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wiphi everyone, have a look at my stream: http://www.justin.tv/11h1118:31
wipall made with puredata / gem / realtime with ubuntu-studio18:31
zequencewip: Nice. Thanks for sharing18:32
wipof course, it's not really nice right now, but the video are trigged automatically (pitch tracking) of the incoming audioi18:33
wipand my internet connection is very slow... so quality is bad18:33
wipif i want to route all my pulseaudio to jack, it is possible?18:34
zequencewip: Let me check something first18:35
wipautomagically at boot time that would be fantastic18:35
zequencewip: You can make a script for starting jack at startup18:38
zequenceThe pulseaudio module, jackdbus-detect, will automatically create jack sink and source, if you start jackdbus18:38
zequenceTo start jackdbus, you do: jack_control start18:38
zequenceIt is possible to create the sink and source manually as well18:39
zequenceI forget how18:39
zequencewip: Use pactl to make pulseaudio use the jack output18:39
wipoh excellent, i am starting qjackctl at boot time = np here18:39
zequenceThe module is in a package called pulseaudio-module-jack18:40
wipso for example i could make a script to use pactl (after installing pulseaudio-jack) when i want pusleaduio  -> jack?18:40
zequenceI guess you are using it now?18:40
wipwill install18:40
zequenceThe module is installed by default on Ubuntu Studio, so you should have it, if it's not removed18:40
zequencepactl is for adjusting pulseaudio parameters without a gui18:41
zequencewip: On Ubuntu Studio 13.04 applications will automatically start using jack, even if PA was not set to use jack18:44
zequenceDon't know if that's a good thing, but it happens anyway18:44
wipit's a good thing18:44
wipwhat is a bad thing is pulseaudio ;)18:45
zequenceAlso, jack and PA are less buggy18:45
zequencePA lets go of the card easier (bugfix), jackdbus doesn't crash when you stop it(bugfix)18:45
zequencePA just moved to version 3.0, so there may be some new bugs18:45
wipyeah i was having this bug (jackdbus crashing from time to time)18:46
wip13.04 this summer?18:46
zequenceThat's what the 04 is for :)18:46
zequenceBut, it's actually quite usable now18:46
zequenceOr has been the whole development period really18:47
tjingboemdoes ubuntustudio have the low latency kernel?19:34
zequencetjingboem: Yes. It's our kernel in fact19:35
tjingboemand does it work with nvidia?19:35
zequenceConsider it a clone of -generic19:35
zequenceBut, with lower latency19:35
zequenceIt has the same exact source. Just differently configured19:35
tjingboemat the moment i use Xubuntu with kxstudio ppa19:35
tjingboemand low latency19:36
zequenceWell, is it not the same?19:36
tjingboemdoes us work with jack 1 or 2?19:36
tjingboemi do not know...19:36
zequenceBoth. We use debian packages19:36
zequencekxstudio has a custom build of jack19:36
zequenceYou can't use both at the same time though19:37
zequenceEither install jackd1, or jackd2. jackd2 is default19:37
tjingboemah, okay19:37
zequencetjingboem: Just grab a live DVD, and check it out. I recommend 13.04, which is soon coming out19:37
tjingboemyes i was looking at it now19:37
tjingboembut i think i will stick with 12.0419:38
fisch246alright so i added jack awhile back to try and setup a virtual soundcard so that i can fix all of these issues in ubuntu when it comes to recording system sound and mic at the same time. well it didn't work at all so i removed jack. when i did, it took all of my audio stuff with it. now i'm trying to use audacity to record a podcast only to be reminded that i still don't have everything back to normal. pulseaudio it seems isn't fi22:34
fisch246like is there any apt-get installs I can do to make sure I have everything?22:39
fisch246i'd say it's more than annoying that removing jack breaks your system22:40
zequencejack is a pro audio server. pulseaudio is a consumer audio server22:41
zequenceRemoving jack won't break pulseaudio22:41
zequenceI don't know what you removed though22:41
zequenceOr what you want to add22:41
zequenceIf pulseaudio is giving you audio at all, I'd say pulseaudio is working22:41
fisch246it is, but i need alsa-plugins so i can use audacity to record my system sound22:42
zequenceYou're trying to route desktop audio to audacity, is that right?22:43
zequenceThe only way you can do that AFAIK, is by routing the audio manually, with cable from your audio output to your audio input on your device22:44
zequenceIt would be a hell of a lot easier using jack22:44
zequencefisch246: !proaudio22:45
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro22:45
zequencefisch246: Try our live DVD. It has everything set up. You only need to start jack, and route pulseaudio to jack. Use Audacity with jack.22:45
zequencefisch246: What are you trying to route to audacity, specifically?22:46
zequencefisch246: What application?22:46
zequenceOk, well. I haven't tried it, so I don't know it's audio configs, but it should work fine with the PA jack bridge we have22:46
zequencefisch246: I'd even go as far as recommending our yet unreleased ISO http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/dvd/current/22:47
zequenceIt's less buggy than released versions22:47
zequence..on the audio side22:47
zequencefisch246: The two sections you need to worry about most are https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro#UbuntuStudio.2BAC8-ProAudioIntro.2BAC8-1204.Starting_Jack22:48
zequenceand https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro#UbuntuStudio.2BAC8-ProAudioIntro.2BAC8-1204.The_Pulse_Audio_to_Jack_Bridge_-_using_both_at_once22:48
zequenceYOu can do this on regular Ubuntu too, if you install the right packages, and reboot22:49
fisch246yea well i tried doing it on regular Ubuntu22:50
fisch246which lead to me giving up, and apparently more than just jack being uninstalled22:50
zequencefisch246: There are a couple of bugs that specifically have cause grief in previous releases22:51
zequenceI strongly encourage you to try 13.0422:51
zequenceThe thing about Audacity though, is that it has a bit bad jack support. not in that it doesn't work. Only that it won't keep connections alive while stopped22:52
zequenceSo, you need to start it, then make connections22:52
fisch246that sounds a bit annoyinh22:52
zequenceAudacity is not really a multitracking solution22:52
zequenceIt's an audio editor22:52
zequenceBetter to use something like qtractor, or ardour22:52
fisch246yea i've heard of ardour22:52
zequenceDepends a bit on how far you want to go with recording, but if you're intending to do any kind of mixing, either one of those is much preferred to Audacity22:53
zequenceAudacity can record. But it's not meant for multitrack recording. The multi tracks are more suited for multi wave file editing22:53
zequencePost processing22:53
fisch246can ardour capture multiple channels from pulse?22:55
zequencefisch246: Yes22:56
zequencefisch246: How many are you considering?22:56
fisch246just my mic and mumble22:56
zequencefisch246: Can you put them on separate channels to PA?22:56
zequenceActually, the mic won't go to PA at all, if you're using jack22:57
fisch246i was then going to just grab a song under the CC license (that works with non-commercial works) and add it in as an intro and outro22:57
fisch246i'm not using jack22:57
zequenceWell, I'm telling what would happen if you did22:57
zequenceSince jack takes over the card, Pulse just becomes like any other application22:58
zequenceSo, the mic is in jack connections, and you can route it anywhere you like. To any application22:58
zequencemumble would be outputted through pulseaudio sink22:58
zequenceAnd the pulseaudio sink would basically be like the output of an application. You could connect that to a multi track recorder, just as you would connect your mic there22:59
zequenceReally, if you're doing multi tracking, you should be using jack23:00
fisch246well like i said i'm very hesitant because last time it screwed up everything23:02
fisch246I would prefer doing this kind of thing on Linux, cause the only thing that windows has to offer is stereo mix which has never worked for me23:04
airlynxI need some help, jackd will not start properly, it keeps failing and telling me that Audio device hw:0 cannot be acquired even though I've set it in the options in qjackctl to use hw:2 (hw:0 is HDA ATI HDMI, hw:2 is HD-Audio-Generic, which has worked before on this computer)  Can anyone point me in the right direction?23:08
zequenceairlynx: Probably pulseaudio is not letting go of it23:08
zequenceairlynx: Try setting PA to use the other card, both output and input, and try again23:08
zequenceairlynx: Another method is, in a terminal: pasuspender -- jackd -d alsa -d hw:223:09
airlynxzequence: the other card is the HDMI out on my computer, I have no idea why it is listed as hw:023:09
zequencefisch246: It won't screw anyuthing up, believe me. It doesn't change any settings, or anything23:09
zequenceairlynx: The order may change at each boot. Alsa will list any audio device23:10
fisch246zequence: well jack won't but removing jack again will23:10
zequenceeven some midi devices23:10
zequencefisch246: No, it won't23:10
zequencefisch246: But, I'm not sure what you have removed23:10
zequencefisch246: There's no need to remove jack either way. It doesn't change anything pulse wise23:11
fisch246zequence: sudo apt-get remove jack, i might have had the purge flag, which may have been the issue.23:11
zequencefisch246: What issue?23:11
fisch246zequence: me not having sound23:11
airlynxzequence: the pasuspender command worked just fine, but I have no idea what exactly that did differently23:11
zequenceairlynx: pasuspender is a tool that suspends audio23:11
zequenceairlynx: It working means that PA was not letting go of the card23:12
fisch246zequence: i had to install all my stuff over again. I think apt was confused and connected pulse and stuff in with jack.23:12
zequenceairlynx: Either make sure PA is not using your card when you start jack (close down all audio apps, even browser windows) .. and it still might now work23:12
zequenceairlynx: Another is to set PA to use the other card23:12
zequencefisch246: Well, might be that you were removing libjack or something, which would be totally unneeded23:13
airlynxzequence: I've had that problem many times before and shutting everything down usually works, this time though I rebooted the computer and went straight to qjackctl without doing anything else and it still failed, I'll try it again though, thank you very much, I'll write down the pasuspender command though23:13
fisch246zequence: i would assume i used purge then, and it said it had jack in the name so it removed it as well23:13
zequencefisch246: the only part which you need to add/remove is jackd23:14
zequenceOr, jackd223:14
zequencejackd is a meta which installs jackd2 by default23:14
zequenceairlynx: It's a bug in PA. Fixed in pulseaudio-3.023:15
zequenceairlynx: If you like, try the yet unreleased Ubuntu Studio DVD. It has all of that working. jack also never crashes when trying to stop it23:15
zequenceairlynx: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/dvd/current/23:15
airlynxzequence: I installed studio 12.10 by upgrading the packages on plain ubuntu, I had a mess of a time trying to dual boot this computer with win8, so a few things are likely out of place, can I just upgrade pulseaudio to 3.0?23:16
zequenceairlynx: If you find a PPA that has it, maybe.23:17
zequenceairlynx: I'm going to try getting a fix in, but that doesn't happen fast, unfortunately23:17
zequenceairlynx: you can also start qjackctl with pasuspender: pasuspender -- qjackctl23:18
airlynxthings were so much simpler before pulse audio, sigh23:18
zequenceairlynx: Or, just set PA to use the other card. Works just as fine23:18
zequenceairlynx: The bug is in a piece of code that exists in both PA and jack, specifically written for the interaction between teh two23:19
zequenceWhen jack wants to grab the card, PA is notified, and if jack has a higher prio, it will get it. This was not always happening, because of a bug23:19
zequenceThis also only works with jack223:19
zequenceIf you ever use jackd1, you can only make it work with either setting PA to use the other card (you can have one audio server running on each card if you want), or use pasuspender23:20
airlynxzequence: what gets me is that it was working just fine this morning, haven't done any updates or anythings since, the only thing I did was stop jackd and go to youtube to see if jackd stopped properly, which it had23:20
airlynxzequence: couldn't I just raise the priority on jackd then?23:20
zequenceairlynx: It's just a coincidence probably23:20
zequenceIt's not a prio that you can adjust currently23:21
airlynxoh :(23:21
zequenceIt's just a protocol that exists in the code23:21
zequenceAnd jack has the higher prio, always23:21
zequenceJust that PA was buggy23:21
airlynxso it's not related to the priority that I see in qjackctl's setup box23:21
zequenceNot at all23:22
zequenceThe only parameter that you'll probably need to change ever is frames/period, if you want lower altency23:23
zequenceUnless you have some kind of weird problems, usually HW releated23:23
zequenceGetting late. Good luck guys23:23
airlynxokay, well thanks for all your help, since I JUST installed 12.10 I won't be undoing too much by giving 13.04 a try (and yeah, I generally try not to touch too much in my jack setup)23:24
sirriffsalotWhy is a torrent download the recommended method of getting the iso images from ubuntstudio.com? People are more liable to include mischievous stuff in what they seed on than a direct link from ubuntustudio?23:32
len-1304Once you have one ISO, use xsync to update. This would also correct any changes from  a download. but anyone should be checking the checksum anyway.23:36
zequencesirriffsalot: Care to let us in on how that would happen, technically? Using the torrent takes off a bit of load from the main server.23:38
sirriffsalotzequence: I would suppose it is possible. Whenever I download from direct, the sum is always correct.. torrents however..23:39
zequenceBut, granted, we should add instructions on how to check the sum23:39
zequencesirriffsalot: There's never a garantuee that what you get is correct23:40
sirriffsalotYeah, and also.. why does ubuntustudio.com point to unetbootin for usb-stick creation? Ubuntu already has one as a default both in ubuntu studio and ubuntu..?23:40
zequencesirriffsalot: Are you looking to join Ubuntu Studio development, or are you just making queries?23:41
sirriffsalotzequence: well so far the numbers don't lie.. and there is a slightly greater chance that some private user would fiddle with files than you guys' direct downloads23:41
zequencesirriffsalot: If you feel like you know how to do things better, take the sensible step, and start contributing23:42
zequencesirriffsalot: Until you can prove what you claim, what you say doesn't bear much weight23:42
sirriffsalotzequence: I'll get back to you then, hehe :)23:43
zequenceIf you move a file from one place to the other on your hard disk, there's no guarantee it won't be corrupted23:43
sirriffsalotBut why is it better to download the torrent way?23:44
sirriffsalotI still don't think you gave me that answer?23:44
zequencesirriffsalot: I did23:44
sirriffsalotTakes off the load from the main server.. nothing else?23:45
zequencesirriffsalot: let me ask you something. Are you interested in contributing, or trolling?23:45
zequenceCause I only have time with one of those things23:46
sirriffsalotzequence: I'm not trolling at all.. I'm just curious. But sorry for taking up your time, I got what I was curious about :)23:46
zequencebb tomorrow23:46

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