hole_how do you move icons on lxpanel?01:52
cerebratedo you know how to find application launch panel?01:54
cerebratejust right click, select application launch panel and sort your icons as you please01:55
hole_yea i removed it by mistake01:55
cerebrateyou can right click on empty space on the panel and select add/remove panel items01:55
hole_yea i have 2 loaded in panel preferences01:56
cerebratei love that about you01:57
cerebrateim still new at this myself01:57
hole_ok i got one built but its on the left side and i want it on the right01:58
hole_nm got it01:58
witedsgreetings i was wondering is i striped most of my  distro's preinstalled apps like chrome do i need to update with the distro update or can i still get all the important distro updates without having to re remove all the extra stuff again05:48
csc`I've got a logitech usb headset I want to use, Its supported and is detected as working properly05:51
csc`how might i switch to this audio output in lubuntu?05:51
witedseasyest i think would be to install pulse but im just a simple user like you05:55
* csc` isn't a simple user, just a lazy one05:56
csc`I use *buntu on machines I don't care to muck about with configuring. Machines I just want to work05:56
witedsexactly what i mean by a simple user05:57
witedsi have found easier time with pulse and usb headsets05:57
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aloceranyone using nvidia driver in lubuntu ?10:32
alocerhello anybody there ?10:33
BWMerlinyes I use the nvidia driver11:05
melodiehello pablo_19:53
* pablo_ hello melodie19:55
* pablo_ I have a little problem with lubuntu 12.10 , I'm tring to compile nmap 6.2519:56
pablo_but ./configure file say me :   checking whether the C compiler works... no19:56
pablo_but gcc is installed19:57
Unit193pablo_: sudo apt-get build-dep nmap && sudo apt-get install build-essential19:57
* pablo_ I'm using lubuntu 12.10 x64 version19:57
* pablo_ thanks Unit193 , very lubuntu hacker :)19:58
pablo_.apt-get build-dep give me 120Mbyte to install...20:00
pablo_and I had problem too in installing lubuntu on a little lapton cpu N260020:01
* pablo_ however thank u very much Unit193 , I didn't knew the build-dep command20:03
Unit193Please don't abuse "/me" :P20:04
Unit193Sure thing, pretty handy.20:04
pablo_excuse me20:04
pablo_I have a little laptop with atom N2600 , and with ubuntu 12.04 LTS it use proprietary drivers for the video card, vc is integrated in intel cpu20:06
pedorHi, I'm thinking to install lubuntu on my note, it's not old or has low resourcers, but I'm trying something with less anoying problems than kde and gnome. but I have some questions: it's possible to install some kde apps in it?23:30
zleappedor, that nick sounds dodgy23:31
pedorzleap: what nick? pedor?23:31
wxlkde apps are going to require a bunch of kde libs and dependencies which means you might end up with klubuntu23:32
zleapif someone reads that and misses the r off when reading23:33
pedorzleap: lol23:34
wxlwell for that matter, they might be a mispeller that doesn't see p's and is dyslexic and so they read "odor"23:34
Unit193KDE applications are a problem because of what they will pull in, but Qt applications will do better.  (Little difference, but for example, quassel-client-qt4 rather than quassel-client)23:34
wxlyeah qt is good23:34
pedoris there any finance software for lubuntu?23:34
pedorgnucash is a little dificult but it's great, and email client? I did a look at Sylpheed and didn't like it, is it possible to use thunderbird/23:35
zleappedor, sql ledger23:36
wxlyeah you can use thunderbird23:36
pedorand a calendar? is it possible to have a event notification? or see all events on the built in calendar?23:37
zleappedor, why not use chroime and google+ etc23:38
zleapyou can sync (sort) between google calendar and the thunderbird calander23:38
zleapsunbird or what ever its called23:38
pedorI tend to forget to look at my calendar, so I like to have desktop notifications23:38
wxlUnit193: what's that program you use for notifications?23:39
Unit193wxl: xfce4-notifyd, but that's just standard.  What are you talking about exactly?23:39
wxlUnit193: i swore you told me about something else you had used. wait, that's not standard, is it? aren't we using notification-daemon?23:40
wxlah, that DID change :)23:41
Unit193wxl: Different programs to do the same thing, though.23:41
pedorI'm going to try lubuntu now. does it came with a irc software by default?23:41
wxlpedor: in pidgin, if that counts. install irssi :)23:41
pedorok, brb23:42
Unit193wxl: Technically you can use gcalcli+zenity or notify-send to remind you of events on google calendar.23:42
wxloh right notify-send23:43
wxlthat's what i was thinking of!23:43
Unit193That's the "frontend" to either notification-daemon or xfce4-notifyd, whichever is installed.23:43
wxlalso: gcalcli!23:44
zleapbetter google integration would be good from the off23:46
zleapanyway i  am off to bed23:47
pedorI'm back, (pedor)23:48
csc`Anyone around thats familiar with wireless-> ethernet bridging?23:49
wxloh meh that's one of those fun things i always have to sit down and map out to try to figure out every single time i do it so i don't want to say i can walk you through it, but whatcha need, csc` ?23:50
pedorhow I enable dock?23:53
wxlpedor: there's lxpanel but no dock23:56
pedorwxl: hm23:58
wxlpedor: you can add a docky, like docky23:58
pedorwxl: any launcher?23:58
wxlpedor: there's the "run" command but that's not really a launcher23:58
wxlhaven't ever researched a lightweight launcher23:59
pedorwxl: ok, thanks23:59

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