AtnNnour package builds everywhere except on maverick. it fails with a "chroot error" (Failed to fetch http://ftpmaster.internal/... 404 Not Found)04:43
AtnNnI meant to say it fails only on maverick: https://launchpad.net/~rethinkdb/+archive/ppa/+build/437821804:44
wgrantAtnNn: Maverick has been unsupported for almost a year now. Builds for it will no longer succeed.04:44
AtnNnoh, that explains it04:44
dholbachI uploaded texlive-base_2012.20120611-5~12.04 to my ppa ~40 minutes ago, but never got a confirmation or anything08:11
dholbachhow can I check what happened?08:11
Fudgedoes your package.upload exist where you dput the package?08:17
dholbachFudge, hm? I'm not sure I understand - the .upload file is lying in the directory where I dput from08:20
wgrantdholbach: Your changes file looks unsigned08:22
dholbachwgrant, oops ... let me try again08:27
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bacgmb: your branch looks good.  let me know when you've landed it and i'll bounce the canonistack instance.11:47
bac(it is supposed to auto-update but i'd rather do it manually to be sure)11:48
gmbbac: Thanks. Merged and pushed; bounce whenever you're ready12:53
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