mhall119daker: I'm jealous of that dude00:03
dakerya mean 16yeas and 20 LANGUAGES!!!00:04
jcastromhall119: pelican is python00:23
jcastroand has an importer for wordpress!00:23
mhall119jcastro: I've been told about several python ones, just need the time to look into them01:09
mhall119well, I've had the time, but I've been giving it all to learning the SDK01:10
dholbachgood morning07:47
vibhavgood morning11:28
JoseeAntonioRdholbach: hey, will you be doing a hangout tomorrow?11:38
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, no, don't think so, but for next week we should schedule something11:39
* JoseeAntonioR updates the cal11:53
jcastromhall119: your blog hurts me14:03
mhall119there's 2 sites hosted on that instance, both wordpress14:04
jcastroit's not loading for me right now14:04
mhall119so it *could* be the other one slowing things down14:04
jcastroand like half the planet is going to hit your page on Friday14:04
jcastroerrr, monday, whenever unity 7 lands14:04
mhall119hmmm, I should put up a small instace that calls the db on the micro, for those high-traffic days14:05
snap-lI had something strange with my blog; some bot in Japan was hitting my ubuntu articles repeatedly14:05
snap-lmight want to check your logs to see if someone needs a blocking14:05
mhall119snap-l: I have, it's mostly web crawlers14:07
mhall119they hit too many pages too fast, kicks in Amazon's throttling14:07
snap-lOh, nice of them14:07
cjohnstonmhall119: just use the omg setup!14:20
jcastroor even a decent WP host!14:23
* popey hugs his vps14:24
mhall119I'm moving it to rackspace and a non-WP backend14:34
mhall119jcastro: ah, I'm getting hit by http://boomshadow.net/tech/fixes/spoofed-bingbot/14:38
jcastrohah nice!14:39
dakernote that i still cannot report bugs on https://bugs.launchpad.net/webbrowser-app15:48
jonodholbach, hey15:48
dholbachhey jono15:48
jonodholbach, so re. ubuntu touch summaries15:48
jonothe changelog looks good, but as I mentioned, I think we need a human curated summary15:49
jonowith the changelog being the detail if people want more15:49
jonodholbach, also, I don't think we need touch.ubuntu.com for these updates, lets use the fridge15:49
czajkowskidaker: bugs aren't set up on that project15:49
dakerczajkowski: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/03/12/%23ubuntu-community-team.html#t18:4815:52
mhall119daker: they don't want to turn on bug reporting because they don't have any roadmaps for features or anybody to properly triage bugs15:53
czajkowskidaker: aye not sure how that works as it's owned by a canonical team PS so wondering do they not want bugs opened up on there15:53
dakermhall119: ok15:53
mhall119so they don't want a bunch of "The web browser should do this" or "the web broser doesn't do that"15:54
mhall119filling up the bug list15:54
dholbachjono, in a call with Randall right now - it might be a bit tough to get better information out there and everything written up nicely, but I wrote a mail to the team already to write better changelog entries, so it's easier to find out what exactly happened15:54
dholbachjono, like I went through the changelog entries to write this up, but it was the best level of detail I could find15:55
dholbachI'll bring it up with Ricardo15:55
jonodholbach, please do: I don't want you writing these summaries, the touch team should15:58
jonoand it is not that much work: just someone writes one blog entry a week :-)15:58
dholbachjono, Ricardo will do the one for next week15:58
jonodholbach, ok15:58
jonothanks dholbach15:58
dholbachyeah, for team members it should be a bit easier to write up and probably take less time16:01
jonojcastro, all set?16:30
jcastroone sec16:31
jcastrocall running over16:31
jcastro30 seconds16:31
dholbachjono, our team meeting on wednesday, is going to start for you at 8? (just trying to understand DST changes)16:45
jonodholbach, yep17:04
jonodholbach, although, I need to cancel17:05
jonoas I will be at an event :-)17:05
jonowill drop a mail to the team today17:05
jonoyou guys should go ahead anyway17:05
dholbachjono, ok, that will make it possible to accomodate the other meeting17:05
dholbachjono, yep - thanks17:05
jussi QQAAFVDSQDDZ1<dholbacha<kmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoaw3444444nvuj Ä** ?   ygyv17:16
dakerkeyboard fail :)17:16
jussiwow, she even tab completed dh olbach this tme...17:17
dakercat ?17:17
jussi1 year old...17:17
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jonojcastro, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm9koxAb4EM17:45
jcastrothis is awesome17:46
jonojcastro, :-)17:47
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popeyjcastro: andrewebdev popped up in -uk asking for good resources for learning the way of juju and devops.. got any suggestions?18:24
czajkowskiandrewebdev: ello :)18:24
jcastropopey: that's a pretty general question!18:25
popeyindeed :D18:25
andrewebdevI'm looking to move my dev/deployment workflow to Juju. But at the same time I want to learn a bit more details on ubuntu-sever. I was looking for something like a course that I could do from home.18:26
jcastrowe'll there's the server guide18:27
andrewebdevsomething slightly more formal than random docs18:27
jcastrothe ubuntu server book is also not as dry18:27
andrewebdevin retrospect, "random docs" might sound a bit insulting to the excellent document writers out there18:28
andrewebdevdidn't mean it that way18:28
Piciand doctors18:28
jcastrono one wants to sit and read docs18:31
jcastrono matter how good they are18:32
pleia2andrewebdev: afaik there isn't course-like Ubuntu server documentation out there (it is part of what we want to accomplish with Ubuntu Learning, but most on our team are focused on Desktop right now, and even that has mostly stalled due to other obligations our volunteers have)18:40
andrewebdevok cool, docs it is then :)18:41
pleia2more generally there are things like ops-school, but it sounds like you are ok with ops, just need ubuntu-server specific stuff18:41
andrewebdevmain reason for wanting to learn more formally, is that I have a tutor that can tell me: "what you are doing now is a security risk"... things like that18:41
pleia2ah, yeah18:42
andrewebdevbecause I'm self taught, that is the kind of thing that always makes me nervous.18:43
andrewebdevI can read docs fine, and can do most of the basic tasks. But I never know if what I'm doing will actually cause problems in future18:43
andrewebdevBut for now I guess I'll stick to docs, and ask for advice in dev meetups/communities18:44
pleia2I think most ops people depend upon a mentor-at-work for that kind of thing (I am self-taught too, heavily relied upon those mentors at work)18:44
andrewebdevwould be good if I had that :) I'm freelance18:45
andrewebdevwell thanks for the info :)18:46
pleia2I was at LISA a couple months ago where a keynote covered this topic (how sysadmins learn, importance of mentors - but they don't scale) trying to get more interest in more formal sysadmin education18:46
pleia2good luck :)18:46
dholbachall right... time to call it a day - and I'll try to get the ptbr packaging guide enabled offline! \o/18:53
dholbachsee you all tomorrow18:53
dholbachbut dinner first :)18:53
cjohnstonbkerensa: ping19:02
jcastromhall119: hey is wikipedia in the 13.04 scopes goal?19:40
mhall119jcastro: I believe so, yes19:42
jcastromhall119: hows's that ppa working for you?19:43
jcastroI am mulling breaking something19:43
mhall119jcastro: it will run server-side though, you won't need to install anything locally19:43
mhall119jcastro: just upgraded this morning, so far so good, but it's not fully functional yet19:43
jcastrosame ppa jono was using?19:43
mhall119the smart scope service isn't returning customized results yet,just the same set of scopes to search19:44
mhall119also, the privacy controls haven't landed yet, so you won't be able to turn stuff off19:44
jcastroI want to test all of them anyway19:45
mhall119^^ before anyone freaks out, this is the "experimental-prevalidation" PPA, so the fact that privacy controls aren't there doesn't mean anything19:45
jcastrohah just kidding19:45
mhall119I was already being quoted as saying that we don't care about privacy19:45
mhall119so now I have to CYA over *everything*19:45
jcastrowell, people can still quote you out of context. :p19:46
mhall119it does warm my heart to see angry mobs calling for me to be fired19:47
jcastrohey man, I had to go through 11.0419:47
rrnwexechttp://markup.io can be your friend for "out of context"19:48
mhall119rrnwexec: if I could convince people with context, I wouldn't have to convince people19:49
snap-lI heard mhall119 say "privacy... doesn't mean anything ... we don't care about20:00
mhall119snap-l: I will track you down...20:01
snap-lI live inside jcastro20:01
snap-lhanging out with his tapework20:02
snap-ltapeworm, even20:02
snap-lscenery sucks, but the wifi is awesome20:02
IdleOnemhall119: people are calling for you to be fired?20:03
IdleOnethat seems rather harsh20:03
jcastropeople call for Mark to fire himself all the time20:03
snap-lsomething tells me this is a rite of passage in OSS20:03
jcastrowhat's one more call!20:03
snap-lI had someone call our corporaate office one time looking for my head20:04
snap-lbecause of something or other I wrote in a ticket that displeased them20:04
snap-lor something wasn't done in O(n) time20:04
snap-ldon't remember, don't care.20:05
mhall119IdleOne: yeah, in comments somewhere.  I think snap-l may be right about it being a rite of passage20:14
mhall119which must mean I'm only one step away from Linus publicly calling me an idiot20:14
snap-lWe can only hope20:14
mhall119everybody has to have goals :)20:15
IdleOneI could that now if you like, won't have the same social impact though.20:17
jcastromhall119: heh cool, I'm watching the dash "figure things out" as I type20:17
mhall119jcastro: it's not very smart yet, but we're helping it learn :)20:18
jcastrono doubt I have trained it on "phillips a19" a few times20:19
mhall119jcastro: everything is going to suggest cans of worms now, isn't it20:19
jcastromhall119: try "red wiggler worms"20:22
jcastrothat's actually the right results too20:22
jcastroonce you let the music scope finish spazzing out20:22
jonoJoseeAntonioR, ping?20:44
bkerensajcastro: Juju with OpenStack Workshop sounds interesting :)21:09
bkerensajcastro: we will have to grab a beer when your up21:14
jcastrofo sho21:14
JoseeAntonioRjono: pong21:16
JoseeAntonioRjust arrived from school21:16
czajkowskijono: count me in for one of them meetings but not tomorrow we have the loco council meeting then,  I'd reply to the thread, but so many replies on multiple lists I'm on my inbox is a tad messy :)21:20
jonothanks czajkowski!21:26
jonoJoseeAntonioR, just wanted to check tomorrow is fine for me to do a few hangouts21:26
jonoI assume there are no other sessions21:26
JoseeAntonioRjono: sure, just give me the details to include it in the cal, the auto-updates on twitter, and we're good to go21:27
jonoJoseeAntonioR, the following:21:30
jono8pm - Community Leadership Meeting21:30
jonoactually, just that21:31
jonoI don't have time for my Q+A21:31
jonoand I am our Wed - Fri morning21:31
jonoI might do my Q+A on Friday actually21:31
JoseeAntonioRis it fine if I move it to Fri, 1pm your time?21:32
JoseeAntonioRjono: added to the cal21:41
jonoJoseeAntonioR, I will need to see about the Fri session22:03
jonodepends on what time I manage to get home22:03
jonoI think I will just postpone it this week22:03
JoseeAntonioRjono: no worries then, let me know if you want to reschedule it :)22:03
jonothanks JoseeAntonioR!22:03
JoseeAntonioRnp :)22:18
jonobkerensa, can you reddit http://www.jonobacon.org/2013/03/18/recent-ubuntu-community-refinements/ ?22:39

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