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Benjamin__Hi All, I installed 12.10 on a MBP with a broke monitor. I am using an external monitor and can see desktop which appears to be mine but it's completely blank except for background image. I was able to alt+f2 to run terminal but after reboot that options not showing up. Oh I can see a log screen either. I can tab then enter and out of the far right side pops the menus for user/session/language and I was able to figure out to02:44
Benjamin__enter my pass to login. Anyone know off the top why this is happening to me? Am I missing something very obvious?02:44
Benjamin__Errata: s/can/can't/ s/right/left/02:46
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tjingboemzequence, can i talk to you a bit about a soundcard?15:41
zequencetjingboem: Were you the one who just ordered a 1010lt?16:13
tjingboemyes - but i just got a message that this card is no longer available16:14
zequencetoo bad16:14
tjingboemwell i'm looking at this one: http://www.marktplaats.nl/a/computers-en-software/geluidskaarten-en-luidsprekers/m651990217-m-audio-delta-1010.html?c=8c285449651fa109c354bbabe740c1b&previousPage=lr16:14
tjingboemit is the version with the breakout box16:15
tjingboemdo you know if this one is as good as 1010LT?16:16
zequence1010LT is the light versions16:16
zequenceThis one I guess has balanced I/O16:16
tjingboemhave you heard that it works all right with ubuntu?16:17
zequenceIt's the same exact chip - really on all the delta devices16:17
tjingboemmust work then16:18
zequenceYes. All the delta cards use the same driver16:18
zequenceThey have the same exact chip. The only difference is the actual connectors, and how many you ahve16:18
tjingboemthanks, i was looking for some reinsurance :)16:18
tjingboemi will buy this one instead16:19
zequenceI'm not fully comfortable with that price though. The card can be really old by now16:19
zequenceI think it was released more than 10 years ago16:19
tjingboemi was in the process of buying the 1010LT for 200 euro16:19
tjingboemi am looking for a decent card with 6 outputs16:20
tjingboemthat works with UbuntuStudio16:20
zequenceAny PCI card will most likely work16:21
zequenceI was just looking at prices for 1010LT. In deed, it's still at the range of 200 €16:22
zequenceThe 1010 is better than 1010LT, no doubt16:22
zequenceJust a matter of whether it really is in perfect shape or not16:22
tjingboemthe card is still technically good, even for modern times16:22
zequenceoh, yes. It's still an awesome card for audio.16:23
zequencetjingboem: Did you check here, btw? http://www.thomann.de/16:24
tjingboemlooking right now..16:24
tjingboemzequence, i have to go16:28
tjingboemthank you very much16:28
tjingboemi will have to look at all this later.16:29
tjingboemsorry, bye16:29
airlynxzequence, just curious about the future of that patched version of recordmydesktop, will it be included in Ubuntu main repositories in the future?  I'd just like to know in case I get questions about it later19:41
zequenceairlynx: I need to do a SRU (stable release update) on it. Once it's done, it'll be updated for all releases- I19:43
zequenceI'll go as far back as 12.0419:43
airlynxzequence, excellent, I'm excited to see an old bug fixed, also I've recently uploaded my results to Youtube if you're interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_pLJ8np1l019:44
lenairlynx, Looks good. It is always interesting to see how what we put together is being used.19:52
lenairlynx, FYI a2jmidid -e bridges alsamidi and jackmidi19:53
airlynxlen, thanks, I've used a2jmidid before but can never remember the name so I stopped using it, lol19:53
lenIt is quite common to have it run on jackdbus startup in the qjackctl config19:54
airlynxlen, that is an excellent idea, would I add it to "Execute script on Startup"?19:55
* len looks19:55
lenafter startup, jack has to be already running19:56
lenThe command I use is: a2jmidid -e &19:56
airlynxlen, gonna try it right now, I was just messing about with Yoshimi looking for a simple fix19:57
lenThe & allows qjackctl to keep running19:57
airlynxwhen I originally published those voices I got a few complaints in the LAU mailing list that they didn't work on Yoshimi, lol19:57
lenWe get lots of complaints that some program that isn't even in the ubuntu repos doesn't work too.19:58
airlynxlen, that works beautifully, thank you, maybe I'll have to do another video about Yoshimi now19:59
len :)19:59
airlynxfor the record, what exactly is Yoshimi's advantage over Zyn20:00
lenYou are asking the wrong person :) the only thing I can think of is someone using firewire for their midi device would not have an alsa midi. I have heard that jackmidi is more timing stable as well.20:01
lenI don't do  a lot of kb stuff, I play bass/guitar mostly.20:02
lenI use midi for drums or maybe some string/synth pad kinds of things20:02
lenThe last project I did was totally analog in.20:03
airlynxI do almost %100 midi recordings, the only time I record anything analog is trying to create a specific sound effect which I have an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra for which works beautifully in Ubuntu Studio btw20:04
lenThat is pretty common.20:04
lenThat or all internal sounds with just voice added20:04
lenMost home project studios feature whatever the owner is good at. SO KB players do KB and guitar players do guitar20:06
airlynxmakes sense to me20:06
airlynxI keep almost everything I've ever recorded at http://van-dan.com/linux-music/20:08
lenI haven't done enough to publish, mostly demo so someone else knows how a song goes.20:11
lenI need to spend some time and polish some stuff to do that with.20:11
lenMy browser doesn't like mp3s :P OGGs work fine, but mp3s use the video player20:12
airlynxA lot my stuff is severly unpolished, but published anyways, lol.  And I use mp3s for all my non-open-source friends, lol20:13
Len-nbThe mp3 problem needs to be fixed anyway.20:16
Len-nbI am going out on a date with my wife... so I'll talk to you later20:16
airlynxhave fun20:17
zequenceairlynx: Was on the phone. Looks good. The whole desktop was not included, but you mentioned something about some weirdness20:19
airlynxzequence, it has some display issues if I try to record too large of an area, but if I define a smaller area before recording it works fine20:20
airlynxthat may just be my computer not able to keep up with everything all at once20:20
zequenceok. Well, I should probably try to record a bit myself to see how it works out20:24
airlynxzequence, just messing about, I'm able to record full screen smoothly if I drop my resolution to 1280x720 (as opposed to the default 1366x768)21:52
lenairlynx, drag and drop onto audacious works though.22:30
knobydobsHia - having a problem with mouse inputs and HID keyboards...23:50

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