Len-nbHow come no USB-ISO installer?00:07
skellatLen-nb: In general, the ISOs created as of late are "hybrid ISO" format things that can not only be burnt to disc but also simply written to a USB key using dd00:34
bluesabreany idea what package to report against if I can't resume from standby correctly?09:02
astraljavabluesabre: Using any proprietary drivers? If not, then linux.09:03
bluesabrethanks astraljava09:04
astraljavaIf yes, then ask on #ubuntu-bugs, I'm not sure what's the latest protocol. :)09:04
xnoxbluesabre: on failed resume, you should get a whopsie dialog offering to submit a bug, it has special hooks for suspend/resume bugs.09:21
bluesabreI don't seem to be getting one.  I think the resume is working, but the display never comes to life.. so its hard to tell.09:22
bluesabrehey micahg, sorry to keep bugging you, but any updates on catfish in raring?10:56
knomebluesabre, i thought we're going to wait until after beta 1 with that (which makes sense)10:59
bluesabreok, cool.  Thanks knome10:59
Unit193bluesabre_1: For what it's worth, I get/got those as well.  It's working right now, but doesn't always.  (Just resumed a couple minutes ago.)12:33
bluesabre_1Unit193, on 13.04 or elsewhere?13:02
Unit19312.10 right now.13:03
bluesabre_1This is a new problem for me as of 13.0413:03
bluesabre_1brb, gotta reboot13:04
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest83869
Guest83869DL'd both the 32 and 64 dit RR iso from http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/261/builds/39546/downloads and installed on USB stick.  Both the 32 and 64 bit version show ~65% CPU usage (task manager and htop) at idle.  Seems a bit high to me.  Is this a known issue or do I need to file it?15:17
ochosiGuest83869: and the 65% cpu usage is due to what..?15:18
knomewhat's your cpu power and what's taking the cpu time?15:18
Guest83869Well, for complete accuracy the 32 bit was DL'd from http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/261/builds/39546/downloads :)15:19
Guest83869ochosi, nothinh (except either TM or htop) is running, check imediately after logon15:20
Guest83869knome: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo T5850 (2 x 2.16GHz, 667Mhz FSB, 2MB L2 Shared Cache, 32-bit/64-bit)15:21
ochosiGuest83869: there must be a process at the top of the list in htop, it's rather implausible (to me) that it just says "65% usage"15:23
Guest83869yeah, loooking now15:23
ochosiright, so a wireless driver issue possibly15:27
Guest83869looks like, but my wireless is hard switched off15:27
Guest83869doesn't happen is 12.04/10 or earlier versions of 13.04 daily15:28
knomeGuest83869, i'd ask about it in #ubuntu+115:28
Guest83869ok, thanks15:28
pleia2ochosi: should we do a broader call for background art submissions (not sure where you've asked so far, but I've seen the wiki updates :))20:31
pleia2and did we decide to add any beyond a single default? or have a xubuntu-backgrounds package people can install after20:31
pleia2then again, with FF I guess this is all hard at this point20:32
micahgwell, it's easy enough to add a new binary package if it doesn't affect other ones20:33
pleia2ah, ok20:33
micahgstill needs, FFe, but can get it approved (worst case, we can throw it in -backports)20:33
pleia2I suppose we should have a meeting, I don't know what anyone is doing :)20:34
* pleia2 nods20:34
Len-nbknome, re, wireless drivers. I have had higher (not 65%) workloads with things shut off than while working. It seems that once started, if it is shut off it goes into constant scan mode or more frequent anyway.20:52
Len-nbI noticed it in regards to xruns as I got an xrun/min with wireless running. With wireless turned off the xruns went up to once every 5 sec. unloading the kernel module made them all go away.20:53
Len-nbNot a bug (well maybe hardware) but for your info.20:54

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