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melodiehas anyone here noticed the directory having for name "Desktop" is in English in the live, even if you choose another language then once installed to hard drive, the name for it is in the language "other than english" which you have chosen ?12:28
melodiethis is something for which I would know if a fix could be possible, or if it is a no go to change ?12:29
melodieI get the xdg-users-dirs-gtk source and come back with the part which might be concerned12:29
melodiein the file "update.c" I noticed Desktop is treated apart from the other directories, with "desktop_entry = "12:31
melodiemy ultimate wish would be to do a remix with two icons on the desktop, but while this works in the live, it is not brought to the installed version after install12:32
melodieif anyone has an idea for me that would be very nice12:32
melodiehere is a pic: http://meets.free.fr/debian/images/bento2/04-bento2.png12:33
mitya57_melodie: do you have a bug filed?12:44
melodiemitya57_ no I don't, the thing is that I am not sure where the trick is12:45
melodiedo the icons not follow install because I didn't yet add a relevant script somewhere, or is it because the "Desktop" directory is changed to "Bureau" (in french) after install : I am not sure12:46
melodieI need the help from someone having dev knownledge12:46
mitya57_melodie: I never had a chance to look at update.c code, but filing a bug is a first step to get it fixed :]12:48
melodiemitya57_ I don't know if it is a bug... hggdh sent me here from #ubuntu-bugs, yesterday, when I asked the question12:49
melodiemitya57_ I have show this part in the update.c to my companion to have his opinion about it. He understands C : he told me this part of the code prevents having "desktop inside dekstop inside desktop"12:55
melodieso I will not bring a bug report until I know for sure what exactly it is like to get what I would like to get.12:55
mitya57_melodie: if all names change to translated, and desktop doesn't, then it's a bug12:58
mitya57_(or translation bug)12:58
melodiemitya57_ thank you !12:59
melodiemitya57_ should I check also the more recent versions of ubuntu ? what is the status for raring for instance ? alpha now no ?13:00
melodieI have tested only on the Precise versions, not with Quantal yet13:00
melodiegetting some coffee and will be back...13:01
melodiemitya57__ should I check Quantal and Raring versions as well ?13:12
mitya57__melodie: raring should be enough (there'll be a beta release in 3 days, or you can use dailies)13:13
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melodiemitya57 I go for a daily then, but I need a non unity version : does that exist ? My machine can't stand Unity, it is lower than 2 Gb ram13:14
melodiefound it13:15
melodiefound lubuntu13:15
melodiewill also look for a xubuntu13:15
melodiehem lubuntu is an alternate, so I'll try xubuntu13:16
melodiethanks mitya57 just what I needed!13:17
ogra_qengho, FYI ... i uploaded the chromium fix myself https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/25.0.1364.160-0ubuntu3/+build/445615513:24
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qenghoogra_: okay. I have it in the security update that is coming out today.13:48
ogra_happy hacking then :)13:48
ogra_qengho, is that coordinated with chriscoulson ? i know he was planning a new upstream as well13:49
ogra_i only did that upload because it was just a 1 char fix13:49
ogra_else i would have waited for you guys13:49
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dobeyogra_: sorry, i couldn't get past "stable currency" without laughing :)14:12
melodiemitya57 I won't be able to use the Lubuntu version for my demo, it does not work14:19
melodiei'll try the official unity even if too heavy here14:19
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