Quintasanshadeslayer: ping00:07
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shadeslayerQuintasan: pong01:30
Quintasanshadeslayer: C question time01:31
Quintasanshadeslayer: You can't return a whole array from a function, right?01:31
shadeslayersure you can :p01:32
shadeslayerhm, wait01:32
shadeslayerlemme check something01:32
Quintasanint[1000] function(int x) ?01:33
shadeslayertypedef it01:33
shadeslayerand then use the typedef as the return type01:34
shadeslayerthough I'm not sure if this will work01:34
shadeslayeryou'll have to try it out to check01:35
shadeslayerso something like typedef int[100] myAwesomeArray;01:35
shadeslayerand then myAwesomeArray function(int x)01:35
Quintasanthat's fucking retarded if I may say so01:36
Quintasanshadeslayer: Let's say my function returns a pointer to an interger01:37
Quintasanand that happens to point to beginning of an array01:37
shadeslayerwhy not just point to the first element of the array01:37
Quintasanthat's what I did01:37
shadeslayeror well, you can phrase that better by saying you're returning a pointer to the array01:37
shadeslayerright, go on01:37
Quintasannow, how the fuck do I iterate over that array without knowing it's size?01:37
QuintasanI know I can increment the pointer01:38
Quintasanbut how the hell do I know when to stop?01:38
shadeslayerdo you know the size of one element in the array beforehand?01:38
shadeslayerlike, is it an array of int's?01:38
Quintasanwell yeah, it's an array of int's01:38
Quintasandoing ptr+1 will actually do ptr+1*sizeof(int)01:39
shadeslayeryeah so int is 4 bytes right?01:39
shadeslayeryeah, so isn't that what you want?01:39
QuintasanI don't really know when to stop my friend01:39
Quintasansay I do01:39
Quintasanfor (int i = 0; i < 100; i++) { cout << *ptr+i; }01:40
Quintasanand array is int arr = new int[50]01:40
QuintasanThen I will get gibbrish in the output, won't I?01:40
shadeslayerQuintasan: so, what I'd do is #define a macro called MAX_LENGTH and then use that everywhere01:44
shadeslayerC is fugly in that regard01:44
Quintasanthat solution is still retarded because it kind of defeats the point of using dynamic allocation01:45
QuintasanI think I got something01:45
shadeslayeruse structs01:45
shadeslayerhow does that defeat dynamic allocation?01:45
shadeslayeryour array is still dynamically allocated01:45
shadeslayerit's just the size that's constant01:45
Quintasanhow about you make the array +1 and make sure the last element is something like r#@WERWRQ and you parse for that?01:45
shadeslayersure, that'll work as well01:46
Quintasanwell the point with dynamic allocation is01:46
shadeslayerwhat if the you inserted the same value in the array somewhere01:46
shadeslayerlike you have a array of length 50 with data01:46
Quintasanif you need 50 elements then fucking allocate memory for 50 elements01:46
shadeslayerand your terminating character is 5501:46
Quintasandon't allocated memory for 2131221321 elements and use 50 of them :P01:47
shadeslayerand the second element in the array is also 5501:47
shadeslayerQuintasan: use a linked list ? :p01:47
shadeslayerso much better for this case01:47
shadeslayeryou dynamically allocate each element in the list, you can traverse it easily, solves all your issues01:48
Quintasanthe exercise was to write a program that factorizes a number01:48
Quintasanand my friend said they were supposed to store that shit in a array01:48
shadeslayera linked list behaves like an array?01:48
Quintasanwell, they were told to use a fucking array bro01:49
shadeslayerthat's just idiotic :/01:49
Quintasanlike int arrrrrr[12312321];01:49
QuintasanI told him exactly them same thing01:49
shadeslayerI mean sure, for some basic programming you can sue int array[65536]01:50
shadeslayerbut you can't keep using that for more complex problems01:50
Quintasanif the array was supposed to be allocated as int arr[100] then it wouldn't be hard since you can just iterate over 100 elements to display the result01:50
Quintasanbut when you are supposed to use a function that returns and array a they want you to print that shit01:50
QuintasanTIP: the exercise has actually two parts01:50
Quintasana) write that in Java01:50
Quintasanb) write that in C++01:51
shadeslayerif you have to write it in C++ it's easier?01:51
QuintasanI think his prof is kind of silly with that since in java you can do something stupid like .toString to print the whole shit01:51
Quintasanshadeslayer: Look, you don't have toString defined for you in C, do you?01:52
QuintasanThat's it01:52
shadeslayerbut if you have to write it in C++ it's far easier01:52
shadeslayerbecause C++ has better data types01:52
QuintasanIn Java you can just .toString and tell everyone to get the fuck out01:52
Quintasanlike what?01:52
Quintasanhow would you do that in cpp?01:52
shadeslayerdynamically sized arrays01:52
QuintasanHOLY SHIT01:53
shadeslayerthat are resized as you push more elements01:53
QuintasanI HAVE TO GO TO UNI IN 5 HOURS01:53
shadeslayerheh night01:53
shadeslayerQuintasan: srsly though01:53
shadeslayeruse vectors if you have to do it C++01:54
Quintasanwill do01:54
shadeslayerin C it's harder01:54
shadeslayerbut you can use LL's in C01:54
shadeslayerbzr-tweet - Bazaar commit and push tweet plugin02:22
shadeslayerbecause you want to tweet when using a revision control system :S02:22
shadeslayerreminds me of terminal.app in OS X which allows you to tweet from the terminal but doesn't source ~/.bashrc when starting02:23
sreichargh, stupid twitter hlol02:23
sreichthat's a good example of someone using something on the internet, and nobody caring about it02:24
micahgshadeslayer: why is it any different than KGB for IRC?02:25
sreichrussian police, of course.02:25
shadeslayerah that thing which is replacing CIA02:25
sreichduuuhh ;p02:25
sreichis it doing anythign/goign anywhere?02:25
shadeslayerI don't view Twitter as a platform where you'd announce commit messages02:26
shadeslayernew features in brief, sure02:26
sreichi use notifico right now, it's awesome02:26
sreichit's got a lovely site and it Just Works with my github project.02:26
shadeslayerIRC is where developers hang out and it's usually useful to announce commit messages02:27
shadeslayerDo developers hang out like we do on IRC?02:27
sreichno idea02:27
sreichi don't twat02:27
shadeslayerme neither02:27
sreichthe only thing i've used it for though is notification of amd catalyst for windows02:27
sreichsince winderp doesn't have an update thing02:28
shadeslayerTwitter is where I go to unwind, IRC is where I work02:28
sreichor rather..it's got thousands of them ;p02:28
mitya57apachelogger: hi, FYI one of your recent pkg-kde-tools uploads caused qt4 to FTBFS05:28
mitya57I've fixed it in https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mitya57/kubuntu-packaging/qt-lp1094360/revision/35605:29
mitya57But maybe there are more broken packages...05:29
soeegood morning07:22
shadeslayermorning soee07:26
lordievaderGood morning08:33
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apacheloggerkde bug 31481812:20
ubottuKDE bug 314818 in ksysguard "Script error: Could not parse 'VmFlags: mr mw me ac'" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31481812:20
apacheloggerScottK: curious, I hope you do not expect me to reply more than RTFM to the low-fat stuff? :S12:23
apacheloggerk ^^12:24
apacheloggerwhich reminds me12:24
* apachelogger creates card to review low-fat12:24
ScottKAt they can get it from the correct distro.12:24
apacheloggerScottK: actually forwarding to KDE may have been better12:25
ScottKI'll leave that to you. 12:26
apachelogger<- too lazy12:26
konviloggerpkgstriptranslations: no translation files, not creating tarball :/12:30
konviloggerScottK: think it would cause problems if pkg-kde-tools had a dependency on python?12:40
konvilogger....either it needs to grow that dep or all our software that needs l10n does12:41
ScottKI think it would be fine. I'd prefer python3, but not critical. 12:47
konviloggerScottK: it's an upstream dep, so not much choice ^^12:48
konviloggerthe l10n toolchain requires perl & sh & bash & python :S12:48
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sheytanapachelogger: ping13:05
konviloggersheytan: pong13:05
sheytankonvilogger: you pinged me yesterday or something13:06
konviloggerare you going to suggest your lightdm/ksplash themes on the ML?13:06
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BluesKajHiyas all13:07
murthyhello everyone13:08
konviloggersheytan: ?13:11
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1156155] Script for menu option "Detailed Memory Information" fails to parse @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1156155 (by jhoechtl)13:22
sheytankonvilogger: i don't really know13:32
sheytani can13:33
sheytanbut as i wrote you in an email, can you send me the files again? :)13:33
Riddell13:16 < stgraber> highvoltage, knome, Riddell, ScottK, zequence, phillw, (whoever else I forgot): Please make sure any slideshow change is in  lp:ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu by Wednesday 21:00 UTC. I'll review and upload on Thursday before UIF.13:35
Riddellsheytan, apachelogger: same goes for boot splashes13:35
* apachelogger is too old for this13:36
sheytanRiddell: this wednesday?13:37
murthy the last boot splash was fine one was fine, 13:37
murthythe last boot splash was fine13:37
murthysheytan: i thought the boot splash was finalised ?13:38
apacheloggerthe splash is13:39
apacheloggereverything else is not13:39
sheytanapachelogger: why it is not?13:39
sheytanldm is, splash for kde is13:39
sheytanplymouth is13:39
apacheloggerlightdm is bugged13:39
murthyapachelogger: the integration part ?13:39
apacheloggersplash has scaling diff with lightdm13:39
sheytanapachelogger: what do you mean?13:39
apacheloggerboth were not approved to be shipped13:39
sheytani send you the back ground in diff res13:40
apacheloggeras we have a standing policy to hold on to upstream we need to estabish agreement on whether to ship something else13:40
apacheloggersheytan: it's all bugged13:40
sheytanso it's pointless for me to send this to ML13:40
sheytanwe cannot put bugged stuff to the release13:41
apacheloggerbugs can be fixed13:41
sheytanwe have no time?13:41
apacheloggerI do not have time to fix the bugs now and then get bitched at by people for uploading artwork that was not approved13:42
apacheloggerhence why you need to spam the ML13:42
sheytanok, i will 13:42
soeeis it possible to add some text at the end of beginning of each line in Kate ?14:04
RiddellI'd use emacs macros for something like that14:04
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yofel_soee: if you're using vi input mode: ":%s/^/what_you_want_to_add/"14:08
yofel_for beginning, for end it's $, not ^14:08
yofel_(simple regex)14:09
soeeyofel_, vi input mode in Kate>14:09
murthygambas support compiling to native exe?14:14
murthy!ppa gambas14:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ppa gambas14:21
murthycan this ppa be truested? ppa:nemh/gambas314:24
murthygoing out bbl14:29
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Riddellmurthy_: no PPAs are considered trusted14:48
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apacheloggerweeeh, I think my l10n crap is finally working17:01
apacheloggerno dpm though17:01
apacheloggernoooooooooooooooooooooooo :'(17:01
* apachelogger emits sighing17:03
arokux1hi, any qt5 edgers here? I cannot find qtimageformats in the ppa. where is it? :(17:05
arokux1Mirv, hi, you seem to be responsible for building qt5? there were qtimageformats in other already deprecated ppas, but there isn't one in a qt5 proper.17:07
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jussiwow, quiet tonight...19:15
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kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1156155] Script for menu option "Detailed Memory Information" fails to parse @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1156155 (by jhoechtl)20:51
ScottKRiddell: tech board is discussing the new release proposal in #ubuntu-meeting if you're around ...21:13
QuintasanScottK: So we're rollling release?21:43
ScottKMark's modified version where we just shorten the support window.21:44
QuintasanScottK: I imagined you saying that in a grave voice. That sounded really grave.21:44
ScottKIt's going OK so far.21:45
QuintasanHmm, so support window for non-LTS releases is 9 months now.21:45
ScottKBut we'll also support upgrades of LTS -> Current so you aren't stuck on LTS.21:46
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RiddellScottK: so a happy ending?22:56
ScottKRiddell: Reasonably.  They didn't get through the whole thing.  What was decided is 9 months of support for regular releases and a standing symlink to the development series so people who want to stay on the development series can.22:57
ScottKAlso it's a "regular release", an "LTS release", or the "development series".  No "rolling release".  Concluded that's an oxymoron.22:58
RiddellI'm glad that 'interim' term didn't stick23:03
* ScottK too.23:03
* Quintasan had to look up "interim" in a dictionary23:15

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