MarkDudeHello philipballew02:41
philipballewMarkDude, whats crackin?02:41
MarkDudeCorned beef and potatoes02:41
MarkDudeAnd Pi02:42
MarkDudeHows things with you?02:42
MarkDudeDid I ask you if you were ordained in Dudeism?02:42
MarkDudeEven if you are not officially, you are in spirit02:43
philipballewMarkDude, not yet officially. Whan can we make it official?02:44
darthrobotTitle: [Dudeism - Ordination by the Religion of The Big Lebowski]02:44
* MarkDude was just yelled for dinner02:44
philipballewReally making a name for yourself there02:45
pleia2philipballew: could you handle post meeting tasks? (from last week :\)03:20
philipballewpleia2, yes, however I will need to do that Tuesday afternoon evening.03:21
philipballewIs that alright?03:21
pleia2yes, thanks :)03:21
philipballewalright, I will remember, however if I do not, then nag me on tuesday and I "should" get to that.03:23
* philipballew has no ground to stand on with his track record of not doing post meeting tasks03:23
MarkDudephilipballew: how am I makin a name?03:56
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MarkDudegrantbow: ping18:23
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toddcI am getting dizzy18:45
bkerensapleia2: GSoC deadline is 8 business days from now and no word from Canonical Legal/Finance yet20:35
bkerensale sigh20:35
pleia2bkerensa: nudge jono?20:35
pleia2maybe he can push things along20:35
jonobkerensa, do you have a contact you have been working with?20:36
bkerensapleia2: I just e-mailed back dholbach and let him know that we cannot apply until we have approval yet20:36
bkerensajono: so dholbach put us in touch with Katherine from Finance/Legal?20:36
jonobkerensa, ok20:36
bkerensabut she has not given approval yet20:36
jonobkerensa, I recommend you email her and emphasize the urgency20:36
jonoand copy me in20:36
jonolegal are always slow20:37
jonoin every company in the world20:37
pleia2thanks jono :)20:37
jonopleia2, np20:37
jonobtw, I am writing up a blog post now summarizing some of the changes in response to community concerns20:37
jonowill have this online soon20:37
jonowill be another good opportunity for discussion :-)20:38
pleia2great, and tomorrow is good for hangout (have work meeting 19-20UTC, but it's on IRC and a meeting occurs after ours, so we tend to end on time :))20:39
jonopleia2, awesome, yeah I am going to mention this in the post20:39
* bkerensa looks forward to reading the blog post20:50
bkerensajono: send me the link and ill reddit20:50
jonobkerensa, will do when it is done, thanks!20:50
pleia2greg-g: having a roof afternoon if you're around/available for change of scenery20:53
greg-gpleia2: would love to, but working from home today (again. Sick (still). :20:54
pleia2greg-g: hope you feel better!20:54
bkerensapleia2: so it looks like a good possibility debconf14 will be in Portland :D20:55
pleia2bkerensa: ooh20:55
jonobkerensa, are you happy to help with promo of this years CLS again?20:56
jonobkerensa, I am just finalizing the sponsorship and then will be pushing20:56
bkerensajono: of course20:58
bkerensajono: and reg table too20:58
jonobkerensa, rock20:59
bkerensajono: you calling me a rock eh? I'm so blogging about that20:59

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