rick_h_hacking hacking hacking...so much fun hacking00:40
rick_h_damn I missed this00:40
rick_h_woot, bug fixed. Been a while.00:52
snap-lI signed up for Stamps.com01:13
snap-lso if anyone needs anything shipped, let me know. :)01:13
snap-lMedium Flat Rate Priority Mail box is 11.3001:14
rick_h_the snap-l post-office woot01:15
brouschsnap-l: I need to ship this box01:49
brouschDo you do pick-ups?01:49
snap-lbrousch: no, you'll need to ship it to me first.01:51
snap-land then I'll see how much it is to ship it and then charge you shipping01:52
jjesse-homebrousch: maybe we should combine shipments then?02:01
snap-lFinally found  band that used the Experimental tag appropriately on Bandcamp02:03
snap-lI'm not sure if I should kiss them, hug, them, or give them handjobs02:03
snap-lIt's the first time I've clicked on one of those albums and not have it sound like I plugged into a 60hz dryer fucking02:04
brouschjjesse-home: I can load up my minivan for the once a year trip I make to Detroit and we can ship everything at once02:08
jjesse-homebrousch: sounds like a great plan to me02:08
rick_h_ok, well fought crap long enough for tonight. ugh02:44
rick_h_hmmm, adding sentry to my app is overdue it looks like. Cool stuff12:14
brouschI haven't looked at it yet12:15
brouschWhat does it do?12:16
rick_h_takes logging/exeptions to a remote web app12:17
rick_h_you should like it, a django app :P12:17
brouschMy aching Dutch wallet!12:18
rick_h_yea, hoping to use the dev version for bookie12:21
rick_h_cool, hooked up to bmark.us now.12:22
rick_h_https://app.getsentry.com/bookie/bmarkus/group/3900961/ does that work?12:23
brouschThere's an error already!12:23
brouschSeems to work12:24
brouschSorry, an "event"12:25
rick_h_heh, yea I know that's an error so I use it for testing exceptions :)12:25
snap-lGood morning13:03
snap-lrick_h_: Probably should update lococast.net to 3.5.113:58
jcastrodid the sun get deleted today?14:05
snap-lWe've deprecated the sun14:06
snap-lIt's now been replaced by the cloud14:06
rick_h_snap-l: heh ok will put it on the todo list14:37
rick_h_jcastro: yea, left without a coat today and kind of not sure that was wise14:37
rick_h_stupid week in ATL fooled me into thinking spring was near14:38
rick_h_ok, updated the mifi, upped my data cap and it can now support 10 devices on 4g. So CHC should be getting a wifi improvement14:42
rick_h_snap-l: updated14:45
UnFixed_Has anyone here used Ting? (cellular service)14:46
rick_h_UnFixed_: snap-l is your man14:46
UnFixed_I ask because i feel like i originally saw it mentioned here14:46
UnFixed_rick_h_: ty14:47
UnFixed_snap-l: assuming you're in MI, how do you like Ting?14:47
rick_h_UnFixed_: yea, snap-l is the big convert and can get you all the info and a helpful referral code :)14:47
UnFixed_my contract is up soon14:47
UnFixed_a week adn a half or so14:47
UnFixed_looking to switch soon14:48
rick_h_woot, 21MB down and 12.6 up on the new mifi14:48
rick_h_UnFixed_: basically it's sprint so you want to check their network coverage14:48
rick_h_but he seems to love their services/company14:48
UnFixed_well, im wondering about Data, do i get throttled differently than a sprint customer?14:49
UnFixed_or am i essentially getting the same service, under a different name/price-structure?14:50
rick_h_yea, can't speak intelligently to that. Have to bug snap-l14:53
snap-lI have used Ting14:54
snap-lI love it14:54
snap-lUnFixed_: ^^14:54
snap-lhttps://z6oc11q87.ting.com/ <- Referral code14:55
snap-lUnFixed_: re data: You pay for whatever you use.14:56
snap-lI've usually been under the 1GB mark (usually under 500MB, even) but this month because I was using it for tethering I'll likely be in the 500MB - 1GB range14:57
snap-lNote: That's for two phones. :)14:58
rick_h_heh, wife's phone avgs 580mb/mo and I average 950mb/mo.14:59
snap-lSo you'd be in the XL bracket. :)14:59
snap-l$42 a month15:00
UnFixed_snap-l: have you tried their "byod"15:01
snap-lUnFixed_: I have not15:02
snap-lI bought my devices outright from Ting15:02
UnFixed_not sure i want to drop ~$500 on "old" phones15:02
snap-lbut they do support BYOD for Sprint customers15:02
UnFixed_but their whitelist is pretty short for sprint phones15:02
snap-lHas to be out of contract15:03
UnFixed_yeah, i have a gsm phone anyways15:03
UnFixed_but was thinking about buying something used, use it for a few months15:03
UnFixed_then get a new phone when something i like releases15:03
snap-lThey have the Galaxy SII that I have for 185 refurb15:03
snap-lHas Android 4.0 on it15:04
snap-lWould be a good way to see if you like the service without incurring too much expense.15:04
UnFixed_very true15:04
snap-lIf you're in the area and want to come to CHC, I'd be happy to show you my phone15:06
UnFixed_i'm familiar with the galaxy s II15:07
UnFixed_just not sure i want to spend $185 if im going to switch phones in a few months15:07
UnFixed_might as well just spend $400 for a nexus then15:07
snap-lThey have a pretty active community of people who would love to take that off your hands15:07
snap-lWell, on the plus side, you have a phone that isn't under contract15:08
snap-lso you can give it to family members, or sell it online15:08
snap-lso in 3 months if you don't want it, you're not stuck with 2 years of it15:09
UnFixed_thats true also15:09
UnFixed_galaxy nexus for $225 seems pretty nice15:15
jcastrothat's only $75 cheaper than a nexus 4!15:15
UnFixed_nexus 4, no lte15:15
UnFixed_gsm only15:15
UnFixed_i want to wait for another nexus to release15:15
UnFixed_but dont know when that will be15:16
jcastrousually for xmas15:16
UnFixed_which means continuing on my current plan for a number of months15:16
UnFixed_i'll probably save enough money with ting to jusitfy buying a new nexus by then15:16
snap-lHonestly the only differences I've seen between my phone and JoDee's nexus are:15:16
snap-l1) No stupid Sprint Nascar bullshit15:17
snap-l2) Android 4.115:17
UnFixed_i like the concept of the open nexus15:17
snap-lYeah, I do too15:17
UnFixed_no carrier software15:17
snap-lhad it been available when I bought my phone, i would have gone with the Nexus15:18
snap-lThat said, it's $404 new on Ting15:18
snap-lReferral should give you $25 off15:18
UnFixed_but someone on their forum is offering a new one from sprint for $22515:18
UnFixed_might be worth the hassle to port15:19
UnFixed_if i buy it at $404, i'd be much less tempted to upgrade when a new nexus arrives15:19
snap-lUnFixed_: One question: how is sprint service around your house?15:21
UnFixed_honestly, no idea15:21
snap-lAround our house it's not that great15:22
snap-lbut none of our phones did terribly well (tmobile, AT&T)15:22
UnFixed_well, t-mobile isnt amazing around my house either15:22
UnFixed_but they have their "wifi calling" thing that helps a lot15:22
UnFixed_not sure what they call it exactly15:22
snap-lYeah, it hasn't been a problem for us, but something to keep in mind15:24
UnFixed_their map shows my house being covered, but i may have to ask around my neighborhood15:24
UnFixed_find someone with sprint service15:24
snap-lYeah, our house is covered as well, but we're in a block that has amazingly poor cell coverage as a whole.15:24
snap-lIf I get mad money, I might get one of those portable antenna.15:25
snap-lHonestly, if it were free, that would be a no-brainer. :)15:26
UnFixed_i'd have to firewall it off from the rest of the house15:27
UnFixed_but otherwise, i feel the same15:28
UnFixed_tombile's wifi calling was the one thing i really liked about their service15:28
UnFixed_in most places I have terrible cell signals, i usually have wifi.15:29
snap-lyeah, not sure why they don't just use the wifi, since it's connected already.15:29
snap-lThey very well might15:29
greg-ganyone else's github filters stop breaking? ie: all these bookie bugs stayin in my inbox instead of going to my bugs folder15:30
rick_h_greg-g: sorry, don't filer them so didn't notice15:31
rick_h_sorry for the spam :(15:31
rick_h_snap-l: because then you don't use your minutes while you're in the office all day15:31
rick_h_and I'd imagine there's some increase in help/support with people with devices on wifi where office networks cut off certain access15:32
snap-lUnFixed_: But offer still stands: If you have any questions about Ting, please feel free to let me know. I'm more than happy with the service I've received.15:32
snap-lrick_h_: Right, that makes sense15:32
snap-lhttps://ting.com/devices/Sprint-Homephone-Connect <- also intrigues me15:34
snap-lbut we already have pretty awesome VOIP coverage.15:34
UnFixed_now that i might spring for15:36
UnFixed_been looking at ooma15:36
UnFixed_and some other home phones that connect to cell phones15:37
greg-grick_h_: no worries, I like seeing the action, just odd that my filters no longer work16:38
jcastrosmoser: http://www.engadget.com/2013/03/17/lenovo-teases-next-generation-thinkpad-x-series-at-expand/18:21
jcastrorick_h_: ^^18:21
greg-gcrappy looking keyboard18:23
brouschooooooh, chicklet18:26
snap-lhttp://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/2013/03/lb1785-1363543843.jpg <- This picture just looks wrong.18:30
snap-lMust be the new lickable interface18:30
greg-gthat is a pretty cool screen hinge18:34
smoserjcastro, i say boo to the new power input18:48
smoserbut yeah to everything else.18:48
smoserwhat will i do with the 13 thinkpad power supplies i have?18:49
brouschsmoser: eba18:49
smosergreg-g, i have a e420 which seems to have a similar keyboard. chicklet style, and also the x120e, and i'm not unhappy with either keyboard.18:50
smoserthe function keys being media keys by default is annoyhing, but easily toggled in bios.18:50
greg-gI just got a Dell XPS at work, totally unplussed about the (similar) keyboard)18:51
smoseryou said you got a dell, and then you said something about it sucking18:52
smoserthats all i heard.18:52
greg-gsmoser: :)18:52
smoseri dont understand the relevance18:52
rick_h_jcastro: that's what I linked to you the other day18:54
rick_h_same pics18:54
rick_h_the lack of the real buttons for the trackpoint are what worry me18:54
rick_h_smoser: hah, yea with the wife and I on the same power supplies we've got 'drops' all over the house in normal laptop spots18:55
smoseryeah, the lack of real buttons could be bad.18:55
smoseri like my 3 buttons.18:56
rick_h_right, it's what makes the thinkpad trackpoint > * imo18:56
rick_h_the scrolling with the middle button18:56
smoseridont know of "scrolling with middle button"18:56
rick_h_the middle button you can hold down and use the trackpoint to scroll?18:57
brouschomg i didn't know that either18:57
brouschthat is awesome18:57
smoserwell, that is pretty nice.18:57
brouschI always move to the touchpad and two finger scroll18:57
rick_h_it's what got me to <3 trackpoint18:57
smoserthats freaking awesome.18:57
rick_h_thumb on middle button, scroll with trackpoint ftw18:57
rick_h_hand stays on home row18:58
smoserhere i was using a SCROLL BAR for scrolling18:58
rick_h_yea, it's patented so dell/hp don't have that middle button and can't add it18:58
rick_h_why I can't use any other trackpoint setup18:58
brouschSo maybe I shouldn't change my ways18:58
smoserwell, the trackpoint in general still has patents covering it.18:58
smoserat least i've always assumed so.18:58
smoserotherwise every $12 keyboard ever made would have trackpoint + 2 buttons.18:59
greg-gyay patents ;)18:59
greg-gartificial monopoly prices ftw!18:59
rick_h_yea, when we did the interview with the system76 guy for Lococast I asked about it because I can't get a laptop sans trackpoint and he mentioned the patent/licensing fees aroudn it19:00
smoserthe original patents are lik 1987 or something.19:01
smoserso they've long since run out.19:01
smoserbut ibm is patent king. they know how to work that system.19:01
brouschBut Thinkpads are Lenovo now19:02
smoserright. but lenovo bought access to lots of stuff in that.19:08
smoserif nothing else, rights to use the 'Think' brand.19:08
rick_h_yea, I'm sure there's some patent license thing written up for lenovo19:09
smoserbut i dont understand why lenovo doesn't throw the trackpoint on all their laptops (the non-thinkpad line).19:09
greg-gcould be a term of their license "don't soil this feature on your crappy line of laptops"19:10
rick_h_I bet it's costs and most people find it strange until they use it19:12
rick_h_took my wife a year to convert from the touchpad19:12
rick_h_of course, doesn't help that thinkpads have horrible touchpads19:12
jcastroI think out of all touchpads thinkpads are the best19:16
jcastroif there is such a thing as a good touchpad19:16
jcastroI like that they're textured instead of glass19:16
brouschNo, Apple's are the best19:16
rick_h_I thought the apple one was the best I ever used and I don't care for touchpads19:17
rick_h_they're huge and responsive when I used one19:17
rick_h_of course my preference towards smaller and smaller laptops means I get smaller and smaller/useless touchpads19:17
rick_h_the apple one I used was on a 17" and my last two laptops have been 12.1/12.5" models19:17
snap-lyeah, I have to say the Apple touch pads are quite nice19:19
rick_h_woot, ok, really ready for CHC now. Have the travel routes doing wifi account sharig with the mifi and tested at the house here at 5.5MB. So we should be able to have 4-12 people online at a time sharing the mifi at CHC from now on.19:36
rick_h_ /travel routes/travel router19:36
rick_h_lol, guido is moved all over. From google docs to dropbox doc! https://www.dropbox.com/s/xknbe58zcvjhzhv/PyCon2013.pptx19:37
snap-lmoar cpu19:38
brouschI hadn't heard of dropbox doc19:54
rick_h_well it's a pptx stored in dropbox19:54
snap-lWish there was a way for the computer to automatically tell me "no, idiot, you're in the wrong directory"20:22
snap-lThank God for git checkout.20:22
snap-lto undo the changes I made in the directory that I wasn't supposed to be in)20:22
UnFixed_latitudes have exceptionally crap touchpads20:52
UnFixed_my only regret over not getting a thinkpad20:53
snap-lLatitudes are OK machines, but Dell has really let their quality suffer20:53
snap-lI think the D530 was the last decent laptop they made.20:54
UnFixed_I love my E6510, except for the crap touchpad20:54
UnFixed_95% of the time, its fine.20:55
UnFixed_5% of the time, i want to grab a mouse20:55
UnFixed_becomes unresponsive20:55
snap-lI know I'm going to get a beat-down for this, but I like the Chrome Pixel sight unseen20:56
rick_h_snap-l: lol "sight unseen"23:09
rick_h_snap-l: I'd tinker with one, but HD is too small for a real ubuntu install so what's the point23:09

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