robert_ancellRAOF, did you look at https://code.launchpad.net/~vanvugt/mir/super-simple-connect/+merge/153307?03:26
RAOFI had not; looking.03:29
RAOFGoogle Mock: Fuzzing g++ since 201205:48
RAOFBah! The android build is broken?06:24
RAOFkdub: I'm having problems with the android build. Here?07:43
alan_galf_: have you looked into the trunk failure to build for android?09:51
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mmrazikare you guys aware mir fails to build in PPA?14:19
mmrazikI don't quite see why it was ok in jenkins :-/14:19
mmrazikit looks like r505 is the first one that started to fail14:20
alan_gmmrazik: that's https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/fix-bug-1156543/+merge/15374014:26
alan_gmmrazik: it was OK as we build with input in CI and without for PPA14:27
mmrazikI see14:28
mmrazikshould we just add a build without input as well?14:28
alan_gThere are too many options that we don't test - is on my TODO list (but low down)14:28
alan_gmmrazik: Please feel free14:28
mmrazikalan_g: ok14:28
alan_gmmrazik: we break the android target even more often14:29
mmrazikalan_g: yeah... android is on my list. I can add the crosscompile easily (like in 5 minutes). I'm having some troubles with running the tests on the phone14:30
mmrazikI'll just add the compile14:30
mmrazikbetter than nothing14:30
alan_gmmrazik: even if it didn't run (oh you said that)14:30
mmrazikalan_g: I was overly optimistic with those 5 mins :-/ It used to work last week but there is a new dependency (glog) and jenkins is unable to find it. Need to ping kdub later where am I supposed to get it14:49
alan_gmmrazik: the glog dependency shouldn't have landed14:50
mmrazikalan_g: its in kdub's ndk script14:50
mmrazikalan_g: which is called from the cross-compile script14:50
alan_gmmrazik: I see. (I fixed glog for raring+armhf - not sure where we are on quantal)14:51
mmrazikalan_g: so maybe all we need to do is to remove the dep from lp:~kdub/mir/ndk-rewrite for now14:52
alan_gmmrazik: I'd guess so. kdub will know what the current status is14:53
kdubgood morning14:59
kdubmmrazik, the line that has glog for me in my sources is "deb [arch=armhf] http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ raring main restricted universe multiverse"15:04
mmrazikkdub: so its not supposed to build on quantal?15:04
* mmrazik tries with raring15:05
kdubmmrazik, good point... i haven't sorted out where the quantal package is15:05
kdubmmrazik, we should only build for quantal because thats the only environment we have to run on15:06
kdubmmrazik, would it ease what you're doing if i roll back that change?15:06
mmrazikkdub: I'm trying to add android build (using the cross-compile script) to the ci/autolanding process15:06
mmrazikI don't really mind if it is running on raring or quantal15:07
mmrazikkdub: if quantal makes more sense then we need to resolve the dependency somehow (possibly reverting it)15:07
mmrazikkdub: the compilation started on raring15:08
mmrazikso it seems to be fine there15:08
kdubmmrazik, it should build on both... we just don't have a raring phablet image to test the result on15:08
mmrazikkdub: I'm struggling with the phone anyway :-/ So let me add the raring build (without tests) for now15:09
alan_gracarr: kdub could someone look at  https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/fix-bug-1156543/+merge/153740 ASAP15:09
kdubmmrazik, sounds good, getting the raring build (minus tests) under ci is a good first step15:10
racarralan_g: approved15:11
alan_gracarr: ta15:12
kduboh, standup today: working on unblocking the glog branch, hope to mp my branch for android display construction15:28
kdubwill get my nex7 working again too15:28
racarrhrm "        the_frontend_shell() override15:33
racarr" ?15:33
racarrthis doesn't work with my GCC15:33
alan_gracarr: are you still using 4.6?15:34
alan_gracarr: I don't believe you15:34
racarrthis is an old branch so maybe the build directory is so old its on 4.615:35
racarrI will try that15:35
racarrI believe me though I have tried to add15:35
racarroverride in the past to15:35
racarrtesting server configuration overrides15:35
racarrbut my GCC never supported it15:35
alan_g4.7 does15:35
racarrok yep it was an old build directory is all :)15:36
racarralan_g: Fixed header installation in prepare-for-inprocess-egl (r508)15:40
alan_gracarr: ack, just finishing off some renaming changes and will look15:41
racarralf_: ^15:42
racarrYou still have a dissaprove on prepare-for-inprocess-egl15:42
racarrif you can take a look15:42
racarrneeds fixing*15:42
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kdubhello philipballew15:59
philipballewhey kdub16:00
philipballewbe back, reboot time16:01
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racarralan_g: Updated prepare-for-inprocess-egl-clients again to fix android build16:21
racarrwas just some unmerged test structure reorg16:21
racarrhavent tested myself yet though chroot is still updating16:21
kdubalan_g, with the google log package, armhf/quantal seems to be broken https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/google-glog16:22
kdubalan_g, would you know who to ping about that?16:22
alan_gracarr: Just offered up the refactoring we discussed Friday - https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/refactor-shell-cleaner-Surface-class/+merge/15385116:22
alan_gkdub: looking...16:23
kdubmaybe seb128 ?16:23
racarralan_g: Looking16:25
alan_gkdub: seb12816:25
seb128kdub, can't you use the raring version?16:25
seb128quantal is "stable", e.g not an active serie16:25
seb128work is not happening on it16:25
seb128we could SRU a fix if really needed though...16:26
kdubseb128, the phablet builds are still quantal16:26
kdubmakes installing/compiling mir on quantal easier16:27
kdubbut i don't know how much effort an sru is though16:27
seb128I don't think that deb has lot of depends, just wget and dpkg -i it on quantal if needed16:28
seb128sru ... needs the fix to be uploaded, reviewed, validated, stay a week in staging for verification and then hit -updates16:29
seb128it's not a ton of work but we try to not spent time on quantal at this point16:29
kdubseb128, yes, it looks like the download/dpkg -i is the easier route to go16:30
racarrerr. looking for real now16:50
UbuPhillup_dank101: hallo17:00
racarralan_g: Ok got comically distracted but just now went through refactor-shell-cleaner-surface-class17:11
alan_gracarr: amusing17:11
racarrit looks good and clears up the tests...it took me a few reads though...I think the naming SurfaceSource/SurfaceBuilder17:12
racarris kind of unclear17:13
racarrand I wasn't sure what to expect from the types17:13
alan_gracarr: any help with the names gratefully received17:13
racarrI wonder if SurfaceBuilder is 'SurfaceOwner'17:13
racarrthat is how It hink of it17:13
racarrReally its like a SurfaceOwnerController but that's unhelpfully verbose17:14
racarrit's also very much like a SurfaceManager ;)17:16
kgunnracarr: surfaceCoordinator?17:17
racarrI am not sure. Don't want to block on it I think but wanted to see if we could come up with an idea because while I think SurfaceBuilder provides a good description17:17
alan_gracarr: I'm not sure that really helps (but open to persuasion). At least part of the problem is that surfaces::Surface and shell::Surface are confusing names17:17
racarrof what the class does within shell:: it doesn't clarify the relationship between surfaces and shell and the ownership model (which is the primary purpose of this class)17:17
racarrso I think between the controller, source, and builder there is a lot of ambiguity of responsibility17:18
racarrkgunn: Maybe...that's sort of what the object is but not necessarily what it exposes to shell::17:18
racarralan_g: shell::Window17:18
alan_gracarr: as alf keeps pointing out the design talks about surfaces17:19
racarra window is a surface with a certain ownership model, an input channel, window management metadata (state...) etc.17:19
alan_gMaybe we can edit the design?17:20
racarrI think17:20
alan_gI am17:20
racarrthe distinctin between surface and window is a useful one to make17:20
alan_gracarr: Sure17:21
racarrbecause...hmm...haven't made this concrete yet17:21
racarrbut I am imagining the shell might wnat to create surfaces for certain effects or components17:21
racarrthat are nothing like windows17:21
racarrand should be a surfaces::Surface and in the surface stack17:21
racarrbut are not a shell::Window17:21
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racarris it17:23
racarra SurfaceArbitrator?17:23
racarrI think that's my last idea.17:24
alan_gracarr: who do we ask why the design talks about *surfaces*? Is that just an assumption about implementation?17:24
racarrHmm. I dunno. I will try and find out17:25
racarrkatie: ^17:25
racarralan_g: My impression, is even as an assumption about implementation, it doesn't really assume much right?17:26
alan_gracarr: Because if we can line up the terminology as "windows" it reduces the overloading.17:26
racarrwhat is a surface ;) how is it different from a layer? how is it different from a window?17:26
katieracarr, alan_g, i used surfaces because we wanted to move away from assuming things were windows17:26
racarrI think surface is just a word we17:27
racarrkatie: We own the definition of window though17:27
katiei think that it helped us iearly on to move away from our old way of thinking17:27
alan_gHmm, so maybe surfaces::Surface is the one with a wrong name17:27
katieracarr, i don't know what you mean17:27
racarrkatie: I mean, there is nothing we have to17:28
racarrassume by calling things windows17:28
racarrbecause we are defining that word by behavior17:28
racarrkatie: the context, btw is about windows being a kind of surface.17:29
racarralan_g: Hehe. I like17:29
alan_gkatie: We'd like to get clear terminology and at the moment we've two meanings for "surface" within mir17:29
racarrlayers::Layer, but I think that's17:29
racarrjust because I like the word layer17:29
alan_gracarr: I don't think layer does it - too much baggage17:31
alan_gracarr: tile has a different sort of baggage17:31
racarrsurfaces is like a scene graph, shell is the controller and compositor is the view17:32
racarrit's shell that cares about words like17:33
katiealan_g, racarr , from my point of view surface implies something more generic than a window17:33
racarr"Surface" or "Window" 'sufaces/scene gaph'17:33
katiebut I did not assume any particular implementation :)17:33
racarronly cares about what appears on the screen17:33
racarr<not convinced....brainstorm>17:34
racarrkatie: One of the thoughts is everything an application makes is a window whereas17:34
racarrthe shell may want to create more general surfaces17:34
alan_gkatie: agreed17:35
racarrI could be17:35
racarrI dunno17:36
racarrI tend to think of surface as a more generic window too but17:37
racarrI could be just as easily convinced that a surface was a subregion of a window or something else17:37
alan_gracarr: we rename "surfaces" to "scenegraph" and "surfaces::Surface" to "surfaces::Page"?17:37
alan_gracarr: we rename "surfaces" to "scenegraph" and "surfaces::Surface" to "scenegraph::Page"?17:37
racarrwhich makes me think that the words really aren't that useful17:37
racarralan_g: Hmm...I dunno about page...why page?17:38
alan_gracarr: don't like "surface", "layer", "tile", tried something else...17:38
racarrscenegraph::Node is a little jarring at first when you think about17:39
racarrthe shell/surfaces interaction as it is written now17:39
racarrbut maybe it makes sense, a17:39
alan_gI think Node is a bit too general17:40
racarrshell::Surface is a scenegraph node with certain behavior17:40
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racarrbecause in particular it's17:40
racarra renderable target or something17:40
racarrto that effect.17:40
alan_g<cough/> as now written shell::Surface has a surfaces::Surface17:40
racarrI liked the idea of scenegraph...but now I am looking for a word for this "renderable target" concept, i.e. with swappable color buffers, etc17:43
racarrand the only convention really (from dri, etc)17:43
racarris "Surface"17:43
racarri.e. this is the terminology in mesa etc17:43
racarralan_g: It seems strange for an Image to have a buffer swapper17:43
racarrI think I like the most shell::Window and surfaces::Surface17:44
racarrI would be almost inclined to say scenegraph::Surface17:44
racarrbecause the shell, can then insert in to the scene graph say17:44
racarra scenegraph::Image17:44
racarras an overlay or some such17:44
racarrit's kind of an imagined case for now17:45
racarra possible concrete example of17:46
alan_gracarr: should we land the current version and continue to think about names? (Because I don't think the latter is zeroing in yet.)17:46
racarra non window surface, is a software cursor17:46
racarrit could either just be drawn by the compositor (through ijecting PointerController)17:47
racarror it could actually be modelled in the scene graph as an element17:47
racarrI think this simplifies the model for implementing compositor:: but17:47
racarrit really depends, do we have a SurfaceStack or a SceneGraph?17:48
racarralan_g: Hmm I think so17:48
alan_gI think we *should* have a scenegraph17:49
racarrme too :)17:49
alan_g(Relatively simple compared to those in gaming engines)17:49
racarralan_g: For April fools I want to implement a mir compositor on the Unity3D game engine17:50
racarrjust to really mess with people...17:50
alan_gracarr: you need to b e quick17:50
racarrmaybe next year17:50
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racarrFacet is kind of general17:51
racarrit sounds more like something the compositor sees17:51
racarrthan the shell17:51
racarri.e. something you look at but not touch17:51
alan_gracarr: the shell is mostly working with shell::Surface (which has a scenegraph::Facet)17:52
* alan_g isn't really convinced17:52
racarrhmm. it's a good thought17:52
racarrdoes shell::Surface modify the scenegraph::Facet or is it all through a controller?17:53
racarrI think it doesn't capture the fact that it has17:53
racarradvance_bufer and get_buffer_ipc_package though17:54
racarror perhaps once we redo the API it just has next_buffer17:54
alan_gracarr: I'm approaching EOD - so have to leave it to you for now.17:55
alan_gI think that tries to capture too mcu17:55
racarrhehe ok17:55
racarrthanks for chatting :)17:55
racarrHopefully it will come to me17:55
alan_gracarr: it is good to talk. Maybe you can find someone else with the right idea in a different timezone.17:55
racarrHave a good evening17:56
alan_gHave a good day17:56
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racarrkdub: Could your android bug you just filed be about the input stuff in frontend?18:28
kdubracarr, just updated with details18:29
kdubwas just going to ping you to advise :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/115674918:29
ubot5Launchpad bug 1156749 in Mir "example clients in rev508 do not connect" [Critical,In progress]18:29
racarrkdub: The problem is DummyInputManager server/server/input returns18:36
racarrnull mi::InputChannel I guess18:36
racarrbut hmm that should be fine...18:36
racarrkdub: I will look at it soon18:44
racarrzoned in atm18:44
racarrkdub: Unless it is blocking you :)18:49
kdubracarr, it will start generating a lot of question marks, so its best to fix asap18:50
kdubracarr, i mp-ed up a fix19:11
racarrkdub: Ah...actually19:17
racarrthe code is in error...I guess a committ was lost19:17
racarrit should be if19:17
racarrsorry to not look sooner...was unwinding a big "make this test compile list"19:18
racarralso branch contains extra commented out lines19:18
kdubracarr, ah ok... could you upload over? (i pushed to a team branch)19:19
racarrkdub: https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/fix-surface-creation-when-input-disabled/+merge/15391219:27
racarrpushed changes and approved you should approve and change to approved19:28
racarr(How many approvables could an approver prove if an approver could approv approvables?)19:28
racarrWe may never know19:28
kgunnracarr: same as licks on a tootsie-pop19:28
kgunnracarr: i just realized age gap on my comment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UYvsk6_foc19:30
racarrI remember these commercials :)19:32
kdubracarr, i have a half written test for this condition, i'm going to finish that up and upload at the same time19:34
racarrkdub: Great!19:35
kdubracarr, pushed, but we'll wait for jenkins and another review19:47
kdubsince we both have committed to the branch19:48
racarrsince my dist upgrade yesterday19:48
racarrmost shared_ptr errors generated internal compiler errors19:48
racarrrather than line numbers :(19:48
racarrline numbers were a crutch anyway19:49
racarrkdub: Test looks good19:58
racarrkdub: Though the name made me expect to see a test that19:58
racarrreplicated the failure scenario19:58
racarrerr hmm19:59
racarrnvm I had a backwards in my head19:59
robert_ancellRAOF, "Also unlike XCB and Xlib, it's programmatically generated from the protocol definition". I guess XCB sort of solved that problem by rewriting the spec in a programatic way19:59
kdubrobert_ancell, quick review? https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/fix-surface-creation-when-input-disabled/+merge/15391220:11
robert_ancellkdub, looking20:11
robert_ancellkdub, yeah, looks good to me20:12
robert_ancellkdub, you want me to set the master status?20:12
kdubrobert_ancell, won't hurt, should be fixed in short order though20:13
robert_ancelltvoss, Was your issue in https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/mir/server-headers/+merge/153281 resolved?20:40
robert_ancellracarr, also ^20:41
racarrI hate it when tests pass and htey arent supposed to20:45
robert_ancellracarr, do you need to review this https://code.launchpad.net/~afrantzis/mir/multi-threaded-compositor-synced-with-trunk/+merge/153661? It says your review is "pending"20:56
kgunnrobert_ancell: was just noticing the same ^21:00
racarrrobert_ancell: I approved the old version...am just abstaining now...trying not to get distracted :)21:06
racarrI am happy for it to land I looked over the weekend briefly but didn't approve because it was brief21:06
* kdub is still reviewing multithreaded compositor branch21:07
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racarrbrb lunch21:24
robert_ancellkgunnAFK, can you change the drafter on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1303-qt-mir-backend?21:36
robert_ancellalf_, can you change the drafter on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1303-mir-glmark2 to mir-team?21:37
robert_ancellkgunnAFK,  and also https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1303-mir-galaxynexus21:40
kdubi ticked multithreaded compositor to 'approved to land'21:58
racarrsend-clients-input is 16/19 todos finished XD22:03
racarrmaybe its done growing...22:03
RAOFrobert_ancell: Right. You write a machine-parsable version of the protocol for XCB, and then codegen from that.22:05
robert_ancellkdub, nice22:08
kgunnrobert_ancell: ack will do22:31
kgunnrobert_ancell: hey...more clean up, can you make me (or you) the "assignee" to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1303-mir-converged22:37
robert_ancellkgunn, I set the drafter to mir-team, does that work?22:37
kgunnrobert_ancell: no, bill filler wanting a name there...just put me22:38
kgunnwhy i have no idea22:38
robert_ancellkgunn, can you do it now I changed the drafter?22:38
kgunnrobert_ancell: real time/live race condition :)22:39
kgunnhad to refresh page22:39

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