xnoxWho does ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu updates for ubuntu (ubuntu flavour that is)? only dylan?11:05
* xnox is getting a request in.11:05
xnoxAlso I can run it with Slideshow.py app, but not with just a browser *sigh*11:18
xnoxgot it to work with just a webserver \o/ =)12:03
xnoxogra_: turns out the css in slideshow beat me at cleverness. My attempts at using <h2> or <b> make _no_ difference to the displayed pages =)12:04
ogra_yeah, you are to oldscool ... CSS and javascript is the new HTML :)12:05
stgraberxnox: pretty much all flavour leads should be able to land changes14:06
stgraberxnox: https://launchpad.net/~ubiquity-slideshow/+members#active14:06
stgraberxnox: if they're not in there, they should just ask Dylan to add them14:06
stgraberxnox: I also tend to prefer being the only one uploading that package because it's extremely rare that everything has been done properly by the various people pushing changes ;)14:07
plarsxnox: are there still plans to remove the "take a photo" screen from installer?14:54
xnoxplars: yes, committed in lp:ubiquity to be uploaded before UIF or more lickely today.14:56
xnoxplars: do you want it sooner?14:56
plarsxnox: no, just making sure14:56
stgraberxnox: I got a reply back from Dylan, he just pushed the final copy for 13.04 to the slideshow branch. I'm now checking with him that all the images are good too, then that should be it for ubuntu.15:30
xnoxstgraber: i wonder if it has u1 proposed stuff or not. Let me sync up with u1 folks.15:30
xnoxstgraber: there is no ringtail graphic though?! =(((((15:33
xnoxthe one from t-shirts & banners from uds.15:33
stgraberxnox: yeah, I know, I poked him about it specifically15:33
xnoxstgraber: also i need to chat with you about single-image updates. But I'm tied in landing qt-client stuff.15:35
stgraberxnox: sure. I still need to update the single-image update plan, a lot of it will change after the chat I had with lool last week.15:37
stgraberbut for now, I'm fighting with airlines and travel agencies and other admin stuff. Hopefully I can do some upstart and single image work this afternoon.15:37
xnoxstgraber: well yeah, I had some thoughts as well. But it's interesting to know what you got out of lool first.15:38
stgraberxnox: so far I think we've got much of the actual update process covered (once I get to update the spec). We still need to figure out what to do for user installed packages and for the apps. With the trickiest by far being user installed packages (especially with convergence in mind)15:40
xnoxstgraber: i think we worked out a way to update the u1 slides. wooh, should be done soon.15:52
xnoxstgraber: pushed u1 slide update. We might get ringtail and different rhythmbox slide tomorrow.18:35
xnoxas rhythmbox will no longer support music store.18:35

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