minashokryHello, is there a way to get pidgin tray icon back in 13.04?00:15
graingertminashokry: only the messaging menu in 13.0400:17
graingertminashokry: I believe the option to have tray applets got removed00:17
graingertminashokry: once everyone stopped using java and skype added support for Indicators00:17
minashokrygraingert: but the tray icon is a critical feature to know who is talking while their chat windows are in background, what are alternatives?00:18
graingertminashokry: Indicator Applet00:19
graingertthat works?00:19
minashokrywhich on exactly is the indicator-applet? the one with the letter icon?00:19
graingertminashokry: pidgin should integrate with the mesaging inidcator applet00:20
graingertPidgin should be there00:20
graingertotherwise stick with the dire horribleness that is empathy00:20
minashokryit works but pidgin tray itself was much better00:20
minashokryanyway, thanks00:21
graingertminashokry: :(00:21
graingertI know00:21
graingertwe can all shed a tear for the system tray00:21
minashokryso are there problems between tray and java? you mentioned something like that?00:22
graingertJava has an api for using system trays on any operating system00:22
graingertdoesn't work in ubuntu00:22
graingert'cause ___ you that's why00:22
minashokrysince java 6 it has00:22
graingertminashokry: Ubuntu has added an exception for it00:23
graingerttill 13.04 when they binned it00:23
minashokrywhy ubuntu developers hate the tray? :$00:24
bjsniderbecause there were no set standards for it, so anyone could make their icon do whatever they wanted, and it caused inconsistencies and hurt the user experience00:25
bjsnideramongst other things00:25
bjsniderthere have been many blog posts and articles about this00:25
bjsniderit's also called the notification area00:26
bjsnidersystem tray is an unofficial windows name00:26
minashokrybut completely disabling it hurts too!00:26
minashokrythis is the worst surprise ever I got when I upgraded an ubuntu release00:27
Koware the KDE devs still in the process of porting the codebase to QT5? i do recall that KWin was an issue01:37
wilee-nileeKow, try #kde01:45
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sqlp-anyone having problems with rythmbox?07:03
BluesKajHiyas all11:08
arielsanfloi am from colombia14:50
arielsanflono speack english good14:50
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BluesKaj!es | arielsanflo14:51
ubottuarielsanflo: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:51
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mneuroWill the daily build of 13.04 64 bit install and dual boot with a secure boot enabled Windows 8 install?15:36
tyrogI am having segmentation fault when running skype in 13.04. Any fix for this? thanks16:13
k1ltyrog: see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/skype/+bug/115532716:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1155327 in skype (Ubuntu Raring) "skype crashed with SIGSEGV in malloc@plt()" [High,In progress]16:15
tyrogk1l: thanks. That fixed it for me :)16:19
SuperLagis there a kernel option you can pass to GRUB that will disable usage of swap?17:02
saryI've successfully upgraded from 12.04 to 13.04, is it okay to  install ubuntu-gnome metapackages! are there any known issue i  should know about ?17:04
bcurtiswxany google docs integration in raring (like gnome-documents) ?17:46
bazhang_bcurtiswx, apt-cache search google brings up some results17:48
bcurtiswxhmm, i see something close, but no nautilus integration.. Seems that will be raring+1 with gnome-documents17:52
SuperLagIf you try dpkg --set-selections < saved_package_list and it says 'package not in database' for every line... how do you fix that?18:13
SuperLagI've already done an apt-get update, after the install was complete.18:13
Ponch0my software updater gets stuck on applying changes.. is there anyway to update manually?21:41
bjsniderPonch0, open a terminal, typ sudo apt-get upgrade21:48
Ponch0bjsnider: I always forget about upgrade and type - update.. thanks21:49
Ponch0ok after updating/upgrading I seem to have some issue with cups/dpkg?21:58
roastedany of you cool cats running Google Chrome on 13.04?23:25
roastedI'm trying to install Google Chrome. It of course fails, requiring apt-get install -f, and it prompts me with 163MB that needs to be downloaded. I hit Y and it simply says processing triggers and 2 seconds later returns to the regular prompt.23:31
saryhi again roasted :)23:52
saryyou mean the open source edition " Chromium " !23:53
roastedsamba is proving to be quite a train wreck in 13.0423:53
saryokay , installing it from a deb package or from PPA !23:54

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