vibhavj #ubuntu-meeting04:06
vibhavGood morning, anyway04:06
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chilicuilJoseeAntonioR: ping16:18
bkerensadaker: https://github.com/mozilla/remo/blob/master/remo/reports/forms.py16:49
bkerensaThats one repo you should fork ^ :)16:49
jcastrohey mhall11917:17
jcastrois that "download for ubuntu" button an official thing?17:17
mhall119jcastro: kinda, it looks to be a modified version of the official image, to make it grey and add the "WIP" sash on the corner17:18
jcastroit'd be nice if we kept pushing the official button17:20
jcastroor make it suck less17:20
balloonsyea.. the WIP sash is interesting17:24
balloonsmhall119, did you see his comments about not understanding html5 deployments?17:24
dakerbkerensa: or they should fork LTP :)17:24
dakerah that's for reports17:25
mhall119balloons: yeah, I've pinged some folks in #ubuntu-webapps to try and get him some answers17:27
jcastro<--- lunching17:28
balloonsSo many apps coming out now.. I've been watching the stream17:28
bkerensadaker:  the platform is much bigger than LTP already though ;P17:29
jonoballoons, can we push out call back till a little later?18:26
balloonsjono, sure thing18:26
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JoseeAntonioRchilicuil: pong21:14
JoseeAntonioRballoons: ping21:14
balloonsJoseeAntonioR, howdy21:15
JoseeAntonioRhey, I'd like to know if everything on my side's done for tomorrow21:15
balloonsJoseeAntonioR, sure ;-) I believe all I'm going to do is start a hangout using ubuntu on air at the proper time21:26
balloonsthen copy the embed code to the wordpress site page and update it21:26
balloonsif there's nothing else I need to do, then :-)21:26
balloonsI don't know of anything more I need on your end if that's the case21:26
JoseeAntonioRballoons: just make sure you're keeping the video size21:28
balloonsJoseeAntonioR, what do you mean.. ohh the embed size?21:28
balloonsubuntu wiki down for anyone else?21:33
balloonsor does it just hate me?21:33
chilicuilup here balloons21:33
popeyit still hates you though balloons ☺21:34
balloonspopey, lol21:34
balloonsI edit it to much..make it store things.. I ask alot tbh21:34
chilicuilJoseeAntonioR: hi, it's about the iso testing event, as you may know the quality team is gonna broadcast through the ubuntu on air channel tomorroy at 20:00, however I'm gonna do a spanish version at 18:00 utc, Nicolas told me it should be done on ubuntu on air, so I'm pinging you to know if there are slots available at that time21:35
JoseeAntonioRchilicuil: there *are* slots available, but unless balloons offers to host it we can't do it21:36
balloonschilicuil, for you.. I can host <321:37
chilicuillol balloons, thanks =P21:37
JoseeAntonioRif you give me a couple minutes I can make that happen21:38
balloonsonce it's set in stone, I'll do a quick annouce as well to share that we'll have a spanish version ;-)21:38
JoseeAntonioRso, if you give me the full details I can add that to the cal right now21:41
balloonsJoseeAntonioR, I believe it will simply be "Beta Testing Extraordinaire with the Ubuntu Quality (en espanol)" at 1800 UTC.. chilicuil ?21:43
chilicuilballoons: right, that's exactly what it will be21:44
JoseeAntonioRok, I'll add it in a couple mins21:52
JoseeAntonioRballoons, chilicuil, chilicui1: added to the cal, check at ubuntuonair.com/calendar23:14
chilicui1JoseeAntonioR: cool!, thanks =)23:15
JoseeAntonioRnp :)23:18

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