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atanasbHello everyone14:15
atanasbI just finished installing MAAS14:16
atanasbI have a problem with the configuration of my nodes14:16
atanasbis this the place to ask such questions?14:16
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melmothi m having problem enlisting nodes when i m behind a proxy14:50
melmothi try to change /usr/share/maas/preseeds/generic so that i have "d-i     mirror/http/proxy string http://http://my.proxy:8000/"14:51
melmothbut when i enlist a node, it s console still show temporary failure resolving archive.ubuntu.com14:51
melmothdid i do something wrong ? was i suppose to restart some service ? any hint as to what i may have missed ?14:52
melmothstill, the node appears as declared.14:53
melmothracedo any idea ? ^14:57
melmothstill, i cannot bootstrap , i added the proxy def in the /usr/share/maas/preseeds/preseed_master file, but it does not seem to be used15:11
melmothlets try to set the proxy in enlist_userdata and re enlist the node then.15:16
roaksoaxmelmoth: yes15:58
roaksoaxmelmoth: enlistment doesn't use the normal preseeds, it uses enlist_userdata15:59
melmothenlisting worked, but now not the bootstraping. i m tryoing to add apt.conf manually in /var/lib/maas/ephemeral/precise/ephemeral/amd64/20121008/disk.img15:59
roaksoaxmelmoth: it is not bootstrapping because it is not accessing the ppa:16:00
melmothno, i havent reach this stage yet. :)16:00
melmoththat s what i want to try out, the workarond you mentionned last week16:00
roaksoaxmelmoth: there's no need to modify disk.img when you can modify the cloud init preseeds/user data to add the proxy16:00
melmothi try, i failed16:01
roaksoaxmelmoth: is this a customer?16:01
melmothno, its just me having nothing more urgent to play with16:01
roaksoaxmelmoth: ok, is this a lab i could access to?16:01
melmothyep, arion on boston.16:01
melmothhold on, just trying to bootstrap after my change in the image16:02
roaksoaxmelmoth: ok, butyou have to differentiate various things. 1. only enlisting and commissioning use the image 2. the installation process is done via normal installation (doesn';t use the image).16:03
melmothah, then it ll failed....16:03
melmothbut i did put the porxy in the /usr/share/maas/preseeds/preseed_master16:04
roaksoaxmelmoth: preseed_master automatically uses the proxy in MAAS16:04
melmothi set apt_proxy: in /usr/share/maas/preseeds/enlist_userdata, and set the proxy in /usr/share/maas/preseeds/preseed_master16:05
melmothand in the image16:05
roaksoaxmelmoth: you don't need to modify preseed_master: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5625566/16:09
roaksoaxmelmoth: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5625568/16:09
melmothhmmmm, in enlist_userdata i did not put apt_proxy: http://{{server_host}}:8000/ but my proxy...16:10
melmothmay be i should have just uncomment it without changing the server_hosr macro ?16:10
roaksoaxmelmoth: {{server_host}} refers to the address of the MAAS Region Controller16:10
roaksoaxwhere the MAAS proxy is running (squid-deb-proxy)16:10
melmothok... i ll try that out. from scratch again, just to be sure :)16:11
melmothi ll have more news by tomorrow.16:11
roaksoaxmelmoth: now you might find some situations on which it cannot import the gpg key for the PPA... that needs to be resolved differently and can't remember how is it that we did it16:11
melmoththat s what i want to try out this week.16:12
melmothi bet i ll ask more help about it here in the near future....16:13
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aberdine_Hello. I'm trying to get MAAS up and running on Quantal to provision Quantal machines. I can't get the import pxe tool to download the quantal images but it doesn't by default and error if I add the config to the import-pxe config file20:18
roaksoaxaberdine_: modify /etc/maas/import_pxe_files20:18
roaksoaxaberdine_: and there would be something like #IMPORT_SQUASH_FS=0 remove the comment and try to import the images again20:19
roaksoaxaberdine_: if it continues to fail, set that to 1 and that should be ir20:19
roaksoaxbe it20:19
aberdine_thanks roaksoax. It was failing at the squashfs import20:20
aberdine_it seems to be running now20:20
aberdine_Now I've just got to figure out why it things it's install the machine went it's done nothing20:24
roaksoaxaberdine_: how so?20:28
aberdine_I do the first PXE boot, then accept it via the web interface. Reboot and boot of net and it keeps going with the enlist process20:29
aberdine_It never actually installs anything20:29
roaksoaxaberdine_: so there's 3 steps in maas 1. enlistment. 2. commissioning 3. deployment (which leads to installation)20:31
roaksoaxaberdine_: so you enlist a machine and it has a 'Declared' Status on the WebUI20:31
roaksoaxaberdine_: you do "Accept & Commission"20:31
aberdine_yep, got that20:31
aberdine_and the second one20:31
roaksoaxaberdine_: and it will accept the node, and it will commision20:31
aberdine_It's now saying 'ready'20:31
roaksoaxaberdine_: ok so, how are you deploying it then?20:32
aberdine_via a PXE boot20:32
roaksoaxaberdine_: right, but once 'Ready' you need to tell it to *deploy* via the WebUI, or via juju20:32
roaksoaxi'd recommend juju20:32
aberdine_I don't see a deploy option20:33
aberdine_I have a greyed out start20:33
aberdine_I need to play with it a bit more I think20:33
roaksoaxaberdine_: what meesage is shown when you put the mouse on top? I think you haven't added the SSH key for the MAAS user20:34
roaksoaxthat is deploying the system20:34
roaksoaxyou need to specify one20:34
aberdine_added the SSH key to…?20:34
roaksoaxaberdine_: on the right corner, clic on the user20:35
roaksoaxthen go to Settings20:35
aberdine_that needs my ssh public key in?20:36
roaksoaxthen 'Add SSH Key', which is your public key20:36
aberdine_what's that for? Post install config?20:36
roaksoaxaberdine_: yes it needs your public ssh key, otherwise you won;'t be able to log into the server20:36
aberdine_ah :)20:37
aberdine_So, I've enlisted and commissioned the machine. It's on its second boot now20:39
aberdine_it has a hostname this time20:39
aberdine_this looks promising20:39
aberdine_it's downloading stuff20:39
aberdine_and shuts down20:40
aberdine_and start node20:40
aberdine_an installer :)20:40
aberdine_excellent. Thanks roaksoax20:41
aberdine_on the road to building my own openstack cloud :)20:42
roaksoaxcool :)20:43

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