* pleia2 waves01:51
pleia2team meeting in 10 minutes or so01:51
pleia2ok, meeting time!02:00
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pleia2who all is here for the team meeting? :)02:00
* eps waves02:00
* grantbow waves02:01
pleia2we had an ubuntu hour in SF recently, and someone else called the debian hour, was fun :)02:02
pleia2Rick Moen has been coming to the debian dinners lately02:02
philballewwho is that?02:02
pleia2he's the king of all bay area linux things ;)02:03
pleia2runs a bunch of the mailing lists, old school linux guy02:03
pleia2he maintains http://linuxmafia.com/bale/ too02:03
darthrobot`Title: [The BALE -- Bay Area Linux Events]02:03
* philballew thought pleia2 was king (or queen is she prefers) of bay area Linux.02:03
pleia2I am really a newbie here02:04
epsAre you going to be around for a regularly-scheduled S.F. Ubuntu Hour?02:05
eps(in April)02:05
philballewI will be at your may one probably if I am up there. June will not be as I will be south the border.02:05
pleia2and in May02:05
grantbowUbuntu Hour in March was fun :-)02:06
pleia2no, not in may02:06
philballewIf you need someone to run that one, I might be able to cover that02:06
pleia2I don't "own" it, so anyone is welcome to organize and call it if they're around :)02:07
grantbowIt's just a matter of showing up and being friendly.02:07
grantbowwe should do one every day in SF, lol02:07
grantbow"we" ;-)02:07
philballewWhere two ubuntu users are gathered, an Ubuntu hour is there.02:08
epspleia2: April 10 S.F. Ubuntu Hour + B.A.D.?02:09
pleia2eps: that's the plan02:10
epspleia: please post to ML and add to LoCo directory when finalized02:10
pleia2always do :)02:10
pleia2anyone else have anything upcoming or ideas they wish to talk about?02:11
epsRelease Party for 13.04? -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/RaringRelease02:11
darthrobot`Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/RaringRelease - Ubuntu Wiki]02:11
philballeweps, pleia2 is a busy person, she doesnt always have the time for those things.02:11
pleia2philballew: I always do them :(02:11
pleia2I won't be around for the release, so if someone wants to do the SF one, please do :)02:11
philballewpleia2, yes,and thank you for doing all you are able to.02:12
* philballew has to go02:12
epsRaring's Final Beta is due April 4; grantbow has an Ubuntu Hour in Berkeley on April 6 (might be an opportunity to distribute copies for testing?).02:13
grantbowphilballew: wow02:13
grantboweps: are you making said copies?02:13
epsThe Release is due April 25. BerkeleyLUG meets on the 28th, so we might want to do something in conjunction with that.02:13
epsgrantbow: Maybe. We also have SF-LUG on April 7, so it makes sense.02:15
grantboweps: if you are volunteering, great. If not please stop volunteering others to do work you think might "make sense"02:16
pleia2it's ok to toss ideas out there02:16
pleia2(but yeah, if they don't pan out, best way to make sure they do is to volunteer :))02:17
epsgrantbow: The release is a month away. If we don't start talking about it now, it's NEVER going to happen. This group is not adept at doing anything last-minute.02:17
epsI'm not volunteering people; this is a call for volunteers. If I mention someone by name, they've already been contacted.02:17
* grantbow shrugs02:18
epsgrantbow: you're not obligated to do anything.02:19
pleia2eps: perhaps you can drum up some support by posting some thoughts to the mailing list?02:20
pleia2I fly to philly for my wedding on the 23rd, so I won't be around for a while02:20
pleia2(eeeek that's a month away!)02:20
epsIf Ubuntu adopts rolling releases, there may not be any Release Parties after this one.02:22
pleia2they voted not to02:22
pleia2they just cut the support time for non-lts 6 month releases to 9 months instead of 1802:23
epsI was under the impression the idea wasn't dead ... it's just going to be tweaked and reintroduced.02:23
pleia2and they'll have a "development" branch that people can subscribe to, that won't have releases, always development02:23
epsNext month features a trio of EOLs.02:23
grantbowmakes sense - blog posts on that and related stuff at http://princessleia.com/journal/02:24
darthrobot`Title: [pleia2's blog]02:24
epsPerhaps we should be planning a wake?02:24
pleia2well, the tech board announcement is here: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2013/03/19/changes-in-ubuntu-releases-decided-by-the-ubuntu-technical-board/02:24
darthrobot`Title: [Changes in Ubuntu releases decided by the Ubuntu Technical Board]02:24
pleia2(my blog doesn't really talk about that directly :))02:24
grantbowah, my mistake02:25
grantbowyour blog is very informative though :-)02:25
pleia2ok, so release is a month away, some EOLs - 8.04 (hardy) server, 10.04 (lucid) deskop and 11.1002:28
pleia2anyone else have anything?02:29
pleia2alright, thanks everyone :)02:31
darthrobot`Meeting ended Mon Mar 25 02:31:22 2013 UTC.02:31
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grantbowthanks for chairing pleia202:31
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MarkDudejono can you see the link invite? https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/cia534tt9ugov5ukuptgcs81jkg16:37
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MarkDudeThe settings appear to be private, only invitees can see it. It should be open, and its a community setting I need to change16:38
jonoMarkDude hey17:55
jonosorry, won't be able to make it - we are away at the weekend17:55
jonothanks for the invite though17:56

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