twblilstevie: hey man, you awake?02:49
twbI'm thinking about getting a new arm netbook, wondering if you had any opinions.02:50
twbPretty much just want a 1kg/10"/all-day battery and running debian or ubuntu natively (chroot inside android doesn't count).  Don't care if it's sold as a tablet+dock, long as I can use it as a netbook :-)02:51
TheMusotwb: If you are willing to jump through a few hoops, you can get Ubuntu running on the Samsung Chromebook.03:02
twbI heard bad things about the google stuff03:02
twbSomething about SBK?03:02
TheMusoTHis is news to me...03:03
TheMusoYou are probably thinking of the Intel variant of the Chromebook.03:03
lilstevietwb, I'm awake03:03
TheMusoI think Samsung have an Arm version and an Intel version, probably named different things and look differently, but yeah.03:03
twbTheMuso: not sure.  I'll see if I can find the reference I"m thinking of03:03
lilsteviethe samsung one does have a few issues03:03
TheMusoDon't know the name differences.03:03
lilstevielike melting the speakers03:03
lilstevieif you futz with alsa incorrectly03:03
TheMusoOk, wasn't really aware of the issues, just know it can be done.,03:03
TheMusolilstevie: Yeah but thats fixed as of raring.,03:04
twbhttp://mjg59.dreamwidth.org/22465.html "Don't like Secure Boot? Don't buy a Chromebook."03:04
twb"Out of the box, Chromebooks are even more locked down than Windows 8 machines."03:04
TheMusotwb: Yeah thats about the intel variants, I *think*03:04
twbIt's not clear if that's x86_64 ones03:04
twbNFI how far the EFI madness has penetrated the arm space03:05
lilstevietwb, remove a single gold screw and the arm chromebook is open03:05
twblilstevie: OK03:05
lilstevieEFI on arm has only penetrated the windows rt devices so far03:05
lilsteviearm chromebook uses u-boot03:05
lilstevieRaYmAn would be better than me at this though03:06
lilsteviehe flashed a full devel unlocked u-boot to his device (can only be done with the gold screw undone)03:06
lilsteviethe gold screw basically enforces SPI writelock03:07
twbOTOH the TF101 is still working fine, I'm mainly just wanting to do upgrades to its kernel and stuff that are likely to brick it for a couple of days, meaning I can't do my job.  So maybe what I *should* be doing is getting an x86 netbook instead as my backup...03:07
lilstevietf101 is dead03:07
lilstevieperformance of chromebook is much faster03:08
twbMeh, it's only doing emacs and ssh, and it's pretty much already limited by how fast I can type03:09
twb>1G of ram would be nice so I can buffer more of the SD card in RAM03:09
twbhttp://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/devices/samsung-chromebook.html#specs says only 6½hr battery03:11
lilstevieit says "over"03:14
twbyeah but it's a vendor claim running vendor's OS, so when you switch to a proper linux you assume it's about 80% of their lowest claim03:16
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Zero_Chaosat full load I get 6 hours on my chromebook battery (like, compiling the whole time)03:41
Zero_Chaosif you let it clock down it's closer to 12 hours03:42
lilstevieZero_Chaos, running ubuntu03:49
lilstevieor chromeos03:49
Zero_Chaoslilstevie: niether ;-)03:49
lilstevieZero_Chaos, lol03:50
Zero_Chaoslilstevie: gentoo03:51
lilstevieit was either going to be debian or gentoo, but you said compiling all day03:52
Zero_Chaosyeah kinda narrows it down ;-)03:52
lilstevieI'm unsure where the best performance is with arm03:54
lilsteviegentoo for me is a little heavy when you probably need to spend a week compiling everything needed for a desktop env03:54
Zero_Chaoslilstevie: closer to two days03:54
twblilstevie: surely you can cross-compile anyway03:54
twbSo just do it on big iron03:54
lilstevieZero_Chaos, heh thats on the a15 though right03:54
Zero_Chaosthen again i don't use kde so maybe a week for kde users03:55
lilsteviesomeone said it took 16-17 hours to compile chromium on the tf20103:55
twbLast time I tried to compile webkit I ran out of ram03:55
twbProbably because -g was on03:55
lilstevie I'm running fedora on my tf201 as an experiment for the time being and it seems alright, but no EGL/GLES stuff at this stage03:56
twbOh *that's* why my old x86 netbook is in the cupboard.  It's btrfs-on-SSD shat itself04:00
twbI worked out how to recovery /home and /srv later, but / was gooooone04:02
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imblazehello all09:35
imblazei have a few questions about boot on android devices from uefi volumes09:38
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* ogra_ guesses you should better ask in an android channel then09:53
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Tassadarimblaze: ping12:01
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ptlanyone uses ubuntu in a chromebook xe303c12 here?15:11
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angsI am trying to install wpa_supplicant 2.0 on ubuntu-arm server but it has too much dependencies. Once someone here told a command with aptitude to install dependencies automatically, does anyone know how I can do it?20:02
ogra_dependencies are always installed automatically20:04
infinityangs: Are you building wpa_supplicant yourself, or getting it from a PPA, or...?20:04
ogra_oh, yeah, i missed the 2.020:04
infinityangs: If it's not coming from an apt repository, apt (or aptitude) aren't going to be much help.20:04
infinityangs: Though, "apt-get build-dep wpasupplicant" might give you an approximation of the things you need to built it, if that's what you were looking for.20:05
angsyes I am trying to build it myself20:07
angsthan you it install some packages now20:07
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