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katimayacan anyone help me debug an opengl issue?02:54
katimayarunning nvidia gtx 660 on 12.10x6402:55
katimayathe main issue i'm getting is an error "Unsupported GPU: Missing extensions: GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object"02:55
satoru_So how would one go about altering the logon menu?08:24
knomealtering which way?08:25
satoru_Idk maybe adding a profile picture or changing the background?08:25
satoru_I am running xubuntu after about four months of arch so I am rusty08:26
satoru_too much pacman08:26
ochosibasically you can compile the latest version of lightdm-gtk-greeter and use that08:27
ochosiit has those features08:27
ochosibut you'll also need the latest version of our gtk-theme and icon-theme for it to really work08:27
ochosior you wait for the next release08:27
ochosiwhichever seems easier to you08:27
ochosisatoru_: ^08:27
satoru_Well shoot. That puts me in a pickle08:27
ochosior you try to use a different greeter08:27
satoru_LIke slim or lxdm?08:28
ochosi(unity-greeter, pantheon-greeter -> as long as you don't complain here if they don't work as expected)08:28
ochosino, those are still lightdm08:28
satoru_Oh really?08:28
satoru_Cmnds to compile latest version?08:30
satoru_Oh but wait i would need the latest theme huh08:30
satoru_So it wont fully work08:31
ochosiwell it would work, but it would probably not look as good as it can08:32
satoru_Pantheon Greeter looks nice08:32
satoru_Are there bugs on xubuntu 12.1008:33
satoru_Agh dependency issues already haha08:35
satoru_Guess that is a no08:35
satoru_That is a damn good login screen too.08:35
satoru_Guess I will just stick with what I have08:36
satoru_Although surely there is someway to change the background?08:36
ochosiyeah, edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf08:37
ochosithe background is set there08:37
satoru_Ok cool.08:38
satoru_Well I edited the config to my image and now it is just black08:53
satoru_Not sure why really08:53
satoru_I know for a fact the location is correct and I just edited the background08:53
ochosidid you use the absolute path or a relative one?08:59
ochosi(obviously the latter will not work)08:59
ochosiyou can pastebin your .conf file, otherwise it's hard to help09:01
satoru_There she is09:04
satoru_That was after I thought maybe it wasn't working because it was in home09:05
ochosiand the uppercase L is intentional in "Logon.png"?09:05
satoru_So I moved it to the location where the logon logo was found09:05
satoru_That is how the file is named.09:05
satoru_Should i do lowercase and see?09:06
ochosino, if that's the name of the file, that's ok09:06
ochosiyou can check /var/log/lightdm/x-0-greeter.log09:06
ochosior lightdm.log09:06
ochosimaybe there's something helpful there09:06
ochosiotherwise i can't help you, this is all you have to do09:07
satoru_Failed to open file '/usr/share/pixmaps/Logon.png': Permission denied09:07
satoru_Well that splains it09:07
satoru_Brb :P09:08
satoru_Indeed it worked. :)09:10
satoru_Thank you my fine sir.09:10
ochosinp, yw09:10
ajongood morning09:55
ajonmaybe someone here can enlighten me. how do u run a xubuntu session from the command line? startxfce4 gives me a plain xfce session09:56
knomeajon, why would you want/need to do that?09:56
TheSheepajon: edit the .dmrc file09:56
ajonx2go only has presets for gnome, kde, unity and others09:57
ajonif you want something else you have to provide a command to start that something else09:57
ajon.dmrc says xubuntu, but running startxfce4 seems to ignore that09:59
TheSheepthen I don't know10:01
ajonalso /usr/share/xsessions xubuntu.desktop and xfce.desktop both execute "startfxce4" which seems weird10:02
abderraoufwhat is xubuntu 13.04 kernel version?10:25
koegsabderraouf: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=linux-image&searchon=names&suite=raring&section=all10:30
abderraoufkoegs, thanks :D10:33
sayresi install xfce on arch but i want my xfce look like xfce for xubuntu .exist any tutorial for this?13:04
baizonsayres: http://shimmerproject.org/13:06
baizonsayres: there you have a arch pkg for the theme13:06
baizonsayres: for example the greybird theme: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=4602213:06
sayrestnx buddy13:08
sayreswhat did ntwork manager use in xubuntu ?13:12
mmm_i can't burn 12.04.2 image to CD due to oversize ?13:12
mmm_has anyone got this problem b efore?13:12
knomemmm_, which image are you using?13:13
knomemmm_, and what size CD...13:13
knomedesktop or alternate+13:14
knomethat should fit a standard 700MB disk with no problems.13:14
knomeare you using a smaller one perhaps?13:14
mmm_it says 707mb on the website but when i download it shows 741 mb on pcmanfm13:14
sayresbaizon: do you know what did network manager use in xubuntu ?13:14
mmm_knome: and then brasero won't burn it13:15
mmm_knome: i've tried several different CD-R13:15
mmm_I've burned with them before13:15
knomeactually it seems you are right, was looking at a wrong page13:16
koegssayres: what is your question? xubuntu does use the network manager...13:16
knomemmm_, it should fit though...13:16
mmm_knome: i've tried downloading it again and burn with irfranburner on win713:17
mmm_same problem13:17
knomethat's weird - i know we were in the limits, but i thought we made sure we didn't go over13:17
knomemmm_, if you can use the alternate image (don't need to check if hardware works or need to use the live session), that will surely fit13:18
mmm_knome: yeah i'm downloading that right now13:18
koegswhat about usb or dvd-r?13:18
sayreskoegs: when connect to internet that applet on top show you are connect to internet.13:19
mmm_but i stlil wants a desktop cd since i tend to keep it and install on different machines13:19
mmm_koegs: usb ?13:19
knomemmm_, can you confirm where you downloaded the image/which link?13:19
mmm_knome: http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs-Xubuntu/12.04/release/xubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso13:20
koegsmmm_: basically you can put the iso on a usb-stick and boot from there13:20
mmm_koegs: really13:20
mmm_how should i go about doing that13:21
koegsmmm_: if your computer is able to boot from usb, of course13:21
mmm_koegs: yes it can, but how do you burn the image to usb ?13:21
knomemmm_, okay, thanks. i'll look into it.13:21
mmm_knome: thanks13:22
koegsmmm_: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows13:22
mmm_koegs: thanks13:25
sayresanybody know whats name of the applet : http://www.pasteall.org/pic/4747713:39
GridCubein the panel its part of the indiator plugins13:40
GridCubeIndicator Plugin13:40
sayreshow can i install that?13:42
GridCubeif you are using xubuntu you already have it13:44
GridCubeif not, you are in the wrong channel13:44
sayrestnx dude13:44
GridCubedont worry13:44
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sayresmy file manager is look like http://www.pasteall.org/pic/47480   but xubuntu is http://www.pasteall.org/pic/47481 .how can i change my file manager?14:19
koegssayres: are you still on arch?14:20
TheSheepsayres: view -> location selector14:20
sayresTheSheep:  tnx14:21
sayreskoegs: yes. i like xubuntu guys14:22
xubuntu138hello y'all. xubuntu live dc will not install. do i need debian? have an old fujitsu lifebook14:48
TheSheep!dosn't work14:50
TheSheep!doesn't work14:50
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.14:50
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!15:54
baizonhes gone :)16:06
Picihi anyway16:06
xubuntu511i have a problem installing xubuntu can someone help_ when i start installing i choose language etc. but when im at the part to choose update^ installing thirdparty things  when i press continue it freezes i cant do anything else than exit i also see the loading cursor  but it does not cahnge16:51
marchDoes anyone know if there exists a bugreport for mouse buttons? I didn't find one but this doesn't mean something 'cause I'm not a native speaker and perhaps using the wrong keywords. My problem is the left mousebutton. It refuses to work on the first used mouse/touchpad used by Xubuntu. xfce4-setting are set correctly. xinput doesn't show something unusual.16:51
marchXubuntu 12.04 and 12.10 both 64bit16:52
SunStarxubuntu511, have you verified the hash on the ISO / install disk?16:52
SunStarmarch what kind of bug is happening?16:53
marchOnly the left mousebutton isn't working. Wheel and rmb are doing fine16:53
marchThis problem happens here on my Thinkpads touchpad (12.10/64bit) and on my Desktop-PC running 12.04/64bit. Here I'm using a trackball16:54
xubuntu511im using usb to boot the installation16:54
SunStarright xubuntu511 the ISO you downloaded could be currupt. have you verified the md5 hash?16:55
SunStarmarch, http://askubuntu.com/questions/184222/left-mouse-button-not-working-in-xubuntu-session16:56
marchThanks SunStar I'll give the ppa a chance16:57
xubuntu511no but im downloading another  iso so ill start everything over but what program should be used to usb booting?16:57
SunStari dont know of a good one for linux aside from unetbootin (not the most reliable, but seeing as how you got that far means it did its job)16:59
marchusb-creator-gtk and unetbootin17:00
SunStarmarch, only bug i found for mouse button not working at all happens only when working with java applications17:03
marchStrange. Just thought if it could be a problem with my Trackballs. Attaching them later doesn't solve the problem but mice always work as I wished.17:05
marchI'll create a bug report on launchpad.17:07
SunStari did see some "how to"s on getting trackball mice to work with ubuntu in a google search17:07
march046d:c404 Logitech, Inc. TrackMan Wheel didn't help too17:09
marchBut thanks for your help SunStar :)17:09
SunStarin the meantime you might try a google search for ubuntu <your mouse make & model>17:10
marchYes - I already did that but haven't found a solution so far.17:11
marchThreads like http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1571714 appeared but the problem wasn't solved17:12
marchBut there seems to be a prolem with this kind of hardware17:14
KeymanUbuntu 12.04.2 is locking up frequently when writing to the hard drives. I am using a HP SmartArray 640018:14
Keymananyone have any suggestions on how to fix the issue?18:14
Keymanopps wrong window sorry18:14
mnasshi, where can i download xubuntu the fastest way - trying torrent from xubuntu.com but i needs 5 hours18:43
SunStarthats the fastest way. perhapse your internet is experiencing throughput difficulties18:44
SunStaryou can look to see what connections are really slow and ban them on your client18:45
SunStarthat could help18:45
koegsmnass: you could also use direct-htttp18:51
greasegumis there a way to view all crash reports at once rather than having them pop up one at a time?18:53
xubuntu948yep )19:03
greasegumxubuntu948:: now if I can just get someone to help me figure out how...19:05
Guest24013Hello, I am trying to connect to wlan under terminal but I get an error. When I try iwconfig essid NETWORKNAME20:13
Guest24013The network is unsecured.20:13
bazhangis it wlan020:14
Guest24013Yes, the wireless card. When I use iwlist wlan0 scan I get all available wireless networks. So I guess it is wlan020:15
bazhangGuest24013, you are crossposting, and already getting help in #ubuntu20:16
Guest24013bazhang, I am sorry. But I didn't get any help in #ubuntu and now one is responding20:16
Guest24013Ok, over there. Thanks20:16
bazhangstick to the one channel please20:17
psil0cybinhey guys quick question my system monitor graph is being incorporated into my indicator plugin20:35
psil0cybinand moving my mail and volume icon to the left20:35
psil0cybinand it wont let me move it, how would i go about it20:36
psil0cybini went to the panel and no matter where i move it the indicator moves the graph too20:36
psil0cybinsorry this is all for the top panel20:48
David-Apsil0cybin: there are 2 competing systems for system icons in the panel. "notification" and "indicator".20:49
psil0cybinso what would i do here is my top bar in an image20:50
David-Apsil0cybin: "notification" is more like winxp systray and "indicator" is newer20:50
psil0cybini want to move the audio and email button to the right side20:50
psil0cybinbut if i remove indicator20:50
psil0cybinit removes my icons20:50
David-Apsil0cybin: volume and network are normally in the indicator and can not be moved separetely. but20:50
psil0cybinso am i stuck with the volume button email button than graph then wifi etc20:51
David-Apsil0cybin: if you add the "mixer plugin" to the panel, the volum icon in the indicator will be hidden, and you can place the "mixer plugin" wherever you want.20:51
psil0cybini dont have a mixer plugin20:52
psil0cybini would have to download it ?20:52
psil0cybinand than what would i do with the email icon?20:53
psil0cybinsorry to throw this on u :( i did alot of googling20:53
psil0cybinand tried a bunch of things20:53
David-Apsil0cybin: see if package xfce4-mixer is installed? (in software center or synaptic or with apt-get)20:54
psil0cybinbut if i get the mixer than i cannot move the email icon as well20:54
CHIexHello, I am installing XUBUNTU20:54
psil0cybinso id be stuck with an email icon, graph, and than wifi etc20:54
CHIexwhich file system should I use to format old OS?  FAT 32, NTFS, ..?20:55
psil0cybinthis is my thread20:55
Unit193CHIex: Installing Xubuntu, you'll want to use ext4.20:55
CHIexnever heard of this one yet..20:56
David-Apsil0cybin: I don't know if the email icon can be replaced in a similar way. you can try email panel applets and see what happens.20:56
psil0cybinthats my best bet eh?20:56
psil0cybini just like it with the pidgin and everything20:56
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David-Apsil0cybin: note, "I don't know" isn't a "No". I just haven't tried it. so try an see.20:59
psil0cybinalright thanks for your help21:00
psil0cybinthe second i quit the system monitor21:00
psil0cybinthe icons go to the right, but when i launch it, it goes back in the middle21:00
psil0cybinmaybe i can config some file?21:00
David-Apsil0cybin: by the way, what do you mean "download it"? if you mean "install it via a package manager" it is okay. do you mean "search the web and click download" it is not okay.21:01
psil0cybinno no deff not the web aha21:01
psil0cybinment as an addon21:01
psil0cybinlike not a default package21:01
David-Apsil0cybin: say "install" a "package" and I'll be less nervous. promise?21:02
psil0cybindeal :)21:03
psil0cybinthanks alot btw for getting back to be right away21:03
psil0cybinreally appreciate it21:03
psil0cybini will deff play around and post my solution if i find one :)21:03
psil0cybini just wish they would have that graph as a different plugin21:03
psil0cybinbecause the other monitor works, i can place it on either side of icons its just this one darn thing21:04
David-Apsil0cybin: sometimes programs have a settings if they shall show an icon i the "notification" area. see if there is such a setting for the "indicator" area. (about the network manager and/or system monitor)21:06
psil0cybinhow about if i just delete the indicator and get xfce4-netload-plugin21:12
psil0cybinit should have a panel icon21:12
psil0cybinbut i cannot find it21:12
psil0cybinrandomly the move worked and i was able to shift it to the right21:14
psil0cybingood enough for me21:14
psil0cybinlemme try a restart and c if it stays :)21:15
hmsckhow can i lock all icons on desktop?21:17
ochosihmsck: you mean in terms of their position?21:18
hmsckyes in their position..because sometimes they change it somehow...21:20
ochosidon't think you can, sry21:25
psil0cybinhey guys sorry just another quick question, xchat says that transparancy isnt supported on my window enviroment21:53
psil0cybinis this normal? as i have transparency on the top panel21:53
psil0cybintransparency worked within unity with xchat21:53
David-Apsil0cybin: transparency in xchat works for me (with and without compositing, xfce 4.6)21:56
SunStarworks for me but im using ubuntu studio21:56
psil0cybinhmm odd21:57
psil0cybinkeeps telling me i cannot set transparency but only in xchat21:57
cellardoorCan anyone tell me why on some of my laptops, Thunar takes forever to load and then loads up two window instances, and on my other laptops everything is fine. All are on 12.10 :S22:02
cellardoorBoth the 64bit versions22:03
SunStardifferences in hard drives22:09
knobydobsHello, I have a perixx gaming mouse which is basically 2 HID keyboards and an HID raw input, unfortunately, none of these inputs are recognized by going to the device file in /Dev/inputs and using sudo cat. I have already edited HID.d in an attempt to let the mouse be recognized but to no avail.23:55

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