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MraAlbertinahi. any bad experience with ISPConfig 3? recommended/not?i have a headless system and i'm planning in installing it.01:31
MraAlbertinalatest 12.10,, btw01:31
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seicherlbobhi there! I'm getting daily mails, telling me, that "/bin/sh: hwclock: not found" - but hwclock is installed and working. I dont even know, which script encounters this error. Any suggestions on how to fix that?09:10
seicherlbob(btw., its ubuntu server 10.4 LTS)09:11
seicherlbobI further see in the logs, that it must be some cron-task: "Mar 18 00:05:01 imladris CRON[30560]: (root) CMD (hwclock --systohc)" - but still I can't find which one to debug it.09:19
seicherlbobok, got it. it was the crontab of root... never mind.09:23
koolhead17hi all09:44
alex88hi guys09:52
alex88does ufw logging works on ipv6? I don't see any logs of it09:52
alex88oh sure, IPV6=yess will not be processed09:54
BaNzounetHey guys, I'm trying to change my server's kernel but I don't know why everytime It still start on the other one09:57
BaNzounetCan someone help me?09:57
jacobwBaNzounet: you need to new entry in GRUB to be the preferred entry10:01
jacobwBaNzounet: can you boot on the new kernel by manually seleting it in the GRUB menu?10:02
BaNzounetI did update-grub, but still It doesn't change anything10:02
jacobwBaNzounet: test that first, then set it to preferred in GRUB10:02
jacobwBaNzounet: update-grub adds new entries to grub, it doesn't change which entry is the default10:02
BaNzounetjacobw: It's a server in a data center I can't manualy chose the entry10:03
jacobwBaNzounet: then you have two choices, set it as the default, reboot and hope it comes up OK .. or use IPMI or an IP KVM or something similar with the datacentre staff10:04
BaNzounetWhat I don't get is, we're already booting on the right one(according to grub) but It still load the older one :/10:08
jamespagehallyn, /dev/kvm fix in raring lgtm10:19
jacobwBaNzounet: is it a container?10:29
zorgsquestion about a server process with a console (running in a screen session), it accepts commands like "save" entered into the console, can I somehow send "save\n" to that process and have a crontabbed script doing that on set intervals?10:29
zorgsI guess my question could be reworded as "how can I send a small string of text, like a server command, to a process running in a screen session"10:30
zorgsor byobu10:30
zorgs(using tmux)10:30
BaNzounetjacobw: mhum? A container? what do you mean?10:30
jacobwBaNzounet: a container is an instance of an OS running under the kernel of a host OS10:31
jacobwBaNzounet: it's not a virtual machine, it doesn't have virtual cpus or it's own kernel, it's an instance of init running on the host with access to a restricted set of resources (devices, filesystems, memory, cpu)10:33
jacobwBaNzounet: the kernel is shared over many containers, it's an effective way to run VPS services and lots of datacentres do it now10:34
jacobwBaNzounet: i.e. it's not your kernel to upgrade10:34
zorgshow can one tell from the inside of the guest system?10:34
jacobwzorgs: you don't have many devices, any kernel operation will fail, etc.10:38
zorgsright, makes sense10:38
jacobwzorgs: regarding your question, you want to send the string the STDIN file descriptor of the process10:40
jacobwzorgs: http://serverfault.com/questions/178457/can-i-send-some-text-to-the-stdin-of-an-active-process-running-in-a-screen-sessi10:40
zorgsah awesome10:40
zorgscouldn't find anything on stackxchange10:40
zorgs/proc/*pid... how easy. I love this shit10:41
jacobwzorgs: see the comment where the guy warns about sending EOF to STDIN10:45
zorgssaw it thanks, yeah I don't like that solution10:45
zorgsthe first answer I like a lot more, echoing something to the fd/0 of that PID10:45
zorgsone question though10:45
zorgssay I'm in the same boat as that guy that I want to restart that process and to gracefully stop it and restart... but it requires sending that command etc...10:46
zorgswhen it restarts how can I find out its new PID10:46
zorgsI mean... the script.10:46
zorgsand use the new PID next time when it sends the stop command before next restart (after 24hrs)10:47
jacobwzorgs: i'm not sure if it what he's saying applies to all processes, i would test to find out10:50
jacobwzorgs: upstart can probably tell you the PID of a service, if your using upstart10:50
zorgs12.04 LTS10:51
zorgsok cool that helps, I will do some testing10:51
zorgsjacobw, appreciated your input but sad to report that trick doesn't work :/11:22
zorgsjacobw, the command appears on the console of the process but it just don't werk :/ the response is unknown/illegal command like the text was something other than "save", I was testing with "help" pretty straighfoward11:23
jacobwHow are you sending it STDIN?11:24
zorgsechoing to /proc/1/fd/011:24
zorgs1 = the actual pid11:24
zorgsit does show up when I change to that window...11:24
zorgshow can I echo the enter character sequence right after the string?11:26
zorgs"string\n" didn't cut it11:26
jacobwI'd test by using python to open('/proc/1/fd/0') so I could control exactly what I was sending11:26
zorgsah that's a good idea11:27
zorgsbash might modify it a bit11:27
jacobwecho doesn't interpret backslashes by default, `echo -e "foo\n" > bar`11:27
zorgsit sends the text and a new line but nothing happens until I actually switch and press enter at the console hmm11:28
zorgsi'll play with this some more, thanks for all your help so far11:32
tdotr6 Hi Good Morning, I have a question hopefully I can make this not very confusing. I did just finish a night shift..11:50
tdotr6I just got in from work and I found my server unreachable..Running Ubuntu server 12.10... So I went over to physically check it this time since it's the second time in 24 hours this has happened. There was nothing when I turned the screen and I couldn't get the screen to wake up...I have checked logs and found nothing other then crazy amounts of DHCP Requests from all 3 nic cards.  The11:50
tdotr6only thing I could find that I am able to duplicate is if I unplug 1 of the 3 NIC cards, they all become unreachable. So If eth0 gets unplugged and I am pinging eth2 say, It will die. but the moment eht0 is back in, eth2 will reply.... I work at a data center for a living but I am a networking guy , not a server guy. This is blowing my mind why I am having this issue with no logs..or am11:50
tdotr6I not looking at the right logs..11:50
tdotr6Sorry I know thats a lot to read11:52
rajumohzorgs, jacobw : will not the use of echo -e help as it enables backslash interpretation11:53
ogra_if -e is supported totally depends on the shell you use ... its really a matter of luck11:54
rajumohyeah, just thought that being on ubuntu-server and bash being the default ..11:57
ogra_bash isnt the default in ubuntu since 6.0611:58
ogra_dash is :)11:58
tdotr6Does anyone have any networking exp?11:58
ogra_(bash is still the default user shell, but not used for any system scripts)11:58
ogra_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DashAsBinSh#echo specifically ...12:00
rajumohplease kill me ;-( . the day seems to be getting worse.12:01
pmatulisrajumoh: where do you live?12:06
tdotr6Hey guys, quick question12:06
tdotr6I just wrote a big blob but maybe it was 2 much to take in12:07
tdotr6Basicly the problem is, 3 NIC Card setup, You unplug 1 NIC Card, All 3 become unreachable.12:07
rajumohhe he .. very funny!!12:07
rightshiftHi, Ubuntu 10.04 - can DNS be added in /etc/network/interfaces or is it only in /etc/resolv.conf?12:11
tdotr6Interfaces I belive12:12
tdotr6resolv.conf is a auto gen file I belive12:12
rightshiftI'm trying to standardize my servers and my new 12.* boxes are /etc/network/interfaces whereas my old 10.* are /etc/resolv.conf - i'd like to have them all in one place, hence moving 10.04 to /etc/network/interfaces12:12
rightshiftjust want to make sure it works there and that it wasnt adopter in 11 or 12?...12:12
tdotr6:/ dont know about adopter , then again i only use 1212:13
tdotr6havent used 10 in very long time so i cant tell you sorry.12:13
tdotr6I am having networking issues of my own right now12:13
tdotr6maybe you can help me? LOL12:13
tdotr6Basicly the problem is, 3 NIC Card setup, You unplug 1 NIC Card, All 3 become unreachable.12:13
tdotr6and this only started to happen yesterday and I cant find anything in the logs for it other then a tonn of DHCP Requests from all 3 nics. But after a cpl hours of the server being on, it just becomes unreachable.12:14
jacobwrightshift: man resolvconf12:14
tdotr6nice thx jacobw12:15
rajumohtdotr6: my 2 cents . did u check ur routing table on the server ? are the other 2 nic's by anyway dependent on the eth0 nic ?12:17
tdotr6Good call I don't know why or how that would of changed ( Since this is a new issue ) But fuck i should of checked that12:18
tdotr6thx raj def look at that now12:18
tdotr6I was just going to check my syslog file12:18
tdotr6and I did yesterday......Infact I still had it open. I went to reopen it now.. And It made scp hang..12:18
tdotr6the file is 400MB !12:18
tdotr6Hmmm that can't be normal ... ?? 400Mb syslog file??\12:19
tdotr6wow it just crashed my server12:19
tdotr6trying to open that12:19
tdotr6all 3 nics unreachable..12:20
tdotr6What the heck?12:20
tdotr6ya server is dead.. Man I dont want to go all the way.. Any tips for anything I should try other then the good old reboot first?12:21
tdotr6? nothing ?12:23
ogra_rightshift, http://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/24/dns-in-ubuntu-12-04/12:26
tdotr6lol I guess my problems 2 complicated?12:27
jacobwtdotr6: you need to describe your problem better, which ports are connected to which physical devices? which addresses are associated with which ports? what routes and firewall rules do you have? etc12:34
tdotr6There are 3 NIC Cards in the machine, All 3 are on the same subnet ,,50,60. There are no firewall rules on the machine other then logs. The logs show nothing other then DHCP Requets during the time of drop.12:38
tdotr6Just now it happened again where I tried to download a large file and the machine just became unreacahble from all 3 ip's12:39
tdotr6I went to the machine and took a photo, just a sec for that.. But When I logged in I was unable to ping say, google.com or my router , I shut eth0 down and the moment I did that it was reachable. I had a constant ping going to eth2 IP12:40
tdotr6eth0 is the same nic also that If I pull that cable , Then eth1 and eth2 are unreachable but the moment it gets plugged in , boom its all good again.12:41
tdotr6so clearly the issue lies with eth012:41
tdotr6yet all interfaces are error free12:42
tdotr6          RX packets:3397 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:012:42
tdotr6          TX packets:1604 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:012:42
tdotr6          collisions:0 txqueuelen:100012:42
tdotr6found my issue12:43
tdotr6Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface12:43
tdotr6default         pfr1.network         UG    0      0        0 eth012:43
tdotr6Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface12:43
tdotr6default         pfr1.network         UG    0      0        0 eth012:43
tdotr6192.168.1.0     *        U     0      0        0 eth112:43
tdotr6192.168.1.0     *        U     0      0        0 eth212:43
tdotr6192.168.1.0     *        U     0      0        0 eth012:43
tdotr6how I do make that default route go out the loopback12:44
tdotr6i just solved all my issues12:45
tdotr6thanks for letting me think out loud12:45
ReemoHey guys, i just ran into a few issues with mdadm: I have a raid5 /dev/md3 consisting of sde, sdf, md2. Everytime i boot up the server, mdadm doesnt find /dev/md2, forces me to readd and resync it. Quite annoying. How can i tell mdadm to wait for md2 to be created?13:19
ReemoOh btw: 12.10, 3.5.0-25-generic x86_6413:19
simplexioReemo: re-add ? i have to do mdadm --assemble --scan13:21
Reemosimplexio: re-add didnt work (cant add /dev/md2 to /dev/md3)13:21
Reemohad to run --add13:21
ReemoIm fairly new to mdadm, whats with bitmaps, could those speed up the process?13:21
Reemoi dont like the idea of writing everything to the discs after booting...13:22
simplexioReemo: ahh. i do  -manage --stop /dev/md1_113:22
simplexiobecause it dosent fire up whole raid package13:22
simplexioReemo: i have seen some startup script wich will fix it but idont use it13:23
Reemosimplexio: can you give me a link? googling is kind of pointless here, as its just way to generic13:23
simplexioReemo: like i said , i dont use it. But this seems to be good answer http://superuser.com/questions/287462/how-can-i-make-mdadm-auto-assemble-raid-after-each-boot13:25
Reemosimplexio: thanks, will try it13:26
simplexioReemo: i addes autostart=true to my config too13:27
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hallynjamespage: \o/ thanks13:45
jamespagehallyn, no - thankyou!13:55
Fieldywhen I do "start mysql", I am told "start: Job failed to start". There's no logs from any startup attempt in /var/log/msyql/... any ideas?14:22
Fieldyif I do mysqld -u mysql , it does start up14:23
resnoyou use the command "start mysql"?14:23
resnodoes "sudo service mysql start"  work?14:24
Fieldyi had initially done /etc/init.d/mysql start however it told me to use start, let me try that14:25
Fieldysame error, no logs14:25
resnois /etc/init.d/mysql start not working?14:25
Fieldysame error, no logs, and also "Since the script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an Upstart job, you may also use the start(8) utility, e.g. start mysql"14:26
resnoyou are running it with "sudo" right?14:26
Fieldymysqld -u mysql starts up just fine14:27
Fieldyboth using sudo yes14:27
zulhallyn:  i have sometime do you think we should update libvirt in raring?14:37
hallynzul: i haven't tracked to see what would be more stable...i think starting the lxc api driver for libvirt would be better use of the time :)14:38
hallynzul: is there any feature you need from it?14:38
zulhallyn: meh :)14:38
zulwell it has the fix for the python libvirt stuff that we tracked down so less patches that we have to carry14:39
Fieldyhow can i remove mysql-server including all configuration and databases and tables, so that I can have a clean slate and start over?14:39
hallynzul: more and more lxc-based projects are cropping up (like http://www.roboearth.org/archives/1869 and http://dotcloud.github.com/docker) so having everyting on common codebase seems a priority14:40
hallynzul: but it's up to you :)14:40
Fieldywhen I do apt-get remove mysql-server  it hangs at "Setting up mysql-server-5.5 (5.5.29-0ubuntu0.12.10.1) ..." for about ten seconds and then tells me various errors and the remove doesn't finish.14:44
Fieldyjust trying to get a clean slate as above14:45
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resnoFieldy: purge would be the right command14:54
Fieldyok i will man page it up14:54
Fieldyresno: i'm still getting the same issues: http://fpaste.org/B0rI/raw/14:56
resnoit says its no tinstalled14:56
resnohave messed with the init scripts?14:57
Fieldyyep, and if I do install, i get the same errors at the end. all i'm trying to do is wipe it out, configs and everything14:57
Fieldynope, i know better hehe14:57
resnoyou got some kinda issue though..14:57
resnosomething beyond the "run of the mills" stuff14:58
Fieldyyeah. i'm trying to track it down without success. it still does start (once installed) manually with mysqld -u mysql   so i'm really not sure what the problem is14:58
resnoFieldy: try dpkg --configure -a14:59
resnoand have altered the my.cnf? file14:59
Fieldyresno: http://fpaste.org/MBVq/raw/15:00
Fieldyresno: i did but it wouldn't start at that point, so I put the original my.cnf back (i copied it out), from then on there's the issues. but the original my.cnf is back in place15:00
resnoFieldy: try apt-get purge mysql-server-.. what ever server version you are using15:01
Fieldyok, it's "purge" and not "--purge"?15:02
Fieldywill do15:02
Fieldyresno: no complaints anymore, it looks like it's gone15:03
resnoi only had a few more ideas beyond that.. so good something workd15:03
Fieldyis that supposed to wipe out all files that were originally installed, aiming at the goal of a fresh start with mysql-server?15:04
Fieldylooks like it removed anything that i did not modify, all i have to do is clean up my stuff... on the right path ehre15:05
Fieldyand i just figured out the my.cnf issues; I had several different versions laying around, things like my.cnf-ORIG my.cnf-TEST and i was just symlinking my.cnf to those to switch around -- the init scripts hated the symlink. when I copied them instead, it worked.15:08
Fieldyheavy rain goofing up my internet connection, bbl15:10
luminousfor log_output in sudo, or any other "option flag" - what is considered "enabled"15:40
hallynjamespage: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/servercloud-r-seeded-qa-workflow  write dep-8 tests for lxc - is inclusion of lxc tests in utah server testcases sufficient?16:48
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jamespagehallyn, I think its a good start16:54
jamespagehallyn, and enough for now16:54
jamespagewe need to revisit the dep-8 approach16:54
jamespageI made it work nicely for openvswitch dkms modules16:55
jamespagehallyn, I wrote three tests16:56
jamespageone for dkms package16:56
jamespageone for using module-assistant16:56
jamespageand then I used mininet to test openvswitch itself16:56
jamespagehallyn, its in the source tree in raring16:56
jamespage(which is the other nice thing about dep-8 tests :-))16:57
hallyni don't knwo what "the source tree" is16:57
jamespagehallyn, as in the package source tree16:57
jamespagepull-lp-source openvswitch/bzr branch ubuntu:openvswitch16:57
hallynjamespage: for qemu tests, i'm considering having the utah test case (at lest for starters) bzr co qa-regression-tests and run that testsuite16:58
jamespagehallyn, OK - but consider that DEP-8 gets run when the package is in proposed as well16:59
jamespageso it gets a pre-acceptance test16:59
hallynjamespage: sigh, then maybe i'll jut mark that postponed.  hang on17:00
hallynjamespage: for uds.2013.06 i've put down an item to put all the lxc testcases into upstream lxc under tests/ubuntu .17:06
hallynstgraber: ^17:07
jamespagehallyn, lovely17:07
hallynthat should help maintainability of utah testcases quite ab it17:07
hallynjamespage: so i'll mark the current open WI done.  for qemu one, i'm thinkingo f markign it postponed17:07
hallynjdstrand: says nuclearbob may have thoughts on it, so would like to chat with him when i find him17:08
hallynDaviey: ^ any objections to postponing the dep-8 tests for kvm item?17:10
Davieyhallyn: partial coverage cannot be started?17:12
hallynDaviey: we've got a shitload of coverage17:12
hallynin the qa-regression-tests17:12
DavieyAh, of course we have17:13
Davieyyeah, good point. :)17:13
Davieydefer away!17:13
hallynDaviey: thx.  (check recent log of #ubuntu-hardened  - someone else may be looking at hwo to best sync testcases between qrt and utah)17:14
hallyni was going to write a test script to check out the qrt and run them in utah, but i fear i'd make the situation worse that way17:14
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Davieyhallyn: yeah, thanks17:15
hallynwoohoo, ppa claims to have compiled a sparc crossc- with no problems.  (I don't believe it, waiting till it gets published to really celebrate :)17:16
hallynDaviey: so, there are action items from uds 2013.03.  any decisions about where we should track thsoe?17:17
Davieyhallyn: do they not fit on existing blueprints for 13.04?17:29
Davieyhallyn: if there is no intention of getting them into 13.04, still add them to the BP - but mark them postponed.. then we can pick it up next cycle?17:30
hallynthat's a bit of a shoe-horning :)  which is fine if it's a one-time thing while we wait for updates to support 3-month and 12-month blueprints,17:32
fabiofrancowhy do I need the rule accepting connections RELATED, ESTABLISHED on iptables? What are their purpose?18:16
fabiofrancoWhat is their purpose?18:16
yolandahi, any suggestions for converting an svg file to pdf? i tried with reportlab and the result isn't very good, and wkhtmltopdf python module doesn't seem to be working, it's buggy18:18
sarnoldfabiofranco: that's what turns your firewall into a stateful firewall18:18
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fabiofrancosarnold thanks... gonna have a look at some reading material regarding the subject. suggestions would be appreciated if any18:20
sarnoldfabiofranco: I've linked to the wikipedia article before, it must have been okay once18:21
fabiofrancosarnold ok... thanks a lot!18:22
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RoyKfabiofranco: "established" is for return ports of established TCP connections. "related" is for related return ports as with TCP and other ugly protocols exchanging ip addresses or port numbers up in layer 718:35
RoyKerm - "as with FTP" - not TCP18:36
RoyKTCP in for "established"18:36
sarnoldRoyK: thanks :)18:36
fabiofrancoRoyK thanks a lot!18:39
irvhow do i add my user to sudoers without being in sudoers already?18:46
irvit's the only account on the box18:46
irvi can't elevate to add myself D:18:46
RoyKit should be in sudoers if you installed the box given that account18:46
sarnoldirv: reboot with init=/bin/sh18:46
irvit says i'm not :[18:46
irvk sec18:46
RoyKirv: reboot into single user mode18:46
RoyKaka "recovery"18:47
irvany easy way to reboot without being root18:48
irvi don't want to just hard power it off in hyperv18:48
irvor is there a way to find what the other account could be?18:48
irvi'm almost positive i set that one up as the 'account' during setup18:48
irvbut, who knows at this point..18:48
irvi only see my directory in /home18:48
irvbut i suppose that could be permissions hiding the others18:48
irvk sent it a shutdown from hyperv18:49
irvso just e on the main entry then add 'init=/bin/sh' to the last line?18:51
irvin grub18:51
sarnoldwell, whichever boot entry would otherwise be correct :)18:51
irvya i used the main one18:51
irvthere are only 2 ubuntu ones (one is recovery mode)18:51
RoyKirv: it rather obvious you can't get sudo access without having sudo access ;)18:52
irvstill gave me the same error18:52
irvya but someone on the box has to have it, right?18:52
irvas far as i can tell, it's only this one account (that i created)18:52
sarnoldirv: you're root. edit /etc/sudoers to fix it.18:52
irvbut when i try to sudo something it says that account is not on the sudoers list18:52
RoyKirv: but rebooting the vm the hard wary from hyper-v should be trivial - ext4 and most other filesystems will handle this easily18:52
irvsarnold: i get permission denied when nano /etc/sudoers18:53
RoyKirv: did you install this system?18:53
irvRoyK: ya, the shutdown did it cleanly18:53
sarnoldirv: try EDITOR=nano visudo18:53
irvRoyK: yep, stood it up from a fresh ISO like 2 weeks ago18:53
sarnold.. the file is'nt writable for root to remind you to use visudo18:53
RoyKsarnold: everything is writable for root18:54
irvi got 2 permission denied with that command18:54
RoyKirv: reboot into single - if you don't have sudo access, you don't18:54
sarnoldRoyK: well, uh, yess and no...18:54
sarnoldRoyK: root is treated as a user when root owns the files, so if root has removed write permissions, nano ought to complain at startup18:55
RoyKirv: really - if you don't have sudo access, something is messed up - reboot into single - it's the only way18:55
irvk doing that now18:56
RoyKsarnold: no, root always has write access to everything unless you're running with enforced security like hardened selinux18:56
irvyay root@linux18:56
irvnow just to add my user to the /etc/sudoers ?18:57
RoyKirv: then visudo18:57
RoyKor "EDITOR=nano visudo" if you don't know vi too well18:57
irvcan i just copy the root line and change to my username underneath18:57
RoyKnormally, nano should be the default editor, so it shouldn't matter much18:57
irvokay it's written18:58
irvreboot now?18:58
sarnoldRoyK: try this: sudo -s ; echo hi > /tmp/foo ; chmod 000 /tmp/foo ; vim /tmp/foo -- note the [readonly] in the bottom line. change the file. note the [Changing a read only file] warning.18:58
sarnoldRoyK: Now, granted, you hit :w! and vim _will_ write it. but the _interface_ the human sees gives the impression that root can't write it.18:58
RoyKsarnold: and then change it, and :w!18:58
RoyKsarnold: yes, that's what I'm saying - root has write access, even if vim tells you otherwise18:58
irvyay, worked.18:59
irvthanks all18:59
sarnoldRoyK: and _that_ is why sudoers is 440 and not 640 -- so that root sees the "read-only file" warning from their editor and then thinks "oh yeah! I need to use visudo otherwise I'll screw up my sudo config!" :)18:59
RoyKsarnold: visudo checks the syntax, which is fine18:59
sarnoldRoyK: s/fine/damn near mandatory/ :)19:00
irvhmm although my DNS isn't in there19:00
RoyKirv: resolv.conf? set those values in /etc/network/interfaces19:00
irvya i have it in there19:01
RoyKas in 'dns-nameservers x.x.x.x y.y.y.y' and 'dns-search asdf.com'19:01
irv'nameserver x.x.x.x'19:01
irvit's in there now19:02
RoyKirv: now su - youraccount and try sudo -i19:04
irvwill do, just updating a few packages right now19:04
irvwhat sort of speeds are these repos generally putting out19:04
RoyKno idea about numbers - sufficies for me19:05
irvonly reason i ask is it seems to only be downloading at like 10% of my connection speed19:06
sarnoldI think I tended to get 1-2 MBps .. but I put up a caching proxy for my VMs and so forth, so once in a while 60MBps, entirely local...19:06
irvahh ya19:06
RoyKirv: where are you located? what mirrors are you using?19:06
irvi only have a couple linux VMs at the moment19:06
irvcanada and i thought i was using the uwaterloo one19:06
irvbut how can i check19:06
irvalso, is there another tool for looking at per-connection bandwidth usage on the machine19:08
irvnethogs seems to be off or something19:08
irvthere's an apache server and ftp, i'd like to see how much bandwidth various users are pushing at any given moment in time19:09
irvperhaps i'm reading it wrong.. what is the 'sent' column measured in units wise?19:10
irvnm, it seems to be working19:11
luminousanyone familiar with enabling logging for sudo? I  see the log_output and log_input booleans, but am getting "sudo: >>> /etc/sudoers.d/logging: syntax error near line 0 <<<"19:42
sarnoldcat: /etc/sudoers.d/logging: No such file or directory19:43
histoluminous: auth.log19:43
luminoussarnold: I created it :)19:44
sarnoldluminous: then fix your errors? :)19:44
sarnoldluminous: can you pastebin the file?19:44
histoluminous: Doesn't sudo log to auth.log by default19:44
luminouswhat is the correct syntax for "enabling" the sudoers booleans? the sudoers manpage is not clear on this point19:46
luminoushisto: I am trying to enable log_output, I don't think this is on by default19:46
luminousno one fiddles with sudo? :(19:48
island219Well… Hellooo20:10
zuladam_g: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/keystone/keystone-upstart/+merge/15392720:23
wastlthefox: indeed it does :(20:26
wastlthefox: maybe this helps: http://askubuntu.com/questions/32298/prefer-a-ipv4-dns-lookups-before-aaaaipv6-lookups20:27
JanCluminous: see the EXAMPLES section in the manpage...?21:16
Kohelethanyone updated apache2 2.2.22 today?21:45
Kohelethdid all go tickety boo?21:45
brian_petersenI am installing ubuntu server onto a desktop computer but need some help with the partitioning. I've done this three times but it never works. I create a boot partition22:15
brian_petersenIgnore my last thing,22:16
brian_petersenWhen I use the manual partition for the ubuntu installation and when I make the /boot partition, should I mark it as bootable?22:17
fluvvellhey guys, can you  mount an ext4 drive in read only mode on an 8.04 server that wont support ext4?  ie mount it as ext2 or 322:26
patdk-lapnot really22:27
patdk-lapit only works if it doesn't use the ext4 extents feature22:27
fluvvelllike journalling?22:27
fluvvellcan i easily add ext4 support without major upgrade to the server?22:28
histofluvvell: it should have ext4 support22:31
histougghh oh just read 8.0422:31
histoI thought it was backwards compatible for mounting as ext322:31
sarnoldfluvvell: please note 8.04 leaves support in a few weeks.22:32
fluvvellhisto, yeah.22:32
fluvvellsarnold, thanks I only have a couple of machines using it. urr make that 3, one is a virtual machine22:32
sarnoldfluvvell: it'd be worth figuring out a migration path away from that server's install before the updates stop..22:32
fluvvellsarnold, worked out, just planning when to implement. Your reminder is timely  - ill have to get it put on priority22:33
fluvvellhisto, so did I but it wont, complains bad superblock etc. (attempted ro mount)22:36
fluvvelloh well, thanks all.22:38
sarnoldhave fun :)22:38
histofluvvell: upgrade22:49
fluvvellhisto, its ok I've setup a virtual machine to mount it on.22:49
fluvvellbut yes I'll upgrade22:49
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