MoPacKow: Sorry for the AFK.  Yes, I tried setting apt/preferences pin priority.  I set package: libreoffice* , pin: origin "[several variations on the ppa address]", and pin-priority: 1001 .  But in apt-cache policy, the result was that *both* versions, one from each repository, now had a 1001 after them, and both repositories still had 500 before them. The universe source was still on top00:01
ironhalikKow: Regarding my fglrx problem - the version is 13.2beta7, the 3d driver version is 12.10.00 or sth like that, as they changed their naming convention, I think00:09
snadgeironhalik: there are a couple of patches needed for 3.7/3.8 kernels, plus you need to create a symlink.. in order to build fglrx on raring.. or you can install the fglrx from xorg-edgers ppa00:16
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Atlantic777Uhm, a really strange bug... With current daily minimal.iso I couldn't install it. After deleting partitions on the disk, everything went normal.00:57
Atlantic777I didn't even get to the partitioner. :/00:58
Atlantic777I'm not sure where and how to file this bug.00:58
Kowironhalik, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2126285&p=12561565#post1256156501:42
captinehi all.  13.04...  my laptop smells like it's burning inside... i have disabled optimus in the bios to see if that is causing any issues, but the fan still runs all the time and the smell is interesting.  any tips for troubleshooting this?10:46
alankilacheck if the CPU frequency is ever lowered, or if something is constantly using 100% of cpu in top10:47
alankilaalso you should probably stop using the laptop but for brief periods at a time after which you should let it cool down.10:47
alankilauntil you can resolve this problem. It is possible that the ventilation fan is dusty or the ventilation ports are blocked, so opening the device up and checking things would be reasonable if it's an older machine.10:48
captinethanks.  i ran "watch -n 1 cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_cur_freq" and there is always 1 core at max, and the rest at minimum10:48
alankilaso what task is currently consuming time? there's probably a 100% running task10:48
alankilause top or something10:48
captinei am suspecting nexpose is causing it.  installed it for fun, and cannot figure how to remove10:49
captineit is using some of the processor10:49
captinelet me see if i can stop it from starting up10:51
alankilaan immediate help could be from setting 'powersave' cpu governor in the cpufreq10:53
alankilathis should force the clock to the lowest possible value regardless of usage10:53
captinedone that.10:55
alankilaanyway, modern machines don't inspire much confidence to me if it's possible to burn the cpu up through software. These things used to be designed to avoid this sort of thing.10:55
captinealankila, i think my issue is buying the cheapest i7 Laptop...next time, i will get a desktop for power, and a ultrabook for portable10:56
alankilathere was once a program called cpuburn which used assembly sequences crafted to the cpu chip model trying to cause maximum thermal load. It was interesting to see that your average 100% cpu load would maybe heat the chip to 55C, but cpuburn could go to 60C or more10:56
alankilaI think most of the usage is about causing as large degree of cache work as possible. After all, the caches are a giant section of chip, so exercising them should cause some of that switch current to flow. That is my theory, anyway.10:57
captinethanks a mil.  found the uninstall.  Machine cooling down already.11:02
k1l_hi, on 13.04 the launcher uses a different autohide behaviour. it stays longer in the foreground and the windows like nautilus and terminal get started a bit more to the right instead of beeing at the left edge.12:01
k1l_is there a way to change that?12:01
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BluesKajHiyas all13:07
murthyhello everyone13:08
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mynameisbrucevirtualbox broken in ubuntu+115:18
mynameisbrucevboxdrv setup fails without any log or error15:19
mandoguitmynameisbruce:   fwiw, running Oracle vb version 4.2.6 here  Kernel: 3.8.0-13-generic x86_64 (64 bit)15:29
mandoguit           Desktop: KDE 4.10.1 Distro: Ubuntu Raring Ringtail (development branch)  with no obvious problems right now.15:29
mynameisbruceraring runs 4.2.815:29
mandoguithmm....saw there was an update from oracle site but afaik, nothing has come through repo's yet as mine hasn't been upgraded.    did you install from repo's or   ??15:31
mandoguitmynameisbruce:   btw to I am running non-free (oracle ) version15:33
mynameisbruceyes...4.2.8 comes out of official ubuntu repo15:33
mynameisbrucei think problem came with latest updates....virtualbox run fine last thu,fri15:33
mandoguitmynameisbruce:   according to my upto date Synaptic listing here, the Oracle version is still at 4.2.6  so yes the newer .8 open source version maybe faulty.15:39
phunyguyperhaps you need new kernel sources, mynameisbruce?16:13
phunyguyerr headers*16:13
phunyguysudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uanme -r`16:14
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mynameisbrucephunyguy, youre right...kernel-headers wasnt installed....but17:01
mynameisbrucevboxdrv setup still exits with 0 but didnt build anything using dkms17:02
phunyguythat will generally cause virtualbox modules to not compile17:02
phunyguyI trieded17:02
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mynameisbrucemaybe the init skript is broken?   vboxdrv setup does nothing....no error message...no log entry17:04
mynameisbrucei dont know...gonna try to debug init skript17:06
bosyihi. i have problem in 13.04. after awaking from sleep notebook gets slow. mouse pointer move like with delay.17:29
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wildshu[kubuntu] is there possibility of opting out from installing bootloader in new installer?19:54
bazhangwhat would you use instead wildshu19:57
BluesKajwildshu, in my experience it will install grub , but if there is already one in the mbr , then the new grub install remains local and the existing grub needs updating in the OS that installed it19:57
wildshubazhang: umm, nothing, I have bootloader already and don't want it being overwriten19:57
wildshuBluesKaj: oh, ok, good19:58
wilee-nileewildshu, You can point grub to the ubuntu partition and keep the one in the mbr or where ever it is.19:58
wildshuwilee-nilee: yup, I did that, but there was worrying and a bit confusing info after19:59
BluesKajwilee-nilee, in the newer ubiquity grub options don'19:59
BluesKajt seem to appear19:59
wilee-nileeBluesKaj, not in the something other option?20:00
BluesKajat least I haven't seen it20:00
wildshuwhile doing manual partitioing i could choose which partition to install, but nothing else20:00
wilee-nileeIt may be, I will definitely check.20:01
wildshuAnd it informed that I should have 1mb free at the beginning of the disk20:01
BluesKajsomething other ?  maybe that's something new , mind you the last time ubiquity worked for me was on 12,1020:01
wildshueven though I've choosen partition, not disk20:01
wilee-nileeBluesKaj, something other is the manual install from the gui giving you install options, or least it was I have raring installed but since it's first daily.20:02
arif-alianyone know of any issues of installing raring from the latest live boot isos.20:02
arif-aliUsed debootstrap instead to install it20:03
BluesKajwilee-nilee, ok , I haven't looked at those options20:03
BluesKajwilee-nilee, raring won't install from a livecd here anyway due to an amd64bit hardware bug , it hangs before the partitioning phase20:12
ironhalikBluesKaj: does it affect all amd64 systems?20:46
ironhalikI'm planning to reinstall my raring from livecd. Maybe I should try to recover the installation instead of going the microsoft way, reinstalling it20:48
bazhang!info skype partner22:14
ubottuskype (source: skype): client for Skype VOIP and instant messaging service. In component main, is extra. Version (partner), package size 15 kB, installed size 61 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)22:14
bazhangAnoniman86, ^22:14
Anoniman86thank you! :)22:15
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »22:15
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