jonnie_lo any1?00:00
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krabadorplease tell me that in on week i can use UTouch or daily00:37
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Guest10509anyone online02:01
dank101RobbyF whatya doin02:05
RobbyFtesting owncloud hosting on my VPS02:05
RobbyFwhat about you dank10102:07
dank101waiting for updates on my XDA thread02:08
dank101i can't wait for unity to be Qt02:46
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dank101i'll finally be able to game02:47
dank101compiz is my CPU and RAM eater02:47
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long-johnH3ll0 ev3ry0n304:57
dholbachgood morning07:49
tvossgood morning :)07:49
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okdamnhey is already been relased Ubuntu Mobile?08:47
okdamni have a n7000 samsung mobile, android based, i would like to put Ubuntu on08:47
okdamnis it possible? :DD08:47
okdamnhey how do i install the ubuntu OS for my n7000 samsung???08:53
okdamni found this08:53
okdamnbut it's seems not friendly installation08:53
okdamncan someone tells me how to do pls?08:53
okdamni see shell commands to install ubuntu touch, why does? :O08:54
okdamnhow can i run shell commands from mobile ???08:54
okdamnanybody here?08:57
Mirvokdamn: the shell commands are what sets the desktop ubuntu to flash the device08:59
Mirvokdamn: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices for which devices are being worked upon by the community09:00
Mirvif you wish you may join the n7000 porting effort as it's not very complete09:00
okdamnso what is ubuntu desktop?09:01
okdamni don't have desktop i have mobile09:01
Mirvokdamn: do you have any computer running Ubuntu?09:01
Mirvif not, you may be interested in installing it alongside the OS you're currently using from www.ubuntu.com09:02
okdamnMirv:  no i have macosx09:02
Mirvokdamn: ok, the instructions are currently for Ubuntu. you can of course dual-boot Mac OS X and Ubuntu09:02
okdamn@Mirv no sorry, why the hell i need to install desktop for mobile ?09:02
Mirvnot sure about virtualization09:02
okdamnomg not unbelievable09:03
okdamnnot good way to install mobile os09:03
okdamnyou should be able to install it without a desktop09:03
Mirvokdamn: it's primarily meant for developers, and for developers you need the desktop OS as well09:03
okdamnpfff, i'll put ubuntu on old pc i think, but daaaaamn09:03
Mirvsounds good09:05
tvossbzoltan, ping09:56
bzoltantvoss:  hello sir09:57
tvossbzoltan, good morning :) just wanted to cross-check: do you know http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring/ubuntu-sdk ?09:57
bzoltantvoss:  good morning, yes I do09:58
bzoltantvoss: definitely yes. That is our SDK... it came from our team10:00
tvossbzoltan, cool, that's what I was after :910:00
bzoltantvoss: :) at your service10:00
dun1982Mirv: Btw, do you really need to install Ubuntu OS to work with Ubuntu Touch?10:08
dun1982as far as I know that is not the case here.10:08
dun1982Of course the documents have been written sofar for Ubuntu and most of the ready made development tools are for Ubuntu, but still.10:08
Mirvdun1982: of course nothing is strictly needed, it's just that the instructions are tinted towards it in the beginning10:09
dun1982You can install git, repositories to any os. You can use adb and the tools you need for development in any of the three major OS. But you just need to know how to install them.10:09
Mirvif one reads eg. the scripts etc that do the image installation, it can be done from another OS. and Qt development is naturally cross-platform regarding applications10:10
dun1982So, there is no _need_ to install ubuntu. But at this moment it is the easiest way to start working with development preview hands down.10:10
Mirvdun1982: correct10:10
dun1982Mirv: you have to be very careful with people when you say can and cannot. I have noticed in my years in the business that there is no _can't_.10:11
dun1982But that is not what I mean, sometimes there is no _point_ on doing something, even if it is possible.10:11
dun1982ie. discussion regarding importing Symbian to Android.10:11
Mirvtrue, and especially when everything's open there are no limits at what can be done10:12
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popeyhmm.. I'm running an app on a freshly updated nexus 7 via the sdk, ubuntu-calculator-app from lp:ubuntu-calculator-app, but it never appears on screen...10:38
popeyphablet    621  4.4  2.9 156220 29124 ?        Ssl  10:35   0:03 /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/bin/qmlscene /home/phablet/ubuntu-calculator-app/calculator.qml --desktop_file_hint=/home/phablet/ubuntu-calculator-app/calculator.desktop10:38
popey^^ it's running10:38
popeyit used to work in the past..10:38
bzoltanpopey: let me check it10:43
popeythanks bzoltan10:44
bzoltanpopey: I got fixed the naming in this branch -> lp:~bzoltan/ubuntu-calculator-app/namig-fix and it works for me now10:53
bzoltan popey: Where is the backspace in this app?10:54
nik90bzoltan: do you know at what time the Ubuntu Phone App Jenkins bot runs everyday? It has not been merging stuff for the past 3 days10:55
bzoltannik90:  Sorry, i do not know...but I ping people who might know10:55
popeymmrazik: ^^10:57
mmraziknik90: can you give me an example of stuff that is not being merged?10:57
mmraziknik90: its supposed to be running every 15 mins10:57
mmrazikand I don't see anything being broken ATM10:57
nik90mmrazik: 1min10:57
nik90mmrazik: Take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clock-dev/ubuntu-clock-app/trunk/+activereviews10:58
nik90there is 1 review which has been approved for about 13 hours...but not yet tested by the bot10:58
popeybzoltan: sweet! thanks10:59
agcalamitaITApopey, did you get the calculator running10:59
mmraziknik90: none of them is globally approved10:59
popeyyes agcalamitaITA10:59
mmraziknik90: somebody needs to change the global Status of the MP11:00
bzoltanpopey: you got an MR too -> https://code.launchpad.net/~bzoltan/ubuntu-calculator-app/namig-fix/+merge/15375111:00
popeybzoltan: nice timing, was just about to ask for one ;)11:00
nik90mmrazik: oh ok...I saw that it was approved by Juha...but I guess he forgot to change the global status11:00
t1mphttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install says to run phablet-flash -l. My phablet-flash does not have the -l option. Should the wiki page be updated?11:01
popeyt1mp: apt-cache policy phablet-tools11:01
ogra_t1mp, forst of all update your phablet-ttols :)11:01
popeyt1mp: what version you running?11:01
agcalamitaITAt1mp, it should do11:01
ogra_t1mp, amd to answer the other question from the other channel, 36 is the current image11:02
ogra_(the counter was reset when the image name changed)11:03
ogra_(i.e. when we switched to public dailies)11:03
t1mpI have phablet-tools 0.3-0phablet1~quantal. Is that correct?11:06
t1mpphablet-jenkins-deploy can be removed?11:06
popey  Installed: 0.7-0phablet111:08
popeyyou need to update :D11:08
tsdgeost1mp: yeah phablet-jenkins-deploy was the old non public package11:08
popeyt1mp: you need ppa:phablet-team/tools11:09
popeythat ppa11:09
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t1mppopey, ogra_ tsdgeos ahh thanks. I was using old ppas.11:21
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P3T3ogra_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/paz0012:20
ogra_P3T3, yay, cool12:22
RobbyFIt's that time of day to install daily builds12:29
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mmrazikpopey, bzoltan: https://code.launchpad.net/~bzoltan/ubuntu-calculator-app/namig-fix/+merge/153751 is ignored by the autolanding as neither of you are part of the dev team.  Should I add ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers as yet another team whos members are allowed to go in?13:13
mmrazikpopey: but it is actually a bit weird to land stuff by people who otherwise are unable to push to the trunk13:13
popeythat is odd13:14
mmrazikso from my POV it is actually correct that its ignored13:14
mmrazikpopey: you can't manually merge that change to trunk13:14
mmrazikneither zoltan13:14
popeythat does make sense13:14
mmrazikmhm.. now I realize -- how were you actually able to top-approve that MP13:15
mmrazikoh. I see... the core drivers are part of that time13:16
mmrazikpopey: nevermind.. I'll add ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers to jenkins. You are actually able to merge the change manually13:16
mmrazikjenkins only checks for direct members13:16
mmrazikpopey: missing commit message btw13:19
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greybackHey, is there a script to add 'source' URIs to the sources.list in phablet?13:37
dank101who want to work together on apps :D13:40
RobbyFSorry, the file you have requested does not exist.13:40
dank101try now13:43
RobbyFlooks funny13:46
RobbyFjust an untitled doc13:46
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bzoltanpopey, mmrazik: I did not push anything :) I just made an MR and sent it for review13:50
mmrazikbzoltan: ack. It was just no landing. Its fixed now.13:50
bzoltanmmrazik:  ohh, cool... just tell me if I made something wrong.13:51
mmrazikbzoltan: you didn't. You just proposed an MP, which is a valid thing to do. I highlighted you to let you know its stuck in the queue.13:51
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mterryWhen I do ./run in phablet trunk and swipe the screen, I end up in the Music screen instead of the Home screen.  Do others see this?  < mzanetti14:30
mzanettimterry: yes... I see this sometimes... but noone investigated yet14:30
mterryIt's reliable for me14:31
mterryIt's now my new autopilot blocker.  :)  One of these days I will actually be able to run the suite!14:31
mzanettimterry: interesting... I guess that causes the autopilot tests to fail too14:31
mterrymzanetti, I'll try to bisect it a bit14:32
mzanettimterry: cool. thanks14:33
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dank101nandroiding before i test my build14:42
mterrymzanetti, looks like r374 is the culprit14:53
mterryNot quite sure why from looking at it14:53
mterryAh, in r374, it starts on people lens it looks like14:54
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dank101does anyone know how to heimdall a SGS3 d2att to stock15:00
dank101uhhh? wut?15:04
mterrySeems like home.lens is not loaded, so is never switched to...15:06
dank101glitchy CWM is glitchy15:11
dank101don't mind me15:13
dank101im just screaming at myslef15:13
mterrySeems to be because DeeVariantText is unknown...15:15
dank101person name = lool15:15
dank101your name seemed like you were a spambot15:18
mterrymzanetti, after upgrading qt-dee (which now pulls from desktop-deps instead of super-friends), I get the "start at music, but switch to home after a moment" behavior, which it sounds like you mentioned above.  Some race condition with the home lens appearing immediately or not.  The non upgraded qt-dee broke the people/home lens completely, which is why I wasn't seeing them at all15:19
dank101does ubuntu touch overwrite the recovery?15:19
mzanettimterry: ah ok... yes... it builds up at the leftmost lens and then switches over to the home lens15:21
mzanettimterry: right now that is indeed done by a rather ugly hack - that fails every once in a while15:21
ptlsajanany mobile ubuntu developer here??15:22
dank101DaJa Vu15:27
ogra_rsalveti, xnox , didrocks and me were just discussipon daily landing/building of libhybris changes ... does the packaged side depend hard on the android side of it ?15:28
ogra_or can we just blindly keep rolling with packages in userspace, no matter what the bzr tree has15:28
ogra_*bzr tree that repo uses15:29
xnoxat the moment platform-api and qtubuntu-sensors build-dep on libhybris.15:29
rsalveticurrently that depends on the android side as well15:32
rsalvetiI don't think we should have a CI for that, not the same way we have for the others15:33
rsalvetiI'm working on rebasing the changes on top of upstream, and then we should just work directly there or with package patches if needed15:33
ogra_but that will keep the api and sensors in manual as well indeed15:33
xnoxrsalveti: well, we can still use the same style packaging, just not automatically merge latest crack from upstream and not automatically land into ubuntu-archive, but for example still land into a ppa for testing.15:37
xnoxwhich is as lowest packaging maintenance we can get.15:37
rsalvetixnox: right15:37
rsalvetiI actually need to find a better way of handling the code that gets built on the android side15:38
rsalvetilike moving to a different project or similar15:38
rsalvetithe platform-api will be done once we move to mir, but hybris would still need to be consumed by both sides15:39
rsalvetiwhich is kind of a pain15:39
ogra_the android side is hairy ...15:39
ogra_given its armel15:39
xnoxrsalveti: hmm.... i remember doing a massive recipe that would pull in tips of gcc,binutils,mingw-w64 and doing a full toolchain bootstrap in lp, until I got blocked for taking too much buildd time =)15:39
ogra_else we could just build and inject a package15:39
ogra_dont we have an armel cross compiler in the archive ?15:40
xnoxogra_: did the armel/hf multilib toolchain get purged from the archive?15:40
xnoxogra_: i have a strange feeling it may have been axed.15:40
ogra_we could cross build it and then fuzz the binaries into a package15:40
rsalvetiwe'd need bionic as well, and a few other deps15:40
ogra_ah, crap indeed15:41
* ogra_ forgot about bionic15:41
jo-erlenddoes anyone know if calendar/tasks/notes, etc, will be compatible with Evolution? I'm so very tired of my current sync.15:43
xnoxogra_: we do still have cross and multilib toolchains to armel available in the archive.15:43
ogra_xnox, yeah, but not bionic based15:43
ogra_so wotn help15:43
ogra_different toolchain etc15:43
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dank101anyone have the march 15 build??15:49
dank101what are the diffrenes between the mwc demo and the latest15:52
ptlsajanany one here is developing ubunu for htc sensastion15:56
RobbyFsmoothness I notice.15:56
RobbyFstill awaiting change logs15:56
ogra_dank101, only minor changes16:03
dank101orga_ bug fixes?16:03
ogra_a few i think16:03
dank101like what16:03
ogra_nothing that would have any effect on your issue though16:04
ogra_UI fixes  and stuff16:04
ogra_look through the package changelogs if you need to know in detail16:04
dank101doesnt matter in my case16:05
ogra_the .manifest file has the current package versions16:05
n-iCewhere can I check what phones have been ported?16:05
ogra_on the devices wikipage16:06
n-iCegot the site?16:06
ogra_see topic, its linked from every page in that namespace16:06
n-iCegot it16:06
n-iCethanks dank10116:06
ogra_sergiusens, haha, you are supposed to fix plymouth ?16:13
ogra_sergiusens, if you need some help, i'm trying that since a few years already on arm :)16:14
ogra_sergiusens, its a barrel of worms ... and will get worse if we actually start using ubuntu initrds16:16
sergiusensogra_: yeah, I added myself there after a quick chat with awe_16:16
* sergiusens goes for lunch!16:17
ogra_note that mountall needs plymouth ... essentially  ...  its a bad rathole ...16:17
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awe_ogra_, we're not using plymouth.  sergiusens16:27
awe_sergiusens's task is to remove the modified version from the PPA16:28
ogra_awe_, that wont work16:28
awe_which just disabled it16:28
ogra_mountall needs it16:28
ogra_at least libplymouth16:28
awe_not in our container16:28
ogra_what if we switch containers ?16:28
awe_take a look at mountall.. it currently just simulates the mount events so that the rest of the system will start16:28
awe_ogra_, sure...then it'd have to change16:29
ogra_plymouth is also hardcoded into the initrd16:29
ogra_which makes it pretty big16:29
awe_but nobody has *proved* that it's possible to flip the container model16:29
awe_until that happens...it's a moot point16:29
ogra_well, we will want some kind of bootsplash16:29
awe_the task I had was to cleanup the *phablet* version of plymouth as ubuntu-session currently includes upstart override files for it16:30
ogra_and plymouth will need to learn to talk to Mir if we keep it16:30
ogra_right, which is the proper way16:30
awe_but as I mentioned, the container model is the bigger problem.16:30
ogra_if you remove it you will have to hack a lot of package deps16:30
ogra_as well as initrd scripts16:31
ogra_... rathole ... as i said :)16:31
awe_what I want to remove is the *phablet* version16:31
awe_which is a no-op16:31
ogra_ah, k16:31
* ogra_ gets it now16:31
awe_ie. we should only include the std version from the archive16:31
ogra_plus overrides16:31
awe_then the ubuntu-session plymouth.override takes over16:31
ogra_though its a waste of diskspace16:32
awe_sure, but that leads to the dependency mess16:32
ogra_would be nice if we could live without it ... but i have been there several times over the last years and its not easy16:32
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dank101i have a suggestion for canonical16:45
dank101make 2 versions of unity16:46
ogra_drop it in the suggestions box at the entrance then :)16:46
* ogra_ was joking16:46
RobbyFI loled16:47
ogra_why would we double maintenance work ?16:47
dank101it's a suggestion for unity16:47
dank101i heard they were going to QML for unity16:47
ogra_well, the purpose of unity is to unite, not to separate more :)16:47
dank101i was going to say make 2 version16:48
dank101one QML one compiz16:48
ogra_we have two versions16:48
ogra_and compiz is dead beef16:48
dank101my brother uses the sh*t out of compiz effects16:48
ogra_Mir will replace Xorg and compiz16:49
dank101he killed about 3 laptop with compiz16:49
ogra_and nux16:49
dank101so effects will still be possible?16:49
ogra_well, different than today but yeah16:49
ogra_and i think the target is to have only one unity ...16:50
ogra_which will likely be the QML one16:50
RobbyFwrong channel but will that be ready in 13.04?16:50
ogra_lol, nope16:51
RobbyFMIR or qml?16:51
ogra_qml is what you already use on your phone16:51
dank101ery small change of Mir16:51
dank101it's already working with the new unity16:51
ogra_i dont think Mir will replace surfaceflinger before 13.04 ...16:51
ogra_but shortly after16:52
dank101i saw a video by canonical16:52
dank101it's a combo16:52
dank101(Mir working WITH surfaceflinger)16:52
RobbyFthat was a quick leak video right?16:52
ogra_there are plenty videos on G+ ...16:53
ogra_tvoss is tirelessly producing them :)16:53
ogra_there is also an #ubuntu-mir channel i think16:53
RobbyFI just circled you!16:54
ogra_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/Spec for some architecture overview16:55
kgunnRobbyF: dank101 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/GetInvolved16:55
kgunnjust happened to see discussion above16:56
ogra_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/Spec#On_Android_Drivers has the info about how surfaceflinger is supposed to be replaced16:56
kgunngetting "rid" of surface flinger from the phablet dep stack is ongoing now16:57
RobbyFI'm bored so i'll fire that up16:57
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ogra_i assume as a user you really wont notice the switch ....16:59
RobbyFprobably not.17:01
RobbyFdaily images need a proper boot down screen with option to shutdown or reboot.17:02
RobbyFbugs me17:02
RobbyFnot sure if i've shut the display off or if i did a poweroff17:02
RobbyFi'll get to work on that.17:03
IRebootI have contributed to MythTV for a while, some are distributed through launchpad. The documentation is on the MythTV wiki. Is wiki.ubuntu.com an appropriate to supply the same level of documentation as in the following example, when I create a Touch app? See: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/MythTV-indicator17:03
dank101let's see if the S3 get Ubuntu touch17:03
dank101it's coming17:04
dank101drum roll please17:06
RobbyF!rim shot17:06
dank101where do i set the wifi settings17:08
RobbyFthe top drop down bar17:10
dank101Wireless is broken17:14
ogra_fix it then17:14
dank101I SPENT 6 WEEKS ON THIS17:15
* dank101 turns into a evil fire-breathing dragon17:15
* ogra_ brings sausages17:16
* dank101 eats the sausages 17:16
k1lhaha. i love that "we want it to be open source" "ok, now its open source fix it yourself" ;p17:16
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mterrymzanetti, does autopilot-phablet have keyboard support?17:49
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mterryI guess it would involve opening the onscreen keyboard..17:51
sergiusensmterry: sending them through evdev should work, not sure it made it into autopilot tough or if it is what we want people to use17:52
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mzanettimterry: yes it should17:54
mzanettimterry: check out the webbrowser-app-autopilot17:55
mzanettimterry: there are some tests with keyboard input (setting the browser url)17:55
sergiusensmzanetti: is that with the osk? Just curious on progress :-)17:56
mzanettisergiusens: no... its X11 or evdev, depending on device17:57
mzanettisergiusens: I don't think osk has any autopilot support/tests yet. at least I didn't come across any yet17:57
mzanettigood point actually17:57
* mzanetti checks17:58
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kwehmucdeeHi guys, thanks for your work! I'd like to ask: when will a full working (or almost) version be released for the first device(s). And at that point, will it be relatively easy to port to other devices?18:19
fcole90may ubuntu-touchalso work on Samsung Galaxy S Plus i9001?18:24
fcole90may ubuntu-touch also work on Samsung Galaxy S Plus i9001?18:24
janimorsalveti, when is system.img to be used vs the .zip file? I see HTC DNA uses fastboot to flash system.img for example while the wikipages list the zip route18:30
rsalvetijanimo: both works fine, we just suggest system.zip because it also contains the boot.img image18:31
rsalvetibut you could flash both separately18:31
rsalvetiat phablet-flash we use the .imgs with the bootstrap option (first time flashing the device)18:31
rsalvetiand the zip for normal daily updates18:31
janimorsalveti, ok, thanks for clarifying :)18:32
rsalvetinp :-)18:32
janimorsalveti, and main.mk needs changing for a new port only if a new vendor (but not a new product of an existing vendor) is added?18:36
janimoit says that will eventually not be needed, but it's not clear why or what will replace modifying this makefile18:37
rsalvetijanimo: currently you only need to edit that in case there's a vendor folder not yet covered by the rules file18:37
rsalvetijanimo: the proper solution would be something similar as we have for CM, which would download and set the repos automatically with brunch <flavour>18:38
rsalvetiwhich we currently don't support18:38
sergiusensjanimo: rsalveti I'll fix it so it's not need, we really don't need it anymore18:43
rsalvetisergiusens: fix what exactly?18:43
rsalvetisergiusens: currently we're cloning the trees for all devices, we'd need to have some similar solution as what is done with breakfast with CM18:43
sergiusensrsalveti: the need to edit main.mk18:44
rsalvetito only download the repos that are needed for a specific device18:44
rsalvetisergiusens: how are you fixing it?18:44
mterrymzanetti, OK, the phablet-greeter-lightdm branch should be ready.  I fixed autopilot tests and added a new one18:44
mzanettimterry: ok. cool. I'll check it out18:45
sergiusensrsalveti: adding subdir+= vendor\ device is the quick thought, but I want to revert back to a full build with the small manifest18:45
rsalvetisergiusens: yeah, not sure if including all vendor would cause possible issues with the porters18:46
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rsalvetisergiusens: how is CM including them? simply by adding vendor as a build subdir?18:46
janimorsalveti, sergiusens also what do you think of encouraging use of .repo/local_manifests/vendor_product.xml instead of changing default.xml?18:47
rsalvetithe repos are dynamically added, which would then work, but problem is without fixing that, we could have conflicting projects under the vendor folder18:47
janimothat way porters can more easily provide their manifests to just drop in18:47
rsalvetijanimo: yeah, that's part of what I called 'proper fix' :-) following what CM already does18:47
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sergiusensrsalveti: what we have is a mod of TINY_BUILD (or whatever it was called), I'll roll back and propose a fix... do we have gerrit now?18:48
rsalveticm uses a python script to dig the repositories x devices, and fetch them once you call breakfast18:49
rsalvetisergiusens: not yet18:49
sergiusensrsalveti: ok, I'll email a patch :-)18:49
rsalvetisergiusens: not a lot happened during your vac, mostly planning all around :-)18:49
rsalvetivUDS, planning, etc18:49
sergiusensrsalveti: ok, so now I need to figure out what was planned for me :-P18:54
rsalvetisergiusens: :-) the good thing about vUDS is that you can watch the videos on-line18:54
ogra_sergiusens, i'll need you too for a bit this week to squeeze some info for https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-1303-cdimage-android-builds out of your brain18:56
ogra_(at least if i dont get along alone )18:56
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MrNerdmake: *** No rule to make target `bacon'.  Stop.19:04
MrNerdi keep getting this19:04
sergiusensogra_: yeah, was looking into that :-)19:09
androircI nees help please19:15
androircWhen i compile it says i dont have 'bacon'19:16
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WebVisitor-2there is some way to enable secondary click on a multitouch pad?19:37
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rsalvetiboiko: did the phone-app renaming landed already?19:48
rsalvetiboiko: just saw that we need to sync the landing of the platform-api package as well19:48
rsalvetidon't we also need to land a new shell?19:48
MrNerdHeyy everyone19:51
WebVisitor-2there is some way to enable secondary click on a multitouch pad?19:53
MrNerdI keep getting no bacon when i compile.19:54
MrNerdIts starting to annoy me.19:55
MrNerdAnyone know a solution?19:55
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boikorsalveti: I need the platform-api released in order to merge the phone-app one20:05
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rsalvetiboiko: got it, do we also need an update for the shell?21:22
rsalvetiguess we had the list of apps hardcoded there still21:23
rsalvetiI know we had to change it for the browser renaming21:23
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boikorsalveti: yep, I have MRs for all of those21:26
rsalvetiboiko: cool21:26
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janimorsalveti, are CM/Ubuntu Touch build logs getting generated by default somewhere?22:11
janimofor a local build I mean22:11
* IanWizard-Cloud looks around at people.22:21
* IanWizard-Cloud goes back to his corner.22:21
ogra_janimo, i havent seen anything in my local builds beyond the console output22:35
ogra_from brunch ... (CM)22:36
ogra_Ubuntu Toouch is just a live-build rolled rootfs22:36
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rsalvetijanimo: not sure, never looked to find if that's also part of the release22:40
rsalveti*of the build22:40
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thesummerHello, I'd like to ask a few questions about how programming with/for ubuntu phone actually works before I flash a phone. Is it already possible to access the sensors (magnetometer/accelerometer/gyro) of a phone (Galaxy Nexus in my case)?  And as I understand it is based on the ARM version of ubuntu 12.10. Does it mean, that I could use the respective repos to install additional libraries etc?23:45
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lilsteviethesummer, it is currently a dev *preview*23:50
lilstevielots of stuff doesn't work23:51
lilstevieincluding many apps23:51
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thesummerlilstevie, I am aware of that. I have a Galaxy nexus at my dispense atm. I just wanted to see if enough is working to catch my interest ;-)23:54
lilsteviethesummer, if you aren't planning on developing apps for it probably not23:54
lilsteviemost apps are no more than cardboard cutouts23:54
thesummerAnd sensors would be quite nice23:54
thesummereven if only a lowlevel access is working atm.23:55
lilstevieI'm not sure how much hardware access is available at this stage23:55
lilsteviemost of those things use proprietary drivers23:55

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