duanedesignthanks phillw I should of mentioned that00:01
duanedesignphillw: I have been taken over by the dark side :)00:02
phillwduanedesign: np, I know people do tend to say "Go ask on ask ubuntu" when, in fact, a lot of the questions are answered in the FAQ's by the teams on ubuntu-forum :D00:03
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flubabhere's an interesting solution: for some reason, my monitor was set to 0 brightness every time I disconnect the external monitor OR go to sleep00:17
flubabthe increase brightness button on the laptop solved the problem00:17
Alex123Hi all01:11
Alex123i have some questions about changing my ubuntu 12.04 to ubuntustudio if possible01:12
duanedesignAlex123: their is a wiki page that might help get you started.01:30
Alex123Thank you very much01:31
Alex123I just downloaded the studio version, for your knowloaged is it better to do a clean install or is the same was using synaptic or bash update ?01:32
duanedesignAlex123: If you do not mind,  i would always recommend a clean install01:33
duanedesignI make a seperate /home partition on my computer. It makes new installs less painfull01:33
duanedesignthat way your personal files are not touched when you do a fresh install01:34
duanedesignsomething you might consider for a future install01:34
duanedesignAlex123: also their is a freenode channel #ubuntustudio . If you get stuck or have an UbuntuStudio specific question I bet they would be very helpful01:37
duanedesignAlex123: Here are some other support options. Including a link to the ubuntu studio section of the ubuntu forum, a link to the ubuntustudio mailing list, etc01:40
Alex123:) Thank you very much, once again ^^01:40
duanedesignif the IRC channel is idle (everyone is AFK) the ubuntu-studio-users mailing list might be a good option01:41
boogie_manhello :) i'm new to linux. i tried to execute my c++ programs through code blocks IDE in linux, but the output is always "permission denied". can someone suggest a way out of this??05:27
nunorsilvaHi there10:44
nunorsilvaCan anyone help with mkahawa cyber café software?10:45
vyzehi people. I need some help: i lost connection to domain '.org' - i cannot get answer for any site like www.example.org. When i try to ping site, it shows   'unknown host'11:07
geirhahave you done any changes in any files related to host lookup? /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/hosts etc11:34
vyzei've got it: it was set dns automatically. I set correct dns and it's ok :)11:37
vyzeI made no change before because it worked11:39
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niltonvasquesHello there!23:27
niltonvasquesWhere I can found .bash_aliases file?23:27
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tsimpsonniltonvasques: in your home directory, if it exists23:59
tsimpsonif not, you can just create it23:59

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