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vibhavj #ubuntu-community-team04:05
vibhavoops, sorry :)04:06
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Whoopiedebfx: Hi, I just wanted to remind you that the virtualbox unresolved symbol issue is still present with 4.2.10 (libGL error: dlopen /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/vboxvideo_dri.so failed (/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/vboxvideo_dri.so: undefined symbol: XCompositeQueryExtension)).07:42
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dokoxnox, do you take care about the Tcl/Tk multiarch ftbfs?10:40
dokobdrung_, are you going to fix libarchive? sponsored by you10:55
debfxWhoopie: right, I completely forgot about that. I have done way too many virtualbox uploads yesterday ...10:57
* mitya57_ wonders what MANUALDEPWAIT is11:08
mitya57_doko, bdrung_: looks like we need a MIR for lrzip to fix libarchive11:13
dokomitya57_, or drop the lrzip b-d11:13
mitya57_that'll introduce a delta that I don't think anybody wants to carry11:19
didrocksprobably a stupid question, but does anyone know if we have a debhelper/dpkg command to know from a source package all archs from all the binaries file generated by this source?11:57
didrocksor should I do the parsing by hand?11:58
debfxWhoopie: I've uploaded a fix.12:40
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jdstrand@pilot in13:11
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Ubuntu 12.10 released | Archive: Final Beta Freeze | Devel of Ubuntu (not support or app devel) | build failures -> http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ | #ubuntu for support and discussion of hardy -> quantal | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots: jdstrand
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ScottKogra_: Congratulations on the chromium-browser build for armhf.13:29
ogra_ScottK, well, it was a one char fix13:29
ScottKIt's not the size of the fix, it's finding where to make it.13:29
ogra_(the effort to get it into the package was way bigger than the fix itself)13:29
mitya57can we use "lite" version of upstream tarball (which probably has less embedded libraries)?13:40
ogra_well, that will likely also have less functionality13:44
ogra_lite ?13:44
ogra_the saved 50M wont really help so much i guess13:46
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highvolt1geogra_: very funny ;)13:59
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Riddellogra_: winding up my poor community! https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2013-April/006928.html14:16
ogra_yeah, just heard about it :)14:16
* ogra_ giggles 14:16
ogra_to sad he isnt aroudn to clearify14:16
ScottKHumor is apparently wasted on the young.14:17
ogra_yeah, i hope he isnt venting too much now14:17
ScottKWhere did he fail to see the humor?  I must not be reading the right place?14:19
dobeyScottK: maybe he thinks the euro really is a stable currency14:20
ScottKFound it.14:20
ScottKThat should have been enough of a clue right there.14:21
ScottKApparently I try to trick my 10 year old daughter far too often on other days to make April Fools any fun at all.  She's sufficiently skeptical to start with, I didn't pull one off yet.14:25
Riddelldobey: that's the Hong Kong British legacy, euro is stable from the view of those of us using Sterling14:33
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infinitysiretart: Bah.  mplayer is FTBFS in raring and I didn't notice until after I uploaded an unrelated change.  Do you have a fix for the current failure?  Looks like it needs a bit of porting to a new API, maybe?17:23
jdstrand@pilot out17:49
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mterrydoko, why does component-mismatches point cinder to python-babel?  I can't see it from the source18:49
dokomterry: python-cinder depends on python-babel19:30
mterrydoko, yar, I get that, but I'm just not sure how.  I grepped cinder source for babel, but got no hits19:31
mterrydoko, ah...  in requires.txt, there is Babel.  But it's not used in the source I don't think19:33
mterryah...  I get it now.  babel.cfg19:33
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mdzsoren, is TB in 10 minutes?19:51
mdzwe're out of the DST triangle now right?19:52
stgrabermy phone says it's in 10min19:52
ogra_europe is on summer time now19:52
stgraberand it's 21:00 in London in 10min, so yeah, TB meeting is in 10min19:53
stgraber(well, more like 7 by now)19:53
mdzhas anyone heard from soren? he wasn't at the previous meeting19:56
stgrabermdz: he recently sent an e-mail to the TB mailing-list (27th)19:57
mdzI wonder if he knows he is chairing19:58
stgraberah, yeah, looks like you didn't mention it in the minutes19:58
siretartinfinity: bah, that looks like some change in liblivemedia is responsible for that19:59
stgrabermdz: anyway, if soren doesn't show up I'll chair19:59
mdzok, thanks for that20:00
mdzI should have emailed him but didn't20:00
siretartinfinity: when looking at the upstream's commits, this patch might fix it: http://paste.debian.net/246471/20:01
sorenbryce: Can you join us in #ubuntu-meeting to talk about the Xserver MRE?20:06
siretartinfinity: nope, that patch is obviously not enough :(20:20
siretartinfinity: i think i have a workaround: disable live555 support completely for now. my testbuild is still running, but if it works, I'm going to upload that to raring. at least for the time being20:42
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infinityBenC: New kernel based on 3.8.5, if you have the time to quickly rebase PPC.  If not, it can wait until post-beta.21:08
BenCinfinity: Should I expect an ABI bump from 3.8.4?21:09
infinityDunno.  Master had one, but that could be unrelated.21:09
infinityBenC: Not that it would hurt to artificially bump ABI, if you don't want to bother with a testbuild to find out.21:10
infinity(Of course, every time you skip a test build, upstream breaks one of your drivers...)21:10
infinityzequence / apw: Anyone going to get linux-lowlatency caught up?21:12
zequenceinfinity: I've prepared package sources in our team ppa. Not sure if I'm missing something still21:13
infinityzequence: For SRU or raring?  (I realize my question was originally ambiguous, since we're behind on a few releases)21:13
zequenceinfinity: SRU. I don't do raring yet21:14
ScottKIf there's a desktop'ish person around you may want to rmadison unity-2d|grep raring and see if maybe something's getting auto updated that shouldn't.21:16
infinityScottK: Looks fine to me...21:16
ScottKinfinity: unity-2d is still being developed?21:17
infinityScottK: No, it's just a transitional package that depends on unity for "smooth" upgrade purposes.21:17
infinityScottK: And needs to be in place until 14.04.21:17
ScottKForgot to check that bit.21:17
infinityI use the term "smooth" very loosely here, since the world comes crashing down if you have no useful OpenGL support, but...21:18
ogra_in 14.04 unity will depend on Mir anyway ...21:19
ScottKhttp://techland.time.com/2013/04/01/google-april-fools/?hpt=hp_t4 <-- "We tried orange; brown: brown was a disaster."21:53
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infinityBenC: So, yea or nay on the linux-ppc rebase?  Trying to decide if I hold off on a d-i upload for it or not.22:57
infinityBenC: (ARM has about 5 hours to go in its build, so sometime before that would be nice)22:58
BenCinfinity: In about 30 minutes22:59
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