Sarvattmlankhorst: nope thats too recent, armhf has been broken over a month00:38
Sarvattplus the patch is from our packages :)00:39
mlankhorstSarvatt: it's the patch we used for fixing up 9.1 branch :P07:09
mlankhorstah well lets see if I can build mesa on panda without running into oom killer07:44
mlankhorstover nfs, no less!07:54
tjaaltonhmm, some kernel regression on intel08:22
tjaaltonin -1308:22
mlankhorstoh indeed mesa is a different error10:02
mlankhorstwhat do we need from mesa on arm though? I can only imagine softpipe being useful in it's current state11:07
mlankhorstmaybe once robclark's free arduino driver works that would change11:09
ogra_swrat has always worked ... just urlta slow11:09
mlankhorstI know but is there any point building anything but swrast?11:10
ogra_theoretically llvmpipe ... but last time i tried it was unusable11:10
ogra_no idea if there were any improvements since quantal11:10
mlankhorstllvmpipe in general, or llvmpipe on arm?11:11
ogra_on arm indeed11:11
mlankhorstI don't know, lets see..11:11
ogra_my x86 machines have proper drivers :)11:11
ogra_(most of my arm ones too ... but most of them arent distributable ...)11:12
mlankhorstnothing arm specific in llvmpipe11:12
mlankhorstso it would have to be in llvm-3.211:12
ogra_then i doubt it makes sense to have it right now ...11:13
ogra_after all most of the arm world will likely be Mir'ed andyway and use android drivers soon11:13
ogra_i think we'll only keep the tegra3 binary stuff around in the long term ... for desktop reference images on the nexus711:14
ogra_(FSVO long term .... read that as  until 14.04)11:14
mlankhorstI want to be able to run without blobs, even if the result may not be as performant11:15
ogra_as performant ... heh11:15
ogra_usually its unusable ... 11:15
ogra_(like an animated slideshow)11:16
* mlankhorst had to disable smp because it kept bugging :/11:16
ogra_on your panda ?11:17
mlankhorstblack screen, then everything gone11:17
ogra_hmm, what release ?11:17
ogra_hmm, havent seen such issues on mine with precise11:17
mlankhorstdo you have the ti-omap ppa enabled?11:18
ogra_ugh, no11:18
ogra_using the in archive stuff indeed11:18
ogra_the ppa is only intresting for video codecs ... 11:18
ogra_which we cant have in the archive due to incompatible gstreamer patches11:19
mlankhorstit enables some other stuff like bluetooth support iirc11:19
ogra_well, it also ships a TI kernel that might have breakage we dont know about 11:20
ogra_(like SMP perhaps ?)11:20
mlankhorstcould also be the powervr drivers11:20
ogra_well, panda desktop is on the way to be out to death anyway ...11:20
mlankhorstyeah but as long as it's alive it's useful for testing mechanics on arm11:21
mlankhorsttjaalton: hah my fix worked11:22
mlankhorstfixes building on armhf11:23
mlankhorstno idea about armel11:23
mlankhorstdo we still support that?11:23
mlankhorstdh_install: libgl1-mesa-dri missing files (dri/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libllvmradeon*.so), aborting11:30
mlankhorstoops, almost :)11:30
ogra_mlankhorst, nexus7 is better for testing mechanics11:43
mlankhorstexcept I leave my panda on 24/7 ;)11:44
ogra_pandas are great as builders ... but due to the driver situation we'll drop them soon11:46
ogra_for UI testing the nvidia stuff simply works better and causes way less maintenance11:47
mlankhorstyeah but the wired network is nice, I keep all my stuff on nfs11:47
mlankhorstand doing that over wireless is crazy11:47
ogra_yeah, true 11:47
* ogra_ would love to see us supporting chromebooks ... but there the driver situation is even worse ... 11:48
ogra_you would have USB 3.0 though 11:48
ogra_so it pfferse some decent disk throuoghput ...11:49
mlankhorstok armhf built..11:53
mlankhorstraring no longer supports armel right?11:57
ogra_support was dropped in precise12:00
ogra_( we still left it building alongside but it wasnt an official arch ... with quantal the archive completely vanished)12:01
mlankhorstlooks like quantal still had some.. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/quantal/armel12:01
mlankhorstraring otoh 012:01
mlankhorstah well I'm not going to worry about ftbfs then, I'll just disable building llvm-3.2 and mesa renamed for armel if it hapens12:02
ogra_yeah, just ignore it 12:02
ogra_we dont encourage anyone to ever use armel :)12:02
mlankhorstbut andwoooidddd12:03
tjaaltonmlankhorst: yeah, sounds like a valid fix..12:03
ogra_what about android ? :)12:03
mlankhorsttjaalton: yeah I should probably figure out why st_gl_api_create is in libmesagallium, but meh!12:03
mlankhorstoh fun, I get to run piglit again 6x12:16
fexilalare the nvidia 310 series drivers going to be included soon?19:22
bjsniderincluded in what19:44
fexilalin ubuntu-x-swat19:51
mlankhorstisn't it already in the archive though?19:55
fexilalnope, the latest version in the archive (that I can find) is 304.8420:20
bjsniderfexilal, search for nvidia-experimental-31020:22
bjsnideryou have to have hardware that is not too old20:22
bjsniderno support for hardware before the geforce 820:26

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