MadMarc  Hello00:53
MadMarcLooking for some help setting up Minecraft and Terraria on a Compaq 2510p with Lubuntu 12.1000:54
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jjenningshello lubuntu world!03:20
jjenningsa quick question. how do I disable the mouse pad while typing?03:20
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Guest60048iamhaving some issues with installing from a live usb03:22
wxlGuest60048: what problem?03:23
Guest60048i have created a live usb using unetbootin and am able to launch but when i use the installer on the desktop it crashes03:24
wxlwhat system is this on?03:24
wxllet me rephrase: what are the specs on your computer?03:25
Guest60048dellinspiron 500gib hdd 4gb ram03:26
wxlyikes that should be more than sufficient03:26
wxli'd recommend checking the md5 of the usb against the published md5s. i think that's unlikely to be the problem, but it's worth a check03:26
Guest60048yea ive tried a few things but I think it may be with the installer itself03:26
wxlwhich iso is this?03:26
wxlohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh then why are yo uat lubuntu again? XD03:27
Guest60048pointed me here thought I'd give it a shot see if common03:28
Guest60048I've been at it for for a while now03:28
wxlwell let's consider the connections03:28
wxlwe both use lxde03:28
wxlwhich has nothing to do with the installer03:29
wxli'm not even sure if it pulls most of itself from canonical repos or not03:30
wxlso i have no idea where to even begin03:30
wxlso i'd say to take this up with deft.03:30
wxland, no, not a common issue.03:30
Guest60048okay thanks for your input03:30
Guest60048take care03:31
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kvarleyIs edge window tiling included out of the box now?07:30
pmatulis_what is edge window tiling?11:50
holsteinpmatulis_: i think just tiling in general. like a tiling window manager.. like awesome can do11:51
GrouverHello. I tried to install lubuntu on a relative old computer. Though when I try to install it it ofcourse needs a internet connection. But it doesnt seem to connect. If I launch lubuntu directly from the dvd it keeps giving me the message : "Disconnected your now offline" THen it retries. And then again: "Disconnected your now offline"  Though, if i connect the internet cable to another computer internet works fine.  Can anyone help me 12:37
holsteinGrouver: i just install.. and i dont install upgrades during the installaion12:38
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD12:38
holstein^ if you find that easier.. you can install minimal, and add the lubuntu-desktop meta packages12:38
holsteinsudo apt-get install lubntu-desktop12:38
GrouverBut I already started with the cd to begin with.12:38
GrouverBut then it just cant connect like said.12:39
holsteinGrouver: then, just dont get online12:39
Grouver? how do you mean?12:39
holsteinGrouver: i mean, if the installer is failing due to trying to connect to the internet for any reason, dont connect.. and dont ask the installer to do anything that requires being online.. just install.. dont be online, or require the install to be online12:40
holsteinOR, use the minimal.. or alternate iso's to install12:40
GrouverYes okay. But what about launching it from the dvd? I tried that to see whats going on. So if I install lubuntu anyways.. i will still have the no-internet problem.12:41
holsteinwhat dvd?12:42
holsteinGrouver: just install.. and after the installation, get the machine online12:42
GrouverWell I sure need to install it from somewhere?12:42
holsteinGrouver: install what?12:43
holsteinthe internet?12:43
Grouverholstein, lol no.  I have a dvd with lubuntu on it.12:43
holsteinyou dont.. you'll just install the lubuntu distrobution, and then, you will add what you need12:43
Grouverholstein, but how do i add anything if i dont have internet? Sure okay, I have installed lubuntu now. But still don't have internet.12:43
GrouverTHats the whole problem to begin with. :p12:44
holsteinGrouver: add "things' after the install12:44
holsteinGrouver: you are trying to add wifi support?12:44
holsteini would plug in wired12:45
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs12:45
GrouverNot its about a wired connection.12:45
GrouverWhich is not working if I launch it from the dvd.12:45
holsteinGrouver: if you launch what from the DVD?12:45
holsteinGrouver: the dvd is the installer, correct? the live CD?12:45
holsteinGrouver: take that out.. and put it away12:45
Grouverholstein, yes.12:46
holsteinGrouver: anything that would support your hardware is either already installed, or online.. not on that live CD12:46
holsteinGrouver: boot your normal installed installation.. *not* the live CD12:46
Grouveralright, cause thats the explanation maybe why internet is not working to begin with?12:46
holsteinGrouver: run "lscpi" and see if you see your network card..12:46
holsteinGrouver: no12:47
Grouverholstein, did that already from the live cd boot up.12:47
Grouverlscpi -knn12:47
Grouver|grep 020012:47
holsteinGrouver: could be bad hardware. could be off in the bios.. could be not supported... could be a bad lan cable12:47
Grouverit found one.12:47
holsteinGrouver: do this from your actual install...12:47
Grouverhmm okay.12:47
holsteinGrouver: lspci.. in a terminal.. and put that output in pastebin12:48
GrouverOkay will do. I will try that know. THanks.12:48
amigamiadoes lubuntu use classic gnome 2?13:29
divx118amigamia: lxde14:15
amigamiawell then why did the #ubuntu channel say use lubuntu if i wanted the classic look?14:16
divx118I don't know. I am sure it uses lxde. On another laptop I have fedora with mate. Which is also nice if you want a classic interface.14:18
melodieI gave a fast try of today's Lubuntu raring daily build and it does not work in vbox14:21
melodieIt was long to end on the desktop, longer than Xubuntu was, then I could not start any application, pcmanfm, or any other except desktop prefs and there tried to start apps using the openbox menus which I activated, and same. I tried going to a tty and as the keyboard is qwerty there I wanted to "sudo -s" to be able to switch, but the shell returned a message stating "I/O error" on /usr/bin/sudo14:22
melodiethat's it for today. I'll try again tomorrow if I can14:23
melodiebtw the md5sum is fine, I checked...14:23
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melodieis there a recent lubuntu version (desktop) which I could try and would be likely to work in vbox ?14:35
melodieého ! anyone out there ? :d14:35
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posixi'm wondering how many people are actually testing lubuntu on really old hardware. a friend and i did this weekend and could only run the live version. installer just aborted w/o error. i get the impression lubuntu is used on modern computers predominantly. bugs that occur w old hardware are not really reported and thus not fixed, unfortunately.14:59
steve_deftAny one can help me with the customization of Live Lubuntu?15:02
melodieposix how old was that one machine ?15:03
melodiehow much ram, and what gpu especially ?15:03
posixit was a via chipset from early '00s, athlon-xp, agp geforce4mx, i believe 512mb ram15:04
posixstarting the installer from boot menu created a corrupted gui unfortunately. we later tried with "nomodeset" and "xforcevesa" which reduced the gui but made it work properly15:05
melodieposix so this might come from the driver "nouveau" which often brings problems to some nvidia cards15:06
melodieposix would you try a version I have put up, with Openbox and few components, no nouveau driver, and zram used from the live to the install ?15:06
melodieI mean on that one machine ?15:06
melodieI can give you the link to the presentation I did of it15:06
melodiesteve_deft ask your question15:07
posixsure, i'm afraid it'll take a while until we have time to try it though15:07
melodieyou could try from usb stick too if the machine can be booted from usb : I did that on a T30 which is from 01 ...15:08
steve_deftThe question is really simple...15:08
posixwe were actually suspecting the hard drive to cause the problem. it was an old 100gb 5400rpm drive we took from an old laptop.15:08
melodieposix here: Bento2 - OBUbuntu Remix presentation - http://beta.linuxvillage.net/index.php/topic,248.0.html15:08
steve_deft... if I want change the default username and hostname of the live Lubuntu session.... where I can customize it?15:08
melodieposix I think with 512 Mb ram it should work perfectly15:08
steve_deftIn the old versions I change the initrd data15:09
k1lhi. has there been some discussion or decision on changing the support timeframes since ubuntu is changing them from 13.04 on? regarding the lts support time frame15:09
steve_deftbut now dosn't work!15:09
melodieanyhow I didn't put up an alternate version, and there are still details to fix in that one (decoration mainly, and more testing would be appreciated too)15:09
posixcan you private msg me your email address? we would get back at you then, perhaps15:09
melodieposix we can talk privately about that15:10
posixmelodie: also, the board was relatively old and would only boot from usb sticks if formatted with FAT, not FAT32. it seemed to have very low transfer rates which made installation take forever before it crashed15:11
steve_deftno one know how I can customize the default username and hostname on a live cd session?15:17
steve_deftfrom the 12.1015:17
melodiewhat steps have you taken ?15:19
steve_deftIn the past I have modified the initrd. The file was /etc/casper.comf15:21
steve_deftNow dosn't work15:21
melodiesteve_deft I have seen some files to be changed15:21
melodiewhat tools do you use the redo the iso ?15:22
steve_deftvim :-)15:22
steve_deftah sorry15:22
steve_deftI customize all without remaster systems15:22
phillwk1l: lubuntu do not have an LTS out. Nearer the release time of 14.04 a decision will be made.15:29
k1lphillw: ok15:29
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KrystHi all23:11
KrystI've just install Lubuntu but i have a problem23:12
KrystI can't open it, i put my login and password23:12
Krystbut he stay on bios23:12
holsteinKryst: were you able to boot the live CD?23:12
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter23:12
holsteinthough, if its stuck on the bios, that makes me think its a hardware issue23:13
Krysthmm okay thanks, but i can see that "myloginname@lubuntu$:23:13
Krystor something like this23:13
Krystnot sure23:14
holsteinKryst: that is not the bios23:14
holsteinKryst: if you are on the bios, it will be the bios.. username@hostname is *not* the bios23:14
melodieKryst this is a terminal23:15
melodieKryst which version of Lubuntu is this ?23:15
melodieKryst try to type this:23:15
melodiesudo service lightdm restart23:15
melodieand tell us what it does23:16
Krystokay i will be back thx23:16
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Krystokay i try   !nomodeset but nothing apear and i test sudo service lightdm restart23:25
Krystand i have a list with all "ok"23:25
Krystand nothing avec "stopping save kernel messages (ok) "23:25
Krystafter *23:26
holsteinKryst: did you get to a live desktop from the live CD?23:26
Krystsorry 'i'm not sure to understand, but i use dameon tools with iso files for the install23:27
holsteinKryst: i get the live CD, and try and boot to the live desktop, so i know if the graphics hardware is supported well23:27
melodieKryst you confuse two things23:27
melodieholstein have u seen what Kryst tried to do ?23:28
melodiehe understands not what we try to make him do so not too fast!23:28
Krystsorry i'm not english and i don't always understand all23:28
melodieKryst holstein has send "!nomodeset" as a command to the bot of the present channel, to send you read a doc23:28
melodienot for you to repeat in the live cd23:29
Krystaah ok ahah23:29
Krystthx !23:29
melodieI have given you the said command to put aftyer username@machine$23:29
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter23:29
holsteinKryst: the purpose of nomodeset is to provide support for unsupported graphics hardware23:29
melodiethe next time you will get there23:29
melodieKryst do you have a nvidia card on that machine ?23:29
Krysti have no graphic card23:30
melodieI suspect if you have a nvidia graphic card23:30
melodieyes your machine does have one23:31
melodiefirst time someone tells me that :D23:31
Krysti have an asus eee pc lol23:31
holsteinKryst: are you in the terminal now? the "username@hostname" screen?23:31
melodie9 years time23:31
Krysti have to restart the computer for this23:31
melodieKryst ok so i'll look at the web what graphics are used in there23:31
holsteinKryst: i have a lot of those23:31
melodieall machines have a graphic card, even included in the cpu for some of them23:32
Krystyes sure melodie23:32
Krystintel share card23:32
Krystincluded in the cpu23:33
Krystasus eee pc 1025C23:33
Krystsorry holstein what do you said ?23:33
holsteinKryst: the eeepc's.. i have 423:33
Krysti dont understand what is mean " i have a lot of those é23:33
holsteinKryst: 4.. four of those machines... eeepc's23:34
Krystah ok !23:34
Krystsorry i have to go but brb fast, trying something23:36
melodieKryst you said you have installed : how was it while in the Live ? was it working normally ?23:36

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