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mptHa, someone should submit the User Accounts panel "Not good enough" password error to Screenshots of Despair13:54
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xnoxmpt: is there a css definition of the newly approved font sizes spec for ubuntu?16:37
xnox(cause e.g. ubiquity has qt/gtk usage of ubuntu font as well as html slideshow and the fonts don't match between the two at the moment)16:37
xnoxif, not where is the spec, such that I can tweak ubiquity html slideshow to use the correct values =)16:38
mptxnox, there's no approved spec at the moment16:47
xnoxmpt: hmm..... i got new visuals to update a step in the slideshow and it's using different sizes which are smaller. which are used elsewhere by designers.16:48
xnoxok. i'll work with what i have.16:49
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