xubuntu794I have been trying to install xubuntu 12.10 through DVD on my latitude E551000:10
xubuntu794On boot up I can only see that small humanoid and keyboard at center bottom of the screen00:10
xubuntu794Nothing else comes up after that.00:10
xubuntu794I really dont know how to debug on what's going wrong with the installation00:11
xubuntu794Can anybody here help on how I debug this?00:11
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Cheri703when you see that, press a key00:14
Cheri703what happens if you do that?00:14
Cheri703(do it as soon as you see it)00:14
xubuntu794it did work00:16
Cheri703yay :)00:16
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chybbydo i need to do anything in the bios/uefi to install xubuntu?02:52
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI02:52
holsteini would just try it.. nothing in ubuntu/xubuntu is preventing its self from installing on your machine02:53
chybbythanks guys =)02:54
David-Achybby: if you install from cd, you must set boot order to boot from cd first (often the default), if you install from usb-memory, you must set boot order to boot from that first (often not the default). there may be a button to select boot device directly without setting boot order02:57
chybbyyeah I've done that, I just needed to turn off secure boot I think02:58
nukkei'm having problems installing dwb from source. i get, "config.mk:97: *** Cannot find gtk2-libs or gtk3-libs.  Stop."03:03
nukkei have both libgtk2-* and libgtk3-* up to date03:04
David-Anukke: (sorry for dumb question) including libgtk*-dev ?03:06
nukkeyeah, have that, -bin, -common03:06
nukkehowever, i checked the config.mk file and it mentions webkitgtk-3.0. i'm downloading it right now. hopefully it fixes it03:07
nukkethw download seems excessively big, though. 125mb03:08
nukkeok it's working now. another question: what's the difference between gtk3 and gtk2? is gtk3 better?03:16
MaunderingMooseHi! Would anyone mind taking a look at my AskUbuntu question about desktop panels in Xubuntu? http://askubuntu.com/questions/267124/is-there-a-way-to-hide-show-all-panels-at-once-in-xubuntu03:16
ubottuGTK is the !GIMP toolkit, which forms the base of !GNOME and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI03:18
holsteinnukke: "better" is a matter of opinion.. 3 is newer03:18
MaunderingMooseMicrosoft says newer is always better. Literally stopped selling Windows 7 four hours before I finally gave up and decided to buy it from their site. Said "fuck you" and now I'm trying to get Xubuntu to cover all my needs.03:20
holsteinMaunderingMoose: careful.. this is an official support channel.. guidelines need be followed03:21
MaunderingMooseholstein: sorry03:21
holsteinMaunderingMoose: no worries :)03:22
MaunderingMooseIs there a way to get multiple desktop panels to hide/show at once? Either with mouse-over or hotkey?03:24
* holstein is looking into it03:26
nukkeone last question: will there be problems if i add an archlinux repository to xubuntu?03:35
holsteinnukke: we cant support that.. but i would expect issues03:36
nukkeunderstood. thanks03:37
David-Anukke: arch uses different package manager. I don't think there is such a thing to "add" a repository that is using .deb in arch.03:39
holsteinMaunderingMoose: you cant just click the "hide" in the panel dialog?03:39
MaunderingMooseholstein: I need all the panels to be hidden or restored at once.03:41
MaunderingMooseholstein: my AskUbuntu question explains the solution I'm looking for further: http://askubuntu.com/questions/267124/is-there-a-way-to-hide-show-all-panels-at-once-in-xubuntu03:42
fetzyHi is it possible to install xubuntu if i already have ubuntu installed on my computer?03:42
holsteinMaunderingMoose: they dont hide automatically?03:42
Gumbyhi all.  I'm new to xubuntu.  I have created a panel and in it I have some panel items.  I would like those items to align to the right of the panel, is this possible?03:42
MaunderingMooseholstein: they do, but individually. I have six panels and it's a bummer to only have one become visible at a time when set on auto-hide.03:43
MaunderingMooseGumby: use a seperator and set it to "extend"03:43
holsteinMaunderingMoose: did you try http://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=6220 ?03:44
GumbyMaunderingMoose: found that just as you msged that. Although, I believe it is "expand" and not "extend"03:44
MaunderingMooseGumby: oh, sorry03:44
GumbyMaunderingMoose: right track though, thank you03:45
MaunderingMooseGumby: :)03:46
MaunderingMooseholstein: I'll try that out real quick03:46
MaunderingMoosehostein: Is there a way to run a command for each panel at once with a hotkey?03:49
holsteinMaunderingMoose: i was wondering if that command would just do all of them03:49
holsteinMaunderingMoose: does it do anything?03:49
MaunderingMoosehostein: it worked, but it only indicates one panel at a time03:49
David-AMaunderingMoose: are you using the xconfig-query?03:50
MaunderingMooseDavid-A: yes03:51
David-AMaunderingMoose: I havn't tested bug guess panel-X is for one panel number X. does it work if you repeat command for all X ?03:52
David-AMaunderingMoose: then put the commands in a script, and call the script from the key binding03:52
MaunderingMooseDavid-A: I'll try that. Thanks.03:54
MaunderingMooseDavid-A: Is there a way to make an if/then thingy with this script that would allow me to use the same key combination as a toggle?04:07
David-AMaunderingMoose: yes, the thing is the script runs, does its thing and exits, the next time it runs it must remember what it did the previous time.04:09
David-AMaunderingMoose: one way to remember is saving a state in a little file. the file maybe containing only one word or one char.04:11
MaunderingMooseDavid-A: That would be easier/more possible than having it check to see if autohide is true or false before setting it to the opposite?04:12
David-AMaunderingMoose: or if you can query the config to find out its current state and then set the opposite state04:12
MaunderingMooseDavid-A: Which do you think would be easier for a complete noob to figure out how to do?04:13
David-AMaunderingMoose: quering the actual state is more robust (no out of sync states) and probably more efficient since no disk access needed.04:13
David-AMaunderingMoose: an alternative solution, let the script unhide, wait 2 seconds, then hide again. (no state needed, but maybe confusing behaviour if the key is pressed multiple times within 2 seconds)04:15
MaunderingMooseDavid-A: That's a good idea.04:16
MaunderingMooseDavid-A: What about a way to get all the panels to show when any one of them is moused-over?04:18
David-AMaunderingMoose: as for the previous question, yes, you can have if/then/(else) thingy in a script. and case-thingy. and a couple of loop thingies.04:19
MaunderingMooseDavid-A: "statement" I just learned it's called.04:19
David-AMaunderingMoose: I dont know if xfconf-query will report a temporary unhide state for a panel (hypotetically to test and then unhide the others)04:21
MaunderingMooseDavid-A: -T for toggle. Yay!04:26
David-AMaunderingMoose: xwininfo can report the current height of a panel. maybe some gui automation tool can be used to affect the panels.04:26
David-AMaunderingMoose: almost home :)04:26
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maestormHello, I need help, I have notebook with Broadcom 4311 and I tried to connect, but it doesn't work so I tried to remove driver and install different driver, but it still didn't work so I removed11:01
maestormNow I remover network-manager so I would like to install it but it doesn't even work via cabel11:03
maestormI would like to download some installer for network manager11:03
maestormwhich could work with my wlan11:04
maestormany idea?11:04
baizonmaestorm: you can try wicd11:05
knomemaestorm, you will need the b43 drivers: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b4311:06
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john_ramboHow do I bring the dropbox menu on the right click menu ?13:29
GridCubejohn_rambo, faq 4 http://xubuntu.org/news/faq-1204-precise/13:38
mrAlmondHi everyone14:11
GridCube!hi | mrAlmond14:12
ubottumrAlmond: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!14:12
mrAlmondIs there a way in xubuntu to start an application at startup and to make it re-launched again if it crashes?14:12
GridCube!cron | mrAlmond14:12
ubottumrAlmond: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto14:13
mrAlmondubottu : are you a bot? :-)14:19
ubottumrAlmond: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:19
mrAlmondubottu : great14:19
mrAlmondubottu : your creator is intelligent :-)14:19
Dr^Fetsdepending on your app , you may run it as service?14:20
Dr^Fetsthere are different ways14:20
mrAlmondno it's a grephical app14:20
mrAlmondI know that in lxde this can be done using the autostart file14:21
mrAlmondbut I prefer xubuntu rather than lubuntu14:21
mrAlmondI know I can write a .desktop file14:21
mrAlmondbut the app will not be restarted if it crashes14:22
knomemrAlmond, applications menu (-> settings) -> settings manager -> session and startup -> tab application autostart14:22
Dr^Fetsbut he needs to watch if it crashed14:23
Dr^Fetsso a cron job would be fine14:23
mrAlmondI also want this app to start without showing me the desktop14:24
mrAlmonda sort of kiosk-like14:24
mrAlmondbtw I wil try with cron14:25
mrAlmondI was asking just to know if there was already something similar available for xubuntu (like lxde does)14:25
Dr^FetsI prefer xfce too :)14:26
GridCubemrAlmond, you can have the application to start at login, but if you want to check if its working and restart it if fails you need something like a cron job, something that constantly checks if the application is running and launchesit back if its not, so a cron job its what you need14:34
mrAlmondok tnx14:34
mrAlmondbtw I've tried to configure my app like a "startup" application but just before it's launched I can see the xubuntu desktop so it's not ok for me14:35
mrAlmondI will try to start it in the rc scripts14:35
GridCubewhat application is it?14:35
mrAlmondan application of mine in qt14:35
GridCubeyou need to replace xfwm4?14:35
mrAlmondno I just need to hide it14:36
mrAlmondthen when I want I need to return to it14:36
GridCubeoh ok14:36
mrAlmondso the window manager is xfce and the DE is xfmw4?14:36
mrAlmondDE = Desktop Environment14:37
GridCubexfwm4 is the window manager, and it works in conbination with xfce4-panel to show the panels14:37
mrAlmondand what about xfce?14:37
GridCubexfwm4 will show the windows decorations and such14:37
GridCubexfce its the whole thing14:38
GridCubethere is no package or application named xfce14:38
mrAlmondah ok14:38
mrAlmondI'm a bit confused as there are a lot of window managers with similar names ;-P14:38
GridCubeP: yes, a huge family14:38
mrAlmondall the *box, blackbox, fluxbox, openbox14:39
mrAlmondand all the others14:39
GridCubeP: yes, never used those for real14:39
mrAlmondI did14:39
mrAlmondso many years ago14:40
GridCubeP: i went from xp to knoppix, to xubuntu and never left14:40
mrAlmondI stopped using windows since xp too14:40
mrAlmondand then I passed to slackware14:40
mrAlmondand ubuntu14:41
Dr^FetsI quit on gnome and kde :)14:41
mrAlmondnow these are only experiments :-)14:41
GridCube:D this is going ot can we move it there pls?14:41
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!14:41
mrAlmondyes sorry14:41
GridCubeno problem14:42
Dr^Fetssry too14:43
GridCube:D no problem, you can continue on #xubuntu-offtopic if you want :) we try to keep this place to people with problems, they might get scared if they see people talking about other things and wont want to interrupt14:45
GridCube:D we get many new-comers to the linuxverse here14:45
Dr^FetsI had a weird font problem, something set my /Xft/Lcdfilter to lcdnone, I fixed it setting it to lcddefault14:53
Dr^Fetsbut I have no clue what app it did14:53
Dr^Fetsmaybe xrde but not sure14:53
Dr^Fetsxrdb sorry14:55
GridCubeno idea what an of those are14:57
mrAlmondjust fyi15:04
mrAlmondI've modified xinitrc15:04
mrAlmondand I start my app just after xfce-session15:05
mrAlmondso the desktop is not shown15:05
knomemrAlmond, just note that you can most probably *get* into the desktop if you want though15:06
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MoL0ToVi have a problem, i can hear sound but if i insert headphone i cannot hear in xubuntu... in win7 works... suggestions?15:20
GridCubeMoL0ToV, check that when you plug the headphones the sound is going through them, see pavucontrol for that15:20
MoL0ToVGridCube, works15:21
MoL0ToVif i insert appears the headphone15:22
MoL0ToVin output tab15:22
MoL0ToVbut i cannot hear nothing15:22
GridCubedoes the headphones work elsewhere, maybe they are broken?15:22
WizardHe mentioned they work fine.15:22
WizardMoL0ToV: Look through pavucontrol, maybe they are muted somewhere.15:23
Dr^Fetswhat soundcard?15:23
MoL0ToVintel hda15:24
Dr^Fetshmmm, I had to install alsa-tools to get mine working15:24
MoL0ToV00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 7 Series/C210 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 04)15:24
MoL0ToVi think that is a bug15:25
ubottuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto15:25
MoL0ToVintroduced with latest versions, before latest updates works...15:25
genii-aroundThe above used to work but it's a bit old now15:26
nelioi need help please15:34
genii-around!details | nelio15:34
ubottunelio: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:34
nelioi have problems, because i forgot my password for keyring default15:36
nelioand i want to desactivate15:36
nelioxubunto version 4.115:36
knomethere is no version 4.115:37
nelioxfce 4.115:37
nelioi think its this15:37
nelioi downloades from here15:38
knomein terminal, type "lsb_release -a" (without the quotes) to be sure15:38
MoL0ToVWizard, no there is nothing muted and in windows works... is a bug15:38
nelioNo LSB modules are available. Distributor ID:Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 12.10 Release:12.10 Codename:quantal15:38
nelioi forget pass and know i need to type passwords, and, if possible i want desactivate this popup15:41
nelio_but i dont know why?15:41
GridCubenelio, how do you log in?15:44
GridCubethe password its the same you need to log in15:45
nelio_no its not the same15:46
GridCubeif you want to get rid of the keyring asking you all the time delete the files in the folder ~/.gnome2/keyringss15:46
nelio_i already try but dont wors15:46
GridCubeok delete the keyring then15:46
GridCubethat should fix it15:47
nelio_dont appear nothing in folder .gnome215:47
nelio_no files15:47
GridCubenelio_, in your home folder15:47
GridCubethere is a keyrings directory15:47
nelio_print screen15:49
GridCubemmmm how very weird15:51
nelio_yes i know15:51
GridCubesorry don't know then, the password for the keyring should be the same from your login15:51
nelio_i put in log in, and its ok15:52
nelio_when i open chrome15:52
nelio_apear popup to put password15:52
GridCubemmm yes15:52
GridCubei know15:52
nelio_and tells me wrong pass15:52
GridCubethat i dont understand, because if you are using keyrings then that folder should be there15:53
knomedoes chrome have a "keyring" like firefox does?15:53
GridCubeno, it uses the systems one15:53
* GridCube highly dislike chrome and all that comes with it15:54
nelio_no way to desactivate?15:54
GridCubenelio_, this should help you a little http://askubuntu.com/questions/31786/chrome-asks-for-password-to-unlock-keyring-on-startup15:56
GridCubebut i dont think that xubuntu comes with the password changer by default, you might need to install it15:57
Unit193Seahorse may be able to help you there, I'd think.15:58
Wizardhttp://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/stockartseahorse_4514.gif :>15:59
nelio_i dont have this menu: Passwords and Encryption Keys16:00
GridCubeno, as i said, you wont16:01
nelio_how i install it16:01
GridCubenelio_, install seahorse like Unit193 recommended it, its not exactly the same but might help16:01
nelio_need to restart system16:05
GermainZHey guys. I can't move my mouse (actually, moving it scrolls the window). Is there a quick command to fix this, e.g. restart the mouse related receivers? I'd rather not restart as some things I've done can't be saved using keyboard combinations. Thanks :P17:20
knomeGermainZ, alt+f should get you to the file menu usually, then you can navigate with arrows17:21
GermainZThat's what I'm doing.17:22
GridCubeGermainZ, you can enable the mouse accesibility and use it with the numpad17:22
GermainZGridCube, how would I do that?17:22
GridCubesave what you have to save first17:22
GermainZCan't save them all17:22
GermainZIs a restart required?17:22
GridCubeopen the menu, alt-f1, go to settings > accesibility, tab once, move to left so you open the mouse tab, tab once agan and press the space bar17:23
GridCubevualá! you have a semifunctional mouse using the  numpad, number 5 is clic17:23
GermainZThanks :D17:24
GridCubeonce you save all your stuff you figure out why the mouse aint working17:25
GermainZProbably a WINE issue, didn't release the mouse or something when I quit the app.17:25
GermainZOh well17:31
GermainZDisabling/Enabling the touchpad in Mouse And Touchpad settings fixed it.17:32
sayres i installed xubuntu 12.4 .i installed tor with vidalia but when i start vidalia appear this error : Would you like to browse for the file 'control_auth_cookie' yourself? what do you think?17:42
GermainZYou could disable cookie authentication17:44
GermainZBut I think it's in the Tor directory17:44
sayresGermainZ: how?17:44
GermainZ(by default)17:44
Xrmanhow to make ristretto use scrollable zoom17:45
XrmanI don't want to scroll trought pictures, I want zoom, cause that's easier than button17:45
GermainZsayres, no idea, just read the manual. Some Googling might help, otherwise might wanna ask in #tor at irc.oftc.net17:46
GermainZXrman, CTRL+Zoom?17:46
XrmanI need mouse zooming17:46
GermainZXrman, CTRL+Mouse scroll17:46
Xrmanwithout keyboard?17:47
Xrmanmaybe there are configs for this exact programm17:47
Xrmancrtl is keyboard17:48
GermainZYes, I realize that.17:48
GermainZNo idea, sorry.17:48
XrmanI use only mouse when document need to be zoomed sometimes17:48
Xrmanprobably config17:48
GermainZIf you really want it, you can build from source17:48
GermainZAnd modify it17:48
Xrmanwhy not just modify it17:49
Xrmanprobably one line17:49
Xrmanor two17:49
GermainZ(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/RsttoWindow/zoom-in" "<Primary>plus") and (gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/RsttoWindow/zoom-out" "<Primary>minus")17:50
GermainZYou can probably change these17:50
XrmanI see17:50
GermainZ(I think only keyboard combination are accepted tho)17:50
GermainZActually - never mind. I'm dumb. Editing that file won't do anything.17:51
Xrmanmaybe it would, I liked editing things in openbox or awesome back then, but never edited settings for some image viewer17:52
GridCubeXrman, i think you will be happier using gThumb17:52
Xrmanristretto is good, just this one feature17:52
GermainZXrman, the documentation mention that scroll wheel should zoom by default. Not sure why it's not. Might wanna check this, tho: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=7105217:53
GermainZ(the link is dead but the point is, it shouldn't be too complicated changing the source and building)17:53
Xrmanfor Arch user who finds it good to configure computer 24/717:54
GermainZBuilding an app doesn't take 24/7 of your time.17:55
GermainZIt barely takes a few minutes17:55
Xrmanthey are probably working on new configuration for day, and sellecting things for weeks17:55
GermainZ(this should be obvious, but have you considered suggesting it?)17:55
GermainZOr filing a bug report if you think it is one (considering the documentation says scrolling should zoom in/out)17:56
XrmanI'm too lazy for that, but you can do it lol17:57
GermainZI'm not doing your job for you17:57
XrmanI have physics exam next day17:57
GermainZNot an excuse for being lazy :)17:58
knomeXrman, if you don't file a bug, it's probably not going to be fixed then, or it happens later17:58
Xrmanwell physics are best excuse17:58
GermainZIf it really was that time consuming, perhaps you shouldn't be here in the first place.17:58
Xrmanok , where I can put it?17:58
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.17:58
XrmanI'm not too good at keeping my acc in so many different place18:00
Xrmanmust reg lounchpad18:00
knomeor you can file it in the xfce bugzilla, if you have an account there18:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1154725 in ristretto (Ubuntu) "Scrolling doesn't make it zoom, like it is mentioned in documentation. Please make zooming with mouse only, aveable." [Undecided,New]18:11
XrmanI tried my best18:11
Xrmanok not, but still18:12
Xrmanfor what reason gthumb also does this18:22
GermainZDoes what?18:22
Xrmanmouse zooming18:24
Xrmanokay I'm install some alternatives18:24
Xrmaneog works the best18:26
Xrmandoes the thing I wanted18:26
GermainZCongratulations :)18:26
Xrmanjust because it's gnome, but maybe should be default18:28
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ubuntufobiaestan en el cielo19:10
knome !es | ubuntufobia19:10
ubottuubuntufobia: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #xubuntu-es; escriba "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro. Si nadie responde, puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.19:10
xubuntu495hey i got a question19:31
xubuntu495is it as easy to dualboot install xubuntu as ubuntu? or is something diffrent19:32
GermainZNothing different19:33
xubuntu495does it use grub2?19:33
GermainZXubuntu = non bloated Ubuntu, that uses XFCE19:33
xubuntu495im about to remove my opensuse and install xubuntu19:33
xubuntu495should i use 12.04 or 12.10?19:35
GermainZRead the changelog19:35
Dr_Fets12.04 is a lts version19:35
GermainZ12.04 is a LTS, which means it'll get updates for the next 3 years if I'm not mistaken19:35
GermainZIf you get 12.10 you're expected to upgrade in a few months.19:35
xubuntu495then im going to use 12.0419:36
Dr_FetsI am using 12.04 and 10.0419:36
xubuntu495since i got opensuse with grub2 is it just remove it and install xubuntu or do i need to remove grub2 or ?19:39
Dr_Fetsthe installer asks if you want to keep it19:39
Dr_Fetsor use the whole disk19:39
Dr_Fetsyou can also partition yourself19:40
xubuntu495well i got windows 7 also so im going to remove the suse partition and use it for xubuntu19:41
Dr_Fetsshouldn't be a problem19:41
Dr_Fetsgrub autodetects the other os's19:41
GermainZI'm dual booting 7 and Xubuntu19:42
GermainZThough I installed grub on Xubuntu's partition to avoid any problems19:42
GermainZWindows doesn't really like anything else.19:42
Dr_FetsI am using a separate disk for w719:42
GermainZThat being said, you could try your luck.19:42
GermainZUnrelated: any reasons to use Windows other than gaming?19:43
GermainZA VM takes care of everything else.19:43
xubuntu495no reason to use windows19:43
n-iCeIm on the live cd I have some folders on my windows harddrive that I would like to move to xubuntu and delete windows and install clean xubuntu19:44
n-iCewhat can I do_19:44
Unit193n-iCe: You should see the Windows drive on the side of the file manager.19:44
n-iCetried mounting the hard drive and moving the folder to the xubuntu desktop but says not enough space I think that-s because is using the usb live cd memory19:44
n-iCeUnit193: I do19:44
Unit193Exactly, do you have a flash drive or network drive?19:45
Dr_Fetsyou need some space somewhere19:45
n-iCeUnit193: cant I create just a partition?19:45
n-iCeand move all there19:45
n-iCethen I will resize later19:45
n-iCethe thing is I cannot find a tool to do it19:46
Unit193n-iCe: With gparted you can, but you then would have to be very careful in reinstall.19:46
n-iCewhere is it19:46
Dr_Fetsshould be on the live cd too19:46
GermainZSystem tools19:46
Unit193Settings Manager.19:46
n-iCegigolo ibus taskmanager19:46
n-iCeis all I got19:46
Dr_Fetsapt-get install gparted19:46
Dr_Fetsor download the live cd19:47
n-iCesays I don-t have enough space19:47
n-iCeto install19:47
n-iCeIm on the live cd19:47
Dr_FetsI mean there is a gparted live cd19:47
n-iCeUnit193: you were right on settings manager19:47
xubuntu495Why do you guys use linux ?19:48
GermainZIt's stabler than Windows, faster than Windows, doesn't hang if I start using it as soon as it boots like Windows, is more customizable than Windows.19:48
xubuntu495No virus :o19:50
GermainZWell it's the whole logic behind root users19:50
GermainZBut then again I never had any viruses on Windows, so I'm not complaining about that.19:50
Dr_Fetsare you sure?19:51
xubuntu495i feel that windows 8 ruin the whole thing with windows19:51
n-iCexubuntu@xubuntu:~$ sudo mount /dev/sda2/ /mnt/nice mount: you must specify the filesystem type19:57
n-iCehow do I specify19:57
Dr_Fets-t fs19:58
Dr_Fetslikely -t ntfs19:58
Dr_Fetsbut it should use automount19:59
Dr_Fetssudo fdisk -l19:59
Dr_Fetsgives you a list19:59
Dr_Fetssudo fdisk -l /dev/sda19:59
n-iCeno output20:00
Dr_Fetsthis is bad20:00
Dr_Fetswhat does gparted show you20:00
n-iCeunknown type20:01
n-iCehow do I gave it a type20:01
Dr_Fetslooks like there is no partition20:01
Dr_FetsI would recommend to use gparted20:01
Dr_Fetsyou can create a partition and also format it20:01
john_ramboHow do I apply system wide proxy settings ?20:34
Dr_Fetshmm you could export some variables20:42
Dr_Fetsbut still, some apps will override it20:42
Dr_Fetsyou need to edit /etc/environment20:43
Dr_Fetsand add that20:44
Dr_Fetsand re login20:44
Dr_Fetsbut as I said, some apps will use their own setting20:44
Dr_Fetsjohn_rambo : someone said the dconf-editor does it20:49
Dr_Fetsit's in dconf-tools packace20:49
john_rambotrying that now....20:51
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