shaunoowncloud's sync apps seem quite blunt.  moved one folder inside another.  folder is synced to two machines.  each now has two copies of the folder I moved.00:01
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knightwisemorning everyone07:10
BigRedSGood Morning!08:11
redtape-renegadeGood Moro .. Warning will robinson:::  I'm not in a good mood as it's   PG-Tips day today because; I've run out of Twinings Chai Tea /AGAIN!!/  .08:14
popeyredtape-renegade: i prefer the powdered chai, i find the twinings stuff too weak08:55
SuperMattany word on a release party?09:23
AlanBellSuperMatt: well it wasn't clear that there was going to be a release09:24
redtape-renegadepopey,     Twinings Chai 50 Tea Bags (125g) has Cinnamox, QUESTION:: What extra stuff does your's have ?09:24
SuperMattbut we do know it's being released now09:27
redtape-renegadeSuperMatt, Certainlt up for discussion ::::                           http://mailman.lug.org.uk/pipermail/iom/2013-March/subject.html#start09:27
SuperMattbut that's IOM!09:28
redtape-renegadeOh dear, did you miss the boat :p09:28
SuperMattnot at all09:28
SuperMattI would fly from london city airport :P09:28
SuperMattI might drop an email to ubuntu-uk later today09:29
redtape-renegadeO00h pricey, must book a week in advance !09:29
redtape-renegadeAlanBell, Not sure if you'll get a ceratin; 5 GBP NOTE today :D09:30
BigRedSRelease party? What's being released?09:31
redtape-renegade13.04  ..09:31
redtape-renegadeshould be kernel 3.8.xx09:32
BigRedSOh, that's next month isn't it?09:33
redtape-renegadepopey, [09:24:55] Nice if you could get back.09:34
redtape-renegadeBigRedS, Yes, *April 23rd* St Georges Day .. it's the same every yeatr !09:35
SuperMattso what you're saying is that we should do the release party on st georges day?09:35
redtape-renegadeperhaps .. the 24th would be usual ..perhaps the 27th or 28th weekend is bettr for getting the DVD's09:37
JamesTaitHappy Monday, all! :-D09:37
BigRedSDVDs? How very 2000s09:38
redtape-renegadeBigRedS, No that's Mini-CD's.09:38
BigRedSWeren't they 90s? I'm sure I remember carying DSL around on one of those back before we had USB sticks09:39
redtape-renegadeSuperMatt, BigRedS You tried it on a Mini,Blu-ray yet ? .. It makes a funny noise !!!09:40
* redtape-renegade does a brainfart :S09:40
BigRedSI don't think I own any optical drives any more09:40
BigRedSThe Internet doesn't get scratched up when you leave it in daft places :)09:41
redtape-renegadeBigRedS, I met a guy on Ubuntu channel this weekend that swears by http://rufus.akeo.ie/09:41
BigRedSI use unetbootin09:42
* redtape-renegade agrees.09:42
BigRedSI've never really felt the need to investigate alternatives09:42
directhexit's 2013. dd an iso to a usb stick, it'll boot09:42
redtape-renegadedicktracey: ping09:42
redtape-renegadedirecthex, 'dd' means to you ?09:43
* Laney giggles at Dd09:44
* redtape-renegade thought 'dd' meant 'direct drive Xd, soz09:45
BigRedSdirecthex: is that generally true of modern ISOs or of modern hardware?09:45
directhexBigRedS, modern isos.09:45
BigRedSAh, cool09:45
directhexbigcalm, it's possible, if you're careful, to make an iso with multiple overlapping partition tables and descriptors, such that an ISO9660 image is also a MBR partition with an ISO9660 filesystem in partition 109:46
directhexor even in partition 3, for latest ubuntu09:46
directhexin any case, "isohybrid" is the general term09:46
redtape-renegadehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5624792/  Not sure where the package is located ??09:47
bigcalmdirecthex: erm, thanks09:47
directhexer, BigRedS ^^09:47
* bigcalm goes back to sleep :)09:47
redtape-renegadeThe Rovers Return goes up in Smokey Tonight ;)09:48
redtape-renegadeAnyone seen Sonita ?09:48
redtape-renegade!seen sonita09:48
lubotu3I have no seen command09:48
redtape-renegadeMorning dweaver joan prmr .. It's a snowy one :P09:52
joanmorning red. It certainly is.09:53
dweavergood morning09:54
redtape-renegadejoan, driving into work today .. I got this message :: https://twitter.com/Isle_of_Man/status/31325156526170931409:55
* redtape-renegade thought it was yesterday ?09:56
popeyredtape-renegade: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003VQXWC809:58
popeythats the one I like09:58
redtape-renegadepopey Can I use THAT with this ?      http://www.amazon.co.uk/Premier-Housewares-Diameter-Stainless-Steel/dp/B0052R78JC/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1363600743&sr=1-1-catcorr09:59
popeywhy would you need to?10:00
redtape-renegadeI'm not sure my kitchen has the space.  Are they in tea bags ?10:01
ali1234it's powder. like instant coffee10:01
redtape-renegadepopey "cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, vanilla"  you do realize *Vanilla* becomes caustic above 95 °C  ??10:03
redtape-renegadePrb.ly only 2grams anyway :)10:04
popeyI didn't know that.10:04
popeyI rarely heat vanilla10:04
redtape-renegadeSo as I dont have a Tea Maker Monkey gadget can I use a sieve ?10:05
popeyas ali1234 said, it's powder, it dissolves10:05
popeyyou don't need a tea maker monkey gadget or a sieve10:05
redtape-renegadeoh ok .. I'll order some the, and get back to you . thank-you.10:05
popeyyou could get away without a spoon too if your pouring skills are above "cretin level"10:05
ali1234i usually just use a teapot and teabags10:06
popeythis doesn't surprise me for some reason ali123410:06
popeydo you put the teapot on a tray and take it to your library?10:06
ali1234haha, no10:06
ali1234if i do that i forget about it and then 3 mnths later, oh look, a teapot full of mold10:07
redtape-renegadelibre library  ?10:07
redtape-renegadeThelocal libary still serves those silly little plastic cups .. complete waste of money .. unless you re-use them :)10:08
czajkowskiVanilla tea is yummy10:21
directhexexpensive vanilla ice cream is yummy10:27
czajkowskioh so true10:27
directhexredtape-renegade, it's a basic cost-benefit analysis. reusable cups means having facilities to clean them, and paying a librarian to do the cleaning, and insurance for all the required possible downsides, steam extraction ducts in the new kitchen area, etc etc etc10:29
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:34
* Laney has a whiskey in the jar earworm10:35
* Laney satisfies it10:36
redtape-renegadedirecthex, Great morney music on skype, the Library.  #0044 1624 67300010:37
directhex... wat?10:37
redtape-renegadedirecthex, You were talking about the Librarian...10:38
Azelphurfor those who have been following my epic landlord saga, I had a go at him when he came to collect rent today, he didn't even collect the rent and just ran away :D10:38
redtape-renegadeAzelphur, Morning .. There is a good book for that.10:39
Azelphurredtape-renegade: is it a thick book that I can hit my landlord with?10:39
redtape-renegadeYeah, use the phone book under your bed ;)10:39
Azelphurhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/mkr2sl5x4jg6ds5/Rec_2013-03-18-%2810-14-29%29.3gp is the recording, for amusement purposes (skip to 0:27)10:40
directhexAzelphur, careful, that might have been intentional (he didn't pay! i can evict now!)10:40
redtape-renegadeUse the word "c$nt"10:40
Azelphurdirecthex: it'd be hard baring in mind I have the convo recorded and at no point did he request I pay10:40
AzelphurI simply asked about the repair issues and he ran away.10:40
czajkowskiAzelphur: careful he could also say he was harassed10:40
czajkowskidid you tell him you were recording him also10:41
Azelphuragain, unlikely, recorded :)10:41
czajkowskiaren't you meant to...10:41
Azelphurnot in the privacy of my own home afaik, no10:41
czajkowskiAzelphur: wouldnt it have been easier in the long run to just have moved by now10:41
Azelphurczajkowski: locked into a 6 month tenancy10:41
czajkowskiI'm sure he'd agree to part with you at this rate10:41
Azelphurplus I kinda feel sad for the other poor sods who are stuck here and getting screwed over too10:42
AzelphurI also have to kinda bide my time for a bit, I'm building up money with the goal of buying a place, so I've got a couple of months to burn :)10:42
czajkowskiand drive a landlord crazy10:44
redtape-renegadeAzelphur, I've listened to the clip and it looks like you need to upload things to your printer more often than not ... for this guy.10:44
czajkowskiyou're kinda not making it easy for you, him or the tohers tbh10:44
Azelphurczajkowski: how so? all he needs to do is do the repairs he promised to do and I'd leave him alone10:45
redtape-renegadeAzelphur, I've listened to the clip and it looks like you need to upload things to your printer more often than not ... for this guy.10:45
Azelphurredtape-renegade: huh?10:45
redtape-renegadeYou nee to write to him  m ! :)10:45
Azelphuryea done that10:46
czajkowskiI think you'd have been better off by now contacting these people and not resorting to recording him tbh. http://www.ltb.gov.on.ca/en/Key_Information/STEL02_111894.html10:46
Azelphurwritten, texted, phoning :P10:46
redtape-renegade**him,   man10:46
Azelphurczajkowski: I've already contacted health and safety from the council (which is what my solicitor advised me to do)10:46
redtape-renegadeczajkowski, There's nothing wrong with recording your landlord !! it's your temporary property !10:46
czajkowski*shrugs* fair enough Azelphur just from all the reading of this issue, instead of going the legal way you could have taken the less agressive of tackling it via mediation of landlords and tennants10:47
* czajkowski removes the ! key from redtape-renegade 10:47
Azelphurczajkowski: perhaps, I didn't know it existed, I actually started off asking shelter what the best approach was, and they said to take the legal route.10:47
redtape-renegadeczajkowski, huh ?10:48
AzelphurAt the end of the day if you say to someone "Move in and I'll do X, Y, and Z" and then you do NONE of it, we all know it's gonna end in tears.10:48
czajkowskiredtape-renegade: re read your last sentence and count the !:)10:48
redtape-renegadeczajkowski, Wow your so sensitive for a girl !10:48
czajkowskiAzelphur: one of the top hits on sorting out landlord and tennant issues10:48
* Azelphur shrugs10:49
czajkowskiredtape-renegade: it has nothing to do with being a girl. don't be silly.10:49
* redtape-renegade slaps himshelf redtape-renegade facepalms.10:49
Azelphurczajkowski: just to give you some idea, he continually tells tenants to dump on the path to my front door, https://www.dropbox.com/s/jo537hl9dvqcsg7/2013-03-11%2013.30.13.mp4 promised to clean it up 5 months ago when I moved in10:49
Azelphurone of the many issues :)10:49
Azelphurit's even worse now, there's used nappies and rotting food and stuff too :)10:50
Azelphurand that's just one of a long list of around 20 issues10:50
ali1234help! help! i'm being oppressed10:50
Azelphurhaha :P10:50
Azelphurali1234: more like "Your oppressing me and I'm pissed" *oppressor runs away*10:51
* redtape-renegade realizes these are not the SWest Droids you are looking for.10:52
redtape-renegadeI keep getting message back from twitter ppl saying "What is the warning you are typing about ? " https://twitter.com/3rdwiki10:56
redtape-renegadeI think I just change my avatar Azelphur ?10:57
Azelphurmaybe they mean that?10:58
redtape-renegadewasn't that a retweet ?10:58
* redtape-renegade slaps his galaxyS10:58
redtape-renegadeAzelphur, Do you think I should change my avatar, then ?11:00
Azelphurup to you :)11:00
redtape-renegadewell I'm opinionating you... ?11:00
Azelphurhelp help, I'm being opinionated.11:00
Azelphurlooks fine to me :)11:01
redtape-renegadecoolm, thanks11:01
redtape-renegadeAlanBell, ping I put a mess.age on #ubuntu-uk-meeting  did you get it .. ??11:02
Laneyis it usual that I have to open a new ISA to use next year's allowance?11:09
LaneyI have some 60 day notice account11:09
redtape-renegadeczajkowski, I have replaced the ! key with a | key, thank-you.                         s :¬] IReland still lost by seven points11:10
redtape-renegade!topic  .. Ahh .. it worx :D11:17
lubotu3redtape-renegade: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:17
redtape-renegade.. Whoopsie /topic  should've been.11:18
* Laney blinks11:18
* redtape-renegade goes to Machu Picchu Co :D11:31
redtape-renegadePermalink: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008CVBZ7611:31
* Laney wonders why his council tax bill wasn't in 12 instalments by default12:00
directhexLaney, mine's 10 installments12:10
DJonesLaney: THey're always in 10 installments12:11
DJonesI've never seen one in 12 installments12:11
redtape-renegadeLaney, The council, come on ^_^ http://youtu.be/niaG695uaso?t=3m58s12:11
dogmatic69Bought a HP LaserJet pro 200 colour printer on the weekend. Ubuntu installed it faster than I pugged the thing in12:11
dogmatic69Was not sure it would even work at all.12:11
* DJones checks the channel topic to see if he's joined #link-spam by mistake12:12
LaneyDJones: it says on the back that you can mail them to request 1212:12
redtape-renegadeDJones, It's just a slight joke :)12:12
DJonesLaney: Must admit, I'ver never heard of anybody doing that12:12
* Laney just did12:13
Laney1.9% increaase - 0.1% below the referendum threshold12:13
redtape-renegadeCome on ? Are we really talking about the friggin' council ?12:13
Myrttiis that somehow subpar to talking about cricket or rugby?12:14
Laneywe should be posting links to jars of coffee on amazon instead12:15
Myrttiah I see12:15
redtape-renegadeLaney, That's included in my Superscope ;)12:16
* redtape-renegade has swaparse ;(12:16
redtape-renegade**swaparse :(12:17
mgdmpointer to pointer to swaparse?12:17
redtape-renegade**swamparse :( soz12:17
redtape-renegadeHi mgmd12:17
* Laney goes elsewhere12:18
MyrttiI atleast understand the discussion about council, rugby and cricket escape me. And so does most of the other discussion.12:18
mgdmthere's something I don't fancy dereferencing12:18
mgdm'lo redtape-renegade12:18
redtape-renegademgmd "     'lo   " ??12:18
redtape-renegadeoh hello. gotcha.12:19
mgdmit's 'mgdm', and 'lo is short for hello12:19
redtape-renegadeI seem to remember you don't chat, long..12:19
mgdmI'm more active elsewhere12:20
redtape-renegadeyou tend to go elsewhere..12:20
redtape-renegademgmd, Any twitter -stories , today ?12:21
* redtape-renegade checks his twitter.feed...12:21
mgdmNothing hugely exciting that I've seen so far12:22
redtape-renegademgdm, Yeah, Let's face it Mondays are as dead as Win95 https://twitter.com/Bfly1972/status/313614582600069120  What's your handle on twitter ?12:27
mgdmpredictably, 'mgdm'12:28
* redtape-renegade scans 4 mgdm 12:28
* mgdm observes a follow notification12:29
redtape-renegadeYep.. indeedie do.12:30
davmor2morning all12:37
davmor2server hdd died on me today :(12:37
knightwisehey everyone12:40
* redtape-renegade adds Salt to his irish stew and White pepper.12:41
redtape-renegadeMMMmm Lovely-jubly.12:42
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* redtape-renegade looks at 'processing' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBV14-3LT-g13:08
redtape-renegadedavmor2, I ?think when you see a spinning disk happening to make *click noises* you know it's going too fast :D [chortle,chortle] ::   http://bit.ly/Z95DaN13:24
redtape-renegadeAlanBell, pimg13:33
redtape-renegadeAlanBell, ping13:33
czajkowskiredtape-renegade: he may in fact be working, if it's that urgent fire him an email13:39
redtape-renegadeczajkowski, Will do | I'm an idiot, :)13:39
TheOpenSourcererredtape-renegade: He is rather busy.13:42
AlanBellI was busy eating soup13:54
AlanBellI used a spoon13:57
AlanBelllentils and chilli stuff13:57
czajkowskiohh new dr. who soon :) loving the new trailer for it14:03
redtape-renegadeHaha , | but I was hopeing for this popey http://instagram.com/p/W_4akPo0y0/  | No, AlanBell, you got my message on #ubuntu-uk-meeting | Brilliant .. do they arrive before or after St. Georges day usually ?14:09
directhexredtape-renegade, at times it can be hard to track what you're talking about, from message to message.14:17
redtape-renegadedirecthex, popey worse on youtube ^#6^14:18
redtape-renegadedirecthex, Sometime's you'd have to thnk, sometimes you have to lol  .14:20
ali1234sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you14:21
popeyI agree with directhex14:23
popeyit's like we're getting every 5th line that redtape-renegade types14:24
directhexor some subset of lines he thinks, received out of order14:28
directhexbloody UDP14:28
* redtape-renegade listens to popey & the hex fella14:29
redtape-renegadeRight OK, I will do a test ..14:29
redtape-renegadeHow's this one .. ?14:29
redtape-renegade  czajkowski .. FYI | James Nesbitt's got a thing on Ireland @8pm tonight.. if you want to set a postit-alarm .. No hard feelings about the Rugby :)  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2293435/Monroe-star-James-Nesbitt-TV-odyssey-round-land-birth-shatter-old-clich-s.html?ito=feeds-newsxml14:30
redtape-renegadeBRBack with your feedback about it ^14:30
czajkowskihands up people who is in London in this channel I need a hand :)14:37
jpdsczajkowski: I'm kind of using both of mine at the moment.14:38
czajkowskijpds: hush you14:38
redtape-renegadeczajkowski, I'm not in london, but have you tried www.192.com    ?14:38
czajkowskiplan B anyone close to london that would consider going to london for an hour of user testing14:38
czajkowskiredtape-renegade: you're about 2 seconds away from being /ignore by me14:38
czajkowskidaubers: fancy some User testing14:38
* popey has a licorice log14:46
popey(no, I don't need a doctor)14:46
mungbeanyou'll lose your teeth14:52
mungbeanat 5014:52
mungbeanbut itll be worth it popey14:53
popeywas yum14:54
directhexi tend to eat blocks of marzipan14:55
czajkowskiI remember the licorice pipe we used to get with some red sprinkles on the bottom so it looked like a pipe14:55
directhexi get one for xmas, finish it by new year14:55
redtape-renegadei get blackjack chew bars for Xmas.14:56
mgdmblech, marzipan - I hate even the thought of it14:56
redtape-renegadeMMMmm Smarties big tubes are always reduced after xmas .. still got mine :D14:58
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^aDaMEvenings all16:23
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* popey blames Daviey for bug 115622316:28
lubotu3bug 1156223 in postfix (Ubuntu) "package postfix 2.10.0-2 failed to install/upgrade: Unterprozess installiertes post-installation-Skript gab den Fehlerwert 1 zurück" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115622316:28
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ikoniadirecthex: ping-a-tron17:52
directhexikonia, pang17:53
ikonianeed some tedious info, can I nudge you across a PM17:53
directhexhang on, let me get you a W-931 request form for that17:54
ikoniaI'll get a blood sample ready17:54
MartijnVdSikonia: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1234131468/machine-of-death-the-game-of-creative-assassinatio !17:55
ikoniaMartijnVdS: ?17:55
MartijnVdSikonia: The Machine of Death just needs a drop of blood.. and it'll tell you how you die.17:56
MartijnVdSikonia: And then there's a card game around getting that to actually (not) happen :)17:56
* MartijnVdS backed it17:57
MartijnVdSHmm @ goals:17:58
MartijnVdS$450,000 = PROJECT CANCELLED17:58
MartijnVdS$450,100 = Project's back on17:58
redtape-renegadeMartijnVdS, How much did you pledge ?18:07
MartijnVdS$25 + non-US shipping bonus = $3518:08
MartijnVdSWoo! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-44ARJKcSGM is back18:10
popeyI am 12 what is this18:15
MartijnVdSpopey: it's John Green playing FIFA and making up back stories for the players :)18:15
popeywhois John Green?18:15
MartijnVdSpopey: and having viewers come up with new names18:15
MartijnVdSpopey: author, youtube famous (youtube.com/vlogbrothers)18:16
popeyI find it hard watching people like that who talk fast and erratically18:17
MartijnVdSon that video, or one of the vlogbrothers ones?18:18
MartijnVdSor in general18:18
popeyin general18:18
MartijnVdSHe doesn't do it in his books ;)18:19
MartijnVdSpopey: (for instance, http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007Z8ZKS2)18:20
andrewebdevHi guys. There used to be courses on the ubuntu store. Which I cannot find anymore. Where can I do a proper course to learn ubuntu server? What I'm looking for is proper training in dev-ops. (I'm a web developer and want to learn more about the environment I'm hositng on, and would like to get into things like Juju)18:20
* popey adds to wishlist18:20
popeyandrewebdev: that course is probably way outdated now18:21
mgdmandrewebdev: the LPI stuff might be worth looking into - the old Ubuntu course was based on that, I think18:21
MartijnVdSpopey: "gifting is not yet offered in the Kindle store"18:21
mgdmandrewebdev: https://www.lpi.org/18:22
MartijnVdSmgdm: 'twas18:22
popeyandrewebdev: jcastro is the juju guy18:22
popeyhe might know18:22
andrewebdevthx mgdm, I found that via google just after you mentioned it :)18:22
popeyif you join #ubuntu-community-team they may have some suggestions18:22
mgdmI'd not heard of Juju before18:23
andrewebdevjuju is my biggest interest really18:23
czajkowskithey seem to do juju stuff in the states at events, not seen anything in EU18:23
andrewebdevI want to try and move my entire dev/deployment workflow over to juju18:24
andrewebdevbut at the same time I do need to know more about server stuff18:24
andrewebdevthx popey, will ask in that channel18:24
AlanBelllooks like gnome-shell has gone back to a window switcher for alt-tab rather than an application switcher19:54
AlanBellalt+` gets you to the application level switcher19:54
AlanBellthis is excellent19:54
SuperEngineerjust [temporarily] enabled backports & proposed again.  There it was, my wish come true.20:21
SuperEngineerGwibber updates - get it out of proposed & into Precise release... it works!20:21
mungbeangwibber - thats a blast from the past20:22
SuperEngineeryeh - guess so if uyou love facebook! i don't [but daughter does20:23
mungbeanlast time i used it, it only showed 30% of facebook updates20:23
mungbeanbut that was 3 years ago20:23
SuperEngineerI keep an eye via Gwibber... saves me using fb proper... recently it lost full api access20:24
mungbeani need to learn a cli for extracing photos. shotwell sucks20:24
SuperEngineer...back again now ;)20:24
* redtape-renegade swats a fly: /°20:28
redtape-renegadeI've tried this Add-on for Foxy , but it seems to max my CPU pretty quickly.| Anyone else had that problem ? http://bit.ly/XlyBVL : they got an update recently :| https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/collusion/21:12
BiggerRedSmungbean, a CLI tool for doing what to images?22:04
czajkowskievening folks22:23
BigRedSGood Morning!22:37
czajkowskiBigRedS: boo22:38
redtape-renegadeczajkowski, BigRedS  Do you think this is a step in the right direction AFas training ?  |   http://thingsquare.com/training/22:38
czajkowskiright direction of what?22:39
redtape-renegadetraining for hardware..22:39
czajkowskiI've no idea about hardware sorry22:41
BiggerRedSThat first stock photo puts me off22:41
BiggerRedSUpgrading my system to the point where report-bug would let me file a bug tipped us over our monthly download limit :(22:42
BiggerRedSI *knew* just ranting all over the internet was the better plan22:42
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