Lumpydarn forgot again00:06
Lumpyi /was/ away00:06
Lumpyand now i actually am00:12
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len-livezequence, FYI, the way xubuntu has done the settings manager ends up with stuff that really should be in the system menu in the settings manager.00:15
len-liveThe categories tags in the settings/system apps are not well done.00:16
len-liveI think I will make a list of what we have and what xubuntu has so you can see what I mean.00:16
Lump|AFKhey len00:17
Lump|AFKfor what it is worth, i have gotten very used to the current menu00:17
Lump|AFKand despite what i said earlier00:17
len-liveSpent the evening last night doing xubuntu installs and tests.00:17
Lump|AFKi am rather liking the redundancy on certain items00:18
Lump|AFKi figured such00:18
len-liveYa, it is pretty good.00:18
Lump|AFKi spent last night sleeping after the show00:18
Lump|AFKand today i had the eye exam from hell00:18
Lump|AFKand walked home from china town with a 100 pound load00:18
len-liveWhat I see is that it is confusing having a settings manager with some settings and then a settings menu with some others.00:19
len-liveWalking with weight is not fun.00:19
Lump|AFKi agree with you on that...00:19
Lump|AFKbut consider the mint menus00:19
len-liveXubuntu has all settings in the settings manager00:19
len-liveBut in doing so have ended up with some non-settings stuff in there too.00:20
Lump|AFKi am not toatally familar with it but they do redundancy similar to how studio does so with audio00:20
Lump|AFKand as far as walking with weight goes00:20
Lump|AFKi certainly felt my partially fused lumbar Vs00:21
Lump|AFKbut felt pretty good considering i was told i would not be able to ever walk again without a limp00:21
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len-liveWe are generally limited to about 40 pounds, but most of the weight is carried on the hips.00:22
Lumpyi shall chat a while00:22
Lumpyi had 50 pounds, the rice, on my head00:22
Lumpythe walk was only about 2 miles00:22
Lumpythen i got on a bus00:23
len-liveI walk a bit farther than that... 12 to 15 miles I think.00:23
Lumpyoh i walked more than 200:23
Lumpythat was just the load part00:23
len-liveMakes sense.00:24
Lumpynonetheless, walking is part of how you and i look as good as we do at our age.. ;)00:24
Lumpyand on menu issues00:24
Lumpyi am rethinking my earlier statements00:25
Lumpyusers will figure it out00:25
Lumpyi think redundancy might be better in the long run00:25
Lumpyusers like those who use linux00:25
len-liveThey might figure it out faster if they find it faster because it is in the first place they look :)00:25
Lumpyus linux users are already rather accepting about figuriing it out00:26
Lumpyjust saying00:26
len-liveThe main reason we started doing menu mods at all is because when using one kind of program... the one menu gets really ful quick.00:27
Lumpyand putting it in several places might actually let one reduce clicks00:27
Lumpyfor what it is worth00:27
len-liveSo the multi media menu would have more items than fit in the screen on the menu.00:27
len-liveThis also makes it hard to find apps.00:27
Lumpymaybe create a new main menu option00:28
Lumpyjust a thought off the top of my head but00:28
Lumpysomething like "streaming", "production", etc00:29
Lumpyi used to set up folders on the desktop for such00:29
len-liveI think I would make it a part of  internet or audio.00:30
Lumpywith studio I now just look in "audio production"00:30
len-liveAnyway, my son has food ready... time to eat. Back after...00:30
Lumpythe one nag is that idjc ends up in internet00:30
Lumpyi will likely be outie len00:31
Lumpywe will pick this up later00:31
Lumpyand again, let me know if you guys want a stream channel00:31
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len-liveInstall time00:50
Lump|AFKhave fun00:50
len-liveLump|AFK, it is also possible to create custom menus00:51
len-liveLike have a second menu next to the application menu for just your workflow.00:51
Lump|AFKoh, that i must learn00:52
Lump|AFKkinda like how i have been doing the cli stuff to launch a stream eh?00:52
len-liveI am thinking it may make sense to make a few pre made ones that the user can install00:53
Lump|AFKi luv what you showed me regarding meterbridge00:53
Lump|AFKpart of my regular start up now00:53
len-liveYou could have it auto connect too00:53
Lump|AFKi agree that it makes much sense00:53
len-liveI don't know how easy it would be.00:54
Lump|AFKin my case, i would not use auto connect00:54
Lump|AFKsince i launch it and then fill the queue00:54
len-liveI should talk to bluesabre, he is working on a menu editor.00:54
Lump|AFKi set idjc for a timed launch after i am loaded00:55
len-liveYour meters could probably be audo connected.00:55
Lump|AFKyour cli command does that well enough but i do see the point00:55
Lump|AFKimho, a great idea00:55
len-liveYou should be able to have your control room start up all there. and "wired"00:56
Lump|AFKright now, all i need do is add one connection00:56
Lump|AFKthat is because i am not jiggy with the launching jack rack00:57
Lump|AFKbut you are, imho, on a great idea00:57
Lump|AFKsingle button launch would rawk00:57
len-liveIn studio talk that would be a session. what we use a session manager for.00:57
len-liveThere are 3 of them these days.00:58
Lump|AFKi was looking into jack session stuff last night actually00:58
len-liveStudio ships two00:58
Lump|AFKi think ther might be a way to do it in that00:58
len-liveLADI is the other00:58
Lump|AFKbut i am not the guru you all are00:59
len-liveNSM is also around00:59
len-liveActually I have yet to start using sessions either.00:59
Lump|AFKwell now we have something to collaberate on00:59
Lump|AFKbut, for now, i have a rather ill child and need to tend to him01:00
Lump|AFKso forgive me as i actually get with my nick01:00
Lump|AFKi shall ttyl01:00
Lump|AFKhave a great night/day and thanks for both the understanding and all the recent help01:01
len-liveglad it helped.01:01
Lump|AFKi think the kid is hacking out his spleen atm01:01
len-livefeed them more bacteria... Works for me.01:02
Lump|AFKI got the chicken soup on the burner01:02
Lump|AFKand that reminds me01:02
len-liveThats good too.01:02
Lump|AFKwe need to talk bread again soon01:03
len-liveNot here :)01:03
Lump|AFKyou know where i hang and my email01:03
Lump|AFKbread lovers should unite :P01:03
Lump|AFKalthough i should warn you i am also a big rice fan01:04
len-livewild? Black?01:04
Lump|AFKwhite, black, brown, yellow01:05
Lump|AFKyou name it i have it01:05
Lump|AFKbeans as well01:05
Lump|AFKif it can be stored, i have it01:06
len-1304zequence, Re. lightdm BG, The COF in the centre is covered by the login dialog01:42
zequencelen-1304: That's perfectly ok06:56
zequenceI'd even prefer there not being one at all in the login06:56
zequenceHowever, the ratio is not the same in the login dialog07:26
zequenceWhile you load, you see a squeezed COF07:27
zequencemaybe not on all screen rations07:27
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zequenceI'm creating a suit of scripts for testing and support. QA testing, performance testing and user support.10:25
smartboyhwzequence, how are you working on the new testcase?12:44
zequencesmartboyhw: There are only two things that are pointless for this cycle: 13:11
zequenceClick the "Ubuntu Studio Information" item menu in the menu. Does all the links included in there work? (e.g. Ubuntu Studio IRC, Ubuntu Studio Forums, etc.)13:11
smartboyhwzequence, and?13:12
zequenceAnd the last item 4. If you are connected to the Internet, Open Firefox and load ubuntustudio.org Confirm that the page loads13:12
zequenceIf you could remove those two, that would be enough I think13:12
smartboyhwzequence, well just bzr pull lp:ubuntu-manual-tests and change and propose a merge. I will help the import:P13:12
zequenceI'm going to prepare QA testing scripts13:12
smartboyhwWe have bzr branches for that13:12
smartboyhwzequence, yeah!13:12
zequenceBut, not for this cycle13:13
zequenceI'm working on it right now13:13
smartboyhwzequence, :P13:13
zequenceWell, I might be interested in removing some other stuff too, when I look at this13:15
zequenceDo we need a usb stick test?13:15
smartboyhwzequence, and write some stuff?13:15
zequenceOr, Software Center test?13:15
smartboyhwzequence, well if you think it's necessary then please. I wouldn't go for the Software Center one though13:15
smartboyhwIt is for application cadence week testing.13:16
zequenceI'm going to make it just a jack audio test. That should be enough13:16
smartboyhwzequence, you want to see if the images load the wallpapers too?13:17
zequencesmartboyhw: Seems to work. I had a go yesterday13:25
zequenceThat won't be hardware specific, or anything13:26
zequenceThe audio check is something that might be very different on different machines, so it would actually be useful for us to do testing not only this late, but every month at least13:26
zequencesmartboyhw: Anyway to smoketest the test sheets?13:49
smartboyhwzequence, no. I will test the Kubuntu  ones first:P13:50
smartboyhwAnd TestDrive doesn't enable drives > 8 GB, and Virtualbox has crappy kernel support13:50
zequencesmartboyhw: I made a merge request13:57
smartboyhwzequence, OK. I should receive the e-mail soon13:58
smartboyhwzequence, send me just the new test file please14:01
zequencesmartboyhw: what do you mean? I've updated the original. There's no new file14:02
smartboyhwzequence, then the updated flie14:02
kubotusmartboyhw meant: "zequence, then the updated file"14:02
smartboyhwSince I think I spotted an error already:P14:03
zequencesmartboyhw: The file is in the bzr branch. Don't you have access to a computer?14:03
smartboyhwzequence, Reviewed as "Needs fixing" (Just a typo)14:03
zequenceJust fix it, and merge it14:03
smartboyhwzequence, well alright then14:04
smartboyhwzequence, BTW you clearly forgotten to do `bzr launchpad-login zequence`. Just seeing it from the merge. No problems, but:)14:05
zequenceI didn't forget, but perhaps it didn't work14:05
zequenceIt doesn't give you any errors14:06
smartboyhwzequence, doesn't14:06
zequenceI'm not at home now, so I probably don't have the right key14:08
zequenceWell, that's that then. Let's hope there is little more to do before release, except testing. I really want to focus on what happens next14:09
smartboyhwzequence, done14:10
zequenceAh, daaamn. I forgot to add one detail14:11
zequencesmartboyhw: You should be getting another merge request soon14:15
smartboyhwzequence, OK:P14:15
smartboyhwzequence, got it14:18
smartboyhwzequence, done14:32
smartboyhwzequence, do we want Ardour3 in? It's packaged at debian14:46
* smartboyhw is finally actually testing the images15:09
smartboyhwzequence, hmm the wallpaper isn't selected by default in the live image15:10
* smartboyhw thinks it might be him not zsycing the image though15:11
Mishok people a noob question : if you start a new thread in the mailing list you are supposed to receive it as well right?15:13
smartboyhwMish, no15:26
Mishsmartboyhw, thanks XD15:26
zequenceMish: Yes, you're supposed to receive it, if you're subscribed to the list16:23
Mishso what did smartboy mean then?16:24
zequenceMish: There's also mail client configurations on how mail is displayed16:24
zequenceMaybe he was mistaken16:24
Mishhmm.....ACtually I did post a new thread regarding the wallpaper, but haven't received it myself yet16:25
MishSo I was wondering if others couldn't see it as well16:25
zequenceMish: There's no new mail about wallpapers what I can see16:25
zequenceMish: Are you subscribed?16:25
Mishyes I am16:25
zequenceMish: Wait16:26
zequenceI missed it before. I see it now16:26
Mishthe subject should be "Wallpaper design"16:27
zequenceMish: Cool looking stuff16:28
Mishyou got it?16:29
Mishcool, I wonder why I didn't get it though16:29
zequencegmail may do things differently, and there's also the client configurations 16:30
Mishyeah, possible16:30
zequenceThe mail list will send you mail, no matter who sent to the mail lsit16:30
MishI'll check if there's some gmail specific setting doing it16:30
MishTHanks for the help zequence, bb all16:42
len-1304zequence, have you seen this? http://burnstation.net/indexnew.html and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWJP8VTXSEQ&list=PL32C0B416E333C15522:44
len-1304I don't know that this fits with a workflow, but it reminds me of one of the things Scott said about including something that allows publishing audio/video/art/books to internet.22:48
len-1304I don't think we have really covered that part of things... or if there is even SW that might work.22:48
zequencelen-1304: looks interesting22:50
len-1304It would be great to include in our Docs suggestions of web sites that are good places for independent artists to sell or showcase their product.22:50
zequencelen-1304: Have you had a chance to try the live DVD yet?22:55
len-1304Running on the install now. The live version seemed to be fine too.22:55
len-130432 bit of coarse.22:56
len-1304No problems with jack, pulse of both together22:58
zequenceYeah, they work pretty flawlessly now23:00
zequenceAll though, I find that pulse is behaving differently now23:00
zequenceI do however have a weird bug on one of my machines, that I haven't been able to reproduce on any other yet23:01
zequenceI'm suspecting it has something to do with my onboard card23:01
len-1304I have run over a hour's worth of audio through with no problems23:01
zequencethe stuttering audio, when changing pulse volume, which I told you about before23:01
len-1304I haven't been watching that close but it seems to me there was something like that in the pulse mailing list.23:03
len-1304I haven't been reading all the messages, just the topic for the most part.23:03
zequenceOk. I probably missed it23:03
zequenceI have trouble keeping up with my mail lately. Need to put together some better filtering. I need to move to MUTT, cause I don't want to do it all at my email service provider23:04
len-1304It could be either that the card has big jumps from one level to the next or something like that.23:04
zequenceThe input is not showing on one of the mixers, and when I try changing it, the mixer crashes23:05
zequenceThe volume stutters, as it gets stuck in a loop23:05
zequenceI run pulseaudio in verbose, and it was complaining it couldn't get hold of a device23:05
zequenceI wasn't running jack or anything23:05
len-1304Ah, I have had that when bridging pa-jack at too low of a latency.23:06
zequenceOr, the audio stutters, i mean, when I try changing the volume23:06
len-1304Like it is reading the saem buffer moe than once23:06
zequenceAbout 500ms or so long23:06
zequenceMaybe a bit less23:07
len-1304Sometimes that is the app feeding pulse too. One of the phone apps did that to me.23:07
zequenceThis never happened before PA 323:07
len-1304So one thing fixed and another broken.23:10
len-1304The only thing I am aware that is broken right now is catfish23:19
len-1304The fix is just waiting up load and should be there for beta223:20
len-1304I have tested the fix and it seems to work really well, it seems faster than the search that nautilus used to have too.23:20
len-1304zequence, here is a missing workflow... http://dvswitch.alioth.debian.org/wiki/23:21
len-1304Live video switching23:21
zequencelen-1304: Anything live is probably good to add23:22
len-1304next release23:22
zequencetaking a nap. It's after midnight after all23:24
len-1304more than a nap then GN23:25
zequencelen-1304: I'm getting really frustrated with my lack of knowledge in some areas, and to get your head around a lot of it, I find that the only way to go is Debian. http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/23:26
zequenceThis one is good too http://debian-handbook.info/23:27
zequenceThere's no other way to get around it. Just gotta start reading through that stuff23:27

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