Ben64CrownWheel: do you have keyboard during grub?00:00
kriskropdSonikkuAmerica: I forewarned that I was not really following00:00
lopBen64: unfortunately is the same, was it all written well up there ?00:00
CrownWheelBen64, I don't get a grub (or boot:) prompt.  I do from the Live USB stick...00:00
CrownWheel(I mean a boot: prompt.  Close paren... )00:00
kriskropdTiitus: okay, so your hardware works00:01
Ben64CrownWheel: well its installed now, so you must have grub (mash shift key to see it during boot)00:01
kriskropdTiitus: you can chroot into your system and manipulate grub from there00:01
CrownWheelah.  shift key.  thanks.00:01
Tiituskriskropd: what should i search for a guide like that, to "chroot"00:02
SonikkuAmericaBen64: Mash it? I didn't think we had to be so violent.00:02
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CrownWheelBen64, score.  Yes, kbd works in grub prompt.00:02
CrownWheelSonikkuAmerica, oh, it be mashed.00:02
kriskropdTiitus: just google for "fixing grub via chroot" or something - i gtg00:02
Tiituskriskropd: ty00:02
SonikkuAmericaCrownWheel: Well, now that SHIFT is a bunch of plastic shards... we now know that works at least.00:02
SonikkuAmerica*that IT works00:03
CrownWheeldon't worry.  this keyboard has a redundant shift key over on the right.  I'll be ok.00:03
Ben64CrownWheel: you could try booting into text mode from grub, see if you can type there00:03
CrownWheelSo...now what?  "recovery mode"? I don't actually know what that laods.00:03
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode00:03
maestrojedI have been trying to get my audio working since I upgraded to Ubuntu12. I now can see my sound card as an option in System Settings. The Analog output works. The digital does not. It doesn't really let me select it. I ran pacmd list-sinks from the CLI and I see 3 sinks, none of which are my digital out. Any suggestions?00:03
SonikkuAmericamaestrojed: Are you using Pulse Audio?00:04
CrownWheelBen64, no dice.  KBD lights went out.   And...can't move in the menu.00:04
maestrojedSonikkuAmerica I am willing to use whatever, and I am not positive. But it seems like that, yes.00:04
SuperGauntletI've set up a pptpd server and I can connect to it from an iphone, but I can't connect to anything outside my network. What might I be doing wrong?00:05
SonikkuAmericamaestrojed: Try [ sudo apt-get install pavucontrol ], then run it (type [ pavucontrol ]) and adjust the volume there.00:05
CrownWheelSuperGauntlet, is the using the correct gateway?00:06
CrownWheel*the server, that is.00:06
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SuperGauntletI have a feeling it's not routing properly through my gateway but i checked /etc/ppp/pptpd-options and the ms-dns appears to be the right one00:06
SuperGauntletCrownWheel: I think that might be it but I don't know if I'm checking in the right place00:07
maestrojedSonikkuAmerica "pavucontrol is already the newest version." when I just run "pavucontrol" it acts like it needs another argument. But I also don't think the proper output is even selected right now.00:07
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Guest5366question : I am cp a few gigs to a smb share though a gui cp and would like to do it from the konsole00:08
lagrecahi! okular is not displaying epub files properly. The text is overlapped. There are many pages is only one. How can it be fixed?00:08
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SuperGauntletCrownWheel: any ideas on where else to look?00:08
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SonikkuAmericamaestrojed: maybe run [ alsamixer ]?00:08
CrownWheelSuperGauntlet, working on it.  not reported by ifconfig....00:09
maestrojedSonikkuAmerica I have, my sound card is an option but it still does't do the correct output00:09
CrownWheelhuh.  route -n does it.00:09
SonikkuAmericamaestrojed: Where does it output to?00:09
CrownWheelSuperGauntlet, now, somebody with a better memory will have to tell you which /etc/network thing to edit to set it to where it should be.00:10
SuperGauntletif I do route -n, it shows interface tun0 as using gateway
maestrojedSonikkuAmerica In the options of output devices, there is my sound card analog and my sound card digital. The analog works, The digital one is listed but I can't really select it. alsamixer will work on analog, makes no mention of digital00:11
SonikkuAmericamaestrojed: And why do you need the digital audio if the analog works?00:12
CrownWheelSuperGauntlet, well, like I say, that sounds like an incorrect gateway...00:12
SuperGauntletyeah i figured as much00:12
SuperGauntletI just don't know how to edit the tun0 interface to use as a gateway00:13
SuperGauntletor rather00:13
SuperGauntletmy bad00:13
SuperGauntlettun0 is openvpn00:13
maestrojedSonikkuAmerica Well the only thing this computer does is play music through a high quality home hifi system. Its a great sound card. If its not going to be digital that would just be a shame. Ditigal worked great in Ubuntu10 before I upgraded00:13
SuperGauntletppp0 is the interface i want to route to, it's currently using
lopBen64: if it didn work all i have left is to get live cd and access my drive to copy all the stuffon it , right ?00:14
SonikkuAmericamaestrojed: What kind of audio hardware? Ubuntu 12.04 might just be too new for it.00:14
* MidnightSun99 Picture of my ex-girlfriend naked: http://imagetwist.com/9au1ada5n7nu00:15
maestrojedSonikkuAmerica Asus Xonar DX. That is my fear. Just sucks cause I asked all kinds of people and read posts that said it would work. I tried to make sure before hand :)00:15
TiiitusBen64: How come when I run parted magic to "erase disk" one of my ibm e326 servers can erase @ 60mb/s, where my other server can erase only at 2mb/s. they are identical in hardware configuration, not sure why this one is so much slower...00:15
CrownWheelSuperGauntlet, this dates from 2008, but might still apply: http://www.itworld.com/change-ip-address-linux-system-nlsunix-08061200:15
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Ben64lop: yeah00:16
CrownWheelBut I don't know whether the ppp and tun interfaces can be set the same way...00:16
Ben64Tiiitus: do you mean parted or partition magic00:16
SuperGauntletCrownWheel: what exactly would I do?00:16
maestrojedHow do you find out what drivers are being used on a sound card?00:16
TiiitusBen64: partition magic**00:17
Tiiitusactually wait it is parted magic00:17
Tiiitusthey are both using 2x 73gb 10k rpm scsi drives00:17
SonikkuAmericamaestrojed: One sec...00:17
Tiiitusi used the same parted magic cd in both cases00:17
Ben64dunno what that is00:17
Tiiitusit's the only program that will get passed the hard drives if they have been locked by a corporation00:18
lopBen64: thank ben, i won go around removing things with sudo anymore :) thats kinda stupid00:18
SrPxI've just installed ubuntu on a vps. I'm completely noob on unix, so, other than creating an user and using it (instead of root), is there any thing I must do to keep order? (:00:22
lopthanks have a great night all00:24
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histoHow would ubuntu be ignoring dns settings from router's dhcp?00:35
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neirpycare there theme files for the terminal like there are in os x?00:38
cristian2hello everyone00:38
StephenSlittle question00:40
StephenSwhy is my clock not working right00:40
StephenSI need to update some weeks settings in it to show real time.00:40
SolarbabyI issued the command fsck.ext4 -c /dev/sdb1 to a unmounted drive and my live readout displays "Checking for bad blocks (read-only test): 65.25% done, 8:59:17 elapsed. (32/0.0 errors)00:41
Solarbabyit is the last part that I don't understand the (32/0.0 errors)00:41
Solarbabywhat does that mean?00:41
Solarbabyactually is displays (32/0/0 errors)00:42
Solarbabysorry for the typo.. anyway if someone could dtell me if I have 32 errors or not that would be helpful00:42
cristian_i need a command line torrent client, anyone?00:43
cristian_i need a command line torrent client, anyone?00:44
neirpyccristian_, rtorrent00:44
cristian_thx neirpyc!00:44
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MoPacHi, sorry to keep trying on this question, but I really need some help on forcing apt-get to use a ppa for a package and NOT the universe repository00:47
SonikkuAmericamaestrojed: Are you still there/00:49
maestrojedSonikkuAmerica I am, I am going nuclear and trying this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=168157700:50
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maestrojedSonikkuAmerica I had confirmed I was using alsa1.0.24, this should get me to 1.0.25, maybe that will work better. I was about to reinstall the OS so I figured this couldn't hurt00:52
SonikkuAmericaGive it a shot I guess?00:53
maestrojedits running :)00:53
halI'm really having a problem with lightdm.conf, when I create the setting, session-setup-script=sudo -Hnu "$USER" mount-encfs -u    This prevents me from logging after reboot. It shows me the greeter and the login box, I can enter my password, but then it shows me it again.  Can anyone help please?00:55
halhow can I troubleshoot this?00:57
SuperGauntlet_okay, wtf01:09
SashmoMight be a non regualr question, but if I use full disk encryption, will deamons still run in the background when the computer is booted?  Or does it need to wait till I put in my passphrase to use the machine?01:09
SuperGauntlet_if I setup my router to forward port 8080 to 22 and try to ssh into my machine with my WAN ip and the -p 8080 option01:09
SuperGauntlet_it works under linux but not with cygwin/putty/winscp01:09
SuperGauntlet_it's the EXACT same command01:10
SuperGauntlet_ssh x.x.x.x -p 808001:10
SuperGauntlet_with cygwin it hangs and does nothing, but with a linux vm it works fine01:10
SuperGauntlet_Any ideas what it might be?01:11
OerHeksgreat, not a linux issue.01:11
SuperGauntlet_indeed, lol01:11
SuperGauntlet_I'm just wondering what the hell is up with it if it works with what is (ostenibly) the same program01:12
DarkTanhow does one install a .deb file when archive manager takes control on a double click?01:13
DarkTanoh look, wiki to the rescue. never mind01:14
SuperGauntlet_nobody has any ideas?01:14
ChogyDanwhy not run an ssh native to windows, instead of through cygwin?01:15
SuperGauntlet_there's an ssh native to windows?01:15
SuperGauntlet_you mean like putty?01:15
SuperGauntlet_oh for fucks sake you have to be kidding me01:16
SuperGauntlet_i am pants-on-head retarded01:16
ChogyDanyeah, I guess.  I mean, you are asking a windows question.  Sorry.01:16
SuperGauntlet_it was my AV blocking it01:16
bazhangSuperGauntlet_, no cursing here01:16
SuperGauntlet_bazhang: sorry, I'm just really dumb01:16
SuperGauntlet_wow that's embarrassing01:16
SuperGauntlet_anyways, thank you guys, looks like I figured it out01:17
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e-coffeehehe where'd the terminal go?01:18
wombledomis it possible to reset the battery with a command?01:19
wombledomsay if the chip in the battery has incorrect information and reports less battery life than it actually has?01:19
{0}ranj3wombledom: I'm not sure what you mean.  Are you implying that your battery is giving you false information?01:21
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wombledomI switched out the cells but it still dies after 2 minutes on a full charge01:22
DarkTanok, aftering installing ndiswrapper from here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/powerpc/ndiswrapper-common/1.50-1ubuntu1 and attempting to run, i get an error01:22
DarkTan"Error: no ndiswrapper utils found!"01:22
DarkTanthis has returned to being a 5.10 install as 8.04 would not boot.01:23
DarkTanattempting to install wireless usb adapter with files obtained from a windows machine01:23
DarkTanalso installed on an iBook G301:24
{0}ranj3I don't know of any commands to access the battery controller from the os.  It may require an external programmer01:26
wombledomit might be i2c01:26
SashmoMight be a non regualr question, but if I use full disk encryption, will deamons still run in the background when the computer is booted?  Or does it need to wait till I put in my passphrase to use the machine?01:29
DarkTanwell....looks like ndiswrapper is a dead end for me01:30
aFeijois it possible to update my 11.04 to 11.10 with the ISO file I downloaded?01:35
welovefreehow can I add a break line to every single line in a .srt file?01:37
wombledomhello my dear01:39
kingofswordsi dled a program but the giu is playing up01:39
welovefreehow can I add a break line to every single line in a .srt file?01:40
kingofswordsi removed and then reinstalled but a large chuck of the giu is missing01:40
aFeijois it possible to update my 11.04 to 11.10 with the ISO file I downloaded?01:40
kingofswordsany recommend a ubuntu help channel?01:43
wombledomkingofswords, is it ubuntu specific?01:44
omeI am running vsftp 2.3.5, I have set the proper permissions for 'ftp' user, as in I can read and write in my desired directory all the way up to the home, but for some reason I get a "553 Could not create." when I try to upload files, it also enters passive mode with code 227. Where should I look for a solution?01:44
bazhangkingofswords, describe the exact issue01:44
kingofswordswombledom, ive only got ubuntu so guess so01:45
bazhangkingofswords, what app did you download, and from where01:45
kingofswordswombledom, i installed mixxx software and theres a hole in top part of gui01:45
bazhangkingofswords, asking for help without giving any details is not going to get any answers01:45
hole_how do you move icons on lxpanel?01:46
kingofswordsbazhang, from synaptic01:46
bazhang!info mixxx01:46
ubottumixxx (source: mixxx): Digital Disc Jockey Interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.10.1~dfsg0-1 (quantal), package size 2396 kB, installed size 5355 kB01:46
kingofswordsi stooped compz01:46
wombledom!info zsnes01:47
ubottuzsnes (source: zsnes): Emulator of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.510-2.2ubuntu5 (quantal), package size 893 kB, installed size 4108 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)01:47
wombledom!info libunitard01:48
ubottuPackage libunitard does not exist in quantal01:48
hole_how do you move icons on lxpanel?01:48
hole_how do you move icons on lxpanel? i installed lxde on ubuntu 12.1001:48
Cyclohexanehow do i kill something thats using a lot of resources?01:49
Cyclohexanewithout using top01:49
hole_cyclo SHOOT IT!!!01:49
hole_sorry had a silly moment01:50
psusikill PID01:51
Cyclohexanehow do i find it though01:51
psusior kill -9 PID if it doesn't want to die01:51
psusiuse top :)01:52
Cyclohexaneand what would i grep to get the top one?01:52
psusior htop is even nicer01:52
RobbyFI use htop then just highlight it then F9 to kill01:52
RoyOnWheelsknow what -a does? code: until [ -a /dev/video0 ] ; do01:53
psusiRoyOnWheels, [ xxx ] is an alias for test... man test will tell you what all the tests are01:53
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RoyOnWheelspsusi its in script at bottom of http://sourceforge.net/projects/mjpg-streamer/forums/forum/739917/topic/302266201:54
hole_how do you move icons on lxpanel? i installed lxde on ubuntu 12.1001:54
neirpycAnyone know how I would go about swapping how the Fn keys work on a Macbook Pro install of 12.04.2?01:56
RoyOnWheelspsusi without -a i get http://pastebin.com/Hn1ac2Xn01:56
sam113101neirpyc: swap it for what?01:57
dannyWhy when I do "apt-get install unp" I get error that the package doesn't exist01:57
dannyanyone know where I can find the package01:57
neirpycsam113101, So they actually function as F1, F2, etc. without having to hold down the Fn key itself.01:58
dannyAlso where I can find a timeline of contributions and maintenance?01:58
neirpycsam113101, On the OS X side there is an option to reverse the setting so when I hit F10, it acts as F10 and not mute.01:59
dannyAnyone ever heard of unp ?02:00
sam113101danny: no, what is it?02:00
dannysam113101, it is an extracting package for linux. When doing apt-get it says it is missing02:00
calwigwhat is skype (multiarch) ?02:01
MoPacHi, sorry to keep trying on this question, but I really need some help on forcing apt-get to use a ppa for a package and NOT the universe repository02:02
sam113101skype that has both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries, maybe?02:02
katimayai'm trying to install mono-complete on 12.10x64 and i keep getting unmet dependency errors02:03
katimayabeen googling and haven't found a solution02:03
katimayacan anyone help?02:03
paul_So, I accidentally  installed some package that completely screwed up my computer. In short: I believe I installed kdei386(?), but my computer has an amd processor.02:04
paul_Now I boot up and all I see is a orange "*"02:05
MoPacpaul_: at what point does the screen go orange?02:05
paul_MoPac, It's not the whole screen.02:05
MoPacoh, an orange asterisk02:05
MoPacis it a command line?02:05
paul_MoPac, Nope, I can't control anything02:06
paul_MoPac, I just hit the keyboard and the previous screen came back. "Checking Battery State... [OK]" _02:06
paul_MoPac, Forever, and ever..02:07
FranciscoDhi! Could someone please tell me how I could make a usb pen drive on a fedora system?02:07
MoPacpaul_: and at what point in the boot does this happen?02:07
FranciscoDI've downloaded the ubuntu desktop live iso02:07
FranciscoDand need to install it on my netbook using a pen drive02:07
FranciscoDwould direct dd work?02:07
MoPacFranciscoD: unetbootin?02:07
MoPac!find unetbootin02:08
ubottuFound: unetbootin, unetbootin-translations02:08
FranciscoDMoPac: ah, is that the only way? I had assumed a direct dd would work02:08
MoPacFranciscoD: I actually prefer running Yumi in wine for making my USBs02:08
Akiva-Mobilehow do I know my partition resizing is working? I am installing this darn ubuntu in hebrew, and I can barely speak it myself, and so its concerning me why its taking 20 minutes to resize the windows partition to install ubuntu.02:08
Akiva-Mobileis this normal?02:08
paul_MoPac, It's really the only thing that shows up in a normal boot.02:09
MoPacFranciscoD: I don't think just having a .iso file on a USB is the same thing as putting a CD or DVD in. You need software to make the USB bootable02:09
FranciscoDMoPac: well, fedora isos are hybrid02:09
MoPacpaul_: So it shows up immediately after your bios, with no Ubuntu stuff in between?02:09
FranciscoDso you can just dd them to the pen drive, and they'll boot02:09
paul_MoPac, Yeah02:09
MoPacFranciscoD: Maybe that's true, then.  My only experience is with making multi-boot USBs, so maybe I over-complicate02:09
|Xenom|Hi all, I am looking for a start-to-finish guide for server clustering and virtualization. I am slightly above novice (compared to most of the experts in here), any help is greatly appreciated (nothing useful was found on Google..)02:09
MoPacpaul_: Do you have a live USB of Ubuntu you can boot from?02:10
FranciscoDMoPac: I'll try unetbootin and see if it works. Thanks02:10
Akiva-Mobilein the terminal, I don't see any particularly important errors, and it does seem to still be running...02:10
paul_MoPac, I used Wubi :(02:10
Akiva-Mobilepaul_: yucky slow02:11
paul_Akiva-Mobile, What's wrong with wubi?02:11
wombledomhey is it possible to replace android on a phone with ubuntu?02:12
MoPacpaul_: You could easily make a live USB on whatever computer you're using now02:12
paul_MoPac, I don't have a usb stick with me02:12
Akiva-Mobilepaul_: The main drawback is that you install ubuntu on a ntfs filesystem, the same one used by windows.02:12
paul_Akiva-Mobile, Is that slower?02:12
MoPacpaul_: That would be my advice: get a live system, USB or CD, boot from that, and then repair in it02:12
Akiva-Mobilepaul_: Generally, yes.02:12
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e-coffeehow do you rat proof a linux box02:12
MoPacpaul_: Ahh wait, so you're normally trying to run Ubuntu from within Windows?02:13
paul_MoPac, Not within, it's installed on the same hard drive02:13
Akiva-Mobilepaul_: EXT4 is generally the speediest of the filesystems available for linux at the moment. Hopefully, BTRFS might catch up02:13
|Xenom|wombledom, Ubuntu touch is available for a small number of devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus... however, it is a developer build..02:13
Akiva-Mobilebtrfs is similar I hear to zfs.02:13
paul_Akiva-Mobile, How much of a difference does it make?02:13
MoPacpaul_: I don't know if running the Wubi installer again has a repair mode?02:13
Akiva-Mobilepaul_: It depends how rough of shape your ntfs file system is in.02:14
wombledomI don't care if it doesn't have phone features, I want to use my old phone as a server, but I do have debian running side-by-side with android right now so that's fine for now02:14
paul_MoPac, I'll try it02:14
Akiva-Mobileto me, it feels around 40 percent slower with some operations.02:14
FranciscoDMoPac: well, unetbootin on fedora doesn't seem to work02:16
FranciscoDnot on fedora at leasat02:16
FranciscoDthe "drive" drop down is empty02:17
m8pp1eygood evening; has anyone used playonlinux to play windws version of fallout new vegas??02:17
MoPacpaul_: If there's no repair mode with your current installer, and you can't boot the OS, then you need to mount your Ubuntu filesystem somehow to repair it.  The easiest way to do this is to use a live CD/USB .  From there, you can bind actions to happen in your normal filesystem (an example is http://askubuntu.com/questions/28099/how-to-restore-a-system-after-accidentally-removing-all-kernels )02:17
MoPacpaul_: Another option that you might have is to try to mount your Ubuntu filesystem partition in Windows using an ext2 driver like ext2fsd.  If your linux filesystem is ext2, then it can read and write.  With ext3 it can read and force write.  I'm not sure what the score is with ext4 or btrfs02:18
paul_MoPac, How do I mount it?02:19
paul_MoPac, I think I just want to grab some files off of it and then install using a live usb.02:19
MoPacpaul_: you need to install ext2fsd in windows and follow its instructions02:20
MoPacpaul_: your Ubuntu install isn't LUKS-encrypted, is it?02:20
paul_MoPac, I didn't encrypt anything02:21
booledoes Ubuntu have a GUI frontend to grub?02:21
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tunnelguyboole, like when you boot up? mine does02:25
e-coffeeHi how do you install steam in 12.10?02:25
booletunnelguy: I meant to configure it02:25
MoPacboole: Thttps://encrypted.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=navclient&gfns=1&q=grub+gui02:25
tunnelguyboole as far as i know nope02:25
tunnelguye-coffee just download it from the website02:26
tunnelguye-coffee its just a handy .deb file you double click02:26
e-coffeekk ty :)02:26
boolethanks MoPac and tunnelguy02:27
tunnelguyMoPac whats with the encrypted.google.com i have never seen that before02:28
paul_Does anybody know where I can find the wubi partition?02:28
bcbc2paul_: it's not a partition - it's a file /ubuntu/disks/root.disk02:29
MoPactunnelguy: google via https02:29
MoPactunnelguy: probably a result of https everywhere in firefox02:29
TiitusHey guys is it possible to run windows server 2008 and then install ubuntu or fedora afterwards without having major anticipated problems02:29
MoPacpaul_: bcbc2: This is what I was confused about, since it's a wubi installation.  Has he actually created a partition, or is the whole thing just in a big file within Windows, like with a virtual machine?02:30
umib0zuTiitus what do you mean?02:30
MoPacTiitus: I dunno about WS2008, but dual boot works for a lot of people, including me02:30
bcbc2MoPac: paul_: the partition is virtual, a loop device - Ubuntu runs natively02:31
MoPac!dualboot | Tiitus02:31
ubottuTiitus: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:31
Tiitusumib0zu: I did not set up partitions, ive got 2 73gb ssci's running though, thought if i just tried to instsall ubuntu directly i'd have issues02:31
MoPacbcbc2: over my head, then02:31
Tiitusthanks for the info02:31
bcbc2paul_: what are you trying to do?02:31
MoPacbcbc2: paul_ is trying to recover an unbootable Ubuntu installation after he installed some kind of kde02:32
wilee-nileebcbc2, It is nice to see you here I direct people here at times to the UF for help on issues on wubi. :)02:32
bcbc2hey wilee-nilee :)02:32
MoPacbcbc2: he can't get past boot; gets only an orange asterisk. So proximately what I'm trying to help him do is mount that filesystem somehow so he can try to repair it02:32
MoPacbcbc2: I've suggested putting ext2fsd on Windows and seeing if he can mount the file or partition... he doesn't have a live CD/DVD/USB handy with Linux on it02:33
paul_bcbc2, I fucked it up somehow, I thought it might be because of a package I installed but then I read that hard shutting it down (whatever that term is) could ruin the system. I think that might be what happened02:33
asdfkdsWould anyone mind helping me out with something?02:34
bazhangpaul_, no cursing here02:34
asdfkdsI somehow disabled the unity interface02:34
asdfkdsThe taskbar is gone02:34
bazhangasdfkds, ask an actual question with details02:34
bcbc2paul_: I'd start by running chkdsk /f from windows. That's the host filesystem and it rules out or corrects corruption due to hard shutdown02:34
asdfkdsI did this while selecting an option in compiz... How would I re enable it?02:34
bcbc2paul_: after that, if you still have issues, you might have to fsck the root.disk, but that requires a CD/USB02:35
paul_bazhang, sorry :(02:35
asdfkdsThe unity interface, the taskbar, all that business. How do I re enable it?02:35
paul_bcbc2, I'm just going to grab files and delete the install.02:36
asdfkdsbazhang, would you happen to know anything about compiz disabling taskbars or anything? or how to re enable them?02:36
bazhangasdfkds, this was after checking something in ccsm?02:36
bcbc2paul_: I've used ext2read to get readonly access to the root.disk from windows: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ext2read/files/02:36
MoPacasdfkds: do you have the ccsm application?02:36
asdfkdsUnchecking precisely. It said something about disabling nautlius...something something. And yes I do02:36
MoPacasdfkds: So you should be able to start ccsm, then click on Unity and re-check it from inside the plugin screen02:37
bazhangasdfkds, why not launch ccsm and uncheck them one by one, unless you can remember which exact feature you enabled02:37
asdfkdsIt's actually something I UN checked. In a pop up.02:37
paul_bcbc2, thanks for the link to that program, worked well! Off to find a flash drive!02:42
bcbc2paul_: great!02:42
MoPacbcbc2: You wouldn't happen to have any expertise with apt-preferences, would you?02:43
bcbc2MoPac: nope02:43
MoPacSigh.  Dying to figure out how to increase a repository's priority and leave the universe version lower02:44
bcbc2MoPac: don't you just make the version higher in the ppa?02:45
MoPacbcbc2: it's a "lower" version than the universe one, so apt-get is obsessed with using the universe version02:46
Tiitusguys how come it's so freaking complicated to get a live usb to work for god sakes, ive tried 3 different programs and nothing seems to work, I'm trying to get fedora going but my servers have cd rom only, can't use dvds and it seeems usb is failing too02:46
paul_How would I do a network install?02:46
Tiitusfedora is 900mb and won't fit on a cd, so i need someone to help me mount a live usb correctly bcause whatever im doing is clearly not working - thank you02:47
wilee-nileeTiitus, have you tried the fedora usb loader download https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_create_and_use_Live_USB02:48
ChogyDanTiitus: are there any errors?02:48
Tiitusno errors, it just won't load from the usb even when it's chosen as the first boot02:49
Tiitusloops in the bios ( no o/s installed yet)02:49
Tiitusill try that link first, thanks02:49
wilee-nileeTiitus, There is a outside the bios bot from menu are you familiar with getting there?02:49
Tiitustheres 2 bios' ive been in02:50
Tiitusit's an e326 ibm 8848 that im using02:50
wilee-nileeTiitus, Read my question again this has nothing to do with the bios.02:50
debiantoruserIs there easy way, to get /var/mail dir (of sendmail) via web, e.g. like squirellmail, but without any imap and pop3 servers?02:50
DarkDAddyTok peeps. i need some help trying to get ubuntu to install on my win7 machine. it wont work if i do a direct download from the site and use the windows installer, ive tried pendrive's usb program and ive tried ISOtoUSB. all to no avail02:51
bcbc2MoPac: sorry can't help. I've pinned packages using synaptic before, but it doesn't apply to apt-get02:51
paul_DarkDAddyT, Have you configured your boot sequence in the bios. Make sure your pen drive shows up as the first device.02:52
debiantoruserAlso, is there any packages like webmin?02:52
Tiituswilee-nilee: not quite sure how to get there i guess, let me try the loader first i'll see if that works02:52
DarkDAddyTpaul: of course02:52
wilee-nileeTiitus, On computers there is a boot from menu not in the bios reached with a key or set of key prompts at powering on. Mine is f12, yours may be that or f9 or esc or a different key.02:52
bazhang!ebox | debiantoruser02:52
DarkDAddyTevery time i build a new machine i set it for usb then cd then hdd02:52
ubottudebiantoruser: zentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).02:52
Tiituswilee-nilee: There's the f1 menu, f12 and also the DEL menu, ive been using the DEL menu to select boot order02:53
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wilee-nileeTiitus, and that is the bios correct?02:53
Tiituswilee-nilee: f1 menu has nothing i can change, f12 has nothing to do with boot02:53
DarkDAddyTpaul: at the post, it tells me error: no configuration file found. no default or ui directive found02:54
Tiituswilee-nilee: yes02:54
debiantoruserubottu, only zentyal? why webmin doesn't submitted?02:54
ubottudebiantoruser: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:54
debiantoruserbazhang,  only zentyal? why webmin doesn't submitted?02:55
bazhang!webmin | debiantoruser02:55
ubottudebiantoruser: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.02:55
wilee-nileeTiitus, Cool, we want to bypass the bios, your computer has a boot from menu that can be prompted with the right key or keys pressed at powering on, you just have to find what it is. I will google your computer model to find out if you like.02:55
Tiituswilee-nilee: ok, so yeah its ibm e326 "8848" running 2xamd248 and 73gb 10k rpm scsi's02:56
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nellHappy birthday ~~~ William Gibson ~~~03:00
Trickster_helo ?! helo ? helo ?03:01
debiantoruserbazhang,  any thing else like webmin?03:01
Trickster_check it debiantoruser03:02
antsAre there any ways to install Oracle 11g on my Ubuntu 12.04 machine03:04
wilee-nileeTiitus, I can't seem to find a link. When I get a new computer I just power on and starting with one end of the f keys just sweep left or to the right to see which one is the key for the menu, if I can't find it on the web.  I think the problem with using the bios is fast boot setups which don't see cd's or usb at times.03:04
Tiituswilee-nilee: ok, i appreciate you trying, ill see what i can do !03:05
antsTiitus, to use your USB. You need to go to your BIOS settings and change the First device to USB-FDD.03:05
antsTiitus, to use your USB. You need to go to your BIOS settings and change the First device to USB-FDD.03:05
wilee-nileeants, he already has03:05
Tiitusants: I think my device might be bugged out also03:06
Tiitusim going to buy one brand new tomorrow03:06
Tiitusthey're 5$03:06
wilee-nileeTiitus, good luck I have to get back to writing a paper.03:07
Tiituswilee-nilee: alright take care have a good night !03:07
Tiituswilee-nilee: thanks for the help03:07
Tiitusants: have you ever done virtualization with slightly older servers ?03:08
antsTiitus: Nope, I haven't.03:08
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|Xenom|Hi all, I am looking for a start-to-finish guide for server clustering and virtualization. I am slightly above novice (compared to most of the experts in here), any help is greatly appreciated (nothing useful was found on Google..)03:14
grywhat is a good way to keep flash up-to-date? gnash is 10.1, latest from adobe is 11.2, gnash ppa https://launchpad.net/~gnash/+archive/ppa is 0.8.703:21
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Akiva-Mobilejust installed ubuntu on a friends computer; its going to be their first time using it. How do I know if I have the right driver installed?03:29
Akiva-Mobileits an amd machine, and I can't seem to figure out if it should have the ati binary drivers or not03:29
Akiva-Mobileor if it even does!03:30
phong_anyone know Code128 Auto?03:30
phong_if you know Code 128 Auto algorithem please let me know thanks.03:31
simulaAkiva-Mobile ... are you having any problems with your graphics?03:31
=== derp is now known as ________________
Akiva-Mobilesimula: mmm no?03:31
Akiva-Mobilesimula: I havent put it under a stress test yet03:32
phong_does anyone know Code 128 Auto ?03:32
Akiva-Mobileand I just assume that proprietary drivers are best.03:32
shr7kywanna instal hydra on my PC. can any1 lemme knw the procedures n the codings needed?03:32
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robertzaccourIs it possible to disable internet search in the Unity dash? It makes Unity so slow.03:35
somsip!noads| robertzaccour03:36
somsip!adlens | robertzaccour03:37
ubotturobertzaccour: If you wish not to see "More Suggestions" from places like Amazon in your Ubuntu 12.10, simply remove the package unity-lens-shopping, or adjust your Privacy settings as shown here: http://goo.gl/kFO4u . Mark Shuttleworth's blog entry on this is at http://goo.gl/uF7zZ03:37
guest-SxstlYwho do you speak spanish?03:37
robertzaccourOh I fiugured it out thanks anyway.03:37
robertzaccourAnd how do I add and remove stuff from the home lens?03:37
robertzaccourIn the Unity dash where it says home, how do I add and remove stuff?03:41
RobbyFright click and unlock from launcher03:41
paul_Yo! I didn't know unetbootin could install the files to the hard drive and then install linux w/ out a usb stick! That's awesome!03:42
robertzaccourWell the home part of the Unity dash seems pretty useless because I can't modify its contents. How do I remove it?03:45
robertzaccourpaul_: I thought a usb was required. That or an SD card.03:46
holsteinrobertzaccour: unity is not something that is overly customizable.. did you literaly just install? maybe just give it a few days and see what you want/need03:46
paul_robertzaccour, Nope! If you want to install it on the same system you can just install it to your hard drive, boot into unetbootin when you restart. So cool!03:47
derpbonne nuit / good night03:48
TechieOfficerI had back luck with saving the links to recomended books I was given the other day. Does anyone here know of any good books for learning ins and outs of the Terminal (Linux Administration)?03:49
holsteinTechieOfficer: this channel is logged03:49
TechieOfficerholstein: I put it so nothing gets saved on this computer.03:50
twist3dTechieOfficer, http://www.tldp.org/LDP/sag/html/index.html03:50
holsteinTechieOfficer: this channel is logged, and gets "saved"... so you can recall the conversation you had03:51
litropyIf I put my Ubuntu box between my modem and my router (2 NICs), is it any use to try and use HD caching for better performance? Seems like I can't effectively stream Netflix and watch Youtube at the same time, even though I have bandwidth to burn. I've tried QOS within the router, and it didn't do much.03:51
holsteinTechieOfficer: i just started using it.. next time you want to do anything, try and do it in the terminal.. simple file manipulation. irc chat.. downloading a file.. whatever03:52
twist3dlitropy, can you explain that a little further... I doubt the router is adding that much overhead when repackaging the frames to cause any significant delay.  What type of router?03:53
holsteinlitropy: i would do more testing.. youtube is using flash. could have nothing to do with your networking or speeds03:53
TechieOfficerholstein: I can do basic things, but researching each thing I do takes longer than reading a full guide.03:56
litropytwist3d, holstein, it's a D-Link DIR-655. I can watch both at the same time, it's just slow. I was just using that as an example. Essentially, Netflix + anything = slowness, or, for instance, when I'm downloading ubuntu via torrent, the network just clogs up. Netflix trickles, so does the torrent.03:57
holsteinTechieOfficer: there are plenty of "guides".. depending on what you are doing, none should go out of date too fast. still, i would suggest learning by doing.03:57
sergyhey guys i'm trying to figure out what login manager is preinstalled with standart ubuntu 12.1003:58
twist3dlitropy, are you using a physical connection or wireless?03:58
holsteinlitropy: i went into my netfilx account and set the quality lower, though, i had no issues at a high quality03:58
holstein!info lightdm03:58
ubottulightdm (source: lightdm): Display Manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1.4.0-0ubuntu2 (quantal), package size 97 kB, installed size 452 kB03:59
sergyok so how do I run it ?03:59
TimmyTwoToothPlease check this video out - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hjPte3BLVc04:01
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TimmyTwoToothIt's about Ubuntu 12.1004:01
TimmyTwoToothI need help changing themes on Ubuntu. I am a complete newbie when it comes to this kind of stuff. Thanks.04:02
holstein!ot | TimmyTwoTooth04:02
ubottuTimmyTwoTooth: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:02
L8DHello! I need some help! My x-cursor-theme from /etc/alternatives vanished!04:03
L8D'update-alternatives: error: no alternatives for x-cursor-theme'04:03
L8DI tried reinstalling x11-apps. But that didn't help...04:03
sergyso basicly I'm trying to restore my default behavior after I messed up with another windows manager04:04
holsteinL8D: i would test as another user, and go from there04:04
holsteinsergy: you have the ubuntu-desktop metapackage installed?04:04
L8DWhat do you mean? That wouldn't help. It's system-wide package/file.04:05
sergylet me check04:05
tripelbre nexus 7 to have it seen by 12.04 but: the ubuntu maching is isolated from the internet so i have to download what is needed and bring it to it.04:05
L8DIt's a*04:05
holsteinL8D: cool.. wait patiently for another volunteer then.. .cheers!04:05
sergyholstein: yes I do04:06
twist3dsergy, do you have backups?04:06
L8DMy problem is, the file '/etc/alternatives/x-cursor-theme' has been deleted.04:07
twist3dL8D, do you have backups?04:07
L8DAnd I have no idea how to recover it...04:07
holsteinL8D: live cd? another install?04:07
L8Dtwist3d: Unfortunately, no.04:07
sergytwist3d: No But I can try04:07
L8DThis is an almost fresh install04:07
twist3dL8D, before you begin troubleshooting.... conduct a backup now04:07
MoPacsergy: What is the bad behavior that you're seeing?04:07
L8Dtwist3d: I am04:07
holsteinL8D: im suggesting to try and recover the file from a live CD, or another install04:08
L8DBut, can you upload your /etc/alternatives/x-cursor-theme if you're running ubuntu/debian?04:08
twist3dL8D, did you chck /var/log/ for any related log files that may give you some insight?04:08
L8DThat would save me a lot of time...04:08
L8Dtwist3d: Couldn04:09
L8DCouldn't find anything04:09
holsteinsergy: you tried something like sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm ?04:09
sergyMoPac: Ok after I installed the new windows manager which is didn't work corectly It's abviously starting automaticly so I don't get starting screen of lightdm04:09
sergyholstein: Should I try?04:10
holsteinL8D: i dont have that file04:10
holsteinsergy: if you havent, that should set lightdm back04:10
L8Dtry `cat /etc/alternatives/x-cursor-theme`04:10
twist3dL8D,  after installing the theme did you ....  sudo update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme04:10
FsmvI'm having a problem where my internal speakers work but not my headphones. I'm trying to install alsa-hda-dkms from the alsa-daily ppa but it says the 3.7.0-7 kernel is unsupported. Any idea what kernel I should update to?04:10
holsteinL8D: when i look in /etc/alternatives i have no "x-cursor-theme" there04:11
sergyhostein Let me try ..04:11
FsmvOr alternatively, other ideas on fixing the sound issue.04:11
L8Dtwist3d: That's when I first found out. And then, later when updating, I came to it as a problem.04:11
holsteinFsmv: i would try a newer kernel from a live CD.. then you dont "Break" anything testing04:11
litropytwist3d, it's an odd setup. Two DIR-655s. I'm in a huge house, so I have a modem connected to a DIR-655#1 router, and since the DIR-655#2's software doesn't support wireless repeating, and can't be flashed with, for instance, dd-wrt, I've got an ubuntu box receiving my DIR-655#1's wireless signal, and then it sends the DIR-655#2.04:11
twist3dL8D, did you reboot prior to running the command..  have you tried re-downloading and re-installing the theme?04:12
L8Dholstein: Can you even run the code: "sudo update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme"?04:12
Fsmvholstein: Can I just install newer kernels while on a live CD? Don't you have to restart and lose everything in the RAM for that?04:13
L8Dtwist3d: Yes I have...But so far, it doesn't seem like the theme caused the probelm. X-cursor-theme is a standard in debian and ubuntu04:13
twist3dlitropy, are you using ipv4/ipv6 packet kernel forwarding or are you manually routing all traffic to the second router04:13
holsteinFsmv: no, but you should find live CD's with different kernels.. i try older ones too04:14
txt2311Where can I get older Ubuntu isos?04:14
L8DOkay, I'm grabbing a copy from a Live CD...04:14
holsteintxt2311: what are you looking for? i usually just search for them by name...04:15
txt2311holstein: I want to get all older ISO of Ubuntu. We are creating a powerpoint of Ubuntu's timeline for class.04:16
txt2311I was gonna make screenshots of progress of Ubuntu04:16
litropytwist3d, I just used the GUI, went into Network > Wired > IPv4 Settings > Method: Shared to other computers. IPV6 is set to automatic.04:17
holsteintxt2311: i just search "download ubuntu 8.04" or whatever.. usually there are archives04:17
txt2311holstein: Ok. Thanks04:18
twist3dlitropy, so you actually sharing your ubuntu's box's internet connection with router #2 , which then forwards all traffic on router #2's network through the ubuntu box's internet connection to router #1?04:18
litropytwist3d, correct.04:18
holsteintxt2311: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/edgy/ for example04:19
twist3dlitropy, oh my.  Ok. so, go to your ubuntu's box and run a speedtest at speedtest.net04:20
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litropytwist3d, 12down/5up.04:23
sergyholstein: no sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm didnt work now it shows: starting web server apache2  [OK] then blank line and [OK] and cursor goes under second [OK]04:23
litropytwist3d, same for this box I'm on now, connected to RT#204:24
twist3dok so what your doing is you are routing all traffic across a wireless nick on your ubuntu box.  Your internet connection does not matter if you are processing a large amount of data across a NIC that cannot handle the traffic.04:24
sergyholstein: And it frezes :|04:24
twist3dlitropy, regardless of what you pay for, router 2 will never get any more bandwidth than the ubuntu box can support04:24
holsteinsergy: how did it not work? did it offer to reconfigure the login manager? can you get into x?04:25
twist3dif you do choose to run in this configuration, you need to run cable from your ubuntu box to router 1 and then cable from your ubuntu box to router 2.  You can check the performance increase by running a cable from your ubuntu box to router 1 and re run the speed test04:25
twist3dlitropy, I have seen dramatic speed increases when its going across a wire.  If you do not want to run cable there are other alternatives like adapters that route traffic across your home's power connection.  You can find them online easily.04:26
sergyholstein: It says: Unable to resolve host not_vanila04:26
litropytwist3d, I was just streaming vino-server at 1.5 megabytes (not bits) /sec.04:26
litropytwist3d, I hear ya though.04:26
holsteinsergy: it?04:26
sergyholstein: yes04:27
sergyholstein: strange04:27
holsteinsergy: what is it? when you ask for the reonfiguration of the login manager? when you are logging in? when?04:27
twist3dlitropy, it routes alot more than just video, remember every packet it receives, normally two more are transmitted.  1.5mb isnt that much when it comes to video, hence the industry's move away from T-1 for commercial circuits.  If want you want to see everything thats actually being passed... sudo tcpdump -i INTERFACE04:28
twist3dlitropy, my cell phone gets 50mb...04:28
pablo_how may I know the type of my video card?04:28
pablo_./cat /proc/....?04:29
holsteinpablo_: lspci04:29
sergyholstein: yes when I logged in of course by my username04:29
sergyholstein: don't get ur question04:29
holsteinsergy: you say "it" and i dont know what "it" is..04:30
holsteinsergy: try as another user04:30
sergyholstein: ok04:30
pablo_00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Atom Processor D2xxx/N2xxx Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])04:32
pablo_Subsystem: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Device 100b04:32
holstein!paste | pablo_04:32
ubottupablo_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:32
pablo_ok thanks for information04:33
litropytwist3d, T-1 runs 1.5 megaBITS per second. I was streaming vino-server at 1.5 megaBYTES/sec, or 12 megabits/sec.04:33
sergyholstein: ok I logged in as root on tty2 and exec dpkg-reconfigure lightdm - no output then lightdm - failed to use bus name org.freedesktop.DisplayManager, do you have appropriete permittion? but I m root !04:35
holsteinsergy: you shouldnt be..04:37
twist3dlitropy, I apologize for the confusion.  Your connection is slow even at 12 mbps.  Trying a physical connection to Ubuntu Box and see if the performance is increased.04:37
sergyholstein: Ok im creating another user04:37
holsteinsergy: im not sure what all you have changed about your system, but you seem to be far from the stock ubuntu.. youmight consider backing up data and reinstalling. sometimes that can be faster than dealing with issues like that04:37
holsteinsergy: if you have no issues as another user, then you know its just an issue with your user config04:38
twist3dlitropy, once again just an opinion.04:38
sergyholstein: ok now I get what you mean, thanks04:38
holsteinsergy: good luck!.. i must run...04:39
sergyholstein: -_^04:41
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FiresporeWould anyone know why my wifi speed is significantly slower than normal on ubuntu?04:52
FiresporeMy internet is 36/6 and right now it's running 2/.0504:52
LaogeodrittFirespore, have you tested with other computers (wi-fi and wired)? Have you eliminated other possible causes (position/antenna orientations, interference, wi-fi adapter failing, AP failing, problem upstream from your modem i.e. due to your ISP)?04:55
FiresporeLaogeodritt, yes..yes..yes..yes..yes..yes...04:56
FiresporeIt's the ubuntu 12.04 driver.04:56
FiresporeHave had this happen before, dont remember what i did to it..04:56
LaogeodrittFirespore: Ahh. I probably can't help for that kind of issue unless it's easily discoverable on Google. =[ But might be useful to let us know what your wlan adapter is and which driver it's using.04:59
boogie_manhello i'm new to linux. i tried to execute my c++ programs through code blocks IDE in linux, but the output is always "permission denied". can someone suggest a way out of this??  :'(05:08
ZeloZelosis there any tricks to fixing the dc power jack that the area that it mounts in in the laptop case is smashed? buying a bottom case is not worth it, you can buy a new one for another 50 bucks05:27
tripelbre nexus 7 to have it seen by 12.04 but: the ubuntu maching is isolated from the internet so i have to download what is needed and bring it to it.05:34
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ClientAliveif I'm using an ubuntu live cd to work on my installed ubuntu system will I just automatically have access to the installed system or do I have to do something?05:37
wilee-nileeClientAlive, you need to chroot to it to change operating system settings, otherwise a live cd gives you the ability to pull stuf out like a backup05:40
wilee-nilee!chroot }05:41
ClientAlivewilee-nilee: I'm redoing the computer. Have all my backups but am needing to tear down one last volume group (the one the old system is installed on) the pv after that then the vg.05:42
ClientAlivestill requires chroot or is there an alternative?05:42
ClientAliveI think I can find something on the arch site05:43
ClientAlivehow to do it I mean05:43
wilee-nileeClientAlive, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot05:43
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ClientAliveoh cool. thx05:43
wilee-nileeClientAlive, chroot has a few different uses, but from a live cd it allows yopu to run the OS as if you were booted into it.05:44
ClientAliveright on05:45
ClientAliveI don't remember doing it the way I see on that ubuntu page though (don't recall anything about debootstrap when I did a gentoo install)05:45
johngilbroughHow does one retrieve a lost irc nick password?  sendpass says i'm not authorized.05:45
wilee-nileeas far as changing things or removing apps or loading apps05:45
rodrigoBoa noite05:47
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wilee-nileejohngilbrough, Go to the #freenode channel tell them and they will send you a message to your registered email05:48
ClientAlivethat's too confusing. Isn't there some boot cd that just does it for you?05:48
johngilbroughThank you will ---05:48
ClientAliveall I need to do is run like 3 commands against the installed system (but with it not booted up or mounted)05:49
wilee-nileeClientAlive, here is a cheat, this is for chrooting in to change grub it is one single command check it out. http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd/05:49
ClientAliveright on05:50
wilee-nileesame chroot it sets you as root in the OS05:50
Cyclohexaneis there a limit on rm -rf file*? like 15k might cause a problem? lol05:51
ClientAlivewhat would I mount in my case though? For me it is raid across 3 disks, then lvm from vol group to logical vol (the system itself is installed on a logical volume).05:52
ClientAliveI don't think ti05:52
ClientAliveit's gonna be anything like /dev/sdax for me05:53
wilee-nileeCyclohexane, lol you can ran that command in the right way a wipe everything05:53
wilee-nileeClientAlive, I'm not familiar with other then msdos setups05:54
ClientAliveoh, ok05:54
SwedeMikeCyclohexane: yes, usually it doesn't expand into an infinitely long list of files. limit differs between shells I'd imagine.05:54
ClientAlivemaybe I'lll just /dev/zero it far enough in on each disk to wipe out all that accounting data stuff05:55
=== while1eq1_ is now known as while1eq1
caffinei have a video capture device attached via USB. it's kinda working with mplayer with "mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:input=0:norm=ntsc", but when i add audio, it gets skippy and slows and speeds the video. was looking at avconv, but it wants a device (right?)  how do i find the /dev where the capture device has been added?05:59
MrHanjrahhello, i created PXE server for ubuntu 12.04 installation, and i am trying to start the ubuntu installer in VMware (host machine is Windows 8), after the kernel loads, it throws me to the (initramfs) error with BusyBox error,06:00
MrHanjrahsame PXE server hosts Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 and Fedora 18, which can boot properly and the installer starts normally06:01
wooMrHanjrah: do you need to mod the .iso?06:01
wooMrHanjrah: sorry 'Modify' the grub from raw iso?06:02
BigWigSo I installed Linux Mint. However, when I restart it takes me to the Windows Boot Loader instead of Grub. I only have a 128mb flash drive, how do I fix this?06:02
MrHanjrahand yes, the srever itself is Arch Linux box06:02
woo! isomaster | MrHanjrah06:02
psil0cybinHey guys06:02
psil0cybini have a quick question06:03
psil0cybinim running unity2d, and im trying to get the top panel to be transparent, is there anyway06:03
MrHanjrahwoo: I am not sure if i need to modify the grub entry because other OS iso's boot properly06:03
psil0cybinI just upgraded drivers from additional drivers, but it says I have 3D support, but i am not able to run unity 3d06:03
wooMrHanjrah: is it install on the Arch box? or is it raw?06:04
witedsgreetings i was wondering i have changed a few things on my distro and if i update to the newest version i will have to remove it again what are the adverse affects fro not updating with new distro releases06:05
MrHanjrahwoo: ok, i'll tell the scenerio, I have 4 Operating system ISO's (rhel6, fedora18, ubuntu 12.04, Lubuntu 12.04) which are on the Arch box as is it (in ISO format) and which are mounted via fstab (so that they get mounted automatically on every reboot), i have Syslinux packages which is use as a menu for PXE server, and all the MOUNTED iso's are shared via nfs06:07
wilee-nileewiteds, your description would be more helpful if you were specific for example what release are you running and what apps.06:07
wilee-nileeor what changes06:07
jonyhow can I uninstall libreoffice 4 and goback to the one in ubuntu's repository?06:07
MrHanjrahrhel6 and Fedora18 are configured the same way as ubuntu and Lubuntu 12.04 but the problem is that both rhel and fedora iso's boot properly in a VM but *ubuntu iso's put me at the (initramfs) prompt06:08
wooMrHanjrah: could you steal an fstab from a live ubuntu session?06:08
MrHanjrahwoo: already on it06:08
wilee-nileejony, Does it show in the software center, how did you install it?06:08
wooMrHanjrah: do the fstabs match the arch?06:09
witedswell lubuntu 12.10 i removed things like chrome browser if i update to 13.04 when it comes out i usualy  have to do it by disk and install it so the lubuntu-desktop and all the extra stuff i dont realy want is reinstalled06:09
witedsis there any downsides to not updating with your distribution06:09
MrHanjrahwoo: and booting directly from ubuntu iso boots fine in a VM06:09
jonywilee-nilee, I downloaded from the libreoffise site, unpacked, had many deb files, then: sudo dpkg -i *.deb06:10
wilee-nileewiteds, there is a end of life on all releases as of now, after EOL you will have the security updates and others as well.06:10
witedsok so you can only go so far that helps thanks06:11
wooMrHanjrah: and its not the virtual disk grub messing with you then; is the vmware code?06:11
wilee-nileejony, Does it show in the ubuntu software center?06:12
jonyyes, in the history all those packages06:12
MrHanjrahwoo: its VMware Workstation 906:12
wilee-nileewiteds, I left out the NO security updates is what I meant06:12
jonywilee-nilee, yes, in the history all those packages06:13
jonywilee-nilee, no, sorry, it shows only the ubuntu's version06:13
wilee-nileejony, remove it from there, then run a install from the terminal sudo apt-get install libreoffice06:13
wooMrHanjrah: did you try lubuntu or another not gnome3 ubuntu flavor?06:13
MrHanjrahwoo: Lubuntu is the same06:14
wilee-nileejony, Ah I see, I'm not sure on removing it otherwise, sorry.06:14
MrHanjrahstuck at (initramfs)06:14
wooMrHanjrah: Lubuntu is up?06:14
wooMrHanjrah: ya thats a ubuntu issue if the other os's are up and responding.06:14
witedsyes so you can only go so far before you have to update for the security  benefit  hence you can only take it so far06:15
MrHanjrahwoo: yes, rhel6 (gnome 2) and fedora (gnome 3) are fine, the installer boots as it should06:15
wilee-nileewiteds, Not sure if you know this but 12.04 is covered for 5 years06:15
wooMrHanjrah: see im not very good at this I would just load 10.04 and update06:16
witedsyes i know06:16
wooMrHanjrah: might lead you back to busybox06:16
MrHanjrahwoo: i guess something is wrong with the configuration of PXE server itself, because if the iso can boot directly, it should boot from the PXE because PXE itself is holding the same image file06:17
witedsi was just trying to find out if it would be better to update with the distribution when it comes and i am ready for it or to stick with my current setup and what would be an issue if i didn't update and you answered that and i am thank full06:18
wooMrHanjrah: I would try it from a live puppy linux session on the windows machine and see if it worked that way too06:20
woo! ot | woo ./sorry06:22
ubottuwoo ./sorry: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:22
psilocybinnhey guys can someone try and help me get transparency working on my unity2d panel?06:23
wooHow do I stop nmap from giving up my localhost name?06:27
Akiva-Mobilehow do I authorize ubuntu to access my facebook account?06:28
psilocybinngod damit lol! the top panel has transparency when im using the launcher (looking at apps)06:31
psilocybinnbut i cant just set it to always be like that >.<06:31
woo! language | psilocybinn06:31
ubottupsilocybinn: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:31
woono worries06:32
woopsilocybinn: I just pile on a bunch of fullscreen terminals to dim the screen ;)06:33
Akiva-Mobileuhmmmm, just installed ati drivers, catalyest etc, and rebooted. All I get now is a desktop, with no unity; help!06:33
wooAkiva-Mobile: type man unity06:33
wooAkiva-Mobile: did it work?06:34
wooAkiva-Mobile: is it installed?06:34
pppZerowoo, re: nmap giving up the hostname, how do you mean?06:34
woopppZero: local area hostnames06:34
Akiva-Mobilewoo, This is a fresh install of ubuntu, just trying to get it setup for a friend06:34
jonywilee-nilee, I managed to remove it06:35
wooAkiva-Mobile: if "man unity" didn't work try sudo apt-get install uni(TAB KEY)06:35
wooAkiva-Mobile: wait06:36
wooAkiva-Mobile: does "which unity" work?06:36
wilee-nileejony, Cool. :)06:36
Akiva-Mobilewoo sec06:36
pppZerowoo, `nmap -n ` will scan without looking up hostnames06:37
Akiva-Mobileall I see is a little box in the right bottom corner06:37
wooAkiva-Mobile: ya unistalled itself :)06:37
Akiva-Mobilebloody ati drivers.06:37
Akiva-Mobileglad I have intel on my lappy.06:37
psilocybinnanyone know if transparency works with MetaCity on Unity2d/?06:37
wooAkiva-Mobile: did it to me once.  had to use the failsafe session to restore the old video driver06:37
psilocybinnjust for the top panel06:37
jonywilee-nilee, sudo apt-get autoremove sudo apt-get purge libreoffice*  sudo apt-get autocleansudo apt-get autoremove06:37
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
wooAkiva-Mobile: I think it works if you reinstall unity06:37
Akiva-Mobilewoo sudo apt-get install unity?06:38
jonywilee-nilee, and after that sudo apt-get install libreoffice06:38
woopppZero: ya I dont want it found06:38
wooAkiva-Mobile: do you have ubuntu center?06:38
wilee-nileejony, I wondered if a standard purge would do it, makes sense with the type of install.06:38
wooAkiva-Mobile: or is it in a terminal session?06:38
Akiva-Mobilewoo all I have is a wallpaper on f7, and a terminal in f1 through f606:39
Akiva-Mobileand unity is already installed :P06:40
jonyhow can I crypt a folder to access it only by entering a password06:40
Akiva-MobileI just checked...06:40
wilee-nileejony, I use trucrypt to make crypt, then put it in a folder.06:40
wooAkiva-Mobile: on sec06:41
wooAkiva-Mobile: I want to check my thought process :)06:41
Akiva-MobileI used to love amd :(06:41
wooAkiva-Mobile: It did it to my nvidia06:42
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pppZerowoo, easiest way is to setup iptables to drop (not block) all incomming connections - but then you have to allow incoming connections on anything you actually want to use (ie: ssh) - if you want to be really-really stealth, look into port knocking06:42
jelly-homejony: file oriented solutions: encfs (fuse-based), eCryptfs (kernel driver based)06:43
wooAkiva-Mobile: ok the way I did it was just sudo apt-get install unity: then rebooted into an xsession and removed additonal driver06:43
Akiva-Mobilewoo I still have unity installed06:43
Akiva-Mobilethats the thing.06:43
wooAkiva-Mobile: I used shift in grub to access the other kernel06:44
MrHanjrahok, so where is the kernel directory on the live/installation cd? is it vmlinuz under 'casper' directory or somewhere else? maybe named something else?06:44
wooAkiva-Mobile: ya it there an not there its strange06:44
Akiva-Mobilejust going to try to uninstall the driver06:44
wooAkiva-Mobile:if you download the newest experimental they need help to run06:44
wooAkiva-Mobile: might work06:45
Akiva-Mobilefglrx is the driver name, right?06:45
Akiva-Mobilewhatever, too late now, I pressed enter :p06:46
wooAkiva-Mobile: I used sudo apt-get remove nvidia-expermintal-12306:46
=== Guest30764 is now known as beachbrake
gaze__Hey devs, what packages are associated with wireless connectivity? I don't mean that as "how do I install them," I'm looking to strip down an xubuntu install and don't understand how exactly all the wireless card stuff actually gets pulled in06:46
Akiva-Mobilewoo; i bet nvidia drivers would work better for this amd chipset...06:46
gaze__I see gnome-network-manager06:47
Akiva-Mobilegaze__: 2006 called, they want their wrapper back.06:47
wooAkiva-Mobile: I give ati a higher score then nvidia for preformance06:47
wooAkiva-Mobile: they are like n64 and ps06:47
gaze__Akiva-Mobile : I don't understand06:48
Akiva-Mobilewoo: I am only buying intel integrated for now on.06:48
Akiva-Mobilegaze__: Just kidding around. messing with wireless was such a headache back then.06:48
gaze__I know. That's why i want to strip down an ubuntu install rather than design my own distro06:49
woo!ty | pppZero06:49
ubottupppZero: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)06:49
gaze__like I just don't understand how exactly all the card stuff actually gets pulled in.06:49
gaze__like, wpa_supplicant. Who pulls that in?!06:49
gaze__networkmanager, etc06:50
jonywilee-nilee, and crypted with trucrypt it's remain crypted even if it will try to access it in other OS?06:50
aeon-ltdgaze__: why don't you just use a distro that already is stripped down?06:50
gaze__because I want to understand what's going on in the first place, regardless of what I end up creating06:51
Akiva-Mobileubottu: Do you love Mark Shuttleworth?06:51
ubottuAkiva-Mobile: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:51
aeon-ltdgaze__: understand what?06:52
wilee-nileejony, Yes if you do it right I forget the choice, My crypt is accessible in windows and linux06:52
gaze__let's fully exclude what it is I'm doing. What's the dependency graph on xubuntu-desktop that pulls in wpa_supplicant06:52
jelly-homegaze__: aptitude why wpa_supplicant06:53
wilee-nileejony, remains encrypted against any OS and is open with password in those OS's06:53
woob | ubottu06:53
wilee-nilee!cookie | woo06:54
ubottuwoo: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!06:54
hamid0000hi i have the last version of tor but it does not work i run it in terminal and mozilla proxy is set06:54
woosry didnt work06:55
gaze__jelly-home : sweet! Would you mind running that on a machine and pastebinning the result?06:55
ubottub is an IRC channel mode that you don't want on your hostmask.06:55
jelly-homegaze__: I don't have xubuntu nearby.06:55
gaze__ubuntu I'm sure will have similar results, kubuntu, whatever... it'll at least be a lead06:56
jelly-homegaze__: I don't, in fact, have any ubuntu nearby.06:56
gaze__ah ha! okay.06:56
gaze__thanks though!06:56
pppZerogaze__, first off do `apt-file update` and it'll download the package list stuff, then `apt-file -l find <path_to_file>`and it'll tell you what package installed that file for you06:57
* jelly-home is here pretyt much just to snoop on people running ubuntu and asking both here and in #debian06:57
pppZerobut, as always, someone gave a better answer, faster :]06:58
AAAI can type07:05
the_dark_knightHi, I have a README.md file. Where do I check how it gets parsed into. In short how do I check what it's output looks like?07:05
vadi21the_dark_knight: install ReText from the software center, and it will show you07:11
Whitesquallthe_dark_knight: http://www.ctrlshift.net/project/markdowneditor/ - first link in the google07:11
the_dark_knightvadi21: Whitesquall Thanks.07:12
izxI am unable to close soffice in ubuntu 12.10 using killall?  Any other way?07:14
AAAthe_dark_knight: start with file <that file name you just said>, if it is ascii you can you less or more or view or (....)07:16
bergelmirCan someone tell me how to restart gnome-keyring-daemon? It eats up my memory :(07:17
AAAbergelmir: service <foo> restart; but you most likely have a misconfiguration07:18
bergelmirAAA: gnome-keyring-daemon: unrecognized service07:18
AAAbergelmir: use ps to find out waht the process/pid is. like ps auxfwwww07:19
AAAand look throught the output and go from there07:19
AAAdon't paste it07:20
AAAbergelmir: these are just general troubleshooting tips. not specific07:21
bergelmirokay, killed the process and started a new one. got my memory back and i hope everything is still working :)07:23
bergelmirAAA: thanks!07:23
AAAbergelmir: np. when in doubt, read the man page07:25
AAAbergelmir: and if you're new, rean 10 man pages for ever command you don't understand, because they probably relate07:25
dr_willisat the end of many man pages  - theres some 'see also/related' section. ;)07:39
EnichGreatings.   I have been trying to figure out how to do a unattended installation of the ubuntu minimalcd via virt-install for libvirt.  I would like to install it from a local iso, because of slow a slow internet connection.   Is there anyone with expertise on this topic whom would be able to help me with this or give me some pointers. I can fire up the commandline and initialize a installation, but its the unattended part that is giving me a grey hair   (iv07:39
Enichasked in the official libvirt)07:39
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oalShouldn't cronjobs be run automatically on Ubuntu Desktop the way they do on a server, as long as they're in the crontab?08:18
dr_willisthats how they work on all my desktop systems oal08:18
Seveasoal: cron on Ubuntu Desktop is no different from on ubuntu server08:18
dr_willisNot a lot of differnce underneeth on a desktop or server these days ;08:18
oalIt's odd because they don't seem to run. Is there any log file I can check out to see what's going on with my cronjobs then?08:19
zerooneoneif i'm running precise can i install raring ringtail packages?08:20
dr_willisyou dont want to mix releases08:20
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging08:20
zerooneonecat i apt-cache search backports?08:21
dr_willisits a repo. you can add.. so yes.08:21
dr_willisNot sure whats In backports.. might not be anything in it at this time08:21
zerooneonei want the latest ec2 tools maybe i should just compile them myself08:23
dr_willisthere might be a ppa for them.08:23
satoru_does xubuntu have its own irc :308:23
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge08:23
satoru_I could have guessed it haha >:)08:23
dr_willisrepos - ppas - source -- normaly order to try to install stuff08:24
natsukaogood morning, afternnon, evening, night08:25
natsukaoi found polipo08:26
natsukaobut it was supported til l2012 from Archlinux for X86_6408:26
natsukaoi have not found the source code of polipo in Archlinux08:26
natsukaowill be interesting to have the last updates til l2012 from Archlinux,08:27
natsukaoso will be possible to have a recent one08:27
natsukaoi wrote to Archlinux, i hope to receive a reply08:27
natsukaosincerely i don't understand why was nont distributed the source code08:28
* dr_willis wonders how much longer this will go on.. befor it relates to Ubuntu support....08:28
natsukaoanyway polipo is distributed with a X11 License08:28
natsukaoubuntu updates it till 201008:29
natsukaowith the version 10..4.1-1.208:29
dr_willisfirst google hit i find. shows sources ....    http://www.pps.univ-paris-diderot.fr/~jch/software/polipo/08:29
natsukaothat are more old than Ubuntu and than Archlinux08:30
natsukaoArchlinux supported it till 2012 for cpu X86_64 bit08:30
dr_willisthe last commit on the git tree was over 6 mo ago.08:30
dr_willislooks like it may be a dead project to me08:31
natsukaoeh, well i suppose it's correct08:31
natsukaobut there is not way to have polipo08:31
natsukaopolipo arrives to 264kb08:31
natsukaoTor is 2mb08:32
dr_willisthe homepage shows how to get the latest via git.08:32
natsukaobut with that shit of X, vidalia, FireFox, it arrives to 85Mb08:32
natsukaoit's not good dr_willis for router and forur router wi-fi08:32
dr_willisnatsukao:  so... do you have an actual ubuntu support question?08:33
zerooneonethanks dr_willis looks like i have to complile08:33
natsukaoyes, a polipo version for cpu mips, mipsel, arm, armel, X86 32bit, x86 to 64 bit, sparc, powerpc, alpha, mvme, 680x008:34
natsukaoand many othe ones08:34
llutz!info polipo08:35
ubottupolipo (source: polipo): a small, caching web proxy. In component universe, is optional. Version (quantal), package size 186 kB, installed size 599 kB08:35
* dr_willis still has missed the actual ubuntu support question.....08:35
llutzso what is your point natsukao? any ubuntu related question?08:35
natsukaoif polipo is dead, it's arrived the moment to go to the Fork and to do a new verion totally GPL'd08:35
llutzso what is your point natsukao? any ubuntu related question?08:35
llutz!ot | natsukao08:36
ubottunatsukao: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:36
natsukaowill be my intention to have polipo source code, thanks ubottu08:36
llutznatsukao: "git clone git://git.wifi.pps.univ-paris-diderot.fr/polipo"  done08:37
natsukaoisn't a support channel polipo ? for the simple fact that there is nont a maintener from 3 years08:37
natsukaothanks llutz08:37
llutz!alis | natsukao08:37
ubottunatsukao: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*08:37
dr_willisGiven how little work seems to be getting done on it.. i would be suprised theres a dedicated irc channel08:39
dr_willisSource code is ag the Polipo homepage...08:39
natsukaoconnection refused08:39
dr_willisworking fine here...08:39
dr_willisor download the tar.gz sources08:41
=== racedo` is now known as racedo
natsukaothat is the source code to download ?08:44
dr_willisits right there on the download link on the apps homepage08:44
okdamndoes Ubuntu Mobile is been relased?08:44
okdamni have a n7000 samsung ,android based, i would like to put ubuntu mobile on08:45
okdamnis it possible?08:45
okdamnubuntu mobile?08:46
sofyanhello all08:46
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch08:46
dr_willisand its at very very early stages...08:47
* dr_willis goes off to play skyrim. ;P08:51
LinaSovereignHey !08:51
okdamnanybody installed ubuntu mobile?08:53
okdamnubuntu touch08:53
dr_willisNot bothered with it yet..08:54
somsipokdamn: discussion in #ubuntu-touch like you were just told08:54
okdamnok thx08:54
dr_williswas going to flash my Nexus7 this weekend. ;) but havent seen much need to..  yet.08:56
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elena-IKsound stops, if I switch to one of the virtual terminals or to a second X server. how do I change that?08:59
imarkelena-IK: log in09:01
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natsukaoi finishws now to copy any single file to put in the diredtory polipo that i created09:10
=== t_kjaergaard is now known as t_kjaergaard|bnc
natsukaook, compressed 489kb, uncompressed 8mb polipo09:18
cfhowlettspirit_, yes we see you09:19
llutznatsukao: still, what is your ubuntu-related question? if you don't have any, please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic or any other related channel09:19
natsukaowill be a pleasure to send to my friends developers, to do a Fork, and to port it without a single row om other architectures and with a different name09:20
natsukaobye bye09:20
natsukaothanks again for the help09:20
LyzardKingwhere can I ask for help with the ubuntu-sdk?09:28
devswaphi all - is libre office about the best opensource office package ?09:30
cfhowlettGyro54, greetings09:30
cfhowlettdevswap, some would say .... compare to open office.09:30
Gyro54I am trying to connect a Sierra Aircard 320U which is recognised but will not connect to the service?09:30
Neutron01_is there any shortcut to open terminal?09:31
devswapcfhowlett: I thought that open office was to be discontinued - is this wrong / been changed?09:31
Gyro54How can I test the unit?09:31
cfhowlettdevswap, wrong.  open office is still active just no longer supported by oracle09:31
devswapcfhowlett: oh ok - maybe I will check that out then as I prefered it to libre office09:32
cfhowlettdevswap, many OO developers have switched to Libre so libre is in many ways now more current coded that oo09:32
hanshello there, im a new ubuntu user, i have a  problem and found the solution, but i dont't know how to do it. this is the link of the "solution" http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/xserver/commit/?id=2d4fda4b09e67e47d3e6fc4743fc6e81bfe40f2809:32
k1l_Neutron01_: ctrl+alt+t09:33
Neutron01_thank k1l_09:33
Gyro54devswap: The latest Libre is hard to beat09:33
ejvhans: Ubuntu uses pre-compiled binaries for its environment, you can't really incorporate that fix without some "work", for very advanced users only.09:34
devswapgyro54: just updating to it now09:34
ejvhans: I'd suggest putting pressure on the Xorg PPA devs to release a new binary for you that ships with that patch.09:35
devswapgyro54: there isnt a scaled down version from android is there?09:35
hansejv, look at the 2 last comments here https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=13832209:35
Gyro54devswap: not yet. They are working on it09:35
k1l_devswap: for android support please ask in the android channels09:36
cfhowlettdevswap, see http://www.mediabistro.com/appnewser/libre-office-coming-to-android_b2442209:36
devswapthanks all09:36
ejvhans: Arch is a rolling release distribution that uses slotted packaging (AFAIK); so it's not a basis for comparison; Check out the PPA and see if there's a binary that was built with the fix you're looking for. At least, that's what I'd do, before filing a new bug.09:38
Neutron01_how can i install this package by sudo apt-get install http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/nattybleed/natty/main/base/libglew1.6-dev09:39
Neutron01_this pacakge is avaialbe on internet but09:39
Neutron01_when typing sudo apt-get install it saying unknow09:39
ejvNeutron01_: which version do you want? 32bit or 64bit?09:40
Neutron01_32 bit09:40
hansejv, im a new linux user, cant u give me more steps on how to do it... i even dont know how to search a ppa..please09:40
cfhowlettNeutron01_, natty is end of life ...09:40
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades09:40
ejvNeutron01_: you need to actually *go* to the website, then copy the full link to the .deb package you're interested in; example: wget http://ppa.launchpad.net/natty-bleed/ppa/ubuntu/pool/main/g/glew/libglew1.6-dev_1.6.0-3~ppa1~natty1_i386.deb && dpkg -i libglew1.6-dev-*09:41
=== t_kjaergaard|bnc is now known as t_kjaergaard
Neutron01_ejv ok thanks09:41
ejvNeutron01_: Also, I would *not* use ubuntuupdates.org. Use the PPA directly. Much safer and more current.09:41
Neutron01_ppa how, i never used it before09:41
Neutron01_ejv i mostly type apt-get install09:42
ejvNewWorld: it looks like glews source package is in the primary repo, what does sudo apt-get install libglew1.6-dev do?09:43
ejvNeutron01_: ^09:43
ejvNeutron01_: reference: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+package/libglew1.6-dev09:44
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:45
Neutron01_thanks ejv09:46
ejvhans: patching and compiling packages is heavily documented, it's not something I (personally) have time to walk you through unfortunately, and I wouldn't want to because of the support nightmare it introduces if you break dependencies on other packages.09:46
ejvhans: for starters check out: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware and http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man1/patch.1.html09:47
hansok ejv thanks...09:48
ejvhans: according to the comments you left, the xorg fix you're interested in, made its way upstream, chances are the fix is actually already included, and you have a different, but similar problem. When all else fails, file a bug report on the Xorg Launchpad.09:48
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hansejv, few years ago i was trying to do this, and i found a solution, something with pacman repository, but i switched to windows and forgot everything... ill try to find the solution for this problem...but i dont remember a lot of things of this OS...09:51
ejvhans: if you're using arch, there's a seperate channel for that :)09:51
k1l_pacman is not ubuntu specific09:51
=== Termana is now known as Guest56236
hansejv im using ubuntu09:52
ejvyou mean it's not arch specific k1l_ ?09:52
k1l_i wanted to say, that ubuntu doesnt use pacman09:52
hansoh...i get it...09:52
ejvk1l_: indeed :)09:53
ejvhans: this is ubuntu and in ubuntu land, we use dpkg. Package managers are not interchangeable.09:53
hansejv, ill read this after the two links u send before09:55
hansejv thanks09:55
benedicthi, why don't i have language support like shown here http://pinyinjoe.com/linux/ubuntu-12-chinese-setup.htm09:57
ubottubenedict,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:58
hansejv, look what i found please https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/953960?comments=all10:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 953960 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Mouse scrolling works randomly with games using DGA for mouseinput" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:00
hamidddddhi i have the last vesion of tor but i cant work with it. its runned in terminal and mozila proxy is set. please help10:01
hansejv, Here's a workaround:10:01
hansSDL_VIDEO_X11_DGAMOUSE=0  (where do i have to type this)10:01
Gyro54My 4G sierra modem is recognised by 12.10 but will not connect.10:02
cfhowletthamiddddd, you can find more support directly from tor at www.torproject.org10:03
hamidddddbut i did every thing it said i just dont know whats the problem it was working before10:04
hamiddddd but i did every thing it said i just dont know whats the problem it was working before cfhowlett10:04
cfhowletthamiddddd, very few tor users here so you might want to go to the source ...10:04
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
hamidddddcfhowlett: sorry how can i go there?10:05
cfhowletthamiddddd, www.troproject.org10:05
* cfhowlett ... has dyslexic fingers tonight10:06
donttrustem can anyone help me with a  video problem please.  i have installed ubuntu 12.04 on my compaq presario desktop but when in boots to the desktop the screen breaks up and changes color10:07
cfhowlettdonttrustem, is this a new issue?10:08
donttrustemcfhowlett: yeah this is the first time I have installed it10:09
cfhowlettdonttrustem, was the computer working properly before ...10:09
donttrustemyeah ... windows 710:09
ubottudonttrustem,: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter10:09
cfhowlettdonttrustem, try no mode set ... you might need to jiggle your gpu to get the settings right ...10:10
donttrustemI am trying to get into this mode to edit the boot option but cannot find the command10:11
cfhowletthelmut_, greetings10:11
donttrustemcfhowlett: what key do i press so I can edit the boot optiion10:12
decciI am trying to setup hadoop over lustre. I have 1 MDS, 2 OSS/OST and 1 Lustre Client. Will installing Hadoop over one lustreClient1 be enough?10:12
cfhowlettdonttrustem, reboot and when the grub screen appears, hit "e"10:12
donttrustemI don't get the grub screen though ... just boots into the the desktop10:13
k1l_donttrustem: press shift10:13
cfhowlettdonttrustem, To set kernel boot options, you must edit your grub configuration. You can do this temporarily for a single boot by entering the grub menu. If you do not get to see the grub boot menu after the bios automatically, you may have to press SHIFT key after the bios logo to get in to grub:10:13
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=== zz_Karbowiak is now known as Karbowiak
hamiddddhi i have the last version of tor but its not working everything is ser in terminal and mozila. and i cant go to tor website too its filtered10:19
=== tcolomb is now known as noony
zorgsis this the place for a few console related questions?10:20
cfhowlettzorgs, greetings10:20
zorgsrelatively advanced I reckon10:20
zorgscfhowlett, oi10:20
cfhowlettzorgs, go for it10:20
zorgsso I have this console app which is let's say a server of some kind10:21
zorgsit's running something and it is a console app10:21
zorgsI start it with a script in a screen session10:21
zorgsso it stays always on when I break my telnet session10:21
zorgswhat I want to do is...10:21
zorgscontrol this from a script.. like if I type "save" in the console, and hit enter... it will save.10:22
zorgsif I want a script that makes the server save every hour.. I want a crontab executing that script every hour but how can I send "save\n" to that process?10:22
zorgscouldn't find anything useful on stackxchange10:23
cfhowlettzorgs, might be a good question for the CLI ninjas on #ubuntu-server10:25
k1l_zorgs: imho, the server app you are running should provide that feature. not ubuntu itself10:25
maveasI'm trying to use xdmcp with lightdm over ssh but I'm getting "Failed to load session Ubuntu". Any ideas what might be wrong? (Have been googling for a long time now and I added enabled=true to lightdm.conf10:26
zorgsall righty10:26
zorgsthere's a separate server channel didn't know10:26
zorgsgood idea10:26
donttrustemcfhowlett: if I use nomodest the desktop just looks up10:28
maveasBtw, X forward is enabled too. I am able to spawn remote applications..10:28
LinuxianHello, guys. How I can disable colors in bash? I know that I can use "ls --color=none" but for some commands that doesn't work (for example "top"). Is there any option line in xterm "xterm -cm"?10:28
abderraoufwhat is xubuntu 13.04 kernel version? and what is xubuntu 13.04 xfce version?10:28
DJones!13.04 | abderraouf10:28
ubottuabderraouf: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+110:28
donttrustemactually I dont get to the desktop it just locks on ubuntu screen10:28
abderraoufxubuntu beta 1 :p10:29
k1l_abderraouf: use the #ubuntu+1 channel for development releases10:29
donttrustemii am getting gpu lockup10:30
abderraoufwhat is xubuntu 13.04 kernel version? and what is xubuntu 13.04 xfce version?10:30
DJonesabderraouf: See the link ubottu gave you a minute or so ago10:31
ubottuabderraouf,: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+110:31
cfhowlettdonttrustem, but you DO get the login screen?10:31
donttrustemcfhowlett: no10:32
donttrustemit doesn't get that far now10:32
cfhowlettdonttrustem, possible that your card is not supported but you should at least see the login screen ...10:32
donttrustemnvidia geforce10:32
janisozaurhow can i see what are available settings for LC_TIME and what do they set?10:33
zorgsk1l_, I meant minecraft server specifically, if I want to control it remotely, how would I go about doing that?10:33
donttrustemcfhowlett: it worked after in the install and then just killed the screen10:33
cfhowlettdonttrustem, so you got ONE boot and then nothing?10:34
donttrustemcfhowlett: no i reboot a couple of times10:34
cfhowlettdonttrustem, did you md5sum the ISO?  and also check the boot disk for errors10:35
donttrustemcfhowlett: OK it has booted now but I get the broken screen10:35
ubottudonttrustem,: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto10:36
druidmanI just installed ubuntu and it is running really slow I was wondering what I can do to fix it.I have an Acer netbook and the newest version of ubuntu10:36
osamaBinSchwartzi'm that nigger10:36
DJonesosamaBinSchwartz: Stop that10:36
ubottuosamaBinSchwartz,: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!10:36
k1l_!guidelines > osamaBinSchwartz10:37
ubottuosamaBinSchwartz, please see my private message10:37
druidmananyone able to help me?10:38
cfhowlettdruid, try lubuntu or xubuntu ... both are optimized for low spec machines10:39
druidmanokay thank you10:39
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donttrustemcfhowlett: I have dropped  into recovery mode and the root shell ...  the card detected is a Geforce 7300 LE rev a110:42
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=== dobalina-1 is now known as dobalina
donttrustemanyone here10:51
NewWorlddonttrustem:  literally, no one is here.10:53
ubottudonttrustem,: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto10:53
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mushy_anyone with experience using a touchscreen and evdev?10:59
jonyhow can I specify to mount all of the shares of an IP in /etc/fstab ?11:01
donttrustemcfhowlett: the problem is I cannot get to the desktop to fix the driver siiuses11:01
cfhowlettdonttrustem, type up a description of the issue with ALL the details ... card version, hardware etc.  Paste that up and ask your query in this channel from time to time.  Also check the forums.  You'll probably find a solution.  Sorry, but nvidia is not my area of knowledg11:05
benedicthi, if I want to install "language support" in ubuntus software center, what packages would that be for apt-get? is it the packages listed under "verion"?11:06
=== branant_ is now known as branant
jonyhow can I specify to mount all of the shares of an IP in /etc/fstab ?11:08
sayedanyone there11:08
cfhowlettbenedict, language support is installed by default.  You still need to add the language you want.11:09
DJonessayed: You'll get a shopck if all 1765 people reply saying yes, just ask your question11:09
borovhi, everybody. Maybe somebody know why autofs don't work after system restart (Ubuntu 12.04). "/etc/init.d/autofs status" writing that autofs is running.11:10
cfhowlettsayed, what do you want to ask.11:10
sayedhiiii i am trying to install ubuntu 10.4 server on hp proliant g7 server but itz asking me for cd rom driver11:10
Linuxianhow I can disable colors in xterm?11:10
Sacrelicious_hey all, if anyone is around i need some help installing ubuntu11:12
cfhowlettSacrelicious_, ask11:12
cfhowlettsayed, maybe ask in #ubuntu-server channel11:12
Sacrelicious_okay so i had an issue with my windows system, i decided to give ubuntu a shot, figuring if i installed it off a usb key it would likely wipe my harddrive and give me a clean slate11:13
Sacrelicious_in any case, i attempted to do so, but i got a black screen of death, upon researching i figured out that i had to hit shift and try run it in nomodeset, likely a graphical issue11:13
cfhowlettSacrelicious_, good so far ...11:13
Sacrelicious_so when i did that i got an error message saying "KVM disabled by bios", I found a VT option in my bios, enabled it, and gave another shot to running it off my usb key, apparently i need to run it and update the driver and then attempt installing it again11:14
soeehi, how can i dynamically put current date into zip filename ?11:14
Sayed_hiiii i am trying to install ubuntu 10.4 server on hp proliant g7 server but itz asking me for cd rom driver11:14
Sacrelicious_okay, except this time, after the splash screen, theres a red cursor in the top left corner of my screen, after about 2 seconds a message flashes thats too fast to read, then the black screen of death again.11:14
cfhowlettsayed, ask in #ubuntu-server channel11:14
Sayed_coiuld u plz provide me link for ubuntu server channel???11:15
DJonessayed: Can you give a bit more detail, how are you installing, cd or usb key, and at what point do you get the error? As cfhowlett says, I'd ask that in #ubuntu-server11:15
cfhowlett!server|sayed, #ubuntu-server11:15
DJonessayed: /join #ubuntu-server11:15
ubottusayed, #ubuntu-server: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server11:15
Sacrelicious_i am also running in nomodeset as well, as i was instructed by a video i saw on youtube.11:16
Sayed_infact i already have server 10.4 ver11:16
borovMaybe somebody knows why autofs don't work after system restart (Ubuntu 12.04). "/etc/init.d/autofs status" writing that autofs is running.11:17
Sayed_i have server 10.4 ver11:17
Sayed_plz help11:18
vyzehi people. I need some help: i lost connection to domain '.org' - i cannot get answer for any site like www.example.org. When i try to ping site, it shows   'unknown host'11:18
Sayed_ubuntu server 10.4 asking for cd drivers while installing the OS11:19
Sacrelicious_anyone have any idea what could be the problem?11:19
cfhowlettSayed_, ask in the server channel!  #ubuntu-server11:20
chrisrIm running 12.04 on my Dell E6530 laptop but suspend doesn't work - it doesn't come back to life.  Is there something I can do to fix this or shall I just give up now?11:21
=== fisted_ is now known as fisted
Sacrelicious_can anyone help with the black screen of death upon trying to install ubuntu? i've been trying for hours.11:24
Sacrelicious_nomodeset is not working11:25
borovMaybe somebody knows why autofs don't work after system restart (Ubuntu 12.04). "/etc/init.d/autofs status" writing that autofs is running.11:25
cfhowlettchrisr, do you have a swap partition?11:25
chrisrcfhowlett: yes I have a swap partition11:26
cfhowlettmysterty, greetings11:30
dr_willisSacrelicious_:  whats your video chipset(S)11:30
Sacrelicious_honestly, i'm unsure, i'm running a hp pavillion g series, apparently this model is notorious for trying to install linux onto11:31
Sacrelicious_unfortunately, i cant get into my os to find out because it will not boot at the moment.11:31
mystertyI'm trying to giving rights to a group "devs" to "myfolder". So i create my group,  i did "chgrp -R devs myfolder", then "adduser user1 devs" for each user. But i'm still having this issue : cp: cannot create regular file `/var/www/myfolder/sub/file': Permission denied11:32
chrisrcfhowlett: Do you think it's possible then?11:32
mysterty(i also did chmod -R 775 mydolder)11:32
Sacrelicious_let me do some googling, i will let you know in a moment11:33
cfhowlettchrisr, usually I've noticed resume failing due to swap issues.  as you have, I don't know enough to advise you.  please ask your query in the channel again11:33
dr_willisSacrelicious_:  a live  cd will let you find out most likely11:33
Sacrelicious_live cd of? windows?11:34
dr_willisSacrelicious_:  knowing your video card is like one of the first things you should have looked into.11:34
dr_williswindows does not have a live  cd as far as i know11:34
dr_willisthe ubuntu cd is a live cd11:34
dr_willistheres other disrtos out that are also live cds11:34
Sacrelicious_ah, well i'm trying to boot it off a usb stick at the moment and run it off of it, is that the same thing?11:34
Sacrelicious_its integrated intel11:35
dr_willisare you sure you made the usb stick correctly?11:35
dr_willisand are you sure its not INTEL + some other chip11:35
Sacrelicious_i did, i used a specific program for it11:35
Sacrelicious_it is intel, i do know that.11:36
Sacrelicious_the program i used for setting up the usb key was the universal USB install11:37
Sacrelicious_i used the iso file to turn it into a bootable drive11:37
dr_willisso  what exactly happens when you boot from it?11:37
Sacrelicious_well i get the purple screen with the keyboard on the bottom, thats where it was crashing11:38
Sacrelicious_so i hit shift, go to nomodeset, and try to boot ubuntu from the key, i get another splash screen that says ubuntu and has the loading bar,11:38
Sacrelicious_then i get a red cursor in the top left corner for a second or two, something flashes on the screen, and it goes black.11:38
dr_willisif your system is a dual-gpu optimus system that can cause issues.11:38
dr_willisMost intel drivers are allready included by default11:39
Sacrelicious_any potential workaround for that?11:39
borovguys, why autofs don't work after system restart. "/etc/init.d/autofs status" shows that it's running. After "/etc/init.d/autofs restart" everything starts working11:40
tyyhzhwho chines?11:41
tyyhzhwho chines?11:41
ubottutyyhzh,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw11:42
Sacrelicious_in any case i've been searching the web for hours, i cant seem to find any solution to this, the only one i found was to use nomodeset which does not fix the problem11:43
tyyhzhwho chines?11:43
DJonestyyhzh: What does "chines" mean11:43
dr_willisyou need to determine your EXACT video chipset and if its a dual gpu setio Sacrelicious_11:44
Sacrelicious_got it, i'm not sure how to do that at the moment though as I can not get into my OS.11:45
DJones!pm > tyyhzh11:45
ubottutyyhzh, please see my private message11:45
dr_willisSacrelicious_:  You should also lookl up that exact model on askubuntu.com and the forums11:46
Sacrelicious_good call, let me look into it11:46
Sacrelicious_i've found a ton of pages about the series of laptop, apparently its a nightmare to get ubuntu running on, but nomodeset usually does the trick,11:46
dr_willisthey mention optimus or any other reason for the issues?11:47
Sacrelicious_no, it mentions that its a graphical issue but again, nomodeset usually will fix it, then they boot from the disc and install the necessary drivers to continue with installation11:48
tdotr6Hi Good Morning, I have a question hopefully I can make this not very confusing. I did just finish a night shfit.. lol But I got in from work and I found my server unreachable..Running Ubuntu server 12.10... So I went over to physicly check it this time since it's the second time in 24 hours this has happened. There was nothing when I turned the screen and I couldnt get the screen to wake up...I11:48
tdotr6have checked logs and found nothing other then crazy amounts of DHCP Requests from all 3 nic cards.  The only thing I could find that I am able to duplicate is if I unplug 1 of the 3 NIC cards, they all become unreachable. So If Eth0 gets unplugged and I am pinging Eth2 say, It will die. but the moment eht0 is back in, eth2 will reply.... I work at a data center for a living but I am a networking11:48
tdotr6guy , not a server guy. This is blowing my mind why I am having this issue with no logs..or am I not looking at the right logs.. Sorry for spelling... Im very tired..11:48
FloodBot1tdotr6: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:48
tyyhzhOh my god!11:49
cfhowletttdotr6, ask in #ubuntu-server11:49
tdotr6LOL Tyy I know that turned out long..11:50
tdotr6And thx I will Cfh11:50
tyyhzhEnglish my don't no11:51
ubottutyyhzh,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw11:51
DJonestyyhzh: WHich language do you speak11:52
DJonestyyhzh: type "/join #ubuntu-cn" for support in chinese language11:53
Sacrelicious_okay, video chipset is simply showing as11:53
Sacrelicious_"Intel HD Graphics"11:53
Jeppesenhi all11:54
cfhowlettJeppesen, greetings11:55
Sacrelicious_which isnt really a specific chipset, mind you -_-"11:55
JeppesenI have a serious problem with my ubuntu 12.04 and dont know how to solve it. I did an upgrade (dist-upgrade) because it was a long time ago. Now I cannot login and use my desktop any more11:55
JeppesenAs soon as I enter my password at the login prompt, it says sometimes "already connected", but I dont see my usual desktop11:55
cfhowlettJeppesen, so what DO you see?11:56
chrisrHi all,  the suspend feature of my Ubuntu does not work - it never comes back alive.  Can this be fixed or should I just turn off the sleep feature?  I'm using a Dell E6530 lapto.11:56
Jeppesensometimes it seems I get logged it, but doesnt see anything else on the screen except my wallpaper, no  buttons, no menus, nothing, only wallpaper11:56
JeppesenOnly on the upper right the icon for logoff/power off/etc... the strange thing is --> when I click on reboot, logoff or poweroff it seems that NOTHING happens11:57
cfhowlettJeppesen, might be a unity glitch.  logout.  select the alternate session.  login.11:57
JeppesenI have to push the power button on my computer case, then another kind of window appears and this works when I choose reboot or shutdown11:57
Jeppesencfhowlett: yes, I am using unity11:57
Jeppesenhold on a sec ... let me boot the machine11:57
cfhowlettJeppesen, right.  try it WITHOUT unity11:57
ejv#ubuntu-server isn't very helpful (in my experience); during past occassions I had to wait days for a response, let alone something close to resembling an answer. Not sure passing the buck to that channel is in the best interest of users here. $0.02.11:58
JeppesenI already tried ALT-F1, login as user, "sudo su -" and then apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade, apt-get upgrade, apt-get install -f, apt-get autoremove and apt-get autoclean11:58
Jeppesenmachine is booting ...11:58
JeppesenUbuntu 12.10, sorry11:58
cfhowlettJeppesen, none of which tells us if the problem is unit or not ...11:58
dr_willisdont use sudo su - ,,, sudo -s  or sudo -i   is the proper way11:59
k1l_Jeppesen: dont do sudo su -, use sudo -i11:59
cfhowlettJeppesen, log out.  click on the gear symbol.  select a different session.  login.11:59
Jeppesencfhowlett k1l_ : why?11:59
dr_willissudo su -    is even more redundant. ;)11:59
cfhowlettJeppesen, to see if UNITY is causing your issue.11:59
k1l_Jeppesen: enviroement hendling11:59
ejvjust login as root, no sudo necessary, amirite?11:59
* ejv ducks11:59
JeppesenOk, now listen. I am at the login prompt11:59
k1l_ejv: dont suggest that here :(12:00
JeppesenI see my hostname "foobar", I see my username "johndoe" and I can click on "Other..."12:00
ejvk1l_: you don't say12:00
lalondonghey guys12:00
JeppesenIf I click on my user, I have the option to enter the password, and on the bottom I can choose "system default" or "Ubuntu"12:01
tdotr6Hey guy's anyone here have any networking exp with ubunut?12:01
Jeppesenthe other two buttons just say "Cancel" and "Login"12:01
ejv!ask | tdotr612:01
ubottutdotr6: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:01
tdotr6Doesnt seem very alive in ubuntu-server12:01
tdotr6Ya for sure ejv12:01
ejvoh you're the guy that wrote a paragraph 15 minutes ago12:01
cfhowlettJeppesen, click on the gear symbol ...12:01
cfhowlettJeppesen, the Ubuntu symbol?12:02
JeppesenI dont see any gear symbol cfhowlett12:02
tdotr6yea I wasnt going to write as much12:02
ejvno no no, you did the right thing, we value more detail over less detail here.12:02
tdotr6Basicly the problem is, 3 NIC Card setup, You unplug 1 NIC Card, All 3 become unreachable.12:02
Jeppesenon the top of the screen I see the date/time, on the upper right the symbol for "power". When I click on that I can choose "Suspend, Reboot, Shut-down"12:02
tdotr6LOL this is ture , more info is better12:02
cfhowlettI'm on 12.04 so I can't show you the pic.  Ask in channel how to change environments12:02
ejvis this reproduceable on other servers?12:03
tdotr6the other linux box I have is my router12:03
tdotr6it works great, the other linux box I had.. I just changed to windows12:03
k1l_Jeppesen: is it a plain ubuntu? that should have lightdm with that screen where you can change if you want to change to unity or other desktop12:03
tdotr6had to to setup the media center correctly12:03
tdotr6f'n windows...12:03
JeppesenI did choose "Ubuntu" now, instead of "System default" I entered my password and clicked on login ... Nothing happened, except --> next to the username appeared a green checkmark with the text "Already logged-in at"12:04
Jeppesenthat happens all the time, and it doesnt continue to do anything, I still see the login prompt12:04
ejvtdotr6: and the ubuntu logs say what?12:04
tdotr6This box has been up for a few months all good no issues with the OS Ever..12:04
tdotr6The only thing I can see , is it sending out for DHCP requests12:04
tdotr6like crazy12:04
Jeppesenk1l_: I have no option to change that12:04
tdotr6but there are so many logs, I am not sure what one to check12:04
tdotr6like If I am even checking the one that matters12:05
ejvtdotr6: dmesg preferably12:05
k1l_Jeppesen: or try the guest account.12:05
tdotr6Ok let me check right now12:05
jonyhow can I mount an IP's all shares in a  single folder using fstab ?12:05
Jeppesenk1l_: what is the guest account?12:05
tdotr6Will dmesg make a new file on boot?12:05
JeppesenI mean: i can log in as root and check what exactly the problem is, but where do I have to look for that? xorg.conf or somehwhere else?12:05
tdotr6or does it keep adding to the same log?12:05
k1l_Jeppesen: it should show you smth like this: http://www.pro-linux.de/images/NB3/imgdb/o_der-display-manager-lightdm.jpg12:06
tdotr6Just to know if I gotta check the historic log or not12:06
k1l_click the ubuntu symbol behind your username to select the desktop: http://ubuntusecke.net/wp-content/uploads/ubuntu12.10-lightdm_2.png   or press on the guest-account to get started in that12:06
Jeppesenk1l_: nope, I have another screen ... the background is exactly the same, but my login prompt is centered12:06
OerHekscfhowlett, i think Jeppesen has the .Xauthority issue after update > https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/1036830 this could be fixed by removing ~/.Xauthority file12:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1036830 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Can't log in unless remove .Xauthority or use gdm" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:07
k1l_Jeppesen: so again: is this a plain ubuntu or smth different? did you change smth in there?12:07
cfhowlettOerHeks, please advise him. ... over my head.12:07
Jeppesenk1l_: look, it looks like that --> http://i.stack.imgur.com/gwIOr.png12:08
tyyhzh#ubuntu-cn ubuntu12:08
cfhowletttyyhzh, /join #ubuntu-cn12:09
tdotr6Hey ejv , So Dmsg is that not just bootup logs?12:09
ubottutyyhzh,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw12:09
OerHeksJeppesen, boot to login,  ctrl alt F2 and login , " sudo rm ~/.Xauthority " and logout and you can login again12:09
tdotr6Sorry gotta forgive me I am a Cisco guy.. Unix is just a hobby12:09
rightshiftHi, Does ubuntu 10.04 support both resolv.conf OR /etc/network/interfaces12:10
rightshiftfor DNS entries12:10
Jeppesenk1l_: what do you mean with plain ?12:10
rightshiftI'm trying to standardize server dns - but i'm not sure if 10.04 supports entries in /etc/network/interfaces12:11
cfhowlettrightshift, perhaps a question for #ubuntu-server12:11
Jeppesencfhowlett: yes, some day I saw a message that such a file (something like Xauthority or similar, dont remember) could not be created under /home/johndoe/bla..12:11
k1l_Jeppesen: if its an ubuntu or some ubunut spinoff or some customized ubuntu12:11
Jeppesenk1l_: plain ubuntu then, nothing special, nothing tweaked,12:12
JeppesenOerHeks: but I have no file in ~/ called .Xauthority I checked that12:13
dr_willisDouble check. ;)12:14
Ben64files that start with . are hidden12:14
OerHeksJeppesen, it is hidden, ( the "." in front of a file means hidden)12:14
dr_willisalso seen other user settings mess things up if they are owned by root12:14
OerHeksJeppesen, ls -al should show it12:14
JeppesenOerHeks: I know, but there is no hidden file called something with authority. I also did run "find / -name authority" but didnt find anything12:15
Jeppesenbut I have found with "locate authority" a file called /var/lib/gdm/.ICEauthority12:15
cristian_cI'm using ubuntu 12.0412:16
cfhowlettcristian_c, greetings12:16
cristian_cAfter I executed the suspension and resume, chromium can't be started anymore12:16
cristian_cIf I try to launch it from terminal, I get an error12:16
cristian_cpcilib: Cannot open /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:00:02.1/resource: File or directory not found12:16
JeppesenI also tried to create a new user with "adduser test" and login with him, but no success :(12:22
pleasehelpplease help i just installed backtrack R3 on my laptop..but when ever i try to boot the pc it displays a white text of commands and it takes hangs at some instant of text.12:23
pleasehelpand it won't ask me for username and password12:23
JeppesenI am logged in and ONLY see wallpaper. I only can do right-click, and I am also able to create a new directory which I see then on the desktop12:23
pleasehelpplease help me with this issue12:23
Picipleasehelp : We do not support backtrack here, please use their support channel at #backtrack-linux12:23
DJones!backtrack | pleasehelp12:23
perestohi i had awindow and a linux os on my laptop.i installed win7 again but now it seems i don't have linux .what happent to my linux?12:23
ubottupleasehelp: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)12:23
cfhowlettperesto, windows wrote over grub.  Ubuntu is still there.12:23
ubottuperesto: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub212:24
JeppesenOerHeks: please give me the link where the bug with unity is described  you mentioned before12:24
OerHeks Jeppesen .Xauthority  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/1036830 this could be fixed by removing ~/.Xauthority file12:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1036830 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Can't log in unless remove .Xauthority or use gdm" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:25
=== sine is now known as Guest89280
JeppesenOerHeks: I fixed it!! :) but it was not the ~/.Xauthority file. I did a "cd /var/lib && mv .ICEauthority .ICEauthority.bak" rebooted, logged-in, and I have back my environment.12:27
JeppesenI am not sure if that fixed everything, because it seems I have no dock bar on the left side anymore.12:27
JeppesenBut I see the top menu bar and the tray icons again12:28
JeppesenI am not sure what happened12:28
Jeppesenseems that I am missing my program bar :( damn12:28
Jeppesenhow can I have the left dock bar back ? and how do I check which DE I am using atm ?12:29
Jeppesenis there a keyboard shortcut to open a terminal window while logged-in in my DE ?12:30
linusI have changed the default login screen theme of my ubntu 12.04 machine to something taht looks like this: http://www.google.co.in/imgres?hl=en&sa=X&biw=1301&bih=678&tbm=isch&tbnid=SqPQe3Lse-KS1M:&imgrefurl=http://www.techotopia.com/index.php/Logging_into_the_Ubuntu_10.x_GNOME_Desktop&docid=rUPvZyNmcBoQWM&imgurl=http://www.techotopia.com/images/9/95/Ubuntu_10.10_login_screen.jpg&w=801&h=596&ei=dQhHUezAJIyErQeJsIC4Cw&zoom=1&ved=0CGQQhBw12:30
linusNow I want my default theme : http://www.google.co.in/imgres?hl=en&sa=X&biw=1301&bih=678&tbm=isch&tbnid=HQSgRUq5QgW0_M:&imgrefurl=http://askubuntu.com/questions/191189/change-ubuntu-gnome-classic-theme&docid=r0nB0AaxbGgFQM&imgurl=http://i.stack.imgur.com/ozp9p.png&w=1278&h=958&ei=dQhHUezAJIyErQeJsIC4Cw&zoom=1&ved=0CIIBEIQcMAw&ved=1t:3588,r:12,s:0,i:130&iact=rc&dur=339&page=1&tbnh=178&tbnw=235&start=0&ndsp=15&tx=154&ty=67 back...12:31
OerHeksJeppesen, might be the unity plugin, see this page >> http://www.webupd8.org/2011/12/unity-3d-launcher-top-panel-doesnt-load.html12:31
linusive done much google search for it but it didnt help12:31
cfhowlettlinus, pretty sure that IS the default12:31
linusOh...  But I want to get this theme: http://www.google.co.in/imgres?hl=en&sa=X&biw=1301&bih=678&tbm=isch&tbnid=HQSgRUq5QgW0_M:&imgrefurl=http://askubuntu.com/questions/191189/change-ubuntu-gnome-classic-theme&docid=r0nB0AaxbGgFQM&imgurl=http://i.stack.imgur.com/ozp9p.png&w=1278&h=958&ei=dQhHUezAJIyErQeJsIC4Cw&zoom=1&ved=0CIIBEIQcMAw&ved=1t:3588,r:12,s:0,i:130&iact=rc&dur=339&page=1&tbnh=178&tbnw=235&start=0&ndsp=15&tx=154&ty=6712:32
dr_willis http://tinyurl.com/cl9c5ft12:32
dr_willisgotta love tinyurl scripts12:32
cfhowlettdr_willis, indeed.12:32
dr_willisone of the handiest features i got on weechat12:33
linusdr_willis ... thats a gud 1 ... but now how can I get that theme...... :12:33
k1l_linus: then revert the changes you did?12:33
dr_willislinus:  no idea. i dont 'do' gnome classic12:34
linusk1l _ :   I dont know exactly which package  i,ve installed to make the change.....12:35
cfhowlettLinus do you have ubuntu-tweak???12:36
dr_willisif a newly made user has the proper look.. then you could just clean out/delete all the other users settings12:36
linusYes, i've installed ubuntu tweak.12:36
cfhowlettlinus, how did I know?12:36
dr_willisubuntu-tweak used to have a 'reset settings back to defaults' option - not looked at it in ages12:37
dr_willisbeen using unsettings lately12:37
cfhowlettLinus  that's where you broke it/that's you fix it.  Note:  Ubuntu tweak is NOT in the ubuntu repo's ... for a reason.12:37
linusIts the login screen that has changed, so it is same for all.By the way,where is the option revert settings in ubuntu tweak?12:38
dr_willisthe login screen has changed to what?12:38
linusTo that of Gnome3's from ubuntu's default12:38
dr_willisso you are usin GDM instead of lightdm12:39
linushow can i change it back to GDM?12:40
dr_willisno lists here amada9512:40
dr_willislinus:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm12:40
k1l_linus: the screen you want is lightdm, not gdm12:40
k1l_linus: so that command will be "sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm"12:41
linusThankyou all for your suggestions.Will try them out and come back.Wish me luck.12:42
ReemoHey guys, i have a problem with my ubuntu server 12.10 installation. I have several drives configured in raid5 (storage only). If i have all drives attached on boot, the screen stays blank. If i detach all drives except the boot drives (raid1), it will boot up just fine12:43
chrisrlinus: Hi Linus, I'd be greateful if you could get 'Suspend' working in the next version12:43
chrisrlinus: ...of the kernel12:43
ReemoCan you give me any hint on how i can debug the boot (the last thing i see before the screen is blank is "loading ramdisk"12:43
dr_willischrisr:  ask the hw makers to give better support and specs also...12:43
chrisrdr_willis: ok12:45
Martin_Reemo: I would remove 'quiet' and 'splash' option in grub menu entry12:52
afdI think my SD card got bricked when there was an unexpected shutdown. can someone help me in terminal to check it out / fix it pls12:52
Martin_Reemo: take a loot at /etc/default/grub12:53
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
ReemoMartin_: thanks for the suggestion, but this is a server install. it doesnt have quiet and splash enabled by default12:53
ReemoBut right now im looking at a nice little kernel panic...12:55
afdneither nautilus nor gparted can see the card... any ideas?12:55
Martin_Reemo: ok :)12:55
ReemoSo, it looks like mdadm doesnt properly assemble the boot raid array when i boot with the other drives attached12:55
Reemosounds weird...12:56
Martin_oh, software raid ... :)12:58
Martin_afd: did you take a look at your logfiles ?12:58
afdthe card was in a windows machine when it bricked - I'm trying ot use ubuntu to repair it12:59
afdwill the log files show anything?12:59
afdI've only live booted and looked in nautilus / gparted so far12:59
dr_willisafd:  try ddrescue to recover data from it if needed.. and try using 'dd' to zero out and repartion the card.. might bring it back to life12:59
afdhow do I identify the card if it isn't showing up anywhere...13:00
Martin_maybe the kernel doesn't see the card13:00
Martin_afd: try inserting the card then type 'dmesg'13:00
Martin_and see if you see something related to13:01
afdok - looks like some stuff refers to the sd in dmesg13:02
afdthinks it's sdb13:02
Martin_ok so you should see the card in gparted as sdb13:02
afdnah - it's not in gparted13:02
Martin_you don't see it in the drop down menu ??13:03
dr_willisif you dont see it get a sd# in dmesg when you plug it in.. then it may be truely dead13:03
afdI see sda (the hdd) and sdc (the live usb stick)13:03
afdI'm willing to take a gamble and try dd'ing the sdb - could someone talk me through the command/s pls13:03
dr_willisIF its not gettiong a sd# then you cant even dd it13:04
afdI only need it working - none of the data that was on it13:04
afddr_willis: I think it is sdb as it says in dmesg13:04
Martin_dr_willis: it seems the kernel see the card as sdb13:04
dr_willisafd:  sudo blkid should show it then13:04
dr_willis and gparted should see it.13:04
afdblkid shows loop0, loop1, sda1, sda2, sdc113:05
afdbut not the sdb :S13:05
Martin_try sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb13:06
Reemooh wow13:06
Reemofor the record: reinstalling the kernel fixed it13:06
Martin_at least it should show partitions13:06
Martin_Reemo: very very strange...13:06
afdMartin_: fdisk didn't show any output (no errors, no confirmations...)13:07
BluesKajHiyas all13:07
Martin_afd: did it list some partitions or the size of the card ?13:07
afdnope, nothing13:07
afdis it not mounted or something?13:07
ccvphello fellow internet addicts - are we all looking forward to another long & glorious week of irc, steam/gaming, reading random tech articles, and droning at work for 5 days..."longing" for when friday comes, so we can slouch in our lazy internet chair at home and stay inside on the computer for fri/sat/sun?13:08
Martin_afd: can you copy / paste the dmesg concerned part in http://pastebin.com/13:08
Martin_and fdisk output13:08
ccvpMartin, i have an Audigy 2,and for some reason my sound isn't working13:09
ccvpwhats good set of steps to see why 12.10 aint playing sound/music?13:09
BluesKajccvp, in a word no ..I also have a life13:09
Seekanetlol ccvp13:09
ccvpseekanet, just bought a GTX 660 2GB Superclocked from EVGA13:10
ccvpbig upgrade from ATI 575013:10
ccvpgot that working in ubuntu as my vid driver13:10
ccvpbut sound aint working13:10
BluesKaj'in the terminal type ' alsamixer ', make sure the Master, PCM,Line & CD are all unmuted ,by using the "M" key' then turn those controls up to the max.13:12
BluesKajccvp, that's for starters13:13
ccvpi bought 4 Western Digital blacks the other day13:13
ccvp2 TB each,13:13
afdMartin_: sorry for the n00bness but could you tell me how to get the output of dmesg to a file? I tried a couple of things and it didn't work, the output is too much to scroll through and copy & paste13:13
ccvpone ubuntu 12.10, one win8, one redhat6, one solaris13:13
ccvpcan i use virtual box to boot those hd's13:13
ccvpwithout having to exclusively boot into em?13:13
Martin_BluesKaj: let it go :) lol13:14
BluesKajMartin_, ?13:15
Reemoafd, "dmesg | less" for vi style output, "dmesg > /tmp/dmesg.log" for writing to /tmp/dmesg.log13:15
afdthank you ^13:15
Martin_thanks Reemo  ;)13:16
JeppesenI have created within "Network Manager" an OpenVPN connection. Funnily when I click on the network symbol on the upper right part of the bar, I only have two options to click --> "Auto eth0" and "disconnect"13:18
JeppesenI miss the "VPN connections", "Properties", etc...13:18
JeppesenI have found out, when I disable the nic by choosing "Disconnect" and afterwards to a "Auto ETH0" everything appears fine13:18
JeppesenWhy?? After every reboot and login ,I first have to manually fix that by disabling/enabling my NIC. Any ideas how to fix that?13:19
osirisx11hi all13:19
osirisx11I'm getting unmet dependencies while installing python-qt4. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5625174/ - does anyone have any suggestions please?13:19
Reemoosirisx11: cat /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list13:20
Reemoalso, apt-get -f install13:20
osirisx11Reemo: thanks. no luck on the -f. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5625178/13:21
cambazzhello, after i install ubuntu 12.04, i made an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade13:23
cambazzis this the only thing i need to do to keep the system upto date?13:23
capoderrawhy does Ubuntu Software Center crash when I try to open it?13:24
Reemoosirisx11: quite a few ppa's there, could you get rid of a few (like: webupd8), update and try again?13:24
osirisx11Reemo: how do I know which to get rid of?13:24
Martin_osirisx11: sorry if it has already done but did you do apt-get update ?13:24
osirisx11Martin_ yes13:25
RusViciouscapoderra ldd <name of binary of USC>13:25
BluesKajosirisx11, mqake sure you uipgrade too13:25
osirisx11BluesKaj: yes I did. thank you.13:25
Reemoosirisx11: lets try the obvious... apt-get install libqt4-{help,scripttools,test}13:25
BluesKajphat phingers here , but you get the message13:25
RusViciousnot ldd13:25
compdoccambazz, you dont have to do apt-get update everytime, and sometimes to install things like new kernels, you have to do apt-get dist-upgrade13:25
osirisx11Reemo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5625190/13:26
Martin_osirisx11: I don't see the 'precise-update' repo13:26
Reemocambazz: you might as well just use the gui for updating13:26
Martin_maybe the option is not ticked13:27
capoderraRusVicious, what is name of binary13:27
Martin_osirisx11: take a look at updates tab in update manager13:28
Martin_afd: ? so ?13:29
osirisx11Martin_ thanks that is probably it13:29
Martin_osirisx11: you're welcome !13:29
capoderraRusVicious, what is name of binary13:30
jvaemapeHello, everybody!  How arp packets received?13:30
RusViciousI don't know:) I'm using apt-get13:31
jeroen-liferea is crashing on startup after fresh install: Liferea did receive signal 11 (Segmentatian fault).13:31
Jeppesenwhen I click on the network manager symbol on the upper right bar where the tray icons are, I dont see the VPN-tab. I have to "disable" the eth0 card, then re-enabling it by clicking "auto eth0". Then the VPN tab appears as well as some other more functions I can choose. Why ??13:31
osirisx11martin_ confirmed, that fixed it!13:32
compdocIve never used network manager for openvpn. maybe its not a good choice13:32
Martin_Jeppesen: did you take a look at launchpad bug list for network-manager  ?13:32
JeppesenMartin_: dont know how13:33
capoderrahello all, I just installed 12.04 and I'm having various problems: USC is crashing on open, I'm getting errors and then when I choose to see the details it says it can't determine the package or source package, Skype crashes whenever someone calls me... what's the deal? bad install?13:38
kallepcapoderra: Skype have problems, thats for sure.. else idk13:39
compdoccapoderra, have you ever updated the system? use the command line13:40
c2tarunI installed plain vanilla XFCE4 on my Ubuntu desktop. On desktop I am getting a Home Icon. It is by default opening nautilus. I created a new home launcher on desktop which is working fine. But the problem is I am not able to remove the nautilus home launcher. http://imgur.com/CZYIQub  Please refer to the screenshot. Can anyone please help?13:40
JeppesenI have tried some RDP clients, still having following issue: while I am using the RDP connection and the desktop on the remote client is black background, I dont see my mouse pointer, cause its also in black. What the heck, I didnt found any configuration option on the RDP client itself.13:41
Jeppesenany RDP client you can suggest guys?13:41
capoderracompdoc, the system is up to date.13:42
=== wedgwood_away is now known as wedgwood
jeroen-liferea again using gdb: Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. 0x00007ffff2bcc5b0 in g_markup_escape_text ()     from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libglib-2.0.so.013:42
capoderracompdoc, I just tried to update right now and got this error: An unresolvable problem occurred while initializing the package information.13:43
capoderraPlease report this bug against the 'update-manager' package and include the following error message:13:43
capoderra'E:Malformed line 60 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist parse)'13:43
compdoccapoderra, can you ping www.google.com?13:43
capoderrain the terminal i typed ping www.google.com and it seems to be working... it doesn't stop giving me pings.13:44
compdoccapoderra, that seems odd. Open disk utility - whats it say about the health of your hdd?13:44
jephbi have got issue with my system when i try to update i got these messages "W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/chris-lea/munin-plugins/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found  E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. "13:45
Martin_Jeppesen: I didn't find anything like your issue... I suggests you ask the question on askubuntu13:45
jephband this avoid me to install many programs13:46
capoderracompdoc, where does it mention health?13:46
compdochmm, seems a few ppl having update issues13:46
jephbi have got issue with my system when i try to update i got these messages "W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/chris-lea/munin-plugins/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found  E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. "13:46
=== dpb__ is now known as dpb_
compdoccapoderra, near the SMART button13:46
jephband this avoid me to install many programs13:46
capoderradisk is healthy13:46
afdMartin_: Had to go find a cable as the wifi isn't working out of the box... here's the dmesg output on pastebin.com/vRDGerrn13:46
Martin_jephb: hi ! please don't spam ^^13:46
Jeppesenis ufw the default firewall on ubuntu 12.10 ? how can I allow an application to accept incoming connections? I have found out that my client is denied, because after I did "ufw disable" it worked. I didnt remember to have set up a firewall on ubuntu before my upgrade13:47
capoderrais there a way to reinstall and keep all my files?13:49
compdoccapoderra, I havent done it, but I think if you boot the dvd, theres a repair option13:49
OerHeksjephb, that PPA is old, remove it >>> https://launchpad.net/~chris-lea/+archive/munin-plugins no precise candidates13:50
Martin_afd: can you paste also the output of lsusb13:50
compdocmight be best to find out what the issue is, tho13:50
capoderraJust got another unexpected error13:50
capoderratwo now13:50
compdoccapoderra, try the mailing list - lots of help there13:51
=== jack is now known as Guest29367
capoderrawhat is oneconf?13:51
Martin_afd: as you see in the logs you paste, there are a lot of errors on sdb13:51
=== fantaghir is now known as guest5
capoderrai had an error with update notifier/apt-check.py... it still says Package could not be determined.13:52
afdlsusb output - pastebin.com/LsJBvyHF13:52
WatermelonsHello, when I tried to boot Lubuntu today it didn't work, it seemed to be working but then it just became black and nothing happened. So I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Del and then it said something about "caught signal 15" and it restars, so now I have to run Windows 7. Anyone know what's up with that?13:53
Martin_afd: ok, this is the answer : http://askubuntu.com/questions/132100/errors-in-dmesg-test-wp-failed-assume-write-enabled13:53
afdthanks :D13:54
Martin_afd: (it seems to problem is linked to the card reader... not the sd card)13:58
afdI'm not 100% about that though as it was working in windows, then the unexpected shutdown happened, then it didn't work after reboot...13:59
afdand then didn't work in ubuntu13:59
afdI'm not sure the hardware is damaged...13:59
Martin_afd: it is not necessarily an hardware problem, but could be a driver problem at least in linux14:01
Martin_afd: you might try the two commands rmmod and modprobe from askubuntu14:01
afdstrange that it's not working on either OS though14:01
afdI tried the commands from the link you sent but no joy14:01
=== jess is now known as Guest60480
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Martin_afd: try rmmod usb-realtek then modprobe ums-realtek ss_en=014:03
Martin_rmmod usm-realtek sorry14:03
Martin_(with sudo of course)14:04
Martin_afd: I would advice to try another sd card too14:10
afdI have another machine I can try in too...14:10
=== zz_akar1m is now known as akar1m
arunaHello, how does one know where the jhbuild application is installed? It was pre-installed in my distribution.14:14
=== sine is now known as Guest36616
OerHeksaruna open terminal:  locate jhbuild14:17
afdMartin_: the additional ss_en=0 seemed not to do anything.... still no card showing up in nautilus or gparted14:18
afdis there a way to dd the card from the info we have? could that hepl14:18
arunaOerHeks: tried that! But many, many results show up with jhbuild.mo, jhbuild.de etc. For just jhbuild, I had "/usr/share/jhbuild",  "/usr/bin/jhbuild" and "/usr/share/gnome/help/jhbuild. "14:20
=== support is now known as Guest14700
=== jpierre is now known as Guest25496
capoderrahello all, I added something that is causing errors in 12.04, and I need help removing it.  In the terminal I did "sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" and now I want to remove it.14:22
capoderrahow do I do that?14:23
FalstaffHello everyone14:24
Guest14700anyone can help with openstack14:26
Guest14700look into it14:26
compdoccapoderra, edit /etc/apt/sources.list    and see if its listed there14:27
csoteloHi people... I think I could get banned from here after post my question here14:27
csotelolets go14:27
* compdoc gets ready for the banning....14:28
k1l_!guidelines | csotelo14:28
ubottucsotelo: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines14:28
csoteloI usually use ubuntu for users and debain for serversw, I dont trust on ubuntu for servers, however, I usually recommends ubutnu for desktop users14:28
Guest14700anyone can help with openstack14:28
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/14:30
capoderracompdoc, yes there are some lines... delete them?14:30
csotelonow I have a big problem cause I have a poweredge r210 server wich I can statr install with raid 0, however I have read on internet that ubuntu supports well this server, but I am not sure on trust on ubuntu  for a critical server, then cause  taht I need to know your , if were possible , some opinions.. please...14:30
csotelok1l_, hi.. I know sorry, just I mean for my question14:31
k1l_csotelo: there is no reason to not trust ubuntu server installation14:31
compdoccapoderra, place a # in front of the lines you think, save, and then run sudo apt-get update14:31
csotelok1l_, I have this idea sice ubuntu was based on sid debian repo,14:32
capoderracompdoc, success!  so now can I go back and delete those lines?14:32
csoteloand each day has a lot of updated14:32
k1l_csotelo: use the LTS version with extended support.14:32
compdoccapoderra, yes, should14:32
* csotelo a a debian sys admin14:32
arunaDo application files have the extension .desktop?14:33
k1l_csotelo: its based on that repo until it gets the freeze.14:33
capoderracompdoc, thank you for your help!  Also, if you remember my earlier question about Skype, I think the reason why Skype would crash when people called me was because I enabled the firewall without adding a rule for Skype.  What do you think?14:34
csoteloand hwat about to much updates per days, looks like a no stable or many bugs.. sorry for the question I just want to be sure what I will do, cause it will be a critical server14:34
csoteloand I have never used ubuntu for that just debian14:34
k1l_csotelo: sry, you have no clue what ubuntu is, right?14:34
compdoccapoderra, possible. I dont use Skype or a firewall14:34
k1l_!lts | csotelo14:35
ubottucsotelo: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)14:35
csotelok1l_, I want to be sure that if I install ubuntu on a critical server I wont have problems at the future14:35
afdMartin_: strange. I've put the card in another machine and it's recognising it but as a 55Mb card! It's actually 16GB14:35
moultonrIs there a way to get rid of openjdk without ditching parts of Libreoffice?14:36
csoteloI probably look like a disturb man o no polite, I just be sure of that and I have never used ubuntu on servers before, I just have one installed that I have taken already working nad i have have some problems and I have to be sure on dailly updates ceause it gtes me a litle paraoid on security and stability14:37
SaidKLEQuestion: Is there a good documentation program that can be used to view the documentation in /usr/share/doc ?14:37
SaidKLE(not browser)14:37
csotelok1l_, and now I probably dont have to much option on this poweredge server14:37
csotelotaht is why i am asking cause internet says that ubuntu supports raid 0 for this server14:38
csotelobut I just want to be sure14:38
k1l_csotelo: you are free to choose either debian or ubuntu. but i dont see a reason not to choose ubuntu LTS14:38
k1l_and iirc debian doesnt come with 5 years support.14:39
streulmak1l_: oh no? It's better to run Ubuntu then for servers?14:39
csotelok1l_, just see each day to many updates on a server get me nervopus, also my no experience on critical servers with ubuntu make me no trust on ubuntu for servers14:40
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo_3G
streulmacsotelo: right !14:40
afflictoHey all. I'm using irssi IRC client, it shows my password which is really annoying when I'm streaming. Suggestions anyone?14:40
csoteloand having debian stable no support for raid 0 on this server, make thgink on ubuntu as server14:40
k1l_csotelo: use the LTS realease. and if there is a critical issue, i want to have updates for that asap!14:41
=== akar1m is now known as zz_akar1m
csotelostreulma, hi.. I dont understand you14:41
streulmacsotelo: it's right that Ubuntu comes frequently with updates14:42
k1l_csotelo: i think that topic better suits into #ubuntu-discuss then in a technical support chat.14:42
csotelok1l_, last question, thebn I could be sure trsting on you that my server will run well on raid 0 conf? juts is a questio on trying got get trust..    ( no direc question just I want to be confident on that my server )14:42
k1l_csotelo: i dont know about raid0 on that specific server hardware. i dont have that hardware14:43
ANN-TechCoderGuys, I am coding in CodeBlocks under Ubuntu. I can't find an option, to compile my current project as a Static Library. I can execute it, but i need to make it a lib file. Any idea ?14:43
csoteloany way, you give a lot of help..14:44
e_t_csotelo: Either you're using a hardware RAID controller, in which case Ubuntu (and *every* other Linux) will just see a standard block device, or you're using mdadm which is, also, largely identical between Linux distros.14:44
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=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
benedicthas anyone experience about controlling fan speed on asus baords that have fan xpert and q-fan technology? http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/C60M1I/#specifications14:49
benedictfan xpert is a program for windows, but is there a way to access the corresponding interfaces also by linux?14:49
csoteloe_t_, that is my question, I have been trying to istall a debian server with raid0, I just set the conf on the bios, however when I install it, both disc continue appearing on the partition management, then I have founf that ubuntu support raid 0 and certificate my server poweredge r210, then i was trying to be sure what I am doing14:51
* csotelo is something paranoid14:51
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e_t_So you are using hardware raid then?14:52
=== jess_ is now known as ReinadeCorazones
e_t_Are you sure that the config is being saved by your RAID controller?14:53
=== jack is now known as Guest5056
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Martin_csotelo: if the raid controller is supported, you should only see one device for the array15:03
csotelosure, but was not onthat way, any way I have read also that is not recomendable to use raid 015:03
ubottufax: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:05
usr13!raid | csotelo15:06
ubottucsotelo: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto15:06
usr13I guess that's all about software rade.15:07
csotelousr13, thanks15:07
=== remke is now known as rschu68
raysong1314u there15:13
rschu68hallo raysong15:14
john_doe_jrwhen you do a ls -al command…what is the size of the files displayed in?  bytes, megabytes or something?15:19
=== zz_akar1m is now known as akar1m
* dr_willis bets its somthng.. ;)15:22
=== King is now known as Guest74517
* csotelo_ is back15:25
=== csotelo_ is now known as csotelo
stupidBYdefaulthello, i need german spoken ubuntu help.. any idea where to find it?15:25
BenyaminLHello, i have problem with my ubuntu, after update this afternoon, i face problem that i loged out from my computer after open an app, like vlc, and mixxx, the other i never try15:27
BenyaminLi need some help for it, thx15:27
knightshadestupidBYdefault: join #ubuntu-de15:28
stupidBYdefaultfhank u15:28
der_OnHi I've updated to 12.10 from 12.04 yesterday and now am missing some ppas. I'm trying to install libxml2-dev which depends on libxml2 but have the precise version installed. I however can see that a quantal version already exists on launchpad.net but I don't know which ppa I need to add to get it.15:29
arunaOerHeks: which jhbuild worked! Thanks anyway. :)15:29
knightshadestupidBYdefault: you're welcome :)15:29
stupidBYdefaultthank u15:30
BluesKajder_On, on launchpadvthe ppa usually has a drop down to choose the correct ubuntu version to install15:31
BenyaminLping aruna15:31
BluesKajder_On, ppa version that is15:31
BluesKajder , it has to be the same version as your installed OS15:32
der_OnBluesKaj: it seems to be in the updates repository. but I can't find the ppa's url for the update repo15:32
der_Onits not listed15:32
goleraHelp anyone?15:33
BluesKajyou should not mix and match ubuntu release version sources or ppas , der_On15:33
goleraI have a question :D15:33
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:34
der_OnBluesKaj: I haven't. it just does not seemed to update the ppas I already had. now I can't get up to date libxml with synaptic and also can't get the deps needed for it.15:34
=== neo is now known as Guest30222
Picider_On: why do you have the precise version of libxml2 installed?15:34
goleraI want to install HoneyMap on my local webserver. You can find it at https://github.com/fw42/honeymap. I used nginx to host the "static" folder. I am unsure what to do with the "proxy" and "static" folders.15:35
der_OnPici: I had upgraded from precise to quantal. and it might have just left theire15:35
FalstaffWhat firewall do you guys recommend?15:35
Picider_On: what does apt-cache policy libxml2   say?15:35
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
BluesKajder_On, the 12.04 ppas were deleted when you upgraded to 12.10 , look here for the quantal 12.10 package https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/quantal/+source/xml215:36
der_OnPici: well the apt-cache shows this: http://pastebin.com/C96DhQEQ15:37
BenyaminLwhy der_on? and why evertytime i upgrade my system, always pop-up a windows said 'precise' not curently supported, why? 12.04 is LTS right?15:38
=== jess is now known as Guest99979
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wilee-nileeBenyaminL, Can you be more specific, that is not much infirmation.15:39
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest44286
redpandaguy why ubuntu dont come with xchat preinstaled and pointing to this channel?15:40
Picider_On: Looks like the ppa that you were using previously had a version that superceds even the version in quantal.  If do a apt-get install --reinstall libxml2 it should grab it from the quantal repositories (you might need to do an apt-get clean before hand)15:40
BenyaminLevertimes, after i done my update, there always a pop-up windows said 'Precise not longer supported' and were 4 option, but i always took i don't know what should i do15:41
der_OnPici: thanks. I'll try15:41
BenyaminLHello, i have problem with my ubuntu, after update this afternoon, i face problem that i loged out from my computer after open an app, like vlc, and mixxx, the other i never try15:41
anuder ??15:43
=== clement is now known as Guest76015
wilee-nileeredpanda, I don't think you will get an answer here for that, just speculation, do you have a support need that what this channel is for.15:44
der_OnPici: okay reinstalling does not work, because it can't be downloaded. seems I'm really missing a ppa here15:45
redpandawilee-nilee: just saying. chat preconfigured is useful15:45
wilee-nileeredpanda, for you right.15:46
manjushI want to create a relational data base.I need some help15:46
xasteyI recently installed ubuntu on a sata drive.. but no I want to migrate to my SSD drive that being the primary drive for booting.. putting my /home on my old drive15:47
xasteycould someone point me in the right direction to do this without reinstalling my os.. thanks15:47
wilee-nileexastey, You can use a cloner like clonezilla, or just make a installed package list to run with a install.15:48
hdevalenceHello, my install doesn't boot anymore because of a kernel bug, what should I do?15:48
wilee-nileehdevalence, Have you tried every kernel in grub?15:48
xasteyinstalled package list?15:48
xasteyyeah could you point me to that.. didn't know I could do that15:49
hdevalencewilee-nilee: Yes15:49
BenyaminLanyone please help me :(15:49
wilee-nileexastey, You can run a command that will list all the installed packages that can be run to install them in a fresh install.15:49
minashas anyone tried ubuntu 13.04 and compared its memory usage to 12.10?15:50
hdevalencethe dmesg log is here: http://paste.kde.org/699128/ with the relevant section copied to the top15:50
wilee-nileehdevalence, So, what is actually happening when you boot up is it crashing, be specific.15:50
=== Onixs is now known as Onixs_
hdevalencewilee-nilee: it fails into busybox due to the illegal cpu instruction while trying to mount the filesystem15:51
tharveyI continually have an issue where unity side panel freezes - often when I come back to the computer left on after a weekend or so - how can I restart it?15:51
sevenforallIs it possible to list only the default Ubuntu in GRUB/BURG?15:52
wilee-nileehdevalence, Cool, out of my area of knowledge, however the specificities will probably get you help.15:52
=== Onixs_ is now known as Onixs
SonikkuAmericasevenforall: Did you try asking that in #grub? They might be able to help you better.15:53
sevenforallSonikkuAmerica: Didn't know that channel exists, thanks!15:53
generalhi all15:53
=== general is now known as Guest72742
SonikkuAmericasevenforall: Yep. Not too many people I've talked to know about it15:53
wilee-nileesevenforall, How many OS's are you running?15:53
Guest72742what is the defualt pass of openvas15:54
sevenforallwilee-nilee: Two, just Ubuntu and Windows15:54
sevenforallwilee-nilee: However, Ubuntu has about 4 entries, for recovery mode etc.15:54
sevenforallI hardly ever to never use those, so I'd rather not list them (yet have the available somehow)15:54
Guest72742does any buddy know openvas ?????15:55
sevenforallI, for one, do not15:55
wilee-nileesevenforall, every kernel has at least 2 line in grub, are you just seeing two kernels?15:55
sevenforallwilee-nilee: I'm not certain, I guess that's the case.15:56
sevenforallI have a single Ubuntu installation with 4 GRUB entries15:56
sevenforallI guess 2 for regular, 2 for recovery/15:56
crfHi my screen saver keeps activating after only a few seconds. How do I stop it?15:56
der_OnPici: okay I cant even install an older version of libxml2 as it will remove almost everything important on my system. actually I need libxml2-dev but there is only a dev package for the 2.1 not the 2.2 version of libxml2 I have15:56
wilee-nileesevenforall, The general advice is to always have at least two kernels, ands having easy access to them is quite helpful in case you need them, the recovery may save your setup at some point.15:57
wilee-nileesevenforall, Is this an aesthetic issue, just the look of it?15:58
sevenforallwilee-nilee: That's why I was wondering if I could just not list them / hide them, but still allow me to boot it15:58
sevenforallwilee-nilee: Basically, yes, it's nothing important in the end15:58
crfthe screen keeps going to a blank screensaver after 13 seconds of inactivity15:59
wilee-nileesevenforall, You can customize grub yes, however you want to be sure to have the skills to get what you ned done after doing this, which may include going as far as purging and reinstalling grub, or being able to chroot from a live cd to fix any problems.16:01
=== andrew is now known as Guest34978
sevenforallwilee-nilee: That's nothing too difficult16:01
BluesKajcrf,  turn the screensaver off16:01
wilee-nileesevenforall, Excellent, there is a gui tool called grub customizer that some use.16:02
sevenforallI'll check that out16:02
sevenforallAssuming those changes will just be forwarded to the BURG interface16:02
wilee-nileesevenforall, here is a thread.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=166413416:03
crfBluesKaj in the power settings, blank screen is set to never.16:03
wilee-nileesevenforall, burg is basically grub in drag, however it is not maintained in sync with the grub releases.16:04
=== ChatZilla is now known as eb4bgr
sevenforallwilee-nilee: I realise that. I see Grub Customizer detected I'm using BURG.16:05
BluesKajcrf, thats not the screen saver , make sure the screensaver timer isn't enabled16:05
fruitloopsweirdness. fresh install on laptop, updated system via wifi, disabled wifi/networking in network manager, now wifi adapter is greyed out, reason: hardware (button) lock. There's a button, but it does nothing. and apparently rfkill is an unknown command. hows up in iwconfig as eth1 though. stumped.16:06
wilee-nileesevenforall, There is a thread on the ubuntu forum on doing graphic customizations as well with grub, you can make a grub gui that is the way you want it, lol if you are the motivated. ;)16:06
kaustubhhow do I use "Log Out" "Restart" and "Shut Down" functions in Unity like I do in windows using "Alt+F4" ??16:06
sevenforallkaustubh: Not sure what you mean, but ctrl+alt+del prompts you to log out in Ubuntu16:07
kaustubhI am looking at my desktop, and I want to shut my pc down without using mouse, how do I do it?16:09
SonikkuAmericakaustubh: Press (but don't hold) the power button and use the arrow keys.16:09
bazhangkaustubh, does not ctrl alt T bring up a terminal?16:09
sevenforallAnother one then; Is there already a known fix for the low resolution splash screen I get while booting Ubuntu after installing the AMD graphics driver for the HD 6xxx series?16:11
arokux1any idea why libqt5gui5 misses tiff support?16:11
tortikhow to save a file line numbers in a variable? UPD_URLS_COUNT = wc -l app_urls.txt | grep -o -P -e "[0-9]+" doesn't work16:12
SonikkuAmericakaustubh: What bazhang means is [ sudo shutdown now ]16:12
ElraranielIs there a way to save a .deb file from an apt-get command so that I can install the same version of the product on other servers?16:12
bazhangaptoncd Elraraniel16:13
bazhang!aptoncd | Elraraniel16:13
ubottuElraraniel: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline16:13
brightsparkElraraniel: aptitude download16:15
tortikhow to save file line numbers in a variable? this => 'UPD_URLS_COUNT = wc -l app_urls.txt | grep -o -P -e "[0-9]+"' doesn't work16:15
donttrustemubuntu is driving me nuts with video issues16:15
donttrustemfriggin nvidia16:16
Elraranielbrightspark: even better :)16:16
Picitortik: surround the entire command with $( )   also see #bash16:16
donttrustemfollowed this http://www.howopensource.com/2012/10/install-nvidia-geforce-driver-in-ubuntu-12-10-12-04-using-ppa/   and now I cannot get any desktop  and 12.10 has internal error WTF16:20
OerHeksdonttrustem, use ppa purge to roll back16:21
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html16:21
OerHeksPPA's are not supported here, contact the owner for bugs16:22
=== Amaury is now known as Guest51116
donttrustemOerHeks: need to get to recovery mode first.   I don't want to use ppa's but need a solution for the video issue16:22
eb4bgrhello, anyone to help with live systems?16:23
tehfoxHi there on Ubuntu 12.10, I'm having a problem with IPv6 DNS timeouts similar to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1998827 - I disabled IPv6 (added net.ipv6.conf.{all,default,lo}.disable_ipv6 = 1 to /etc/sysctl.conf and set my connection IPv6 Settings to "Method: Ignore" in the Network Connections (accessible from the systray). Most of the programs issue AAAA DNS queries and they receive A responses (from my router). This goes on for 30 seconds and t16:23
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:28
donttrustemOerHeks: need to install ppa-purge :S16:28
OerHekseasy: sudo apt-get install ppa-purge16:29
donttrustembut cannot do this as i need access to networks LOL16:29
donttrustemI am connected wirelessly16:29
c2tarunis there any way to create shortcut of a folder in another folder?16:33
c2tarunin thunar16:33
RobbyFcreate a symbolic link16:33
c2tarunRobbyF, by thunar or by terminal?16:34
brightsparkc2tarun: http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=212058#p21205816:34
c2tarunbrightspark, worked :) thanks16:35
brightsparkc2tarun: glad to help :)16:36
hamidddddddhi i have problems with tor can anyone help?>16:38
Betanu701hamidddddd what problems?16:39
=== gianluca is now known as Guest12091
com5Hi all, I have been having a lousy time trying to add a folder to the path in ubuntu16:46
com5Hi Partzz16:47
Partzz I m trying to install Ubuntu to my sda3 partition as mentioned in this picture: http://i.stack.imgur.com/U4rtV.png I have resized the partition to get 20 Gb free space but i cannot create new partition in this space16:48
Partzzcan you help me please16:48
c2taruncom5, what do you mean by adding a folder to the path?16:48
c2tarunPartzz, I think that is because you have 4 primary partitions16:49
c2taruntry to create one logical partition in that 20GB instead of primary or extended one.16:49
com5c2tarun, well I just have a bunch of scripts in a folder in my home dir and would like to be able to run them from where ever I am16:50
Partzzi cannot create anything : the create button is disabled16:50
c2tarunPartzz, try booting and starting Ubuntu from liveCD and make partition via GParted16:50
com5Partzz,  I am having a look at your pic now16:50
=== qos is now known as qos|away
c2taruncom5, can you please share the output of echo $PATH and also please tell me how are you trying to add the folder into path?16:51
mbduinoanyone else here experience issues with wireless connections dropping every few seconds?16:51
com5Yeah Partzz I have never seen the Ubuntu installation partition manager look like that16:51
c2tarunmbduino, I remember facing that problem, try resetting router and changing its frequency.16:52
com5Partzz,  how do you make that free space again?16:52
=== Jikan is now known as Jikai
Partzzi resized sda316:53
mbduinooh, channel?16:53
=== Jikai is now known as Jikan
rosariorayXChat: /load .xchat2/budus.so16:53
Partzzto make free space16:53
c2tarunmbduino, yup16:53
rosarioray /load .xchat2/budus.so16:53
mbduinoreset as in soft-reset (reboot) or clear system settings reset?16:53
c2tarunmbduino, clear system reset, there must be a button for it somewhere on the router, you can google your model number and find the way to reset16:54
c2taruncom5, is your problem solved?16:54
c2taruncom5, how are you adding your folder to path?16:54
c2taruncom5, you can try running this in terminal             export PATH=$PATH:/your/path16:55
mbduinoand this is still applicable even if there are other workstations on my network not disconnecting?16:55
com5Nothing I have tried has works16:55
=== qos|away is now known as qos
c2tarunmbduino, I have 3 laptops here, one tablet and 2 cellphones, and only my ubuntu machine was dropping connection. This fixed my problem.16:56
com5I have tried add a folder to .profile and .bashrc16:56
c2taruncom5, did you try what I just told?16:56
mbduinok i'll give it a shot I guess16:56
mbduinoit fixed it permanently?16:56
c2tarunmbduino, I didn't faced this problem since last 3 months.16:57
com5Hey c2tarun can you use ~/ in the path?16:57
chrisrIn a server environment only, are there any reasons to use ubuntu server over debian?16:57
c2taruncom5, not sure, try giving complete path as /home/user/your/path16:57
com5c2tarun, Okay, one moment16:58
hamiddddddddhow can we write this :"|" in tor?16:58
chrisrAre there no opinions on that?16:59
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com5c2tarun, yep tried it did work17:00
c2tarunchrisr, in any env I guess Ubuntu has slightly more packages then debian17:00
com5I must be missing something very simple17:00
hamiddddddddhow can we write this :"|" in terminal?17:00
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c2tarunhamidddddddd, try shift + \17:01
com5hamidddddddd, that the "pipe" symbol17:01
llutzhamidddddddd: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyboard_layout    (alt-gr <   in de-layout)17:02
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c2tarunPartzz, is your problem solved?17:02
chrisrc2tarun: so which would you rather run in a server environment?17:03
intraderAnyone, my laptop overheats and shutsdown once it gets to 100C (as shown by psensor temp2 trace). The laptop's fan2 sensor shows 3075 - I presume RPM. I am attempting to watch video full screen.17:04
c2tarunchrisr, I'll go for Ubuntu. (for server I'll also look for Long Term Support)17:04
llutzchrisr: use whatever you feel comfortable with, there are no technical differences. and please no polls here in the channel17:05
xasteyumm great I just installed ubuntu on my new ssd drive and upon boot nothing.. no grub, not booting nothing17:05
c2tarunintrader, try jupiter17:06
gavrickHello. I can't get weather applet 3.5.92 working with international units. Only Fahrenheit, inHg, knot and miles. How to solve that? The language is French17:06
c2tarunintrader, also try switching to Ubuntu 2D17:06
chrisrc2tarun: is more packages the only reason you'd go for it or are there others?17:07
com5I think I found my solution; http://askubuntu.com/questions/60218/how-to-add-a-directory-to-my-path   Post 2417:07
mneptokintrader: Flash video?17:07
c2tarunchrisr, actually in ubuntu I like the support I get from forum and IRC17:07
wilee-nileexastey, Is ubuntu the only OS, and may it be you are just seeing a black screen, any blinking cursor...etc?17:08
xasteyyes black screen blinking cursor.. installed from usb onto ssd drive17:08
wilee-nileexastey, Only one OS, Ubuntu right17:09
Akiva-MobileI am installing a legacy version of an ati driver on my friends machine, because the new drivers break the system. I also have the updates set to install automatically in the background. How can I make sure that the automatic updates do not automatically update my ati driver, thus breaking the system?17:09
intraderc2tarun, meptok, I have tried to install jupiter to no avails. and i am not using flash. A tutorial video from phonegap, or any youtube17:09
xasteywilee-nilee I do have win7 on hd217:09
c2tarunintrader, are you using chrome?17:10
xasteybut when I installed I told it to install fresh, erase everything.. then pointed the installer to my ssd drive wilee-nilee17:10
intraderc2tarun, no firefox  and I have turned off the special driver for unity17:10
Betanu701xastey: You now only have 1 system, it did boot however it is not in the proper screen17:10
mneptokintrader: YouTube is Flash in most cases.17:11
mneptokintrader: most web video is Flash17:11
Betanu701xastey: try hitting ctrl alt f217:11
c2tarunintrader, try switching to Ubuntu2D17:11
xasteyso Betanu701 what are the step to fix this problem17:11
xasteyok I'll try that Betanu70117:11
Akiva-Mobile... big news; I officially hate amd/ati for causing me this headache.17:11
wilee-nileexastey, Cool sounds like a graphic driver issue, take a look here for the nomodeset per session boot, if you get in check for a driver needed maybe a update will take care of it.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313217:11
Akiva-Mobilefucking guys, can't even open source their driver which sucks anyways!17:11
mneptokintrader: so my suspicion is that you are using the Flash plugin, which is a known CPU hog. set your YouTube preferences to prefer HTML5 video17:12
k1l!language | Akiva-Mobile17:12
ubottuAkiva-Mobile: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.17:12
xasteyI was just reading that wilee-nilee .. funny how I had ubuntu installed on this before and didn't have to do that17:12
xasteybut let me try what Betanu701 said17:12
xasteyBetanu701 ctrl+alt+f2 does nothing17:12
Akiva-Mobilesorry ubottu...17:12
hamiddddddddwhat this means in termminal "sudo chown $USER -Rv ~/.tor-browser/"?17:12
intraderc2tarun, how, I have disabled all proprietary drivers17:13
wilee-nileexastey, Funny thing about installing that not every driver is loaded at times if you install without the install updates box in the install gui, it can be as simple as not being connected to the web.17:13
c2tarunhamidddddddd, try executing man chown in terminal, you'll understand what chown does17:13
llutzhamidddddddd: read "man chown" (it will change ownership of the given file to $USER (you most likely)17:13
Betanu701xastey: ok, try what wilee is said, if that doesn't work, do you have another machine or a phone?17:13
c2tarunintrader, are you on Ubuntu 12.04?17:13
xasteyumm pressing the shift key didn't work wilee-nilee17:14
bosyiis there a dev (ubuntu-next) channel?17:14
mneptokbosyi: #ubuntu-devel17:14
hamiddddddddu mean i must write the username in USER place? llutz17:14
xasteywell wilee-nilee I installed the same way, make sure I was connected to the web and checked both "install other packages" boxes17:14
k1lbosyi: #ubuntu-devel but make sure to read the topic17:14
intraderc2tarun, yes, ubuntu 12.04. Problems started with ubuntu 11.04 (unity)17:15
llutzhamidddddddd: no17:15
Betanu701xastey: does the machine have an IP address that you can try to ssh to?17:15
xasteylet me see17:15
llutzhamidddddddd: "echo $USER"   in a terminal will show you what that variable will be substituted with17:15
c2tarunintrader, then simply log-off and above your username you'll find a small wrench symbol, click it and select Ubuntu 2D and then enter your password17:15
wilee-nileexastey, Try revering the HD being read first in the bios, if you did not specifically make sure in the manual install gui that grub was paointed at the HD not a partition or the windows HD.17:15
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* donttrustem has had enough of ubuntu 12.10 .... friggin nvidia support sucks17:15
intradermneptok, that is worthile a try. where are the youtube preferences?17:16
* donttrustem has rebuilt the box 4 times today and still no further forward17:16
mneptokintrader: https://www.youtube.com/html517:17
hamiddddddddchown: missing operand after `/.tor-browser/' llutz17:17
k1ldonttrustem: make sure the kernel headers are installed17:17
xasteywilee-nilee I'm going to give it another install17:17
donttrustemk1l:thank will do that on this install17:18
llutzhamidddddddd: typo, type command correctly again17:18
wilee-nileexastey, If you like, it may be as simple as loading grub in the right mbr, ot changing the HD order.  Make sure that you point grub to that HD and have it first read in the bios.17:19
OerHekshamidddddddd, what tor guide are you following?17:19
xasteywilee-nilee I'm booting into my liveusb17:19
xasteyso maybe I can check from there?17:19
donttrustemk1l:I can only do this after the install17:19
hamiddddddddOerHeks: http://www.upubuntu.com/2013/03/tor-browser-bundle-2325-4-released-with.html17:20
k1ldonttrustem: when installing the nvidia-current kame sure its not failing because the lack of headers17:20
wilee-nileexastey, YOU can run a script that will kick out info that would be helpful, can you confirm though that the SSD is first in the bios.17:20
hamiddddddddOerHeks: i cant run this part:sudo chown $USER -Rv ~/.tor-browser/17:20
tehfoxHello there, I'm having problems with slow DNS resolution...17:20
xasteywilee-nilee its first in boot order yes17:21
llutzhamidddddddd: sudo chown -Rv  $USER ~/.tor-browser/17:21
donttrustemk1l: possibly ... I will install the headers after the install and then switch to the nvidia current17:21
OerHekshamidddddddd, on that page, read comment #117:21
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Betanu701xastey: do you know where you installed grub to? was it on that hd or another one?17:21
Betanu701xastey: Also as wilee has been saying try to boot with the other harddrives, maybe that will pull it up17:22
OerHekshamidddddddd, do you have that folder ~/.tor-browser/ ? ( it is hidden ctrl + H )17:22
xasteyBetanu701 I wasn't given a choice17:22
xasteyI just choosed my ssd harddrive and install17:22
hamiddddddddOerHeks: how can i know?17:23
xasteyI choose Erase Everything-> Picked my ssd drive -> install17:23
wilee-nileexastey, How old is this computer I want to make sure you don't have UEFI setup17:23
xasteybrand new17:23
intraderc2tarun, with ununtu2d I get internal error from ubuntu17:23
xasteylenvono t530.. just got it17:23
xasteyno uefi17:23
wilee-nileexastey, W7 or W8?17:23
xasteyLike I said.. I had ubuntu installed already on this laptop17:23
donttrustemk1l: do I just install the headers then select the nvidia current from the additional drivers17:23
xasteyall was working fine for weeks17:23
leforceHello, I have recently installed a ubuntu on a brand new HDD and I have the error "The system is running in low-graphics mode" and my keyboard and mouse is disabled so I can't procred17:24
xasteyI wanted to install my ssd drive.. so though I would just reinstall.. already backedup my packages and whatnot17:24
leforceCorrection, Proceed*17:24
xasteylet me boot into the other drive17:24
wilee-nileexastey, So the first install did not include any UEFI tasks?17:24
xasteymaybe thats set as the primary17:24
xasteycorrect wilee-nilee17:25
xasteybut let me boot from drive 017:25
xasteyssd is drive 1 but 0 in boot order17:25
xasteymaybe thats why17:25
SiecjeIs it possible to send an email using php's send mail function on Ubuntu without having a domain name?17:25
intradermneptok, I have looked at the html5 page and there is a 'Join the HTML5 trial'. Is there an option I don't see?17:25
xasteywell hot damn17:26
hamiddddddddOerHeks: bash: /home/hamid/.tor-browser/: Is a directory17:26
xasteyyou guys were right17:26
mike_mSiecje, yes17:26
llutzhamidddddddd: sudo chown -Rv  $USER ~/.tor-browser/17:26
wilee-nileexastey, Grub might have been put in the W7's mbr, no biggie we can fix that and even reload the MS bootloader back in and grub in the SSD17:26
mike_mit will send from localhost@17:26
xasteythere goes my gub.. shows up ubuntu 12.10 rither with my old ubuntu install17:26
llutzwhyever that dir wouldn't be owned by you already17:26
Siecjemike_m: ok so what package do I need?17:26
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Siecjeok I have that installed17:27
xasteyso wilee-nilee should I just keep it as is? any problems keeping it like this17:27
OerHeksllutz, same thought, now it is sure that folder exists.17:27
xasteymy ssd isn't the primary drive as it stands right now17:27
xasteybut I will use it as my primary drive for ubuntu17:27
wilee-nileexastey, ASs is means the windows HD has the grub boot?17:27
xasteythats correct wilee-nilee17:27
xasteyso heres my setup17:28
llutzhamidddddddd: "echo $USER"  what it your username?17:28
hamiddddddddOerHeks: it changed ownership but still not working17:28
xasteyssd= new ubuntu install , hdd= old ubuntu install + win 7 and a few other recover partations17:28
leforceHello, I have recently installed a ubuntu on a brand new HDD and I have the error "The system is running in low-graphics mode" and my keyboard and mouse is disabled so I can't proceed17:28
OerHekshamidddddddd, there is no manual with that, maybe you need to logout/login to let tor browser take effect ?17:29
wilee-nileexastey, Personally I would want the loader for the OS in the mbr of the HD it is in, however I know how to do that easily, your choice, if it works now the only real issue is being able to boot windows without grub17:29
lisandrop05hello to every one17:29
Siecjemike_m: since I don't have a domain name what do I put for host/17:29
lisandrop05I'm getting this error when I import a forder to the subversion17:30
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llutzSiecje: who do you want to send mails to if you don't have a valid domain-name? no serious mailserver will accept mails from you17:30
intradermneptok, I have also rebooted in 2D mode. - I don't know how to tell you tube to go html5. The settings context menu in you tube does not offer html517:31
wilee-nileexastey, Make sure you have the recovery disk you can make in windows and backup everything. If you have a windows install disc that is fine as well.17:31
Siecjellutz: this is an internal website and it is needs to send emails to its users17:32
moe_i need help with trim on 12.10 please17:32
llutzSiecje: then set it to whatever you want like "domain.local"17:32
moe_anyone? help17:33
llutz!anyone | moe_17:33
ubottumoe_: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.17:33
donttrustemk1l: is it linux-header-generic I install?17:33
moe_i need help with trim on 12.10 please17:33
llutz!details | moe_ how should one help you without knowing your issue17:34
ubottumoe_ how should one help you without knowing your issue: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:34
wilee-nileemoe_ There are several options here is a link.  http://www.webupd8.org/2013/01/enable-trim-on-ssd-solid-state-drives.html17:34
moe_ pal take it easy i am new to irc and ubuntu17:34
moe_are you going to help or dish out shit?17:34
llutzmoe_: no offense, just the way this works .)17:34
h00kmoe_: Please keep the language appropriate :)17:35
moe_h00k try talking to your pals there17:35
BluesKajmoe , nice , that'll really make ppl want to help you :)17:36
moe_oh screw you too17:36
OerHeksmoe_, what makes you think 12.10 needs trim ?17:36
moe_i'll live without trim help17:36
xasteyYeah I have thoses wilee-nilee17:36
xasteyI'm going to switch my ssd drive to primary and just reinstall.. I'll address fixing windows later .. I dont even boot into it now17:37
LuizAngiolettixastey: is it a windows 8 UEFI problem?17:38
Siecjellutz:  mike_m: http://bpaste.net/show/0ajfbQbQxbz0vj8WFdlE/ so what do I pur for System mail name:17:39
LuizAngioletti(I got just in...)17:39
xasteyno LuizAngioletti.. I had that with my other hd17:39
LuizAngiolettixastey: ok. I was going to tell you to be cautious, but hey.. I may be late. =P17:39
LuizAngiolettior... "maybe I'm late".17:40
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lisandrop05any ones who know about svn?17:40
lisandrop05I'm getting an error17:41
hamidddddddi loged out still not working17:41
pzim going to learn using irc(irrelevant)17:41
lisandrop05there is a paste17:41
wilee-nileexastey, Again, your choice, but that is an easy fix, and it would be really helpful for you to know how to do it.17:41
=== pz is now known as polizois
llutzSiecje: how do you access the webserver? if it has an fqdn, use the domainname from there17:42
hamidddddddi have trouble with tor pleaaaaaaaaase help17:43
=== t_kjaergaard is now known as t_kjaergaard|bnc
polizoisdoes anyone know if i can download files via telnet??17:44
dr_willispolizois:  use scp - since telnet gives you a command line. ;) or kermit17:44
histohamiddddddd: you download the tor browser extract it and run it.17:44
histopolizois: What are you trying to do?17:45
hamidddddddhisto: i did these all but its not working17:45
histohamiddddddd: Can you elaboorate on not working?17:45
Betanu701anyone know anything about analog tv tuners?17:46
polizoishisto: i have a dreambox and i want to login via telnet and modify a file17:46
hamidddddddwhen i run the tor browser theres a massage 'unexpected exit'.17:47
histopolizois: any reason you can't use ssh?17:47
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.17:47
hamidddddddhisto: when i run the tor browser theres a massage 'unexpected exit'.and my mozila brings notihng17:47
Siecjellutz: I access it with the internal IP address the site is running through localhost17:47
alainusis it safe to sync the home folder with another pc that has the same applications installed, so that all the configurations sync ?17:47
histohamiddddddd: possibly try a different version.17:47
Betanu701lol ok sorry ubottu Thanks17:47
llutzpolizois: "telnet dreambox" gives you terminalaccess, there you edit the file (use whatever editor the dreambox brings)17:47
donttrustemk1l: are you still here17:48
hamidddddddhisto: its the last version17:48
llutzSiecje: then use "localhost.localdomain"17:48
histoalainus: Why not just sync the specific file for settings rather than the entire home.17:49
xasteywilee-nilee I may have to do it still, to have grub boot my w7 install from the second drive17:49
llutzSiecje: btw it would be easier to use nullmailer, ssmtp, msmtp instead of a full featured MTA like postfix (though that also will do the job)17:49
histohamiddddddd: try an older one. or ask them for support.17:49
Betanu701I have an 2 tv tuners both hybrids and both are claimed to work in linux. The digital side works like a charm, but I get no signal on the analog side, I have updated all the drivers and modprobed to see that they actually are running them. any advice?17:49
ubuntuwantsHey guys, I just want to know how to find my NTFS so I can install Windows and remove Ubuntu17:49
Siecjellutz: what is localdomain? Which of those packages do you recommend17:50
polizoisllutz: i didnt know i could do that...do you know what editor it features???17:50
Betanu701ubutuwants: do you have a NTFS partion?17:50
histoubuntuwants: In the file browser (nautilus) you should be able to see your other partitions.17:50
llutzpolizois: nope, ask the dreambox guys please17:50
wilee-nileexastey, grub can be loaded to the SSD's mbr from the live cd, or you can use a tool like supergrub to just boot Ubuntu and do it from the desktop. The windows bootloader can be reloaded to it's mbr with the recovery disc.17:51
llutzSiecje: ssmtp worked fine for me, but all other should do too17:51
hamidddddddi had the older one histo. its filtered in my country, no other way?17:51
alainushisto, that's another option. i was just wondering if i could make it faster by just syncing the entire directory17:51
histohamiddddddd: Why would the newer one not be filtered?17:51
ubuntuwantsBetanu701: I installed Ubuntu 12.10 over a corrupted Windows 7 and now I want to install Vista but can't since the NTFS is gone. I am sure I have the NTFS Partition is here.17:51
histoalainus: How often does the "configuration" file change?17:51
xasteycool.. so what I'm doing wilee-nilee is, first I switched my ssd to be hdd0 (not just in boot order) and my old hdd is hdd117:51
polizoisllutz: ok thanks17:52
intradermneptok, I have started the browser in html5 test mode. See no difference in heat generation in full screen. psensor temp2 shoots up immediately17:52
histoubuntuwants: /j #windows17:52
xasteynow I'm going to just reinstall .. its a quick install anyways... then I'll address fixing adding win7 to grub on my ssd drive17:52
Betanu701ubuntuwants: use gparted to see if it is there17:52
xasteywhich will boot win7 from my second drive17:52
wilee-nileeubuntuwants, can you run sudo fdisk -l and pastebin the text and give us the url.17:52
hamidddddddhisto: i downloaded it from ubuntu server17:52
histohamiddddddd: What's filtered in your country?17:53
ubuntuwantsI guess I have formatted my NTFS or something. Seems terminal can't detect my NTFS17:53
llutzSiecje: erm wait, you just need local delivery (all users on your local machine)? then msmtp might be better17:53
alainushisto, some change very often (filezilla) and some not so much. i want to use my laptop as a terminal when I need to go away from the pc and work elsewhere, so I don't care if they're exactly equal in configuration and files. I know that you can use Unison to sync these files over ssh, so i was thinking of just syncing the entire ~17:53
wilee-nileexastey, Cool just make sure tat grub in the custom install is pointed at the SSD mbr, probably is sdb17:53
Siecjellutz: no I need to send emails to people17:54
Siecjenot users on my machine17:54
xasteywill do wilee-nilee thanks a lot for the help so far.. you too Betanu701 thanks guys17:54
histoalainus: I don't see why you couldn't do that.17:54
Betanu701No problem good luck17:54
ubuntuwantsHow to add Unity dock in Linux distro? Hmmm.17:55
histoubuntuwants: Are you trying to install windows again?17:55
wilee-nileexastey, you can check for the ssd's info with gparted or in the terminal to just confirm it is sdb, I would.17:55
ubuntuwants@histo just wanna ask. I installed on my aunt's computer and she said she does not like Ubuntu and wants Windows back.17:55
xasteyno its sda right now wilee-nilee17:55
xasteyprevious it was sdb17:55
xasteybut after I switched the hd slots (took laptop apart) its showing ssd as sda17:56
wilee-nileexastey, Cool, the important part is that you know for sure, enjoy. ;)17:56
histoubuntuwants: then use the windows cd and install winblows again.  Perhaps you should show her linux mint first. If you need help installing windows /join #windows17:56
mike_mSiecje, can you start Postfix? sudo /etc/init.d/postfix restart17:56
histoxastey: do not rely on /dev/sdX naming. Use uuid's17:56
Betanu701ubuntuwants: or you could try showing her linux zorin it is like windows17:57
JanDjinHello, guys. How I can disable colors in "gnome-terminal"?17:57
ubuntuwants@histro. I will try to even if NTFS is gone. LOL.17:57
xasteyO I will, I have to mount my /home from my second drive17:57
histoJanDjin: edit profile17:57
xasteybut I checked, its the ssd drive I'm installing to.. should be all good now17:57
wilee-nileehisto, He is just pointing to the correct mbr with grub on a install.17:57
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest72323
JanDjinhisto: And what exactly should I edit?17:57
JanDjingive me some hint, please?17:58
ubuntuwantsUbuntu should have a feature where Windows programs work without WINE or PlayOnLinux. Just saying...17:58
histoJanDjin: Probably the "colors" tab would be a hint17:59
wilee-nileeubuntuwants, Your new to this linux thing huh, that makes no sense. ;)17:59
intradermneptok, in 2D mode and html5 it seems to be worse. Event a small screen video shoots temp2 to 92C and stays there. Full screen, no way17:59
datsmoidaanyone know why modifying resolv.conf would have a huge impact on network speed ?17:59
Betanu701ubuntuwants: that would also open us up to alot more harm to our systems18:00
ubuntuwants@wilee I only tried Ubuntu for 2 weeks (aunt's computer). All this while I'm on the 8.18:00
histoubuntuwants: What windows program do you need?18:00
histodatsmoida: should anything placed in resolv.conf would get ignored due to resolvconf package and network manager18:01
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ubuntuwants@histo. Tons. TeamViewer, Bandicam, Windows games like Slender, and stuff18:01
=== Guest40714 is now known as Danic
=== Danic is now known as Stadtpirat
histoubuntuwants: well teamviewer has a linux applications, the others you'd have to check wine's appdb18:02
histo!appdb | ubuntuwants18:02
ubottuubuntuwants: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help18:02
leforceHello, I have recently installed a ubuntu on a brand new HDD and I have the error "The system is running in low-graphics mode" and my keyboard and mouse is disabled so I can't proceed18:02
histo!nomodeset | leforce18:02
ubottuleforce: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:02
ubuntuwantsthanks people. guess I'll have to head over to #windows now18:02
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Betanu701ubuntuwants try this system http://www.zorin-os.com/18:02
wilee-nileeubuntuwants, Be careful in adding vista to a W8 setup as a dual boot, the bootloader will entangle and you will have some real fun if you remove one of the OS's.  This can be avoided though. NOt to mention that the W8 is UEFI.18:02
leforceubottu, if it makes any difference I have a AMD A-3400 using the integrated GPU18:03
ubottuleforce: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:03
ubuntuwantsZorin looks like WIndows. Cool. But my aunt wants the real deal. LOL.18:03
histoJanDjin: do you mean you don't want any colors from ls etc...?18:04
histoubuntuwants: sucks to be her18:04
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Guest24013I want to set my wificard to master mode, so I can connect my android phone. I was wondering, how can I do that if my device is "02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x / AR542x Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 04)"18:05
Guest24013I tried searching and I followed a guide on ubuntu wiki, but it asked me to download madwifi-tools and linux-restricted-moduls but I could find such packages. Any ideas?18:07
wilee-nileeGuest24013, Your android setup does not have a wifi setup to just pull from the router?18:08
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Guest24013wilee-nilee, I don't have a router I am trying to use my USB modem and create WiFi from my laptop18:09
mangemanhalo apa kabar semua nya/??18:09
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing18:10
wilee-nileeGuest24013, So you are using ethernet I see.18:10
SwedeMike!id | mangeman18:10
ubottumangeman: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia18:10
Guest24013wilee-nilee, Yes any ideas how can I set my wlan card to master mode?18:11
wilee-nileeGuest24013, I have never done this but in the network manager in the wifi tab is a "use as hotspot option.18:12
wilee-nileeGuest24013, I don't know what master mode is.18:13
Guest24013wilee-nilee, Hotspot is adhoc connection I think and that type of connections isn't supported by my stock android rom.18:14
wilee-nileeGuest24013, here is a link, not sure other then pointing to links. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/MasterMode18:14
KeymanUbuntu 12.04.2 is locking up frequently when writing to the hard drives. I am using a HP SmartArray 640018:14
Keymananyone have any suggestions on how to fix the issue?18:14
DX099hello I have a problem : I'm trying to install a ttf font in Ubuntu 12.10, however, it displays without any problem yet I get an "Installation failed. No explanation, even running from CLI.18:14
wilee-nileeGuest24013, Which android release are you running.18:15
DX099can someone help me ?18:15
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:15
Guest24013wilee-nilee, ICS18:15
Brunellhi all, I wonder if you can help me at all with the initial setup of ubuntu one pleaase18:15
BrunellI have created an account and now I have to start the sync18:16
bazhangBrunell, try #ubuntuone18:16
Brunellok will do thanks18:16
intradermneptok, in 2D mode, when I plug in my iPod  I get unable to open /document18:17
SonhadorPRhello all! "mid-term" newbie here. I installed VirtualBox in *.deb  pkg, from  www.oracle.com, because the version in the Ubuntu Software Center is outdated. I have installed the 4.2.8. I want to upgrade to the new 4.2.10, but I can't seem to upgrade, nor uninstal the prev version. What can I do?18:20
gustav_How do I find the audio recording unit? My laptop has an internal mic and pavucontrol seems to find it ok.18:20
Betanu701I have 2 TV tuners, a kworld 150, and a haupauge 950q. I have been able to get both cards to work, though just with the digital side.18:21
Betanu701I can not get anything to make it receive any analog stations. Neither of them get analog.18:21
Betanu701Things I have done,18:21
Betanu701I have upgraded the firmware of the cards of the v4l2 (or vl42 I forget which).18:21
Betanu701Modprobed the devices to make sure it is using and detecting the cards.18:21
FloodBot1Betanu701: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:21
Betanu701I have tried this on everything from 11.10-13.0418:21
wilee-nileeSonhadorPR, Can you describe what the problem is with just installing the upgrade, details are important here.18:22
tgm4883Betanu701, what are you using to try and tune channels?18:23
Betanu701command line scantv18:23
tgm4883Betanu701, and I'm assuming you actually have analog stations to tune?18:24
Betanu701yes I do, I am using basic cable US and they deliver most channels 2-70 via analog18:24
tgm4883Betanu701, wow, there are still cable companies transmitting analog? What provider?18:25
Betanu701Time Warner,\18:25
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SonhadorPRwilee-nilee: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5625963/18:27
Betanu701I prefer the digital stations, but sadly the ones i want are analog18:27
SonhadorPRrafaelsoaresbr: oi!18:28
tgm4883Betanu701, I've  not used scantv, is it throwing any errors?18:29
tgm4883support for the 950q seems to be built into the kernel;18:29
LuizAngiolettiSonhadorPR: you could simply download the new .deb package and install it.18:29
=== ericab_away is now known as ericab
SonhadorPRI did...that's where I'm getting the error msg.18:29
Betanu701tgm4883: no errors just no stations avalible.18:29
BluesKajanalog , heh , we still have them in markets under 250K population , the small market stations cried poverty when it came to switching to digital18:30
SuperLagI've got a PDF that I want to take one page from, and make another PDF with. How would I do that?18:30
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Betanu701BlueKaj: that describes my area lol18:30
tgm4883SonhadorPR, when you did the 'apt-get remove virtualbox', what was the error message18:30
LuizAngiolettiSonhadorPR: have you used dpkg for uninstall before?18:31
tgm4883Betanu701, any error messages in dmesg regarding the tunes?18:31
LuizAngiolettior package management at all?18:31
SonhadorPRwilee-nilee: in the command line, all I get is blanks. Like just pressing the enter key. Nothing happened18:31
Betanu701tgm4883: should I run dmesg after the scan?18:32
tgm4883Betanu701, no, just after plugging in the 950q18:32
LuizAngiolettiSonhadorPR: dpkg -l | grep ^i | grep virtualbox18:32
SonhadorPRwilee-nilee: I found the instructions for command line removal in: http://www.answeredubuntu.com/22200/how_to_uninstall_a_deb_package#sthash.QYZ1RcB9.dpbs but no such luck. The dpkg gives me error msgs...the other one doesn't18:32
LuizAngiolettiif it returns nothing then it isn't installed anymore18:32
tgm4883LuizAngioletti, IIRC, the virtualbox packages are named Virtualbox18:33
tgm4883LuizAngioletti, so probably need a grep -i virtualbox18:33
SonhadorPRwilee-nilee: let me try that one.18:33
Betanu701tgm4883: not that I am aware, give me a sec and I will look it over again18:33
superdohey, recommended desktop twitter widget?18:34
LuizAngiolettitgm4883: you're right. =)18:34
Dry_LipsHi! I've got some problems getting my ATI drivers to work. (Manually downloaded and installed from ATI)18:34
adamkDry_Lips: That's really the bad way to install the drivers...18:34
LuizAngiolettiSonhadorPR: fix it as tgm4883 mentioned, before you run it. =)18:34
Dry_LipsWhen I run sudo "aticonfig --adapter=all --odgt", I get "ERROR - X needs to be running to perform AMD Overdrive(TM) commands"18:34
wilee-nileeSonhadorPR, sounds like you have it fixed I would just run sudo apt-get remove virtualbox-4.2.8  However the download from the vbox website should upgrade it. Did ou instal dkms?18:34
Dry_Lipsadamk: I need to do it that way, I'm setting it up to mine bitcoins18:34
Dry_Lipsadamk: I followed this tutorial: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gw7YPYgMgNNU42skibULbJJUx_suP_CpjSEdSi8_z9U/edit?pli=1#18:35
SonhadorPRLuizAngioletti: I don't understand. What are you ssaying, what I am supposed to do?18:35
tgm4883SonhadorPR, run "dpkg -l | grep ^i | grep -i virtualbox"18:35
SonhadorPRI just did that...it went blank...like itting return..no error msg.18:36
SonhadorPRLet me try re-installing again.18:36
adamkDry_Lips: I fail to see why mining for bitcoins requires you to manualy install fglrx when it's packaged nicely for Ubuntu...  But, whatever.  The error you message seems pretty clear...  You need X to run to perform that particular command.18:36
Dry_Lipsadamk: why don't X run then?18:37
adamkDry_Lips: I have no idea. This is the first time you mentioned that X won't run...18:37
Dry_Lipsadamk: well, I have booted to the desktop18:38
adamkDry_Lips: So X is running then?18:38
Dry_Lipsyeah, it must be18:38
tgm4883Dry_Lips, what video card?18:38
Dry_LipsATI HD 260018:39
adamkDry_Lips: Well, you're on your own then. :-)  AMD pushed pre HD5xxx GPUs to the legacy driver, and I have on experience with that.18:39
adamkI'd question whether it can even do what you want it to.18:40
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SonhadorPRusing apt-get remove virtualbox, I get: Couldn't find any package by regex 'virtualbox-4.2_4.2.8-83876~Ubuntu~precise_i38618:40
LuizAngiolettiSonhadorPR: it isn't quite the same error message. =)18:40
Dry_Lipsadamk: aha... So I would have to install the legacy driver?18:40
Dry_Lipsadamk: but I get your point, though, it's an old card18:40
wilee-nileeSonhadorPR, I just ran a upgrade a couple of days ago with virtualbox, I believe I had to remove 4.2.8 first as well so run this to remove it then install the new one.  sudo apt-get remove virtualbox-4.218:40
tgm4883Dry_Lips, well, you have to install a driver package that actually has drivers for your card18:40
Siecjemike_m: I can start postfix18:41
adamkDry_Lips: Personally I wouldn't even use fglrx on that card, I'd stick with the open source drivers.  But I have on idea if those drivers can do what you want.18:41
tgm4883SonhadorPR, that is because you are running it from the same directory that you downloaded the virtualbox package to18:41
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wilee-nileeSonhadorPR, Always include the commands in these pastes as wil give us everything you see in the termional.18:41
tgm4883Dry_Lips, I'm unsure if the card you are using supports what you want to do even with the proprietary driveres18:42
Betanu701tgm4883: I do not see any errors, I could be wrong so i posted the dmesg http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5626008/18:42
scoobyhow do I change the file that is displayed as the spash screen while the system is coming up?18:42
Dry_Lipsadamk: basically I would need OpenCL support & the ATI SDK18:42
SonhadorPRI just got a crash report...trying to uninstall the virtualbox 4.2 gamve me different errors18:43
Dry_Lipstgm4883: I'm not sure either, this is more of an experiment18:43
SonhadorPRapparently I was able to remove it...let me try re-installing.18:43
tgm4883Dry_Lips, a quick google search say opencl isn't supported on the hd260018:43
wilee-nileeSonhadorPR, you might try the #vbox channel as well.18:43
Dry_Lipstgm4883: duh, too bad! :(18:43
SonhadorPRThank you guys: I will, if all else fails!!18:44
Dry_Lipstgm4883, adamk, well, thanks for your help anyway! Much appreciated!18:44
tgm4883Betanu701, looks like something wonky is going on there18:44
Betanu701tgm4883: how so? Please enlighten me :)18:45
tgm4883Betanu701, at the end, it keeps uploading the firmware. Repeatedly, about every 3 seconds18:46
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tgm4883Betanu701, the kworld one does seem to be having issues18:46
tgm4883I wonder if there is a driver conflict. Maybe remove the kworld card18:47
Betanu701OK let me try that18:47
PeyamWhen I try to update my system i get this error massege : Depends: linux-image-extra-3.5.0-26-generic but it is not installed18:48
Peyamwhat should I do18:48
SonhadorPROK!! Apparently I WAS able to install the VB 4.2.10 Thanks to Wilee-Nilee, LuizAngioletti and tgm488318:49
wilee-nileePeyam, What release are you running?18:49
Peyamwilee-nilee: xubuntu 12.1018:49
wilee-nileeSonhadorPR, Cool, have fun. ;)18:49
wilee-nileePeyam, You using the terminal, and is there any not going to install info?18:50
Peyamwilee-nilee: I update with update manager18:50
PeyamIt is the only info I get18:51
wilee-nileePeyam, Run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and see if that gets you running.18:51
robin0800Peyam: it sounds like the pae problem18:51
Betanu701tgm4883: ok removed it still loading multiple times18:52
Peyamwilee-nilee: robin0800: The following packages have unmet dependencies:18:52
Peyam linux-image-generic : Depends: linux-image-extra-3.5.0-26-generic but it is not installed18:52
tgm4883Betanu701, have you checked if the digital side of the card works?18:52
robin0800Peyam: it sounds like the pae problem thats what i MEANT GOOGLE IT18:52
Betanu701tgm4883: yup they both work18:53
Peyamrobin0800: I googled it and it asked me to add some PPA but nothing happened18:53
Peyamwilee-nilee: any advice?18:54
robin0800Peyam: you have to reboot18:54
wilee-nileePeyam, well hopefully others will know more here, there is a bit of info missing here such as have you messed with the sources.list and other stuff.  And better responses then google it lol.18:54
tgm4883robin0800, why would he have to reboot?18:54
Betanu701I KNOW!!!18:54
bazhangrobin0800, stop giving wrong advice18:54
Peyamwilee-nilee: it is a fresh installation. robin0800: okej I will18:54
tgm4883!info linux-image-extra-3.5.0-26-generic18:54
ubottuPackage linux-image-extra-3.5.0-26-generic does not exist in quantal18:54
robin0800because the ppa is a hack and needs to run at boot18:55
tgm4883I think that is likely the issue18:55
tgm4883robin0800, that makes no sense18:55
bazhangrobin0800, thats not correct. stop now18:55
wilee-nileetgm4883, I wondered if that kernel was in quantal as well.18:55
Betanu701tgm4883: was that kernel to me or to robin?18:56
tgm4883wilee-nilee, i'm not sure why he's got something depending on it, probably some PPA he added18:56
tgm4883Betanu701, to peyam actually18:56
wilee-nileetgm4883, Exactly hence the sources.list mention. ;)18:56
Betanu701tgm4883: ok lol, I was going to say I am on 3.8 :D18:56
tgm4883wilee-nilee, it's too bad he listened to bad advice and rebooted18:56
bazhangwilee-nilee, sources.list.d I hope you mean18:57
tgm4883Betanu701, I'm not sure what the issue is with yours. I've not used analog in a long time, and don't have either of those cards18:57
wilee-nileebazhang, I load stuff to the .list but yeah that or ,list.d18:57
Betanu701tgm4883: That's ok, Thanks for trying, been working on this for a couple months18:58
tgm4883Betanu701, I'd try #linuxtv18:58
Betanu701thanks :)18:59
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litropyHow do I stop Update Manager from bugging me? I use apt-get instead.19:09
tgm4883litropy, in the update manager settings, you can disable it from looking for updates19:09
litropytgm4883, haha that's such an easy answer; why didn't I think to check that lol19:09
MO_Handeswhen I try to install software with apt-get it keeps 0% [waiting for headers] ad does nothing. how to fix it?19:10
jerome_gedit ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml     -- same command for ubuntu?19:10
tgm4883jerome_, it might help to know what you are trying to do19:10
jerome_tgm4883, trying to change the hotkey for ctrl+f6 (brightness) on an ac100, online tutorial is only for lubuntu19:12
donttrustemfinally I have a desktop that is working with the nvidia drivers  :)19:13
donttrustemanyone know how to install skype on 12.10 64bit19:14
tgm4883jerome_, have you tried http://askubuntu.com/questions/34979/how-to-change-the-shortcut-to-adjust-brightness19:14
ikonia!skype | donttrustem19:14
ubottudonttrustem: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga19:14
Guest24013I was wondering, I accedentally deleted 3 partition and repartiotioned those partitions and formated them. Is it possible to try recovering and of the lost data on those 3 partitions?19:14
ikoniaGuest24013: it's gone19:15
Guest24013ikonia, http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/linux-data-recovery.html are such tutorials useless??19:15
ikoniaGuest24013: in your position, yes, you are welcome to try though19:16
Guest24013ikonia, Thanks...19:16
rustler770dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sdb1; sdc is bootable why isn't sdb119:16
litropyIs there a quick way to check the changelog of a package, e.g. from Bash?19:16
ikoniarustler770: because you are copying a disk to a partition19:16
ikoniarustler770: the is a mess19:17
jerome_tgm4883, thanks i'll try it19:17
llutzlitropy: aptitude changelog packagename19:17
rustler770both are usb flash19:17
Siecjewhich package can I use to set up a mail server without a domain name19:17
ikoniarustler770: so ?19:17
Guest24013ikonia, Could you help in a little problem with setting my wlan as master so when I create wireless I don't want it to be adhoc network so my phone can connect to it.19:17
ikoniaSiecje: how do you expect to use a mail server without a domain name ?19:17
jpmhhow do I change the image that displays while ubuntu is loading19:17
ikoniaGuest24013: there is a guide on the ubuntu wiki for setting up an access point19:18
ikoniajpmh: that's called the splash screen19:18
litropyThx llutz. BTW, last I checked, aptitude wasn't playing nice. I used to use it in place of apt-get until many recommended switching back to apt-get. Has this changed?19:18
tgm4883litropy, apt-get changelog <packagename> should work too, since aptitude isn't installed by default19:18
rustler770the first usb is bootable the data copies is is no bootable19:18
ikoniajpmh: it "should" be easy, but to be honest, it's a complex mess that is a pain to maintain19:18
ikoniarustler770: I've told you why, repeating the same thing won't change that19:18
Guest24013ikonia, I followed it and it asked me to install packages madfire-tools and linux-restricted-modules on my system, but I couldn't find them on using aptitude19:19
ikonia!info madfire-tools19:19
ubottuPackage madfire-tools does not exist in quantal19:19
rustler770how to then19:19
ikoniaGuest24013: can you show me the link you are using19:19
ikoniarustler770: copy a partition to a partition, or a disk to a disk19:19
rustler770usb to usb19:19
ikoniarustler770: no - that means nothing19:19
ikoniarustler770: a disk to a disk, or a partition to a partition19:20
jpmhikonia: LOL - just what I did NOT want to hear.  Surely there is a file that contains the image, somewhere, no?19:20
ikoniajpmh: it's really not that simple19:20
ikoniajpmh: it should be....but it's not19:20
ikonia!splash | jpmh19:20
ubottujpmh: To change the Gnome splash screen, use gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.19:20
Guest24013ikonia, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Router/Madwifi19:20
donttrustem_wtf my 12.10 64bit was working with the nvidia drivers then it crashed with a black screen and yellow block ....19:20
ikoniajpmh: ignore that, wrong link19:20
llutzlitropy: don't use aptitude for isntallation etc, but for tasks like changelog/why/whynot etc. its still a handy tool19:20
tgm4883rustler770, there is a difference between "dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sdb1" and "dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sdb"19:20
ikoniaGuest24013: do you have an atheros chipset ?19:20
litropythx llutz19:20
ikonia!wtf | donttrustem_19:20
ubottudonttrustem_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.19:20
tgm4883llutz, changelog exists for apt-get as well19:20
donttrustem_I rebooted and now have no desktop19:20
jpmhikonia: which of the two am I ignoring19:20
ikoniajpmh: both19:21
mike160hi can anyone help me out i just install rtorrent/rutorrent and when trying to add torrent files to the rtorrent watch folder am getting permission denied19:21
llutzlitropy: unfortunately aptitude still has some problems with multiarch, thats why you should stay with apt-get for install/remove/purge19:21
=== donttrustem_ is now known as donttrustem
llutztgm4883: does it, since what version?19:21
tgm4883llutz, IDK, but it works on 12.0419:21
Guest24013ikonia, yes19:21
donttrustemikonia: can you help with the video problem :S19:21
ikonia!info madwifi-tools19:22
donttrustemI have spent days n this19:22
llutztgm4883: thx, i didn't knew that. so litropy "apt-get changelog package" :)19:22
ubottuPackage madwifi-tools does not exist in quantal19:22
ikoniaGuest24013: looks like that guide is no longer valid for post 8.0419:22
litropyllutz, haha thx19:22
ikoniaGuest24013: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessAccessPoint19:22
ghostwriterhi ich brauche hilfe bei ubuntu19:25
mefestohello everyone. I'm running ubuntu 12.04 server (32-bit) as an NFS server with ubuntu clients and randomly it seems like all the clients totally lock up on that nfs mount. does anyone in here have experience with this?19:25
ghostwriterein deutscher hier der mir helfen kann19:25
donttrustemhow do I role back from using the nvidia current drivers19:25
mefestolooks like this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/100644619:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 879334 in nfs-utils (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1006446 nfsd from nfs-kernel-server very slow and system load from 25%-100% from nfsd" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:25
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!19:25
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donttrustemcurrently i only have a background with a cursor ... nothing else19:27
donttrustemI have tired nomodeset but this is not working  either19:27
BluesKajdonttrustem, did you try "additional drivers" ?19:27
ikoniadonttrustem: where did you get the nvidia drivers....$100 says nvidia.com19:28
donttrustemBluesKaj: yes19:28
donttrustemikonia:these are the additional  drivers19:28
BluesKajdonttrustem, , which nvidia card ?19:29
mike160ubuntu permission denied folder when trying to add files does anyone know how to change the permission on a folder19:29
ikoniamike160: right click on it19:29
ikoniadonttrustem: that's excellent19:29
ikoniamike160: where is the folder19:29
donttrustemBluesKaj: 2 secs need to run the command from recovery mode19:30
mike160ikonia system files19:30
ikoniamike160: where exactly, as there is no such thing as "system files"19:30
mike160ok hold on19:30
mike160ikonia its in the file system19:33
ikoniamike160: "where" in the file system, that could be anywhere19:33
donttrustemBluesKaj: C61 geforce 6150SE nforce 43019:33
mike160hold on let make check good19:34
donttrustemBluesKaj: how do I rollback to the original so I can get the desktop backup19:34
=== smeir is now known as Jutah
BluesKajwell , donttrustem you could try an older kernel ...it's better than attempting a rollback IME19:35
=== alainus[-_-] is now known as alainus
ghengispoke 36879,819:35
donttrustemBluesKaj: I only have one kernal19:36
BluesKajdonttrustem, one listed in grub19:36
ehershey_hi is it possible to get a newer version of openssl 0.9.8 than 0.9.8k on ubuntu 10.04 ?19:36
ikoniaehershey_: no19:36
ikoniaehershey_: not from official packages19:37
ehershey_:( ok19:37
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BluesKajdonttrustem, the additional drivers should give you more than one choice , assuming you've all  of them?19:38
mike160ikonia the folder is home rtorrent watch19:38
ikoniamike160: so that folder should already be owned by you19:38
donttrustemI had about 7 choices ... but I cannot change them because I cannot get to the desktop19:39
=== ehershey_ is now known as ehershey
derrick_How would one go about specifying a username and password when connecting to a server in Files in 13.04?19:41
BluesKajdonttrustem, can you get to a tty , ctrl+alt+f1 up to f6 , then sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade19:41
mike160ikonia no i install rtorrent under a other user and now i cant add files to that folder how do i change the permissions19:41
donttrustemwill try it19:42
ikoniamike160: why did you install it as another user ?19:42
wilee-nileeedit: sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get update19:43
pablo_hi all19:43
wilee-nileeoops sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade19:43
mike160ikonia caues i dont know how to install rtorrent and rutorrent and i use this script its called filzbox to automate the install of rutorrent/rtorrent and it did it like that19:44
pablo_I have one problem with compiling in ubuntu 12.1019:44
histo!details | pablo_19:45
pablo_./configure say me : checking whether the C compiler works... no19:45
ubottupablo_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."19:45
histopablo_: install build-essential19:45
pablo_gcc is installed19:45
ikoniapablo_: what are you trying to compile...and why19:45
pablo_nmap 6.25 from source code19:46
Guest24013ikonia, thanks I am reading it19:46
ikoniapablo_: why....19:46
ikoniapablo_: nmap is in the repo19:46
pablo_'cause nmap from ubuntu is a old version19:46
ikoniapablo_: and why is that a problem....19:46
pablo_what do u mean for build-essential ?19:47
ikoniapablo_: why do you need a newer version than the ubunut package19:47
ikoniapablo_: what is the problem with the ubuntu package19:47
histo!info build-essential19:47
ubottubuild-essential (source: build-essential): Informational list of build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Version 11.5ubuntu3 (quantal), package size 5 kB, installed size 37 kB19:47
Siecjeikonia: not sure if it is behind the scenes but I can send emails through a python library19:48
ikoniaSiecje: so you don't want a mail server, you just want an smtp relay or "mta"19:48
pablo_really I'm using lubuntu 12.10 now19:48
twmbwhere is the ubuntu alternate install that allows me to use a preseed file?19:48
ikoniapablo_: ok, so what's the problem the nmap package in lubuntu19:48
twmbthe normal ubuntu install doesn't19:48
Guest24013ikonia, when I try make to install the driver I get that error Makefile.inc:81: *** Cannot detect kernel version - please check compiler and KERNELPATH.  Stop.19:49
=== Guest21853 is now known as Danic
ikoniaGuest24013: you're missing the kernel source I'll guess19:49
histoSiecje: ssmtp is a nice simple one19:49
* pablo_ lubuntu is different from ubuntu ? I mean excluding x-window system19:49
ikoniapablo_: ok, so what's the problem the nmap package in lubuntu19:49
histoikonia: you have to let him break it so he can learn on his own19:49
donttrustemBluesKaj: OK done that ...now reboot?19:50
* pablo_ it's a old version, but ok I'll use it from synaptic or apt-get :)19:50
ikoniapablo_: what's the issue with an old version ?19:51
BluesKajdonttrustem, run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to get any kernel upgrades as well19:51
* pablo_ it's different the fingerprinting for example, they are old19:51
angsI need to install dependencies of wpa_supplicant 2.0 on ubuntu. how can I install the dependencies by aptitude ?19:51
BluesKajdonttrustem, then reboot19:51
ikoniapablo_: that's easy to update, that's not in the source code19:51
* pablo_ ok, ok I'll change only the fingerprinting file thank u ikonia19:52
wastlangs install wpa_supplicant via aptitude and it will also install deps if available19:52
wilee-nileetwmb, Not sure there is one. You can make one or use a package list of what you want. I did find this though.  https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/i386/preseed-contents.html19:52
wastlif it don't then not all deps are available19:52
Guest24013ikonia, another little problem. I have updated a different machine running ubuntu 12.04 LTS after updating the interface wont start up. All I get access to is the shell19:52
bentech4youi am using ubuntu 11.04, i tried to upgrade , but it failed to fetch one path and all update got failed. how to upgrade my ubuntu19:53
ikoniaGuest24013: I'd need more info19:53
twmbI know that there is one not hosted on the main site.... but, dang19:53
tux9thHi guys. I'm having a bit of a situation here: I'm using ufw as a iptables agent but it seems to have stopped working19:53
tux9thif I block a host with ufw deny from IP it adds this as a rule but the rules does not work19:53
tux9thhowever if I directly add it with iptables -I INPUT -s IP -j DROP it works19:54
tux9thDoes anyone here have an idea what goes wrong?19:54
angswastl: apt-get install wpasupplicant does not upgrade the wpa_supplicant to 2.0 it uses and old one. I installed the wpa_supplicant 2.0 manually but it requires a lot dependencies. someone here used to told a command with aptitude to install dependencies automatically, would you know how I would need to use it?19:55
jacertux, have you restarted the interface after making the change?19:55
tux9thjacer: what interface?19:55
jacernet0, or whatever interface you want hte change to apply to.19:55
tux9thall of this worked before but it suddenly stopped; the old rules are enforced but new ones won't get added19:55
tux9thno I did not19:55
wastlangs try apt-get -f install ?19:55
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bentech4youwhile upgrading i am getting "Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/a/apturl/apturl-common_0.4.2ubuntu5.1_i386.deb 403  Forbidden [IP: 80]"  this errot19:56
unstableHow can I get the original configuration file from apache when I installed the package? Before I changed it all.19:56
Guest24013ikonia, Should I check the boot log and tell you if I found any problems. Or is there any specific log file you'll need me to check19:56
k1lbentech4you: upgrade means "apt-get upgrade"?19:57
wastlunstable: maybe you find one in /usr/share/doc/packages/apache2 ?19:57
bentech4youyes. apt-get upgrade also giving this error. also i tried from GUI19:58
Guest24013ikonia, Maybe Xorg.log?19:58
k1lbentech4you: try a "sudo apt-get update" first19:58
Synx|hmSuggestions for exporting (NFS Export) an NFS mount, i know it sounds stupid, but im trying to get my FOG server to store its images on an NFS mount, but it has to be able to share out that folder to the targets as well, from what i can tell exporting an nfsmount with exportfs is not a good idea if even possible19:59
bentech4youthat i did19:59
bentech4youafter apt-get update only i tried from GUI20:00
tux9thjacer: restartin eth0 does not help20:00
unstablewastl: I don't see it in there anywhere.20:00
Espen___Hey! Do anyone here have s/pdif output on their soundcard? I have a bug, and i wish to hear if im the only one having this problem.20:00
k1lbentech4you: the link is working here btw20:00
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
Espen___the problem is saving output volume20:01
wastlunstable: damg :( Then you might download the apache dpg file and extract it? Or ask someone to send you one20:01
wastldpkg file even20:02
Coded1I'm trying to install some multilib (i386) on 12.10x64.  I had a repo (webupd8) that conflicted so I removed them from /etc/apt/sources.list.d and then "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove" to remove it. but now I get this ---> http://pastebin.com/uPWcptTe20:02
bentech4youso what's worng from my side. how can i pdate my ubuntu to latest version20:02
=== test2 is now known as IcePee
donttrustem_BluesKaj, All working ... you are a star20:02
Piciunstable: see check the contents of /usr/share/doc/apache2.2-common/examples/apache2/20:03
Mathnerd314I'm running gnome 3. I can move the mouse around just fine, and click on gnome-shell things. But the mouse doesn't interact with any of my applications. The keyboard is the opposite: it interacts with all the applications but not the shell. Advice? I assume there's a bug report somewhere20:03
BluesKajdonttrustem_, glad to hear it . :)20:03
donttrustem_Been  a crazy few days trying to get this working20:04
Espen___Could anyone here please test if they have a problem with saving s/pdif output volume on their soundcard? I wish to see if this is a widespread pulseaudio bug or not, because i get on BOTH my creative card and realtek card. Tried newest Intel-HDA driver, and 3.9 RC3 kernel. No difference. According to my bug report i should report to alsa-devel mailing list, but i don't know how i submit to a mailing list?20:04
=== var is now known as Guest78195
=== valda is now known as valda123
Guest24013I am trying to connect to wireless network using iwconfig essid NETWORKKEY and I get that error Error for wireless request "Set ESSID" (8B1A) :20:07
Guest24013    SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not permitted.20:07
BluesKajEspen___, that's an old one there doesn't seem to be any incentive to fix it since spdif gives the option of using the volume on the audio device, amp or receiver input signal20:07
BluesKajEspen___, after configuring alsamixer , you can try , sudo alsactl store , in the  terminal ...it might hold20:09
mzettahallo wastl20:11
Guest24013BluesKaj, any ideas on how to connect to wlan under terminal. I tried the above solution but it doesn't work20:12
=== erupter_ is now known as erupter
beanGuest24013: are you doing it as root20:14
BluesKajGuest24013, sudo ifconfig wlan0 up , then,  sudo iwlist wlan0 scan|grep -i essid20:15
BluesKajwlan being what ever number is assigned of course , Guest2401320:16
=== Stadtpirat is now known as Danic
Guest24013BluesKaj, Done, getting now HTC as the desired unsecured network I wish to connect to20:17
Guest24013BluesKaj, Sorry for crossposting20:18
tehfoxhey guys, anyone knows how to disable AAAA DNS queries in Ubuntu 12.10?20:18
Guest24013BluesKaj, http://pastebin.com/u098UmdS20:19
wastlthefox: disable ipv6 if you don't need it20:20
wastlAAAA Records in DNS are ipv6 records20:20
mzettahallo wastl20:20
Guest24013BluesKaj, and after trying iwconfig I get this http://pastebin.com/uBE1F2H920:21
Espen___Could anyone here please test if they have a problem with saving s/pdif output volume on their soundcard? I wish to see if this is a widespread pulseaudio bug or not, because i get on BOTH my creative card and realtek card. Tried newest Intel-HDA driver, and 3.9 RC3 kernel. No difference. According to my bug report i should report to alsa-devel mailing list, but i don't know how i submit to a mailing list?20:23
BluesKajGuest24013 , did you run ,  sudo ifconfig wlan0 up ?20:23
BluesKajGuest24013, not iwconfig20:24
tehfoxwastl: I did disable IPv6 (in /etc/sysctl.conf -- the interfaces don't have IPv6 addresses) but applications still send AAAA queries.20:24
tehfoxwastl: and this causes very very annoying delays during normal operation.20:24
BluesKajGuest24013, make sure you use sudo20:24
Guest24013BluesKaj, I did run the following in the following order. 1- sudo iwlist wlan0 scan 2- sudo ifconfig wlan0 up 3- sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid HTC20:26
com5Okay this is getting a bit ridiculous. All I want to do is be able to run a user created script that is in a user created directory with having to be in that directory20:28
BluesKajGuest24013, I'm not a real wifi expert , it's always been kind of hit or miss for me ...those commands helped me fix a few family laptops running various ubuntus and a few here that couldn't find the essids etc , but that's about it.20:29
llutzcom5: you are "that user"? and your problem ist?20:31
wastlthefox: maybe this helps you: http://askubuntu.com/questions/32298/prefer-a-ipv4-dns-lookups-before-aaaaipv6-lookups20:32
llutzcom5: "is" sry20:32
timhansenare the packages for 10.10 still available?20:32
timhanseni'm getting a bunch of 404 errors when trying to install wkhtmltopdf20:32
Glenn__virtualbox help needed20:33
Glenn__on ubuntu 12.04 workstation20:33
com5I want to do a very simple thing but nothing I try works20:33
llutzcom5: mkdir mydir; cp myscript mydir/; cd mydir; ./myscript20:33
wastltimhansen: did you do an apt-get update before?20:34
* derp farts loudly.20:34
com5All the guides I have followed have many different way I none of them seem to want to work20:34
Glenn__update pending ?20:35
llutzcom5: you have a script you want to copy and run in a special directory, all owned/created as you/your user, right?20:35
wastlGlenn__: u have some virtualbox issue?20:35
* wastl runs Virtualbox on current Ubuntu without problems20:36
com5Well right there llutz is a problem as some guide say to not have the / on the end of the path and others have there is the guide20:36
wastlexcept from the neccessity to recompile those kernel modules whenever  there is a kernel update20:36
Glenn__used ubuntu software senter, virtual box20:36
timhansenwastl: yes. looks like 10.10 is no longer supported20:36
llutzcom5: there is no need for the trailing / in PATH-var20:36
wastltimhansen: might be if it wasn't lts20:37
Guest24013BluesKaj, Thanks anyway :-)20:37
Espen___Anyone here with a realtek card/creative card, having this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7dBJkviD4Y&t=00m18s20:37
wastltimhansen: in this case you are rather lost20:37
timhansenwastl: 10.04 was LTS https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS20:37
BluesKajGuest24013, best of luck20:37
timhansenwastl: eh, just means we need to spin up a new server with 12.0420:37
com5Yes, it really simple. I have a script I made, I have a directory I made, I put the script in said directory, now I would like to be able to run that script with out going to that directory20:37
com5Okay good to know20:38
tehfoxwastl: I added a "precedence ::ffff:0:0/96  100" line to /etc/gai.conf and restarted the system (I'm not sure when are these settings applied) - it didn't help.20:38
wastlGlenn__: I never used the virtualbox package from software center...allways dlled the latest .deb from virtualbox website20:38
tehfoxwastl: simple "host www.google.com." takes 20 seconds and I still see AAAA queries via tcpdump.20:38
llutzcom5: add "export PATH=$PATH:/home/you/yourdirwithscript" to ~/.bashrc, then relogin or just ". ~/.bashrc" to get the changes active20:39
=== erry is now known as errietta
llutzcom5: make sure your script is executable20:39
=== Fuchs is now known as Alepina
Guest24013BluesKaj, Do you know how to uninstall updates through terminal. Because I have a laptop running Ubuntu LTS after updating it all what I get is a blank screen after startup while the shells are working probably.20:39
BigWigI can't boot into windows or linux. All that shows up is the grub rescue line. I tried ubuntu boot repair and it didn't do anything20:39
com5There are guides saying to add a path inn .profile and there are guides saying to it in .bachrc and still more to put them over here and over there and none of them work20:39
wastltimhansen: then maybe packages for 10.04 are still availaibe (due to lts) but for 10.10 are not20:40
wastlGlenn__: so what's your issue20:40
com5I use these scripts all the time20:40
timhansenwastl: correct20:40
com5They are all set to x20:40
llutzcom5: ".bashrc" is sourced in ".profile" by default in ubuntu. so .bashrc will be fine because its always read20:40
com5Okay I will try again20:40
llutzcom5: check "grep bashrc ~/.profile"20:41
llutzcom5: should give something like:   if [ -f "$HOME/.bashrc" ]; then ...20:41
com5Yes I get this if statement20:42
com5But it is # out20:42
llutzcom5: remove those #20:42
com5So then it is not included20:42
com5Remove them in .bachrc or .profile ?20:44
llutzcom5: change .profile to read like this: https://gist.github.com/llutz/519064120:44
com5Oh in .profile20:44
llutzcom5:then  add "export PATH=$PATH:/home/you/yourdirwithscript" to ~/.bashrc, then relogin or just ". ~/.bashrc" to get the changes activated20:45
com5llutz, what about the "set PATH so it includes user's private bin if it exists" should I use that as well20:45
Guest24013I updated ubuntu 12.04 LTS and after the 250 MB update I can't get interface running while the shells are running.20:46
llutzcom5: if you use a ~/bin  sure20:46
llutzcom5: i wouldn't change that. if you don't have a ~/bin  dir, it wouldn't harm and if you have one, you don't have to worry about the PATH20:47
com5Yeah that's where I have my scripts but under more sub directory's so is it recessive?20:48
llutzcom5: nope20:48
com5Thought so, thanks20:48
jootubuntu on spanish_?20:48
llutzcom5: you have to specify all dirs on their own, path won't be searched recursively20:48
Pici!es | joot20:48
ubottujoot: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:48
psil0cybinanyone here know anything about xubuntu and want to help me with the top panel20:49
psil0cybineveryones afk in #xubuntu20:49
com5Cool thank. llutz good to get that clear20:49
tgm4883!ask | psil0cybin20:49
ubottupsil0cybin: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:49
com5Seems obvious now20:49
com5Thanks for posting the example llutz but in it the include is still # out20:51
llutzcom5: thats just a comment to make clear what the following line do20:52
llutzcom5: so "include" here is not a command20:52
joothy, one question, when i halt my laptop ubuntu not relice this action, ubuntu is freeze. any idea?20:52
com5Oh crap yes that's a comment also20:52
com5Then it was not 3 out then20:53
joothy, one question, when i halt my laptop ubuntu not relice this action, ubuntu is freeze. any idea?_20:54
com5so this is the correct format? export PATH=/path/to/dir:$PATH20:54
ValdaOfHabitatHey guys - I can't seem to get my installation to work. I followed the steps from booting off of my DVD where I clicked "try Ubuntu" to make sure all my hardware worked, and it did, but when I run the installer, the Installation Type menu looks different and then I get an error : /20:55
com5And if I want multiple paths I separate them with a ; ?20:55
=== jonas_ is now known as Guest6192
llutzcom5:   :  colon20:55
com5Oh full colon20:56
llutzcom5: "export PATH=$PATH:/dira:/dirB:/whatevercomenow:/my/end20:56
com5Wow, because on AskUbuntu it is started as, export PATH=/path/to/dir:$PATH20:57
com5I have literaly be at this for weeks20:58
llutzcom5: also valid, that add your /path/to/dir BEFORE the original PATH20:58
wastlcom5: that would overwrite your courrent path while the other one adds to it20:58
llutzwastl: no it won't20:58
wastloverread the :$PATH at the end...my fault20:58
Guest24013Any ideas how I can revert the system to before update stat?20:58
com5So it would brake your current paths?20:58
llutzcom5: no20:59
llutzcom5: it changes the order the dirs are searched through20:59
guest-qyGFbAHello, i have installed new xubuntu 12.04. I have problem with xrandr. So... I installed disper and i don't know why my main account doesn't works. Only guest. -.-20:59
com5Oh cool20:59
llutzcom5: PATH=/dirA:$PATH   will search first in dirA THEN in the other $PATH-dirs20:59
guest-qyGFbAI will reinstall xubuntu, but now i just want to know, how can I add new mode. I have 1440x900 monitor on DVI-I-1.21:00
guest-qyGFbAIs anyone here?21:00
llutzcom5: that might be a security issue, if an atacker is able to put stuff into your personal ~/bin it will be run, not the stuff from e.g. /usr/bin21:00
com5Cool thanks llutz make sense21:00
joothy, one question, when i halt my laptop ubuntu not relice this action, ubuntu is freeze. any idea?21:01
com5Yeah good to point out21:01
llutzif named identical*21:01
llutzcom5: thats why i prefer PATH=$PATH:/custom    /my stuff at the end/21:01
guest-qyGFbAIs somebody here who can help me with xrandr settings?21:02
com5And what is the command to check the current path?21:03
sam113101echo $PATH21:03
reneliaanyone here?21:03
jootwhat happend with xrandr?21:03
com5Oh echo that right21:03
com5And is there a way to apply the new path without loging out and loging back in?21:05
jootwell tks foe your help XD21:05
llutzcom5:"  source  ~/.bashrc "21:05
rshawnkHi everyone21:05
com5Cool cheers21:06
rshawnkmy first linux/irc chat experience21:06
com5After running source ~/.bashrc echo $PATH shows no change21:07
llutzcom5: "grep PATH ~/.bashrc"21:08
rshawnkso who is the multicast/pxe boot expert(s) up in here?21:08
llutzcom5: so you haven't changed ~/.bashrc, where did you specify your new PATH then? in ~/.profile? that will only be read on login21:09
llutzcom5: thats why i told you to add it to ~/.bashrc21:10
ValdaOfHabitatCould someone give me some insight on my installation issues? my installation type screen looks like this : http://i.imgur.com/td0BDyL.png21:11
knobHello guys... I imported a script that I ran in a Debian machine... all good over there.  Yet in Ubuntu, it tells me ftp-upload: command not found21:11
ValdaOfHabitatand if I click anything it crashes : (21:11
knobAm I doing something wrong?   Is there a different command I should run?21:11
com5Cool, yeah thanks llutz it was in .profile by mistake21:11
llutz!info ftp-upload21:11
ubottuftp-upload (source: ftp-upload): put files with FTP from a script. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5 (quantal), package size 13 kB, installed size 68 kB21:12
llutzknob: seems not to be installed by default, sudo apt-get install ftp-upload21:12
SonikkuAmericaValdaOfHabitat: Umm... you have a hard drive attached, right?21:12
knobllutz, thank you!21:12
com5Yeah now my changers are showing up with echo $PATH21:12
knobI'm a n00b at this, so thanks fro the help! =D21:12
com5But it's still not finding the scripts21:13
ValdaOfHabitatI do, I have 4 identical 1TB HDD's in a RAID 1021:13
llutzcom5: you call scripts from your script?21:14
com5They are really simple21:14
llutzcom5: but ls -l ~/yourdir   shows your script?21:14
SonikkuAmericaValdaOfHabitat: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID <<< here21:14
llutzcom5: as being executable...21:15
wastlSonikkuAmerica: sounded like if he runs hardware raid21:15
com5I can go straight to the dir and run them no problem21:15
wastlg2g ppl21:15
=== Amaury is now known as Guest2512
com5Have been doing so for weeks21:16
ValdaOfHabitatWait, so I can't install it on a RAID 1+0 without partitioning?21:16
xuigenerixDear all, I've got a silly question: Does anyone know how to solve this issue with the installation of a package? $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install vcstools  E: Unable to locate package vcstools21:16
llutzcom5: what is the full PATH to your script? and what is your $PATH? can you please pastebin it21:16
wastlValdaOfHabitat: lol you always need a partition to install on21:16
com5It is just /home/computer/bin/system21:16
SonikkuAmericawastl: I quoted the wrong page.21:16
llutzxuigenerix: you need to find a repo with that package21:16
com5That is it21:16
SonikkuAmericaValdaOfHabitat: Try this instead: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#Installing_on_external_or_RAID_hard_disks21:17
ValdaOfHabitatWell I guessed that, but what about all of that "installing along windows" and such?21:17
ValdaOfHabitatSorry for being very noobish21:17
llutzcom5: and echo $PATH ?21:17
rshawnkwhich vcstools might help21:17
com5And the other dir is /home/computer/bin/wireless21:17
wastlValdaOfHabitat: well if the installer kernel has a driver  there should be some device...to me that looks as if it doesn't21:17
xuigenerix<llutz> I've found the following link http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/science/, but I don't an idea how to add to my repos21:17
llutzxuigenerix: vcftools, not vcs21:18
rshawnkok my bad VCS21:18
=== alainus[-_-] is now known as alainus
com5May I have to restart for is to propagate fully21:19
ubottuasterix_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».21:19
=== An_Ony_Moose is now known as Mouse|AFK
com5Thank you for all of your help llutz I will restart and be back later21:20
=== Mouse|AFK is now known as An_Ony_Moose
rshawnkwhich version of vcstools?21:20
llutzcom5: what are the names of your scripts? "ls -l ~/bin/system ~/bin/wireless" please21:20
rshawnki think the newest is 0.1.30 as of a copule of dayz ago21:21
xuigenerix<llutz> I've noticed that is vcftools as you suggested, however, still don't know how to add to the repositories21:21
llutz!info vcftools21:21
ubottuvcftools (source: vcftools): designed for working with VCF files. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1.9-1 (quantal), package size 349 kB, installed size 991 kB21:21
llutzxuigenerix: its in the normal /universe/ repos21:22
llutzxuigenerix:just make sure to have universe enabled in ... how is it called "software sources". or check /etc/apt/sources.list21:23
rshawnkoh sorry vcf. I thought we were doing python. got a 4 year old keeping me busy21:23
SonikkuAmerica!grub > ValdaOfHabitat21:24
ubottuValdaOfHabitat, please see my private message21:24
xuigenerix<llutz> Let me try, I'll be back in some minutes to share you how it goes! Hope you are still here!21:25
cykamiHello everyone. I'm a newbie to linux servers and I tried to setup ruTorrent some days ago. My problem is I cannot acces the folder /rutorrent over my browser because the server says my user/pw combination is wrong21:26
=== IcePee is now known as Guest3726
cykamiI used a the tutorial on vps6.net btw21:26
xuigenerix<llutz>. Look I have an error which looks for the vcstools : ERROR [vcstools] Tarball download unpack failed: <urlopen error [Errno -2]  that is why I supposed that I needed that very package21:29
negevis it possible to install ubuntu on a macbook air that has filevault enabled?21:30
histo!mac | nege21:34
ubottunege: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages21:34
HandsomeJackHandsome Jack wants to know why Linux sucks?21:34
com5I restarted and still nothing21:35
=== gerald is now known as Guest45675
com5My alterations are showing in echo $PATH but still not finding my scripts21:36
com5This is maddening21:37
jjeloanyone who can help me out with iw?21:38
=== t_kjaergaard|bnc is now known as t_kjaergaard
marksaitiswhy my ubuntu 12.04 lts fresh install has some quantal crap like xorg-quantal and loads of others? Nobody bloody asked for this crap, it should be precise!!!21:38
histo!ot | HandsomeJack21:38
ubottuHandsomeJack: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:38
histomarksaitis: it was backported21:38
yourimym1hello there i want to remove old kernel  and leave the latest one , how do i do this http://pastebin.com/QUAm1zAH21:38
HandsomeJackhandsome jack is not happy21:38
marksaitishisto, how on earth and why?21:38
histoHandsomeJack: can go elsewhere and be unhappy21:39
marksaitisI mean, cedarview-drm doesnt work with this quantal crap21:39
k1l!guidelines | HandsomeJack21:39
ubottuHandsomeJack: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines21:39
histoyourimym1: just apt-get remove linux-image-blah21:39
marksaitiswhy backport stuff as a default?21:39
histomarksaitis: it's not default. It's for anyone that has installed after 12.04.121:39
marksaitiswell it is a default...I have ubuntu precise, but after fresh install it contains some quantal crap.... this is LTS?!21:40
marksaitisI dont understand it21:40
marksaitisit gives a problem21:40
mzettawhy is ubuntu planning to create a own display server?21:40
marksaitiswhats the point of backporting without asking the user...21:40
yourimym1histo: for ex  sudo apt-get remove linux-image-extra-3.5.0-25-generic21:40
k1lmarkalanevans: you dont have a plain precise. you have a precise.2 if its a fresh install21:40
k1lmarksaitis: ^, that is a difference21:41
marksaitisI thought the word stable means no stuff from the future, especially by default21:41
histoyourimym1: yes21:41
marksaitishat difference21:41
histoyourimym1: which ever ones you no longer want21:41
histomarksaitis: i'm trying to find the anouncement for you21:41
=== tensorpuddin is now known as tensorpudding
yourimym1histo , isn't that gonna make mess here ?21:41
k1lmarksaitis: so the ones who install the point release get the newer kernel etc by default. the one who come from 12.04 _can_ upgrade if they want but dont need to21:42
marksaitisI am affected by this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cedarview-drm-drivers/+bug/1132584 .... because of this quantal crap21:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1132584 in cedarview-drm-drivers (Ubuntu) "cedarview-drm kernel module fails to build on kernel 3.5.x [error: implicit declaration of function 'do_mmap']" [High,Triaged]21:42
marksaitisk1l, how on earth would I know? I just went and downloaded latest stable Ubuntu 12.04 LTS21:42
histoyourimym1: not if it's a kernel you aren't using21:43
marksaitisprecise LTS thats all I want. I now don't understand whether im on lts or not :D21:43
k1lmarksaitis: see this wiki entry: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack21:43
jjeloanyone who can help me out with iw? when i try to establish connection  via command "iw wlan0 connect ssid" nothing happens .. and command "iw dev wlan0 link" reports Not connected... dafuq?21:43
yourimym1histo: problem http://pastebin.com/KfBfbQR221:44
clemensdoes anybody know a good tool to backup the whole system?21:44
HandsomeJackif your here to kill me... you should know  YOU WILL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE YOU ROBITIC SUMBTICH21:44
IdleOne!backup | clemens21:44
ubottuclemens: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning21:44
marksaitisokay I get it.... but now what do I do with this? :)))) it allows for newer HW.... but drops the old? where is the middle then21:44
histomarksaitis: where do you get that from?21:45
l-ndkcanyone on21:45
l-ndkcanyone know how to install backtrack5 or any similar software on the newest version of ubuntu21:46
l-ndkcfor desktop21:46
IdleOne!bt5 | l-ndkc21:46
histomarksaitis: here is where the announcement was https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseNotes/UbuntuDesktop21:46
marksaitishisto, I seen on forums which say some cedarview stuff cant be installed because xorg-something is missing and it is because it is renamed to xorg-something-quantal21:46
IdleOne!bt | l-ndkc21:46
IdleOne!backtrack | l-ndkc21:46
ubottul-ndkc: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)21:46
marksaitisI got the idea of LTS stack21:46
marksaitisthank you21:46
histomarksaitis: you can install the 12.04.1 or 12.04.0 and elect not to install the new stacks21:47
k1lmarksaitis: then revert to regular kernel21:47
marksaitisits just that I am on latest ubuntu 12.04 lts on my eee 1025ce with cedar trail... and it gives me an error that cedarview-drm fails to install when I update21:47
marksaitisI want cedar view stuff to work :) but dont know how to make it happen21:48
histomarksaitis: does it work on the older kernel?21:48
you-tee-fwhat is the default desktop manager of ubuntu ?21:48
histoyou-tee-f: unity21:49
marksaitishisto, I don't know.21:49
k1lyou-tee-f: unity (which is a gnome3-shell)21:49
marksaitishisto, it's possibly not just the kernel which is the issue, no idea21:49
guest-XBio6whi, problem:when I try to login it logs out straight away21:50
mikehaas763|workWhen I set up a static IP using the graphical interface in 12.10, my connection will not work. I can't ping ip addresses, no internet, nothing. I'm pretty sure I'm putting in the right gateway and dns. Any idea why this is happening?21:50
you-tee-fi'm curious is it based on X1121:50
you-tee-fsomething like that ?21:50
histoyou-tee-f: yes21:50
k1lyou-tee-f: no, its not the gnome-shell, its a gnome-shell21:50
histoyou-tee-f: we are still using X21:50
you-tee-fi see21:50
histoyou-tee-f: not wayland or mir yet21:50
antonigiskeHello. I have a question regarding SSH keys. Whenever I try to pull something from github im prompted with my passphrase. So I did "ssh-agent bash && ssh-add" and entered by password on the root user. When I go back to the ubuntu user and do sudo git pull I still get prompted for the passphrase. How do I fix that?21:50
you-tee-fk1l what is a gnome-shell ?21:51
histoantonigiske: are you trying to login via keys?21:51
histo!unity | you-tee-f21:51
ubottuyou-tee-f: Unity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity21:51
antonigiskehisto: id_rsa21:51
you-tee-fi'll dive in21:52
histoantonigiske: i've never used it looks interesting what you are trying to do though21:54
com5https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables says that /bashrc is not recommended any more21:54
histoantonigiske: but shouldn't ssh-agent be already running from X?21:54
antonigiskehisto: What I'm trying to do is actually create a deploy scripts using fabric. But it prompts me for the passphrase.21:55
com5And that paths are to be add in  ~/.pam-environment21:55
antonigiskehisto: It seems that ssh-agent doesnt remember it when not using sudo either.21:56
histoantonigiske: http://askubuntu.com/questions/269140/how-to-user-multiple-ssh-keys-with-different-accounts-and-hosts21:58
antonigiskeThanks, Ill check it out21:58
BigFisthi. I'm mounting my hdd on startup using udisk (as in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions). However nautilius window with contents of this hdd keeps appearing during startup, can i somehow hide it ?21:58
BigFistmy startup command is /usr/bin/udisks --mount /dev/disk/by-uuid/136880AB6714502821:59
wilee-nileeBigFist, I would use fstab22:04
donttrustem_anyone using Darling for OSX apps22:04
dark_soulhi, i come from a rhel environment22:04
dark_souland noticed when install ubuntu 12, sshd is not installed22:05
dark_souldoes one just grab it from apt-get?22:05
RobbyFbut it should install in my experiences22:05
jpdsdark_soul: Of course it's not installed.22:06
jpdsdark_soul: apt-get install openssh-server22:06
kboodudark_soul: Just do apt-get install openssh-server22:06
jpdsdark_soul: Ubuntu has a "nothing listening on a port by default" policy.22:06
dark_soulwhat firewall does it use?22:06
jpds!ufw | dark_soul22:07
ubottudark_soul: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.22:07
dark_souli see22:07
jrtappersIs there a way to send dolby pro logic audio out on ubuntu 12.10?22:07
icerootjrtappers: dolby pro logic is part of the receiver and not the audio-source22:08
dark_soulso here's another quirky thing22:08
icerootjrtappers: dolby pro logic is something which will be calculated22:08
dark_soulservice ssh vs service sshd?22:08
dark_soulto start the ssh daemon?22:08
jrtappersiceroot, is there a way to do the equivelent of http://useranswer.com/answer/downmix-surround-to-dolby-pro-logic-at-the-osdriver-level-in-windows-7/22:08
dark_souli see, ok22:09
icerootjrtappers: i dont know22:09
* donttrustem_ thinks that no one is using Darling22:09
icerootjrtappers: i would always use the receiver for something like that22:09
icerootjrtappers: and when possible i dont want Pro logic, i want real 5.1 sound22:09
bazhangdonttrustem_, whats darling, and please just ask and not /me22:09
dark_soulis ufw a ubuntu developed firewall?22:10
dark_soulor is it a derivative of something?22:10
dark_souloh it seems to be a wrapper for iptables?22:10
=== errietta is now known as erry
icerootdark_soul: its a frontend for iptables22:10
donttrustem_bazhang, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=210592322:10
jrtappersiceroot, this surround sound only has optical OUT, and red / white in22:10
tjtr33hello, if i type 'firefox' into an xterm, it fails. "Couldnt load XPCOM", while untiy icon & "sudo firefox' are fine22:11
icerootjrtappers: optical can transport 5.1 for example22:11
dark_souliceroot: can one use iptables command instead of ufw?22:11
icerootdark_soul: sure22:11
clemensi have hybrid graphics with hd 4000  (CPU) and amd radeon 7750 m (GPU). it seems that ubuntu doesn't automatically turn off the GPU that my fan noise is very loud22:11
jrtappersiceroot, OUT22:11
donttrustem_I am trying to find the app22:11
=== Amaury is now known as Guest84660
fallouthey, I am using bash and find's exec reports no such file or directory althouth it finds the files, find . -type f -name '*.txt' -exec plot-batch {} \; plot-batch is not found here, it works if I manually run it, and it's found in my $PATH variable which is exported in bashrc.22:11
clemensi have hybrid graphics with hd 4000  (CPU) and amd radeon 7750 m (GPU). it seems that ubuntu doesn't automatically turn off the GPU that my fan noise is very loud. are ther some solutions for switching between the graphics?22:12
tinkertantrumDoes anyone know where to install IdleX on Ubuntu?22:12
com5If anyone knows how to run a bash script that in a directory that is in the evironment path without typing the hole path to the script I am all ears22:13
hilbillyI am trying to set up ardour ... it complains about ulimit being set too low ... I cannot find how to change that setting.22:13
jatakkcom5: Just do ./scriptname22:13
dark_soulsorry for being such a ubuntu newb22:13
Anoniman86How to install Skype on Ubuntu 13.04? Skype from skype site does not work22:14
jatakkcom5: Or sh scriptname22:14
dark_soulbut i noticed when you apt-get and install openssh server it automatically ran it, is that normal?22:14
icerootAnoniman86: #ubuntu+122:14
icerootdark_soul: yes22:14
ovidius2clemens: depends on the drivers you use22:14
wilee-nileeAnoniman86, you want #ubuntu+122:14
dark_souliceroot: does it also open the port 22 automatically? and as a followup if i remove the package does it clean up all that stuff as well?22:14
icerootdark_soul: yes22:15
dark_soulokay thanks22:15
icerootdark_soul: by default no port is blocked on ubuntu22:15
icerootdark_soul: it is just not reachabble until a program is running on that port22:15
voozeSorry for the stupid question, but Intel Atom, can that run x86 ubuntu programs?22:15
icerootvooze: yes22:15
dark_souliceroot: interesting22:15
ovidius2clemens: with radeon driver you could try "sudo echo OFF >  /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch"22:15
icerootvooze: intel atom is a x85 cpu22:15
icerootvooze: x8622:16
hilbillyyes, albeit slowly, vooze22:16
hilbillyI have ubuntu running on my atom netbook.22:16
clemensovidius2: i just installed ubuntu 12.10 64 bit and a few programs ...22:16
wastlvooze works fine on my netbook22:16
ovidius2clemens: that should turn the discrete card off. i have to use it on my laptop here right now as well22:17
hilbillyNo good answer about my ulimit question?22:17
voozeokay thanks :) its just a cheap laptop I want to buy for school (office etc.)22:17
hilbillyis it an acer netbook, vooze?22:17
histoantonigiske: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXR9uIUq6UM  instruction for you22:18
falloutwhy might find -exec not see a script in my PATH?22:18
clemensovidius2: i don't understand what you mean. are you using a tool that is automatically managing the switching or do you use bash?22:19
ikoniafallout: -exec means "execute" not a file type22:19
voozehilbilly, no, Samsung N35022:19
falloutikonia: yup, find . -type f -name '*.txt' -exec plot-batch {} \; plot-batch is not found here22:19
ikoniafallout: what ?22:20
ovidius2clemens: try it from bash first. if it works you add it to your startup scripts. that is what i have done22:20
ole__I'm looking for some help.. I cant install World of Warcraft on ubuntu.22:20
ikoniafallout: what do you expect to happen, the command "plot-batch" be run ?22:20
falloutikonia: yes, for each file, the files are found but the command is not found22:20
jatakkDoes anyone know if there's a way to have unfocused window scrolling in Xfce?22:20
ikoniafallout: is it in your $PATH ?22:20
hilbillyLet me know what you think of it after a week or so.22:21
ikoniafallout: use the full path to the binary22:21
kboodufallout: You might be better off specifying the full path to the script.22:21
falloutikonia: yes, it's exported in bashrc, and it works if I manually call it, or if I specifiy the full path22:21
falloutwas just hoping to understand why find seems to ignore my PATH22:22
ikoniafallout: so if you do "echo $PATH" your path is currently set correctly ?22:22
falloutikonia: yes, the path is correct22:22
ikoniafallout: just so I'm clear, how are you verifying that22:22
falloutikonia: echo $PATH | tr ':' '\n', and I see it as ~/path/to/plot-batch22:23
falloutmaybe since it's ~ and not the expanded full path?22:23
ikoniafallout: that shouldn't matter,22:23
falloutdoes work if I type 'plot-batch' anywhere on shell though22:24
ikoniafallout: try actually setting the path to /home/user/bin/whatever22:24
falloutikonia: woah, that was it22:25
ikoniafallout: surprised22:25
ClientAlivedoes ubuntu 12.04 really support secure boot like I've heard?22:25
ClientAliveis it true?22:25
ikoniaClientAlive: no,22:25
ikoniaClientAlive: it's still a work in progress22:25
ClientAliveikonia: ok, so then if my motherboard/ bios does not allow me to diassable it I'm screwed on an efi install?22:26
ikoniaClientAlive: no, efi is supported22:26
ikoniasecure boot is something different22:26
ClientAliveikonia: but when I boot the installation cd in efi mode it complains about not finding a key (I think it's the bios that does).22:27
ikoniaClientAlive: you need to understand the difference between EFI and secure boot and find out what your hardware does/needs22:27
ClientAlivedoesn't secure boot stop the o/s from booting (if it's enableed and the o/s in question does not have a registered key)?22:28
ikoniaClientAlive: basically22:29
falloutikonia: thank you very much for your help22:29
=== cantoma is now known as Guest32051
=== jduro_ is now known as cantoma
ikoniafallout: you fixed it yourself, pat yourself on the back22:29
donttrustem_how do I path cmake22:31
ikoniawhat ?22:31
ClientAliveso then if there is no way to dissable it in bios (in my particular bios) - I'm screwed on an ubuntu efi install? Or just screwed if I ever want to actually boot that install?22:31
ClientAliveI'm just trying to get to the bottom of this22:31
ClientAlive<- he doesn't want to answer that22:31
ClientAliveikonia: doesn't22:31
induzhow can i share a folder from ubuntu machine to a window 7 machine22:31
induzsamba is installed22:31
donttrustem_I am trying  to compile using make but get this error Could not find compiler set in environment variable CC:22:31
induzbut how to start samba22:31
=== pedro_ is now known as Guest55393
ikoniaClientAlive: there are secure boot solutions for linux, I know someone who's used them with excellent sucesss, however my personal view is that they are flawed and "work arounds" so I don't suggest trying to use them22:32
ikoniadonttrustem_: what are you trying to build ?22:32
donttrustem_ikonia, http://darling.dolezel.info/en/Build22:33
ikonia!info darling22:33
ubottuPackage darling does not exist in quantal22:33
donttrustem_ikonia, CC=clang CXX=clang++ cmake ../.. -DSUFFIX=3222:33
=== Alepina is now known as Fuchs
ikoniadonttrustem_: cc=clang isn't going to work22:33
ikoniadonttrustem_: that's setting your compiler to clang22:33
induzhow to use samba to get a share on window 7 machine??22:34
donttrustem_ikonia, so I cannot compile this22:34
ikoniadonttrustem_: you can22:34
ikoniadonttrustem_: set CC to a valid compiler22:34
ClientAliveikonia: ok. well, it is my situation. Too late to choose a different mobo and I will be running ubuntu on that machine (if it kills me to do so).22:35
ikoniaClientAlive: well good luck, I think you'll have a very disappointing experience22:35
ikoniaClientAlive: next time I suggest investigating hardware better before buying22:35
donttrustem_ikonia, hmm! now I am in unknown waters22:35
com5Hi all, if anyone can tell me how to run a bash script from a different directory that is included in the environment path I am all ears.22:36
ikoniacom5: sorry, can you ask that22:37
ovidius2donttrustem: just leave out the cc=clang and cxx=clang and try again22:37
induzsama help needed22:37
induzto connect to a win 7 PC in home workgroup22:38
ncfi1013how do i burn an xbox 360 game that comes in rar files?22:39
com5Okay I have some scripts I want to run, so I put them in a folder under my home directory and then add that folder to the environment path but the script wont run22:39
tgm4883ncfi1013, you don't, you buy it22:39
wilee-nileeinduz, you might try #samba22:39
ikoniacom5: what is the error......22:39
ncfi1013its a backup22:40
induzI dont know how to use samba22:40
ovidius2induz: do you want to connect from your linux to an existing share on a windows machine?22:40
bazhangncfi1013, dont ask for help with that22:40
com5ikonia, the error is that nothing happeneds22:40
ikoniacom5: what do you expect to happen22:40
wilee-nileeinduz, the channel see the (#)22:40
com5Oops *happens22:40
com5Errr I expect the script to run?22:40
induzovidius2, yes22:41
ikoniacom5: tell you what, come back when you want to share information with me without me pulling it out of you22:41
induzwilee-nilee, how to stat samba22:41
ikoniancfi1013: it's illegal to copy games like that, so please don't ask again22:41
ovidius2induz: see here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba/SambaClientGuide22:41
k1l!warez | ncfi101322:41
ubottuncfi1013: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o22:41
wilee-nileeinduz, Never used it.22:41
ncfi1013ok but its not pirated22:42
ikoniancfi1013: where did you get it....22:42
ncfi1013its just a backup22:42
ikoniancfi1013: did you take the backup ?22:42
ncfi1013but thanks anyway22:42
ikoniancfi1013: did you take the backup ?22:42
donttrustem_ovidius2, hmm!  it ran but I now get other erros22:43
ikoniancfi1013: who did22:43
donttrustem_bed for me I think ...22:45
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!22:45
=== donttrustem_ is now known as donttrustem_zzzz
ovidius2donttrustem_: ok. the programm does need clang to be compiled. you have to install clang first.22:46
donttrustem_zzzzwill do it now22:46
k1l!away > donttrustem_zzzz22:47
ubottudonttrustem_zzzz, please see my private message22:47
serp_jesus christ, nazi ops22:47
=== donttrustem_zzzz is now known as donttrustem
com5I have a script I put in a folder in my home directory I then added that directory to the environment path but when I try to run the script bash can not find it. What am I doing wrong?22:48
ikoniacom5: can't find it22:48
ikoniacom5: that's not what you said a minute ago - you said "it executed but did nothing with no error"22:48
com5ikonia, its okay please don't help me22:49
histocom5: did you log out and back in?22:49
ikoniacom5: no problem - but please be clear to people when you are giving them info, as you are giving them different stories each time22:49
MikeHHi guys, is there any kind of reasonably simple firewall type configuration web interface for Ubuntu? Something along the lines of pfSense that is installable?22:49
com5histo, yes many times22:49
ikonia!ufw | MikeH22:49
ubottuMikeH: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.22:49
bazhanggufw MikeH22:50
com5I have been at this for weeks now and I think I am going mad22:50
WHAT_UP2com5: what's echo $PATH say, and how are you running the script?22:51
com5echo $PATH22:52
com5I am running the script; ./script22:52
ikoniahow is that ever going to work22:52
ikoniayou're in the wrong directory22:53
WHAT_UP2the ./ is wrong22:53
com5Oh yes I see22:53
WHAT_UP2if it's marked as executable, just scriptname should work?22:53
com5ikonia you are still officially not helping22:53
WHAT_UP2com5: why not just "script" ?22:54
hxmhello, i want to install a mail server and i find many software to do this, as webmail interface i want to use roundcube and can someone send me to a link about talking the most standard imapd and smtpd?22:56
ikoniahxm: they are all "standard"22:56
ikoniahxm: that is the point of them22:56
hxmyes i know any of them will work, but i wonder what is the most used, or which gives more support or has the biggest community, etc22:57
histocom5: is the script +x22:57
ikoniahxm: why don't you focus on "which will work how you want" "which is available for ubuntu" "which is laid out how I want"22:57
=== psil0cybin is now known as Psil0cybin
hxmwell, you explained it better than me22:58
histohxm: multiple domains or single?22:59
=== akar1m is now known as zz_akar1m
histohxm: flurdy.com has a good howto23:00
hxmthanks, there i go23:00
histohxm: or if you actually want to understand how everything works you can use workaround.org/ispmail   it's debian instructions but a good read if you want to understand everything.23:00
histohxm: and there is also mail-delivery-stack23:01
hxmah, the first one dont use dovecot, and better, i was reading dovecot configuration and is hard to understand (for me)23:01
hxmthanks again, i will have a base now23:01
histohxm: dovecot config is jacked up imo23:01
histohxm: also read the ubuntu server guide there is a link to the postfix page in the wiki that has virtual uses based on text files etc... read a lot then decide23:02
histohxm: I'm currently workign on one with dovecot and the configs are jacked up in my opinion for dovecot23:03
hxmseems so23:04
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c|onemanI lost SSH connection while installing ubuntu-desktop, it was on the keyboard selection page23:05
c|onemancan I go back?23:05
c|onemanits still running in interactive or whatver you call it, i think23:06
c|onemanbecause i cant do any other installs, its locked23:06
dark_soulso in rhel, service iptables status, allows me to check the status23:11
dark_soulbut when it appears i can't do service iptables in ubuntu23:11
dark_soulthough i can do it with ssh23:11
dark_souldo i need to enable something23:11
ikoniadark_soul: it's wrapped in a script called "ufw" "ubuntu firewall"23:11
dark_soulokay, so i installed sshd and it install ufw23:12
dark_souldoes it also enable ufw if you install openssh-sever?23:12
ikoniadark_soul: no23:12
ikoniadark_soul: ssh is nothing to do with ufw (iptableS)23:12
dark_soulit says "processing triggers for ufw" when i install or remove23:13
dark_souldoes that mean its just adding an entry into ufw23:13
ikoniadark_soul: I suspect that is because it's not configured after you installed it23:13
dark_souli got a clean install of ubuntu23:14
dark_souli was told that ufw is not enabled by default23:14
ikoniadark_soul: it is enabled by default23:14
dark_souloh, but just completely open?23:14
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usr13dark_soul: Why are you using ufw?  Are you sure you really need it?23:14
ikoniadark_soul: no, default rules23:14
dark_souli thought ufw is whats used by ubuntu23:15
dark_souli have to write a script that does some checks23:15
usr13dark_soul: By default it will be open to all.23:15
dark_soulit has to run on both rhel and ubuntu23:15
ikoniadark_soul: it is23:15
dark_souland i'm having a little problem with ubuntu23:15
ikoniadark_soul: you can still interact with iptables directly on both OS's23:15
raedwa01I'm having a problem with 12.10 server.  I am getting a hard lock and reboot with "mcelog: Unknown CPU type vendor 2 family 12 model 1" showing in the mcelog.  Since the CPU is apparently too new, where do i turn for help?23:16
widadMissing my ubuntu. It is damaged and i'm working with windows23:16
ikoniaraedwa01: what is the cpu ?23:16
dark_soulikonia: i was hoping to use "service iptables status" but it appears ubnuntu doesn't like that23:17
usr13dark_soul: iptables is not really a service.23:17
ikoniadark_soul: they use different init systems, that is not a good shared option23:17
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crfhi, I was here earlier. I have a problem with the screen on my laptop going to black after about 15 seconds of not using it. I think it is the screensaver blanking the screen. I have in the power settings, blank screen=never23:17
usr13dark_soul: iptables is a tool for packet filtering and network address translation.23:18
usr13at the kernel level23:18
dark_soulusr13: ah yes, you are right, i remember that23:19
dark_soulso it is not a service23:19
Orbitrixis there any Music Player/Media Manager for linux that supports Album 'compilations' properly using the "Album Artist" tag?  I cant believe Rhythmbox hasnt fix this bug in over 4-5 years....23:19
dark_souli need to figure a lowest common denominator on whether its running or not23:19
dark_soulon both rhel/ubuntu23:19
ikoniadark_soul: iptables23:19
dark_soulthe output requires some text manipulation in a script for validation23:20
usr13dark_soul: service --status-all23:20
OrbitrixRythmbox is completely useless to me without being able to browse by Album Artist.  The devs havent fixed this known bug in 5 years.  Whats a superior media player?23:20
dark_soulwhere as service iptables status, gives out a simple line23:20
dark_soulmakes it easier to validate23:20
rypervencheOrbitrix: Mocp :)23:20
Orbitrixthank you23:20
Orbitrixhmm looks like it browses by folder structure by default23:22
Orbitrixdoes not solve my problem, altho I asume its configurable?23:22
Orbitrixi need to be able to browse my media by ID3 tags, specificly "Album Artist" (not simply "Artist")23:22
knobydobsI have a perixx mx-2000 gaming mouse which is refusing to work with Ubuntu. I have looked at the raw data (or lack of it) from the terminal using sudo cat and I have nothing whatsoever coming through. I keep having to borrow mice to move my cursor.23:23
dark_soulusr13: okay, so i guess i'll have to create two separate checks, ubuntu = ufw status23:25
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budovihey there, has anybody clue when qt 4.8.5 could be avaliable for ubuntu?23:32
dark_soulso if i do: ufw allow from to any port 22 proto tcp, how can i later remove/undo this entry?23:38
dark_souli see a "deny" but i'm guess that'll just change an entry to deny, when what i really want is the entry to no longer exists priopr to the allow23:39
budovithere is delete command ...23:39
leo03can anybody recommend which version of ubuntu to use..i want to install it along with windows 723:40
dark_soulbudovi: can one replace the word "allow" with "delete" and it'll remove exactly the right one?23:40
dark_souli dont want to do the "number" route cause that requires more script checking23:40
dark_soul(i'm writing  a script)23:40
budovidark_soul: i guess it should work, or list the rules, find out number and that will definitely work23:41
k1lleo03: 12.04 if you want a long support23:41
lnakotHow to set ACPI throttling, to slow down CPU ?23:41
leo03K1l: thanks..can we share the file system on both windows 7 and ubuntu23:42
dark_soulbudovi: ugh, it doesn't work23:44
dark_souli gotta do numbered, thats more headache for me, cause now i gotta do a check to see what numbered the rule was assigned23:44
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knobydobsI have 3 raw HID inputs from my gaming mouse but none of them show anything when I move the mouse...23:46
dark_soulokay thanks23:47
deadweaseli have 12.04 x64 with an ati 6770 dual monitors, one is 5 yrs newer than the other and aspect ratio is different.  Running expanded screen, flicker at bottom right...  <---realizes this is probably the most annoying post ever, considering all machines flickered back in the day.23:49
budovican somebody please redirect me on some information how to debug kernel freeze in ubuntu?23:55
yugnipbudovi, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Debugging23:57
Shining_KoW210Is this where I can get help with Ubuntu?23:59
knobydobsHello, I have a perixx gaming mouse which is basically 2 HID keyboards and an HID raw input, unfortunately, none of these inputs are recognized by going to the device file in /Dev/inputs and using sudo cat. I have already edited HID.d in an attempt to let the mouse be recognized but to no avail.23:59

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