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vibhavj #Ubuntu-release04:47
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hggdhWARNING TO SAILORS: eeeBotu is down due to a NIC failure; expected recovery is 12 hours11:56
vibhavhggdh: heh12:33
melodiehi hggdh I just asked my question of yesterday on the #ubuntu-desktop chan12:35
melodiehggdh my final goal would be to get the two icons which are here : http://meets.free.fr/debian/images/bento2/04-bento2.png to the installed version. If someone knows how I could achieve this ?12:36
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chrisleI need help with a bug I reported has someone from the bug team a few minutes ;-)15:28
chrislethe bug number is 116191615:29
bdmurraybug 116191615:48
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1161916 in unity (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in sigc::internal::slot_call0<unity::launcher::VolumeImp::Impl::Impl()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116191615:48
melodieI am trying Ubuntu Raring in vbox now, and once installed zram-config, the zram-config service does not start15:52
melodiethere is no upstart job for it15:52
melodiethis version is much too heavy for my vbox machine so I would need zram to be loaded, configured and working15:52
melodieand as I am unable to find the terminal in that kind of desktop I went to a tty to install the zram-config package and try to make it run15:53
ogra_melodie, hmm, zram-config didnt change in ages , there should ber an upstart job still15:54
melodieogra_ I'll pass on a link to a pic in a few seconds15:54
ogra_it hasnt even had one upload this cycle ... and i know we use it on the nexus7 images without issues15:56
melodieogasawara http://meets.free.fr/images/ubuntu-raring-zram_module.png15:56
melodieogra_ http://meets.free.fr/images/ubuntu-raring-zram_module.png15:56
melodieit should have been started once installed15:56
melodiehowever the nice devs doing the package put a "feature" to make it not used in a live when there is 512 GB minimum15:57
melodieso when I went to put a bug report to ask to remove the limit, my bug report was closed as "won't fix"!15:57
ogra_melodie, i would blame your kernel for missing support, check the logs15:58
melodiethen I asked to reopen it and get at least 1 Gb as limit but15:58
ogra_look in /var/log/upstart/15:58
ogra_there should be a zram specific file15:58
melodieogra_ not the kernel, the dev of the zram module : he told me in a mail more than one year ago that he didn't have time to make it get out of the staging directory15:59
melodieand I have been using zram for years in several distros without any hickups15:59
ogra_well, ubuntu kernels usually have it enabled from staging15:59
melodieand so did many other people while using remixes I did with another distribution15:59
ogra_if it isnt, and you actually use a packaged ubuntu kernel thats definitely a bug16:00
melodieogra_ look in the... /usr/share/initramfs hooks directory I think16:00
melodieogra_ you mean there might be a bug in the today's raring iso ?16:00
ogra_melodie, oh, you are trying the wrong thing (/me only looked at that screenshot  closer now)16:00
ogra_there are no upstart jobs in /etc/init.d16:00
melodiehave you seen in the pic, the zram module was16:01
ogra_sudo service zram-config start16:01
ogra_(teh job lives in /etc/init/ (no .d))16:01
melodieservice zram-config start sends back an error : this is the first thing I tried16:01
ogra_well, check the upstart logfile16:02
melodiewait a sec16:02
ogra_it should have all the output of the script16:02
ogra_there is definitely a bug somewhere ... not sure it is in zram or the kernel though16:02
melodieogra_ :16:02
melodieas root (did a sudo -s):16:02
melodieservice zram-config start16:03
melodiestart: Unknown job: zram-config16:03
melodiethis is the message I got16:03
ogra_and zram-config is installed ?16:03
ogra_do you see /etc/init/zram-config.conf ?16:03
melodieof course sir ! I installed it first, before sendig all the commands16:04
melodieyes I see it16:04
melodieI'll have to leave soon to bring someone to the train station but will be back later16:04
bdmurrayis it not found by the init system16:04
melodieogra_ this can be checked easily16:04
ogra_well, in any case file a bug16:05
bdmurrayAren't inotify watches used to discover services?16:05
melodieogra_ I have a little collection of bugs to report, so will I16:05
ogra_i thought so16:05
bdmurrayand inotify doesn't work on live cds16:06
ogra_we're on a live cd ?16:07
* ogra_ thought that was a VM install16:07
bdmurrayoh, I might have missed that16:08
ogra_well ... or i missed something :)16:09
ogra_" I am trying Ubuntu Raring in vbox now, and once installed zram-config, the zram-config service does not start" ... doesnt tell if its installed or not16:10
bdmurrayinitctl list and looking for zram config would probably be helpful16:13
ogra_the package definitely didnt change since precise ... it had exactly one upload (and one revision)16:14
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melodieI'm back17:11
melodiebdmurray I will restart vbox with Ubuntu Raring Live now and check "initctl list" as you said earlier17:12
bdmurraymelodie: is it on a live system?17:27
melodiebdmurray yes17:28
melodieI said it: "with Ubuntu Raring Live"17:28
bdmurrayokay, that's not surprising then17:29
melodiebdmurray why that ?17:30
melodieI have set up an ubuntu precise version with openbox and zram works there, in live as well as in install, so why could it work in ubuntu raring ?17:31
bdmurraybecause upstart uses inotify to become aware of new jobs and inotify doesn't work on overlayfs17:31
bdmurraybug 88214717:31
ubot2`Launchpad bug 882147 in coreutils (Ubuntu) "overlayfs does not implement inotify interfaces correctly" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88214717:31
bdmurrayafter install zram-config run sudo initctl reload-configuration17:32
melodieI will17:32
bdmurrayif it doesn't appear in initctl list17:32
melodieit doesn't appear, I also filtered with grep and zram to be sure17:34
melodiebdmurray that worked !17:36
melodiebdmurray so if this is related to a bug already reported, I don't have to report one more, is that correct ?17:37
bdmurraymelodie: that is correct17:39
melodiebdmurray in Precise I didn't meet with this, which might be because in the openbox version I did, I have added the service start line into rc.local : what do you think ?17:40
melodieand also I removed the "under 512 MB" limit...17:40
melodiebdmurray you can look at zram in action here: http://meets.free.fr/images/ubuntu-raring-htop-zram.png17:57
melodieunfortunately I could not downsize it due to impossibility to update initramfs in a live (after downsizing to 25% in the initramfs.conf file)17:58
melodieso now I'll install the live, and make a new pic related to the directory "Desktop", afterwards17:59
melodieIt seems that in Ubuntu Unity Raring the Alt-F2 command does not allow to start an application. I had to use the dash instead and fell nose to nose to that lens thing as you can see here:19:46
ogra_alt-f2 opens the dash since quite a while19:47
melodieogra_ and when I tried to call for terminal, that didn't start the terminal, and it showed the wheels as icon, then tried to click on it, and nothing happened19:48
ogra_that sounds like a bug then19:49
melodieone more ?19:49
ogra_alk-f2 shoould give you the dash ... like in your screenhot19:49
melodieI would need to check in a real machine but I don't have one with enough resource connected and ready to go for now19:49
ogra_if it shows something else thats wrong19:50
melodieit opens a field where I can type my command, but once typed and once some icons coming up, I can't get the app to start19:50
ogra_yeah, thats a bug then19:52
melodiefor the time being I am after getting it installed to vbox, and then make a pic of the desktop inside the /home/user19:53
melodiethen a bug report needs to be done about the Desktop directory not being in my language in the live... then I'll see what next bug I am able to report...19:54
melodiemy host is an archlinux box with openbox environmenet, in a 2 Gb machine, which leaves for now 750 mb to the guest machine19:55
melodieI'll check again after install19:56
melodieafter install in vbox, Ubuntu did not start lightdm, it stayed with a black screen. So I went to a tty and used the command line provided to me earlier by bdmurray :20:33
melodie<bdmurray> after install zram-config run sudo initctl reload-configuration20:33
melodieI did just initctl reload-configuration as root, and restarted lightdm : otherwise it didn't want to restart. Now I will be able to login (I think... )20:34
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melodieogra_ bdmurray finally reported : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xdg-user-dirs-gtk/+bug/116304322:45
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1163043 in xdg-user-dirs-gtk "Directory Desktop stays in English in the Live CD's" [Undecided,New]22:45
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