rick_h_hatch: https://codereview.appspot.com/8186045 is a sample of what I'm thinking for events. Just a little extension to track/clean up.20:30
hatchrick_h_ ahh you made a little factory extension21:55
hatchmy only concern would be that sometimes yuiid's change21:55
hatchso you could be trying to show an indicator on a node that doesn't exist21:56
rick_h_hatch hmmm..not sure what to do for that case.22:32
hatchwhat does this indicator show?22:33
rick_h_hatch but yea. i figure to make an extension for our event stuff too. 22:33
rick_h_droida skinny graphic centered on the target node. auto sizing and all that. 22:33
hatchok so it shoudln't really be that much work to instantiate? Maybe it's worth just destroying when done?22:34
rick_h_droidmaybe. I was going to link you but the thing won't load on the tablet atm. 22:36
rick_h_droidbasically when we list files we keep one indicator on the view and the dom structure for the overlay is all setup22:37
hatchyou should check out irc management software so you can use the same username on all devices :)22:37
rick_h_droidso multiple file browsing doesn't need to keep adding/clearing from the dom22:37
rick_h_droidheh I do have it in my irssi instance. just like using the tablet on its own. 22:38
hatchoh ok :)22:38
rick_h_droidI'm out with the wife atm 22:38
rick_h_droidso away from my laptop22:38
rick_h_droidanyway, go to /bws/sidebar and click Cassandra. then click on hooks and the files listed22:39
hatchoh I don't have any of that stuff running right now :)22:40
hatchI'm doing some Unity 3d stuff for fun - boy do I wish javascript had IDE's like they do for C#22:40
rick_h_droidheh vim or bust22:42
rick_h_droidwhy I never get around to doing android. 22:42
hatchwhy? Python could bennefit from this type of autocompletion too22:42
hatchactually anything with the native ability to import classes22:43
rick_h_droidhatch meant to load it on upstage and you csnse22:43
rick_h_droidautocomplete is evil :p22:43
rick_h_droidyou can get good autocomplete in python with wingide or pycharm22:44
hatchoh does it know what methods are available from the classes you have imported?22:44
hatchahh that's great22:45
rick_h_droidit does all kinds of magic 22:45
hatchwish javascript had that22:45
hatchI mean, sublimes autocomplete works great but it would be even better if it would ac from the other classes22:45
rick_h_droidautocomplete can let you getaway with really bad naming and names pacing. see php heh22:47
hatchsure but you can't blame the tool for it being used improperly22:48
hatchforks don't feed people - people feed people :P22:49
hatchI don't think anyone follows any conventions in C#22:52
hatchit kind of looks like a free-for-all when it comes to naming conventions haha22:52

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