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dissipateis this just another puppet or chef?02:51
thumperdissipate: no, not really02:54
dissipatethumper, different use cases? i'm confused02:55
thumperdissipate: AFAICT it juju operates at a different level https://juju.ubuntu.com/02:55
thumperI don't know much about puppet or chef though02:55
dissipatethumper, what 'level' are we talking about?02:56
thumperorchestration level rather than server level02:56
dissipatethumper, i read that exact post02:57
dissipatethumper, so is it like mcollective?02:57
* thumper doesn't know what mcollective is02:57
dissipatethumper, server orchestration for puppet02:58
thumperum... perhaps similar02:58
* thumper is still new to juju02:58
davechen1ydissipate: juju is different to host based services like puppet and chef03:02
davechen1yat it's heart, juju holds the _service_ as the primary data item03:02
davechen1ywhere as puppet, chef, mcollective, cfengine, etc, all use the host as the primary data item03:03
davechen1ywe (canonical) believe this is important because in a world full of virutal servers, like aws and openstack03:03
davechen1yyou create and destroy hosts constantly03:03
davechen1yto making the host the primary data item doesn't sound very smart03:03
iggyexcept if you want to run multiple "services" on a host03:05
davechen1yiggy: we are working on 'colocation'03:07
davechen1ywhich will let you place multiple service units on a host03:07
davechen1yit's not ready yet03:07
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iggythat's promising03:12
AskUbuntuIs it possible to edit same juju environment on different machines? | http://askubuntu.com/q/26936203:13
dissipatedavecheney, i see. so it's a different approach and philosophy?03:14
davecheneydissipate: yes, i belive so03:14
iggymy boss loves all things canonical/ubuntu, he wants me to start looking at juju and so far it's not really a good fit for us03:15
iggyat least not from what I can tell03:15
dissipatedavecheney, i see. sounds like it could cause a stir in the devops community. a lot of people are into Puppet and Chef big time03:15
iggyand bcfg203:16
davecheneydissipate: indeed they are03:16
dissipatedavecheney, is juju geared more towards developers vs. system administrators?03:17
davecheneydissipate: i belive that juju is targeted at devlopers03:17
davecheneyto empower them to deploy their own applications03:17
iggyI was assuming running a config mgmt system along side juju, personally03:17
dissipatedavecheney, cool. that's me.03:17
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dissipateam i reading this correctly?06:17
dissipateonly about 200 charms in the 'store'?06:17
sarnolddissipate: heh, I was surprised to see how many there were last time I browsed the charmstore, there's a lot more services out there than I expected :)06:19
dissipatesarnold, 200 doesn't seem low?06:56
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dissipatedoes a service have to have an ubuntu package before a juju charm can be created for it?09:10
mariusko_dissipate: no12:17
sidneim_3: moved the unittests to hooks/tests12:26
sidneisince they are tests for the hooks anyway12:26
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m_3sidnei: thanks, I'll take a look14:53
_mup_Bug #1156649 was filed: pyJu fails to deploy/upgrade charm with 32MB payload <juju:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1156649 >14:55
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negronjljcastro: queue is clean17:15
jcastronegronjl: !!! I see what you did there.17:16
negronjljcastro: well ... It's not that I am doing much on this phone conf ... you're talking too much :P17:16
jcastroI shut up17:16
jcastroyou won't hear me again17:16
negronjljcastro: that's it ??? no complaining about the queue ? :)17:17
negronjljcastro: BTW.  I am going to Oakland17:17
jcastrogood good17:17
negronjljcastro: ... that means that you should probably bring adobo :)17:17
jcastroI've got like 2 bottles with your name on it17:18
negronjljcastro: nice17:18
negronjljcastro: I know a PR restaurant here too17:18
jcastrooh excellent17:18
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m_3mgz: ping (re 0.7 release)18:04
mgzm_3: hey18:04
m_3mgz: hey, so what're the plans with that18:05
m_3mgz: saw your mail about last Thursday... was that put on hold?18:05
m_3mgz: reason I'm asking is I'm trying to figure out the right time to add update-alternatives to the packaging18:05
mgzplan is mostly that, plus a few days, and only putting 0.5/0.6 in the respective ppas, rather than looking at sru18:06
mgzthe right time for update alternatives is this week, with 0.7 in raring I think18:06
m_3mgz: should we hold off on update-alternatives as a separate sru?  or hurry18:06
m_3mgz: ack... thanks18:06
mgzand we don't touch the existing ppas18:07
mgz(as in, keep them not coninstallable)18:07
mgzSpamapS: Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta18:08
m_3mgz: ack... lemme look at the packaging branch and see if the recipes can be decoupled18:08
mgzI think I've dug up all of Clint's packaging bits and can make sense of them18:08
mgz(there's an amusing "uncommit this" change on one of the branches where he was fixig up some mess I made I think)18:09
m_3mgz: awesome, yeah I've walked through them briefly before18:09
* m_3 food... back later18:12
mrammjcastro: you around?18:19
jcastrowhat's up18:19
mrammgot a few min to talk about those slides?18:20
mrammand also about our messaging in general?18:20
SpamapSmgz: if you need any help digging things out just let me know18:25
mgzSpamapS: ta!18:25
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jcastrorobbiew: mramm: m_3: our juju session was accepted at OSCON!19:15
sarnoldwoo, congrats jcastro :)19:16
robbiewjcastro: nice!19:16
jcastrom_3: hah man, at 9am19:16
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jonoarosales, jcastro all set?21:00
arosales@ https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/ecb6fcef7b9fda1f8d2721c64f9cef5f8ae9e24d21:01
arosalesjcastro: jono ^21:01
jonoarosales, we had a hangout in the invite21:02
jonowe are there :-)21:02
arosalesoh, thats the one I was using21:02
jcastrojono: "Have fun storming the castle!"21:25
jonojcastro, always :-)21:26
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