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Riddellhappy monday08:53
shadeslayerhi Riddell08:55
shadeslayeryofel: odd, the build status page seems wrong09:00
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lordievaderGood morning09:04
Riddellsome red on http://kyofel.dyndns.org/kubuntu/build_status_4.10.2_raring.html09:24
Riddellalso beta smoke testing needed today09:24
Riddelland 165 e-mails, where do they all come from?09:25
lordievaderBeta smoke? What is that?09:25
Riddelljust the daily images http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/09:27
lordievaderAh you guys call the daily images "beta smoke"?09:28
Riddelllordievader: no, smoke testing is just informal testing to see if it works at all09:29
Riddellso we need some informal testing to see what state the images are at for beta09:29
Riddellbut without expectation that it'll be the final thing09:29
lordievaderHehe, ok.09:29
Riddellapachelogger: so that kubuntu strings package09:54
Riddellapachelogger: kubuntu-patched-l10n, does kdelibs need patched to pick up that translation file?10:01
BluesKajHiyas all11:08
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murthyRiddell: did you use the patch for nootka?13:20
Riddellmurthy: just onto it now, looks good13:21
Riddellmurthy: can you send it upstream to the nootka author?13:21
murthyRiddell: sure13:21
Riddellthanks, uploaded!13:22
murthyRiddell: usually i use the review board for patches, do you want me to do by anyother way?13:24
Riddellmurthy: it's not part of KDE so he won't use review board, just e-mail it to him13:25
murthyRiddell: ok13:25
Riddellplenty more needing done in http://kyofel.dyndns.org/kubuntu/build_status_4.10.2_raring.html if you're at a lose end :)13:28
Riddelldantti_laptop: here's the plasma script fedora and now us use to add print-manager to the systray, do you think that should go upstream? http://paste.kde.org/713522/13:36
dantti_laptopRiddell: the thruth imo is that systray needs fixing.13:37
Riddelldantti_laptop: how so?13:37
dantti_laptopit should notice a new systray plasmoid is available and add it13:37
Riddellmurthy: uh oh, fail https://launchpadlibrarian.net/135818520/buildlog_ubuntu-raring-armhf.nootka_0.8.60~beta-0ubuntu2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz13:38
dantti_laptopif the user removes if then it gets blacklisted.13:38
murthyRiddell: checking13:38
dantti_laptopthis would be a fix for all downstream that have to keep doing these patches...13:38
dantti_laptoplike kded, if the module has autoload it loads it, but it respect the user setting if manually disabled...13:39
dantti_laptopmaybe this is my fault and I should add something to the .desktop file, but as plasmoid battery also has this issue I'm unsure13:39
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Riddellagateau: yay slideshow works now thanks to your fix :)14:01
dantti_laptopRiddell: so X-KDE-PluginInfo-EnabledByDefault=true is actually not being used...14:02
Riddelldantti_laptop: ah hah14:02
dantti_laptopwant me to fill a bug report?14:03
dantti_laptopI wonder why device notifier gets loaded..14:04
Riddellprobably in the plasma init script?14:04
Riddellhmm don't actually see it14:07
dantti_laptoptrying to find the notification applet but not having luck :P14:12
shadeslayerI think smartboyhw didn't realize ogra's post was a joke14:12
Riddellshadeslayer: mm? where?14:13
Riddellah, I see14:14
shadeslayersee kubuntu-devel?14:14
Riddellmaybe April Fools hasn't reached Hong Kong yet :)14:14
BluesKajI see youtube is full of april fool's tricks 14:15
dantti_laptopRiddell: ok, systemtray source code has no mention to EnabledByDefault, so I really dunno from where it gets the info ....14:19
Riddelldantti_laptop: spooky!14:20
dantti_laptopok, I'll fill a bug since I can't understand the magic behind the code...14:29
Riddelldantti_laptop: can you subscribe me too?  jr@jriddell.org14:31
dantti_laptopRiddell: done14:35
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murthyRiddell: do we have a deadline for nootka?15:26
murthyRiddell: The checked for the bug in nootka and the previous patch is not proper, I need to do properly this time and also want to test build before coming to you. If you have no problem shall continue  this tomorrow?15:35
Riddellmurthy: sure that's fine16:25
Riddellhum slideshow still not on oem install, maybe my fix wasn't enough16:53
Riddellwill need to investigate that more as more beta testing is done16:54
Riddellhmm, notes.kde.org doesn't work17:12
Riddelloh it does but not in rekonq :(17:12
jussiRiddell: thats pretty poor...17:44
macoRiddell: im sensing irony17:49
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esingI could not boot in ubuntu anymore after I plugged in another hdd and started the pc. Ubuntu stopped at the logon screen and my screen was flashing between black and the logon screen. Then I plugged the other hdd off again, but the problem persisted. I used a linux live cd to add 'noapic' to  /etc/default/grub after GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="quiet splash noapic". After that I could now boot into Ubuntu again. What did actually caused this issue?  21:14
esingI use Kubuntu 12.1021:14
Riddellesing: seems like nobody knows, best e-mail ubuntu-devel mailing list21:27
esingRiddell, I might do that, thanks21:38

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