pleia2knome: sorry, ended up being out all day03:19
knomepleia2, np. hope you enjoyed it... :)06:26
astraljava*blink* *blink* An actual response from gnome at 08:30 am?! I must be hallucinating.08:10
knomei'm a man full of surprises08:13
astraljavaHehe. :) 08:14
astraljavaWhat's up next weekend?08:14
knomedunno yet. wife's free on sat, evening shift on sun.08:15
knomeso both work :)08:15
astraljavaCool, I'll reserve either one, then. :)08:16
knomehehe, just tell which one fits you better08:20
knomewe could try some gaming08:20
knomeso maybe sunday?08:20
astraljavaSunday might be better, yeah.08:20
knomeok, let's pick that. i'll call some people during the week and try to get a group together :)08:21
astraljavaSounds awesome.08:21
abderraoufwhat is xubuntu 13.04 kernel version?10:25
knomethe same that's in ubuntu 13.0410:30
knome15:16  stgraber: highvoltage, knome, Riddell, ScottK, zequence, phillw, (whoever else I forgot): Please make sure any slideshow change is in lp:ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu by Wednesday 21:00 UTC. I'll review and upload on Thursday before UIF.13:17
knomemicahg, i think we need to drop one more language from precise desktop amd64. somebody just reported it's oversized :/13:19
bluesabre_micahg, mr_pouit, got my ffe approved for catfish in raring: https://bugs.launchpad.net/catfish-search/+bug/115655513:24
bluesabre_I don't suppose either of you could make time to get it uploaded?13:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1156555 in catfish (Ubuntu) "[FFe] New Catfish version" [High,Triaged]13:25
knomemicahg, actually, the image from cdimage says it's 707MB, but it's actually 741.3MB as that user reported13:48
knomenice surprise.13:48
GridCubeits nice not having to worry about going over 700 P:13:48
knomewe need to worry about precise still though13:50
GridCubeoh. precise13:51
GridCubeyeah :/13:51
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micahgknome: yeah, needs to be adjusted17:22
micahgbluesabre: if I can figure out why it's not installing the python files, I'll upload17:32
lderangood afternoon all :D18:43
micahgknome: also, that's the difference between MiB and MB18:47
ochosimicahg: gtk-theme-config got the FFe btw21:05
micahgI know, thanks21:06
ochosiok, cool21:06
ochosiis there anything else i can do for that?21:07
micahgif it's packaged somewhere already, no21:07
micahgI assume it's not in Debian, right?21:07
ochosiit's in the shimmer ppa21:07
ochosiyeah, it's not, cause at this stage it's only a simple script that does string-manipulation to override gtk-theme colors21:08
ochosi(with a gui)21:08
ochosiif it ever grows into something more serious, we'll consider it21:08
ochosifor now it's a nice addon for ppl who complained like "booh, that theme is soo blue" or "that theme has such bright menus"21:09
ochosinow they can adjust/fix that themselves21:09
skellatAnd this is what was said in the big TB meeting: http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2013/ubuntu-meeting.2013-03-18-21.01.html22:19
skellatI'd love to see one of these magical PPAs not leave armhf behind22:19
skellatknome pleia2 Who needs nudging/tracked down from -docs to have a look at the proposed merge so that we can get an even slightly updated documentation package into 13.04 on time?22:24
knomeskellat, i believe anybody from https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc would do22:25
pleia2skellat: I don't know :( I've tended to nudge jbicha but he's muy busy22:25
knomeskellat, good luck finding somebody alive from that group22:25
pleia2or yeah, what knome said22:25
pleia2I have an email out to jbicha to help solve this "everyone is dead" problem22:26
skellatOne little merge approval and then the problem starts to go away... :-)22:26
skellatI added jbicha to the review requests22:26
skellatSo Launchpad should've pinged him22:26
knomewe should get somebody from xubuntu into that "%/!)# group.22:26
knomenot me.22:26
pleia2that's my plan22:27
pleia2no, pleia222:27
knomehah :)22:27
knomein that case, i don't mind being added as well.22:27
pleia2I'll join the ranks of existing people too busy to actually do anything, it's brilliant22:27
knomeyes, as we all22:27
skellatWell, if you both could take a look at this and leave comments I'll try to ping that team's lead via Launchpad: https://code.launchpad.net/~skellat/xubuntu-docs/xubuntu-docs/+merge/15366822:28
Unit193Mine is good to merge into raring, but not quantal so I didn't make a merge request.22:28
knomeskellat, done.22:29
knomeso jjesse and mdke can add people to the committer team22:30
knomePMing jjesse, let's see if he's around (was 45mins ago)22:30
skellatSent a ping via Launchpad22:31
skellatTo ubuntu-docs-core, that is22:31
skellatHopefully somebody wakes up 22:31
knomei think the best thing would simply GIMME SOME POWER NOW22:32
knomei could fix it myself, and didn't need to poke around22:32
pleia2well not me yet, since i don't know what I'm doing22:32
knomei could even promise i wouldn't touch other than xubuntu22:32
knomeI WON'T22:32
pleia2I think there is a process for being added22:32
knomedo i even need to promise that? :P22:32
knomei think that's crap, because nobody is active in the group anyway22:33
knomeso they'll throw more bureaucracy at us but they can't even handle the basic things themself?22:33
pleia2charming that they don't tell you how to join22:33
Unit193Kind of true, but just because it is inactive doesn't mean qualtiy should drop off the map fully.22:33
skellatJust keep filing patches until they notice you're there is what it boils down to22:34
knomebut the problem is that flavors are stuck with this procedure22:34
knomei'm not going to send patches for the ubuntu docs22:34
skellatAnd my laptop is about to die and I'm not sure where my charger is at the moment22:34
Unit193Oh, and can we get a search in it?  :P22:34
knomeseriously, i handled >50% of the docs update for xubuntu last cycle22:34
* skellat disappears for the time being to search for things around the house22:34
pleia2knome: you do meet the requirements for this team, commits and docbook and all that22:34
knomei'd imagine i'm able to do a few changes this time as well.22:35
pleia2(I don't :))22:35
knomepleia2, i can teach you *that*22:35
knomeso you don't need to poke jbicha too much22:35
knomeif he's too busy anyway22:35
pleia2yeah, I actually know how to do this stuff, just haven't for ubuntu, so don't have tht demonstrated track record or whatever22:35
pleia2well, I don't know the ubuntu-specific flow, but docbook and bzr I'm good22:35
knome" We also ask that the applicant has interacted with members of the group, by posting to the mailing list fairly regularly, and/or frequenting the irc channel. "22:35
* knome laughs out loud22:35
pleia2party in the ghost town22:36
knomethey have a good track record in that as well...22:36
knomethere should be some expiration stuff in any team22:36
knomewhen teams get empty, it doesn't matter who's give the admin rights first.22:36
knomeyou need to build from scratch anyway22:37
pleia2several are still active, they're just busy, I see flavors represented mostly22:37

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