:37
jribkc102: you can "/msg ubottu sudo" for more information.  You need to open it using gksudo $editor16:38
tcstarhow can i give a user write access to a symlink created by ln -s ?  (they own the symlink -- but can't create any files or directories in there)16:38
jribmy1gsus: help.ubuntu.com server guide may also be helpful to you16:38
IndustrialHow do i do this on ubuntu? is it the same procedure as on debian? https://www.spotify.com/us/download/previews/16:38
jribtcstar: permissions on symlinks are meaningless.  Change the permissions on the target16:38
my1gsusjrib: thank you16:38
djkornany support for ubuntuserver?16:39
jrib!ask | djkorn16:39
ubottudjkorn: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:39
jribIndustrial: the page suggests those packages are for both ubuntu and debian16:39
StephenSIve enabled ssh authorization in sshd_config for user and placed file authorized_keys nder .ssh and put my public key in it, and I still get on ssh prompt: Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic).16:40
StephenS am I doing something wrong?16:40
StephenSoh didnt restarted ssh16:40
jribStephenS: obviously you are doing something wrong :P16:40
StephenShmm still nothing16:40
jribStephenS: start over and just use ssh-copy-id to copy the public key over16:40
StephenSMilos_SD, smederevoMAN16:41
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StephenSjrib ha?16:41
jribStephenS: is that a question? :x16:41
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kc102jrib I'm unsure of what I'm doing here. Do I type gksudo geddit into the terminal, then the file path?16:42
striggaHi there.. I ab a bit drawb between this and the mongodb channel, but in the end it's a ubuntu/networking problem so I ask here: I am trying to connect from one ubuntu 11.06LTS machine to another (both server versions). Connecting on port 3306 works easily, connections on port 27017 does not work. Telnet does not throw an error message. Pinging works fine.16:42
Milos_SDStephenS ?16:42
jribkc102: you type "gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list" in a terminal and press return, yes16:42
=== ab12 is now known as SonikkuAmerica
StephenSMilos_SD, nista :)16:42
striggaConnectong to the target machine on port 27017 from a different source machine works fine16:42
djkornany support for virtualbox-server?16:42
kc102Worked that time, cool.16:42
jribstrigga: there's no version ever close to "11.06LTS"16:43
kc102Okay, file has been fixed. ^^16:43
striggajrib: hang on16:43
tgm4883jrib, 11.04 is close, it's only .02 off!16:43
jribkc102: now run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install skype"16:43
jribtgm4883: not LTS though :)16:43
tgm4883jrib, ah true16:44
kc102Okay, fingers crossed!16:44
kc102I want to say it installed but I don't see it in my list of programs.16:45
tcstarnice.. thanks16:45
djkorntry typing "skype"16:45
jribkc102: it may only show up after you login again (I am not sure as I don't use unity).  For now, try "skype" in a terminal16:45
djkornon unity try typing "skype"16:46
kc102hells yeah!16:46
striggajrib: OK it's 11.04 NON LTS :)16:46
jeffbauerhey guys, how can i install ATI HD 4250 driver on latest ubuntu?16:46
KeymanIs there a driver that works better than the one on Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS for HP Array 6400s?? Mine keeps locking up the box lbd2/cciss!c0d0 in Status D16:46
kc102It's ugly, but it's skype!16:46
jribstrigga: ok.  Don't know about your issue.  Maybe say exactly what you are running.  Presumably you are doing the same exact procedure but only changing port number?  Did you enable a firewall (check output of "iptables -L")16:46
jribkc102: you didn't say you didn't want the ugly version16:47
slacko12664Who answers these questions?16:47
StephenS/usr/bin/ssh-copy-id: ERROR: No identities found16:47
StephenS dafq16:47
jribslacko12664: other users like you :)16:47
djkornhow about virtualbox-server guys? any one install on their boxes?16:47
slacko12664thats true16:47
kc102Didn't know there was an ugly version, or if I had options. :P16:47
Picidjkorn: What are you asking?16:47
jribStephenS: what did you execute exactly?16:47
slacko12664djkorn did that once16:48
djkornpici, yeah was asking anyone who installed virtualbox-server16:48
slacko12664yes did that once16:48
StephenSjrib, ssh-copy-id file.ppk16:48
Picidjkorn: I'm sure many people have, but you're not going to get an answer if you just ask that. Ask your real question./16:48
djkornslacko12664: hi, yeah.... love to try that... hmm any guides or walkthrough?16:48
striggajrib: no firewall. Doing a "telnet target-host 3306" works fine (connects to MySQL). Doing "telnet target-host 27017" does not work. Doing that same telnet from a different machine works fine. Pretty confusing16:49
slacko12664installed ubuntu server16:49
jribStephenS: read "man ssh-copy-id" for syntax.  It's pretty short.  You can ask if you're not sure16:49
kc102Now this may be the wrong thing to ask, but is there a way I can get Visual Studios running on Linux? Or do I need WINE?16:49
djkornPici: hmm ok, i need a walkthrough or guides...16:49
llutzStephenS: http://superuser.com/questions/232362/how-to-convert-ppk-key-to-openssh-key-under-linux16:49
djkornslacko12664: is it hard? or just plain install? and run smoothly?16:49
slacko12664ran smooth for me16:49
slacko12664on vmware though16:50
jribStephenS: remember though I suggested starting over, so you should get rid of whatever you already tried on the server (my guess is you don't have  proper permissions.  Rather than troubleshoot those, just use ssh-copy-id and it should set them up properly)16:50
djkornslacko12664: i see i wanna try virtualbox, vmware is not a freeware right?16:50
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
StephenSWHy woudld i use putty on linux?16:50
slacko12664yup thats right16:50
slacko12664but for learning its good to learn16:51
SolarisBoykc102: have you checked the appdb? http://appdb.winehq.org/16:51
jribStephenS: good question :)  I have to go by the way, but others can help you with this (I'll be back in about 15 minutes)16:51
jhutchins_wkStephenS: It can make managing connections a bit easier, and is familiar for Windows users.16:51
djkornslacko12664: yeah for me i will use virtualbox....16:51
slacko12664or try16:51
djkornslacko12664: yeah will try.......16:51
djkornslacko12664: will get back tou you later.16:51
llutzStephenS: check if your ppk-key has the correct format16:51
PiciStephenS: where did you get that ppk file?16:52
StephenSfrom puttygen and Im logged in via putty on linux16:52
StephenSbut this is temp solution as I still cannot manage sftp access with linux16:52
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest30296
PiciStephenS: Okay, ppk files are only for putty, you'd need to convert it to a format that ssh can use, see llutz's instructions.16:53
cschneidHow do I figure out why cron didn't pick up my root's crontab entry to run a script?16:53
r00tIs anyone here proficient in BackTrack?16:54
Picir00t : We do not support backtrack here, please use their support channel at #backtrack-linux16:54
tgm4883!backtrack | r00t16:54
ubottur00t: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)16:54
cschneidThis is my super trivial crontab entry. It didn't trigger. When run manually it does the correct work. https://gist.github.com/cschneid/515404316:54
SolarisBoywow that fact is really packed with info!16:54
genii-aroundSolarisBoy: We try to give ubottu the most bang for the buck16:55
SolarisBoylol - no pun?16:55
slacko12664bye guys16:55
tgm4883cschneid, does dmesg or syslog say anything about it?16:55
KeymanAnyone see my question?? Is there a driver that works better than the one on Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS for HP Array 6400s?? Mine keeps locking up the box lbd2/cciss!c0d0 in Status D16:55
cschneidtgm4883: dunno - let me go take a look.  Its been a while since digging into real sysadmin16:55
cschneid(ie, even knowing where logs are :) )16:55
SolarisBoycschneid: what is the header on that file?16:56
tgm4883cschneid, /var/log16:56
SolarisBoycschneid: the shebang rather -16:56
cschneidroot@li291-24:/var/log# head -n 1 /srv/irclogger.com/backup_db.sh16:56
cschneidand permissions are 755, so that's fine.16:56
SolarisBoycschneid: interesting16:57
hotmedalI have a dual core Atom, 1GB ram, 3GB swap and Ubuntu gets stuck because of Firefox with 3 tabs! And it's not CPU usage or memory shortage, it's just the hard disk that's busy16:57
SolarisBoycschneid: is your $SHELL bash? - i think cron's default is sh although you do have a shebang...16:57
ActionParsniphotmedal: try setting swappness lower, or use a lighter desktpo like LXDE16:58
cschneidSolarisBoy: it honestly doesn't matter, I'm not using any bash features.  But anyway, it looks like cron isn't even triggering my crontab entry16:58
jpmh1have a machine where I do not trust what may have been on the disk.  Shall I used gpated from the live CD and create a new partition table, dos format before the install16:58
tgm4883cschneid, can  you pastebin those log files?16:58
SolarisBoycschneid: oh because i haven't seen the script -16:58
cschneidSolarisBoy, tgm4883: syslog has entries for the few things that came along in /etc/cron.hourly and such, but not the one I added via root's `crontab -e`16:59
cschneidI'm just gonna get around it by dropping it in the /etc/<whatever> and move on :)16:59
hotmedalI should think Gnome would be ok with 1GB ram16:59
cschneidthis whole server needs a rebuild16:59
cschneidwith some sort of logic16:59
scampbellanyone know why the source package for login (shadow actually) is missing from 12.04?!?16:59
ActionParsniphotmedal: it will but Forefox isn't great with RAM, try something lighter, it may hepl17:00
alimjhotmedal: No it is not enough for new GNOME or Unity17:00
llutzcschneid: add the job to /etc/crontab, is it running then?17:00
cschneidllutz: yeah, that's my next plan.17:00
SolarisBoycschneid: you can try to replace it with a normal command like touch to confirm if it's the cron entry or the script17:00
cschneidhonestly it looks like I've screwed up cron vs. anacron. I seem to have both installed, and I bet that's the issue.17:00
ActionParsnipalimj: ubuntu requirements page gives a minimum of 512Mb so is technically ok, but it will perform badly17:00
cschneidie, editing the one that's not actually running17:00
SolarisBoyor something like that17:00
alimjActionParsnip: Yes but will be too slow17:01
ActionParsnipalimj: like I said ;)17:01
cschneidSolarisBoy, llutz, tgm4883: thank you all - I'm going to hunt more on this, I'll come back if I hit a wall17:01
tgm4883scampbell, shadow?17:02
emjay25could someone help me tunnel a tight vnc server through ssh?17:02
alimjActionParsnip: I have all LXDE, XFCE, GNOME, KDE on the same machine with 2GB Ram. Currently I could say that only LXDE and XFCE are usable17:02
tgm4883scampbell, there doesn't appear to be a shadow package, source nor binary17:02
scampbelldpkg -S /bin/login   give you login        apt-get source login    redirects to shadow but can't find it.17:03
SmokeyDhi everyone. Can't I install an Ubuntu live iso on a 1.9GB USB stick? I am using usb-creator-gtk which complains the stick is too small for the image17:03
scampbellI was actually looking into that su/sg have to do to deal with pam properly but it's rather disturbing to realize there's no way to compile my own login and friends to ensure no backdoor.17:04
ActionParsnipalimj: lxde is fantastic, these days I just run Fluxbox with xcompmgr so I can run docky :)17:04
jpmh1SmokeyD:  try using unetbootin - it certainly allows it on a 2G stick - I have never heard of a 1.9G one17:05
scampbellbtw, in the original debian  login does indeed refer to shadow and that source package exists.17:06
tgm4883scampbell, 'apt-get source login' works for me (downloads shadow source). Did you disable the srouce repos?17:06
SmokeyDjpmh1: all the sitcks I have that list 2Gb are actually 1.9Gb. I guess this is the difference between 1000MB in a GB versus 1024MB in a GB17:06
kc102How do I fix this? http://pastebin.com/yXRdQs0c17:06
scampbellI'll double check, I would be elated to find out I've monkeyed it up someplace but I'm getting source repos for other things.  Certainly worth closer inspection.. You are on 12.04?17:06
jpmh1SmokeyD:  what is telling you that it is 1.9G, I am running ubuntu and it tells me that my 2G stick is 2G17:06
tgm4883scampbell, yep17:07
ActionParsnipkc102: does the file exist?17:07
trismscampbell: you can always grab it directly from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/shadow or packages.ubuntu.com or pull-lp-source in the ubuntu-dev-tools package17:07
SmokeyDjpmh1: unetbootin doesn't complain. Weird. I though usb-creator-gtk was the "official" ubuntu way of doing it17:08
kc102Action: There is no .safetable17:08
kc102Do I need to create it?17:08
ActionParsnipkc102: can't hurt to try17:08
tgm4883scampbell, if it helps, here is my deb-src line   "deb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu precise multiverse restricted universe main"17:09
kc102I made it. I'll see if I get the error any more. :)17:09
scampbellgot it, was a missing deb-src line.  Much better :)17:09
jpmh1SmokeyD:  glad it worked.  I have seen weird things with anythig I have tried other than unetbootin so I am not completely surprised.  I certainly do not like the menu that unetbootin generates compared to the others17:10
flam_how can i enable mms streaming to work with ubuntu and firefox? i have the following plugins installed: windows media player plug-in 10, vlc multimedia plugin but the streaming won't work17:12
ActionParsnipflam_: how about if you copy the link, then run your media player and open the location, is it ok?17:14
jhutchins_wk!doesn't work17:15
flam_it won't work17:15
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.17:15
flam_tried with vlc and totem17:15
flam_just installing restricted-extras17:15
jribjhutchins_wk: are you psychic?17:15
saviodon't make fun of anybody ?17:16
ActionParsnipflam_: tried mplayer-gnome ?17:18
flam_not yet17:18
ActionParsnipflam_: http://blog.moes.as/2009/07/make-mms-stream-work-with-firefox-on.html17:19
flam_thanks, i'll look at that17:20
Phyisicistgreetings... Today I really need one plausible answer guys!17:21
ActionParsnipPhyisicist: to what question?17:21
saviowhat is guest account on ubuntu 12.1017:22
=== ericab_away is now known as ericab
llutzsavio: a design-flaw17:22
PhyisicistIn my O.S. Ubuntu 10.04, the pulseadio is uninstalled. Meantime, I installed the alsa, and I have not audio in my system.. All MUTE..17:22
saviois it part of lightdm17:22
ActionParsnipsavio: it is an account that can be used by anyone. I believe the settings are non-persistant17:23
ActionParsnipPhyisicist: is this a desktop OS?17:23
PhyisicistActionParsnip: That one ^17:23
PhyisicistActionParsnip: Yes!17:23
ActionParsnipPhyisicist: then it is EOL in less than a month. I recommend you upgrade to Precise asap17:23
llutzsavio: add "allow-guest=false" to "[SeatDefaults]" in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf to get rid of it17:23
savioActionParsnip, yes I know that ? for gest account we don't have any entry in /etc/groups of /etc/passwd file17:24
jribllutz: why do you say it's a design flaw?17:24
ActionParsnipsavio: yes, its a guest, it has very little power etc.17:24
llutzjrib: no system has to have a guest accoun17:24
ActionParsnipllutz: they are convenient though17:24
llutzexcept kiosk17:24
savioi know the configuration . i want to know how this is integrated with linux17:24
PhyisicistActionParsnip: So, Should I upgrade to Ubuntu Precise? I like LL..17:24
jhutchins_wkPhyisicist: Upgrading to more current software may solve the problem.  If not, we will be more familiar with what might be wrong.17:25
=== tlyu_ is now known as tlyu
ActionParsnipPhyisicist: you can use it and it will run as long as it can, but after it goes EOL you will get zero updates and zero support in any of the official support channels17:25
ActionParsnipPhyisicist: your release is quite old and many newer versions have been released of most of what you are using.17:26
PhyisicistActionParsnip: In fact, I am in that O.S. because backtrack.. My current version is the latest back | track 5 r317:26
ActionParsnipPhyisicist: backtrac isn't supportd here, it is supported in #backtrack-linux17:26
OinsHi. How can I change the number of workspaces at 12.04? (without ubuntu-tweaks)17:26
llutzActionParsnip: they might be convenient, but they shouldn't be activated by default.17:27
ActionParsnipllutz: oh absolutely, but remember the audience of ubuntu etc17:27
n000baaargh how do i set the password of a new user account?17:27
ActionParsnipn000b: sudo passwd usernameyoumade17:27
llutzn000b: as new user: passwd17:27
tcstarso i finally got a jailed user setup...  but it it can now, no longer access the symlink created by ln -s  and the terminal has no coloring like my non-jailed user does...   i followed this guide:  http://allanfeid.com/content/creating-chroot-jail-ssh-access17:27
PhyisicistActionParsnip: Yes, I know..... I am here because I think in the base.. But it is ok.. I appreciate the advice..17:28
jribn000b: how did you create the account?17:28
n000bllutz what is the "old" password of a new created user?17:28
ActionParsnipPhyisicist: the base is moot, you are using backtrack.17:28
llutzn000b: you know17:28
n000bllutz never set one empty is not accepted17:28
llutzn000b: so see ActionParsnip , sudo passwd username17:28
n000bjrib with the system settings user gnome dialogue17:28
ActionParsnipn000b: yes because empty passwords aren't good at all17:28
jribn000b: if you ran passwd with sudo you shouldn't be asked the old password17:29
djshotglassso i have tried to setup raid twice on this damn machine it works fine (only shows 1 drive called raid) until the updates are done17:29
djshotglassthen it shows all the drives17:29
PhyisicistActionParsnip: Thank you. I will there in backtrack-linux..17:29
jribn000b: more specifically, "sudo passwd USERNAME"17:29
djshotglassafter it installs the nvidia drivers17:29
ActionParsnipPhyisicist: thanks17:29
Bry90820is thre a terminal command to enable the onscreen keybored17:30
djshotglassits not softraid its onboard hardware raid17:30
djshotglassmakes no sense to me17:30
n000bjrib llutz ActionParsnip thanks that worked... why was it removed from gnome system settings user dialogue?17:30
ActionParsnipBry90820: press ALT+F2 and run:  onboard   or: gok17:30
Phyisicistjhutchins_wk: Thank you too..17:30
ActionParsnipn000b: no idea, I don't use those GUI things, too slow17:30
PhyisicistBye Bye channel.. Good day for all..17:31
kc102Is there a way for me to have Firefox auto highlight what's in a textbos (the search box and url bar) automatically like it does on Windows?17:31
n000bActionParsnip: actually passwd was first i tried after that gui, but i did su newuser and then passwd asks for old "never set" password17:31
jribn000b: it sounds strange that you weren't asked to set a password when you created the new user using the gui, but I also have not used that dialog17:32
sdw25I upgraded my pc to windows 8 using download and upgrade method the problem I have is that I had ubuntu installed with ubuntu and now i cant asscess ubuntu it show up in boot screen but I get this \ubuntu\winboot\wubildr.mbr status 0xc000000e file broken or missing17:33
n000bjrib: yeah its strange i did exspect that to be asked too. also i did expect to be able to set it from there but its jsut deactivated as default ?? hmmm17:33
giancarloATTENZIONE: Non e' stata intercettata la versione originale di lynx.17:34
giancarloQuesto script e' in grado di funzionare sono con lynx e non links2.17:34
bcbc2sdw25: did you reformat your drive?17:34
DJones!it | giancarlo17:34
ubottugiancarlo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:34
bcbc2sdw25: is the \ubuntu directory still there?17:35
sdw25no its gone in the program files17:35
Bry90820ActionParsnip is there also a way to disable the onscreen keyboard once enabled17:35
bcbc2sdw25: it should exist on C:\ubuntu or whatever x:\ you installed on17:36
kc102Is there a way for me to have Firefox auto highlight what's in a textbos (the search box and url bar) automatically like it does on Windows?17:36
ubottugiancarlo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:37
genii-around!it | giancarlo17:37
ubottugiancarlo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:37
taranis_hi all17:37
sdw25im sorry but its gone after fresh install I didnt keep anything all I have is a windows old file that i tried to delete but some files could not be deleted17:39
taranis__Which logs would I check if my systems locked up completely to see what cased the lock up?17:40
sayresi installed xubuntu 12.4 .i installed tor with vidalia but when i start vidalia appear this error : Would you like to browse for the file 'control_auth_cookie' yourself? what do you think?17:40
bcbc2sdw25: if it's gone, then the Ubuntu install is also gone. You'd do best to remove the boot entry from the bcd store. See this: http://askubuntu.com/a/145605/1491617:41
awaytaranis__, you could start with /var/log/syslog17:41
StephenSwhat is good weather gadget for ubuntu 12.10 but not my-weather-indicator as that does not work!17:41
bcbc2sdw25: if you have a backup of the \ubuntu directory from before you can recover the old install - otherwise there is no way I now of17:41
Bry90820is there a terminal command to enable he onscreen keyboard and then another one to disable17:42
sdw25so will this remove the ubuntu dual boot logo at start up17:43
tapashi, i wonder: is there a chance for a qt5 backport to precise?17:44
bcbc2sdw25: it will remove the boot manager screen with the two blue squares offering Windows and Ubuntu17:44
sdw25then can i install it back17:44
taranis__away,  syslog's don't show anything. It may be impossible for the system to write logs as it seems that writing anything to disk is causing the lock up in the first place17:45
bcbc2sdw25: yes or do a normal dual boot. Then you don't have to worry about losing it.17:45
=== toxboi` is now known as toxboi
ghatakHi guys, how do I make unity start in a vnc xstartup script ?17:45
sdw25ok thank you ill try to do the steps a little complicated for me lol17:46
=== twager is now known as g3tpi
bcbc2sdw25: np17:46
SuperLagIf I'm configuring Thunderbird to connect to an Exchange account is one protocol to be preferred over another? I've got two options. IMAP and a plugin that connects to webmail.17:47
compdocghatak,  /usr/bin/gnome-session --session=ubuntu-2d &17:47
compdocbut there are some other edits17:47
SuperLagI know there's an aspect where it's personal preference.... but I'm wondering if one protocol has a benefit over the other.17:47
taranis__Is there a specific reason that luks encryption would cause a system lock up on write through?17:47
root__c'è qualcuno in linea17:49
Seveas!it | root__17:49
ubotturoot__: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:49
tcstarSo -- how can i give a jailed ssh user access to a different folder?  I have a symlink in his jailed folder -- but he can't cd into it..  there's also no color in his terminal so need to figure that one out too17:50
Seveastcstar: bindmount the folder into the chroot17:50
tcstarhow do i do that?17:51
sdw25i also believe that the partition for it is still there is there away to combine it back with the whole hardrive17:53
bcbc2sdw25: wubi doesn't install on a partition. it install to a file (virtual partition). If you deleted the folder, it's gone17:54
sdw25all ok when i run bcdedit nothing happens17:55
bcbc2sdw25: when you run CMD.EXE, you have to select "Run as Administrator"17:55
bcbc2!who | sdw2517:56
ubottusdw25: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)17:56
tcstarSeveas -- i got that worked out so thanks for the bindmount tip instead of ln -s...  next problem i'm having is the terminal looks like crap.. when i login to mine:  username@host: /blah/bllah..  when i log into the jailed:  -bash-4.2$  and has no coloring...  how can i fix that?17:56
StephenSIs there any weather forecast widget for ubuntu 12.10 which works? ?17:59
|Anthony|i have a 2TB drive that's ~ 75% full. I just got 3 more 2TB drives. I want to make a raid of all 4 drives and keep the data thats on the first drive. Am i in for a headache?17:59
stupidBYdefaultis it normal for update manager "Requires installation of untrusted packages" - chromium-browser chromium-browser-l10n chromium-codecs-ffmpeg libnm-gtk-common libnm-gtk0 network-manager-gnome18:00
stupidBYdefaultand stops?18:00
stupidBYdefaultany1 copy?18:00
|Anthony|Am i able to make a raid of the 3 new drives, put the data from the original drive on that raid, then add the 4th drive to the raid?18:00
|Anthony|something like taht18:01
|Anthony|total raid newb here18:01
=== florent_ is now known as 17WABA0ZO
froek_|Anthony|, you can add drives to an array but you need to use tools to grow it18:02
froek_|Anthony|, what are you using to manage your raid18:02
GranoSalisdoes someone in here use Awesome WM?18:02
SwedMike|Anthony|: if you use mdadm, yes, this is possible.18:02
|Anthony|froek_, i'm looking at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID right now, but it looks like it's outdated18:03
|Anthony|i haven' t built the raid yet18:03
SwedMike|Anthony|: look for documentation on "mdadm" and "md raid"18:03
robertzaccourMy usb mic used to be recognized in Ubuntu but no longer is?18:03
robertzaccourI used it about 10 days ago18:03
robertzaccourany suggestions?18:03
|Anthony|i've just acquired the drives and am trying to plan my deployment18:03
jhutchins_wkStephenS: They all work.18:04
froek_|Anthony|, i reccomend mdadm18:04
dufaEvening, I can't seem to lift a wireless hardblock on a Toshiba satellite C660D-16J laptop in ubuntu. It's it works fine in the win7 mut not in ubuntu, which is odd. Any pointers?18:04
|Anthony|thanks folks, i'll read up on mdadm then18:04
robertzaccourI've been using Ubuntu for years, but if it no longer supports usb mics, that may be a deal breaker.18:06
|Anthony|check with alsa and pulseaudio18:06
|Anthony|but if it worked 10 days ago, you might want to verify it in another OS18:06
taranis__Hi all, I have been having periodic system lockups using a full system encryption with luks. I have described my issues here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2125287&p=12555929#post12555929 any assistance would be greatly appreciated.18:06
jhutchins_wkdufa: Lifting a hardblock sounds like something to do with carpentry.  What are you really trying to do?18:07
robertzaccourI clicked the volume icon and its not in the input settings18:07
robertzaccourMy usb mic used to be in the input settings less that 2 weeks ago18:08
robertzaccourI'm about to try it in the latest 13.04 build18:08
|Anthony|i'm suggesting that you verify the mic didn't break18:08
dufajhutchins_wk: right, what I mean is that "rfkill list" says that my wireless has a hard block18:08
robertzaccourhow could a mic break?18:09
|Anthony|robertzaccour, or that the usb port isn't broke18:09
robertzaccourI got it new a few months ago18:09
|Anthony|wires break very easily18:09
|Anthony|only takes a little tug in the wrong direction18:09
dufajhutchins_wk: there is a fn + f8 that is suppose to enable and disable the wireless but it is doesnt work18:09
robertzaccourflash drive detected in all 3 USB ports18:09
jhutchins_wkdufa: All I know is that rfkill is supposed to work around that.18:10
jhutchins_wkdufa: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs18:10
|Anthony|ok, then it's not the port. verify the mic works in another machine18:10
robertzaccourI tried it in a daily build I mounted to the usb flash drive last week18:10
robertzaccourstill the same, so trying a current one18:11
jhutchins_wkrobertzaccour: dmesg should show some ativity when it's plugged in.18:11
dufajhutchins_wk: i'll take a look, thanks18:11
petanI am wondering why ubuntu has 1 channel for everything... this channel is such a mess with so many people talking o.O there should be a separate channel for every version :P18:11
Tex_Nickrobertzaccour:  you might also see if it's listed in lsusb18:11
robertzaccourTex_Nick, plugged and unplugged lsusb shows the same output18:12
BHSPiMonkeyIs anyone aware of how to work around FGLRX caveats in 12.04? (Namely, how can one move the unity panel to a different display since the Display settings panel does not work, and is there a fix for the drag-and-drop behavior)18:14
robertzaccourTex_Nick, so if it worked fine less than 2 weeks ago, and doesn't now, you think the mic is broke?18:14
robertzaccourI know, I'll try it in my ps318:14
robertzaccourthat's the only other "computer" I've got18:14
jhutchins_wkrobertzaccour: dmesg18:14
Tex_Nickrobertzaccour:  that would be a good start :)18:14
lapdevHi there, Ive been having issues with Ubuntu 12.04 after a recent upgrade/update which caused my intel integrated video to not function on boot... i would see the ubuntu logo, then a black screen with no back-light. I am on a MSI Wind U100 laptop, and it functioned great before the update. I found some documentation about changing modeset in grub, and did so which gave me video back, but it;'s not proper. I can only use unity 2d and18:15
lapdevit's ugly. Could someone help me with this issue? As i would like to find a remove ALL video drivers and install ones which will function with my hardware. Thank you.18:15
shortstraw8What video editor do you use? I am looking for a video editor that I can edit my movies from my camera and Iphone, also would like an easy to use dvd ripper that I can put my dvd on my hard drive seems the one that I used in the past does not get past security (acidrip). Ubuntu 12.04 is my system18:15
jhutchins_wkshortstraw8: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/top5-linux-video-editing-system-software/18:17
robertzaccourits not showing up in the audio devices on my ps318:18
robertzaccourI remember last night I took it off my head and it wrapped around my music bullet and got tangled and dangled for a bit18:18
stupidBYdefaulthello, what is the name for slovenian channel?18:18
robertzaccourif its not recognized in the ps3, it must be broken.18:19
stupidBYdefaultany one ??18:19
shortstraw8jhutchins_wk,  Do you use one you like? If not thanks for the info.18:19
lapdevHi there is anyone available to give me a hand sorting out an issue Ive encountered with correctly configuring Mobile 945GSE Express Integrated Graphics Controller with ubuntu 12.0418:19
=== linuxthefish is now known as linuxthefish`
stupidBYdefaulthello, what is the name for Slovenian (Slovenija) channel?18:20
lapdevstupidBYdefault, trying google.ca18:20
adamklapdev: Just ask your question.  If someone can help, they will.18:20
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
robertzaccourman I guess the damn thing is broken :-(18:20
lapdevadamk,  Hi there, Ive been having issues with Ubuntu 12.04 after a recent upgrade/update which caused my intel integrated video to not function on boot... i would see the ubuntu logo, then a black screen with no back-light. I am on a MSI Wind U100 laptop, and it functioned great before the update. I found some documentation about changing modeset in grub, and did so which gave me video back, but it;'s not proper. I can only use unity18:20
lapdev 2d and it's ugly. Could someone help me with this issue? As i would like to find a remove ALL video drivers and install ones which will function with my hardware. Thank you.18:20
sbaugh_Is there a command line command I can run that will log me out of my current xsession in lightdm?18:22
=== sbaugh_ is now known as sbaugh
sbaughPreferably one that doesn't take root18:22
=== 17WABA0ZO is now known as Karamazov
jhutchins_wkshortstraw8: I've used the first two, and iirc I mostly used avidemux, but it's been a few years.18:25
ZiberWhat iptables rule can I put in to allow all traffic on my ipv6 tunnel so that my ip6tables can function correctly?18:26
jhutchins_wklapdev: By using the nomodeswitch command you've disabled the framebuffer, which the 3d driver requires.  You're probably using the VESA driver as a  fallback.18:27
=== florin is now known as Guest86163
Dreamanhttp://picbg.net/img.php?file=36dcedc761291fe8.png  ubuntu 13.0418:31
todayn00bhello, can someone please tel me how to disable unity desktop  and webistes integration18:34
robertzaccourI just figured out what I'm gonna do about my non-working usb mic18:35
robertzaccourI'm gonna buy a new one, take it out, put the broke one in the package, and return it and say its broke18:35
xanguatodayn00b: if you don't like unity use other desktop18:35
robertzaccourwhich it is18:35
robertzaccourtodayn00b, I use gnome shell with docky running18:35
ravenwhats wrong with following 1 line command? wait is not working anyhow while true; do mplayer -playlist "$dirpls"1.pls -loop 0 -geometry 320x240+0+0 -screenw 320 -screenh 240; wait 1000; done &18:36
beanshould be sleep18:36
beannot wait18:36
todayn00b12.1 firefox is not loading, I know almost nothing about ubuntu, thought diabiling unity fixes firefox18:36
llutzraven: "help wait"18:36
SolarisBoywait is to wait on jobs right?18:36
llutzwait <pid>18:37
SolarisBoyand if no args just wait on backgrounded ones18:37
lapdevjhutchins_wk, hi sorry for the late response i had to tinkle... :) I saw your post about the fallback VESA which u may be correct, but i recall seeing in the xorg.conf that the driver was set to "fbdev"18:37
jhutchins_wklapdev: try moving/renaming xorg.conf18:39
todayn00bAnyone having issues with Firefox loading in 12.1, I have a fersh install with virtual box, all updates and now firefox wont start18:39
jhutchins_wklapdev: /var/log/Xorg.0.log will have lots of noise but may have useful info when booted without nomodeset.18:39
robertzaccourtodayn00b, have you tried chrome, chromium, or opera?18:39
jhutchins_wktodayn00b: _with_ virtualbox or _in_ virtualbox?  What happens if you try to launch it from a terminal?18:40
darkmutthow did i check what's the version of my nvidia driver in ubuntu??18:40
todayn00bwhats the code to launch from term?18:40
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jhutchins_wktodayn00b: Um, firefox18:40
todayn00bi have not tried chrome et al yet18:40
lapdevjhutchins_wk, i realise what you're saying, which ive tried the rename/removing xorg.conf so it would build a new one.... this boot which i just booted is using 'i915.modeset=1' in /etc/default/grub which the computer seems to boot properly now without leaving me a blank screen, but it seems the drivers are still improper18:40
robertzaccourI'm gonna go to the store, buy a usb mic, take it out of the package, later replace it with my non-working mic, then return it another day.18:40
todayn00bjhutchins- my first day with ubuntu as u can tell18:41
todayn00byeah that worked, derp18:41
robertzaccourI think there should be an offical Ubuntu xat chat18:41
robertzaccouroops offtopic sorry18:42
todayn00banother easy question, how can i launch a process monitor?18:42
lapdevtodayn00b, in terminal type :top18:42
dodo3773darkmutt: apt-cache show packagename    <-- like that??18:42
marinushi guys, could i ask for some help on installing ubuntu? i have been using it for a few years and bought the asus zenbook prime today (model UX31A). Been reading the Ubuntu page how to install it through USB. I am seeing the UEFI boot screen just perfectly (I am seeing: Try ubuntu without installing, Install ubuntu, etc.), but as soon as I try one the options, the screen goes black and I can't do anything. Anyone can give me a hand? I am dying to see Ubun18:43
marinustu on my new laptop :D18:43
lapdevdarkmutt, if you're trying to search: sudo apt-cache search packagename18:43
marinusoh and i created two separate usb sticks with the startup creator just to make sure it's not an USB stick fault18:43
marinussame problem on both18:44
robertzaccourmarienz, in the boot menu change the F12 boot settings to enabled and make sure USB boot is enabled as well.18:44
marinusrobertzaccour, i am seeing the grub boot screen that is loaded of the USB, should i still check the USB  boot is enabled?18:45
todayn00bhow would I kill the firefox process18:45
marinustodayn00b, run : pkill -9 firefox18:45
robertzaccourmarinus, it couldn't hurt. Also maybe consider getting an external usb disc drive?18:45
huttan!nomodeset | marinus18:46
ubottumarinus: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:46
marinusthanks huttan, will check that out  right away18:46
darkmuttthanks lapdev cause I was trying to check why I can't see any webgl graphics on my system18:47
todayn00bthanks! now how do I disable unity web apps in firefox?18:47
preyaloneWill the next version of Ubuntu have more WiFi drivers? It's hard to download the Surface Pro WiFi driver when you don't have an Internet connection..18:47
lapdevdarkmutt, welcome18:47
todayn00bok, easy enough, in the extensions disables18:48
todayn00bis 16:9 resolutions not working with virtual box/ubuntu 12.1??18:50
marinushuttan, unfortunately that didnt work either, i also tried nomodeset without the "quiet splash" params18:50
marinuslcd backlight is turned on18:51
marinusjust no graphics, screen is black18:51
adamktodayn00b: Do you have the virtualbox guest additions installed?18:55
todayn00byes guest add is installed and all ubuntu updates18:55
lostmehey, i try to set up openvpn on ubu server, so i wrote "echo -ne "01" > serial", even with sudo i got "-bash:  serial: permission denied", what can i do?18:56
llutzlostme: echo -ne "01" |sudo tee serial18:56
lostmesorry , can't understand18:57
StephenSWhy is my sound muted at volume 33% ??18:58
llutzlostme: http://www.petur.eu/blog/?p=11718:59
lostmellutz: thanks18:59
Camouflagesquestion? installed Ubuntu 12.10, install went perfectly, but after reboot, can only get into shell, the desktop complains about channels failing?  any idea.. 32bit / pent4 system19:01
packetfrogPrbly cant run unity19:02
packetfrogneed graphics processor19:02
todayn00banyone have an IRC for wifislax 4.3?19:02
Camouflagesany work around?19:02
packetfrogCamouflages, Install xfce or something else19:03
packetfrogtodayn00b, its on undernet19:03
llutzCamouflages: you don't even get the grphical login-screen? then its not a matter of the windowmanager/desktop-env19:04
marinusoh yeah, found it :)19:04
berto-i have a desktop system that will stop at the grub screen if the machine crashes; is there a way to stop it from doing that?19:04
marinusi overlooked the secure boot option in the bios19:04
marinusi feel so blind, haha19:04
CamouflagesI get to the login screen...   accepts user, but then goes to blank screen with shell like commands about channels freezing19:06
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Camouflagesnot many questions being asked, is everyone going to private channels from Ubuntu?19:10
tgm4883Camouflages, channels failing?19:11
hpubuntuhey there I am running Ubuntu 12.04,  while installing "kde-plasma-desktop" something had interupted the installation or download,    now once I try to install it says this "sudo apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop19:11
hpubuntusudo: unable to open /var/lib/sudo/lustic/0: Read-only file system19:11
hpubuntuW: Not using locking for read only lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock19:11
hpubuntuE: Unable to write to /var/cache/apt/19:11
hpubuntuE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened."    Can someone help ?19:11
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todayn00banyone having issues with 16:9 resolutions with 12.1 on virtual box?19:12
todayn00bwhats the command to minimize all windows on desktop19:12
Camouflageshpubuntu, sounds like your acessing the CD19:12
hpubuntuaccessing the CD ?19:13
hpubuntusomething had interupted the installation "my friend"   now it says that when entering the command to install plasma desktop19:13
Camouflageshpubunty  yes, you referred to its saying its "read only"19:13
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
hpubuntuthat's the output it ives me19:14
hpubuntuwhat do I do to fix it ?19:14
carifwhen I do a clean install of ubuntu, say raring, is there a way to enumerate all the packages that come with the fresh install, before I start installing additional packages like 'emacs24'?19:14
carifi know i could have done 'dpkg --list' into a file, but i didn't do that19:14
CamouflagesI think you have to add the "respositories" at ubuntu.com19:15
hpubuntuno ideas?  this happened before , someone had told me how to fix it, with like dpkg-a or something but that's not it,19:15
th1sabl3hi, anyone can help me: any .png, .jpeg image appear with serration around it in my web browser (Firefox and Google Chrome)?19:16
Camouflageshpubuntu, that does sound like a good idea.. check syntax and try again19:16
tgm4883hpubuntu, I'd say 'apt-get -f install' but a RO filesystem sounds odd19:17
hpubuntuI am not that advanced,  please tell me how to do that lol19:17
berto-found this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1716772&p=10613208#post1061320819:17
Camouflageshpubuntu, unfortunately, Im a noob as well...19:17
ShutterstromHi, can someone tell me why Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS installs an old version of MiniDLNA if I run the command apt-get install minidlna?19:18
hpubuntuerrr : /   locked19:18
SolarisBoyShutterstrom: try apt-cache policy minidlna and see what versions are there - if your pulling from ubuntu repo's things aren't always cutting edge versions.19:20
compdocShutterstrom, thats just whats in the repo19:20
DocPlatypusOkay, apparently I did something stupid. When I go into System Settings/Sound/Sound Preferences, no sound devices show up, so Banshee, Totem, etc don't work. But I can play sounds at the command line just fine. Where should I begin?19:20
=== e is now known as Guest48263
SolarisBoyShutterstrom: thats where ppa's and other installation methods come in if you really need it19:21
DocPlatypuscorrection, now Banshee works, I don't know why19:21
SolarisBoyDocPlatypus: do you have an internal or external audio card?19:21
DocPlatypusSolarisBoy: internal19:21
SolarisBoyok - cause that happened to me when my creative labs slipped out the usb lol19:22
ShutterstromSolarisBoy / compdoc: Do you know why Ubuntu does not update the repository with newer versions of a software?19:22
Pici!latest | Shutterstrom19:22
ubottuShutterstrom: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.19:23
SolarisBoyShutterstrom: it's a team and it's their decision whats stable and what belongs in their pushes19:23
SolarisBoyShutterstrom: just because something got updated to the latest version doesn't mean folks should run and use it -19:23
PiciSolarisBoy: Also, debian only has 1.24 for that package and we generally sync from debian.19:23
SolarisBoyShutterstrom: ^19:24
compdocShutterstrom, some packages are created by users just like you that once got frustrated about how out of date a package was19:24
ShutterstromSolarisBoy: Thanks19:24
Shutterstromcompdoc: and what is the reliability of 3:rd part repositories?19:25
SolarisBoyother slash19:26
compdocShutterstrom, you should research any repos, or, learn how to compile the latest stable version from sourceforge or the project's home19:27
Shutterstromcompdoc: well I guess it's just trail and error untill success then :-)19:28
SolarisBoysome common sense, logic also19:28
compdocShutterstrom, just be sure the repo is a trusted one19:28
ravenhow to call 4 "screen" windows from a script?19:28
MooFzHI! Anyone knows how to pull passwords from a memory dump .raw file?19:28
Shutterstromcompdoc: and howe do I make sure the repos's a trusted one?19:29
PiciMooFz: Thats not on-topic for this channel.19:30
MooFzWhere should I be? :P19:30
bray90820so is there a terminal command that enables the onscreen keyboard and then another one that disables it19:30
PiciMooFz: ##security maybe, I don't know.19:31
MooFzhave to be invited19:31
PiciYou need to be registered19:33
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode19:33
MartynKeigheri know its off topic but anyone pretty good with appache/XAMPP?19:33
PiciMartynKeigher: #httpd is the official support channel for apache httpd19:34
MartynKeigheri know but they didn't really help me to be honest19:34
MartynKeigherand they were rude about it.19:34
MartynKeigherso id rather not ;)19:34
maveasMartynKeigher: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAj26rVWK1419:34
MartynKeigherwasn't born yesterday mavaes!19:35
PiciMartynKeigher: We can't support xampp installs here. If you want to use apache httpd on Ubuntu then you should be installing our packages.19:35
aphidhaving a rough time getting ubuntu (12.10) to work on a new laptop (amd64), I think mostly due to UEFI stuff.  I've installed and run boot-repair a couple times.  when I select ubuntu from the boot loader I get stuck at a gray screen19:36
maveasSrly? I was joking..19:36
MartynKeigherwell i don't know if i need to install apache/xampp on the windows server that MySQL db is on OR the ubuntu box that houses the dashboard for the data I'm pulling to.19:36
DocPlatypusno idea how to fix my sound problem? I have sound working now but my device still doesn't show up in sound settings19:36
MartynKeigheri figured id keep it WITH the DB on the windows box19:37
MartynKeigherits ok maveas, sorry. just had my fill of shit in the other room that didntreally help me out very much19:37
bray90820so is there a terminal command that enables the onscreen keyboard and then another one that disables it19:37
h00kMartynKeigher: please keep the language appropriate in here19:37
MartynKeigherlol k19:38
ShutterstromThis might not be a strict Ubuntu question, but does anyone here have any knowledge on running Ubuntu server on a SSD disk compared to regular HDD?19:38
jnix|wi have probably the dumbest question ever asked in here. I'm a red hat user... however, what is the release name of 12.10? Quantal?19:39
h00kShutterstrom: It will likely be faster19:39
jnix|wi'd gladly google it but i've borked my graphics driver and have no X19:39
DJones!12.10 | jnix|w19:40
ubottujnix|w: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) is the current stable release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.10/ - Release notes: http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/12.10 - Support in #ubuntu19:40
h00kShutterstrom: install and configuration is the same as it would be on an HHD19:40
jnix|wDJones: thanks! :)19:40
wayne__Whats a good format to learn programming with linux?19:42
aphidi've tried using the regular install and getting boot-repair via apt-get and also from the 12.10 secure remix.  both with the same result19:42
Shutterstromh00k, yeah. I was just wondering if an SSD could work as disk in a server or if it's more recomended to use a standard HDD, due to the fact that it's in a server. But I guess there just one way to find out :)19:43
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Tex_Nickwayne__:  good is a rather subjective term, & this channel is specifically for ubuntu support issues ... you might ask in ##c, #python or #programming :)19:46
onelinerhey there, is there any app or script around that would run on a given hardware and give assesement of how viable the box is for ubuntu install?19:46
marinushiya, how can i install the latest kernel on ubuntu 12.10?19:47
usr13Shutterstrom: One's going to work as well as another.  One minor issue to consider maybe is that read/write time will be a bit faster on SSD.19:47
marinusi prefer to be notified about it automatically everytime a new kernel comes out19:47
packetfrogoneliner What are you trying to install on?19:47
=== eddie is now known as Guest99502
auronandace!latest | marinus19:48
ubottumarinus: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.19:48
auronandace!kernel | marinus19:48
ubottumarinus: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)19:48
marinus!Mainline kernel19:48
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds19:49
Shutterstromusr13, I also read that the lifetime of an ssd is shorter if it's going to write a lot. and therefore might be better in a client. but it all depends on how much the server is reading and writing.19:49
marinusthanks auronandace19:49
onelinerpacketfrog, rether migrate to,. when i installed 11.04 i had tons of issues which where described to me here as "your hardware is too new", ethernet woes, nvidia woes 2tb disk woes, in the end i ended up pimping the base install with so many ppa s am pretty sure something s gonna break if i try common path upgrade, am planning on migrating but would like to know if these issues are still ppa dependant for solution19:49
onelinerhence the test program am looking for19:49
auronandacemarinus: no worries19:49
onelineri guess it could be called a hardware complaince test19:50
onelinerbeyond looking up compatibility hardware tables in html19:50
auronandaceoneliner: 11.04 is no longer supported19:51
packetfrogI was thinking 11.04 is old19:51
onelinerauronandace, you dont say19:51
packetfrogget the new ubuntu and you should be fine unless you have some wierd hardware19:51
packetfrogI have lamer hardware and got it working pretty easy19:52
wayne__does linux know how to use the amd 8150?19:52
onelinerwell 11.04 for example couldnt recognize a wired mainboard ethernet card19:52
packetfrogWhat kind of computer?19:52
onelineri needed to roll back the kernel driver19:52
marinushow can i find out the latest kernel version for ubuntu 12.10?19:52
onelineramd six core, pretty standard now i guess19:52
civilianirchi..anyone please help me: im on Ubuntu 10.04. Any of .png and .jpeg images appear with serration around it in my web browser (Firefox and Google Chrome)? How to remove the serration and make the images looks good?19:52
xangua!linux | marinus19:53
ubottumarinus: Linux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as a kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux19:53
auronandacemarinus: uname -a will show you the kernel you are running19:53
xangua!info linux | marinus that is the latest in quantal repository19:53
ubottumarinus that is the latest in quantal repository: linux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (quantal), package size 1 kB, installed size 32 kB19:53
packetfrogoneliner,  Is it a brand/model computer?19:53
packetfrogsuch as dell 5650-eliteneatchit19:54
onelinerpacketfrog, no19:54
onelinerassembled it myself19:54
packetfrogoneliner The hardware compatibility program you are looking for is ubuntu.iso19:54
packetfrogboot it live19:54
packetfrogtest your hardware19:54
FloodBot1packetfrog: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:55
marinusxangua, what happens if i install it from the quantal repo? will i have to upgrade it manually everytime? or are kernel updates always manual?19:55
onelinerthought as much19:55
packetfrogFloodBot1, I am not so you shush19:55
onelinerthe enter as punctuation does stand thought :P19:55
ravenhow to call 4 "screen" windows from a script?19:56
auronandacemarinus: don't mix different ubuntu releases kernels19:57
ravenhow to call 4 "screen" windows from a script?19:57
ravenhow to call 4 "screen" windows from a script?19:59
Tex_Nick!patience | raven19:59
ubotturaven: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:59
marinusauronandace, which kernel version is recommended to install on ubuntu 12.10?19:59
auronandacemarinus: the one that ships with 12.1019:59
packetfrograven screen -t screenname19:59
marinusi see19:59
packetfrogmarinus whatever is in the repo's is the newest version ubuntu supports20:00
auronandacemarinus: it gets regularly updated20:00
usr13marinus: it comes with a "generic" kernel.20:00
packetfrogunless you want to compile your own20:00
marinusthe ubuntu manual om my laptop (zenbook prime ux31a) rrecommends upgrading to mainline kernel20:00
ravenpacketfrog, the script shall start 4 processes in a screen session with 4 windows20:00
packetfrograven screen -t screenname20:00
packetfrogfour times20:00
packetfrogwith four names20:00
packetfrogor try man screen20:00
marinusokay, i like the generic kernel, because it is updated regularly, i dont want to break that mechanism :)20:00
packetfrograven http://superuser.com/questions/308940/how-can-i-launch-multiple-screen-sessions-from-a-single-bash-script20:02
axisys_how to setup a sip account with cisco unified communication from linux?20:02
ravenpacketfrog, ok tnx20:02
MoPacHello; I'm looking for some help with configuration of hooks or modules when creating initrd images for my kernel.  After repairing a kernel from a live USB, the boot process "forgot" that it needed to open my LUKS container to find the boot partition.  I have restored an old kernel image that works, but I'm worried that this is going to happen again on next kernel upgrade / image build.  What do?20:02
axisys_posted this question on #linuxjournal as well20:03
packetfrograven, For you, Anytime.20:03
packetfrogaxisys_,  #cisco #linux #notubuntusupportchannel20:03
axisys_packetfrog: ok20:03
axisys_packetfrog: thanks20:03
packetfrogno problem aximasta20:03
* packetfrog bows20:04
* packetfrog throws an egg at the ground and p00fs in a cloud of smoke.20:04
=== mpmc|Away is now known as mpmc
MoPacor should I aks on #ubuntu-kernel?20:04
packetfrogMoPac you likely wont get help here.20:05
packetfrogMoPac Sounds like elite hax0r stuff20:05
DartellumHello, anyone have a good reason (other than newer) to upgrade from 12.04 to 12.10?20:07
auronandaceDartellum: in my book newer is the only reason20:08
Dartellumright, thus my question20:08
levohow can make sure if my graphic card's drive is installed correctly, or is up to date?20:08
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
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packetfroglevo Can you see this?20:09
levopacketfrog: see what?20:09
packetfroglevo Then it works, sudo apt-get upgrade   to upgrade your software20:09
Luy1nhey everybody! I've got a problem with my WLAN, any experts on this here? :)20:09
emjay25Luy1n, what's the problem20:10
levopacketfrog: i don't mean if it works, maybe it doesn't support the whole capabilities,20:10
packetfrogWhat kind of card is it20:10
Luy1nit crashes sometimes and only restarts when I log off and on again (Ubuntu 12.04)20:10
auronandacelevo: lsmod will show you what modules are loaded (one of which will be the graphics driver)20:10
levopacketfrog: intell 4500 chipset family20:11
Camouflageswhen I tried "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  nothing happens"  supposed to be able to configure it20:11
Luy1nemjay25 any ideas?20:12
Dartellumauronandace, I saw somewhere some features in Wine only work with the newer kernel of 12.10. If no other compelling reason, exist, I may stay at 12.04.02 for a bit longer.20:12
emjay25Luy1n, what kind of wireless card you got?20:13
Luy1nRalink RT539020:13
streulmaDartellum: you can install wine from a ppa20:13
emjay2532 or 64 bit version of ubuntu?20:13
auronandaceDartellum: the newer kernels are available in 12.04's repos20:13
Luy1nlspci | grep -i network20:13
Luy1n01:00.0 Network controller: Ralink corp. RT5390 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R PCIe. 64 bit20:14
Dartellumyes, wine is installed, no worries there20:14
DartellumI compile my own for certain games20:14
Dartellumbut I ran across a comment about a feature only working in the kernel version in 12.1020:14
DartellumI have 64bit20:15
emjay25Luy1n, did you just recently upgrade?20:15
Luy1nyes, today as every day. But the problem occurs frequently20:15
gustav_Is there any way to forcibly put a process on an exclusive core in a multi-core system?20:15
emjay25Luy1n, well has it ever worked? or has it always been effed up?20:16
levowhat could be the reason for this: when i run a program like totem, firefox or . . the cpu goes 100% for seconds and after that it gets back to normal like 10%. i didn't have this problem before. (it always get overheated)20:16
Luy1nseems it has always been an issue20:16
packetfroglevo http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2097966  that would be a good start for driver20:16
lostmeHey, I still work on Openvpn on Ubu Server, I tried to get a certificate signed by my own with "sudo openssl ca -config ca.cnf -in xx.req -out newcerts/xx.crt -notext", but I get only "usr/ssl/serial: no such file or directory" and "error while loading serial number". What's wrong?20:16
=== beachbrake is now known as Guest30764
Jordan_Ugustav_: What do you expect to gain from doing so?20:18
gustav_jordan: Secret.20:18
hidnshadowsHey guys, how do I reset my login keyring? I had to change my password since I forgot it, and now it isn't letting me use the keyring. I don't care about what was on it, I just need a new one20:18
jribgustav_: man taskset20:19
Luy1nemjay25: can  I give you any more information20:19
emjay25Luy1n, how far away are you from the router?20:20
Jordan_Ugustav_: That sounds a little silly to me. Yes, it is possible, and it's called "CPU Affinity" but I doubt that it will actually help you in any way as the kernel is pretty good at optimising things properly automatically, and you're mostly *removing* options from the kernel by setting affinity.20:21
dd_hello. i'm setting up my FQDN ex: server-name.example.com. does that url need to actually do something if you go to it? right now it's just returning 40420:21
gustav_jordan: Removing options sounds great.20:21
Luy1nthat depends. right now it's one storey above me. Sometimes two, but sometimes (when I'm at University) quite near20:21
emjay25Luy1n, but the signal is strong, aye?20:22
Luy1nrather to be called ok atm20:22
emjay25Luy1n, are you sure it's not your router?20:22
snapedd_ what will the server be doing?20:22
Luy1nnot sure. How can I find out?20:22
emjay25you try connecting to it from any other computers?20:23
gustav_Where is the default taskset made?20:23
dd_snape: it's a web server20:23
Luy1nYesterday I was sitting right next to it and it was still not working. Yes, one other Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit is having problems with it. Windows PCs in the house do work fine.20:23
jhutchins_wkLuy1n: Wifi is not particularly reliable unless you're always in the same location and there's not much human traffic between you and the AP/Router.20:23
jribgustav_: can you just ask your real question?20:24
Morten_Hi - Has anyone tried to stream audio from Ubuntu to an AirPlay receiver? (E.g. Mac, AppleTV etc.)20:24
emjay25access point20:24
gustav_jrib: Which is?20:24
jhutchins_wkLuy1n: Access Point20:24
jribgustav_: only you would know.20:24
gustav_jrib: Ok.20:24
CamouflagesIs there a buffer save option for IRC?20:25
jhutchins_wkCamouflages: Not for IRC, no.  Some clients will log traffic.20:25
Luy1nok, so it might just be too much traffic when too many computers are trying to contact the same router?20:25
jhutchins_wkCamouflages: IRC is just the protocol.20:25
auronandace!logs | Camouflages20:25
emjay25Luy1n, that could definitely create some problems20:25
ubottuCamouflages: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/20:25
emjay25Luy1n, try connecting to the same network with a different device20:26
CamouflagesUbottu  that works :)20:26
ubottuCamouflages: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:26
emjay25Luy1n, if you get the same results then it's probably the network20:26
gustav_jrib: What I would like to do, this isn't a question, is give the process of the currently focused window on my desktop, in WindowMaker, an exclusive core. So that it can always max processor. Not interested in your opinions on scheduling.20:26
Luy1nis it possible that this happens 'just so'? I was connected to it yesterday for a long period, nothing changed but suddenly WLAN was gone20:26
dryhayhi. sometimes my ibus stops working. why? how to call it back? ubuntu forums related thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=211667320:26
jribgustav_: but I told you the command to do that ...20:27
gustav_jrib: So what question do you want me to ask? Will you marry me? What?20:27
snapedd_ if you're using vhosts apache will use the default vhost for your fqdn20:28
emjay25Luy1n, perhaps.. you really won't know for sure until you do some trouble shooting20:28
DartellumThanks... I will hang with 12.04.02 for a bit more. Back to work for me...20:28
jribgustav_: good luck with your issue.20:28
jhutchins_wkLuy1n: That's usually a problem with the ap, not the client.  If the client is hibernating or something that can disconnect you.20:28
Camouflagesis there an updated command for dpkg-reconfigure20:28
levohow to get hardware spec ?20:28
twist3dhmm... being arrogant when asking for help never results in a lot of support... just saying.20:28
Luy1nok, thank you. Have you got any ideas what I could try to find the problem?20:28
tgm4883twist3d, +120:29
jhutchins_wkLuy1n: You can look to see if there are any related entries in the logs and/or dmesg.20:29
jhutchins_wkLuy1n: It's usually not a software problem.20:29
Luy1nok then it's nothing I can fix quickly tonight, I'll try that some other day ;) anyway, thanks a lot for your help, guys!20:30
emjay25Luy1n, ask other people on the network if they ever have the same problem20:32
gustav_jrib: Taskset can't set all processes so it's kind of useless.20:32
HateYoFacehowdy ya'll20:34
Luy1nemjay25: I've already asked. As I said, one other Ubuntu with the same installation as mine encounters the same problems frequently, the windows users didn't have the problem ever before. I've got a Xubuntu lying around somewhere, which I'm going to try on this. Problem is, it's hard to repeat the issue since it comes as it likes ;)20:34
HateYoFacedoes anyone have any trouble dual booting windows 8 and ubuntu on a ssd?20:34
Luy1nHateYoFace have you seen the information on ubuntu.com?20:34
HateYoFaceno sir i have not does it have a topic on the issue?20:35
emjay25Luy1n, try running the live cd from a USB flash drive or something see if your wireless works on the live cd ... if it does then find out what driver it's using20:35
twist3dgustav_, Taskset will force a specific service/proces to use a certain specified core20:35
gustav_twist3d: I want all processes to move from one core.20:35
Luy1nemjay25: which command should I use for that?20:35
twist3dgustav_, what it will not do is prevent other tasks from using that core20:36
twist3dyou can taskset all your running processes20:36
gustav_twist3d: Where's the 'umask' of taskset?20:36
emjay25Luy1n, paste the output of lspci -n to here ... http://kmuto.jp/debian/hcl/20:36
twist3dno idea20:37
twist3dI dont lord over my task scheduler.. never used it20:37
Luy1nthank you very much, emjay25!20:38
gustav_How do I check for a virus? For example, if something is running in a hidden process.20:39
emjay25Luy1n, you're welcome.. hope it helps you figure it out20:39
Luy1nhope so too ;)20:39
emjay25gustav_, you mean like root kits on linux?20:39
hidnshadowsAnyone know how to reset your keyring password/get a new keyring? I had to "hack" my password, and now I can't add anything to my keyring :P20:39
tgm4883!rkhunter | gustav_20:39
gustav_emjay25: Probably. I don't know how those work.20:39
twist3dgustav_, try rkhunter and run clamav from ~20:40
emjay25gustav_, install rkhunter20:40
tgm4883although running rkhunter requires a bit of knowledge about how it works and false positives20:40
gustav_Problem is. I don't want a software to solve it. Because software can always be compromised.20:40
* twist3d blinks20:41
gustav_Has happened to McAffee a couple of times.20:41
tgm4883gustav_, source?20:41
SolarisBoygustav_: the idea there is to have a set of tools that don't rely on shared libraries like on a usb20:41
gustav_And/or Norton AV.20:41
tgm4883gustav_, source please20:41
SolarisBoygustav_: that set of tools you should trust - so you have to use software somewhere anyway.20:41
gustav_tgm4883: I have to do some googling. It was a while back.20:41
ubottupittore68: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:42
tgm4883gustav_, and please no sources of instances where the software ate itself. As that isn't compromised software, it's bad definition testing20:42
SolarisBoythats not going to be hard to find if you talking about norton/mcaffee20:43
gustav_tgm4883: The thing it happened on my computer. IDK where the source is. I know it has happened more publicly. Google yourself.20:43
=== qos|away is now known as qos
twist3dgustav_, it is possible for rootkits to hide bad stuff from your anti-virus... but I have never heard of any of the companies you listed releasing compromised software from the official source20:43
twist3dgustav_, now if you torrent your anti-virus....20:43
tgm4883gustav_, no. You said it happened, so source it20:43
gustav_twist3d: That's not what I mean. I mean viruses disable the AV software.20:43
gustav_Or disable rkhunter.20:43
twist3dgustav_, hence the rkhunter recommendation20:44
SolarisBoygustav_: gustav_: the idea there is to have a set of tools that don't rely on shared libraries like on a usb20:44
gustav_Like I said, I need a non-tool solution. rkhunter can be subverted in a similar fashion.20:44
selena2013upgraded ram is faster now20:44
tgm4883gustav_, that isn't what I'd call compromised AV. But yea, I've seen a virus disable the software before (usually it just wrecks the stack so the AV can't start)20:44
gustav_I bet a lot of trojan or rootkit installing people know about rkhunter.20:44
tgm4883gustav_, you don't know how rkhunter works though20:45
Symyonhi guys20:45
gustav_tgm4883: What do you mean?20:45
SolarisBoygustav_: no - if your tools dont rely on shared libs are statically compiled (im sure rkhunter is one that you can compile and drop on a usb) then they can't be affected by some system issues20:45
gustav_tgm4883: I'm reading the list of what it does right now.20:45
SymyonI'm new to Linux, how can I install mono on Ubuntu 10.04?20:45
gustav_SolarisBoy: Shared libs is the least problem.20:45
SolarisBoygustav_: so usually people who have your fear - do just that - create a usb with their tools20:45
SolarisBoygustav_: no it's the most of it...20:46
coopsquick question: best channel for ubuntnu on macbooks?20:46
SolarisBoygustav_: and and dependancies to an installed system -20:46
gustav_If the kernel is compromised shared libs don't matter.20:46
Jordan_USymyon: I'm pretty sure it's installed by default.20:46
tgm4883gustav_, I mean, I can write a program that checks a list of files against a known good MD5SUM list and doesn't touch the system at all. You can know how it works and not be able to compromise it20:46
Jordan_Ucoops: This one.20:46
SolarisBoygustav_: if your running a trusted binary of rkhunter from your usb which is statically compiled how will it be affected ?20:46
Symyonok, thank you20:46
coopsJordan_U: sweet20:46
civilianirc1hi, may i ask: if i do not get any answer in this chatroom. How/where can i attempt to get solve my problem?20:46
jrib!support | civilianirc120:47
ubottucivilianirc1: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com20:47
SymyonI'm trying to install Repetier-host, but I guess that's for another chanel I think20:47
tgm4883civilianirc1, what is the issue?20:47
SolarisBoygustav_: then wouldn't you rather run your kernel debugging utilities from a usb stick than the compromised system?20:48
gustav_SolarisBoy: Not USB. Maybe CD.20:48
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civilianirc1ubottu > thank you.20:48
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest72145
civilianirc1tgm4883 > im on Ubuntu 10.04. Any of .png and .jpeg images appear with serration around it in my web browser (Firefox and Google Chrome)? How to remove the serration and make the images looks good?20:48
SolarisBoygustav_: thats a facial difference the ultimate goal is to execute away from the compromised system - and now your swaying your ultimate goal is (was) to have a way to ensure your tools can be trusted20:49
tgm4883civilianirc1, ah, yea I don't know abou that :/20:49
SolarisBoygustav_: CD/USB you apparently know the answer.20:49
twist3dcivilianirc1, how about .jpeg images not opened in a browser20:49
tgm4883gustav_, put rkhunter on a bootable USB drive then20:49
gustav_SolarisBoy: USB is read/write. So it's very dangerous.20:49
SolarisBoydoesn't even need to be bootable20:49
tgm4883gustav_, then bammo, non-comprimised environment20:49
twist3di can't wait till the day they make a command to make a usb device read only20:49
SolarisBoygustav_: dude - you dont need to write anything to the USB when it's connected to the system20:49
civilianirc1twist3d > it can. but show badly.20:50
tgm4883SolarisBoy, that isn't his point20:50
SolarisBoywhat is his point then?20:50
gustav_SolarisBoy: The virus or trojan might.20:50
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twist3dcivilianirc1, try downloading and updating your graphics card drivers20:50
tgm4883SolarisBoy, he's talking about the threat writing something to the USB20:50
SolarisBoyso my point was mount it ro20:50
tgm4883SolarisBoy, you can't trust the system not to mount it rw20:50
tgm4883gustav_, boot to a live usb20:51
gustav_CD is physically ro.20:51
gustav_tgm4883: Virus or trojan may be in BIOS.20:51
tgm4883gustav_, ffs, really20:51
SolarisBoythen at that point it should be disconnected fromt he network20:51
SolarisBoythrow it away20:51
twist3dand thrown down the stairs20:51
gustav_SolarisBoy: That's #1 I guess. :)20:52
civilianirc1twist3d > how to get the updated drivers?20:52
hetalIs PAE enabled in the live CD, or is it only available upon compilation of the kernel?20:52
jribI think we've moved away from ubuntu support at this point...20:52
aphidnow in hour 6 of UEFI hell… working as intended!20:52
twist3dcivilianirc1, do you know what type of graphics card you have?20:52
elena-IKis there any reason to choose ext2 over ext3 or ext4 for /boot?20:52
tgm4883gustav_, out of curiosity, what is the point of all this20:52
gustav_tgm4883: Feeling of safety.20:52
XiudoI got a question for the GNU people out there.  When using screen to connect to a Serial port.  I am using the command "screen /dev/cu.serial 115200" what is the rest of the command to get 8,1,n20:53
civilianirc1twist3d > i don't. Could you help me, how can I get the information about it?20:53
Jordan_Uelena-IK: None worth mentioning.20:53
twist3dcivilianirc1, lspci -v20:53
civilianirc1twist3d > okay. wait a minute...20:54
twist3dcivilianirc1, looking for vga compatable controller stuff20:55
chaoxcan someone explain me the difference between multilib and multiarch?20:55
civilianirc1twist3d > okay. I got this : Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller20:56
g105bIs it possible to allow http://anything.local to resolve to localhost? This would greatly improve my web dev setup routine.20:56
twist3dchaox, wiki.debian.org/Multiarch20:56
Jordan_Ug105b: Yes it's possible, but I don't know how to do it offhand. I'm not sure it's a good idea though as it's common to call any domain on a given network "foo.local", so using "local" to mean "localhost" is at best confusing.20:58
Arandir /part20:59
hetalMy live session says that it supports PAE, but I still only see 3.2 gigs of RAM. Does the kernel need to be installed for me to have access to all my RAM, or is there a chance that I might not see it all when I install?21:00
g105bJordan_U, The reason I'm asking is so I can get my webserver serve many virtual hosts depending on what the requested hostname is, without having to add lines to /etc/hosts and the webserver cofig21:00
gustav_Does Ubuntu have an anti-bullying policy? Or ethics?21:02
IdleOne!codeofconduct | gustav_21:02
ubottugustav_: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct  | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv21:02
IdleOne!guidelines > gustav_21:02
ubottugustav_, please see my private message21:02
gustav_Ubuntu users...? I should adhere to an Ubuntu document? xD21:04
gustav_No, I mean you.21:04
gustav_IdleOne: Those working on this channel.21:05
* twist3d lost21:05
IdleOnegustav_: what about them?21:05
gustav_IdleOne: You linked to a document which I should follow. I mean Ubuntu.21:06
gustav_Does Ubuntu have an anti-bullying policy? Or ethics? <-21:06
BenxyzzyFirefox asked me if I wanted to install the hotmail webapp. I accidentally clicked "don't show me again". How do I get it to show me again?21:06
=== shangril_ is now known as thomasse
IdleOnegustav_: the documents I linked explain what the Ubuntu policies are in reference to bullying and other topics. Did you have a specific question?21:07
twist3dBenxyzzy, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/hotmail-watcher/21:07
viderbitIs there any bulgarian speaking on the channel?21:07
Pici!bg | viderbit this is the best I can do21:08
ubottuviderbit this is the best I can do: опитайте #ubuntu-bg за български потребители . try #ubuntu-bg for bulgarian users, and please idle there patiently21:08
seeqwellkali linux came out21:08
pubuntuHi everybody I'm becoming mad, I formatted everything I have ubuntu 12.04 but not audio just dummy output :( what have I to do?21:08
IdleOne!ot | seeqwell21:08
ubottuseeqwell: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:08
viderbitthanks, I am on ubuntu-bg already :)21:09
Benxyzzytwist3d: Is that what Firefox was offering me? I thought it was a Unity integration thing...21:09
Benxyzzytwist3d: I have other webapps that I've clicked 'don't show again' to, and I basically want to redisplay all of them21:10
gustav_IdleOne: CoC doesn't have the word "bullying" in it.21:10
IdleOnegustav_: Do you have a specific question?21:10
twist3dBenxyzzy, http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/re-enable-add-ons-disabled-when-updating21:10
pubuntudummy output? And all the hdmi audio preferences?21:10
gordonjcphi all, I'm running 12.04 and I've lost all network stuff.  When I go to the Network pane in the System Settings, I get the error "The system network services are not compatible with this version"21:11
gordonjcpany hints?21:11
twist3dgordonjcp, have you tried to configure via terminal?21:11
gordonjcptwist3d: yes, I can set a network connection up manually21:11
egersundsalve a tutti21:11
Benxyzzytwis3d: That's something slightly different, I'm talking about reenabling this bubble: http://i.stack.imgur.com/VnFRM.jpg21:11
gordonjcpnetwork-manager is dead, though21:12
twist3dBenxyzzy, sorry... not familiar with that21:13
Benxyzzytwist3d: Thanks for your help :)21:13
twist3dgordonjcp, try re-installing network manager through the package-manager and also install network-manager-gnome-package21:13
gordonjcptwist3d: done that, no different21:14
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Benxyzzyaha! found the answer here : http://askubuntu.com/questions/166655/how-do-i-remove-a-website-from-ubuntus-web-applications21:14
gordonjcpfor an LTS, sure is a bit beta-test21:15
snittyheya all21:15
twist3dgordonjcp, sudo gedit /etc/network/interface ; remove lines that come AFTER iface lo inet loopback21:16
twist3dsave close, reboot21:16
=== shangril_ is now known as thomasse
PiciBenxyzzy: /quit21:16
thomassedésolé, j'ai besoin de ce client pour des buts spécifiques, et j'ai pas la motive pour shunter l'autojoin ubuntu21:17
aphidso i've been wrestling with getting a new (12.10) install to boot via uefi for awhile, I got ubuntu to appear in a boot loader but it seems to be stuck on "Loading initial ramdisk …"21:19
aphidhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/203191/asus-u24a-cant-boot-without-live-disk seems identical to this21:21
kyPopcanale italiano?21:21
kyPopfirst time where is italian channel?21:22
sam113101!it | kyPop21:22
ubottukyPop: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)21:22
BuboI build cx-freezer from the source, but how do I check if it is 32bit or 64bit?21:22
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ChrisWereHi does anyone know how to update Adobe flash to the latest version now that Adobe have dropped support for it?21:25
r00tChrisWere: what OS do you have?21:26
r00tI have to ask21:26
ChrisWere12.04 LTS21:26
ChrisWereI need adobe Flash for work and the IT guys are constantly telling me I need to update it but Adobe had dropped support. What can I do?21:27
r00tChrisWere: Do you have video capabilities on the computer you have now?21:28
ChrisWerer00t: Yes, if by that you mean Youtube atc...21:28
OerHeksChrisWere, today we had an update to adobe 11.2 r20221:28
r00tChrisWere: Then check out this Youtube video. It might help: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LTfPwRcbkA21:29
ChrisWerer00t: I know how to install Flash. I need the latest version.21:31
Kajoverevening. i am currently using the 13.04 daily (from today). just to double check... libre office is not opening? normal behaviour?21:33
jrib!13.04 | Kajover21:33
ubottuKajover: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+121:33
Kajoverall right thank you21:33
OerHeksChrisWere, what is your current flash version?21:33
ChrisWereMy version is 11.221:34
OerHeks11.2.202.275 ?21:35
OerHeksChrisWere, then run update, it should be available.21:36
OerHeks( or in the next few hours, depending on the mirror )21:36
ChrisWereBut I'm really looking to update to something like 11.6.602.18021:36
OerHeksChrisWere, that is not possible, windows flash number is not equal to linux versions21:37
ChrisWereAre Linux users stuck on an outdated version of Flash?21:38
jribChrisWere: adobe will only release security updates now, no more new flash21:38
Guest3516exist'il des français içi ?21:38
jrib!fr | Guest351621:39
ubottuGuest3516: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.21:39
ChrisWereDo you know how I can get the Pepper-based Flash Player for Chrome?21:39
paramfrom where i can download ubuntu source code21:41
jrib!source | param21:41
ubottuparam: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html21:41
fightbackparam: also see this SO: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4767821/how-do-i-get-the-ubuntu-source-code21:41
ChrisWereIs anyone still able to help me?21:42
paramhow can i contribute to ubuntu ?21:42
=== james_ is now known as Guest11140
fightbackChrisWere: Sorry, not an expert, but this looks promising http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=10808621:43
flan_suseStill can't play Psychonauts on intel HD 4000, IvyBridge, System76, Ubuntu 12.04...21:45
flan_suseI'm using the latest version from the Humble Bundle. It segfaults after giving me this message:21:46
usr13param: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu21:46
fightbackflan_suse: Have you paid a visit to #ubuntu-steam?21:48
mojtabaHi, I have a 1 TB external hard drive (freecom), which has a security card to auto mount it.21:48
flan_susefightback: This is from the Humble Bundle, not Steam.21:48
flan_susefightback: A System76 rep told me that this game runs on Intel HD 4000.21:49
mojtabaBut recently I have got a problem, and It just unmounted in suddenly without any warning21:49
fightbackflan_suse: Err. Sorry, keep confusing the two.21:49
mojtabaDo you know what should I do?21:49
mojtabaDoes anybody know how can I fix it?21:49
mojtabaI know fsck, but I can not mount the hard drive and then unmount it.21:50
mojtabaany idea is highly appreciated.21:50
flan_susemojtaba: Can't just run fsck on it?21:51
twist3dmojtaba, is the external hard drive partitioned?21:52
mojtabaflan_suse: No it says: fsck from util-linux 2.20.121:52
mojtabae2fsck 1.42.5 (29-Jul-2012)21:52
mojtabafsck.ext2: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/sdb121:52
mojtabaPossibly non-existent device?21:52
=== corex_ is now known as asorak
mojtabatwist3d: no, it is ext2. and one partition.21:52
usr13mojtaba: What does fdisk say about it?  sudo fdisk -l21:52
twist3dmojtaba, mount /mnt/sda1 ?21:53
usr13twist3d: He doesn't want to mount it, he wants to run fsck on it.21:53
mojtabausr13: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5612020/21:53
twist3dmojtaba, nm sorry should of read it21:53
flan_suseUh oh...21:54
flan_susefdisk doesn't even show a device of "sdb".21:54
fightbackflan_suse: Did you run it with verbose on?21:54
flan_suseWhen you physically plug in the USB drive, what does "dmesg | tail" show you?21:54
flan_susefightback: The game?21:54
mojtabatwist3d: Do you know what should I do?21:54
fightbackflan_suse: yep21:55
mojtabaI am pretty new to linux era21:55
flan_susefightback: Run the binary with -v?21:55
fightbackflan_suse: oh, no! Hold on a sec21:55
flan_susemojtaba: Plug the drive in (physically) and after 5 seconds, run "dmesg | tail"21:55
usr13mojtaba: is it /dev/mmcblk0p1 ?21:55
flan_suseusr13: That is likely a media card reader.21:55
flan_susefightback: Okay.21:55
usr13flan_suse: Oh.  Ok.21:56
mojtabaflan_suse: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5612025/21:56
usr13mojtaba: Try unplugging it and plug it in again.21:56
Bray90820is there a terminal command to enable the onscreen keyboard and then another one to disable it21:56
fightbackflan_suse: try this: LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo21:56
mojtabausr13: I did it, but it just goes away and the system does not show it in /media21:57
flan_susemojtaba: Okay, so it does detect it upon plugging it into the USB port.21:57
flan_susemojtaba: Is there a security mechanism that hides the MBR / partitions?21:57
mojtabaflan_suse: yes, but it may goes away suddenly without any warning21:57
usr13mojtaba: tail -f /var/log/syslog  #And plug and unplug it and see what clues you might get.21:58
mojtabaflan_suse: It has a security card21:58
fightbackBray90820: 'onboard' might get you one21:58
flan_susemojtaba: I'm not familiar with the security mechanism of Freecom drives.21:58
flan_susefightback: Okay, one second.21:58
Bray90820fightback onboard enables it but i also need another one to disable it21:58
usr13Oh, security mechanism, ok.21:58
flan_susefightback: http://pastebin.com/33W0a3ck22:00
BuboHey, how would I install setuptools (easy_install) in Wine?22:00
flan_susemojtaba: How did you start using this drive and initially format it to ext2?22:00
mojtabausr13: how can I pastebin it?22:00
Bray90820fightback i am going to add them to a bash script to enable it every time i put my convertible netbook/tablet in tablet mode and disable it in laptop mode22:01
usr13 mojtaba pastebinit ?22:01
fightbackBray90820: try onboard --help for some help, not on ubuntu at the moment, sorry.22:01
mojtabaI was in windows and tried to use it in linux and I format it to ext222:01
usr13!pastebinit | mojtaba22:01
ubottumojtaba: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com22:01
mojtabausr13: yes22:01
Bray90820fightback thank you22:01
Bray90820anyone else know?22:01
fightbackflan_suse: looking through your paste bin right now22:01
mojtabausr13:  tail -f /var/log/syslog | pastebinit I use this command but it do not generate a link.22:02
usr13mojtaba: Oh, just pastebin the file.22:02
nahatahow do i make my microphone work on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS? it wont work on skype or paltalk or livemocha22:02
mojtabausr13: how should I do that?22:02
usr13mojtaba: pastebinit /var/log/syslog  or  tail -50 /var/log/syslog |pastebinit22:03
flan_susefightback: I might have found a solution, but not sure just yet.22:03
ronillonhi, is there a music player for linux, that can automaticaly start playing last played playlist on program startup?22:03
mojtabausr13: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5612043/22:03
fightbackflan_suse: Oh great! Funnily enough, the glxinfo says that these components are available22:03
flan_susefightback: Someone told me this...22:05
usr13mojtaba: Doesn't look good.22:05
flan_susefightback: It's looking for 32bit mesa-dri (on my 64bit machine) since it's a 32bit binary.22:05
mojtabausr13: Do you know what should I do? :(22:05
fightbackflan_suse: Mmh, that would make sense. Can you launch the binary of the game with LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose?22:06
usr13mojtaba: smartct -a /dev/sdb  |less  and/or hdparm -i /dev/sdb  (See: http://www.hdsentinel.com/hdslin.php )22:06
Tex_Nickronillon:  VLC has a recent media list ... won't work automatically though22:07
flan_susefightback: apt is busy at the moment22:07
compnerd_Im trying to setup an Ubuntu VM and install libGLES, but doing so seems to hang the VM on reboot (plymouth never exits to X) ... is this channel the right place to ask for help or is there a more appropriate channel?22:07
flan_susefightback: I ran "sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri:i386"22:07
fightbackflan_suse: I see. weird, but not on Ubuntu at the moment.22:08
flan_suseGoing to try running the same now.22:08
usr13mojtaba: ... but it may just be troubles with the security mechanism, I don't know ...22:08
ronillonTex_Nick: thx for the info. that really sucks i have to say. such a basic functionality22:08
gordonjcptwist3d: yeah, I know that22:10
mojtabausr13: Sorry, I disconnected. Do you know what should I do?22:10
Tex_Nickronillon:  i understand man ... wish i had the magic answer ;-)22:10
mojtabausr13: Sorry, I disconnected. Do you know what should I do?22:10
usr13mojtaba: smartct -a /dev/sdb  |less  and/or hdparm -i /dev/sdb  (See: http://www.hdsentinel.com/hdslin.php )22:10
fightbackflan_suse: apt works fine here from Switzerland22:10
gordonjcptwist3d: what I wanted to know is if there's some reason why this happened, and how to stop it happening in future22:10
usr13mojtaba: ... but it may just be troubles with the security mechanism, I don't know ...22:10
marinusif i install a kernel manually, how can i revert back to automatic kernel updates after i upgrade to ubuntu 13.04 when it comes out?22:10
usr13marinus: you revert back to the stock kernel.22:11
ronillonTex_Nick: yeah, would be nice to have magic at disposal. for now i will just have to stick with winamp thru wine22:11
flan_susefightback: It works!22:11
flan_susefightback: I had to install that package...22:11
fightbackflan_suse: great!22:11
flan_susefightback: It was a 32bit/64bit issue the whole time.22:11
flan_susefightback: It was someone from ubuntu-steam who figured it out after all, haha.22:12
fightbackflan_suse: well, I guess they get confronted with graphics issues all the time22:12
flan_suseI've been at this for over a week, and couldn't find anything that worked. Forums, bug reports, mailing lists, nothing.22:12
twist3dgordonjcp, I would review your syslogs and find out why it happened22:12
mojtabausr13: The security mechanism does work.22:13
usr13mojtaba: Well, that's the part that I know nothing about.22:13
mojtabausr13: When I put the card near the hard drive it just mounts the drive22:13
=== ubuntu is now known as xananax
mojtabausr13: except that, do you know what should I do to fix the problem?22:13
mojtabausr13: I have used fsck before, but it took long time and it failed to finish correctly.22:14
usr13mojtaba: I've told you all I know.  Maybe someone else here can give you some advise.22:14
marinususr13, thanks for telling me, how do i revert back to the stock kernel?22:14
Tex_Nickronillon : as an afterthought ... VLC supports a lot of scripting features ... not sure if you could script what you want ... you might ask in #VLC ... that isn't real active, but there are smart people there from time to time22:14
marinusinstall the generic one again using apt-get?22:14
usr13marinus: Just re-install it.22:14
mojtabaIs there anybody who can HELP me?22:15
marinusi see :)22:15
xananaxHello; I am trying to install ubuntu on a lenovo y500. I don' t care about dual boot or keeping win8, or uefi. I am installing ubuntu 12.10 from liveUSB. The install works and everything seems to be working (sound, network,...), but after install, I only get black screen.22:15
fdjkfis there a guide on how to setup qmail in ubuntu?22:15
usr13marinus: apt-get is your friend  :)22:15
ronillonTex_Nick: hehe, i was just thinking about the scripting in vlc, thx for the tip for irc room22:15
xananaxI tried pressing shift while loading, I get only "grub loading."22:16
xananaxAnyone has pointers?22:16
usr13!qmail | fdjkf22:16
SonikkuAmericausr13: What's qmail?22:17
usr13!nomodeset | xananax22:17
ubottuxananax: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter22:17
usr13!uefi | xananax22:17
ubottuxananax: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI22:17
mojtabaPLEASE HLEP22:17
SonikkuAmericausr13: Wow, I derped out there22:17
marinusthanks usr13 :)22:17
fdjkfusr13: I noticed the packages in apt but nothing on configuring it22:17
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: With that?22:17
celsosomeone know why i cant see the hidden itens on ubuntu software center?22:17
xananaxusr13, but I can't get to nomodeset, because I only get "grub loading." (and it never loads). I disabled uefi, and set my bios into legacy mode22:18
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: I have got a freecom external hard drive and have some problem with that22:18
xananaxIs it possible that I can't install grub on an ssd drive?22:18
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: Can a guy get some !details?22:18
celsoi try to install preload but its curently hidden. is it some bug?22:18
usr13fdjkf: http://qmail-support.blogspot.com/22:18
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: I can pastebinit the result of the command you want to have its result22:19
usr13xananax: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub22:19
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: Go ahead22:19
ronillonxananax: try downloadinga supergrub utility,22:19
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: The hard drive just get unmounted and I can not use it.22:19
fdjkfusr13: thx22:19
xananaxusr12, ronillon: thanks22:19
xanguacelso: sudo apt-get install preload22:20
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: It's plugged in...? and recognized by Nautilus...?22:20
celsoxangua: i know i can install using apt-get but i am figuring out if is a bug.22:20
mojtabaIt has a security card with it and after using it the system just auto mount it22:20
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: As...?22:21
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: after being mounted, just suddenly it get unmounted22:21
celsoxangua: sometimes, after a clean installation, this happens22:21
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica:  /dev/sdb122:21
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: I can't say I've ever worked with HDDs with security cards before...22:21
celsoxangua: and it happens with the other hidden packages of ubuntu. it simply dont show the option to reveal them22:22
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: do you know how can I fix my external hard drive? I have used fsck before, but it is very time taking and I could not finish it correctly.22:22
apb1963I'm getting some warnings from update-rc.d and I don't know if I should be concerned or not.  The warnings are posted here:   http://ix.io/4IO  Can anyone knowledegable advise please?22:23
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: you could use the touch command to have it check the FS @ startup22:23
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: could you please explain how should I do that? as I am new to linux era.22:24
genii-aroundapb1963: *buntu treats runlevels 2 through 5 identically, it looks like your startup script expects the traditional ones22:25
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: Connect your HDD and run  sudo fdisk -l  in terminal to make sure it's recognized22:26
fisch246hey so in the past i used Jack in order to setup a virtual soundcard, only to find out, it doesn't work with my system. So I removed Jack, and found out it took all my audio stuff with it. Now I'm trying to record a podcast, and I think I don't have the alsa plugins for pulseaudio. Can someone tell me what they are called on Ubuntu?22:26
glennprattTrying to use dpkg-buildpackage to update a package, works fine, but if I bump the version in changelog, I get dpkg-genchanges: error: cannot read ../libapache2-mod-xsendfile_0.12-2.dsc: No such file or directory22:27
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5612107/22:27
apb1963genii-around: OK... so... do I need to change something or is it happy the way it is?22:28
genii-aroundapb1963: Do you see an entry for it in /etc/rc2.d/   ?22:28
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: I assume it's /dev/mmcblk0p122:29
apb1963there's a symlink yes22:29
Kioncan someone tell me how to record my screen using avconv?22:29
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: no it is not. It is 1TB hard drive. I think it did not appear there!22:29
genii-aroundapb1963: Then you're fine22:29
=== qos is now known as qos|away
apb1963Just a startup though right?22:30
Bray90820so i am adding "setkeycodes e073 148 & setkeycodes e074 149" onto the end of /etc/rc.local would i just add 1 terminal command after the first setkeycode and then the other one after the second setkeycode22:30
fisch246does no-one know anything about audio stuff on Ubuntu?22:30
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: OK, it didn't see it. Plug it into another USB port and run  sudo fdisk -l  again.22:30
SonikkuAmericafisch246: Try #ubuntustudio (even if you don't have Ubuntu Studio they might be able to help with it, because it involves audio stuff and JACK)22:30
apb1963and rc6 has the kill22:31
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: should I mount it before running that command?22:31
apb1963ok, thank you much a million :)22:31
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: Yes (or try to)22:31
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5612121/22:31
genii-aroundapb1963: Ubuntu goes to runlevel 2 by default, in the old times runlevel 3 was the default for graphical, some old stuff might not start at 2 now. But since it's there in the rc2.d, should be fine22:31
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: Now it's there.22:32
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: Now run  fsck -V /dev/sdb122:32
SonikkuAmerica(The -V switch enables verbose mode)22:32
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: should I umount it before running this command?22:32
apb1963Yeah I just didn't really understand what the warning was telling me... seemed to conflict with what the script was saying.22:32
genii-aroundapb1963: You just called update-rc.d with defaults?22:33
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: YES!22:33
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: YOU MUST!22:33
genii-aroundapb1963: Ok, should be good then.22:34
apb1963ok, thanks22:34
Tex_NickKion:  you might ask in #ffmpeg ... i know that's not avconv, but avconv is a fork of ffmpeg & a lot of the functionality is the same22:34
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: umount: /media/mojtaba/freedom: device is busy.22:34
mojtaba        (In some cases useful info about processes that use22:34
mojtaba         the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))22:34
KionTex_Nick: Thanks I will try that!22:34
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: What does that mean?22:34
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: I can not umount it!22:35
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: I've never heard of that...22:35
Tex_NickKion:  np good luck man :-)22:35
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: (I meant the part about using lsof and fuser)22:35
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: how can I ensure about the status of the hard drive?22:35
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: Then run  ps ax | grep /media/mojtaba/*  to see if there are any processes running from it22:36
apb1963one more puzzler...  I have instructions to add " tmpfs /var/spool/asterisk/monitor tmpfs rw 0 0" to the /etc/fstab file.  Isn't tmpfs supposed to be a device?  Isn't this going to barf when it doesn't find that device?  Is that perhaps maybe some kind of virtual disk that something somewhere might be creating?22:36
=== qos|away is now known as qos
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5612136/22:38
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: That's just the  ps ax  command then.22:38
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: Try  fuser /media/mojtaba/freedom/22:39
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: * fuser /media/mojtaba/freedom/22:39
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: which one?22:39
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: They both say the same thing, except one is outlined in gray.22:40
SonikkuAmerica(I just forgot to attach a mIRC color to it)22:40
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: /media/mojtaba/freedom: 2386522:40
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: We've wasted a few seconds... try  umount  again.22:41
SonikkuAmerica(As root of course)22:41
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: Error unmounting block device 8:17: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.UDisks2.Error.DeviceBusy: Error unmounting /dev/sdb1: Command-line `umount  "/media/mojtaba/freedom"' exited with non-zero exit status 1: umount: /media/mojtaba/freedom: device is busy.22:41
mojtaba        (In some cases useful info about processes that use22:41
mojtaba         the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))22:41
xananaxok, I used boot-repair and apparently it worked. Rebooting22:42
xananaxusr12, ronillon: thanks22:42
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MoPacSo I installed an old version of a package from a .deb file, and I'm trying to keep the automatic updater from constantly telling me to update it.  I don't think there's a specific .deb line for it in sources.list or sources.d (it's python-related, normally from universe).  What do?22:43
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: Seems I didn't give enough switches for  fuser . The correct switches are  fuser -vm /media/mojtaba/freedom .22:43
Bray90820anyone wanna help me figure out what exactly setkeycodes e073 148 & setkeycodes e074 149 do when i add them to /etc/rc.local22:44
=== fox_wilson is now known as fwilson
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5612150/22:45
SonikkuAmericamojtaba:  kill 2386522:45
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: killed22:46
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: NOW try umounting.22:47
MoPacnevermind my above: got it via apt-mark hold package-name22:47
mojtaba1SonikkuAmerica: I guess I disconnected.22:48
mojtaba1SonikkuAmerica: what should I do for the next step after killing that process?22:48
SonikkuAmericamojtaba1: umount22:49
mojtaba1SonikkuAmerica: umount: /media/mojtaba/freedom: device is busy.22:49
mojtaba1        (In some cases useful info about processes that use22:49
mojtaba1         the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))22:49
SonikkuAmericamojtaba1: Your HDD sees me rollin', it hatin'! :)22:50
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest24226
mojtaba1SonikkuAmerica: ?!22:51
SonikkuAmericamojtaba1: Never mind.22:51
Bray90820nDuff lets say i just wanted "setkeycodes e073 148" to run at startup could i put a terminal command under it to run simultaneously22:51
SonikkuAmericamojtaba1: Type [ /nick mojtaba ] in your chat windows22:51
SonikkuAmerica**THERE'S JUST 1 WINDOW22:51
=== mojtaba1 is now known as mojtaba
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: (There.) Try rebooting.22:52
mojtabareboot the computer?22:52
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: should I reboot the computer?22:53
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: I will come back soon.22:54
userUbu0804Hi, my pc is 6 to 7 years old (laptop). I looove ubuntu and I want to use ubuntu as dual boot on my laptop but the latest version doesn't perform good at all. Last ubuntu which worked pretty well was 08.04.22:56
userUbu0804If I install that just to use ubuntu, will it be ok now in 2013 ?22:56
KionuserUbu0804: you could try xubuntu for older hardware22:57
userUbu0804Kion, yes they told me again about xubuntu. but whats the difference in xubuntu?22:57
KionuserUbu0804: it has a different desktop that makes it lighter.22:58
userUbu0804hmm and it's up to date since today ?22:58
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: Hi there22:59
electronplusplusHi. I'm learning unix and kernel programming. One thing the I want to do is to code a complete unix command. my question is: What kind of command, that are useful, are missing in linux?23:01
electronplusplusHi. I'm learning unix and kernel programming. One thing the I want to do is to code a complete unix command. my question is: What kind of command, that are useful, are missing in linux?23:01
SonikkuAmericaHello again mojtaba23:01
kalenjohnsonelectronplusplus, you might want to start with something smaller than filling a hole that the experienced programmers haven't filled yet23:01
=== tester is now known as Guest18790
kalenjohnsonelectronplusplus, not to discourage you, but if you're just starting, you'll want to find some tutorials or some help and guidance to get started23:02
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: I have mounted my hard drive and now copying some files from it. I have access to my data but in the middle of copying files the drive just become unavailable.23:02
electronpluspluskalenjohnson: I would appreciate it.23:02
electronplusplusI write a lot of code but It would be nice to code something that coders need.23:03
userUbu0804Kion, thanks!!!23:03
OerHekselectronplusplus, take a look @ brainstorm, maybe you find a wanted idea23:04
ubottuPost your ideas for Ubuntu at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and vote for the ones you like!23:04
kalenjohnsonelectronplusplus, then you might want to ask again in a more specific room, like #ubuntu-kernel, as this one is rather general23:04
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apb1963electronplusplus: I need a command that does my laundry :)23:05
=== Sickki_ is now known as Sickki
electronplusplusapb1963: easy. sms to a laundry company.23:06
apb1963it needs to be freeware23:07
apb1963besides... that's just shelling out to a third party app... it needs to actually DO the processing of the laundry.23:09
userUbu0804Kion, I didn't know Xubuntu is officially supported and recognized by Canonical. :-) Installing in a bit. Thank you.23:09
ubottu!Kubuntu and !Xubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with KDE and Xfce (respectively) installed as default, instead of GNOME. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio,  !Mythbuntu, and !Lubuntu23:10
SonikkuAmericainstead of GNOME... uh... instead of Unity, you mean.23:10
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: Error splicing file: Input/output error23:10
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: it just stopped copying files23:11
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: Hmm... It just dies on you?23:11
KionI personally like xubuntu a lot, although I use Ubuntu every day for work23:11
mojtabaSonikkuAmerica: :(23:11
SonikkuAmericamojtaba: It sounds like a defective HDD issue.23:12
rajdoes gedit-plugins package work for gedit3 as well?23:15
elena-IKis there a lightweight mac style dock? (suitable for a netbook)23:21
ubottuUbuntu includes several dock-like navigation bars. Some options are: avant-window-navigator, cairo-dock, docky (formerly part of gnome-do), stalonetray, simdock, kdocker, kooldock.23:21
dr_willismost can lo23:21
Rokkrosselena-IK: Also most panels in DEs allow you to make more panels. For example, XFCE lets you make one easily.23:22
Jordan_Uelena-IK: Have you tried simply Unity? (I won't make judgements about "macness" of it).23:22
bull3trulzi have a problem i am trying to install  dockbarx xfce-panel but i cannot get to compile it for some reason it says this Checking for 'libxfce4panel-1.0' >= 4.8  : not found23:22
dr_willis!find libxfce4panel23:22
ubottuFile libxfce4panel found in xfce4-panel, xfce4-panel-dev23:22
dr_willistheres a -dev package you  need most likely23:22
bull3trulzdr_willis, thanks23:23
dr_willisi think ive sene dockbarx ppas also23:23
Orissorry if this is the wrong channel to ask... I am about to install "checkinstall," but doing so will remove about 50 other packages. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5612224/  (lucid | php 5.4 | nginx 1.2.7) I'm not sure if I should proceed.23:23
elena-IKJordan_U: I have, in 11.10 the last time though. didn't really like it back then.23:23
dr_willisOris:  you using apt-get or aptitude?23:25
Orisapt-get didn't find anything, so i tried aptitude23:25
dr_williserr.. apt-get should be able to instsall the exact same things23:26
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bull3trulz!find xfce4-vala23:27
dr_willisdone a sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade   lately?23:27
ubottuPackage/file xfce4-vala does not exist in quantal23:27
WetBreadmarcusw cant ban me here23:27
teefshi ubuntueurs23:27
WetBreadalso, Hi I bring you wet23:28
bull3trulzok i need help agian how to install Checking for 'xfce4-vala' >= 4.8         : not found23:28
Orisdr_willis: my mistake, i made a typo on my apt-get23:28
MarkShuttleworthAND I AM YOUR GOD23:28
WetBreadnot mine23:28
WetBreadbut I let you wet me23:28
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dr_willisbull3trulz:  try an apt-cache search vala23:28
WetBreadWet bread is love; Wet bread is life23:29
WetBreadWet bread is love; Wet bread is life23:29
* MarkShuttleworth loves him some wet bread.23:29
dr_willisbull3trulz:  you  may wan tto look into searching for that PPA i saw .. i think i saw t mentioned at the webupd8 or omgubuntu sites23:29
MarkShuttleworthalso amazon ads <323:29
Orisdr_willis: however, it still suggests autoremoving packages that are no longer required...23:29
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marcuswoh shit, he mentioned amazon ads, it's about to get real23:30
dr_willisOris:   i imagine 'sudo apt-get autoremove' would also  remove them23:30
MarkShuttleworthAMAZON ADS23:30
MarkShuttleworthAMAZON ADS23:30
FloodBot1MarkShuttleworth: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:30
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MarkShuttleworthoh noes23:30
amesbury_eugood evening, mr shuttleworth...so kind of you to take the time to join us23:31
MarkShuttleworthwhy thank you kind sir23:31
MarkShuttleworthmarcusw: knock knock23:31
somsip!ops | trolls abound23:31
Orisdr_willis: right, i guess i just wasn't sure if the 50 or so packages really were no longer required23:31
ubottutrolls abound: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!23:31
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WetBreadi mean23:32
Orisdr_willis: thanks, i think i'm good now23:33
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Camouflagesis there a command line program that can burn an iso image to cd23:35
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Camouflagescan I get full syntax pla23:35
Camouflagesim having difficulty mount the cdrom and not sure of syntax for the 'fstab' if required??23:37
marcusw>mfw troll from earlier just go klined for chan drama23:39
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marcuswso apparently #ubuntu = freenode23:40
Picimarcusw: We don't need the updates here.23:41
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marcuswIDGAF, klines for trolls that have already been banned is fucking dalnet shit23:41
viodcould someone help me with sed please?23:42
k1lmarcusw: please keep this channel clear for ubuntu support. thank you23:42
marcuswviod: don't ask to ask23:42
viodi'm trying to remove a line containing a pattern, and the following line23:42
marcuswuse grep -v instead23:42
viodhmmm, I don't see how?23:43
marcuswk1l: I'm looking for an explanation of why this was necessary23:43
marcusw(protip: it wasn't and there is none)23:43
marcuswviod: instead of piping through sed, pipe to grep -v <pattern>23:44
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Picimarcusw: ask freenode, Ubuntu ops can't kline people.23:44
OerHeksvoid, see http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/56123/remove-line-containing-certain-string-and-the-following-line23:45
Pici!guidelines > WetBread23:45
ubottuWetBread, please see my private message23:45
marcuswPici: some op from here went and got freenode to kline someone23:46
viodmarcusw: the second line is actually a blank line, and not the only one in the file!23:46
comradevdkaHello I am having a issue seeing my Windows 7 partition on a clean duel boot installation of Xubuntu. I have tried updating GRUB thinking that may fix it and still nothing any ideas?23:46
viodOerHeks: thanks, gonna try!23:46
marcuswand since all the ops are here and there are probably none of them on #freenode, I think this is a very appropriate place to ask23:46
Picimarcusw: This isn't the place to discuss it, and no we didn't.23:46
OerHeksvoid, in that url are examples that don't look at the content of the following line23:46
OerHeksthat could be an issue, when that following line contains the same search pattern23:47
marcuswPici: so you're confirming that #ubuntu chanops had nothing to do with klining of #ubuntu troll?23:47
Picimarcusw: correct.23:47
viodOerHeks: it's exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot :D23:48
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sonOfRacan I force a window to always be open on any desktop? I'm using 2 screens, and I'd like to switch around desktops on the first one23:50
sonOfRabut I would like my email staying open on the second one, no matter what desktop i switch to23:50
kalenjohnsonsonOfRa, right click on the top bar, select "always on visible workspace"23:51
sonOfRacan I also toggle that while the windows is maximized? the dialog only shows up if a window is not maximized23:53
kalenjohnsonnot sure23:55
t_kjaergaardHi guys.. Im a bit of a Ubuntu newbie and can't get it to install properly.. I've made a boot USB and successfully completed the installation. But when I reach the reboot part, I get stuck on a purple screen.. Any idears? :)23:56
ozzloyhow do i change the window displayed in a pane in byobu?23:56
ozzloywhat's the keyboard shortcut?  i used to just switch windows with ctrl-a # in screen23:56
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